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Medical drugs instead of a new way of life preventing diseases… (The despicable medical alteration of original Scientology)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

There are some news in Business Week, saying that  Robert W. Duggan, the Church of Scientology’s biggest donor and the chief executive officer of Pharmacyclics Inc., which makes an experimental treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has become a billionaire after the company’s shares tripled in a year. 

Business Week got data about Duggan from Mosey’s husband, it seems. I have nothing against people becoming billionaires but original Scientologists didn’t manufacture drugs. They were interested in an alternative way of life and getting away from a contaminated world so that they – while going Clear and OT – can  stay also physically young and healthy without needing those drugs.

History repeats itself. Jesus once preached the existence of past lives, and today, most Christians don’t believe in it anymore. Original Scientologists once believed in an alternative way of living, but now they are rather trying to fit in the medical world that makes some very rich, extends suffering maybe a bit longer, but does not eradicate the  ills of this planet.

Duggan’s company invented a drug that inhibits an enzyme that promotes cancer growth. If secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors are convicted of using remote control to activate with silent sounds cancer (and other illness) bacteria within the bodies of so many (incl. their every own agents), that drug that this company invented and made him a billionaire wouldn’t be necessary because nobody getting cancer or other diseases anymore.

Duggan’s company says that the drug would be not just very effective ( help for 68%) and very safe. By building villages as the original founder Ron had mapped out once before the infiltration stole the material, everyone would be safe not just 68%, and with meds, the bad news comes most of the time some years later.  God’s gift is not any chemical treatment but a different way of life for crying out loud. 

But it makes sense that Miscavology is keeping Ron’s alternative living technology under wraps when supported by the pharmaceutical industry.  What a rotten world.  And nobody will become truly OT, and they all will remain in the same trap with history repeating itself over and over again.

Duggan should have designed alternative villages as the original founder L. Ron Hubbard mapped them out, in which nobody needs pills or other chemical treatments anymore. That would have made him a billionaire too, just a very ethical and very smart one.

I love you, Marty.  Many kisses.

Yours forever,