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1) “Ecclesiastical discipline?” What happened to ethics (pro-survival original Scientology ethics) to enable people, to make them happier and to make them smarter? 2) Do these FBI agents sound like professionals to you?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

I still did not receive any letter, call, subpoena or other message from you. Because nothing what you tell your representatives to reach me is received by me. The conspiracy that rages against us, steals your messages and mail. Whatever I know, I know by using my OT abilities. I know exactly that you are trying to reach me and that you are trying to build a bridge over troubled water for me to walk on. Some people promote the psychiatric lie that there are no OTs. Our story, the continuation of our love, and our quest to document the truth, proves that they are very WRONG.

What is stronger? Those who  are attaching the entire population on the planet to ear implants and turning them into psychiatric cultists and having them conspiring against us and also having their partners in crime also conspiring against themselves?  Or us, original Scientologists on the other side who could help each person on the planet and beyond to a so much more better life than their idiotic secret service case officers do? Here is the answer: we will be stronger.

As you know, Marty, it is not easy and quite painful to battle that beast with a sling slot but it seems that this is the job we were born for. The thing is: it is not even a question. These suppressives are so much against our nature that we impossibly ever could go along with them or ever would not work on bringing them to justice. Our two lives brought together, and  those people finally listening who were also not well treated by the conspiracy they even worked for (which is the large majority of the planet) is all we need, and this planet will be able to solve its horrible problems, all of them! Too good to be true? No. This planet has one advantage and anyone could profit from it. It has a few people who truly deserve a happy ending as they don’t conspire against fellow beings, and that is us. We deserve to get our happy ending and anyone on the planet is lucky, because we won’t withhold from them what they have to do to get truly happy too.  


Karen Pouw, the current Miscavology speaker wrote on behalf of DM (who still withholds to tell the world that the founder was impostored and that you are imposted) to the media that  “ecclesiastical discipline” is applied by the orgs. My question is: Whatever happened to Scientology ethics? DM exchanged it with “ecclesiastical discipline”. The non-Scientology treatment that DM has for many is called “ecclesiastical discipline”, no wonder that people are sick of him! He is so full of himself! It is really all about the Cult of Miscavige and not Scientology. DM accepted Scientology from Jack Vistaril, an impostor, and hired another impostor to impostor you, Marty. How more unethical and illegal can it get? I think that when he brought Scientology down deep enough, he’ll run and hide and will take millions with him. His net worth is already more than 50 Millions on top of playing the pasha for decades and living in luxury and being non-religious and no Scientologist! He deserves no cent. Anyone can buy buildings (who are not even the buildings that the real founder would buy or build) and create a bad reputation for Scientology. ANYONE can do what DM did and does! 

And now to other headlines: the SP Times published some evidence that the FBI investigated DM’s orgs.  Assuming the data are correct, do officers Tricia Whitehill and Valerie Venegas sound like professionals to you? Not to me. They trust people who have an agenda against Scientology and think that they will  treat their  “investigation” confidentially if they don’t do what they want. These “investigators” are not smart enough to see that Ron was impostored by Jack Vistaril and that Mosey’s husband  is your impostor while all they had to do is comparing photographs to come to this conclusion.


According to the evidence (communication by FBI agents to Headley, Scobee, Rinder, Lugli of all people)  that the SPTimes published, this FBI investigation really did take place.  They called  Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband “cheese and cracker”.  Demonstrates what these unprofessional investigators really had on their minds.  Do they really respect somebody by calling them such names? Wonder who the tomato is.  Maybe Amy Scobee. Basil very likely is Titziano Lugli. 😉 Probably will need another FBI “investigation” to clarify that!

Anyway, I think the FBI HQ having dirty hands in regards of the real founder Ron and you, Marty. I assume they are afraid that the world learns that you were held innocently for so many years and that they are basically secret German agents not truly protecting the USA.  

Yet, they even pay Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder for certain things. Waste of tax payers money! FBI should investigate their own department and other agencies first of all of co-conspiracy against our religion and a few good people.

I am quite sure that the FBI knows that  Mosey’s husband is your impostor and that you are wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you never committed, Marty, and that you are kept innocently behind bar, but they protect DM by letting him get away with running  SCN into the ground with an affidavit that Ron’s impostor wrote? I want to tell Eric Holder the following: this is non-American, and it is slavery! I don’t want to have the conscience of this man and the likes, Marty, if they have any conscience, that is.

The orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard and you were/are impostored by doppelgangers, and the U.S. government is blessing this all or even allowed the SEGNPMSS to use it for this purpose: CIA. 

It is such a treason!

I love you, Marty, with all the tender admiration in the universe. Nothing gives me more butterflies in my stomach and elevates my heartbeat than seeing you again. A love that is so strong deserves a happy ending and will get a happy ending.

Yours forever and many kisses


P.S. Did you ever wonder about the word bridge in this song? 🙂 The bridge that lies itself down over troubled water, we will be that for each other.