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Off world astronauts on Earth wanted to meet President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,    

I found a rather strange YouTube video on the net. A former State Representative with same Henry W. McElroy said that he saw a brief by (who exactly wrote the brief?) saying  there would be off world astronauts in the USA who would want to meet the President and they would be harmless now and for all future to come. (Kind of strange that these aliens are just in the USA and not also elsewhere in the USA, huh? And who can promise for sure that aliens or others will never harm anybody?)

Elroy reads his statement off a paper just like DM read his statement in which he wrongfully informed that L. Ron Hubbard left his body because he can’t do his research without a body or that he would be on another planet now or whatever.

Elroy tries to indicate that President Eisenhower did meet with these alleged aliens. Question is: which one does Elroy mean, the real Dwight David Eisenhower or his doppelganger? I know of course the answer: if the real Ike would have met aliens and they would have real aliens and not just a joke by somebody, he would have investigated them and if introduced them to the public.

I can’t help it but Henry Elroy looks himself a bit like an alien. 😉

Viewed by 40.000 people:

Here is the real Ike:

“The qualities of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation more than its wealth.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

Do I believe in the existence of aliens, the answer is: Yes I do, but the SEGNPMSS who controls Earth never would let them land but rather shoot down their space ships before they come close to Earth as afraid that could lose control of this world.

I love you, Marty, I have to finish some projects today and will be back soon. I hope from month to month to see you.

If you would decide to get in a space ship and travel to distant stars would I came along? You bet I would.   I also would travel with you without a body with you anywhere.

I do anything with you, my dashing hero. And here is some good space music by Alan Parson Project. We would race faster than the speed of light from one planet to the other… Being space gypsy for a chance… Anything with you is wonderful and exciting but without you anything is gray and boring.

Love forever, and many many kisses

Your wife,


Where did Adolf Hitler hide after he did NOT commit suicide in 1945?

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Dearest Marty,

How are you, my great love? I was in town today, had to go to the bank,  streets were pretty much free of snow and ice, except those little rabbit and deer short cuts that I use in spring, summer, and fall. Sun was out, and after I had the choice between building lots of snow men in the garden or cleaning the house, so, I did the latter. If you would be here, we would build a big igloo with that plenty of snow,  just for the fun of it. The consistency of the snow is perfect to build something. In a thrown snowball, it could knock a Nazi out.

I am sure that you too are convinced that Hitler escaped.

In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.”

When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, ‘No.’

Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.”

The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: “No one can say he is dead.”

I learned that  the average age of a Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) editor is only 17 years, Marty. Wikipiggy is SEGNPMSS controlled. Of course they wrote that Hitler committed suicide. They do whatever their SEGNPMSS radios in their ear implants. No question ask. Robots can’t think. Immature and dumb people reference Wikipedia.

No secret service on Earth will publish how far technical advanced the planet is. Hitler, Nazis, and the psychiatrists behind them were  complete  idiots as far as emotional intelligence is concerned but they did not just steal children and thetans of other races and countries to claim them wrongfully as their own but they also stole and still steal  international technology.

Laura Magdalena Eisenhower and her friend Ki’Lia say that the alleged purpose of an [existing] secret Mars colony was to provide a survival civilization for the Earthling human race in the event of planned (such as HAARP or bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm (such as by solar flares) which would depopulate the Earth.

What on Earth is this? Do you understand a word she is talking about? This is crap and has nothing to do with how the original Ike was, the one who defeated the Nazis and the US President but I consider it an insult of his legacy.

Wonder what the tattoo on her arm says:

I am saying, yes, Secret Services keep things secret (and their name should give it away too) but building a secret civilization on other planets and in space stations to hide is not an American but a German Nazi idea. Dwight David Eisenhower signed NASA into law to explore space and to expand peaceful life on other planets not for anybody to hide from authorities or for attacking the planet with any kind of weapons, HAARP or bioweapons or otherwise and then hiding in these space stations.

The Gehlen Spy Ring, the German Nazi secret service was never dismantled but a German infiltrated CIA allowed that Nazi secret service to remain. Instead of understanding that the Germans were also behind the later hostility of the Soviets and the cold war, the CIA used the Cold War as justification to keep the Gehlen Spy Ring in power. In other words: Nazi activities in space were never concealed to the public. There is also Operation Paperclip that pulled Nazis into the USA, and one can bet the farm that Ike didn’t approve of awarding Nazis to work and live in the USA and hiring them.

Just like Osama Bin Laden, Hitler got away. Were did he go? Does he really hide out for ten years in a dirty cave?

He too could have moved where nobody suspects him: into a secret space station. Oh, here he is, getting new kidneys during an “alien” surgery.

Both, Laura  Eisenhower and Ki Lia identify Dr. Harold E. (Hal) Puthoff a former researcher at Stanford Research Institute, as a behind the scenes coordinator of the secret Mars colony project.

I believe that Hal Puthoff was an infiltrator of Scientology, Marty, sent by the SEGNPMSS to “study” Scientology and together with another infiltrator Ingo Swann, and they deliberately misrepresented Scientology to the US government (under supervision by psychiatrists who don’t know what a human being is)  so that America would not take advantage of L. Ron Hubbard’s research. I learned that Swann’s name is actually Swan. So, why did he join Scientology under an incorrect  name? And why would a so-called Scientologists submit himself to psychiatric tests?

Those space stations are not for the survival of the human race but for the survival of still existing Nazis and their international agents.

According to web info,  Laura and Ki Lia believe in teleportation, reports by  somebody by the name of  Basiago,  who said that he was in 1981 teleported from a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA to secret U. S. bases on Mars. I am saying that this is not possible because neither the SEGNPMSS, nor the CIA, nor Hal Putthoff can teleport bodies without killing the persons who are in these bodies.  The Almight could do it but he won’t do it.

Perhaps somebody injected Mr. Basiago  drugs, which made him see those things. What do you think, Marty?

This animation made me laugh. I hope they finally abduct my cyberstalkers!

People who travel from Earth to secret space stations do it with state of the art shuttles. They might be officially covered up as US shuttles but in fact, it is the SEGNPMSS behind the secrecy and that even Hitler was able to retire peacefully in one of these space stations. After all, Operation Paperclip did hire Nazis.

I love you, Marty. I wish all people would be as good as you are as then all lies would be gone and truth would prevail.

I am back very very soon!

I love you beyond any space station. And with the hot love that I feel for you, I’ll melt that snow here fast.

Forever yours,


Hal Puthoff behind secret space stations? Rather behind misrepesenting Scientology to the government

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Dearest Marty,

I learned of  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower’s writings. A poster named John Winston made a posting of her writings and radio interview, and I also learned that one of my stalkers got nuts on ARS, basically suggesting that me checking ARS once a while would be because I would be ” into him”. Nothing could be more wrong. ARS was my posting group long before this Christian from hell, a loon and stalker appeared, and I don’t waste my time reading and replying to his hostile and dumb crap postings. I am not into abusers, liars, harassers, and stalkers.  The only person I am into is YOU, Marty. I just referred to John Winston’s posting who posted links to writings by Laura Eisenhower. My stalker never posts interesting links but is mainly interested into attacking and defaming. He pretty much destroyed newsgroup ARS and runs other abusive sock puppets that post in support of his lunatic postings. And he of all people is the one who tells others that they suffer on mental illness.  His “wisdom” comes from Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) whose editors are in average 17 years old! He lies that Scientologists are insane.  The pot is calling the kettle black. He wants Scientologists should become Christians as himself. Thanks, I rather stay decent and smart.

As you know, I have the liberty to read and do whatever I want, and no stalker has the right to suggest otherwise. My stalker (who believes in all kind of fairy tales as long as it is Bible connected) with his ear implants is a  German SEGNPMSS troll who does not own Usenet or ARS and has no right telling me what to do.  Most have him killfiled. There is hardly anybody who replies to his postings and that is why he supports his own postings with his own sock puppets. That man, a sexist has no life. His entire life is Usenet.  If I would be “into him”, I would not have left ARS and would reply to his postings and would not have told him to leave me alone. But he is too crazy and too obsessed to get this. He smears also your name whenever he can, and he is not worth to kiss the dust off your shoes.  I also learned that he attacks Monica Pignotti on Usenet and claims that she caused the Holocaust. SEGNPMSS are getting more desperate by the minute in their use of Holocaust revisionists. Monica Pignotti wasn’t even born during the Hitler time. He kisses up to critics of Scientology to get support for his defamation and stalker campaign but most of them stay clear of him.  He is so non-peaceful and full of hatred. If that is the kind of person that Christianity creates, then it is in the same corner as radical Moslems.

I want to talk briefly about  Laura Eisenhower. She apparently is interested in spiritual matters. I agree with her as to that there are secret human colonies in space but I disagree with her very much so on the details.

The suppressive minds of Germans is evidence for that they have not given up to secretly control and enslave the world. I learned to know them. I know what they are capable of. I had to grew up among them.

As you know, Ike would say that  the depopulation of planet Earth was and still is a German Nazi plan and one does not have to reach to extraterrestrials to prove that plan. They showed how serious they were with the extermination of Jews and other planets. And they did not give up just because they were defeated. A defeated person can’t march anymore but more than ever wants to retaliate.

Do I blame Hal Puthoff on secret space colonies like Laura and her friend Ki’ Lia?

I blame him on having failed to make the feds understand that Scientology really works and I blame secret colonies on Mars on the SEGNPMSS and their CIA  agent- poodles who allows them to sabotage the USA and the rest of the world. Puthoff said that his involvement with Scientology was “casual”. Was he a former SEGNPMSS infiltrator? Was he told to infiltrate Scientology and represent it to the government under psychiatric oversight in a way that it won’t work? This is what I believe.

Feds should have asked L. Ron Hubbard (the real one, the founder of Scientology, not the impostor) to show how Scientology works. That would have prevented a lot of troubles for the USA.

Instead of being a German poodle, the CIA should take advantage of their spiritually gifted people to avoid pain and loss for the USA. I felt the Sept. 11 terror attacks many months before they happened but the feds ignored it, Marty. There is evidence that feds received these papers  from me 10 months before Sept. 11 happened.  I also feel the threat now against Scientology orgs and instead of ignoring it, the government rather should protect Scientologists in the org and arrest the infiltrators and possible psychiatric  mind/controlled terrorists inside.

You know that L. Ron Hubbard said that he started his research after nobody was able to tell him what exactly a human being is. This is why people don’t know what they can do. They don’t know what and who they are. And there is the SEGNPMSS who spied on Ron. They know it now but are too evil to provide mainstream with this information. They rather run a defamation campaign on Ron and replace him with a babbling impostor than allowing people to learn what they should know about themselves.

I don’t believe that Ron kept the OT levels secret. I believe the SEGNPMSS did that so that it is easier to alter them and steal wisdom and truth and make a mockery out of Ron’s findings and technology.

Do I think that remote viewing works? Yes, I do, Marty,  because we are spiritual beings who can take a superior viewpoint to the body. As you know, we are a lot more than flesh and blood. Actually, we are not flesh and blood at all but spirits that have bodies and minds. But an agent for the SEGNPMSS will never tell the truth and just robotic repeat what his case officer radios through his ear implants.

I also don’t believe in timetravel. One can remember the past, live again through it but by being in the present time. One can predict the future but one will be always in present time. The only change there is will be the time zone. But one can’t go from the 13th Century to the 21 Century or from the 21 Century into the 24 Century with the same body.  The thetan survives all and is being born again in later centuries were he has a new body. But there is nobody who would survive time travel with a body except the Almighty.

Telepathy is possible.  Anybody can find that out by just making experiments within the own family or friends. We are all spiritually connected.  Is it possible to reach extraterrestrials telepathically? If they are thetans, it should work. But as I said before and as you will know too, there are cloaking devices and shields in space, put up by the SEGNPMSS that filter outgoing and incoming energy of any kind.

For example, I also don’t believe in Goddess Gaia as Laura. I know  that  the SEGNPMSS works hard at it to bring the planet even more down.  Nobody will deactivate harmful technologies, nobody will expose hidden agendas or create a great world but us, each one of us. And we can’t do it as long as the US government behaves like a secret German poodle and allows its children to be kidnapped and abused by still existing Nazis.

Laura and her collegiate Ki’Lia talk about recruitment by ET’s to Mars. I am convinced that there are planets in the universe that are populated by so-called intelligence life but whoever is on a space station or a planet close to Earth is nobody else but former Earth people, the SEGNPMSS who has secret space stations and recruits people into committing crimes for them and keep all these dirty actions a secret.

Both, Laura and  Ki’ Lia blame Dr. Harold (Hal) Puthoff  former researcher  Stanford Research Institute of being the scenes coordinator of the secret Mars colony project. I blame the SEGNPMSS because they hide behind individuals. Marty, I blame Hal Puthoff of having GOOFED explaining to the government what Scientology can do.

You know that President Eisenhower signed the  National Aeronautics and Space Act (Pub.L. 85-568),  a United States federal statute into law that created NASA,  50 years ago, on July 29, 1958. He wanted space exploration for the good of all people on Earth but no secret space stations were Nazis can hide.

Evidently, John Eisenhower looks a lot like Ike, in my opinion too much like Ike. So, what I am saying? I am not saying that John Eisenhower does not have Ike’s DNA but I am sure that Ike didn’t father him or any other kid with Mamie just as Ron didn’t father Mary Sue’s children.

I think that Mamie was a CIA agent because the CIA determined that Ike’s real wife and family cannot move in the White House because the Nazis would kill them in retaliation for him having defeated the Nazis during WWII. They told him also that he likely will not survive the U.S. Presidency. Ike knew that the CIA was right on the NAZI retaliation and  murder part, so, a hero as he was, he considered that America needed his presidency, and he ran for the U.S.- Presidency despite all the danger but he could not take his real family with him. CIA told him that he needs a First Lady if he wants to be US-President and best to handle it would be with a trained CIA operative. The country would not be betrayed as First Ladies during these times had no real job but were merely waving and playing Bridge. Ike knew that SEGNPMSS was still in the USA as in any other country of the world and he knew that Hitler got away. (Neither Ike not Stalin nor Churchill believed that Hitler killed himself. Dumb Wikipiggy scribblers believe it as their SEGNPMSS case officers order them what to write.)

How much the individual members of the Eisenhower family know about this arrangement, I don’t know – but I was a smart little girl. I overheard things and I was able to puzzle it all together, Marty.

It is official records that Ike didn’t like Nixon. I think nobody of Ike’s real family would have married into the Nixon family.  Dwight David Eisenhower didn’t want Nixon as Vice President. Ike didn’t trust him and he was right. I know that Ike wanted his real son Ron to be his Vice President but he knew that Ron would die very young if he would come live with him in the White House. In order to get the Nazi influence out of the USA (and yes, thanks to the Nazis approx. half of the country was officially anti-Semitic) and out of the rest of the world, he decided that he has to run for US Presidency but will only risk his own life.

Despite that I did not live in the White House, I as Ike’s granddaughter and Ron’s daughter was kidnapped by Nazis, three times from the USA to Germany. Ike always managed to get me back unless the last time, and this, I am sure of was because they killed him in the last year of office  as U.S. Presidency and the CIA put a doppelganger on post to “replace” Ike. With the murder of Ike, the CIA left me for the Nazi dogs, Marty. (And here is a message to the CIA: Thanks very much guys! I’ll never will forget it.)

I am sure that anybody who has seen Ike after June 1960 saw nothing but the doppelganger just as anybody who has seen Ron after May 1984 saw nothing but the doppelganger.

Let me get back to the posting of John Winston about  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower who seems to be of Mamie’s family.

I agree with her that people from Earth are stationed beyond the Moon, on the Mars and also on other planets. I am sure that there are SEGNPMSS space stations all over the nearby planets and  secret  human colonies and that the USA is deeply involved but that the SEGNPMSS controls everything. MIR and other crappy little space stations were and are  just there to keep the Earth population dumb and make them believe  that technology is not since a long time much further developed.

SEGNPMSS is through and through bad. What they control  serves no good purpose but lies and slavery. (Letting people age, getting sick and die and not telling them how they can prevent it is also slavery. Keeping from people who they are and were they come from and will go after dropping their bodies is also slavery.)  It needs a careful examination as to what these people in those outer space stations and colonies on Mars and beyond actually are up to.  As to who should get the credit for the technical know-how and for pioneering to where nobody has gone before depends on following:  was it an American or another national that the SEGNPMSS didn’t dare to  talk out of this project or was it the SEGNPMSS who ordered their agents to make this somehow possible because the SEGNPMSS wants a safe hiding place where no law enforcement and no government can order their arrest?

Time will tell, Marty, I won’t  let the SEGNPMSS getting away with anything. Dead or alive, I come after them. I am beyond the point of “I had it with them.” Kidnapping me was the biggest mistake that they made. One can look at the word mistake in a different way: It was a mistake TO TAKE THE MISS.

I once heard one saying that Jewish people give soon up and surrender and that  people of other races would fight back more.  Only the Jewish families who are secretly run by the SEGNPMSS and told to surrender do not fight back. As you know better than anybody, Marty, members of our Jewish scientological families are not just driving the bad people out of our houses, we also drive them out of the neighborhood, the county, the region, the country, the continent, the planet, the sun system, the galaxy and the universe. We will learn these bastard a lesson they will NEVER forget as long as they should exist, and this message is:

“Never ever mess with good people as  the’ll gonna get us, it doesn’t matter were in the universe we try to hide.”

I’ll be back tomorrow, my smart and handsome Prince, and I love you so much and there is nothing the SEGNPMSS can do about. LOVE FOREVER! You and me! Woooohoooo!


Yours forever


Your wife

Here is more on Laura:

John Winston made this below posting and added several links to the publications of Laura M. Eisenhower an her friend Li’Lia. While I believe like any smart person in life on other planets, I do believe that the attacks that I experiences are not from aliens but rather by damn old Earth grown Nazis and psychiatrists who just happen to hide not just on this planet but have secret space stations in this galaxy too.

Barbara  —


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Subject: Have We Gone To The Moon Before?

Feb. 11, 2010.

Here are some people who think we have already

gone to Mars.



Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s

great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project

February 10,

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter

In a public statement,

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,

great-granddaughter of former President Dwight

David Eisenhower,

has exposed her attempted recruitment from

April 2006 through January 2007 by a secret

Mars colony project.

Ms. Eisenhower’s account of her targeting by

time travel surveillance and attempted manipulation

by trained intelligence agents attached to a Mars

colony project was revealed in an


and in an extensive written statement

atMs. Eisenhower’s website.

Ki Lia, a Stanford-educated artist, futurist and

colleague of Ms. Eisenhower, has provided a

corroborating first hand witness account

of her and Ms. Eisenhower’s attempted

recruitment into a secret human survival

colony on Mars, available at Ki Lia’s website

The alleged purpose of the secret Mars

colony was to provide a survival

civilization for the Earthling human race in

the event of planned (such as HAARP or

bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm

(such as by solar flares) which would

depopulate the Earth.  Both Ms. Eisenhower

and Ki Lia identify Dr. Harold E. (Hal) Puthoff,

a former researcher at Stanford Research

Institute, as a behind the scenes

coordinator of the secret Mars colony project.

In revealing these secret Mars colony

plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki Lia have

emerged to join a growing cadre of ind



secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related

covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence

agencies and corporate entities.

Ms. Eisenhower’s and Ki Lia’s revelations

corroborate independent whistleblower

revelations by Andrew D. Basiago

of U.S. government surveillance of

political persons of interest using

secret time travel technology.  Their

revelations are also consistent with

independent whistleblower revelations

by Mr. Basiago, revealing that he has

twice in 1981 teleported from a CIA

facility in El Segundo, CA to secret U.S. bases on Mars


one of which teleportations was in

the company of CIA agent Courtney Hunt.

John Winston.  joh…

People who are together with another person but their soulmates are lonely too.

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My Marty, joy of my life, hope of my life, my past, my present and my future,

I got snow, and snow, and more snow, and did I mention snow? It is even an expedition to go to the mailbox. It is sometimes frozen shut. I think mailman or woman opens them with a hammer. Without reindeer it is really difficult to come from A to B at the moment.

But my pipes work. Most houses have once in a while a frozen pipe in winter around here, even businesses, schools and governmental offices.

But a frozen pipe is still better than having to bath every day with sharks. Call me crazy but I rather have two arms than just one. I know, I should not be so vein but I think two arms look better on me than just one.

It is so joyful to think of what we had and what we will have again, Marty – hopefully soon. Nobody in the world will love me like you do.

Recently, I looked at some people and noticed that despite that they are not alone, they are alone. Some people grab a partner just not to be alone. I never could do this. If that partner is not the soul mate and doesn’t fascinate the person in the way it should, their minds will always wander of to another person. They will sit on the couch, watching a movie, eating popcorn or even making “love” to each other and thinking that the next person that they grabbed is not their soul mate. I don’t want such a relationship.

When I was on parties, I asked myself sometimes, what the heck am I doing here? Despite all the people, I was bored. People as such are not the solution, it always depends on the kind of person or the persons.

Even having a big family, if they do not understand each other truly, deep down each member of the family is lonely, even if there is so much going on in this house that they have no quiet minute to themselves.

I rather live alone than living with a lie. And there is also a bright side to living alone: you can eat all the garlic that you want and nobody ise complaining. (Just kidding, Marty, a garlic glove is a very poor substitute for kisses by you.) But I sure prefer the garlic before kisses of a person I don’t love with all my heart.

I interact with people, I am getting invitations, phonecalls and visits but I noticed that I don’t need people. I often rather feel bothered by many coming in my way of activities.

When I create something, most of the time, I don’t tell anybody not even those to who it is safe to tell because noticed, I don’t need any approval by others. What I think of myself is what counts for me. I just look at my creation and tell to myself: “That is really amazing.” Or: “That is totally professional” or: “That is really creative.” Or :”That is one of a kind.” And that is all. And that is enough for me. My luck is that I know who I am and that I am completely balanced as a person and I find myself so interesting and full of secrets that I don’t need other people to tell me that. It is for me amazing to watch myself. I noticed that I am not alone and by NO MEANS, I want to get rid of the other thetan who is around me. You know who it is.

But I sure want to be with you, Marty. For you, there is no replacement. This place in my heart can’t be replaced by any other person or thetan. And for the fulfillment of the both of us, we have to get together, no matter what.

We can do it. Just the two of us.

Despite any wrongful incarceration, you will open the eyes of the government to see what the SEGNPMSS is doing to the country and to each person and each family and also what they do to their own agents and make them subpoena me as witness. Nobody is safe. I know that you don’t want that they murder me when they see me making my way before Congress to testify but if they would, it would just confirm that what I said about them is true and that’s the reason why they murdered me. We don’t need DM and his supporters or movie stars to speak out on our behalf. We are the biggest survivor stars, Marty. We can do it, you and I. We can fully and entirely convince anybody with the slightest doubt as to that they will be not safe in the current systems of the world as it conspires even against their own agents.

I know that you rather suffer a wrongful incarceration and torture but to have the SEGNPMSS murder me despite that I am also the key-witness to your personal freedom.

We cannot let them come away with having hang this death threats over our heads. I know that all you do is for the purpose of protecting my life and that you don’t think about the freedom that you could have by working out a deal with the SEGNPMSS infiltrated feds, which would include letting me go down. I know why you don’t make any public appearance. But the SEGNPMSS has the plan to let this go on for more decades, actually forever – until they come away with lying after we died that we died on “natural causes” as “old age”. And we can’t allow this to happen. We have to end their rulership, and the best way to do it is to explain to them how great their lives could be if they would not be the fools of the SEGNPMSS.

They came only so far because they lie to all of their agents. They don’t mean well to anybody but as many people are not smart and  cowards, we don’t see them turning against the SEGNPMSS. It is sure also hard to turn the SEGNPMSS in because the entire world is run on SEGNPMSS ear implants, which means that the system that enslaves basically anybody stays in place while anybody goes down sooner or later. What planetary trap it is. Everything that Ron wrote against them pretty much disappeared, and Scientology is so altered that new Scientologists think that it must be squirrel what I wrote, which it is not. The Scientology version that the SEGNPMSS left in the orgs is a squirrel version.

And the SEGNPMSS is not even yet done with it. Despite they removed and twisted so many of Ron’s original data, they work hard on making Scientology orgs to accept also now officially psychiatric ways. Turning socalled Scientologists and OTs into confused people who die (Lisa) or into killers (Fowler, Perkins) are the warning signs, and they plan bigger terror attacks against Scientology in order to completely outlaw it or to accept psychiatry (already butchers and barbers in former centuries) officially as the authority on “mental health”.

I love you so much, Marty, think of something that is building me a bridge to get over to you.

There is a folksong of 1807, called Königskinder:

Once there was a Prince and a Princess
who loved one another so dearly
they could not come together
as the water was much too deep

The princess ask the prince to swim over to her and she lit him two candles but somebody bad (SEGNPMSS) blew them out an the prince drowned. She follows him into death.

Some Germans sing this heartwarming song to their kinds as lullaby and when I heard it, I always was thinking that these two needed a bridge. And I know that you work on one for the both of us to prevent that either one of us dies as these Königskinder.

I can’t wait to be together with you, Marty. And once we are together, and once we tell how things really are, the entire world, each person will win with us.

I know that if Ron would be asked what’s the biggest enemy of him and original Scientology is then he would answer: stupidity – and the corruption born out of stupidity.

And that is our enemy too, Marty, the enemy within the government that blocks me being subpoenaed as witness or this subpoena being delivered to me – as it is not by now.

There were lots of people who pushed the SEGNPMSS lines in desperate attempts for me to buy them and it never worked. With our OT abilities, we can’t be fooled.

Without that anybody ever told me, I know exactly why you are nowhere in sight and why you can’t just come by or why your attorneys’ mail does not arrive. OT abilities are real. We got them.

As a small part of what an OT can besides going exterior is: to remember the past even if the memory was completely REMOVED, remembering past lives, knowing what happens in present time even if physically not there, remote viewing and to predict the future. Not having these abilities would be horrible.

I love you very much, Marty, and I will be back soon.

Forever at your side



Here is a P.S. for any Scientologists reading this blog:

Please read this carefully and check if your own OT abilities do not tell you the same:

I am telling any Scientologist in any org, particularly such as Flag that besides having security guards on the job, they have to check for psychiatric mindcontrol, hypnosis, alterations, and implants done to people’s minds who are on org lines because the SEGNPMSS has the current plan to open fire in orgs. Cases Godeka, Fowler, the sword guy, etc. were just the beginning. The Fowler case was staged so that the public will “learn” about that Scientology and OT levels are “evil” and “dangerous” and that it makes people into killers. (We all know that it is not so but that psychs are the people behind the terror and crimes.) That is why they picked a false OT (Fowler) who has a suitcase full with “OT material” in his office and mindcontrolled him to kill somebody. That is also behind these “suicide” cases. They are staged too. People on-lines are secretly mindcontrolled, hypnotized and implanted to commit these desperate acts. Psychs disconnect analytical minds and the reactive minds take over and then they remote control these victims and killers into committing the desperate act or crime. That is why having ear implants and listening to a case officer and numbers is so dangerous. People hear these numbers also in their subconscious mind and carry out what is ordered. Depending on the tonelevel they are in. A non-violent person will rather destroy herself than others, an angry man as Fowler or others goes against somebody else.

The Fowler case was staged to falsely make the world believe that OTs are dangerous or that what the C of S teaches is not just useless but dangerous and that is why psychs want to put away with OTs. And the irony is that the OT material in Fowler’s suitcase is not even Ron’s but the SEGNPMSS version of the OT levels. But Ron and SCN should be blamed on it.

The SEGNPMSS plan is to remove DM (with help of SEGNPMSS front group Anonymous) not because he did not work in their favor for more than two decades but if they can’t outlaw Scientology completely, the plan is to let another non-Scientologist (on lines for a long time take) over who will accept psychiatry one day, which DM could not as it would have outraged too many Scientologists. After a bigger terror attack on Scientology, SEGNPMSS thinks that even most Scientologists are ready to accept psychiatry as the leader of mental health.

You have to think of something to prevent any further attacks. Security guards on the premises alone are not a guarantee that Scientologists are save. They can be mindcontrolled, hypnotized and implanted too.

Ron would not waste time and energy going after people who want to audit others outside of C of S control, he rather would invest time and energy to study the warning signs of physical attacks against Scientologists and getting them protected.

The way to do it is not to accept p$ychiatry but rather going to Congress and other governmental offices asking them for support and prevention. Psychs can mindcontrol and implant any person that is low on the tonescale to become a killer of course also those who attested falsely that they are OTs.

BEFORE such a terror act takes place, you have to explain to the government why you feel that p$ychs plan such terror acts. The warning signs are there. You can explain it, and you should document the other cases that happened as psych set ups. The attacks will not go away, they just become more violent. Don’t settle and pay money and think these cases will go away. They will not if you do not document who is setting them up.

And you have to  support the original Marty. Despite his wrongful incarceration, he is the bright torch at the horizon for reasons your own OT abilities should reveal to you right away.

Barbara Schwarz

C of S should investigate Ron’s and Ike’s relationship instead wasting resources of what Ron would consider crap.

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It’s Monday, dearest Marty, and I never know what my day brings.

I might have all the time in the world or not even one moment to breath due to the different actions that I get on my plate.

Have to replace the American flag at my home as soon as it gets warmer. The wind blew it in the rain gutter and cut it in pieces. I don’t like that. An alleged illegal alien 😉 as myself wants a perfect American flag flying in the wind.

Perhaps I should build a flag pole as there is plenty of space. I should get a flagpole bigger than the one outside of the White House.

As you know, Marty, if Ron would have had a case officer and would listen to ear implant orders, he never would have been able to research and found Scientology because being run through ear implants is a rotten SEGNPMSS invention (as they also run and manipulate people with silent sounds in their subconscious mind using the same implants) and is only to control people. This bad sick world is a SEGNPMSS invention. They hated that Ron developed Scientology to enable people to better themselves and the world and that is why they infiltrated it with people of which they knew were no Scientologists but SEGNPMSS cultists.

Doing what one deems is right and not listening to the crap and considerations of others is the only way to go. The way like Ron, you and me are.

I speak out what I think. There are always dumb and corrupt SEGNPMSS agents who are trying to encourage me by mailing me or posting that I would be “mentally ill” by claiming that Ron was Ike Eisenhower’s son – but they can shot me if they think it is necessary, but I do not shut up on this because this is what I remember. I can’t afford to be quiet about what the rest of the world either has forgotten it or is bribed to be quiet about it.

SEGNPMSS removed all the evidence but at least I can speak it out and maybe some people start and find some pieces of evidence that the SEGNPMSS might have forgotten to remove.

Through my allegedly so ineffective FOIA requests, I did not just get 150 pounds of records on Scientology but also this piece of information, sent on March 22, 2004 from Nebraska Department of State Insurance employee Martin Swanson to their counsel

Christy Neighbor. Mr. Swanson provided following information: “…I think I remember seeing a rare film on the history channel of L. Ron Hubbard and Dwight D. Eisenhower golfing together in Tilden, Nebraska. Coincident?”

It was no coincident. Dad and son liked golfing together.

And isn’t it ironic that the Churchill family is now anti-Scientology while Ike and

Winston once were closed allies?

Church of Scientology under DM hires detective to go after ex-staff but they don’t hire detectives to find out the relationship between Ron and Ike. That is so odd. They have forgotten about their priorities. They publish proudly that Ron befriended President Coolidge’s son, Calvin Jr., but they don’t find the records that show Ron with President Dwight David Eisenhower! What is that all but SEGNPMSS control?

Did they ever wondered why Ron befriended a President’s son? Because Ron was the son of a US President too.

Dwight David Eisenhower was a very good man. He was not a man like Senator Strom Thurmond who kept 50 years from the press and the public that he had another family. I am making this point solely for reasons that a person can be under constant spotlight of the media but the private life can be completely different from what the press thinks it is.

Ike didn’t father a kid with an underage girl and failed to acknowledge her and her/his daughter publicly because she was black. Ike was the opposite of a racist and that it was him who sent the National Guard to make sure that segregation in schools were broken down and black kids could go safely go to school with while kids.

The SEGNPMSS and a German poodle named CIA and other remote controlled secret services are behind those many lies. So, why did Ike not take his real wife and his son Ron in the White House? Because the CIA told him that Ike would risk the lives of his family members as he defeated the Nazis and they want to retaliate against his family.

And he knew that this part that the CIA told was true. He knew that he defeated the Nazis officially but that the SEGNPMSS was still after him and his family.

Ike was hero too. Father like son. Ike KNEW that he would be murdered while in office. And he was and Nixon covered it up. Just as Ron was murdered and infiltrators in the orgs covered it up by accepting a doppelganger as his “replacement”. I bet the entire money of the universe as to that the USA had no officially selected President during the last year of Ike’s US Presidency but instead a non-elected doppelganger running the country – just as they did with Ron, replacing him with Jack Vistaril, resident in a blue motor home.

History repeats itself.

How can I be sure that President Eisenhower was murdered during his term? Because I know where Ike is today and who he is and that he was born again in June 1960. The impostor kept impostoring him for 9 years. And what was the justification of the CIA? Instead of raising hell that the Nazis killed him while in office, they covered it up. They justified it internally that if the Nazis would hear that Ike would be dead, they would march again. Duh! They did not just march again, they killed again.

I also believe that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Ike’s murder in office. Because he was shot a few days before official hearings in Congress. I think that JFK knew something that the SEGNPMSS didn’t want him to say.

The problem is to explain it to people who are clueless that past lives are facts and that they can be scientific proven just as Ron told the reporter.

You and your family are the only people of who I know that they don’t bow down before the SEGNPMSS. We just have to work out how to get the CIA to admit and confirm what we found out. We then have to document it to the world and truth, peace, justice and real Scientology will have another chance, and Ron will finally get his right place in history.

Marty, this blog just has to reach you as nobody else in the world but you and your family will make this go right. Even if you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, you can and you will make the feds listen and for the love of God, for the love America, for the love of the Constitution, for the love of human rights, they have to stop being SEGNPMSS poodles.

It is time that the world learns what real OTs are like and how they are connected through that supreme being that Ron mentions in the interview with that kind of stiff reporter. 😉

And I will of course wait as long as I have for you, the Captain of my heart. Love means also not replacing a person with somebody else just because that person can’t be with her.

And I know that you are truly in love with me as I am with you, my wonderful and remarkable husband.

I really can hear you singing through Lionel Richie, Marty. It’s like this and other songs are right out of your mind and from your very heart. And you have my heart for always. I gave it to you many years ago and never took it back and never will take it back. It is yours to keep.

Love forever and ever,