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Germany runs Iran from “replacing” my real American dad to missile development to terrorism

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and husband, 

Having the international Security Conference in Munich is like making the wolf in charge of the sheepfold. It is Germany behind crime, terror, and wars. Heil German ear-implants and psychiatric mind-control. If Germany wouldn’t run the entire world with ear-implants, I wouldn’t be the only person writing about it.

As an alibi, Merkel criticizes Trump. Nobody should know that Germany radioed in the ear-implants of undecided voters in the last minutes to vote for him. And they also used Russians for that purpose and to take the fall instead of Germany, plus bringing the USA and Russia closer to a war. 

During this conference to which international states people travel to get their doses of blindness, Angela Merkel said the Iran nuclear deal was the best way of influencing Iranian behavior on a range of non-nuclear issues, from missile development to terrorism.

Yeah right. She pulls legs. Germany is running also this country secretly. Everything this country does. From hiring a fake dad for me, to suppressing women, to wrongly portraying the character, intention, and will of God (that is also what other Middle Eastern and also Christians, etc. are doing, after all, it is a German world) to missile development to terror. 

Germany is responsible for having turned Iran from a moderate state into the Islamic Republic. They look for and psychiatric-condition fanatics as Khomeini (In Bavarian slang: come on in.  And you know who they meant with it.) and those mullahs who followed and suppress the Iranian people and other nationalities in the name of religion. Again, the psychs behind Germany wants the world to hate religion and God, and that is why they use psychiatric-conditioned people to use extremism and claim that this is religion.

And they want the USA to get more enemies. In fact, they want the USA to get nothing but enemies, in part, because the US defeated the Nazis. And if one looks at the reputation that the USA has today in the world, and the representatives that aren’t truly American, anyone should be able to see what’s going on.    

With Iran, the monsters behind Germany want another country to cause great harm to Jews, the USA, the rest of the world with nuclear weapons and cowardly hiding behind that country. This is the only thing that Germany really does well: cowardly hiding behind others and making them commit unspeakable atrocities.  

Having nuclear power plants to generate big power grits to keep cities illuminated will be outdated anyway in the future. This is not a way for people to live healthy lives. Germany’s control over the world makes people not see it and that is why the world don’t apply alternatives and create villages that you call home. 

Any extremism all over the world, particularly under the name of religion, is a dead-give-away of the German set up behind it. Includes of course also their infiltration of Scientology.

Germany is the creator of cults, crimes, perversion, brutality, and the decline of true religiosity.

Germany is behind all of it. ALL OF IT. They run the world with ear- and body-implants and carefully avoid that their psychiatric secret is spilled.

Some people believe in the existence of satan, others don’t. 

Who did I discover as satan? Germany, particularly Bavaria. It is the evil of the world. 

This world will never become a good world if Germany, and the monsters behind it are not prosecuted. 

The entire country needs to be dissolved in order to get rid of that Germany wants to rule the world. They are much too insane to be given this chance. 

I love you, Marty. I know that you are not blind towards Germany.

Yours always,



Hans-Georg Maaßen being fired but doesn’t handle the secret service p$ychs behind Germany – the beast has not gone to sleep

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Dearest Marty, how are you? I am thinking of you and miss you more than I can say. 

As you likely will know, Hans-Georg Maaßen or Maassen headed the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV) that infiltrated Scientology orgs in the past.

He is a right-wing promoter and headed this office for the past six and a half years. He backed Neo-Nazis. Even if he is fired, that doesn’t handle the Nazi men and women BEHIND Germany. SEGNPMSS continues. Maaßen was just one of their agents. SEGNPMSS continues because it makes the world believe that it does not exist and that is why they are getting away with the atrocities and horrible violations against human rights. Typical SEGNPMSS to put someone like him in charge of that office. The old Nazis of the SEGNPMSS want a Nazi comeback.

However, also Merkel is a puppet like all other chancellors. She plays the humanitarian by letting Syrians and other Middle Easterners come in the country (Germany even instigated secretly the war in Syria) while at the same time, Trump says she needs her head examined. I say she and others needs an ear-implant examination.

Trump doesn’t get that these Syrians who make it all the way to Europe are strong people who Germany wants to work for Germany to become the strongest  economy in the world (while other economies are secretly sabotaged by Germany).

There are only attacks by foreigners in Germany when the SEGNPMSS allows it as they run all ear-implants on the planet and beyond. So, Germany does not have to fear a terror attack as the SEGNPMSS conditions and runs terrorists. This monster secret service determines when a terror attack or a high crime takes places anywhere in the world as they set up the terror and high crimes, approve it, and run the terrorists and the atrocities in each little detail anywhere on the planet.   

But when the time comes and they should be accused by many of being behind terror and terrorists and conditioning them and setting them up, it is very probably that they will stage a terror attack in Germany or even in their beloved Bavaria to make the world believe that it is not them as the atrocity happened in Germany to their own. In other words, Germans have to watch out that the SEGNPMSS does not attack them either. SEGNPMSS isn’t good to anyone. Hell, the hard-core secret service psych doesn’t even like himself, which is understandable. I wouldn’t like myself either if I would be a beast.


I love you, Marty.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,








AfD leader in Germany sounds like Hitler

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and soulmate,

How is your life? 

The Guardian reported that Historians say that AfD leader Alexander Gauland’s piece has striking parallels to 1933 Hitler speech.

It is so typical for Germany: starting wars, this time to empty Syria to get the refugees (despite Merkel said that multiculturalism is a total failure in Germany but she wants to be praised a humanitarian that she isn’t) as cheap and hard workers to Germany and the EU, which Germany plans to run directly and solely,  and also having the AfD and other Nazis in place in Germany to make the Syrians and other foreigners afraid so that they give up all what is their identity by turning them into Germans. And making Germans afraid of foreigners so that they vote for the new Nazis. And all that is organized by the monsters behind Germany who run their agents via ear-implants.

In order to avoid that anyone blows the whistle on this system, the men and women behind Germany, which I coined “SEGNPMSS” attach anyone to their system, mostly when they were small kids. And these agents are told or made believe that they need this system to survive this world or be safe in it. They have other agents of the same system go after other agents to make them feel unsafe so that people think they really need it. It is a typical German psychiatric strategy. Fear, control, lies, and brutality. 

The Guardian wrote also that Gauland said that the 12 years of Nazi rule were “mere bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history”.

It is disgusting how this man belittles the genocides that the Nazis committed. Besides, the psychs behind Hitler and the Nazis, the SEGNPMSS tortured the world already long before the official Nazi rule and still. 

The 30 year war that was mainly fought by Germans in Germany/Bavaria (1618-48) with all its cruelties was then also a “success”, according to this German idiot. He tries to make the world believe that he is an expert on German history, yet, he also claims not knowing Hitler’s speech. Some “historian”.

All that Germany and particularly Bavaria is and has, they received by deceiving the world. Their “success” is keeping the world in the dark and invading international people’s minds and using it for their purposes. 

Now to the USA, which stepped into the German ear-implant trap like the rest of the nations, but should not! 

I think of you every day, Marty. Wish I finally would be informed about your whereabouts. I love you and I worry about your well-being as I worry also about that of my family members and my own. Germany uses the most unfair and secretive methods to torture and destroy.

Yours forever,


Himmler’s daughter, BND, and pre-war Germany and Austria

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights?

There was still no message from you or on your behalf. After all these years, nobody had the character to forward any message from you for me and this proves that anyone is a member of the psychiatric ear-implant cult, Germany’s most beloved “invention”.

Speaking of beloved people. Germany didn’t allow me to live in peace in Germany but they allowed Himmler’s daughter to not just live in peace in Germany (and Austria too) but also to advance Nazi ideology all throughout her life in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere on the planet. Gudrun Himmler died last May almost 90 years old in Bavaria. She married another German Nazi who was a member of the post-war Nazi party NPD and took the name Burwitz.

I read that she complained that during the Nuremberg Trials she suffered was looked at if they were guilty for what her father did. Whoever look at her like this or treated her like that wasn’t far off, considering that she never renounced Nazi ideology and supported Nazis until her death.

And not just that, the BND (German secret service) hired her from 1961 to 1963 to work as a secretary for them. She was the daughter of Himmer who was Chief of the German Police and Minister of the Interior, overseeing all police and security forces, including the GESTAPO. And an allegedly denazified Germany hires his daughter who supported other Nazis for the rest of her life! 

Anybody who says that Germany was denazified is completely uninformed. And it is not just about her. Only Nazis in the BND hire other Nazis.   

She is dead now. I hope nobody plants her (and other Nazis) in the USA for a new lifetime, but I am afraid it has happened many times with other Nazis before.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


1) Typical for DM to invite Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic cult into Scientology 2) Nazis on the rise 3) The fake “ally” Germany 4) Kim Jong-Un psych-conditioned

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Dearest Marty, my darling and hero, how are you?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tries to take over Scientology with his Nation of Islam cult. It is widely documented that the man is an anti-Semite. But is non-Scientologist DM different? After all, he leaves you behind and hired an impostor and seems to pay him dearly for his “services”.

No doubt, blacks (they took this label, despite that their skins are not black, and black is often referred to something negative) had to suffer greatly under the white Europeans and as always, Germany, first of all. However, Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements are another wrong and blames the other race that suffered greatly under Germany, the Jews. He acts just as Germany wants it.  

Numerous years on-line in the Scientology CC, and Farrakhan does not apply any Scientology but still rants against the wrong target, and I bet numerous of Farrakhan’s infiltrator in Scientology orgs don’t apply it either. As you know, one does not become a Scientologist by hanging out there. Numerous of these people who broke away to attack Scientology later were those who hung out in orgs but never applied Scientology.

Louis Farrakhan blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks. He is wrong because German psychiatrists conditioned Atta’s cell to fly into the twin towers, not Jews.

He says that white people “deserve to die”. Gee, as if he would be such a blessing for the world. And he praised Adolf Hitler. The conclusion: who is for the Nazis is a Nazi. And the message to David Miscavige is: tell me who your friends are and I am telling you who you are.

Tamika Mallory attended an anti-Semitic speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month. She called Jews “Satanic” and alleged that they run the government and “help the FBI manipulate marijuana to feminize black men”.

This is so stupid. Although numerous Jews are in the government and also they don’t save the world as far as I can see, it is Germany, particularly Bavaria, which controls everyone’s ear implants and tells everyone what to do to give Jews (and Scientology) a bad rap but to advance Europe and particularly Germany.

Whatever is going on with the marijuana and the FBI, German ear implants rule. The feminization of men comes from German psychs tricking thetans in between lifetimes into the wrong gender.  And that applies not just to black but all the people. I can usually see immediately, if a person had a male or female timetrack just by looking at her. They had chosen the other gender in their former lifetimes. That is why some women come across so masculine and some men so feminine. Why do psychs do this to thetans? Because they are evil and because they can as nobody is stopping them. Who likes his or her gender will likely have the other gender in her or his next lifetime. Who doesn’t like his or her gender, will get stuck with it. This is what the lunatic doctor orders, until when some other doctor does to him what he did to others. You know, the dog (0r should I write doc) who bites his own tail.        

According to this article, Marty, not just non-Scientologist David Miscavige but other people are holding hands with anti-Semitic Farrakhan. This article points towards Democrats:

Yet, below article points towards the “US-Conservatives”. It says “The inclusion of renowned European nationalists at a recent conference of US conservatives and the change of government language about immigrants suggests a shift toward European-style populist nationalism within the reigning faction of the GOP”.

What it means is that Black or White or any race, Germany, particularly Bavaria, wants the Nazis to take over the world, and they are using Black, White, and any other race, nationality (those people who are not smart or ethical) to destroy the USA and blame the Jews instead of the Nazis. And once Germany has officially overtaken any country that could defeat it, all races that have not entirely Bavarian cheesy-reddish skin or are mixed or whatever, will be the next people to suffer even more and be eliminated.

And there are two other subjects that are on my mind: 

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin announced a new joint venture to pursue the next generation Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, “TLVS,” for the German Bundeswehr.

The enemies of the USA are the enemies that Germany decided the USA shall have. All missiles and bombs that could hit the USA are put there upon secret German-order as they run everyone via ear-implants, from the leaders of the states to the drunks in the streets, even animals. 

US taxpayer’s money always ends up in Germany. Despite that German secret service psychiatrists runs the entire world via ear implants, Germany often makes mistakes as it is so fanatical. They think they can afford it (it will not define them as Merkel said) as they run anyone. They make people forget and praise Germany again, it doesn’t matter what and how many atrocities it commits. And when a state preliminary should be out of their absolute control by having made yet another huge mistake and when this country has beef with Germany, they will make the USA to use its resources and people to protect Germany.

Germany is in fact the biggest enemy of the USA and the world. It causes all the wars and terror acts that the USA must defeat while Germany turns the world against the USA by talking with loud and silent sounds into the ear implants of the world population (incl. alleged Americans) to hate and trash the USA and make it weaker, or perverted, brutal, and inhumane, like the men behind Germany are.   

And they set you, Marty, and me up too, except that we are not falling for their tricks. 

All those defense expenses that the USA has to pay every year are only incurred because Germany, the men behind Merkel and former chancellors, talk into the ear implants of other nationals to provoke or conduct wars and terror. 

Germany is fanatical and insane. It lies, controls, tortures, makes sick, and kills. Attaching the children on the planet to their ear-implant system is so typical for them. It violates international laws big time.

And the fourth thing today on my mind is the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un that allegedly should take place in May. I hope for a peaceful outcome, although I am not at all optimistic. 

Kim Jong-Un does what Germany’s secret service psychs order him in his ear-implants. I read somewhere that in the past, North Korea violated its agreements and the violations were 37 pages long. They do what they hear in their ear-implants like the rest of the robotic world. It is likely that they will order Kim Jong-Un to violate his now promise to denuclearize again. Germany also provided material of mass destruction to North Korea and from there also to terror groups. They really are from hell.   

I doubt that Donald Trump has the awareness to determine if a person was psychiatric-conditioned. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, too well to be even remotely mislead. They never pass up a chance to psych-condition someone as they did with Kim Jong-Un when he was a boy in Switzerland. They conditioned him and arranged within North Korea to make him the leader, which serves German purposes against the USA.

Germany also used NR and other nationals to kill his half-brother and other relatives in order to get this German psychiatric-conditioned boy to rule NK. And Switzerland, a German poodle, either was an active part of it or allowed it to happen. 

Some say that Kim Jong-Un would be rational. Psychiatric-conditioned people function robotically and I believe that this is what they mistake as rationality. 

Some in the CIA say that Kim Jong-Un is stubborn and no good listener. The CIA should know that psychs can block a person’s analytical mind. How can he be a good listener by being psychiatric-conditioned? Stubborn? Sure, because he just repeats what he hears through his ear-implants and doesn’t think anymore for himself. That is a German specialty. Stealing the mind and the personality. Heil psychiatry! 

They also have him fall asleep during political meetings. As little he knows and as more he just does what the p$ychs behind Germany transmit in his conditioned mind, the more they prefer it.      

SEGNPMSS is also the stylist of his hairdo to make him look ridiculous. They plan to get rid of Kim Jong-Un who they psych-conditioned in Europe after the motto: the moor has done his duty, the moor can go. They are using ear-implants and silent sounds to hook him on drinking, smoking, eating, etc. so that when they decide that they can’t or don’t want to use him no longer, they can kill him medically and blame it on his bad health behaviors, concealing that psychs determine his behavior by talking and sending messages into his mind via the ear- and body-implants.

I am sure that his weight-gain is not his own choice but that of the psychs who conditioned and run him. It is possible that if he is asked today if he wants to be fat on purpose that he says yes, but this is a part of the German psychiatric conditioning,  

Below is a report about this health. It also talks about his “mental problems” even “paranoia”. Psychs make sure that people are getting them. That is what their psychiatric-conditioning is for.

“Kim has a team of doctors who cares for him and sometimes if need be, they will bring in foreign specialists from Russia, China, Singapore and Germany,” he said.

Of course, German doctors! Why I am not surprised? Although all other nationals also exactly do as the SEGNPMSS orders. Looks like these docs turned this young man in someone really “healthy”.

Like so many others, I consider Kim Jong-Un a German-psychiatric victim who made other victims since they conditioned him and who can make lots more of other victims, with his weapons of mass destruction, by starving and abusing his own population, or by supporting other terror movements against the USA, just as the SEGNPMSS orders it. 

Whatever happens is what Germany’s secret services order into the ears of its international robots. If they think they are getting away with it, they will always commit the atrocity as they are monsters without human qualifications. They will only withdraw from committing an atrocity if they seriously fear that they would get in troubles themselves. And it is up to the world to tell them that it is aware of them and will prosecute them, and this time, prosecute them without blinders.

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly and passionately kissed.

Yours forever,


It is good of course, it is Beethoven, but the howling guitars are not my item.   


The Munich Security Conference is a Bavarian/German control event

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

I ask myself every day when the USA finally stops helping Germany/Bavaria keeping us separated and frees you from your wrongfully incarceration. They all should know that who works for the Nazis or allows him- or herself being used by Germany/Bavaria is a Nazi..  

So that Germany, particularly Bavaria, can (falsely) claim that they have the security of the world at heart, they established the “Munich Security Conference” in 1963 and hold it there ever since. They radio in the ears of high officials to fly there and look up to Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in awe, which makes these international “senior figures” of 70 countries look real idiotic in my eyes, It all serves as alibi for Bavaria and Germany.  This conference is one of the establishments that helps Bavaria/Germany misleading the world so that nobody accuses them to be the secret force behind terror and crime (psychiatric, medical, and otherwise) and rogue states (which they are).

Knowing Germany, Bavaria and the SPs behind it, they want to keep the world uninformed until they are world power no. 1 and have no opposition anymore on the planet, which would be able to object having the Nazis back in power. At the moment, they hide behind the gruesome acts of terrorists and rogue states.

This is what the conference allegedly was established for:  “Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.” 

And remember, it is held in Bavaria because Bavaria wants to say: “Why would we hold an International Security Conference in Munich if we would favor terror and war?”

The correct answer is: To control the world to do what Bavaria/Germany wants and to misdirect correct suspicion if it should come up. 

So that nobody accuses them on what they are doing with their favorite secret service tool. Installing chips into people (already when they are babies or first graders) all over the world  and running them like the obedient robots until the day of their deaths with loud and silent sounds and also withholding from them that they could live indefinitely if they would be allowed to live in certain conditions. 

Angela Merkel plays the uninformed: she is “curious” about UK’s Brexit plan. I know what the Bavarian German plan for the UK is. To make England really small by breaking  Scotland and Wales off and adding these to Europe, which is another word for Germany and Bavaria as the all other European countries have not much to say.

The Bavarian monsters behind Germany are calling all the shots through ear-implants and otherwise. Once the Britain shrunk, the SEGNPMSS will also ruin the economy of the UK with ear-implants, loud and silent sounds. People in the UK will make wrong decisions or shy away from good decisions. The SEGNPMSS knows very well to advance Bavaria and Germany and keep other nations down. They do it for a long time and not just with Greece. They feel that the UK as part of the EU could be in the way when Germany has officially its Nazis on top of the EU. 

The Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni says Europe needs “a strong German government”. Yikes! What kind of leader is this? Should he say: Europe needs a strong Italy? This is just one of the many example all over the world that is giving Bavaria and Germany and “Heil ear implants” away. 

You and me, we can also figure out any other plan they are having for any other country. We just look at them and we see what they are up to. It comes easy to us.  

“We no longer recognize our America,” stated the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel these days. Did you read it, Marty? America belongs to Germany. It is theirs. Yikes.

But now, as they recognize it no longer people should think that Bavaria and Germany does not have the USA under their control. Yeah right. 

Germany wanted Trump to win because his attitude towards religions and races won’t get in the way for Bavaria and Germany getting the Nazis back. What better to make a racist President whose daughter married into a Jewish family to make people believe that Jews are save. They are not Bavaria/Germany is involved and Jews are in troubles like any other religion or ethnicity that Bavaria/Germany does not approve of.

He also said that Germany eagerly learned from the US. Yeah right. Everything he, Merkel, and others says it to pour sand in the eyes of Americans and other nationals. Germany/Bavaria infiltrated the USA already before and at the day it was founded.     

Russia allowed itself to be used as well. So bad that it jailed all its citizen under the communism and gave psychiatrist free hands to commit their critics, just as Germany did and for sure still does. 

Germany/Bavaria doesn’t have to do what Russians did to influence the US election. Germany/Bavaria radio in the ear-implants of Americans and decides who runs for US President and in the ear-implants of the voters who they have to vote for the US President. No need to go through all those troubles the Russians went through.  

In other words: whatever these Russians did, it was just to blame Russia. One German/Bavarian plan is to get the USA and Russia at each others throat. Preferable a hot and not just a cold war.

What really made voters decide is what is radioed in their ear implants with loud or silent sounds. And that is the “specialty” of Bavarian and German psychs who are complete idiots by the way otherwise they never would have treated us the way they treated us, Marty.   

Actually, I don’t believe that the polls were wrong. I think that Hillary would have won if Germany wouldn’t have changed it in the last minute. Again, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton would have saved the USA. Like the presidents before her, she would have done nothing effective. But despite Trump momentarily tells Germany to pay more, he is also known to not follow through. SEGNPMSS likes Trumps anti-Muslim and foreigner agenda. It has Nazis already back into the German and Austrian and other European government. First they rail against Muslims. So does Trump. And this attitude against foreigners is helping Germany’s attitude against foreigners.

Germany wants Muslims as cheap and hard workers and instigated even the horrible Syrian war. But the SEGNPMSS  want them to lose their ethic identity and their religion and want them to become sub-Bavarians and sub-Germans.  And the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditions some alleged Muslims to conduct violence to give the entire religion and all Muslim countries a bad rap.   

I know that you can see it too, Marty. I love you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


P.S. I clicked on official Scientology websites today and received  “WOT,  Warning! This site is potentially malicious, get me out of there.”

This after the C of S had ads during the Superbowl asking people to check out the Scientology websites. It is definitely not Scientology but the Scientology haters who put up harmful content who don’t want people to visit Scientology websites.       





SEGNPMSS behind the cruelties of the Romans

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Dearest Marty, my impressing Prince and husband,

Here I am again. 

One of the most despicable things that the SEGNPMSS does is transmitting silent sounds into the subconscious minds of people who actually love each other. They make people who care for each other fight with each other. I have sworn to convict the SEGNPMSS, may I be dead or alive when it happens. These psychiatrists have no human characters. They have no human compassion whatsoever. 

When universities award diplomas, they never check if the person cheated through having ear-implants and if the person has a character that is good in order to get this kind of authority over people who medical doctors, psychs or judges and others are having. That is why any ape and any snake can hide behind a university diploma.    

The evils of the Roman Empire are also the evils of the secret service that I named SEGNPMSS to give that vomitous movement a name. I am convinced they are here already some thousands of years, and hypnotize, implant, and run people to do their dirty work with ear-implants and they have not changed.

Dorian Gray is fiction but most certainly inspired by facts. SEGNPMSS people protect their lousy bodies through living conditions in which they don’t age while they kill billions of people in an average of 70 years and have them suffer in mainstream living conditions where they get sick and age. The only thing that is killing these monsters are other monsters. They most certainly deserve each other. What goes around, comes around. 

I can see the SEGNPMSS not just in present time behind terror, crime, death, illness, and perversion. I can see them also in history, and I am sure, Marty, you can too.

Pompeii has SEGNPMSS perversions written all over it. The Roman Empire was known for slavery (and they still have not given up on slavery), bloody “games” (and they still have not given up on it wasting people in various ways),  remote-controlled lunatic emperors (and they still put their psychiatric-conditioned people to become heads of state), they psychiatric-conditioned people to commit suicide when they wanted to get rid of them (just as they do today with most of their terrorists, and murders, and others), persecuting other religions (and they still do it, and not just persecuting, they also infiltrate religions and hypnotize, and implant others to alter religions and make these psychiatric-altered people commit crimes in the name of the religion, which they want to bring down. 

I find it easy to spot the SEGNPMSS. They make the huge mistake by not understanding that a person stalked knows a hell of a lot about her stalkers. They give each other away all the time. One look at the news, and I know what they are up to. Particularly, their ways to make the world accept what is wrong, and the world not seeing it, is typically for their psychiatric mind-control. Silent sounds through ear- and body implants.   

Allegedly, Bavaria was excluded from the “electoral dignity of the Roman Empire”, but this is typically an alibi. Bavarian barbers and butchers, the later psychiatrists secretly conditioned the Romans into the gruesome pigs that they became. The same horrible stuff that the SEGNPMSS does today. In order to not be held accountable by others for the cruelties that they made the Romans do, they “excluded” Bavaria from voting officially in the Roman Empire. But they don’t need their own official elector if people do anyway what the SEGNPMSS whispers in their ears.  

In the 17th century AD, SEGNPMSS put the Duke of Bavaria officially up to become a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire. “Holy” (cough, cough!) . Briefly afterwards, he declared himself to be king of Bavaria on 1 January 1806. Nothing but a stepping stone to create their own official state: Gruesome Bavaria. Mighty Roman Empire allowed them to get away with this because the Duke was an official elector of the Roman king, basically some kind of Roman. People fooled as always. Their “specialty”.    

Nothing is really history because modern people allow themselves to be run by these monsters just as those people in historic ages. 

I often think: when did they exactly land and invaded the minds of people and brought the worst out of them? The point to look for is when this planet suddenly became violent and perverted. I also think that there must be tiny ear implants in the bones/graves of historic people. And archaeologists don’t look for them despite they should. Back then, they probably were of metal and today, they likely harder to find as of silicon that might disintegrate. 

However, the details are: there is no doubt that the SEGNPMSS exist, that they consist in the hard-core of German/Bavarian psychs, neuroscientists (“scientists”, cough, cough) and Nazis and that they have no human qualifications whatsoever and run this universe with ear-implants. If this planet and universe has not a secret death wish, they have to stop working with them or for them and convict them.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours always,


Nothing changed at all. World stays bad and we know why.