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Mosey’s husband (former Scientology infiltrator, psych agent, and impostor) is lying through his teeth

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince, 

Your impostor keeps on misleading his readers.

1) He doesn’t explain that the government has also an RTC, which is the Resolution Trust Corporation, to which he did not belong. They also had Inspector Generals.  Here is their reform act. 

2) To my knowledge there was NEVER a post title in Scientology by the name of “IG for Ethics and Security RTC” but the “Inspector General for Ethics” of the  Religious Technology Center.

3) Wasn’t the SCN Inspector General of the RTC  Greg Wilhere? Wasn’t Mosey’s husband “Director of the RTC?”  

4) Mosey’s husband  posted that HE (not you) were Ron’s Legal Executive.  You were that  until end of 1988. He tries to undo your legacy and thinks he is getting away with it. Won’t happen. I won’t allow it.  I don’t know where Mosey’s husband was before end of 1988. Maybe he was in Garden Grove. He sure wasn’t in L.A. or at INT when I was around and met you. I bet he was called Mark all his life but in order to  impostor you, he suddenly became Marty, which was your nickname not his. 

5) He continued to conceal that he is not  you, the original Marty Rathbun, and the original Inspector General for Ethics. He sure needs your alibi badly by not telling the truth. He moved close to the Mexican border, guess disappearing is  always in the back of his mind. I assume his blog will be gone one day when you  can speak up and his stupid cult followers will be without a leader.  

6) Mosey’s husband wants psychiatric/psychological  micro face recognition funded by taxpayer’s money. He didn’t think that through, because if a program like that would be worth something, he would be the first to be caught as an impostor and also “Jack Vistaril” would be recognized as Ron’s impostor. Or, alternatively, Mosey’s husband thinks that his secret masters, the p$ychs, would turn a blind eye on him as imposter and other impostors and not report what the micro face recognition revealed. I can recognize impostors right away. If people truly apply the tonescale and other Scientology technology, they would not need  expensive psych crap.

I can  see the micro changes without being paid millions of tax payers money:

7) “Reporters” as Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, and Tony Ortega are rather campaigners against our religion and don’t have the IQ nor the courage to write about what really is wrong.  Anyway, truth will come out also without them.

8) I love you, Marty, forever and always.



Here is Mosey husband talking to his stupid followers: