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1) The FBI fingerprints of Ron’s impostor match because the FBI had the impostors fingerprints and not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints on file 2) CIA boss Leon E. Panetta should finally order his agency to publish the secret “protective” files on the real Ron and founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible prince,

I read an article of the Los Angeles Herald Examiners of January 30, 1986 by Karen Cusolito, a Herald staff writer. She wrote that Georg Whiting, the Sheriff and Coroner of San Obispo County said that the FBI in Washington and the Department of Justice in Sacramento compared the fingerprints of the dead body and determined that it were those of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

(What office of the DOJ in Sacramento was meant? Can it be anymore unclear?)

I know that Jack Vistaril was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, so how come that the fingerprints matched? Not difficult to figure out for two very smart people as you and me, Marty: these agencies had not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints but L. Ron Hubbard, the doppelganger’s fingerprints on file.

Psychs probably plans the same thing with you and Mosey’s husband one day. First they want to kill you and Mosey’s husband briefly after you.

Marty, I know beyond any doubt that the guy who looked like Ron and blew together with Pat and Ann Broeker the real Ron’s money and who called DM his good friend was not Ron, the founder. I recall Ron’s real last name as Eisenhower and that the CIA told him that he has to take a security name as otherwise they would not able to protect him having the name Eisenhower by mingling with international people who show interest in Scientology or Dianetics. I think that the CIA told him that they found a “nice young man whose life was cut short” (Lafayette Ronald Hubbard from Nebraska) who did look a lot like Ron Eisenhower and if Ron want to live to tell people about Dianetics and Scientology, he just can do it under the CIA name Lafayette Ronald Hubbard or he will be murdered before the DMSMH ink is dry. CIA had already demanded from Ike to accept a CIA family to protect his real family if he wants to run for US President. If he would have not done, the CIA felt “unable” to protect the lives of his family from Nazi attacks. CIA should just blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and with that, they would protect not just all Americans but the entire world.

I heard once an eyewitness in the White House saying on TV that Ike and Mamie always slept in their own bedrooms and never spent any night together. Some people say that Ike had a secret affair. He had no affair. But after being elected President, he once in a while met at a secret location his real wife that he loved very much.

Ike and Ron hadn’t much of a choice but I know that both had strong reservations but they didn’t want their real family slaughtered, and Ron didn’t want Dianetics and Scientology stay in a drawer and that nobody but us can be OT. They also knew that despite everything, the truth will come out and yes, and they were right, I am publishing it for the world to read. The genie is out of the bottle. SEGNPMSS and CIA poodle just hope that not many people will find it or that their campaign to have their agents spread lies about me will work.

I am sure that they didn’t tell Ron that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was not dead but that he was hired by SEGNPMSS poodle CIA to impostor Ron, the founder of Scientology. I think that Ron suspected CIA tricks but what could he do? He postulated that the truth will come out nevertheless and his postulates do work.

In other words, the fingerprints are those of the impostor and they did match with the fingerprints on file. My problem with the CIA is that they keep the world further misinformed as to who is who even if somebody is dead and needs no “protection” anymore and even if a U.S. President and his family’s history stays forever wrongfully in the history books. They also think that I am a second class citizen and that I don’t have the rights of other people who are born in the USA, and I have no intention to ever forget or forgive anything of that or ever back down. CIA is such an non-American agency. Leon Panetta should be compelled to publish why Ron and Ike were seen golfing together and that they were father and son.

The article said that Lafayette (the impostor) died on a brain hemorrhage. Guess the SEGNPMSS felt that it is time to get rid of the impostor too, and they had remote controlled germs bite in his brain until it did burst in a hemorrhage. SEGNPMSS isn’t protecting anybody, not even their own agents.

Whiting said that his office would normally not investigate “such a straight forward case”. Straight forward? The real Ron is killed, the impostor and the Broekers blow Ron’s money, the will is constantly changed even three days before the impostor deaths, the impostor is getting rid of too, C of S infiltrators cover up that “Jack Mitchell” was the impostor and nobody of them cares about the real Ron, and the world is being lied to that he was Ron, the founder, and the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ is covering up like German poodles and that is what Whiting calls that a “straight forward case”. It is unbelievable. That is his straight line:

“Church officials failed to notify the authorities until 7:30 am Saturday.” (Very “straight forward”, these infiltrators and non-Scientologists under cover.)

Then they scattered the impostor’s ashes in the ocean. The real Ron wasn’t that lucky. He was murdered two years earlier by doctors barging in on him and they dismantled his body piece by piece in a lab to find out why he was so special, genius,  and unusual. And they missed again his spiritual capacity, e.g. carrying his knowledge right in our minds, Marty. After Ron was murdered  in May of 1984, I felt some kind of merger between his and my mind. Nothing intrusive but I suddenly knew of things from Ron’s life that I didn’t knew before. Yeah, I know, real OT abilities are defamed as nuts these days. Even the Freedom Mag thinks psychiatric now. What a shame. But I know of OT abilities because I got them.

Heber Jentzsch said that a press conference was held to “vindicate L. Ron Hubbard’s good name”. (We need another press conference, Heber, and this time the world has to know who Ron really was and that he was impostored. This is the only way to vindicate Ron and Scientology.)

Marty, I think it will be you, who will shed light on these cover ups. You know how it feels to have a doppelganger take over your legacy. Look around, there are hundreds if not thousand people who met the real Ron and probably the same number that met you, the real Marty, but as the SEGNPMSS has its grip on just about anybody, nobody but me stands up and speaks the truth about this. Even if wrongfully incarcerated, you will make it happen that the truth is documented and published. I know that you will.

My point is: the SEGNPMSS, Germans, agents, psychs, Nazis, impostors, infiltrators changed Scientology and by not telling the true story of Scientology, they are all losing in all eternity. Some think that Ron will show up one day and put everything right. Really? If the real Ron would show up in the orgs and would change what was altered by the psychs or add what is missing, DM and Miscavologists would route him out. It’s like if Jesus would walk in a Christian church today and said: “Hey, its me, Jesus.” Christian security would call psychiatrists to “take care of Jesus”.

I read a posting by somebody about why Jesus didn’t just fly off the cross Jesus, Marty. We as Scientologists understands what Ron wrote about pain and engrams. OT abilities exist but they can be paralyzed under pain.

It is always the same old corrupt song. Everything good gets lost because people are liars and cowards who do not stand up when they should, and they follow anybody who has their ear implant code. The consequence is that there will be never a civilization without insanity, terror, war, and criminality. The planet will be never be OT planet. And it can become even worse. Nazi boots can march again and act up against any race. There will be eternal suffering.

What is most hardest to understand for me is that Scientologists settle with a “Scientology” that is not more the real Ron’s. The Freezone or the “Independents” haven’t original  Scientology either. The SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration from the start and the impostor was there from the start and changed a lot what the real Ron wrote. But real Scientology still could be recovered because I am absolutely certain that the CIA has records of anything that the Ron, the founder, our Ron (not the impostor) ever wrote or said or drew because he was “under protective custody”. Ron with one of his spiritually identities is in me.

That is why I know what I know and the secret services don’t know how I figured it all out. They just know that I did and that they don’t like it and that they want me to shut up but I won’t do them the favor. I’ll be pain in their necks until the truth and nothing but the truth is published for the entire world.

I love you because you are my kind, Marty. I can trust you as I can trust myself. Throw me a rope, let me know where you are, and we make it all go right. We know how.

Many kisses and eternally yours.


Louis Farrakhan doesn’t get L. Ron Hubbard! Farrakhan is an anti-Semite!

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Dear Marty,
Here is a short 2nd posting today.
As a brief introduction: on the left is Jesse Owen, Gold medalist of the Olympic Games of 1936. Hitler would have gassed him if he had a chance, Dwight David Eisenhower – who wrote in his West Point application that he is a Jew – honored Jesse Owen in 1955 as an “Ambassador to sports”.
Farrakhan is an extremist and an anti-Semite.
Here are just a few words to Mosey’s husband’s posting today: Mosey’s husband posted that “Louis Farrakhan” would “get L. Ron Hubbard”. Nothing is further from the truth.

Farrakhan doesn’t get that if the de Rothschild money wouldn’t have been in the United States and the Federal Reserve, the Nazis would have come over and done this not just to Jews but also to black people:
I once heard Oprah talk about the Holocaust. She seemed having understood that the Nazis would have gassed all black people too but Farrakhan just doesn’t get it.
If Mosey’s husband is getting these Malcolm X and Farrakhan ideas from Mosey, her family, relatives, and friends, I would call these people extreme.

If I am right, Marty, and the CIA hired Mosey’s husband as an alleged protection for you because of your importance to the Federal Reserves, he sure is working against his original assignment by promoting Farrakhan who attacks the Federal Reserves, Jews, and the security of the United States. Or the CIA doesn’t give a damn what the people do who they hire.

I have found direct statements by Louis Farrakhan that shows that he is an anti-Semite and any anti-Semite is also an anti-Scientologist.

In the past, Mosey’s husband promoted already extremist (and liar) Malcolm X and now extremist Farrakhan. If he wants to look up to a black leader, why doesn’t he pick one who isn’t an anti-Semite or an extremist and promotes his agenda?

Did Mosey’s husband ever write anything nice about a Jew except when this Jew was a psych? I never read anything like that.

I checked the Anti-Defamation League, which listed Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements, and his lies and hatred against Jews are unbelievable!

As you know better than anyone, family De Rothschild’s made their fortune in the banking business, but Farrakhan implies that they made it with cotton. (Basically wrongfully implying that they were behind slavery.)
“The Federal Reserve is the synagogue of Satan… etc.” said Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic bigot. Without the Federal Reserve giving strengths to the USA, the Nazis would be back in a heartbeat, come over here and would gas his behind because he is black even if he would kiss up to them and being run by them. Anyone would be gassed or otherwise killed, Jews, Black, Hispanics, American Indians, Moslems, and the rest   The people gassed at the very end would be those Americans who had German (not Jewish) anchestors. But they would would be gassed too at the end because not really German anymore.

Federal Reserve duties today are to conduct the nation’s monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial system and provide financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions. If it is done ethically, I have no problem with it. And neither should Farrakhan and the likes.

Farrakhan disgusts me. I don’t want to promote Farrakhan’s racist statements by repeating them but this man is an extremist. Like other so-called extreme Islamic leaders, he promotes German Nazi lines, and I bet that those are the people who run Farrakhan and people like him.

The ADL says that Farrakhan downplays the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust. This is typically for a German agent. About his lies that Jews run the world (German psychs are doing that) and that Jews are anti-black are German Nazi lies.
If Jews would run the world and hate blacks, how come that the officially mightiest man, the US-President, is black? Farrakhan is a German propagandist. Typically SEGNPMSS. He also seem anti-mainstream black.

What an anti-Scientologist this man is! He lies by saying that he doesn’t hate Jews. His tons of anti-Semitic statement says he is, and by promoting Farrakhan, Mosey’s husband is anti-Semitic too.

I love you, Marty.