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Isn’t a Pope to be supposed to have the best line to God/Jesus by being their alleged vicar on Earth? So, I ask the Catholics: if Pope Benedict XVI is Jesus’ representative (yeah right) on Earth and so clean and close to Jesus/God, why does he feel the need to ask people to pray for him and the next Pope?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

I read today that German Cardinal Ratzinger asks people to pray for him and the future pope. I find this really very odd because the Catholics say that  The Holy Father’s role is to be Christ’s Vicar on earth, as in St. Matthew 16:17-19. Based on that, the Pope should have the best line to Jesus and God and should do the praying for the people not the other way around. In other words: not just DM is a fraud.

What makes Ratzinger think that the prayer of other people are heard more than his own prayers and the prayers of the future pope?

I’d say his overts.

The Pope knows that Jesus and God condemn his activities and those of others in his “church” and that prayers of bad people who do not come clean remain unanswered, so he needs better people (who do not know the half of him and the likes) to do the praying for him, hoping to get on God’s  and Jesus’ good side. Which makes me think that the Pope is completely clueless about God. God can’t be fooled like people. He knows what this Pope and others are responsible for. He won’t accept prayers of people who do not know what this Pope has done and not done to be a clean and good person. It is all so simple with honesty.

This is not the first time that this Pope asks people to pray for him. It should really rise a red flag with the Catholics: a vicar is a deputy, a  representative, a  substitute, one  acting “in the person of”. If that vicar needs 1.6 Billion Catholics to pray for him to the one or two above him with which the vicar should have the best of relationship, it is a clear indicator that there is no such a relationship.

Instead of praying for the pope, the Catholics should ask the pope and all other Catholic leaders to publish truthful and completely OW write ups and to become clean. Otherwise they don’t even know who that person really is who  they are praying for.

Love you bunches, Marty.

Yours forever,