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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, it is me, thinking of you.

How are you? I was rather busy the last few days but my thoughts are always right back with you.

I never saw the show “How I met your mother” but when I read this title or hear it, I wonder if you ever met RB. She never mentioned anything but there were times in Salt Lake City when she could not look anymore in my eyes and when she had this relationship with Reginald Alev from CAN and other weirdos… She had a real bad conscience, that I could tell. If somebody can’t hold any eye contact with me, there is something really foul. And I wonder if she ever came in contact with you, Marty, or your representatives? If yes, please understand, that she NEVER told one single word about it. She knew that you are the love of my life and that I was looking for you everywhere. Nevertheless, if she knew about your whereabouts she didn’t tell me anything. All I have is my intuition.  Also take never anything that happened personal, Marty. RB had the head full of loose screws. She never wanted me to be happy with anyone. She wanted me to live with HER ONLY. She didn’t knew where the mother ends and the “daughter” begins. Right, not your typical mother at all but kidnapper and a past life psych, GUARANTEED! 

The other thing, I want to write about is the sinkhole that swallowed a landscaper of all people. I am sure you think the same: This is environmental terrorism. Remote controlled germs can move mountains and attack the limestone.  They are bred under certain codes and when they hear it again (also in form of silent sounds), they go into actions as they are small animals who can perceive certain things. Terrorists can calculate exactly where the sinkhole will open and how big it will be, and it seems that they want to frighten a certain house owner with floor problems that they can and will do that.

It is said that acidic water causes limestone to crack and this causes sink holes. Maybe that too but I am sure that they use remote-controlled germs in so many of their environmental attacks as also mud slides. I once read that there are so many germs on this planet that they outweigh all the big mammals together on this planet. Germs might be the largest secret “workforce” around. 

The gradual sinkholes that slowly evolve might be due to acidic water that is likely deliberately dumped. But those fast building sink holes have SEGNPMSS written all over them.

Another high probability is their use of lasers or microwave weapon directed very detailed calculated in the ground to make the limestone crack as done to the wood and stones in my crawl space in spring of 2011.  But as long as law enforcement and the rest if the world is clueless or conspires with these terrorists, these “natural disasters” will continue to happen. A planet in trace. Sigh. 

I love you so much, Marty.

Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,