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As if this would be surprising in still existing Nazi Germany: Nazi emergency in Dresden, Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only?

What is going on in your life? 

Saying that Germany is still Nazi Germany is not a conspiracy theory. There it is, in plain sight: Anti-immigrant sentiment runs high in the state of Saxony, of which Dresden is the capital: The party AfD won 27.5% of the vote in this year’s state election. It became the first far-right party to enter Germany’s national parliament in almost 60 years when it came in third place overall in federal elections in 2017.

It is of course not all to it. Muslim extremists and terrorists are conditioned and also run by the monsters behind Germany so that it is easier for them to bring the Nazis back. All people marching for the AfD are too dumb to realize it or too bad to admit it. Likely, they are both, dumb and bad. 

And that we have a foreigner hating US president who had a German father and feels like being Germany, isn’t a surprise either. Germany, the SEGNPMSS is not just behind Germany but above the entire world, any state, any government.

I know, Marty, it is not you who needs a lecture on it. You are aware of this but they tied your hands so that you can’t do anything against it. 

Thinking about seeing you again, makes my heart beat a lot faster. There is no (not one) beautiful love song (new or old or inbetween) that doesn’t make me think of you. It is magic. It is a divine love, we are having. I have no other explanation for it, do you?  

Warm kisses, my darling. I will love you forever.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 2, 2019 at 1:07 pm

Creepy Germany again! And all over the place!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince,

How are your days and nights? I am thinking of you, also when I am not posting.

Did you read or hear that the German President Asks for ‘Forgiveness’????    

“I ask for forgiveness for “Germany’s historical guilt” on the 80th Anniversary of the start of WWII in Poland,”, he said.

That guy has some nerves. How can one forgive killing million of people? Only the people who were killed can forgive, nobody else can. They would be stupid to do so in another lifetime because Germany’s Nazis are not even remotely a thing of the past.

In the recent German elections, their nationalist AfD won big. They even use Nazi overtones. Some even march with official Neo-Nazis.   

This is what CNN reported recently:

A far-right party scored its strongest-ever results in two key state elections in eastern Germany on Sunday, finishing second behind the country’s major parties on the same day that Europe marked the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland.

Puppet Merkel prepared the ground for them. My guess is rather knowingly than unwittingly. The psych monsters behind Germany set up the Syrian war to get the hard working Syrians to make Germany’s economy into the strongest of the world. Easy to do when running all people on the planet with ear-implants. They psychiatric condition some of the refugees to act abusive/violent so that Germany gets Germans to vote for the new Nazis. This is how they want to bring them back. It is all so obvious. If the psychs behind Germany wouldn’t control people’s thinking with ear- and body implants, most of them would have noticed it already.   

And did you read that Hong Kong pro democracy leader Joshua Wong appealed to the Merkel for help ahead of her upcoming visit to China? Communism is GERMAN. But Germany wants the credit as peacemaker, when in fact, they are talking into the ear-implants and organize suppression of people in all kind of countries. The SPs behind Germany are behind any horrible situation in the world. And they were so dumb to kidnap me so that I can see up close how insane they tick. Idiots, they are. 

In the UK and the USA, German controlled ear-implants try to ruin these countries while Germany rubs its bloody claws. Trump insists that the mass shootings in the USA are “mental illness”. He wants more psych institutions. This guy is such a German-controlled psych puppet. Psychs are creating these shooters and terrorists. They are turning people into Manchurian Candidates. And Trump wants more psychs and more of their institutions… Go figure.

People have to ask this question: Who wins when shooters or terrorists attack the USA? Not the USA, not its tourism or its economy. But USA’s enemy. I know there are several but Germany, their secret service psychiatrists run them all.

I know you don’t need a lecture about this, Marty. You figured it out. But I can’t help myself reading the news, and Germany acting all innocent and holy and wants to be forgiven while bringing the Nazis officially back and while the USA and the rest of the world goes to pieces unless Germany can get the credit for whatever they are not. Besides, any alleged peace that Germany brokers, they ruin again by secretly ordering and setting up and the next atrocity.

I love you Marty, I sent you tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


I am not a tiny bit impressed by Robert Mueller III, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, how are you?

I had to fight “nature”, wild weather the last days and by doing so, I was thinking that the USA has no effective defense. The monsters behind Germany are using weather satellites to kill people and ruin properties in the USA. Or they are using unethical, psychiatric-conditioned “American” agents who feel being Germans or Europeans instead of Americans, which allow themselves being used by Germany. It is beyond me how US intelligence analysts can miss the obvious. They are unethical fools who don’t see that they are also paying the price and that the award that they got for being traitors (many with the American flag pinned to their clothes) is worth not much if anything at the end.  

And then, there is Mueller. I heard his statement in the news. He said that any American should know what Russia did to the 2016 election. Yes, they should but he “forgot” to mention that they also should know that the people behind Germany are using the Russians to do German dirty work so that they are taking the fall for Germany who hides behind Russia.

Germany wanted Trump to win even if some of them say that they don’t like him being US president. They knew that Trump would bring the reputation of the USA further down and won’t stop Germany’s hatred against foreigners as he feels being German. Merkel knows that multi-multiculturalism failed in Germany. Yet, she allows Syrian and other refugees into Germany so that they can be cheap and hard workers. Germany needs them to beat other countries and most of all the USA financially. During the years to come, these foreigners will be forced to give up their own identities to fit the disgusting German bill. Besides, Germany is also behind the wars on this planet. They have the overall control over the ear-implants. The Syrian war, for example, was initiated by the monsters behind Germany so that Germany gets the fugitives. By psychiatric-conditioning some Muslims or such nationals and making them go after some Germans, the fugitives also serve as a vehicle for Germany to bring the Nazis back. “Germans, you need the AfD or another Nazi party as they protect you from the invaders…” and other lies.   

Back to the one with the German name: Mueller. He doesn’t speak about that Germany uses ear implants and decides who can run for US president and not. The people behind Germany sway the opinion of undecided voters with loud and silent sounds, before they vote or probably right inside the voting booth in front of the ballot. I don’t think the polls were so wrong, Marty. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton would have won. I don’t  think she would have been a good president either but a wimpy and dishonest one as we had so many and assisting Merkel instead of correcting Germany. She would have been a president in the same way as she was Secretary of State. The SEGNPMSS, in other words Germany, decides who can run for president and who not and who should give up, etc. They decided that Trump would cause more harm to the USA. The Russian campaign to influence the election seems really outdated considering that Germany influences voters by talking directly in their ears and minds.     

Spineless Mueller (we did all we could or would but DOJ policy doesn’t allow us, blah blah) doesn’t want to speak before congress… Sure, he doesn’t. Mueller was the FBI director. It is beyond me that he doesn’t know that Germany controls the USA (and the rest of the world) with ear-implants. How deeply asleep is he?

I miss you, Marty, and I love you.

You are always in my heart. 

Yours forever,


If one doesn’t think flat but in layers one can find easily out what the medical people behind Germany are up to

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband and soulmate,

How are your days and nights?

True love isn’t blind. I am anything else but blind knowing your ethical character, Marty. And I miss you. I can figure a lot of what happens at your end, but unfortunately, I am not able to see every detail. I wish I could as in a world full of liars, this ability is vital.   

The world is full with unethical people. However, I noticed a common denominator of those who are busted. They are allegedly or really Jewish or have allegedly or really Jewish roots. Any race has of course bad apples but it is very clear to me that the psychiatrists and medical doctors behind Germany, the same old Nazis that they ever were, are setting these people up to be busted while non-Jews can continue with their dirt and are not busted in the same ratio or not at all. The SEGNPMSS allows some people to become famous for no other reason but bust them. And, they are also German doctors who use translator supercomputers to speak with silent and loud sounds through the ear- and body implants of people to make them commit the crime. This of course doesn’t excuse the person who is committing the crime. Any person should know better, but without the still existing Nazis talking into the mind of people, we would have a much better and healthier world. 

It might be possible that the above-named Jews were also Jews in their past-lives but it is also very likely that the SEGNPMSS implant thetans who were Nazis in Jewish baby bodies of any nationality, knowing that they will behave real bad, but this time not as Nazis but as Jews. How do I know? I know the Germans, particularly, the Bavarians. The victim can write huge volumes of the character (or rather the lack of) of her/his stalker.  

I can tell without a doubt that busting Jews and Americans and particularly American Jews has SEGNPMSS set up written all over it. The purpose of it is that the world, who doesn’t think deep enough, comes to the conclusion that Hitler and the Nazis were right to get rid of the Jews. And on top of it, busting so-called American Jews is making the USA less proud and effective. Germany wants to rule the world as it always did. It was reported that Merkel (a robot of the secret rulers of Germany) was greeted on the Security Conference in Munich as if she would be the world’s leader. That is what Germany is up to. When does the world get a glue as to what is really going on?

They can’t be allowed to be the world leaders as they have no human qualifications. They run the entire world with ear- and -body implants, as I explained already so often, and are responsible for each and any crime, perversion, terror act, war, and death in the world. I know that you know this too, Marty. Considering that people don’t have to die at all, most certainly not with just 100 years, they are planetary mass murderers. Because they withhold the technology for longevity from mainstream, the technology that they stole. 

The New York Times published a report about the disappeared children of Israel in the 1950s, five years after the 3rd Reich crashed, because Nazi doctors were as stupid as they are today. Despite that the Nazis tried to get rid of all the Jews, European Jews apparently have a higher standing than other Jews in the medical world, as the doctors, according to this report, illegally stole children from other Jews and gave them to European Jews.  

The New York Times reported on February 20, 2019 also that Germany and the Netherlands are building an army together.   

We fight —,” their commander bellowed.

“— for Germany!” the battalion replied in unison.

“We fight —,” the commander shouted.

“— for the Netherlands!” his soldiers yelled back.

They are not shouting “for Europe.” Not yet.

As Germany wants to run the entire world officially, they have of course plans to take the world over with their own army. During the 3rd Reich, Germany, let down its guard, and the world could see their true faces for some years. The world was shocked and fought them back. That this doesn’t happen again, Germany uses a woman as leader (most people think that women aren’t that brutal), and they do again what they did before: hiding behind other countries and having them do the dirty work for them and protecting their Nazi behinds if someone should figure them out or some of what they are doing.  

People swallowed Germany’s lie that it is “reluctant” building “strategic matters”. Germany is official the third biggest producer of weapons. (Some reluctance!) They save money by either having either the USA or Russia/China defending it, depending how the dices of their doings roll, if people should wake up and figure what Germany is up to in modern times. And people applaud them as they don’t think deep enough to discover their despicable actions.

American taxpayers paid for Germany’s defense that it never needed as it runs secretly the entire world. No need for greedy Germany to put money into an Army, until now, as it feels something could change. And I don’t mean Trump who Germany wanted as US president. Because the men behind Germany feel that Merkel has done her job and prepared the chancellor office for a future chancellor openly more extreme, one for example from the AfD, with whom Trump would get along just fine as they are openly racists.   

Germany doesn’t fear Russia. Of course not. The still existing Nazi doctors behind Germany are running Russians with ear-implants like they run anyone else in the world with it. Germany also kept Russia communistic through German agent Lenin making sure that it won’t get richer than Germany. Same goes for China.  

And naturally, there is a German calculation behind it, using the Dutch as part of their Army. If that Army commits atrocities one day and won’t get away with it, Germany will blame the Dutch. It also wants the Dutch to pay. Germany is greediest country on the planet.  

I love you, Marty. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours always,


Russian agent? Rather a German agent! (Trump and the Deutsche Bank)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

Despite all these years rolled by, our love is for the eternity. I know that I will love you until the end of my human days. And when I am a thetan without a body, whenever this should be, I still go on loving you. Love survives hardship and torture. I never have regretted having fallen in love with you, Marty. You are worth any wait.

SEGNPMSS doesn’t understand this. Because on the tonelevel they are, they are unable to truly love, and the result is that they are unlovable monsters. True love is a language they and their supercomputer doesn’t understand. So, those monsters thought that separating us long enough plus torture will end our love. I said it over and over again: they are idiots. And they don’t learn.

In a nutshell, here is the SEGNPMSS plan for Germany: Merkel has done her duty misleading the world by playing the “humanitarian”. The  SEGNPMSS plan is to replace her with someone who is officially far-right, in other words: a Nazi government. AfD won already 88 seats in the German parliament.   

And that brings me to Donald Trump, the “US President” who feels being German and acts like it. He criticized Merkel taking in fugitives but doesn’t understand the plan behind it. Germany just allowed the number of fugitives that will make the German economy stronger after having plotted and organized the Syrian war to drive these people to Germany and Europe. And their psychiatrists condition and implant some of the fugitives to commit crimes and terror (all organized by the SEGNPMSS) so that religion can be outlawed (first Islam, then the others) and that people call out to the Nazis and vote for them to protect them from the foreigners. It is all so very German. 

SEGNPMSS helped Trump to be elected. Ear-implants rule. The men behind Germany are planning an officially far-right German councilor for 2021. They are sure that Trump will get a long perfectly with Nazis from the AfD.

And if it should go wrong, they always can blame the USA on being the Nazis and saying the USA wanted the Nazis or helped the Nazis to come back. They also hope to get no opposition from the USA by taking over the world if he is the German “US” President. No word of course, that the psychiatrists and doctors behind Germany run the entire world on a string.

Many Americans don’t even know that Germany created also another Nazi party in Germany in 1983. And they had the guts to name these German Nazis Republicans!

And they have the same plan with the US Republicans: turning them into Nazis, despite Ike Eisenhower was the Commander of the Allied Forces and a real American Republican who defeated the Nazis.   

Despite they kept Russia poor and locked up with the German invention of communism, the men behind Germany are using Russia against the USA. Russians  should be aware that German Nazis have the plan to take over not just the Ukraine but all of Russia. Shooting back with guns and blaming the USA instead of Germany, is not the correct handling. Ear-implant conspiracies have to end. The men behind Germany must be convicted under international the law. 

So, Germany uses Russia to hide behind the election meddling in the 2016 election. They helped Trump to the presidency who held the US government hostage for 35 days and plans to do it again if he doesn’t get what he wants. How German. 

Robert Mueller was the FBI director from 2001 to 2013. In all those years, he failed to convict the men behind Germany on controlling the USA and the rest of the world via ear-implants. He may convict some Russians, but I doubt that he will convict the Germans behind the Russians who meddled in the US election as he was blind to the issue while heading the FBI and before.

Here it is in a nutshell: It appears that Russia has meddled with the US election, but Germany controlled this election. What they decide is being done, thanks to ear-implants, one of Germany’s worst mind-control tools. Germany doesn’t “meddle”. They are using ear-implants, loud and silent sounds, to make people act and vote their want. The Russians are being used. Also, because Germany [will lie to the people that they are neutral] wants the USA, Russia, China, North Korea, and others involved in hot wars to be able to pick up the pieces later-on and declare itself world power no. 1. How German.   

And now finally to my headline, Marty:

Germany uses Russians to get the beatings instead of Germany if something doesn’t exactly run by their plans to take over the world. Russians used by them may have meddled with the US election, but it is Germany who controls who runs and wins the elections as they are the secret masters behind each freaking ear-implant, which stops people to think for themselves. Although I think that Hillary wouldn’t be a great president, I don’t believe the 2016 polls were wrong. SEGNPMSS radioed who to vote for in the ear-implants of undecided voters on the way to the polls.

Actually, Russian mentality is not the same as the German, and particularly not like the Bavarian mentality. Russians like Americans must get out from under the German snake and become their decent selves.    

This is what Wikipedia says: 

Deutsche Bank is widely recognized as being the largest creditor to real-estate-mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, holding more than US$360 million in outstanding loans to the candidate in the months prior to his 2016 election. Deutsche Bank’s role and possible relevance to an investigation of Trump and Russian parties colluding to elect him were reportedly under F.B.I. investigation as of December 2017

The men behind Germany go through huge efforts making the world believe that they don’t exist and that Germany don’t hold all strings. 

I worked briefly for Deutsche Bank in the mid 80s, and I didn’t like it one bit. The woman, my superior at the Deutsche Bank, one of their steady executives, was hateful and irrational. That assignment was organized by the temporary employment agency for which I worked back then. If I would have declined the assignment, they would have construed it as breach of contract.

If you were looking for me in the mid 80s, I bet Deutsche Bank lied to you or your representatives not knowing me so that you can’t get hold of me as your witness. The “controversy” between Deutsche Bank and Gauweiler does not exclude them being in cahoots against us, Marty. 

Trump got outrageous special treatments from Deutsche Bank. No other bank wanted to give him any loans anymore. But Deutsche Bank banked on him to become the German US president. All to hold the USA hostage, to harm it, and to help Germany transforming Republicans into racists and in particular stand at the side of the right-extreme chancellor who they have planned to come after Merkel. 

I know you can also see through Germany and its setups. Be kissed, Marty.


Here is MSNBC about President Trump Lender of Choice, the Deutsche Bank:  


Putin and his German secret service ID until late 1980

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Dearest Marty,

Officially, Trump isn’t the greatest fan of Merkel. But this is intended by the men behind Germany. Merkel did her part in helping Germany to get on top of the EU as the world thinks women aren’t as bad as men and likely won’t order the execution of entire races. Germany was supported because they put a woman on top. But what was never revealed is that the SEGNPMSS is the secret force behind Germany, Bavarian hard-core lunatic Nazi psychs who preserve their lifespans with stolen technology that they withhold from the planet, including most Germans. Merkel and others are their puppets.

When supporting a politician or system, people always should ask themselves, what comes next. Merkel isn’t officially a right-extremist, but she prepared the road for the AfD (the new Nazis) to take over Europe (and later the world). Merkel isn’t a good person. She knew that multi-nationalism failed completely in Germany, yet, after she received survey results that Germany needs young people to become a stronger power, she allowed the Syrians in her hostile Germany.

No word of course that Germany instigated the war in Syria in the first place to dislocate the hard-working Syrians to Germany and Europe that Germany took already over. One has to scratch one’s head, considering that the world allows Germany to stand on top of a continent after all it did in the past. Losing wars doesn’t mean that they became better people.  

Officially, Merkel and Germany look like humanitarians for having taken the Syrians in. Yeah right, unless someone knows Germany and the men behind it as you and I do. 

That the fugitives are Muslims also helps Germany in their lunatic plans to get rid of religions. German controlled ear-implants control all the people. If something is done by immigrants or something horrible in the name of “religion”, it was either the idea of the men behind Germany or at least approved by them. Extremism by alleged religious people (all run by these German psychs via supercomputer and its translators) helps Germany to get the Nazis back. Extreme actions of alleged religious people should make Germans and Europeans afraid to scream help to the AfD or other Nazi groups to safe them.      

Back to Trump who has a German father. Trump for sure feels he is German, despite the American flag on his suit. He snubs Merkel (who according to the men behind Germany did what they asked and now should be replaced) because she allegedly is not German enough.  He snubs her for taking the immigrants in and destroying Germany. It means that Trump isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. He doesn’t get the rotten German plan behind this alleged “humanitarian” activity. Or he gets it and is okay with Germany instigating wars to get strong young people to end up on top of the world.  

If despite all odds something goes wrong, Germany wants to blame their new (old) extremism and nationalism on the USA. Trump sounds a lot like the AfD. The AfD sounds a lot like Trump. The right-wing party AfD was among the first in Germany to congratulate Donald Trump on his election victory, feeling as his “natural allies”. 

Germany used Russia as the puffer in the meddling of the 2016 election, But the men behind Germany were those who really wanted racist Trump to win, and I am not saying that Hillary (who kissed up to Germany all the time) would have made a good president. However, I don’t believe that the polls in 2016 were wrong. I am convinced that the SEGNPMSS radioed in the ear-implants of undecided voters briefly before they voted and this is how Trump won. And the SEGNPMSS is also responsible for who run/runs for US President and who not. This country has 327 Million people. And it produced no better people to win the nominations of their parties but Donald and Hillary. Go figure. 

Have a look at Russia. Ex KGB agent Putin helps Germany as well. Blaming the USA instead of Germany is typical. They also found evidence that Putin worked for the STASI as German agent. SEGNPMSS, however, was and is always above all secret services. All secret services are its juniors. Our story alone, Marty, proves that the KGB and the Soviet Union did what Germany wanted. 

Many people think that the Ukraine asking “the West”(Germany) to take them is a good thing by Germany/Europe and Russia annexing Crimea is a bad thing by Russia. However, the men behind Germany are using the ear-implants of people in the Ukraine to call out to Germany/Europe to make Germany bigger. The Ukraine has a big Nazi problem, which means that the men behind Germany work since a while on taking the Ukraine over. 

American politicians took Germany’s side against Russia. Clueless about the secret plans of Germany to take over the world and bring the Nazis back.   

Putin and Russia put a stop to what Germany would have done without this stop: taking over all of Russia and more a few years ago. As Russians had to suffer under Germany in WWI and II, there will be numerous Russians who do not like to be taken over by Germany/Europe.

But there he is, President Putin, the ex-German STASI agent, STILL NOT POINTING WITH THE FINGER ON GERMANY as he should but rather blaming the USA for what originates from Germany and the men behind it. And that points towards a German agent. Lenin who kept Russians locked in, communistic, and poor was one too.

That Merkel, an East German was picked as chancellor for Germany, was also no surprise to me, Marty. The men behind Germany considered this as an advantage for annexing all states that lie East. 

If Russia can’t be taken over as the Ukraine, as all Russians might not yet over what Germany did in the past, the SEGNPMSS wants the USA to engage in a hot war with Russia. In which Germany will lie to the world that it is “neutral”. Others should pay and fight for Germany’s wars. The men behind Germany wish both countries destroyed so that Germany can pick up the pieces and rule the world. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


P.S. And now I might have some snow shoveling to do.



How does Trump fit into the SEGNPMSS agenda?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you? 

Look what Trump said: 


Because SEGNPMSS ear-implants rule and the masters of the ear-implants decide who wins.   

It doesn’t need a clairvoyant to figure how SEGNPMSS profits from Trump in the White House. Besides from being proud to be German, he suffers from a racist and anti-religious attitude that is very notorious for Germany. No wonder he became US president as SEGNPMSS ear- implants rule. As you know, Marty, I am not a fan of any Clinton, but I still wonder if the 2016 polls were really wrong. Or if voters got swayed through ear-implants in the last-minute to vote for Trump.  

(He might not be that fond of Merkel and he might not understand that Germany instigated and is behind the never-ending war in Syria to get the hard-working Syrians as a cheap young workforce to make Germany’s economy even stronger so that they become world power no. 1 by sabotaging the economy and political systems of any other country on Earth. But Trump is the guy that will do really well with the racial German party AfD and all other European and international racist parties secretly founded and controlled by the SEGNPMSS who might follow Merkel.)  

Picking a candidate for US president whose family member married into a Jewish family and converted also raised a red flag for me. From a SEGNPMSS perspective, I can see that it should put Jews on ease. Trump can get away with more antisemitism as anyone else as he always can claim his alibi. “I have a Jewish family…”. How more does this fit the SEGNPMSS agenda? It puts the international spotlight on the Kushners, particularly father Charles Kushner, convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. SEGNPMSS, still existing Nazi doctors want the world to think bad of Jews. And also that is accomplished through Trump’s candidacy and him sitting in the WH.     

Then, there is the Russian thing: It might be very well possible that Russians were involved with helping Trump into the White House. After all, just like all other countries, incl. the USA, they are having ear-implants too and SEGNPMSS has the overall control over all. Just the like USA, most Russians don’t know that SEGNPMSS is using them for German purposes. Lenin was a German agent  who used the German suppressive invention of communism to hold the Russians down, besides Germany killing tons of Russians during wars and otherwise. Yet, ear-implants, silent and loud sounds prevents that they recognize who really is their enemy, and they rather blame the USA and the USA rather blames Russia for secret German set-ups. Germany wants superpowers at their throats until they are the only superpower standing.  

SEGNPMSS also organized that the alleged admiration that Trump has for Russia and Russia has for Trump will not last. People who are thinking that Trump might save the world from a cold or hot war with Russia or any other state are very mistaken. SEGNPMSS will be the 3rd party behind the USA and Russia. When two are fighting, the third one (SEGNPMSS) enjoys it. Trump and his administration already back-pedals as far as the friendship with Russia is concerned. SEGNPMSS foxed both, the USA and Russia by helping Trump to become the US president. 

Most of all, besides making the USA look and act like Nazis, Trump will push this SEGNPMSS agenda: breaking the USA [same for Russia and other large countries] apart, splitting the US states away in order to attach them to Europe (which is basically Germany as they control each freaking ear-implant). California and other west and east coast states will split from the mainland because still existing Nazis want to make the USA smaller while still-existing Nazi Germany is hiding behind the EU and is getting stronger.   

I bet there are plenty of other SEGNPMSS advantages with Trump in the White House. 


How the GOP changed turns my stomach, Marty. It is no longer Lincoln’s or my grandpa’s party. I know that Americans think highly of Reagan. Not me, as he helped Germany to get bigger without telling the world about the SEGNPMSS, by whatever name they are known secretly to others. 

In a way, the GOP takeover reminds me of the secret takeover of Scientology.  SEGNPMSS through their impostors, e.g. “Jack Vistaril” and international non-Scientologists as infiltrators, e.g. Miscavige, etc., turned Scientology into something else that it originally was.

It is basically the same mechanic elsewhere in the world and becomes clearly visible by looking at political parties as the GOP.

I never thought that I would get so political one day. I always thought that my life would center around Scientology and arts, but one gotta do what one gotta do. Guess there is no movement or subject we can afford not being involved in as nobody else seems willing to kick SEGNPMSS behind. God is on our side. That I know as sure as people have stupid ear-implants and conspire against others.

 I love you, Marty. I consider every day without you as wasted. One huge reason why we are not allowed together is because SEGNPMSS thinks that we are stronger together and will kick their behinds.

My home is not a place. My home is you, Marty, where ever you are and plan to go. Our love doesn’t quit. 

Be kissed, my darling, a million times.

Yours forever,


Dreaming of dancing with you, Marty.