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I doubt very much that Jason Beghe went exterior on the Comm Course doing TRs

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband,

I am thinking very strongly of you. I miss you more than words can say.

Jason Beghe is so non-spiritual. I doubt very much that Jason Beghe went exterior on the Comm Course doing TRs. It is very very  rare so early in Scientology. I am the only case I know of. One of his best friends is your impostor, Monique’s husband who after decades of infiltration failed to become a Scientologist with stable wins. When he learned that he can’t make big cash with Scientology, the dumped it. Now he is using his wife to extort millions from Scientology. Nobody who had great wins does that.

Same goes for Beghe. I bet he never was exterior. He has no idea how that feels. Also he covers for your impostor.

If Beghe and others really ever were exterior, they never would attack Scientology which helped them to get there. Never, as it feels so great and beyond words. It is a lot more than just feeling very very good. I also doubt that Monique’s husband ever was exterior.  As  more OWs, as harder it is to extrovert and go exterior. You and I and some others know that it is being indeed outside of the body. I really went exterior on the Comm Course, Marty, (Beghe basically told HBO what I [not he] experienced on the Comm Course). As I am a part of Ron and a past life Scientologist and OT, this explains my miracle. Beghe is friends with your impostor and that is not the miracle route.  

In his case is was hype or a lie, in my case is was real. 

Some people are so “deep in their bodies” and having so little spiritual awareness that they can’t imagine being exterior and still maintaining their bodies. But these people should check out sciences like physics, particle and astrophysics, quantum mechanics. Many occurrences are not explained or misunderstood. The thetan, theta body and going exterior are subjects and areas that concerns applied philosophy but also physics.

Scientology is around for a very long time, and thanks to the psychiatric defamation campaign and the alteration of Scientology by psychiatric and secret service agents, most people still don’t know who and what they really are and what they can do. Many of those who entered it,  like Jason Beghe, Leah Remini, Paul Haggis, Mike Rinder, your impostor, etc. don’t have it to figure original Scientology from the secret service alteration.   

How the world can go crazy over that HBO “documentary” is beyond me. It doesn’t report on the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists nor that Ron, the founder, was impostored his entire life by agent “Jack Vistaril” nor that Monique’s husband, Larry Wright’s and Alex Gibney’s “source”, is your impostor nor on your whereabouts, Marty!

Everything that I have read and seen about this “documentary” but also Larry Wright’s book on Scientology is dilettantish and dishonest. These publications have the purpose to create hatred, and I sure feel it escalating. One reporter wants this “HBO documentary” to be “the nail in the coffin of Scientology”. What a nut of a reporter can’t see how much hatred and fanaticism against Scientologists he creates with such headlines?

Gibney and Wright want Scientology celebrities to “speak out against Scientology”. These two men want  celebrity attention for more fame and higher HBO ratings and more book sales.  

One paper wrote “Wright says that, with no internal structure to hold Miscavige accountable, there are only two ways to change Scientology’s behavior.”

Actually, you and I know that there are numerous Scientology policies and structures that correct unethical and criminal behavior.

Wright also is cited having said: IRS could rescind its tax exemption or some of these celebrity megaphones could turn against the church…”

Imagine this, Marty, Wrights’ handling for alleged criminal conduct is only the rescission of the tax exemption or Tom Cruise or John Travolta saying something bad about Scientology. Real criminal conduct is not handled with just a rescission of the tax exemption or celebrities campaigning like Haggis, Beghe, and Remini. Real criminal activity needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

David Miscavige is really not a Scientologist. He is an agent who received Scientology from an other agent and infiltrator: “Jack Vistaril”, and Germany, the CIA and likely the FBI and the DOJ know that very well.

Scientology and Scientologists does not/don’t belong in a coffin, but Scientology needs finally a leadership of real Scientologists and not agents.

Some of the sources to Larry Wright’s book and the HBO documentary is Garry Scarff, your impostor “Monique’s husband”, and Mike Rinder, his partner in crime. Bewildering! What was Wright thinking? (He also didn’t get his Al Queda book right and failed to pull strings to Germany and psychiatric conditioning of terrorists.)

Kidnapper, abuser, cyber-stalker, and flip-flopper Garry Scarff!  THIS IS JAWDROPPING!  What kind of lousy “researchers” are Wright and Gibney? What kind of IQ is that by relying on information from these kind of people? If they can’t find cleaner sources, shouldn’t that tell Gibney and Wright something? 

I am not remotely defending DM or any other current infiltrator, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published in response to these “Going clear” informants are quite interesting and revealing. People attack Scientology who have committed violence, perjury, prostitution, conspiracy to commit murder, incest and pedophilia… If Wright and Gibney have no problems with these horrible issues, they hardly should attack Scientology.

However, what is most shocking for me, Marty, that these people once were in Scientology. Secret service agents sent into Scientology to destroy it from the inside out and then leave Scientology to attack it from the outside. Typical secret services, typical psychiatry, typical Germany who hides behind this. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Yes, I think we are in the wrong universe. This is not ours.

Forever yours,



Germanwings Flight 4U9525 and psychiatric conditoining

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you?

Psychiatrists and “neuroscientists” (guess they want a new name as psychiatrists sounds so bad after all they did) are drugging and altering people through hypnosis, e-shocks, and implants. I noticed this the first time in the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Munich, but they do it also in the USA and in other countries. Wherever there are p$ychs (and they are anywhere), people should watch out. They even do it to their own, e.g. James Holmes.    

They are making the terrorists and the “suicide killers”. It was a method that was used by Nazis during WW II and likely also during WW I and other wars. How can authorities not remember that? They act so clueless. This includes the White House and the Obama administration. The planes that recently disappeared also likely were flown by psychiatric conditioned pilots. 

What are psychiatric and psychological tests worth if they can’t spot that some other psychs or neuroscientists hypnotized, e-shocked, implanted, and drugged someone to make him commit atrocities? I think Andreas Lubitz was psychiatric conditioned around 2009 already and then turned into a sleeper. He came back and passed all his tests, including psychological and medical exams! What kind of “science” is that?

Most Germans are introverted. They are not outgoing like you and me, Marty, but I can feel the difference between quiet and psychiatric conditioned and I know you can too. But psychs, neuroscientists, and medical doctors who want to get rid of original Scientology apparently can’t.

And here is how they do it:

They did this already with the cell of Mohammed Atta who was the ringleader of the terrorists who flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. In addition to the implant, e-shocks, hypnosis, and drugs, psychs are the controllers of anyone’s ear-implants that people usually get when in first grade. People are used to do whatever their case officer transmit them through their ear implants. A conditioned person can act relatively “normal” (psychs colleagues apparently can’t spot them) but when the psychiatric case officer decides to activate the conditioning through the ear implants, such conditioned persons do the unspeakable, e.g. downing planes, exploding bombs strapped to them, etc. etc. Danger doesn’t mean anything to them anymore. When the conditioning  is activated, they are no longer humans but robots, Manchurian candidates.      

And so many years later, the world still don’t know that psychiatrists and neuroscientists condition terrorists. Psych George Estabrooks bragged that he can do it and so can other psychs. They are probably even proud of making monsters because they are monsters as well.

I love you, Marty. Be safe. I want to see you again. Your arms are my heaven too. 

This song sounds to me as if you could have written it.

Yours forever,


Stay beside me, stay beside me

Say you’ll never leave me
How I love you, how I love you
How I need you, please believe me
In your arms, I’ve found my heaven
And your lips have done their part

Il mondo
Your love is all I need in my world
Let tender kisses plead in my world
How could I ever live without you

Il mondo
My heart belongs to you, so take it
And promise me you’ll never break it
Say you’ll stay here in my arms

Stay beside me, stay beside me
Say you’ll never leave me
How I love you, how I love you
How I need you, please believe me
In your arms, I’ve found my heaven
And your lips have done their part

Il mondo
Your love is all I need in my world
Let tender kisses plead in my world
How could I ever live without you
Il mondo
My heart belongs to you, so take it
And promise me you’ll never break it
Say you’ll stay here in my arms
Here in my arms

Il mondo
Il mondo

SETI Institute – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

I recently learned a bit about SETI. It says that it uses the Allen Telescope Array and other scientific methods to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in space. Harvard, University of California, Berkeley run some SETI projects, but the US government stopped funding SETI projects in the mid 90s.

There was this one signal in 1977 that became famous as “WOW signal” coming allegedly from 200,000 light years away.

In August 1977, you and I, we both were back in Scientology, Marty, despite all odds. I assume the “aliens” made a note of our return by sending a signal. ;)

Ok, seriously, the “WOW signal” was an unmodulated signal, so no message but rather not the usual space noise coming from space.

Here it is:

That “signal” came allegedly from deep space, 200,000 light years away. It could have been a hoax, but there is also the possibility of a Nazi “scientist” in space making “an error” by accidentally leaking a signal from real space for a few seconds before they “fixed” it. However, I think it came from much closer than 200,000 light years away. Basically, Marty, I can feel Nazi activities in space. I think some of their secret doings in space dropped through for a moment. They stopped the leak right away, and afterwards, they applied tough new security measures to prevent such “flops” in order to keep mainstream of planet Earth uninformed.

Seriously, I know German fanaticism, Marty. All radio sounds from Earth and to Earth are killed, because Nazi doctors don’t want us to make contact with aliens, and they don’t want aliens to find us. Not that the SEGNPMSS don’t want a war between aliens and planet Earth as long as the SPs can hide and are not hit, but they want to make sure that all aliens in the entire universe are transformed into Nazis before Earth population may learn that there are really aliens out there on planets, which are covered up by a secret German-controlled universe projection.

That and other facts is what Harvard and other top universities failed to figure.

Those radio waves that the Earth emitted for 50+ years into space never reach deep space. They are caught and transformed into silence by Nazi “scientists”. 

There is one interesting aspect, although: Physicians are saying  that the “WOW-signal” came from an area in space that has no planets. Yes, could have come from a ship or satellite. But the deep space universe is a hologram. It is fake. Behind the projection, there are planets, space stations, and people, and yes, aliens. I am darn sure that we weren’t supposed to hear anything. And in all these years from 1977 until now, nobody heard anything again. Cover up. Just as the Nazi doctors order.

Here some info from SETI:

I love you. I am so glad that you are my kind, Marty. One day, I will be able to talk to you again, when the OW sequence caught up with this disgusting conspiracy against our rights.

Be kissed.

Yours forever,




Actually, a couple of physicists figured already end of last century that the universe is just a hologram – but (YIKES!), they think it is NATURAL!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? If I could change your world and a wrongful incarceration, I would do so in a snap. But it is us against one disgusting conspiratorial world. Ron, you, I, and a very other few thetans would never participate in it. 

Imagine this, Marty, some physicists figured already end of last century that the universe is just a holographic projection, but they believe that the cosmos differs from our planet or the nearby planets. They think that a simpler, flatter cosmos with no gravity IS REAL. Come on! What are they thinking? 

They think that our dimensions are an illusion and the flat universe is real. They got it all backwards.

All these people have heard of the Nazi scientists, but they can’t imagine that they project a holographic projection on top of the real universe in order to stop the rest of our planet reaching other worlds before the Nazis do. Why is it so hard to count 1 and 1 together?

I love you, my Prince. I know that you figured it out too. I miss you terribly.

Yours always and forever,



“Dark energy” the most “mysterious thing” in the universe is fake!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, and husband, 

I am sure you read of “dark energy”. It makes up allegedly more than 70% of the “universe”, and again, physicists don’t know what it is. Allegedly, “dark energy” is the invisible force that is pushing the universe apart – even to a point of collapse (sounds more like a doomsday cult than physics). The acceleration is even speeding up, getting faster and faster on the screen of the (fake) universe holographic projection. 

“Dark energy” comes “out of nothing.”  (Of course it comes out of nothing, it is a projection, not reality.) It causes supernova explosions and pushes the galaxies away. Sure, a computer game can do all of that. Those who came up with that holographic universe and the operators of that “game” thought and are thinking that it is a lot of fun sending physicists and cosmologists on a wrong track and around in circles.   

Scientists explain the “Big Bang” based on “dark energy”. The “Big Bang” is fiction too. Allegedly, there was the Big Bang, and “dark energy” came out of nowhere and expanded the “central point of the universe” into the universe “how we know it” (the holographic projection in the skies).

However, this expanding universe is the strangest piece of fiction ever. Scientists calculate with their standard candles the distances from the Earth to the cosmic objects within that projection that is called “universe” in order to figure how far the galaxies or stars are away from us. Those closer to us have a blue-shift, those further away have a red-shift.  Edward Hubble, around 1923-29, noticed suddenly more red-shifts of galaxies. They are moving away from us. Instead of crying foul, he and others bought it and they came to the conclusion that the universe is expanding. But shouldn’t they know that with a computer program, any kid can cause such a red-shift?

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Milky Way was the entire universe known. Curious folks gazed into the skies since the beginning of time, but they didn’t see a lot more than the nearby space, which is real. Plenty of time for a corrupt secret service to design a holographic projection to be placed up around us as the “deep space” or the “universe”, the images that Hubble and the other telescopes gaze at.  

People don’t see many miracles these days, so an explosion, big bang, and gas makes more sense to many than any creation. Although an explosion out of nothing makes no sense at all. A hot dense point appears of nowhere? What sense does that make? Nothing happens in nothing. There must be always a cause.  

Most people don’t know their own abilities. The answer to the biggest question really lies in with us. Silent sounds, billions of silent sounds in all languages sent into the subconscious minds of all people by secret service psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” are preventing that people can figure what their spiritual abilities really are. These sounds are disabling spiritual abilities and also blocking the recall of past lives. Non-bright people say there are no OTs. Well, there was a lot more to Scientology when the real Ron was around, and he knew that silent sounds are OT stoppers. There was a lot more magic around before the invention of silent sounds. If people would get a glimpse of who they actually really are (besides having a body) and what they are actually capable of doing, the power of postulates and creation of the universe by one very extra-ordinary ever-existing being would become a lot more realistic to them than a Big Bang coming from nowhere, an expanding “run-away universe”, and an exploding universe. Marty, I read and listened to a number of theoretical physicists lately.  They come up with the most fantastic theories, but at the end, they are saying: we have no clue how the universe was created, except a big bang. But what a crap is that? An explosion or gas does not create spiritual beings. 

I asked myself: what is the purpose of “run-away universe”? Does anyone have an advantage to push (alleged) galaxies away from us? Of course. Those who do not want us to explore the real universe. Those who want us to look into the sky and say: Nothing to see, no place to go, let’s stay grounded.

Marty, I was thinking about how the SEGNPMSS can attach aliens to their mind-controlling ear implant system, after all, they are from Earth, they don’t speak the language of the aliens. But this is what I figured:  1) They spy on aliens; 2) They have their secret service linguists/engineers decode the languages; 3) They enter the alien languages in the SEGNPMSS super computers and translate them into German and other Earth languages. 4) SEGNPMSS doctors psychiatric-condition some people who are after their “treatment” no longer able to think for themselves; 5) These robotic people are getting their marching orders, which are to nap some aliens and placing ear implants into them.  5) The aliens are napped and psychiatric conditioned to attach other aliens. 6) The aliens are being hypnotized to forget what has happened to them. When these aliens come to, they have no clue that Earth people napped them and implanted them with the mission to attach their entire alien race to the SEGNPMSS-controlled ear implant system. Nobody knows who they really are working for. Nobody is allowed to talk about it. They simply hear their codes through their ear implants and do what was ordered, no question asked, exactly like mind-controlled people on Earth, where one conspires against the other.  

This is how the SEGNPMSS wants to make the universe German before somebody from the Earth can show up and tell the aliens: “Ahem… there is something about Germany and psychiatry that you really should know…”

Here is how it works and how psychiatric robots are being made:

 A fake universe projection keeps anyone from Earth from interfering with the plan turning the real universe into a place where corrupt mind-controller have the saying and good people have no rights.    

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. When you looked at me, I saw – beside the love that you have for me – the real universe also in your eyes. AMAZING!  

I love you.




NBC Today Show – the questions that Savannah Guthrie should have asked your impostor, Monique’s husband

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and darling, how is your life?

NBC invites your impostor, basically allowing him to continue to pretend to the nation that he is you, but is asking no good questions as: You say that you ordered Nicole Kidman’s phone to the wiretapped. Who actually did the wiretapping?

Why didn’t she ask that? What kind of reporter is she who pulls no strings? And why didn’t she ask him: If this really did happen, did you apologized to Ms. Kidman?

Isn’t that the least he could do? What a jerk! 

Marty, I worry about you having to live in a dangerous environment for crimes you never have committed. My intuition, real OT abilities, are telling me that you were framed, but any evidence as to any case filed against you by Germany, Spain, the USA, or other countries, or anyone in these countries is withheld from me, and I really tried to break through that wall of secrecy and conspiracy.

Other people would have fallen for the lies and cover ups, but you and me, we are real OTs. We can FEEL when things are wrong. I am so glad that I have that ability. Fools are thinking that Scientology is nothing extremely valuable. Real Scientology is the key. “Thetan basically knows” applied would save the USA billions of Dollars as it works like clockwork. Instead of working for Germany and against us, the US government, the FBI, and the rest of the US intelligence community should ask us to help them finding the trouble sources of the USA. They are German-controlled and that is why they are against us, Marty.

Your impostor, Monique’s husband was again on TV, still going by your nickname and pretending to be you. A letter by law firm ROBERT E. MANGELS of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP, representing Anne Joasem indicates that she met him in 1989. So, he pretends to be you and took over your post as Inspector General for Ethics in 1989, approx. one year after you were wrongfully arrested in Spain in November 1988. (This is what I feel and the letters that I got from the government is Spain rather supports my suspicion.) But he must have been briefly married before to a redhead by the name of Cheray.

And nobody ever mentions Carol. In order to cover up your face, nobody ever mentioned her existence. What a conspiracy it is. The orgs, governments, media, and the Internet, all blowing in the same horn: attack Scientology and never report the real story.

One thing is true, Marty, I know you, and I love you. In this world, former husbands and wives, lovers, friends, staff, coworkers are attacking each other but we won’t.  Never. You and I are rocks.

Be kissed my legendary Prince. Nothing can destroy our love. It is forever.

Yours forever,


I like this song, Marty. 


“Dark Matter” is fake – it does not exist in the real universe or on Earth

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Dearest Marty, my hero, 

How is your life? I wish I could take away all suffering. A universe that separates soulmates really sucks. I think often about how it will be seeing you again and what we will talk about. In any case, it will be wonderful because you are wonderful.  

I mentioned dark matter on this blog before. There is no shred of evidence of dark matter on Earth. We are covered with tons of star-dust, but not one ounce of dark matter is among it. If this isn’t suspicious?

Dark matter is only a part of the fake SEGNPMSS computer projection, called the “deep universe”.

When I heard the term “dark matter” for the first time, I asked myself: what is it?

This is what I figured: physicists are looking at a galaxy that is spinning its stars. The inner stars spin as fast as the outer stars but strangely, the outer stars don’t spin out of control if they would, if that spinning would be done on Earth. When a thing like a galaxy with layers of objects like stars is spun in circles on Earth, the inner stars would spin faster and the outer stars would spin slower. This physical Earth law allegedly does not apply to the universe, and that should raise the eyebrows of any physicist. As the Earth is part of the universe, why does the “universe” react so differently?

So, they looked at these spinning galaxies with near and far stars spinning at the same speed and not at different speeds as they should. They figured that there is some “dark matter” in the universe that applies some gravitational pull to these outer spinning stars and that’s why they don’t spin out of control.

“Dark matter” (allegedly approx. 24% of the universe) is invisible and light goes through it. And there is no such thing on Earth. Except on computer screens of course.

On Earth, physicists reconstructed the universe and “dark matter” on the computer screen. It is called the “Bolshoi Simulation”. On computer screen on Earth is the only place were “dark matter” exists, because up in space “dark matter” is also just a simulation and not the real universe.

Scientists and artist are capable to re-construct the “universe” on their computers. Looks exactly like what the telescopes are seeing, but it seems that they don’t make the most important conclusion: the “deep space universe” is a projection that covers up the real deep universe behind it. 

If you watch some of the Stanford University videos, you’ll see the “Galaxies in Observed and Simulated Universes” and that it is difficult to keep them apart, because the “observed galaxies or universe” is a simulation too. What they did is a simulation of the observed simulation. Again, of course “dark matter” exists on the computer screen because this is where the “dark matter” in the alleged universe comes from: not nature but from supercomputers.

Livescience asks: If not dark matter what is it then?


Marty, I have not yet figured were exactly the line is, e.g. when the real near universe ends (moon, mars, etc. are real) and when the fake projection starts. But I am pretty sure that you or I can figure it out when we have the time for this.

Sending you lots of light matter in form of kisses, my love.

Yours always and forever,


Can you see the dark matter in below video? 

Completely related. ;)

It is beautiful.


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