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Didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych…

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 Yikes, another cross!!  

Marty, my sweet prince,

I can’t help it but psychology seems to me psychiatry having used some Scientology wisdom (tracing problems back to the roots) but still not getting it right. Ron said that he researched Dianetics and Scientology a long time before he ever published something. They spied on him.

I didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych. What do I conclude? Behind the scene, SEGNPMSS brought your impostor together with Mosey so that the “Independent Scientologists” (yeah right!) become psych-friendly dupes by turning Mosey’s husband into the opinion leader of the “Indies” and their movement.

P$ychs are so transparent and predictable, at least for a mind of a real Scientologist, a mind like mine and yours, Marty.

Mosey’s dad is a psych but he doesn’t get that Mosey’s husband is an impostor? Or does Mosey’s dad and also Mosey know but they are not talking about it?

If the pro-DM websites would be worth a cent, they would have mentioned that clearly, but no, that is too much to ask… I just read one comment somewhere that Mosey’s husband might be hypnotized by Mosey’s father but no clear hint that he is a psych.  No, I had to fish that information to make above conclusion from Tony Ortega’s long and often biased ramblings. Yes, that Backpage guy who probably was/is married to a Muslim woman but probably now lives together with a Jewish woman. That might be his contribution to the “peace” in the Middle East.

I meet a certified nurse and medical therapist recently, Marty. Never discussed Scientology with her. She is retired now, but she told me that ALL psychiatrists and psychologists who she met became psychiatrists and psychologists to be able to handle their own mental problems. ALL of them became psychiatrists or psychologists for exactly that reason.  Shocking, isn’t it? She said that she never met just one without mental problems. Not one!  Does that not mean that crazy guys are asking people to lie down on that couch? 

Remember that boy who did lie on the couch and the psych asked: “Tell me about your mother…”. And the boy answered: “She wants you to stop calling her!”

Or that one where a patient tells the psych that he has no mental problems, and the psych says that he will treat him with the “Mental Disease Deficiency Disorder”.

However, if psychs wouldn’t do anything  but just giving “advice” (even if  the advice is not much if worth anything) to people who like voluntarily blowing their money on them and pay their excessive fees, they  wouldn’t be that dangerous to mankind. But the problem are the dangerous drugs they prescribe, involuntary commitment, e-shocks, hypnosis, implants,  making of terrorists, set ups, infiltrations,  infiltration of governments, crimes, murders, secrets, conspiracies, and numerous other secret service methods that are enslaving mankind.

You understand the problem. Miss you more than words can say, Marty.

Love you forever, my dashing hero and one and only!


Are there really good bacteria? (I don’t think so.)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

I am thinking of you, and I wish I would know your whereabouts (not just knowing basically your whereabouts).

This summer seems dryer than others, and I try to water whatever I planted. So far, it seems that all plants are making it.

A garden really brings joy. It is wonderful nice to see my plants and trees growing. However, I can also see that planting directly on the surface on the Earth is not the wisest idea. And even less wise is that farmers spray their crops against bugs instead of planting their crops under roofs so that bugs don’t get in them.

What a beautiful and intelligent world it could be, unfortunately, it is not.  

I read a couple of article written by medical people (who else?) that we need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. They make it sound as if we need germs, which I think is the ultimate leg pulling and lies. 

My proposal would be living without being objected to bad bacteria so that we don’t need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. I believe that secret service doctors can and do change good bacteria into bad bacteria. Recently, I took a spoonful of yogurt (allegedly very healthy stuff) and rubbed it on my skin.  The bacteria in yogurt are supposed to be the good bacteria. A short time after, I felt that yogurt treated spot became itchy and painful. Apparently, the “good” bacteria did not just attack any “bad bacteria” left on my skin but also my skin and nerves, and likely anything underneath it, in other words, they were attacking my body.

It felt as if these “good” bacteria were biting right into my flesh. You can imagine what happens when these “good” bacteria are eaten.  I rinsed the yogurt off and it felt better.

My point is: a dog might be tame but can be turned into a pitch bull. This can be done with any animal, and bacteria are microorganism, a tiny animal. In other words: under certain circumstances, with microwaves or silent sounds, secret service doctors know how to use not just the bad bacteria to attack and they can also turn the “good bacteria” into bad attackers to attack a body.  Doesn’t osteoporosis look like under extreme bacteria attack? As if they bite right through the bones and make them brittle. Some people swallow the alleged good bacteria in form of  lactobacillus acidophilus pills. That is so gross! And I think it is really stupid because what is allegedly good can go bad.

We better live in a world without the germs, then we need no “good” bacteria to “defend us against the bad bacteria”.

Infiltrated Scientology and Ron’s impostor sure did a lot to change original OT levels. Whatever the orgs, the Freezone, or the so-called “Independents” think that they are having, I am convinced that only the secret services and psychs have original Scientology and the original OT levels (stolen from Ron and then altered for the rest of the people).  

Body thetans are ridiculed by many, and they call them “space aliens”. In view of that a being lives forever, one can conclude that forever was also before this Earth as we know it was populated, in other words: it is highly unlikely that immortal beings never lived on other planets, thus, anyone is an alien, also those who think that aliens don’t and never existed. Yes, what an irony. As you know, Mormon believe that people came from planet Kolob, thus, Mormons are aliens, are they? The Garden of Eden was/is allegedly not on Earth either, which means logically that any being that was and is there is an alien too.  

There can be thetans who attach themselves to human or animal bodies or to other’s thetans theta body or in form of theta bodies to a thetan. I can feel that they are there and “blanket” a person, e.g. in old buildings. I felt them in old German flats, basements and attics! There are some very creepy thetans hanging around. Doing the OT levels to get rid of them is not a bad idea, but I think we have bigger problems than them.

Finally there are bacteria, viruses, and germs that attach themselves to anyone’s body because they are anywhere in this dirty world. They make people sick and kill them. These critters are beings too and it would be better for people, if they would not invade human bodies. If these germs would leave our bodies, we all would be more healthy, right?

If a Scientologist would swallow lactobacillus acidophilus pills, he has in my opinion gazillions more body thetans to get rid of than he already has. Unless one thinks that germs and viruses are no thetans. But what else should it be? Animals are thetans too. 

So, I asked myself: what kind of  body thetans Ron wanted to leave the human body and other thetans. My answer is: all of them. He wanted us bothered by nobody and by no other thetans.

I can’t say how effective altered OT levels are, but if they don’t take care of ALL these above named problems, they are not the original OT levels. I am sure Ron had considered everything in his processing and rundowns.

Can’t wait to study the real and original OT levels. Must feel like being finally home again, Marty. Ron was spied on his entire life. Secret service have all these OT levels. But I doubt their own OT abilities. They started out as dishonest spies with withholds and overts. Under these condition, nobody can become a real OT. They don’t believe that ethics is the key to anything, but you and I know that it is really so. 

I miss you like the desert misses the rain after years of droughts. I miss you more than words can say.

Yours forever and ever. Many kisses, my love. 



Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled – but why is that order so unspecific?

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Dearest Marty, most unusual Prince in the universe,

If we both would sit down together and compare each others memories, I am sure our memories would match.

I puzzle things together while I am writing to you. That means that my blog is a work in progress but I am pretty sure about this here:

1)  Any Scientologist has the right to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the story of Scientology and of the real Ron, the founder. 2) I think Tory Christman got her data about the weekly million Dollar drop off from Jesse Prince, who I find even less credible than her but I still think that DM having Pat Broeker under surveillance for almost 3 decades has to do with lots of money that disappeared. 3) Jack Mitchell was the doppelganger not Ron the founder. 4) Truth comes out always.

Without seeing the papers, I can’t say how much money is missing but it seems that a lot of cash disappeared from the real Ron’s personal estate.

Below is Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled. It was originally issued on January 19, 1986, published in March 1986, and cancelled in April 1988. It was allegedly issued by Broeker himself, 5 days before the impostor died. I am absolutely certain that the real Ron died around May 5, 1984, so this original order is a fraud anyway.

The dead man of 1986 was not L. Ron Hubbard but his fingerprints with the FBI did match because the FBI had the fingerprints of the impostor on file not of Ron the founder.

Some of the signatures on the papers on the will look like the signatures of L. Ron Hubbard but with a little bit of exercise anybody can forge any signature. There was an illegal letter writing unit in the SO who forged Ron’s signature on letters. I received many of such personal letters “by Ron”, Marty, with his signature forged on the paper by somebody else. In the early 80s, the unit was dismantled and a rubber stamp was used instead.

The cancellation of Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker were involved in a serious out-ethic situation. When it was so serious (and I believe it was) why were they not turned over to the authorities? Pat Broeker left forever but DM doesn’t just keep Annie Broeker (later Annie Logan and now Annie Tidman) he sent your doppelganger after her to get her back. He sure likes staff who were guilty of very serious ethics violations. If I would be in his shoes, I would be glad if they would leave and never come back to lay some more foul eggs.

Perhaps she did the RPF and a more or less complete confessional or OW write ups but I doubt anybody who doesn’t blow the whistle on that Ron was impostored got rid of his or her OWs.  Marty, I am very convinced that Ron’s idea of rehabilitating criminals was done in cooperation with the authorities. They are turned over to the law. The evidence against them is determined, they are fairly judged and sentences and then Crimanon gets in and works with them while they do their amends (RPF) under the supervision of the correctional authorities. He never meant to have law violators on org grounds doing MEST work or whatever.

If Scientology ethics is applied truly, nothing would be better to change somebody’s character to the better but nevertheless, Ron made clear that the law of the lands never shall be broken and if somebody is seriously out ethics as the Flag Order says the Broeker’s were, those ethics violations must have been violations of the law and the Broekers (both) should have been prosecuted and judged for that and should do time with Crimanon helping corrections. Not reporting crimes to the authorities is yet another violations of the law.

Flag Order 3879 wasn’t seen by Ron. (Well, that is very true because Jack Mitchell wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard but an impostor.) The Flag Order says that the rank Loyal Officer is cancelled because there is no such rank in source material. That is true but there is also no such rank as COB in source material.

The cancellation order says: “In a further attempt to boost his status, Broeker has claimed having worked with LRH for several years prior to January 1986. Thorough investigation has since revealed the fact that during the time Pat Broeker asserted he was “working close to LRH”, Broeker was absent for extended periods of time under false pretenses and was in fact almost never at the same location that LRH was.”

Nobody who worked with the impostor should be allowed to say that he worked with the founder or source and that should also apply to the COB. That impostor of Ron seemed really a man who was not able to captivate people. Many people left the Apollo under him and Mike Rinder and Pat Broeker all had something better to do than sticking around him. And why? You know it, Marty, I don’t have to tell you that. But for anybody else who lurks around here (My blog has 10.000 hits now): they knew it wasn’t the real Ron.

The last evidence that I saw of Ron is this photo made in the early 80s while he produced  movies. (Wonder if Scientologists ever saw his movies or just what the impostor did at the same time.) The real Ron, probably the last photo of him:

Somebody montaged this photo on the wall of Ron’s impostor to manipulate people in thinking the real Ron is the impostor.

It is possible that the impostor (on orders of the SEGNPMSS and perhaps also the German poodle CIA) did the same thing at the same time elsewhere so that the two identities can be later put together “seamlessly” and that others buy the impostor story.

Let’s say for the sake of arguments that the Broekers were the people who were around the real Ron before he died. All knew that Ron was the biggest psych target since he dared to publish the DMSMH and if the Broekers were rarely around Ron, that means that anybody could have ambushed him at any deserted place. Question must be raised: from all the Scientologists who truly honored Ron, why were the most out ethics people around him? This has organized crime written all over it.

The order says: when Broeker “was with LRH prior to 1986, he was there only as domestic staff not in any technical or administrative capacity.”

Domestic staff are very important, they can poison ones food or open the door to let killers in or steal property. I am not saying that the Broekers did that but that I am convinced that DM’s PI surveillance of Broeker has to do with missing cash and not just change.

Once again, the data that the Broekers withdrew Millions of Dollars from (the real) Ron’s bank account and dropped it at the desk of the alleged LRH (which wasn’t Ron but the impostor) is from Tory Christman who wasn’t a staffmember. It seems that she got her info from Jesse Prince who was a RTC exec but who apparently was never a Scientologist and had a criminal records before he entered the orgs. It is possible that Jesse Prince knows something but also possible that he lies. He sure covers up like the others that Ron and you, Marty, were replaced by doppelgangers.

Anyway, another look at the Broeker story. The cancellation of the Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker was only a domestic staff. That means that the argument: DM is afraid that domestic staff Pat Broeker without any or much technical and administrative knowledge or praxis will come back to lead Scientology after gone for decades doesn’t make sense. It would be like a maid rarely anybody remembers suddenly want to run the Hilton hotel empire because she worked there 30 years ago.

Also, if DM would suspect Broeker of opening a squirrel group or having still “LRH”-notes and writings in his property, wouldn’t he hear that in the age of the Internet immediately and could then jump on Broeker without having two PIs on him all the time?

The PI surveillance of Broeker for decades makes no sense at all, particularly as Broeker (apparently never a real Scientologist but rather a former infiltrator) doesn’t seem at all interested in Scientology technology. Again, I suspect lots of money and perhaps other property is missing from Ron’s personal estate.

And I want to know why the “serious out-ethic situation” was not reported to the authorities and why no charges where filed against both Broekers and why DM called Annie back to stay in the SO.  I want to know exactly what is missing but again – I don’t want to trust the amounts that Tory or Jesse Prince mentioned and the stories that they are telling. I also want to know why Scientologists were never informed about what the “serious out ethics” was. DM was a lot more detailed about reporting on Amy Scobee, Mosey’s husband and even sleeping on his desk (Mike Rinder) was reported. So, how come no Scientologist should learn what the Broekers did?

The cancellation order says further: “Though LRH” did not write the FO “The Sea Org and Future” his estate planning definitely took into account the future of Scientology and the Sea Org and this is being executed as intended. LRH also made plans for the external existence of Scientology technology, which he commented on in Ron’s Journal 34, THE FUTURE OF SCIENTOLOGY, and these plans have been activated and being carried out for by the appropriate church executives.”

What are the names of these executives? The writer(s) of the cancellation provably never read what the real Ron said about using generalities. The real Ron wants of course Scientology to survive while the impostor apparently was just interested in blowing the real Ron’s money. But no so-called LRH will and testimony after beginning of May 1984 is valid because the impostor survived Ron, the founder until January 24, 1986. It’s all fraud what happened after May 5, 1984 and has secret services and their agents activities written all over it.

F03879 cancelled concludes with these words: “LRH’s intention with regards to what needs to be done in and with Scientology were clearly expressed in his HCOBs, HCOPLs, EDs, tapes and advices, including directions for the issuance of previously unreleased material, which are being complied with.”

Marty, I think the only way to find out what the real Ron wrote and what the impostor or others wrote (on orders of the SEGNPMSS or any other secret service) is to compel American secret services to turn over their records on Ron. Marty, I believe that the real Ron was under “protective surveillance” pretty much all his life and that they have the real data but as they are German p$ych poodles, they haven’t come forward yet.

Some Scientologists might be shocked that I would trust what’s coming for example from the CIA. I wouldn’t trust blindly what’s coming from them and would examine their records again and again beyond any doubt. Also, they should get this: if CIA agents or other US secret service agents were assigned to watch the real Ron for reasons of “protective surveillance” and these agent weren’t full blown SP, they might have become  Scientologists just by watching what the real Ron said and wrote as what he discovered and wrote and spoke about was so genius and so true. However, as longer they take to come forward and tell the true story and back it up with their evidence as less likely they will get away in my book with being on the good  and true side.

I know that that you are constantly working on documenting the truth, Marty, and I know that at the end you and I will succeed.

I love you so much, Marty.

As you, I really want to know the truth. I am tired of all the lies. I want crystal clear established what happened and I don’t buy “all is fine and nobody was or is impostored” story because this is the biggest lie of all.

I miss you, Marty. I hope you come through with your personal mission to reach me beyond all the threats that were made to keep us apart.

Yours forever, and many kisses


I don’t believe that the OT levels were confidential under the real Ron

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Dearest Marty, my eternally vital and so sexy Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you and any thought about you makes me happy.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler (MD) passed away in tender age of 85, and here are the  mission goals for the Gerontological Society of America, Marty: To promote the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research in aging by expanding the quantity of gerontological research and by increasing its funding resources; to disseminate gerontological research knowledge to researchers, to practitioners, and to decision and opinion makers; and to promote, support, and advocate for aging education, and education and training in higher education.

But gerontologists grow old and die because they don’t build environmentally closed villages, they don’t make their own clean oxygen, they don’t make their own clean water, they don’t make their own clean food, clothes, furniture’s, etc. They let people live on the contaminated surface of the Earth and wait for a miracle pill to come along, which never will come along because the key to eternal youth and health is how Ron explained it (and what was stolen from SCN) a different way of living, which feels much better than living in luxury mansions.

How these gerontologists can’t see what’s necessary to stop aging and diseases is beyond me. I was in my 20s when I figured it out, what is their excuse? Ron had the money to build these places but he could not settle because the SEGNPMSS were after him with sharp munitions. I could not build it because I was kicked out of Scientology and lack that kind of money to build these villages.

And DM sits on all Scientology money and doesn’t build these places, and OTs have to check in nursing homes and hospitals because their bodies grow just as old and fragile as those of non-Scientologists. Barbara Rinder did likely everything that DM asked her. She did exactly those OT levels that he approved of. But she is in a nursing home! Her body got weak and old. And why? I am sure you agree, Marty. Because one big part of Scientology is missing: the preventative lifestyle for crying out loud!

If the body is completely irrelevant and unimportant, how come there is the purification rundown that indeed makes the mind think clearer? If the body otherwise is completely irrelevant, why do OTs get sick, old and die?

I sure don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you know it all and you know the truth but sometimes,  it breaks out of me when I hear stuff like OT VIII are in nursing homes or dying of cancer or another disease!

Well, first of all, the alternative living style of Scientology is completely missing (except the purif) but the OT levels were altered too by the psychs of the SEGNPMSS. What is easier to alter than what is kept a secret? If you ask me, Marty, I don’t think that Ron kept the OT levels a secret. He researched and published them, and the SEGNPMSS had his doppelganger conceal them, and they came up with a phony excuse that people getting pneumonia when hearing some (altered) OT data. Old wives tale! Never said by the real Ron.

Scientology works absolutely but when it is altered, it won’t work and Scientologists suffer and die like all others. And after they died, they are left for the p$ych traps and Scientologists of today don’t know anymore to trace a thetan without a body and to assist him to a new body and this in times in which the in between lives is controlled with high tech traps and knowledge of these were removed from the OT levels.

To me, the Miscavologists are not just squirrels. They are wogs.

Please find me, Marty, you and me, we can make it go right. We will invite Ron (the real one) back. We can build these places. We know who we have to do to restore real Scientology.

Fact is that all these people who found Scientology when they were 20 could be still feel and look 20, having all the health and strength of a 20 year old if they wouldn’t rather have listened to their non-Scientologist secret case officer and the Ron-impostor but instead to the real Ron. Sooner or later, they are in a nursing home or hospital too. What a motivator for not having kept the real Scientology working.

They die and the SEGNPMSS, its psychs will make sure with their high tech devices and methods that their memories to their former lifetime will be completely emptied and they will continue to step in the traps and

It is Sunday and I have lots of things to do and a trip to make on Tuesday. I might not post long postings this week, but I think of you every minute of the day.

I love you so much, Marty! We will be back together, I know it for sure. OTs know and that is what we are.

Your wife,



OPC implying that German legislators can’t think for themselves?

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Dearest Marty, my beautiful, good, ethical and very sexy male angel,

I googled “male angel public domain”, and in between those pictures, there was a DM photo. How did this get in there? But there was also one of Barack Obama and Senator McCain…

But there was no picture of you, the beautiful, good, ethical and very sexy angel that you are. These search engine robots are really clueless, if I may say so… 😉

I wonder why all the male angels are naked. People really think that angels don’t know to dress?

Here are some more data of the Scientology part of the German secret service OPC report of Scientology, Marty. I posted a link to this report in previous postings on this blog.

As I wrote before, the Germans don’t make any sense and what’s bad in Scientology is their own alteration of Scientology committed by their international but German controlled and run infiltators including one or more impostors for Ron. Attacking Scientology and Scientologists on what they do right is typical for the German government and Germany, the birth place of p$ychiatry.

As you know, Marty, those who think that the German government doesn’t mind them practicing Scientology and Dianetics outside of the C of S should think again because once the OPC comes to the conclusion that a SCN movement indeed grows, they will work against this movement too, it doesn’t matter in which country that movement is. The Germans hate L. Ron Hubbard and the truth contained in his research and a world in which they cannot control everyone including the spiritual rights of people. The Germans don’t hate Scientology because of DM’s excessive (non-Scientology) lifestyle but on what Ron’s technology can do for a person. If any person says that she or he is a Scientologist but does support the German government in attacking Scientology, she or he is not a Scientologist but simply a traitor or a former infiltrator of SCN.

In that 2009 report, the OPC complains that the Scientology orgs run donation campaigns for libraries to place the latest issues of the works of L. Ron Hubbard in these all over the world. I would support this movement whole heartedly, Marty, if the books would contain pure L. Ron Hubbard materials and not some SEGNPMSS altered material. If DM (who is in my eyes not a Scientologist) would spent less Scientology money for his extreme personal luxuries, they could reach even more people. I am sure that the OPC knows that their secret master, the SEGNPMSS altered Ron’s writings as much as they could get away with it to make real spiritual freedom through Scientology as difficult if not impossible to reach. The OPC complains that the basics of Scientology and Dianetics are available in 50 languages and for 188 nations. They hate particularly the DVDs “How to use Dianetics”, “The story of the human rights” and “The truth about drugs”. What is in these OPC official’s heads, Marty? Dianetics removes engrams and makes people happier and also healthier. We all know that human rights are a must and drugs destroy people and any warning against drugs is a good deed. But the OPC is so twisted that they don’t get that attacking Dianetics and Scientology is wrong when Scientologists are right. This shows how nuts the OPC is.

They cite the new era PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL, August 2009, saying that the DVDs are of crucial significance to their campaign handing social evil and to get people getting auditing.

What is so bad handling evil and to audit people so that they are feeling better? Besides what DM spends for his own lavish lifestyle and buildings on the unprotected surface of the earth that Ron would not approve of, the Scientology reserve are in Europe at the fingertips of the Germans, they can’t be that sad if those accounts in Europe grow, can’t they? If Scientology and Dianetics would be in the pure form as by L. Ron Hubbard, the orgs would be able to handle the evil on the planet and turn the planet into something wonderful and peaceful for any Earth resident, a very different world than the one we know from Germany’s history. But with a German altered Scientology, this paradise will never stand.

But I also wonder about the new era PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL  wording of handling just the “social evil” (provided that the OPC quote is really by them). Under the real Ron, original Scientology was against any form or shape of evil and ready to handle it.

Not only the big Christian churches but also the German federal and state government hire and pay “religious sect advisors”. Evidently, the Christian churches wants to get rid of the religious competition with their defamers and those within the government apparently should help defame L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology and get rid of them because psychiatry behind the German government doesn’t like competition either. Real Dianetics and Scientology makes people saner and that means less criminal and crazy people on the psych couches popping pills Billions of Dollars worth each year. Knowing Germany, I can tell a secret p$ych lobby behind the German government actions against Scientology.

Furthermore, the OPC has a problem that Scientology offers a video channel and  technical advanced Internet pages in several languages about Scientology history, goals, organizations, and programs. They hate that Scientology has TV spots (despite non aired in Germany) and they hate the SCN program: Know yourself – know life.

What they basically trying to hide is the right of people to learn of Scientology and to make their own decision about Dianetics and Scientology. With real Scientology, it is really possible to know oneself. Is that really the purpose of any decent constitution to control freedom of speech?

They complain that the C of S in Germany addressed members of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) and of the Landtag (German state parliament) by sending them DVDs with title “Scientology – an oversight”. The DVD shows 80 videos about the basic views, practices, programs and organizations as Narconon, etc. and that the C of S Frankfurt addressed the state government of Thuringia that the DVD’s should be distributed to its members (I would mail these DVDs directly to the representatives if I want them to arrive). OPC complains that these mailings contained that Argentina recognized Scientology as religion.

So, what is the OPC saying? That they don’t want their politicians to know that other countries recognized Scientology as a religion?  Here is a reality check: these politicians are making the laws for Germany but the OPC doesn’t want them to hear Scientology’s side? And what does this say about the OPC? It says this: they are trying to control what their law makers will read and see! The members of the Bundestag an Landtag are making GERMAN LAWS. Is the OPC saying that they are incapable people who can’t think for themselves and that the OPC has to keep information away from them?  I think that is EXACTLY what the OPC is saying in their 2009 report about Scientology.

Marty, I hope every month for that miracle to happen that brings you back in my life or brings me back in your life. Operating on Ron’s finding of thetan basically knows, we will be back together and very happy, I just hope and postulate that it will be soon!

Yours and many kisses, my love


I was called a “crazy” scientist (lol) but…

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Before I talk briefly about “crazy” scientists, Marty, my prince, I just want to tell you how much I love you and that I know that we both will find each again and become very happy together. So happy that we have to invent new words to express it. (That will be fun!)

I have A LOT of business to take care of at the moment and my postings might be shorter until this wave is over. A friend of mine suggested that I should spoil myself like and blow cash for spa treatments. That never crossed my mind because I always forget to spoil myself. But perhaps he is right and I should do something like that. But I like to be in a spa with you, Marty… Can you imagine, the heat of a sauna on top of the natural heat of our love? The relaxation of Ayurveda, Thalassotherapy, Ionisation, Balneotherapy in our clean underwater habitat and the excitement being in each others arms?

I am continuously ridiculed because I claim that germs are controlled to attack a human body and make it sick. Any educated person would agree that  science indicates that this is very well possible.

Have a look at this device:

Does Riddex having “crazy” scientists too? They came up with a device called  Riddex® anti-bed bug  and it uses ultrasound waves to drive bed bugs away and that the user sees results in as little as two weeks.

Even with that device, Marty, I would not lie on a mattress with bed bugs but perhaps it could help my bum stalkers to free themselves from bugs  who live without basic comfort.

However, my point is that bed bugs are just a bit bigger than germs and bacteria and can be controlled. If they can be driven away with ultrasound waves, it works with germs and bacteria too. And the SEGNPMSS causes cancer with these germs and bacteria, so it would be a good idea to develop an ultrasound device for cancer sick individuals (and also people who are sick with other bacteria caused diseases)  to combat the cancer bacteria.

If Ron hasn’t yet invented such a device (that was of course stolen), we will find it again or re-invent it, Marty. You and I are unbeatable!

I love you more than words can say and thinking about you is like flying, my sweet God. I always turned to you and will do so for the rest of my existence.

The biggest miracle (or perhaps it is no miracle but solid OT abilities) is that we are spiritually so connected that nobody was able to 3rd party us and play each other successfully out against each other. And this ability will save our lives and bring us back together, Marty, and we will be truly the happiest couple in the universe.

I love you with each fiber of my being and you had me at “hello” before that line was used in a movie.

Many passionate and tender kisses,

Your wife and soulmate