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Bill Barr, Richard Grenell, Donald Trump…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, 

I am thinking of you. How are you? 

If I am right, and you are wrongfully behind bars (I am 100% sure that you are not Monique’s husband), than Bill Barr could have been one of the first officials of the DOJ, already under Bush sr. to deny your freedom and accept and support the German/Spanish set up to frame you and leave you behind bars for no crimes committed. Yet, Barr gets all lenient on people who indeed belong behind bars. This universe sucks. Good people have no rights and bad people are getting away with a slap on the wrist or not even a slap on the wrist.

Barr’s complaint that Trump’s tweets makes it impossible to do his job is also hair-raising. I guess Barr wants complete secrecy to “do his job”. Why can’t he do his job, it doesn’t matter what Trump tweets? Imo, Barr is one of the foulest apples ever. And yes, Trump has confidence in that foul apple like in numerous other foul apples that he had and has confidence. One reporter said that Barr is complaining about Trump tweets as they make it just too obvious that he does Trump’s bidding. 

I can’t imagine what you are thinking, Marty, when people like this deny you, the innocent, his right of freedom that they take for granted.

And another thing happened.

Richard Allen Grenell is the current United States Ambassador to Germany and now, Trump picked him of all people to be the acting Director of National Intelligence. Can you believe it? He hasn’t figured out Germany and its secret services above everything and everybody but will head U.S. Intelligence? 

As Grenell didn’t bust Germany as Ambassador, he for sure won’t bust them as Director of National Intelligence.

And who is most interested to have a Director of National Intelligence who is easy on Germany? Germany! A country that much more than Russia wanted a US President who feels being German. He even claimed that his father was born in Germany to make himself more German. 

Nothing of above is a thinking challenge. It is all obvious.

Be kissed, Marty. I love you. You are one of a kind. Nobody is like you. Nobody can do what you did and do. Let them say what they want but if anyone deserves the title hero, it is you. They hoped to break you after a few days or weeks. You are still standing after all these years. And I will not go anywhere until I saw you again.

People are being fooled but we aren’t. They can’t fool all the people all the time, and Germany doesn’t want to believe it or thinks they have found a way to gag or eliminate those who can’t be fooled all the time.

Yours always,











Germany’s economy

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Dearest Marty, you hero, how are you? 

Greedy Germany might play “our growth” isn’t that great at the moment to hide that they secretly run the world, but it has everything firmly in it’s claws: any nation, any economy, any crisis and plans to rule the world officially and not too far in the future. They continue with Germany’s excessive trade surpluses that are stifling economic growth in trans-Atlantic community – and beyond as nobody else should get rich but them. Pompeo’s shouting match at the Munich Security Conference (I crinch each time I read or hear that name!) doesn’t solve a thing.

What will solve it if one blows the whistle on Germany having the overall control over each ear-implants on the planet. Germany was never a friend of the USA. And that is why Berlin also plays a key role in dictating the EU’s outrageously discriminatory treatment of U.S. automobiles and farm products, among other things.

“The sad part is that neither the U.S. nor Germany’s key European partners (France, Italy and Spain) seem determined to change Berlin’s economic policies.”

Because they are run with German controlled ear-implants.  

This is includes that the USA has a German president. Trump critizised Merkel a few times but he is too German to truly bust Germany.

With dirty grins, they took and take from other nations and as they run the planet with ear-implants, and nobody busted these parasites! It is such a shame. 

The writer of below article is often right but wrong insofar as thinking that Germany runs its own economy into the ground. It does not. Germany has a greedy plan for Germany.  An alleged weak growth is just an alibi for them. Besides, they can act as if they scale back and then take over any other country and finances and market that they choose at any time. Heil ear-implants!

Besides getting the richest and mightiest country on the planet, the SPs behind Germany want to bring the Nazis back. And they figured, the easiest to do this is to psychiatric condition people into the same monsters that they are, making people fear these “religious people” and looking for help to Nazis, and starting wars and poverty for others, wherever they can. 

It is such a disgrace for mankind allowing Germany, the beasts behind it, to do what it does. 

And when they suspect that China could outperform them, they release a virus in a Chinese town to take the country and its economy and people down. It is all so easy for the doctors behind Germany, after all, who suspects them? People are all mind-controlled not to suspect them, and if they do, they are told to keep their mouths shut.

Well, I don’t have to lecture you on this, Marty. I know that you are one of the very few people who cannot be fooled by the SPs behind Germany.

I love you.

Yours always,







Valentine was a martyr – When I see the word martyr, I think of you, Marty. But neither Ron nor I wish you to suffer

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Marty, my eternal sweetheart,

Two very good things happened in my life.

One is that I found Scientology and figured what a treasure it originally was, as this made me into the Can’t-Be-Fooled-person, the See-Behind-The-Curtains-person, the person who I am today, the person who cultivated her intuition, her OT abilities.

And the other enormously good thing is that I found you, Marty. And with the abilities gained in Scientology, I was able to understand your value as a person completely, despite everything that SPs threw in our way to ruin our love. They are completely powerless against their love. The only “power” they have is keeping us apart by bribing the world to help them. And anyone involved in this despicable act is losing self-respect and abilities to survive the future as a person with high self-esteem. Fools they are. They are like uneducated tribes who give away their values for glass pebbles.    

I can’t even imagine a life without you and original real Scientology (not the Vistaril or the Miscavige version). 

I likely would be dead by now, killed by the still-existing blood-thirsty Nazi doctors and psychiatrists behind Germany and the world. We both not giving up on each other saves both of us as they figured that the one surviving will raise hell against them if the other one doesn’t survive. And if they kill both of us, we raise hell for them from the beyond. The best they can do for themselves is leaving us alone and no longer seperate us. They pull in gigantic motivators. There is no other defintions for them than this: bloody idiots!    

During the decades we were seperated, did we change? I think so. The main change that I noticed on me is the knowledge of and an absolutely no tolerance to what the SEGNPMSS is doing. By stalking us, they giving away their personalities. I know exactly what kind of primitive scum they are. Instead of weaker, I got a stronger personality and I am sure that you too, Marty. This is not want they wanted. They want us uninformed, stupid, guilble, defeated, destroyed, and stepping in their traps for all eternity to come. As far as we are concerned, they got exactly the opposite. Their postulates don’t work. Karma is a bitch.  Our postulates work. They should use their heads. Like we use ours. 

Sending you kisses to Valentine’s Day. I love you, Marty, and this will never change. 

Yours always,




CIA working with German secret services

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

As far as I can see, rarely anyone really identifies with the United States. Most certainly not the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Otherwise, this agency and other agencies wouldn’t allow it/them being blamed for what Germany did and does. The SPs behind Germany are setting up traps for the CIA and other agencies to step in so that the reputation of USA is harmed. And not just that. The survival of a decent USA is also on the line.

I came across below article, saying that the CIA used an encryption company to spy on other countries and make millions for decades.

SEGNPMSS and other German secret services run the CIA and other agencies via ear-implants. That is why these agencies have so much dirt on their hands and don’t remind of Americans but of people without values. 

“The arrangement allowed the U.S. and its West German allies to make money off foreign governments while simultaneously stealing sensitive foreign government data and information. Crypto AG sold equipment and made millions of dollars from the governments of Iran, India, Pakistan, the Vatican and military juntas in Latin America, who were all unaware of the CIA’s involvement.”

So they just object to the CIA’s involvement? What about the Germans? Where these governments aware that Germany spied on them and made millions of these government? And they were okay with that?

And here is more. “In the early 1990s the BND, the German spy agency, reportedly saw the risk of exposure as too high and left the operation.” 

That means, Germany does any illegality if the risk of exposure isn’t high. Typical. However, they run the CIA through German-controlled ear-implants and have that agency step into traps. Germany makes sure that the CIA gets dirty hands while Germany always manages to look like the country of the decent people. Yeah right. It is always the same pro-Germany and anti-American pattern.

If the CIA execs and agents wouldn’t have German-controlled ear-implants, they never would have worked together with the BND or other German secret services in the first place. Those were and are Nazis for crying out loud. 

After the alleged fall of the Third Reich, the BND even employed Himmler’s daughter. She was a full-blown Nazi. Only so-called Americans who take orders from Germany would sell themselves to the devil and work together with the BND or any other German secret service.

These alleged spy stories are all so ridiculous. They just serve as alibis for Germany. Germany orders everyone including the CIA and all other US intelligence agencies plus all other intelligence agencies in the world to keep the dirty German invention, the ear-implants in any human and animal, zipped. Top secret. Gee, “big secret” I found this out just by studying people. It is just a secret because Germany is so fanatical and puts it in anyone and telling people that they need them. What a load of crap. Nobody needs them. Nobody needs to be a robot. People need to be themselves. That is what they really need.  

Germany loves when the USA and other countries, their intelligence agencies are getting in troubles for “spying” and “rigging”. They are laughing up their sleeves because they do their main spying (manipulation, hypnotizing, and controlling with loud and silent words) via ear- and other body implants. Their supercomputer prints out everyone’s thoughts. No need to do what is known tradionally as spying. If they are involved in such activities as the BND in the Crypto AG, then only to have an alibi. So that they can say: “Would we do such a thing if we would run all people?” Yes! As an alibi! They don’t want to be caught as the major ear-implant masters.

I wish U.S. agencies would get themselves finally out from secret German control. If not, Germany gets is wish and ruins the USA entirely. They plan to make it to the most hated and helpless country on the planet. And it is so obvious.     

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed.

Forever yours,






Portable lidar…

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Dearest Marty, my marvelous husband and Prince,

How are your days and nights?

I wish we could be finally together. The world is lousy without you. Your presence means the world to me. Not just the world, the universe! I keep myself busy but nothing changes from the fact that I miss you like… well, there is no word for it.

Today I found an article online that says that there will portable long-range lidar sensor devices for high-resolution scans. The company Velodyne Lidar that sells the Ultra Puck doesn’t publish the price for the Puck online. It is a small device. E-Bay offers a used one for USD 20.000. With prices like that, I doubt that many people will buy their own long-range lidar sensor and scan their backyards. Maybe just a few universities will buy them and that means that not enough will be discovered. Renting a lidar sensor isn’t cheap either. And of course, a person must be trained to use it and read the scans.  



And then there is of course the lidar from a plane. It goes fast, so why isn’t more scanned?


This technology is around now for some years, and there is so much more they could have scanned by now but they don’t. Typical, isn’t it? That the technology is not used more broadly, keeps the true history of the planet hidden. Actually, the entire planet should be lidar-scanned.  

Marty, I love you, and I am sending you many kisses,

Yours forever,


My question to the GOP is: Why can’t Trump be exchanged with a Republican candidate for US President who isn’t unethical? 

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How is your life?

I know that you think the same: Senator Mitt Romney did the right thing by voting for Trump’s impeachment. 

What a cult the GOP turned into when members can’t or will no longer vote their conscience and when it is expected from them to lose their identity and act within a group-think that reminds rather to a German cult, covering for a German-oriented “President”. 

Political parties are cults – one either has to swim with the stream, it doesn’t matter how wrong it flows, or has to face being outed.

Mitt Romey’s niece Ronna McDaniel, the current NRC chairperson said on TV that she disagrees with her uncle voting for Trump’s impeachment and that Republicans should stick together.

How about sticking together behind a President that is ethical and not unethical? The GOP doesn’t win with an unethcial president. Is the GPO saying that this unethical guy is the ONLY candidate they got? Good grief. Why can’t Trump being exchanged with a Republican candiate for US President who isn’t unethical? 

I love you, Marty, be kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, Barr was the US Attorney General under Bush Sr., when I started looking for you. I suspect Trump rehiring this guy means that Germany is above everything and that we have no rights under his administration.  










You are my hero, Marty…

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Yours forever,