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Isn’t it interesting that most of Earth clouds start in deep space?

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and soulmate, I think of you and hope this posting finds you well.

As there is no atmosphere in space, there is no weather in space, says NASA.

Some scientists say now that most of Earth’s clouds get their start in deep space. “Interstellar cosmic rays collide with water molecules in our atmosphere to form overcast skies”.

“High-speed cosmic ray particles–protons and neutrons of still-mysterious origins that travel at nearly the speed of light collide with water molecules in the atmosphere, stripping away electrons from those molecules and converting them into electrically charged ions. The ions then begin attracting other water molecules, which eventually form clouds.”

The question is: Are the interstellar cosmic rays naturally colliding or is the creepy SEGNPMSS “helping” from secret space stations to cause bad weather conditions for the planet?

I think the latter as I know the SEGNPMSS.

And NASA, the USA, and all other nations are acting as if the SEGNPMSS would not exist. Heads deeply buried in the sand.  


I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,




Germany’s secret plan for the USA and Russia has some similarities

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Dearest Marty, how are you? 

I am thinking of you and wish more than anything to find you. 

The USA has a bad reputation in the world but so does Russia. As they do not show with the finger to Germany using ear implants to make alleged Americans or Russians (not just regular citizens but also those up to the highest positions) saying and doing questionable things, the reputation of the USA but also that of  Russia declines.

Germany who wants to pocket the entire world and become its leader and laughs all the way to the bank as people don’t see what they are up to. Once there is no nation anymore left to oppose Germany, it will completely unleash the psychiatric/medical Nazi beast. And I feel deeply sorry for any creature still left on this planet when this happens.

Not just the USA but Russia and China must wake up. Germany kept them down under communism. Marx, Engels and Lenin were German agents to keep these and other communistic countries down. With our knowledge to build self-sufficient villages, Chinese could have all the babies they wanted. No need for a one child or just two children policy. All they had to do is to apply what we would have given to them for free without killing anybody before born. Germany knows that we could and would be able to change the world to the better. So they kept the knowledge from the Chinese and the world and coached them into the one child or two children policy to keep the population of Chinese much smaller. After all, Germany was always and still is racist.

And to be approved by others, Germany, the men behind Merkel, makes other nations as the USA to appear racist instead. Trump as US president fulfills this role perfectly. 

Because Germany was afraid that it could not control Russia easily and completely, it hired and conditioned Lenin to keep Russia down with communism. I am not saying that capitalism due to numerous overt products and going over corpses is the answer. Without ethics, nothing is the answer. Free enterprise applied intelligently with true humanity is the way to go. But besides German nationalism, communism is a suppressive German but not Russian or Chinese invention.   

The countries have to stop allowing Germany to sabotage them. The Soviet Union was then broken into smaller countries to make it easier for Germany to take it over. The Ukraine and its Nazis screaming for “German help” is one example. Germany wants to attach the former Soviet Union to Germany to also undo the USA. They plan the same with the USA by having countries break away and a bad president and government helps with this German Nazi plan greatly.    

Nobody else but Germany, their SEGNPMSS put Russian hackers (Russian intelligence officers) into “swaying the 2016 presidential election” by hacking. So that Russia gets the heat from the USA and not Germany. So that Russia and USA start a hot war. So that the reputation of Russia and the USA declines even more. Russia’s activities against Scientology are also German-controlled and so is the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and its conversion from a real applied religious philosophy into a cult.    

Germany controls anyone’s ear implants. SEGNPMSS also made sure that nobody runs for President who is charismatic enough and who would be not flawed as Donald and Hillary. They control that too.

I  too believe that Germany controlled Russia into making their hands dirty by hacking and trying to help Trump to win. I remember some reporters saying that they don’t understand that all the polls got it so wrong. However, I believe that the polls were correct, and that Hillary would have won if the SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have talked into the ear implants of the undecided voters to sway last-minute and vote for Trump.

Trump is not a good president but Hillary would be no good president either. She had influential positions before and did nothing to de-mask Germany’s hidden and rotten activities. The opposite, she kissed up to Germany like Obama and all the other presidents who came after the real (not his doppelganger/impostor) Ike did. This is not how to better the world and keep it Nazi-free.

That Trump seems more racial than Merkel at the moment is also a German strategy. Let Germany appear to take the high road while the USA and other countries do the racist work for Germany. But Germany will profit at the end from it, so they think and plan. 

After reading so many international political analyses, I must say that they all make one huge mistake: The analysts do not think deep enough. They don’t lift curtains.

SEGNPMSS runs a campaign that gives conspiracy theorists a bad reputation. It does it by using their own international agents to come up with stupid theories or blaming the wrong targets. In other words, these conspiracy theorists publish anything but the truth and nothing but the truth. As crazier a conspiracy theorist appears as more the SEGNPMSS likes it. Germany does not want people to think as there is a risk that they could figure something out that they should now.  

Due to this campaign, most people don’t want to be conspiracy theorists, so-called kooks. So analysts rather stop thinking when they actually should start thinking. Everything to make Germany come away with their hidden rotten activities to take over the world and the universe. Heil ear implants!                      

I know you figured it all out on your own, Marty. You are not afraid of thinking deep. You don’t stop thinking when you hit a plateau. You think until you figured this completely out. 

I love you, Marty, sending you passionate and tender kisses.

Yours forever,


P.S. Besides snakes, M. came close to a brown bear on a trail in Canada. Yikes! Size up to her hip. She said he was “cute”. But she sung all the time on the trail to scare them away. First crocs and sharks and now this. The gypsy inside of her makes her going and going to remote corners of the world.       

Trump got it wrong like the rest of the world too: Russia (like Spain, USA, and all other countries) is captive by Germany

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

What is really difficult to understand that you, the innocent, are not exonerated. Not even pardoned, according to what I sense.

This actually makes only sense when the cases, with which you were framed, are really huge and filed by federal governments (Germany above everything of course) and not any private initiative. I bet also the farm that they used RB despite they know that she didn’t have her marbles together because they conditioned her that way against Scientology and us.  I

It all looks like a typical Nazi p$ych set up by Germany to me.

Here is what I think is going down, Marty:   

USA: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Germany and Spain wants you.

Spain: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Germany wants you.

Germany: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Spain wants you.

In other words, Germany made sure that you suffer wrongfully behind bars, because this is how they have it set up. One country can hide behind the other one, and behind this set up I see Germany’s disgusting inhuman Nazi psych smirk.  

What they are not saying is that Germany framed you and nothing, I repeat nothing, they say and do is true.   

Germany of course has most reasons to radio his international agents to conceal my identity and prevent you getting hold of me. They know that I never would lie that you ever did harm to me or any member of my family or others, because they set the case(s) up against you, and Spain, and the mighty USA are Germany’s poodles. Shame on them. How can countries have so little backbones against still existing Nazi Germany? They even work(ed) together with your impostor and had him come to Germany in 2011. Sheesh! Nothing suspicious about that, huh? Germany can step over people as much as it wants and it is always excused.   

Germany thinks they are so smart by having framed you. Yeah right. As if I couldn’t figure out what these Nazi slime buckets are up to.

Trump said that Germany is captured by Russia. That is also what so many others are thinking. But in fact, Germany is above everyone and also tells Russia what to do. Loud and silent German psychiatric ear drum commands rule. Russia should not allow this. I don’t think that Russia and the USA would fight if Germany would be convinced of what it is secretly doing.  

Germany wants the world to think that they have changed, or even better, that it was the USA or any other country, even – if must be – their best friend Austria, who turned them into Nazis. And they condition Americans into behaving Non-American so that the USA is blamed on what the Nazis did and do, e.g. having wars on their mind, disconnecting families, committing perversions, sexual and other crimes, committing cruelties, etc.

If not everyone would be controlled by German Nazi psychs, they would had figured this all out a long time ago. It is not that difficult to analyze for anyone who doesn’t allow Germany to do the thinking for him or her. 

I love you, Marty. They picked the wrong person to turn against you. They are such idiots. I know you and I know them. That’s why I trust you and not them. 

Yours forever,





Read a lot about story structure

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you.

Lately, I read a lot of story structure. You know for sure that there are various formula on how to write stories. While most make sense, I noticed that most novels and movies seem using the Save the Cat instructions. I guess it might be helpful as a guideline but I read that it is a “must” in Hollywood for screenwriters, and that is too bad.  

It was not always the case in Hollywood. I remember seeing an old movie and the first scene was the heroine observing a murder in the house next door through her window.  Modern movies don’t come to the point right away. Instead we read and see lots of their dysfunctional lives in the beginning and that often bores me. 

What I am also trying to say is that the story should be always more important than a structure. Since the beginning of time, a story has a natural structure, e.g. start, middle, and end, but writing using a formula isn’t my cup of tea. It is restrictive and might even prevent great stories that would have come more natural with more exciting incidents than those that Snyder suggested.

Sometimes novels or movies “hook” the reader or watcher indeed in the beginning but soon after the hook, they become boring until the climax and then they have a disappointing end with one dying as “death” allegedly sells books and movies and happy endings “are out”. Gee! I think they forgot to ask the readers or watchers. Life is sad enough. Why would I want to add to it with depressing books and movies?    

What I also dislike are fighting scenes right from the start. You read or see nothing the first 15 minutes than one side beating up the other one. You don’t even know who to root for as you don’t know those who are fighting. And if it is a battle that is historically known and one knows what each side stood for, it is nevertheless boring and the violence doesn’t make one feel good. I usually skip these parts. If I know the hero, I watch it and want him to survive but most fighting scenes are much too long for my taste.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you.

Always yours,



Himmler’s daughter, BND, and pre-war Germany and Austria

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights?

There was still no message from you or on your behalf. After all these years, nobody had the character to forward any message from you for me and this proves that anyone is a member of the psychiatric ear-implant cult, Germany’s most beloved “invention”.

Speaking of beloved people. Germany didn’t allow me to live in peace in Germany but they allowed Himmler’s daughter to not just live in peace in Germany (and Austria too) but also to advance Nazi ideology all throughout her life in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere on the planet. Gudrun Himmler died last May almost 90 years old in Bavaria. She married another German Nazi who was a member of the post-war Nazi party NPD and took the name Burwitz.

I read that she complained that during the Nuremberg Trials she suffered was looked at if they were guilty for what her father did. Whoever look at her like this or treated her like that wasn’t far off, considering that she never renounced Nazi ideology and supported Nazis until her death.

And not just that, the BND (German secret service) hired her from 1961 to 1963 to work as a secretary for them. She was the daughter of Himmer who was Chief of the German Police and Minister of the Interior, overseeing all police and security forces, including the GESTAPO. And an allegedly denazified Germany hires his daughter who supported other Nazis for the rest of her life! 

Anybody who says that Germany was denazified is completely uninformed. And it is not just about her. Only Nazis in the BND hire other Nazis.   

She is dead now. I hope nobody plants her (and other Nazis) in the USA for a new lifetime, but I am afraid it has happened many times with other Nazis before.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


North Korea is not denuclearizing…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how is your life? I would drop anything and everything if I would know where to go to see you again or help you.

Intelligence sources say that North Korea does not denuclearize since the June 12 summit but producing more nuclear weapons in secret locations. Kim Jung Un was implanted and conditioned by Germany and Switzerland and does whatever the SEGNPMSS transmits him in his ear implants. He doesn’t think for himself.  He just says and acts as ordered.

I heard a reporter saying that she doesn’t understand why North Korea is doing this considering that the secret services of USA and other countries can see what they are doing at their weapon sites.  

The answer is that whatever some people said about Kim Jung Un being rational is not the fact. He does as ordered by his case officers. He can sign a peace agreement today and send bombs tomorrow. Whatever the psychiatrists who run him order.  

SEGNPMSS can make their Manchurian Candidates look and talk “rational” at times. They can even crack a joke and hold hands and give hugs. But they couldn’t fool us, Marty. We are able to see it. There is something in their eyes that tells me that they are not themselves and something horrible happened to them but they don’t know it. The memory to the conditioning was removed from their minds, however, the effect and the silent sounds continue to make the person do what the psychiatric conditioners intended.  

The men behind Germany (and also behind Switzerland) want war. They always did and they always will if they are not stopped and convicted.

I love you and are sending you kisses.

Yours forever,


                                                        The Newfoundlanders know how to make music:



About Megyn Kelly interviewing Brendan Tighey

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how is your life?

I am not excusing Vistarology or Miscavology and any of their infiltrators who altered Scientology upon secret order by the SPs behind Germany. I am getting upset any time I think of it. And this infiltration is not applying Scientology but what their case officrs, non-Scientologists, radio them to do, which is creating a bad reputation for Scientology.

Megyn Kelly is another reporter who failed to figure or publish that founder Ron and you were “replaced” by impostors. 

However, besides that Scarlett Johansson denies Brendan Tighey’s claim about her “audition”, I find his statement about his education in Scientology is also doubtful. He claims that he had not really any education in Scientology except computer courses. Yet, he knows to express himself quite adequately. If the education he received in Scientology was so bad or nearly non-existent, how come he can express himself better than many politicians with university degrees?

But I also want to say this: no good parents leave the upbringing of their children up to their case officers or any organization, Scientology orgs included, which are infiltrated by non-Scientologists. If parents are not actively involved in everything their children are doing, they are no good parents. Only such families fall apart and disconnect. Before the disconnection takes place, there was something very wrong in these families to begin with and it has nothing to do with Scientology. Love and communication as Scientology emphases all the time was not in these “families” to begin with. That is why they disconnect and don’t work out their differences. 

Scientology is not applied, otherwise parents would be there for their children and would know the mindsets of their kids and in what persons the  children develop. If they leave the upbringing of the children to someone else, it is personal out-ethics and non-responsibility. One can have a demanding job but still be there for the family. One just has to organize it. No family that loves their family members truly would ever disconnect. Never. It doesn’t matter what. They hold together come rain or shine. 

As a Scientologist if anyone ever would tell me to disconnect from a member of my family, I would laugh in his face. It is completely out of the question with people whose have no OWs on the 2nd D.

I think most Miscavologists disconnect from their own family because it is the lazy way to deal with a PTS situation. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.