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The bridge, a few thoughts about the collapsed bridge

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are your days and nights?

As you know, love is more than words. I don’t think that I ever will be able to describe how much you mean to me. I will forever cherish what was between us and all of it was wonderful.

Thinking that Germany has filed a case against you behind my back makes me even more determine to kick their still existing Nazi butts. The OT abilities that they tell the world through their agents would not exist, do exist, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to know what I know.   

And how you differ from your impostor, Monique’s husband who you hopefully sued for stealing your life and ruining your reputation by admitting to crimes that HE but NOT YOU committed.

I watched the man during all his flip-flop phases: your impostor in the orgs, then allegedly Anti-DM, then allegedly an “independent Scientologist”, then  a German collaborator and officially a non-Scientologist, then a Scientology-hater on the Internet, and in the media, then even flirting with running a “deprogramming course”, and then, helping DM and Miscavology again. And I was thinking in all his different phases: How can anyone who knew you, mistake him with you???? Impossible! You and he are different like night and day.   

There are Scientologists and the Rinderists and Miscavologists. While Scientologists will testify the truth that Monique’s husband is not you, the first Inspector General for Ethics, I doubt that a lot for the Rinderists and Miscavologists who hang or hung out in Scientology but never became Scientologists. Some “bridge” with the latter two… 

Sometimes I wonder what the CIA and the FBI says to your and Ron’s impostor. “We had no idea that there were ringers with the same names and look that were assigned to you and the founder of Scientology for security  reasons?” Yeah right! Whatever the justification is: Germany is behind it and the master of all ear-implants to control the world. And “American” officials and judges are their helpers. You wouldn’t suffer for decades if the world (incl. and very much so the USA) wouldn’t be controlled by them via freaking ear-implants.  

There was this horrible bridge accident in Florida. Some terms make me do comparisons: “bridge”, “bridge collapse”, “Florida”, “…water”, “stress test”…

Several people are dead and $14.2 million were wasted. On top of it, it seems that the FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg is Jewish.

I think that the SEGNPMSS, which doesn’t want to be discovered, lasered in vulnerable areas of that bridge to bring that bridge down, and that they plan to bring another “bridge” down. 

I learned that in 2014, another bridge in Miami crashed but without human fatality. Guess this was the test crash. 

Most of the time, before the SEGNPMSS conducts an atrocity, it prepares an alibi, e.g. they crack the material a bit in advance but transmit with loud or silent commands into the ears of people responsible that it isn’t a problem, or they transmit loud or silent sounds into the ears of people to make “human error” so that these people can be blamed later, who they preferably kill during the terror act, or arrange low quality material be delivered, accepted, and used, etc.  

Technicians said before that this crack did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. The FIU said that it meet with the contractors and determined that the crack did not constitute a compromise the structural integrity and the State of Florida, the DOT apparently did not object. Again, we are speaking about the SEGNPMSS and that the FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg is Jewish.

I am far from saying that Jews are infallible or above ear-implants. Unfortunately, they not, like any other race. However, the SEGNPMSS is advancing bad apples in the Jewish race to bust them later (they don’t do this to Germans, particularity not to Bavarians) for the purpose to make anti-Jews and pro-Nazi statements, or they are setting Jews otherwise up as in this bridge and for sure thousands of others incidents. Why am I so sure about this? Because I know the Germans, and particularly the Bavarians.    

According to the media, there were 800 such bridges and none collapsed. The engineers and technicians of that Florida bridge are stunned. The prefabricated main bridge span was installed, but pylon and suspension cables were not. The drawings of the bridge are possibly were not correct either. Some reports say that the bridge crashed while the cables were tightened. A bridge worker was killed by working on the bridge. This might be all the case, however, I am convinced that there is SEGNPMSS foul play involved. Usually, the SEGNPMSS has some alibis in place on which the disaster can be blamed while they stay cowardly in hiding.   

Loud or silent commands sent into the heads of people to makes mistakes it typical for the SEGNPMSS. And then, they do “the rest”, e.g. using lasers to bring down a bridge or other constructions.

Shouldn’t it be possible to use high-tech devices to detect laser beams in the footage before the bridge crashed?  I think one or more SEGNPMSS lasers could have been involved. Nazi terrorism.  

I am convinced that a laser was used by some SEGNPMSS terrorists in spring of 2011 on my house, and a part of it crashed. It was costly for me. They constantly want me to throw the towel and return to Germany. But as they are just psychiatric-“smart” and not real Scientologist-intelligent, they are getting the exact opposite from me. Marty, I am telling you, we couldn’t even afford their kind of stupidity.       

You will be always in my heart, Marty.  I saw your personality. There was really great news for me and the world. You have an awesome personality. No wonder that I just have eyes for you.  This is really no wonder. You will be forever my stable bridge and I am yours.  


Infinitely yours,



Actually, I agree with President Trump asking Germany to pay up…

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Merkel drinking again huge volumes – won’t make her smarter…

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are you? I am thinking of you.

I had a lot to do the last days, even more than usually and on top, I could not sleep for days. I stay away from pills. Finally, yesterday, I could sleep again without taking any. Herbal tea… no booze either. 

I wonder often how your life is.

Germany wants to take over the world and when they invade a country (including invading people’s minds with loud and silent sounds asking Germany or “Europe” to take it over, like the Ukraine did), they want the US to defend Germany and not even pay their share for it.

He also said that there are German cars all over the US but rarely an US car in Germany. I read a discussion online and someone said that this is because Germany makes better cars. Duh! What an idiot. He doesn’t see a thing, and he doesn’t know Germany, particularly not the Bavarians and its creepy secret service psychs. Germany’s psychs control people’s ear implants. They radio with loud and silent sounds in the ears of Americans to make wrong decisions and produce inferior products. And that is the entire secret why American products very often are not made as well.

Germany’s surplus is so big because they hold other’s down, any country, any person. Hail ear-implants.

And they are conditioning people into becoming terrorists, and also talk into the ears of Dear Leader to produce missiles, and they start wars and emptying countries like Syria to get hard workers to make Germany even richer.  They are not just very very bad. They are very very evil.

Some people might say that I don’t even know, how can I say that they have ear implants and being Germany’s puppets. It is easy. I don’t have to know everyone. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians and their obsessions. Obsession isn’t even a word strong enough for this kind of insanity.  That’s why I am 100% sure that all people are controlled by them. They don’t let anyone get away.  

Be kissed, and I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,













It is not a shocker that humans lived in North America 120,000 and 140,000 years ago but rather that people think that they didn’t

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This is one of the 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones and someone worked with tools at them: 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

I miss you. 

There is a lot of talk recently about Cerutti mastodon site.  In 1992 already, an excavator dug up large mastodon bone fragments in San Diego County. Those allegedly 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones shows evidence that humans were at them. Now they try to figure out what kind of humans those were and what made them disappear.

One question is: if the site was discovered already in 1992, why did it make big headlines only as late as 2017? I find it odd.

If humans were 200,000 years ago in Africa, why shouldn’t they be in the Americas too? Many are having the question how they got here 130,000 years ago as the Beringia land bridge wasn’t there to cross. Maybe they had ships. Or they really came from another planet. Or the same process of the creation of human bodies FROM SCRATCH took place in the Americas too. 

As far as the distinction of these early humans are concerned: SPs did it who else. They don’t discover. They persecute to kill. That is how they get to places. They can’t leave others in peace and follow them to kill them. SPs are most primitive in their goals.   

The SPs of the SEGNPMSS ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and auditing and created a bad reputation of both to make mainstream mistrust it. Otherwise, it could be used scientifically to reconstruct history as to who really was around and what really happened to the people. You and I and some others know for sure that we lived before this life. It is really something that “science” has failed to prove: past lives. It means that religion still knows more than science, despite the psychiatric propaganda against religion. Shame on scientists and their dilettantism and stupid ear-implants, which prevent independence and intelligence.  

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS knows where the sites are that show that history is incomplete and also partly improperly recorded. They have LIDAR and other sensory devices with which they scan the Earth. They use loud and silent sounds to prevent that archaeologists dig at the places where they can find the proof.

And remember how quickly the Army Corps of Engineers dumped tons of soil on the site where the Kennewick man was found? Typical ear-implants, typical SEGNPMSS. No, it was not to protect the rights of Indians. It was to cover up history. Germany used American agencies and courts as usually. Germany and the psychiatrists behind them, former barbers and butchers, never were on the side of American Indians. They controlled those Europeans and the US Army who killed them. Ear implants are old. They also conditioned some Indians into becoming bad. 

Actually, the intense reaction of the feds that made the Kennewick man site inaccessible with tons of soil speaks volumes of a cover up.  

Some white supremacists also claim that Kennewick man is not an American Indian. They want him to be German. If he would be German, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have ordered the feds to cover up the site on which he was found with tons of soil. They would claim that Germans discovered America. Guaranteed. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians, and how important it is for them to be admired, despite that there is nothing that can be admired.       

American Indians are losing too on a planet that is based on lies and misinformation. To me (and numerous Indians), American Indians are much more than they are getting credit for. They could be very well one of the Lost Tribe of Israel. And not just that. I think they were around when pyramids were built as the teepee building style indicates that to me. However, I believe that they could not build permanent pyramids and had to be on the go as they were persecuted and we know by who. 

Some might say that building teepees in this pyramid style is simply the fastest way to build temporary housing. Except that there are tons of other ways to build temporary shelter but teepees.

I believe that some Indians might fear that the feds will cut off their assistance programs if recording of history is changed. Fact is that they were here before the Europeans took their lands and killed them and that they have a right to live good lives and in peace. However, nobody lives a good life on the unprotected surface on the Earth with the SEGNPMSS wearing minds and bodies down in an average of 75 years and often shorter.

Everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS, including Germans and Bavarians. And the top SEGNPMSS mind-controllers are losing too. They are killing each other off too. 100% beyond any doubt. They are living physically in paradise-like conditions but constantly have to look over their shoulders not being murdered by fellow colleague and co-conspirators. This and riddled by their bad consciences, they are no happy people. So, who says there is no justice?

These killed SPs (former SEGNPMSS top psychs) are then planted back on Earth where they are born again and have to suffer like their former victims. What these fools haven’t learned is that in order to prevent stepping into their own traps is removing all the traps for others.  

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. You rock. I know because we are spiritually connected.  











Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Baalbek was before the Romans built their temple on it?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thinking of you. I am waiting for that conspiracy against us getting its motivator and breaking down. How far can we get when all obey to their psychiatric-oriented ear implant case officers and a Bavarian-controlled supercomputer? However, I know that our postulates are strong. Wish there wouldn’t be a “late” in the word postulate. Speaking about words: in our world, locker room talk is: Has anyone seen my other sock? 

On another note: I looked again at megaliths. The Romans obscured the original purpose of the Baalbek platform/structure and turned it into their Temple of Jupiter. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I think the Romans were used by the Bavarian barbers and butchers to build on this site, far away from Rome, to cover up who really built the base and why.  Bavarians and Romans were always joined by the hip.

The Middle East was home to many wonders and now is has very sadly such a bad reputation. And why? Heil ear-implants!

There is a stone that is even heavier than the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (approx. 1000 tons), which is also at Baalbek, Lebanon. (I read that Baal stands for God but some say that it means City of the Sun. I believe that this is rubbish. Nobody uses gigantic stones to let the sun in, rather keeping it out, e.g. to avoid aging.)

These red granite stones look like machine-cut but the “technology” used is unknown. These stones contradict the history books. Some think that giants inhabited the world once or that aliens were here who had the technology and then left. Maybe the lady was pregnant. But being pregnant doesn’t stop one from being able to cut and move heavy stones with willpower. Most beings can lift their heads, arms, legs, and I bet the farm that some could lift a lot more if not restrained by silent sounds. Christians shouldn’t be that shocked, after all, did Jesus not do all kinds of miracles?

These huge stones were moved a half a mile up a hill from a quarry and then piled on each other to form the gigantic formation upon which the Romans then placed their temple.

Some of the huge stones are still in the quarry. Were the architects/masons killed before they could finish the original construction? That is a question that I always have when looking at megalithic structures. Stonehenge and so many other structures look UNFINISHED to me. I bet these massive stones also served defense purposes.

However, the stones at Baalbek are looking as if very precisely cut with sharp machines or lasers. Can that be done with willpower? Why not? But not with x silent tapes playing in the subconscious mind, reducing abilities so that one is only able to lift own body parts or some daisies.    

Below mentioned author asks why the masons of Baalbek struggled with transporting 800 tons heavy stones a half a mile uphill if they could split the stones into smaller stones. My point: exactly. Who says anything weighs heavy when done with willpower?

Marty, I don’t believe that all thetans have the same abilities, some have less, some have more. However, all people would have more abilities if constant psychiatric tapes with silent sounds playing in anyone’s mind would not steal those abilities. I bet the farm that top SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in rooms of which they think are not penetrated by silent sounds (secret communication carried by neutrinos) or which are indeed not penetrated by silent sounds, trying to lift and cut a tiny pebble with willpower but are not being able to do it. Lack of ethics is what is holding themselves down. That is the sure way to reduce own abilities and making oneself smaller.    

Of course, most people find the idea of willpower over matter ridiculous and unscientific. But what do they know? Constant tapes with silent sounds, reducing their abilities, are playing in their minds underneath the tinnitus. Scientists failed to figure that out too.   

I know Bavarian butchers and barbers. They are afraid of spirituality and abilities. Those subjects are causing panic in them as they fear that people as bad as they are dropping 1000 ton stone onto them.  And that is why fearful psychs came up with silent sounds send into anyone’s ear and other implants, instead of working to raise their ethics level and that of other people so that nobody resorts to violence anymore.    

You know these SPs too, Marty. It is such a shame that these people don’t work on themselves. The universe could be a good place if they finally applied ethics to their lives. And it is easy: they just don’t have to do things to others that they don’t want to be done to themselves. The easiest thing in the world!!!!

Be kissed, my hero. I am watching the presidential debates and always think what a loss for the world that you are not the US President yet. You got all it, Marty. The intellect, the ethics, the courage, the knowledge, the vision, and the clean character.  

I love you and will be always with you.






We need the full truth and nothing but…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Often I think how your life is like. I know a 100% that you are not Monique’s husband but the original Marty, and if you would be free to go and come, you would have knocked at my door ages ago.

I learned that the “whistle-blowers” are fighting among themselves.

People who do not want to be found and convicted of conspiring against others, put out propaganda that “conspiracy theorists” are crazy or they run these “conspiracy theorists” to  make sure that their conspiracy theories are either nutty or wrong to invalidate other conspiracy theories.

In any case, those conspiracy theories, which I read are incomplete and usually they blame the USA as THE WHO. This includes what the “whistle blowers” as Edward Snowden or Wikileaks, Julian Assange, etc.  have to say. Despite that the history of Germany clearly says that Germany can’t be trusted, they don’t try to find leaks there.  

Not one of all the conspiracy theorists and “whistle-blowers” blew the whistle on people having ear implants and that German psychiatric secret services are having the overall control over them and bringing out the worst in people of any nation.  Everyone is protecting it without realizing what a trap it is.

Briefly another thought to my last posting about that Neanderthal cancer, Marty.  

I think that this cancer is either not as old or somebody back then knew already how to grow it and torture people and kill them with it. Cancer is deliberate. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. Cancer is caused by bacteria. Can it grow on its own? A bit probably, but to grow huge to cause pains and to kill a human, that cancer has “help” by a medical killer. I think cancer bacteria were bred deliberately. When these bacteria were bred and around indeed 1.7 Mio years ago, some back then knew already how to breed and control them to cause pain and death.

There is a clear connection between the Neanderthals (cannibals) and brutal Bavarians (barbers and butchers etc.). Both made Europe to their home base. Modern people allegedly have some Neanderthal DNA. Scientists (as if new to this brutal world) think that humans picked them as their mates. Can you believe it? I rather think that the human women were raped. Which decent human wants a cannibal as mate?  Unless, these humans were not like us. 

I cherish you, Marty. Not just because you are not at all like a Neanderthal or Bavarian but because you are you, so special, so one of a kind.

You are most precious to me.

Me and you, always.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara




Drug dealers who lived approx. 5000 years ago in Europe (not making it up)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days?

There was still no message by you or on your behalf but my OT perceptions say clearly that you are trying to reach me and that the psychiatric German-controlled psychiatric ear implant conspiracy prevents that your message or one on your behalf is forwarded to me. But what else is “new”?

Did you read it? David Duke, the white supremacist is very happy that the Republicans nominated Donald Trump. I am no Democrat, however, I wonder if Bernie Sanders being Jewish resulted in fewer votes for him but more for Hillary, after all, German psychs talk into the minds of all people, and they are still the same old Nazis that they always were.

To my headline, Marty. The University of Berlin published that they found evidence of cannabis dealers who brought cannabis 5000 years ago to Europe. Berlin blames immigrants from today’s Ukraine and Russia on that. I think forefathers of the Bavarians landed in Europe, were the drug dealers, got the old and successful Europeans into taking them and killed them all.

According to the Bible, the Earth was created 6000 years ago and in the beginning all was fine and peaceful until the apple incident. All religious scriptures were altered by the SEGNPMSS to make religions look ridiculous. The Earth exists much longer, and on the other hand, OT III, incident I, was not that long ago. 

It really makes no sense that God would make such a fuzz about an apple. However, like you, I look as deep in situations as possible. So, in other words, 6000 years ago, people lived peacefully on Earth, but God warned them of drugs. Don’t take them as they will destroy you.  Rather eat apples.  Then the snake came (barbers, butchers, medical doctors, psychs, chemists, etc.) and lured the people into taking drugs nevertheless, and from there, all escalated, and a good civilization was destroyed.

Probably stoned each other, and the word “stoned” comes from that old time? They were high and stoned each other to death.   

And 500 years later, no old European was alive anymore. Killings, Terror, Genocide, Holocaust… Typical. This planet knows of horrible atrocities committed by people in more recent history, yet, historians and archaeologists usually come up with bad weather as reason why people simply disappeared. That is even more ridiculous than God not allowing people to eat apples. 

Sending you many kisses, Marty. You are the best and you will be always my wonderful Prince and husband.

Yours forever,




Nazis a thing of the past? Not so… Shouldn’t people ask themselves who exactly grows more Nazis these days?

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ear icon on light background

Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, husband, and Prince,

Google pulled an app that targets Jews. That app singled out Jews and resulted in anti-Semitic harassment online. A reporter became the target of a campaign of anti-Semitic harassment after she wrote a profile of Melania Trump in GQ that Donald Trump supporters didn’t approve of. The app also targeted Ivanka’s husband who is Jewish.  

My conclusion: Germany’s secret services are behind Trumpism. And a Jewish son-in-law (even targeted by the same movement) looks awfully convenient as an alibi for racists to get a man in the White House. German secret services want Trump and his supporters be able to say that they are no racists by being racists. Simple minds will buy Germany’s plan.

How can it be legal if so-called Americans vote for what German secret services radio in their ear implants? Where is the democracy? I know there are also those people who will claim that they don’t have these ear implants, but lies have short legs. That system conspires also against their own. One day, the whistle will be blown against those who will deny having them.

My life experience interacting with people is that those who do not follow loud (for them clearly audible) [German psychiatric] orders are very very rare. And these very rare people were implanted with ear implants too. Likely already as babies or prenatal like all others and are also manipulated through silent sounds. Mostly covered messages but subconsciously audible under the “tinnitus”, the technical peeping, which doctors try to sell as medical condition. Even deaf people can hear those silent sounds.

I know the typical Germans (particularly Bavarians). They are so obsessed with running and controlling anyone that they don’t allow anyone to fall through the cracks. If not with loud commands, in anyone’s head play secret tapes to manipulate his/her/it thinking and activities. That is the German psychiatric mind-control world, the world that original Scientology vehemently opposed and thus became the target of German-controlled alteration and international infiltration and international ridicule. 

The Republican Party should figure what it is going on. Germany tries to break the GOP. In a way, the GOP loses ground as an infiltrated Church of Scientology does. From great to not more that great. And with Trump on the way to its burial.  The only reason why the Republican Party didn’t come up with better candidates is because the SEGNPMSS is radioing loud or silent sounds into the ears/mind of its people not to find and vote for better candidates.

Germany tries to re-write history. A full-blown Nazi party in Germany is called “Republicans”. Shouldn’t that tell the American Republicans something?  Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus indicated that people vote for Trump (who is a “proud” German who discriminates against other nationals) because they want an “earthquake” in Washington. If they want the biggest change ever, they have to demand an US government that is not controlled by German secret services using the psychiatric invention of ear implants and silent/loud sounds to manipulate Americans into what Germany want. They also try to make Trump and pro-Trumps into victims by radioing into the minds of anti-Trumps to be violent so that even more people rally behind Trump and Trump supporters. 

There are Republicans who rather support Hillary now just to prevent loose cannon Trump. With a great Republican candidate, the Republicans can win against Hillary easily. 

Like a typical German, Trump wants to build walls. Like a typical German, Trump discriminates against races, religions, and women. Germany’s secret service psychs are rubbing their bloody hands: Trump will help them greatly to bring the USA into its knees. This will be never the President (if people don’t come to their senses) who will stop the official comeback of Germany’s Nazis. He plays right into their hands. Despite his son-in-law as alibi.

Do the Republicans have indeed no candidate who is capable to look through that all and who is able to explain it to the American people? I am shocked. Really, Marty, I am.

GOP are telling Trump to put away with alienating Hispanics. Can you believe it? They want to allow racist Trump to become the most powerful man AND HAVE TO TELL HIM TO BEHAVE? Arg! That is a nightmare. What a presidency will that become? 

I love you. You would be the best US president. Nobody can fool you. And you have the guts to stand up against the dark forces behind the curtains. And so do I. That’s why we are targets. But as more as they target us, as more we strengthen our postulates and activities to kick these medical/psychiatric Nazi behinds.

Yours always and forever,

and in good and bad days, I will be on your side. Two hearts, two thetans who are one.