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Knowledge Reports are routine in the professional world – it has nothing to do with snitching – only unprofessional entities are not using them

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I was pretty busy last week, but here I am again. I am thinking of you and miss you terribly.

I noticed that psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology are calling writing of knowledge reports “snitch culture”. This is a clear indicator that these psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology do not participate in the professional world. Just about any professional institution demands from its employees to write knowledge reports.

Of course, a knowledge report must contain the truth and be done in good faith but most professional institution prefer a knowledge report even if an employee doubts that he/she is right. They want the knowledge report first and sort out the facts and who did wrong or not wrong later. In the professional world, institutions or companies may FIRE a person who failed to write a knowledge report or demand payment of financial penalties from her.

Calling a knowledge report “snitching” just shows that these haters of Scientology come from a very unprofessional world. I do not defend DM’s reign in any shape or form, I wish a real Scientology management for Scientology, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published about that those Scientology haters are people involved in incestuous pedophilia and prostitution, etc. ring true to me. What a bad, dirty world it is.

Any professional will shake her head when reading that writing of knowledge reports is called snitch culture by Scientology-haters. If that would be true, all professional institutions and companies who have a Code of Conduct, are guilty of “snitching”.

Actually, most international institutions and companies started to introduce Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics and knowledge reports in recent times. Ron (the real founder) was ahead of the times by having those implemented into Scientology from the start. It is not his fault that secret services, their psychiatrists, and Germany above everything infiltrated Scientology and changed it.     

It can be such a cruel world, but love, the way we love, makes it worthwhile, Marty. The thought of you really brightens my day. There is you, the most wonderful man who I know. Honor and ethics is not just words to you. You live them and it shines through you to the outside, same as bad deeds by others can be seen on their outside. I can see it and so can you and some others.

I think love has not much meaning to people who don’t experience it as we do. There are two people who recognized the good inside of them and who are dedicated to be good and true and help the other person as much as possible. It is not you and me. In a way, such two people love each other as if they would be one.

For example, if I would do something wrong by you, Marty, I would consider this done wrong to MYSELF. And why would I do something wrong to myself? Exactly, my soulmate. Yes, we are Scientologists, and people should ask themselves that if Scientology produces people with this capability to love, be true and move mountains for the right reasons, that there is a lot more to this applied philosophy as they assume and were made to believe.

Many people believe that love is just a little bit of chemistry in the beginning and then becomes a drag and often results in monotony or divorce. You and I know that the reasons are OWs and lack of creation and taking the other person for granted. I like the feeling of eternal butterflies and excitement that comes with romance and love so much that I will do all in my power to keep this and not have it overcome by OWs, lack of creation or taking you for granted. Even when we should be married and physically together for thousands of years, nothing should become routine, it all should be always as special and romantic as it was at the start. And I can’t wait for us to continue our journey that we already began when we are teenagers.

I simply and plain love you, Marty. There is no other explanation for these feelings that I am having and which are not changing.

Yours for all eternity,