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Underground village in Kaymakli, Turkey

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

You noticed that I am fascinated by underground or protected structures for humans, because I am convinced that the architects and residents knew something of survival, may it be that they tried to stop aging or tried to prevent being found and slaughtered by a brutal enemy – or likely both and more together.

I wrote about Derinkuyu, the multilevel underground city for 50 000 people in the Turkish province Cappadocia here:

Officially nobody knows when it was built, but it seems that “Xenophon” mentioned it approx.  355 BC. 

On the third level of Derinkuyu, there is a tunnel leading to a neighboring town, approx. 5 km away, called Kaymakli. See above picture.  Below one of their many wells.


Kaymakli was built for only approx. 3500 people. Here is one of its tunnels.


Some History Channel producers and others seem to think that ancient aliens built those place. Well, it depends what count as “aliens” as any thetan on Earth landed here at one time. However, I am convinced that there was an alien invasion on Earth some thousands of years ago, at that time, when peaceful Earth humans suddenly became violent towards each other. The violence stayed, which means that many of the brutal aliens stayed. This is one reason, besides avoiding aging by living underground, why subterranean places were built.

Someone Turkish said once to me that one day, the Turks will rule the world because all other nations fly to the moon. Considering that Göbekli Tepe is considered the oldest religious structure on Earth, the Turks should be prouder and particularly should condemn ear-implants, a bad German-psychiatric invention. Loud and silent sounds in the ears and minds of certain Turks resulted in the Armenian genocide, absolutely, nothing to be proud of.  Ear-implants bring out the worst in people.  Anyway, what they did was typically German, particularly Bavarian. I don’t think that it would have happened without the organized psychiatric crimes of  ear-implants.

I love you, Marty. You and I shared so many lifetimes. I would recognize you anywhere and never mistake you for any impostor. Typical p$ychs, thinking that an impostor can replace the original. They record our thoughts but don’t know us. Stolen data not understood. That is what Ron meant by saying that stolen things are not put to good use by those who stole it as they know that they have no right to it.

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,




Another day on a very strange planet named Earth…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

For a high-tech country like the USA, there really should be a uniform hacker- and manipulation-safe voting system in all states for national elections. Recounting should be a snap and automatically part of the process. The highest official is voted for and some of the votes are not even recountable. And it is the year 2016!

There are also the ear-implants, the loud and silent sounds used by SEGNPMSS to influence the voters. SEGNPNSS is making sure that shady people run for the highest offices. What is that for a process anyway when people don’t even have a choice voting for a decent and intelligent person because their parties don’t nominate such a person with convincing arguments. This needs to be handled too.

Reince Pribus said that the American people want “an earthquake” in Washington because they are tired of the same old politicians. Why can’t it be an ethical Republican candidate instead of Trump to change Washington? Besides, Trump isn’t even in office and broke already several of  his campaign promises.

Angela Merkel runs for re-election too.  She wants to ban full-face veils. SEGNPMSS is behind the suppression of women. They changed/re-wrote/added their crap to any religious scripture there is. In other words: first they arrange the burqas for women and once they are used to it, then they rip it off them, even through their French agents at beaches. And as I said, Germany set up the war in Syria to get young and hard workers to become world power no.1 and now tries to take away their customs. A woman should not have to cover her face and hair in the presence of adult males outside of her family. If he gets ideas, it is his problem, and he needs to work on it. But people have to put themselves into the shoes of women who were brought up wearing the burqa or whatever name the veil has in various countries. It can’t be ordered first and then ripped off. Each woman should be allowed to make that choice herself. 

Germany never allows the Syrians their own tradition and identity. They will have to work to get Germany richer and as thank, they will be Germanized or else. This is the only reason why Merkel allowed them into Germany and Europe. She also doesn’t hesitate to send some back. SEGNPMSS can always create a new humanitarian disaster in some country to get new fugitives to flee to Germany. I know how the men behind Germany, those dirty old barbers and butchers, are thinking. They kidnapped me and I was able to study their actions, they way they think, what they capable of, and now, I recognize their handwriting when I see it. It really was a huge mistake by them to take the Miss.

Speaking about covering-up, anonymous are harassing Scientologists in masks (face completely covered) in Germany. How come Merkel and the men behind her have no problem with those full-face “veils”? Hypocrites, they are.

Germany should have left us alone. But they have to destroy where they see harmony and love as they can’t create any on their own. They have no idea how it feels to be a decent person. They started to go bad early on the timetrack and ever since behave like that. They think that when they ruin other people’s lives that this makes them mighty instead of lousy. They have no idea that being a good person feels a billion time more mightier. Deep down, Marty, the men who rule the world are the biggest cowards ever. They don’t find it in themselves to stop their destructive behavior. Because it needs courage to recognize that one has to change and then doing it. They are the most pitiful characters ever. Small, very,very small and insignificant. Pulling in their tails and hiding in anonymity is all they are good at. They are the most unattractive people ever as the inside slime can be seen (by us for sure) on the outside. Even if they would get a new young body in a future lifetime, the dirt will always shows also on the outside. They have something so revolting about them that people who can sense will want to puke once they lie eyes on them or feel their presence.

They try to prevent by all means that we are getting back together. And as longer as they prevent it, as bigger their own rap sheets becomes. They could have such good lives. Good conscience, love, family, friends, fun, friendly competitions, a billion good things to do, and they throw it all away for a bad conscience, hiding and getting a smaller character by the minute. Can they spell low IQ?  

International politics and the world is taken over by a surge of nationalism. And it is German-orchestrated. That’s their plan to get nationalism back and Germany on top above everything, financially and otherwise.

You heard it from me before, Marty, I just can’t help it. I see it. I bet you have very similar thoughts and cognition.

I love you. Wish I could be with you. My heart and mind is with you. I bless the day I was able to see how wonderful you are. You are like nobody else in the entire universe plus any multiverse. If we would be shipwrecked on an deserted island together, we could start a fire just with that passionate love that we are feeling for each other. In would chose you all over again, Marty, in any lifetime, in any situation, under any government or rules.

Yours always,


For our love, time stands still.







Thinking of you, Marty…

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My awesome Prince and wonderful soulmate,

Getting really cold outside. I hope you are warm but have it not frying hot, sticky, and smokey. I am warmer in my own home than in a rented apartment as I can determine myself when I need heat. Paid expensive rent (heat “incl.”) in SLC and the heat was rarely on. 

Tony Ortega, Rod Keller, and other psych-controlled supporters attack CCHR because of its opposition of the Deep Brain Stimulation, e.g. a device implanted like a pacemaker in the body that allegedly stops depressions and a bill sponsored by Michigan Congressman Fred Upton.

As I wrote before, CCHR under “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige is no longer based on original SCN. If it would, CCHR would not just oppose such implants but would argue like this: “Psychiatric and medical terrorists transmit subconscious messages in people’s minds to make them depressive. Why the hell should anyone take pills or get an implant against terrorism? We need to kick the behinds of these  psychiatric and medical terrorists. That is the path to a happy and healthy planet not more implants.”  

On another subject:

Biologist Aubrey de Grey recently explained to Nature Wold News that aging is the result of the accumulation of garbage material that cells cannot break down and that decomposition is the process where bacteria break everything in the human body. Disgusting! Bacteria lay their waste in the human body and cause death.

Many people swallow probionics, e.g. lactobacillus acidophilus etc., thinking that the “good” bacteria take care of the “bad” bacteria. Forbes reported on November 24, 2016: Surprise: Probiotics Don’t Do Much At All For Our Gastrointestinal Health. Besides, the “good bacteria” also make waste. I don’t want any waste in my body, not from bad nor “good bacteria”. Furthermore, bacteria can be remote-controlled. I believe that “good” bacteria can become bad bacteria. Instead of taking probionics, I rather drive all bacteria away with Cayenne Pepper.     

I took 2-3 times 1/3 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper with 2 inch of orange juice and then drank a full glass of no cold water each time afterwards. One time I got heartburn and I had to take a half a teaspoon of baking soda on a glass of warm water, which handle that problem. Some people are however allergic to Cayenne Pepper. I don’t feel much difference before and after, except an energy boost  immediately after taking the Cayenne Pepper drink. I can keep up with an eight-year-old despite the SEGNPMSS is messing with my heart. If I drop dead, those surviving  must go after them until the butcher and barber Dorian Grays are being found.

Rain or shine, Marty, I am at your side. Whatever I plan or do, you are never far from it. Only you can give me the feeling of romantic love. Very bad people have their grips on this planet. But love is what they don’t have, don’t get, and what they can’t control. They thought separating us, stealing our memories to each other, and using 3rd party against us would defeat our love. After all these years and there methods, we still love each other more than ever. Can they spell failure and shouldn’t they finally get that we don’t have to change but they?

Be kissed, Marty, tenderly and passionately.

Yours forever and always,


Every time I see young and fit people of long ago, I think that it is such a crime that they were not allowed to stay as young and fit as they were. And the worst of all is that most of the people think that it is normal to age and fall apart. 





Americans are no free people as fanatical German psychs controls their (and all other nations) ear implants…

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President Washington

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

The G-20 consists of the countries of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the European Union, and the USA and Merkel is now it’s leader. She wants globalization but Germany solely on top of course. Deutschland über alles.  

Germany takes over the world and the medical and psychiatric monsters behind the chancellors are calling the shots and nobody holds them accountable. It is creepy, particularly also that the world is so mind-controlled and doesn’t even see what is wrong with it. 

Obama stopped a Chinese company buying a German chip maker, saying that the Chinese should not get the US sensitive info from that company. Why does the USA allow Germany to have that sensitive information? Trump also made a move in regards of Taiwan that might anger China. Behind the stupid actions of alleged American leaders: SEGNPMSS wants the USA involved in yet another war.

And about the recounts. The Greens are doing the right thing by demanding them. Trump tries to stop if. Can you believe this man, Marty? He told the Americans over and over that the elections are rigged. Now, he says that the recounts must stop and is sending his lawyers to stop it. I think he knows that he didn’t win.        

I came across this website:

They want the election overturned. They don’t necessarily want Hillary Clinton. They want a vote from the US House of Representatives on who will be the next President. They want a Republican who does not have Donald Trump’s questionable ethics, lack of policy knowledge and lack of relevant experience. They urge their fellow electors to unify behind a President who’s fit to lead and to pick the best person for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Miss you a lot, Marty, keep on surviving. You are a star! With you comes sanity. The world is in trance but you are not. For me, there is only you. You are still the best that ever happened to me. You are my tomorrow. I wouldn’t exchange you with anyone. I love you.

Yours forever,







More attacks against the voting recount effort…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, and soulmate,

It was Donald Trump who went on and on about a rigged election and that he wouldn’t accept the outcome if he loses. Now he goes after those who want to see if the election was indeed rigged. What a hypocrite he is, and he should be the Commander-in-Chief? Yikes! And did I say Yikes? 

If I would have been in Hillary Clinton’s shoes, I would have said to him during the campaign: “Ok, it is your right to ask for a recount of the votes but mine too if I lose.” (Instead of saying that he doesn’t accept democracy as she did. What is democratic about not knowing for sure?) Democracy should be transparency.

Any official decision should have an appeal process and nobody should be attacked for using that process. Politicians, certain people in the media, and numerous other people act as if it would be a sin to ask for an audit. The sounds of psychiatry can be heard in these attacks against the recounting. The requester of the recounts are called “delusional” and that they should be “ashamed”.  

Can you believe it? They are called delusional and should feel ashamed because they want to know for sure. There is NEVER anything wrong with reviews. As more as better.

If Trump would be sure that he has truly won, he would be glad about the recounting process so that the conspiracy theories that he didn’t really won go away. The way he reacts makes me think: Does he knows of rigging in his favor?

He claims that millions of illegals voted for Hillary in California. What is stopping him to ask for a recount? 

Asking for a recount of votes is made difficult and is getting more expensive for the Greens (who are doing the right thing here). They have to go to court, file appeals, etc. Gee, lots of people act as if it is Un-American to do an audit. All in the USA should be interested in learning the result of the recounts. 

If Trump would be sure that he won with fair means, how come he is so opposed that others do what he would have done: asking for a recount.

The election process, methods, machines, and technology should be the same in all 50 states with an automatic and very easy and transparent recount process otherwise it will be the same expensive mess again and again.

If Russians are found having hacked the election, the Germans are behind it. Not saying that the Russians are innocent, but Germany has the overall control over ear implants and runs all people. Germany doesn’t want to be caught, so they are using Russians to do the hacking for them.

Do you know what makes me so sure about what Germany is up to? No, I don’t know everyone on this planet, but I know Germany, particularly the German Bavarian psychiatric (butcher and barber) minds. Driven by all the fires of hell. They are so fanatical that they don’t leave people out and don’t attach them to their system. THEY HAVE TO CONTROL ANYONE NO FREAKING MATTER WHAT!

The people not run with loud sounds are the rarest people ever. I know that psychs are trying to influence also me with silent sounds, e.g. I notice this by typing and hitting false keys or running into a piece of furniture, things like that. Silent sounds to forget you didn’t work, Marty, because I know of them and what they are doing and I work actively against it.    

Back to voting: The recount still doesn’t include what I am saying as the only one on this planet: loud and silent sounds through the ear-implants in people all over the world, and the men/women behind that non-American psychiatric mind- control system, are those who select the candidates and influence the votes of the people. Unfortunately, a recount of votes won’t reveal what is transmitted into the ears and minds of people to manipulate elections. 

I love you very much, never forget this.

Always at your side, because you deserve it, Marty.  You are my soulmate, and nothing will ever change this.



Cayenne Pepper

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                                                                   Dearest Marty, my so very special soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights? I ask myself this so very often.

I made some research on Cayenne Pepper and found some really interesting data. I learned that Cayenne Pepper fights around 20 diseases, including stops heart attacks, and some people say that it also keeps cancer at bay. Well, it is so hot, it kills apparently many germs that cause these diseases.  

But a little sprinkle here and there apparently doesn’t do it. From what I have read, one needs Cayenne Pepper with lots of heat units and a teaspoon a day. It is nothing for wimps. I tried a half a teaspoon yesterday in water, and well, it was really really hellish hot. I know take 3 times 1/3 of a teaspoon Cayenne Pepper with water. It burns for 15 minutes and then the burn goes away. It is manageable.

Some months ago, I bought a large package of Cayenne Pepper from Amazon, wondering about myself why I ordered so much and kept it in the fridge. Now I have enough to make internal fires through the winter.  

I’ll take it a while and let you know after some weeks if I feel any changes.  It seems to me today that it gives me an energy boost, although I force myself always to have energy.  

I miss you, Marty, soooooo much. Be kissed. Get one of my very hot pepper kisses.🙂

Yours always,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 28, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Obama and Trump now best buddies – despite they informed the American public before the election over and over that the other one isn’t good?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband, and Prince, how are you?

What is wrong with the Green Party asking a recount of votes? Nothing!

I think it is great of them that they asked for it. However, Hillary and the Democratic Party who have most to win here should have initiated it.

Trump said over and over that the election is rigged, and now he attacks the Green Party who raised almost 7 Million Dollars to get a recount in three big states. I don’t approve of Donald Trump but when he said that he won’t accept losing, kind of indicating a recount, Hillary attacked him that he won’t believe in the democratic process. And I thought, why should he not have the right to a review? Anyone in a democratic system should have the right to review anything. But he acts now exactly as she did before the election? Guess both are afraid of the truth who really won.     

When Hillary came out after having lost the election – despite having won the popular vote – I thought that she is a wimp. The Green Party, Jill Stein has more guts than Hillary has.

However, all are saying that there is no smoking gun. Really, no smoking gun?  

There was hacking in two states already, I believe, the voting machines are outdated or easy to be manipulated, and just about all polls said that she would win, and that is no smoking gun? And she doesn’t demand a recount but the Green Party does? 

President Obama and the White House, which warned over and over that Trump is unqualified and can’t be trusted does not want a recount that could result in his own party and Hillary Clinton winning? Huh? How can one wrap one’s head around that one? Except concluding that they stand FOR NOTHING and just do what they hear through their ear- implants.    

This interesting article is about the bad voting machines in the USA:

If this is no smoking gun, what is?

Additionally, Germany, the SEGNPMSS apparently puts Russians and other nationals up to hacking. Also, the SEGNPMSS radios in the ear-implants of voters loud and silent sounds to influence the elections and anything else.

Donald Trump attacks Jill Stein for what he would have done too: asking for a recount. Although the Green Party has no prospect of winning, asking for the recount in order to look if the system can be trusted and was not rigged makes many people considering voting for them another time. I don’t think they made a good decision here.  

I consider myself a Republican, Marty, but if they can’t find an ethical and worthy candidate to run for US president, I don’t see how I can support them. In a way, it is the same with the Church of Scientology. With DM heading it, how can I support it?       

And I don’t think that Hillary and the Democratic Party will save the USA either. Some people think that if the Russians are found behind hacking the election for Trump’s advantage and Clinton won that there will be a war between Russia and the USA.  

Maybe but not if we have a saying, Marty. Germany is using Russia (and other countries) so that not Germany gets the wrath of the American people but Russia and the other nations. All Russia and other nations have to understand is that they and the USA have the same enemy: the SEGNPMSS, which btw existed long before Hitler and the Nazis already. 

Actually, Lenin was a German agent. Communism is a German idea and robbed so many people of freedoms.

When I speak of Germans, I don’t mean those Jews who were killed by the Nazis and were born again in Germany after they thought that the evil was defeated. I also don’t mean the American thetans, which Germany stole to make them into German citizens after they robbed their memory to an American past life so that the USA or other countries can’t claim them as their nationals. Neither the thetans of other nations who Germany robbed to Germany for the same reason. I also don’t mean any immigrant who is not yet infected by German nationalism and who wants peace. Neither do I mean Germans who truly want nothing but living in peace with others.     

If somebody would come to me and tell me that I was right all along and wants to throw bombs on the German population I would say: No! Besides, it will not hit the German, particularly the Bavarian medical and psychiatric monsters who run secretly the world. They have places to hide.    

Instead, I would go after the monsters behind Germany, the psychiatrists, the medical doctors, and their creepy agents (who works for Nazis is a Nazi) and arrest them and who can’t give up enslaving mankind, and if need be, even their own. Hard labor and education for an eternity to come, to transform scum into non-scum, or if not possible, have them sit in a zoo behind bars forever.  

I am with you, Marty. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.