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What a secretly German-instigated mess again in the Middle East

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I wish you would be the US president.

Europe does little to nothing to remedy the mess that the monsters behind Germany are setting up by talking in people’s ear-implants.

Turkey allowed itself to be used by Germany during history, and now, instead of burying the hatches with the Kurds and finding solutions together for all problems that they all are having, the Erdoğan uses weapons and invades Syria in typical German manner.

As the monsters behind Germany run ALL people and bring out the worst out in people, there were for sure also violent acts against Turks by the Kurds and not just violent acts by Turks against Kurds. However, good people solve problems without more violence.

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t notice when he is being set up. He thought that Erdoğan was bluffing. It sounds right “America first” and “bringing the troops home” but one has to watch out that there isn’t a trap and doesn’t get more expensive and disastrous.

In fact, since ever, thanks to psychiatists’ most loved child, the ear-implants, the USA gets involved in wars and of course should not. But just saying: don’t care like Germany does, won’t help building a better world, and all suffer in a world that is not good. REAL SOLUTIONS ARE MISSING IN THE MIDDLE EAST SINCE EVER AND ALSO TODAY.

People have to understand that they are really brothers and sisters and must get along, and want to get along and that there is enough space for everyone, which will make them feel much better, and that the real enemy of all is invisible, the men behind Germany who talk into their minds and subconsciousness, monsters who don’t allow them to stay young, healthy, and fit and live in great conditions with their loved ones forever. And you and me, and a few others, know that this is very well possible if people would wake up.

Trump wants to make good on a campaign promise but if peace isn’t secured, what kind of promise is that? The US troops haven’t yet completely packed and Erdoğan starts a war.

Also, what about the humanitarian aspect? One can’t just say: The Kurds and the Turks are at each other throat forever. We don’t care. Such an attitude will not lift the USA up and make the decision makers proud.

“Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!” Trump tweeted. What a lack of human compassion. What a lack of solution that should have stopped Turkey using military force.

What if Trump or later US president has to send troops back into this region to create peace because they left an area that wasn’t correctly handled in the first place?

Trump wants “to destroy Turkey’s economy” in retaliation. He doesn’t even get or doesn’t admit that the SP’s behind Germany are working around the clock to destroy the economy of the USA.

Trump rather shows in typical German manner his hostility against foreigners with his wall on the USA border and spends taxpayers money for that instead of finding a solution also for that without a German wall.

Well, at the end, it might come to that US might have to get back into Syria to fight Turkey together with Russia, Syria, the Kurds, and Iran.

There was the Böhmermann affair a couple of years ago. A German entertainer named Böhmermann broadcasted a profane poem against Erdoğan. Erdoğan demanded a criminal prosecution of Böhmermann. Merkel said then that the German government will criminally prosecute  Böhmermann. But what Germany says and does is not the same thing. They dropped the case in or around 2016.

What I see is that Germany tries to throw sand in the eyes of the world as they always do. They are trying to paint a picture that they don’t run Erdoğan and that poor Germany is the effect of Turkey. However, truth is, the SPs behind Germany run anyone. Even if some don’t know that they are run by the men behind Germany, using supercomputers for translations.

I know one thing for sure, Marty. If the SPs behind Germany’s are busted, there will be never lasting peace on Earth. It doesn’t matter what one does.

I love you. The world would be so much better if you wouldn’t be so totally unfairly restrained.

Yours forever,


That video in “Church of Fake News” is anti-religious propaganda

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable soulmate,

I am thinking of you on this Monday morning.

Most TV stations and newspapers have nothing to do with religion. They are mainly interested in politics. There will be plenty of atheists among reporters, yet, they are pictured in a church. “Fake news” should be associated with religion or a church.

We, you and me, we know who is anti-religious: psychiatrists, medical doctors, so-called scientists, their secret services, the SEGNPMSS. And those are creeps who are behind the creep who made this violent video. Too dumb also to figure that they harm their own cause with violence.

I love you and wish nothing more than to put my arms around you:

Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever and ever we never will part
Oh, how I’ll love you
Together, together, that’s how it must be
To live without you
Would only be heartbreak for me

Yours forever,

I am in thoughts with you, Marty

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I am already again covered with mean filigrane work, lots of it, and in addition, hungry kids knocking at my door (4 of them today! and one cat), asking for attention and that I play with them and feed them. My unpaid daycare that is. Bad weather doesn’t stop any of these kids from coming. 

But what else is “new”.

 I don’t know where I got this from but I had a can with “seafood” from Thailand in my kitchen. It contains the worst things imaginable, like little feet and tongue pieces of who knows what for animal parts. Really gross. I wanted to throw it away but then I decided to scare the kids a bit, haha. So I heated the can up for them. Most of the kids screamed and refused to eat it when they saw what I had in the bowl for them (and so would I) but the skinniest and smallest of the kids ate all of it and returned the empty bowl to me. Unbelievable.      

Be kissed, my soulmate and husband. I love you.

Yours forever,


A 5000 year old city was found on top of a 7000 year old city in Israel

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how is your life?

I miss you. Nothing is right with the world when I can’t see you. And we know who has the most advantage (or thinks has the most advantage) when we can’t see each other again. How I would love to talk to you.

I find it very telling that so much destruction started 4500 – 5000 years ago, and that the world became so violent after that time period and still is. 

When peaceful people discover a city or settlement, one would think that they add to it. They don’t bury a settlement and build their city on top of it.

According to my intuition, SPs got worldwide into people 4500 – 5000 years ago and brought out the worst in them. And not much has changed ever since.

I love you.

Yours forever,







The Yamnaya embraced what they exterminated?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how is your life?

I am thinking of you and would give anything I owe to see you again. 

Sciencemag says men who lived in Spain 4500 years ago left almost no male genetic legacy behind. In other words, the “good old time” wasn’t that good at all.

Some historians are saying that the extermination of the original Europeans 4500 years ago was executed by the Yamnaya, livestock herders who lived near the Black Sea and in the Caucasus mountains in what is today Russia and the Ukraine. Guess that is why white people are called Caucasians today.  

I bet that the monsters behind the rotten activities of this world, the SPs behind Germany, were also behind the Yamnaya so many years ago. If they died, they were born again as bad as they were when they died. And under certain conditions, a human body is immortal. Technically, they still could be alive today.   

The Yamnaya allegedly eradicated all of the Neolithic Europeans. If the Yamnaya really did it, those who made Germany (particularly what is now known as Bavaria) long ago to be their home, put the Yamnaya up to these extermination activities by conditioning them. Just as the SPs behind Germany hide today behind other countries. 

These mass murderers killed all Neolithic males in Europe as none of their DNA survived in Spain, in Britain, and other European regions too. What a horrible tonelevel. Penalizing bodies. Pure jealousy. Too cowardly to better their own rotten characters. 

Whatever theories of the historians or archaeologists, my personal experience, my perceptions, my intuition is telling me that the world lost its peacefulness when monsters landed on this planet, and they picked what is today Bavaria/Germany and made it their Earth base. They did not just kill people, they also invaded their minds, hypnotized, and controlled them. Psychs! And they are still at it, more than ever. 

I lived in lower and upper Bavaria. I was able to compare these brutal and primitive people to other nations. I came to the conclusion that they are lower on the tonescale than the rest of the world’s population. The ratio of 2.5 % SPs on the planet most certainly does not apply to Bavaria. I felt most of them were suppressive, Marty.

As they secretly rule the world with ear-implants, history doesn’t truly reflect what they have committed.

This article ask the question: Were the Yamnaya the most murderous people in history?

“Between 5000 and 4000 years ago, the Yamnaya and their descendants colonised swathes of Europe, leaving a genetic legacy that persists to this day. Their arrival coincided with profound social and cultural changes. Burial practices shifted dramatically, a warrior class appeared, and there seems to have been a sharp upsurge in lethal violence.”

Read more:

I don’t think that the Yamnaya was an innocent folk, however, as I wrote above, I am convinced that they were conditioned to do the murderous work for the monsters that hide behind other countries, just as the monsters behind Germany do it still today.

It is said that 4500 years ago, thousands of Yamnaya left their women and families behind and rode to Europe to kill the Neolithic Europeans.

Radio technology is said to be not complicated. What if they had ear-implants already then?   

Very strange is that the Yamnaya were nomads, not interested to settle. If they were interested to obtain land, they would have found plenty in the Ukraine or Russia. Yet, the leave their families behind and SETTLE in Europe after they killed every man there. What an unnatural development.

37000 and 9000 years ago, people from the East migrated to Europe. They brought their own families and did mind their own business. So, back then, the migrations from the East were peaceful. But not 4500 years ago.   

They were decentralized nomads. Suddenly, they give up their lifestyle, centralize, band together, leave their families behind, organize the takeover (it needs a lot to kill an entire people all over Europe) of the established neolithic Europe and succeed. How unbelievable is that? And nobody of the successful neolithic Europeans was able to convince the Yamnaya to join instead of eradicate them, despite that the Yamnaya embraced other cultures by switching into them and living them? 

Read this line from the article: “Yamnaya men “switched identities” into Corded Ware, then “switched identities” into Bell Beakers… So, the most aggressive peoples who have ever existed, exterminating all other Europeans, were actually not so violent when embracing wholly different cultures…” 

Isn’t that suspicious? After the conditioned Yamnaya fulfilled their roles of exterminating the populations in Europe, the SPs behind them eyed other targets, and the Yamnaya suddenly lived the culture that they were told to wipe out. Give me a break. What sense does this make?

Same time, the Neolithic European males were wiped out, the pyramids in Egypt were erected. Defense not burial buildings, imo.  

Some say that the Yamnaya were probably more attractive mates for the European women than European farmers. Shouldn’t this be even LESS reason to kill all male European farmers?   

Others say that the Yamnaya probably also left the steppe because of disease.

Possible is that the monsters behind the evil of the world spread diseases and epidemics so that a tribe or a culture plays into their hands. But if the Yamnaya left the steppe because of disease and epidemics, why didn’t they save their families and took them with them? Their behaviors appears unnatural and conditioned to me. wrote: This is where history gets muddled because it doesn’t make sense that a migrant society would be able to so successfully and quickly wipe out and take over Neolithic Europe. The unfamiliar environments and native tribes should have created some major roadblocks.

Exactly. Something else was at work.

However, they concluded that disease like the pest could have made the thriving Neolithic Europeans weaker. Pest can be deliberately introduced to people. Women can get pest too. So why were all the men killed and not also all the women?

That the Yamnaya knowingly introduced the pest to Europe is doubtful, after all, they were around too and could catch it. But those who controlled the Yamnaya, the monsters who lived protected, those who decided the extermination of those people, introduced the pest, and had the conditioned Yamnaya do the battle for them.  

Here is an article and a picture of a murdered neolithic family and also other mass grave in Eulau.

In one of my earlier postings, I posted a chart of the 30-year-war in Germany. Russia was just very little involved in this war but Bavaria big time. If Russia would be the cradle of the most murderous people of all times, one could expect more Russian involvement. Bavaria helped Hitler to power. In World War I, Bavaria was very eager to invade Russia, Belgium, France, and the UK. As kid in school I had to memorize all Bavarian battles. Argh! That list was long and I bet all battles were not even on it. 

Yes, one can say that some of my perceptions are subjective but I have something inside of me or around me that lets me look in the right direction.

Be kissed, Marty. I want to see you again. I love you.

Forever yours,









Thinking of you, Marty, my soulmate

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Goofing around with my sister, Marty. I cut her out of the pictures. She most definitely doesn’t want any cyber-stalkers.  









I miss and love you so much.

Yours forever,



Sometimes I want to damn the entire mankind, Marty

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Nobody in this damn universe wants to tell me your whereabouts, Marty. Nobody! There was still no message, mail, letter, anything that has to do with you or could lead to you. I am sure you want to get hold of me but people do what their secret case officers tell them to do. Heil ear-implants! And Germany orders them to give me nothing. They want me to accept the existence of your impostor as being you.

Whenever I write to you that I got no message or letter, someone briefly later knocks at my door but not to tell me where you are. They knock for some kind of other ridiculous reason. As if knocking at my door serves the purpose of a photo alibi as in: “We knocked but she says, she isn’t Barbara Schwarz, here is the picture, we were there…” or “She said, she doesn’t know Marty but we really talked to her as you can see at the picture or footage…” or whatever.

Lies, lies, lies is all I get, and Germany, the old disgusting Nazis that they always were and still are have the most advantage when we never will find each other, Marty. Too bad that other nationals have no pride and allowing them to be used by Germany’s secret services. What a shame. The only thing what they can take in the beyond one day is a good character. Everything else will be taken. And that is what they waste away by being the rotten conspirators that they are.   

I love you, Marty.     

Forever yours,