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A secret German document indicates (very clearly to me) that Germany is behind the Syrian war to get the Syrians to immigrate to and help Germany (still the same old Nazis) to become world power no. 1

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

How are you?

These are today’s headlines from 

Germany is revealed to be secretly expecting 1.5 MILLION migrants to arrive in the country this year – 700,000 higher than public estimates – in confidential documents
Germany is expecting 700,000 more migrants than it has publicly admitted
Secret documents show another 900,000 are estimated to arrive this year
The figures are a drastic departure from its previously stated estimates
See more of the latest news and updates on Europe’s migrant crisis
Read more:

Marty, Germany wants the world to buy the bull that they are humanitarians. Germany wants Merkel to get the Nobel Price. They cause wars and terror and want a Nobel Price for Peace for it! Well, that is Germany. I have no doubts whatsoever that Germany (the secret service psychs behind Merkel) is the cause of the war in Syria (and other wars and terror). Germany needs the Syrians to become World Power No. 1 by keeping all other countries and people down, and Germany also has a plan  to attach officially all of EU, Russia, all of the Middle East (in a bit), China, you name it, and all others will follow. Look at the USA. Looking up to Germany instead of putting it in its place. My stomach turns every time when I see an American president or other US officials/representative kissing Germany’s still existing Nazi boots so-to-speak. 

Germany doesn’t want other EU states having the Syrians as Germany doesn’t want France or the UK to become EU’s number one. Germany has not changed and still works on a Nazi plan, and Merkel is their puppet because people generally think that women aren’t that bad. They are forgetting that this woman prepares the field for the Nazi monsters to jump back in right on the top when any other nation is too weak to fight back or when they are completely German-devoured. The bloody war in the former Yugoslavia was also Germany’s secret doing. It was all for Germany’s hunger to become the richest country and attach the world to their insane ‘ideals’, the glorification of Germany, Bavaria, psychiatry, also medicine, and the eradication of religion by making people hate religion as the just named run people through ear implants doing horrible things in the name of religion. 

Germany has a low birth rate and needs people to work for Germany. Germany likes that the Syrians who come are young. Germany expects them to work for Germany’s unfair economy (they run other countries and have their people make bad economic decisions so that Germany is always on top).  They never should have kidnapped me, Marty. I can read them and their plans in a snap.

The conflict in Syria started in spring of 2011 because of the dictatorship in Syria.

Germany controls dictators through ear implants.

They all do what Germany orders. Germany is the expert on dictators.

There is Bashar al-Assad, a medical doctor (they and psychs, Germany’s favorite profession!) who used chemical weapons on 1400 of his own people and over 400 children.

It is all about getting young workers for Germany. Germany doesn’t want to call just any nationals to immigrate. They could be older people and Germany isn’t eager to pay for their retirement and health problems (which German secret service doctors also caused by not allowing people to live in conditions where they can protect health and youth). The young and fit Syrians as second class citizen in Germany suits German slave drivers just well.

Syrians had to suffer. There were kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed, including children. I bet the farm that Germany radioed in al-Assad’s ears to open fire on protesters instead of working out decent conditions for them. I bet again that al-Assad’s German orders are to empty the country until Germany has enough people to do work for it and until ISIS and the terror group got more members to continue to ruin the reputation of religion. The special treatment of Alawhites and the 2nd class treatment of the other groups in Syria has Germany secretly written all over it.

Also, Germany wants to improve its Nazi reputation by suddenly playing humanitarians in this “crisis” that IT SET UP! SEGNPMSS doesn’t want to better itself. It just wants the world to fall for it. And I bet a billion dollars on it that I am right. I can see the Bavarian Nazi doctors behind that all so very clearly.

Numerous Syrians believe that Bashar al-Assad is an US agent. They err. Germany wants them to blame the USA on it. He is a German agent, particularly a Bavarian one. German propaganda makes the Syrians think the wrong things.

Civilians grew into rebel groups as you will know, Marty. Germany needs workers and who doesn’t want to come to Germany should join secret German movements ISIS or the Taliban or Al Queda or another of the German-controlled terrorist groups. 

The extra hard crackdown by Bashar al-Assad on protests was German- ordered and -controlled because Germany wants the Syrians to help them to make Hitlers Germany come true. They made the Syrians leave their homes, killed their families, and expect them to work for Germany.  This is how the secret service  medical doctors and psychs behind Merkel think and work.

The USA (though German controlled ear implants) builds a wall and keeps Mexicans and others out, and German starts wars to get people. When do Americans get it? Andrew Tabler is an so-called expert on Syria with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He says about Bashar al-Assad: “He speaks English, and his wife is hot.” Good grief! Is that all he has in his head? 

Germany made Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez seized power in a coup in 1970. Guess they knew that Hafez and Assad would make it easy for Germany to get what it wants. Guess SEGNPMSS organized to have al-Assad brother Bassel die in a car accident because medical doctor al-Assad seemed to fit the German bill better.

Over 100,000 people already dead in Syria, just what Nazi doctors order. Those who can walk through countries and are still standing in Germany can become Germany’s Syrian slaves.  

Germany is also behind that Russia fights al-Assad’s battles. Russia should show with the finger on Germany but they don’t. As ordered by Germany, if Russia shows with the finger on anyone, it is on the USA.

With breaking Syria, Germany also breaks a main business partner of Russia. And Germany wants to take Russia over also. However, it doesn’t seem that Russia is so easy to attach to the Grossdeutsche Reich as the Ukraine and so many other countries (including Germany again ) that glorifies Nazis.

Iran is fed with Germany’s lies that Israel and USA is Satan. None of the countries have clean hands, they are all German-controlled. But neither the USA, Israel, Russia or China is the root of the problem. It is Germany, particularly Bavaria and its secret services with the same old Nazi doctors and psychs as they were before and after Hitler.

Germany arranged that there is not one unified rebel movement with which to negotiate a peace treaty, this is because they want 2nd class citizens to work for them and making the terror groups in the Middle East and ISIS stronger.

I love you, Marty. I can help it but it seems that the entire planet has a secret death wish by allowing Germany to get again away with everything.

I know you are different. Well, if this universe wants to live forever under a psych-Nazi boot, we should find ourselves a new universe where they never find us again. Besides, sooner or later they self-destruct. But they are pulling anyone else who isn’t alert enough  down the path of self-destruction.

However, a new universe for us in a dimension that they can’t find is very tempting. As you know, a very large number of physicians are thinking that there are many universes out there already.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I go where you go. :) And I am sure you don’t want to live in a secret or official German universe either. YUK! And did I say YUK?!

Yours in any universe.




A) Some more thoughts to Jairus Chegero Godeka, the man who shot at four people at Portland’s downtown Scientology Celebrity Center in 1996 2) To the “American” airstrike in Kunduz 3) To the Mecca stampede

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I ask myself every day about your whereabouts and how your life is. Let’s people natter about OT abilities (and that they allegedly don’t exist), but fact is, my OT abilities are telling me that big injustice is done to you and that you love me the way I love you. After all these years, I am so thankful that I am a Scientologist. Who else would make it against all odds but us?

A) I want to write some more about Jairus Chegero Godeka, the man who shot at four people at Portland’s downtown Scientology Celebrity Center in 1996. Godeka went into the center’s reception area at 709 S.W. Salmon St. with a red can of gasoline, a Ruger semiautomatic handgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

When this happened, in 1996, Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband, were David Miscavige’s right and left hand. They all turned out to be not only no Scientologists, but people who are active Scientology haters. So, no surprise that also this case was MISHANDLED. What should they have done? They should have insisted that Jairus Chegero Godeka was selected by secret service p$ychs and implanted and conditioned by psychs, and should have delivered the proof. With original Scientology and the e-meter, they could have proven that this man was psychiatric implanted and mind-controlled. But as Scientology is very much infiltrated by people who work secretly for psychs, “Scientology” orgs fail to do that even when their own are attacked. It is such a shame.

This is how psychs run the implanted people, and they do it all over the world, in peace and in war, on the streets, churches, schools, kindergardens, you name it.

Even the last name is a giveaway that Jairus Chegero Godeka was cherry-picked by p$ychs who are notoriously non-religious: GODeka. Psychs always try to blame it their atrocities on God.  I am certain that psychs got their hands on Godeka. They conditioned his mind to attack Scientology.


According to, these are facts of the Godeka terror attack:

1) Godeka was heard a few days ago before the state’s Psychiatric Security Review Board, arguing that he poses no danger to the community. He offered to return to Kenya. He’s been out of the Oregon State Hospital, psych ward, since he was granted a conditional release in June 2005 to live in a secure residential treatment center in Lane County. In 2013, he was allowed to attend classes without supervision. He was sentenced to 120 years.

(My thoughts: Sentenced up to 120 years and not even 20 years later, he can roam the streets again to endanger others? What is that all about? Psychs are dangerous, otherwise they wouldn’t make such decision. And yes, the infiltrated orgs worked directly or indirectly together with the psychs by allowing them to hospitalize him instead of proving to the world that this man was implanted and hypnotized by psychs to attack Scientology. A university education doesn’t mean that people are bettering their characters and getting rid of implants. Besides, psychs radio people in their ear implants what to say and write to pass exams. I am not impressed.”) 

2) He is working in the community of Portland and with students his lawyer told the psychiatric review board.

(My thoughts: Just what Portland, students, and the rest of the world “needs”: another psych-conditioned Manchurian candidate in the streets! Like the McPherson case, it was set up by the psychs to force Scientology to accept psychiatry.)

3) He’s been in the custody of the state board since he was found “guilty except for insanity” in March 1998 for the shooting two years earlier at the Scientology Celebrity Centre. He was sentenced to up to 120 years.

(My thoughts: If he wasn’t “insane”, why wasn’t he sentenced to a Psychiatric Hospital instead to a Prison Work Camp?  DM’s, Mike Rinder’s and your impostor’s handling of the matter? After this atrocity in 1996, Godeka got a conditional release already in 2005? What kind of justice is that? What happened to the 120 years?  Four people were hurt, one of them is paralyzed and a baby died in the aftermath. And for all of that, Godeka just got a 9 year hospital state DESPITE he wasn’t found insane? Human lives are nothing worth if psychs have the saying.). 

4) By July 2014, the board further eased restrictions on Godeka, permitting him to live in a licensed unlocked residential group home and attend community events unsupervised.

(My thoughts: Isn’t that “great”? Psychs risking the lives of Scientologists and other people.)

5)  Helen Healy, the pregnant woman Godeka shot and paralyzed from the waist down, a state assistant attorney general, lawyers for the Church of Scientology and other church members vehemently opposed any further loosening of condition. Releasing Godeka back into society, with no controls, puts people in peril, she argued. She teared up as she explained that her daughter died at age 2 because of the brain injuries the girl suffered that day. “I don’t feel vindictive towards him. My concern is the well-being of my fellow citizens of this state,” she said. “There’s no way of knowing what his voices will tell him next.”

(My thoughts: Voices of his psychiatric case officers transmitting in the ears of their Manchurian candidates silent and loud commands through ear implants to attack and kill. Typical for Miscavology not to provide this proof, and CCHR failed miserably too.)  

7) In a written statement to the board, the Church of Scientology urged the board to consider the heinous nature of Godeka’s crimes, evidence that he still harbors delusions about the church and documented violations of his current conditions of release.

(I don’t know the details as to how Godeka already violated his current conditions of release. However, having to live in fear that he is free is part of the motivator of having allowed the psychs behind the Godeka set up to get away. If they would have proven that psychs set him up, the world including the orgs would be better places.) 

6) In an unstructured environment where he may not take his medications, Godeka could act on his impulses and attack others again, said attorney Colin Hunter, representing the church. “The church doesn’t want to punish. It wants to protect,” he said.

(WHAT? Scientology’s attorney recommends psychiatric medications? Can you believe it? Where is CCHR? Miscavology is psychacology not Scientology!)

7) Psychiatrist Dr. Satyanarayana Chandragivi testified that he diagnosed Godeka with schizophrenia and that Godeka is taking medication, but still has hallucinations.

(This psych should know that Godeka is a Manchurian candidate and that secret service psychs run him.)

8) “You continue to be a substantial danger to others,” board chair Kate Lieber told him (Godeka). “There’s still more work you need to do” to move to a lower level of care, she said. She encouraged him to find other suitable work; the university job ended when he graduated.

(Can you believe it, Marty? Psych Lieber knows that he is substantial danger to others and she allows him to work with students and permitted him to live in a licensed unlocked residential group home and attend community events unsupervised?? Shouldn’t she get her head checked? If Christopher Harper-Mercer wouldn’t had died, would psychiatrists allow him after 9 years to roam the streets again and work with students?)

9) Because of the severity of his crimes and the recurring nature of his mental illness – we are relieved that the board weighed in on the side of public safety and the protection of the community,” said attorney Steven Ungar, also representing the Church of Scientology.

(Good grief. What public safety? Thanking for what? For psych blah-blah?  For allowing a remote-controlled Manchurian candidate to endanger again others by getting out instead of serving his full 120 years (at least) in a prison work camp and instead of finding the psychs who set him up to become such a monster? The same psychs who conditioned Godeka into becoming a Manchurian Candidate could have set up  Christopher Harper-Mercer.)

B) And a few words about  the airstrike in Kunduz.  SEGNPMSS wants the world to forgo God and worship medical doctors and psychs. They succeeded with most people who have no direct connection to God and see medical doctors as Gods in white. Nobody speaks of that psychs and medical doctors created a world in which doctors are needed to repair what secret service psychs and physicians (past life barbers and butchers) are doing wrong (e.g. setting up wars and not allowing mainstream to live in conditions in which they don’t age, are getting sick, and die). The world considers it bad when civilians and children are attacked and killed, but even more bad, when doctors as on Doctors without Borders are being attacked. Hard core of the SEGNPMSS is German, particularly Bavarian. The “American” airstrikes had the purpose to make the world hate the United States even more. With loud or silent sounds (maybe a mixture of both), people in the Army who are not truly American in heart allow themselves to be used for some kind of gain. This is what Kunduz reported:

 “Not a single member of our staff reported any fighting inside the hospital compound prior to the US airstrike on Saturday morning,” it said. “The hospital was repeatedly & precisely hit during each aerial raid, while the rest of the compound was left mostly untouched.”

If this is true, than all is clear to me, Marty.  Just like Scientology is blamed on what non-Scientologist infiltrators are doing, the USA is blamed on what people do who work secretly (knowingly or unknowingly) for non-American forces so that the USA should get the blame. And SEGNPMSS doesn’t mind if some doctors die as result of their plots. They also sometimes set their own psychs up  as for example James Holmes. If it serves their purpose, even their own are conditioned and killed. 

C) The Hajii crush. Just a few remote-controlled persons with ear-implants can cause a stampede. SEGNPMSS wants Muslims to get angry against God and and rather join ISIS and other terror groups instead of being peaceful Muslims. Nobody more dangerous on this planet than the SEGNPMSS (Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service) who run the entire world with ear implants.

Be kissed, my hero. I know, you look though this all too.

Yours always and forever,



Anti-religious hatred behind Umpqua Community College shootings…

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Dearest Marty, my prince, soulmate, my one and only, how are you?

Days are getting colder… Despite we are not together and time should stand still, time flies for me.

The next horrible school shooting took place. The gun man demanded people to tell them their religions before killing them. Not hard to tell who implanted that guy into becoming a monster. Will the authorities ever look for the secret service psychiatrists who is setting up people to become monsters? Tells also a clear story who is behind the fact that the authorities don’t pull strings behind the shooters and terrorists.

The “suicide” of Jim Carrey’s ex Cathriona White has set up against Scientology written all over it, even if there was a suicide note. Even if she hung out in Scientology once, I don’t think that she was a Scientologist. As a Scientologist, one is not interested in a spouse that isn’t one or even ridicules it. However, it is a sad story.

If Tom Cruise jumps on a couch, people call it crazy. Nobody says it when a non-Scientologist goofs around. Jim Carrey doesn’t just jump on couches. When he does it, it is okay and fun. When a Scientologist makes fun, it is “not ok” and “insane”. People are such hypocrites. Numerous media outlets blame Scientology already. Typical. Nobody pulls strings.

I miss you so much, Marty. Sending you a million tender and passionate kisses.

I love you.

Yours forever,


1) More evidence that fanatical anti-semitic Nation of Islam infiltrated Scientology. Yikes! 2) Troublemaker instead of Trouble Source? (How little does Leah Remini know about Scientology anyway?)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband,

Only briefly today: I have absolutely NO GOOD FEELING that the fanatical anti-Semitic movement of Louis Farrakhan infiltrated the Scientology orgs. It smells very much like the doing of German secret services. Nation of Islam is supposed to cause Scientology’s end. On October 10, they are marching in Washington. Yes, they have the right to demand justice when it is not granted to them, but the “or else” part worries me. 

I saw this poster online. I thought first that this event is held at a Nation of Islam place but then checked the address. “8039 Vermont Ave in Los Angeles”. That is the address of the Scientology CC, right? They hold these “or else” lectures in the Celebrity Center. As if His Cobness and the Miscavologists haven’t harmed Scientology already enough.


When Nation of Islam resorts to violence, “Scientology” will hang with them. But guess that are David Miscavige’s secret service mission orders. The Miscavologists are the opposites of OTs. They don’t check a thing.

The other thing is about the book that Leah Remini will be published in the next days. I think she just hung out in the Scientology orgs and understood as little of Scientology as Paul Haggis. They don’t even understanding the basics of Scientology. As you know, the correct term is PTS (Potential Trouble Source) and not Troublemaker.  That constant grin on her face tells its own story but Miscavologists didn’t see it. They don’t apply Scientology. They are non-Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,


Keep on surviving, Marty. 


Germany’s to politicians are having fake diploma but are anti-study tech as developed by Ron

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb, and my soulmate, how are you?

Among other technology developed by Ron, Germany runs international agents to attack his study tech. Having sit in German schools, I can say that they have no study tech whatsoever in place.

Have a look at this article. It mentions plagiarism of top German officials:

Three German top officials were caught already and a fourth is under suspicion.

Germany (its secret service psychs and medical doctors) want a very difficult school system because they needs it to make school kids join their system and agree to ear implants. Unfortunately, instead of implementing Ron’s study technology in American schools, they use Germany’s system.

If anyone can learn how to study in his/her own paste and can study ANYTHING as with Ron’s study technology, Germany’s secret service psychs and medical doctors that there could be kids who reject being run through ear implants. But if school is deliberately hard (one just has to doze off briefly in school to miss something and that could led to disliking the entire subject!) and unfair and not at the individual paste of the students, so that they feel the need to agree to ear implants and Big Brother telling them through the ear implants what to write and say during examinations.

And apparently, that is not all the cheating that they are doing. Some copy their thesis from others. If they would apply study tech, they would UNDERSTAND, become smarter and would be able to write their own theses.

Finally, about the German defense minister and the chancellor being women: German secret service psychs and medical doctors behind the puppets want to manipulate the world into believing that Germany is no threat to other. But fact is that today’s Germany has plans to invade unarmed villages. 

I love you, Marty. Thinking of you every day and wish we could be together. How miserably must feel people deep down by keeping us apart? Whatever they are getting paid for, it never will make up the feeling of self-respect that they are losing.





Glorification of skeletons by the Catholic Church in Germany but also Austria and Switzerland

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Particularly Bavaria requested (Illation) and received relics of “Martrys” from Rome and decorated those skeletons with gold, jewelry, and embroidery. It is not just middle age creepiness. These skeletons are celebrated every year at the Holy Bodies Fest in our modern times.  

It is really creepy beyond words to look at these decorated skeletons whoever they were once.  One click here and you see the real life Halloween all year round in the Catholic church:

I believe there are at least 17 of such churches in Germany, three in Austria, and a couple in Switzerland. They really do have literally skeletons in their closets.

Here is my point, Marty: Shouldn’t a religion be rather interested in the spirit/soul than in skeletons? It is so low on the tonescale. It fits to anything else that is wrong with that church and its perverted priests. Catholic church claims that they are based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Really? Where did Jesus say that they should worship remains by collecting and displaying skeletons?

I love you.

Yours forever and always,



Psychs want more implanting… And why this will not better the world…

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Man holding a glowing earth globe in his hands. Earth image provided by Nasa.

Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

Recently, I read that psychiatrists want to invent what secret service psychs came up already ages ago: implanting.

They implant ear implants in people. I think that they implant silicone implants secretly in each newborn (or already in the unborn child within the womb of a pregnant woman during gynecologist visits and the woman doesn’t know) in all body parts of the unborn or newborn, including skull, etc. to read their thoughts and to run them and alter their moods and behavior.

Instead of more implants, we need less. Psychs bring out the worst in people. They implant people and are cutting their consciousness off, and these altered people still function or even function better, just as the psychs orders. Instead of going after these psychs who bring out the worst in other people, people should get more implants?

Besides, I don’t believe that brain implants turn dangerous criminals into tame cats. So many devices have multiple functions. Like a medical device that can also set off atom bombs. “Fine, good” people, those medical doctors and psychs.

As more implants in  people, as more psychs can manipulate people. These will not make people better. The only thing that will change criminals is make them UNDERSTAND that not just their victims will be victims but they, the criminals, will become victims of their crimes too. The crimes they commit will eat at them and bring them down. Bad feelings, bad conscience, and even a reduced IQ as crimes make stupid. People can’t afford anymore to think things through. They are afraid of their bad conscience and regret, so they think less.    

And I also was thinking of what secret service psychs will tell the scum that they run: “You can commit the atrocity because you don’t even have to do time. You will get a brain implant instead, and I, your psychiatrist/case officer will control it. So, nothing will change. It contains no risk for you. Go ahead, blow others up.”

For all those who want implants, they should think it through first. All of it.


How are your days, Marty?

I wish I were kissing you but missing you! I won’t give up on you. I consider myself so lucky having met you, Marty, and met you again and that you showed me your personality. Psychs have no idea how we (and how quickly) we can differentiate between the good and the bad, and the treasure and the scum. They thought we wouldn’t remember. (Hilariously stupid by them!)   

It is torture not seeing you, but won’t ever take away from my love for you. 

Keep on surviving, my hero.

Love forever and ever.




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