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Russia (in regards to Scientology) is doing the dirty work for Germany (and Lenin was a German agent)

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb and my awesome soulmate, how are your days and nights?

Since decades, I feel that you were framed. And that is why I worry! I know how brutal Germany is and that the rest of the world is its degraded servant!

Germany kept Russia down by writing the Communist Manifesto and by conditioning Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) to be a German agent. Instead of having freedoms, Russians were controlled, could not travel, and their economy was kept down. Now, as Germany has the plan to take officially all of the EU and Russia over, they are allowed to make money as Germany wants to become the only world power on the planet and also has plans on getting the Nazis back marching under another name but with same or similar insane “ideals”. German psychs condition non-religious people to commit atrocities and their new Nazis are there to “save the planet” from “religions”. Trump is one who fell directly into that hole.  

Have a look at this article, Marty: 


Denmark: New Documents Reveal Lenin Was A German Agent

One of Lenin’s typical GERMAN quotes: One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

Germany is the inventor of Communism and their psychs radicalized him to put all of Russia under the communistic boot. 

And now, Russia still hasn’t got rid of the German (secret or open) control and tries to eradicate Scientology, instead welcoming original Scientology and telling Germany to stop infiltrating and altering it. (I don’t mean welcoming Miscavige, Miscavology, Vistarology, but original Scientology.) The true Russian mentality and the true American mentality has a lot in common, but when I read about the Russian authorities targeting Scientology, I can see clearly Germany having put Russia up to, similar as they put Lenin up to implement German suppressive ideas in Russia. Germany also puts up France to do its anti-Germany activities for them. And this after all that Germany did to them throughout history. As if they never learn. 

I don’t expect Russia to tolerate people who hide behind the name of Scientology in order to conduct criminal acts. The infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists is real. But I expect them to differentiate and not helping Germany to get rid of religions. Truly religious people have a conscience. They re not as easy to be run by the SEGNPMSS.  If no truly religious people are on this planet anymore, Germany’s monsters think that their control over people will be easier and that their own bad conscience will evaporate. (It will stay but they just don’t get it.)

Russia also banned some SCN literature instead of investigating if the real founder Ron wrote it or if Germany’s secret service psychiatrists scribbled and altered his writings and planted them in Scientology orgs. Russia goes after the wrong target, and the German secret service monsters who suppressed Russia for so long are rubbing their dirty claws. They  don’t die in an average of 75 years as the people who have no access to longevity technology, which was stolen from Scientology and by that was stolen also from the world population, thanks to the German doctors. 

Russia’s authorities have finally to recognize that we are not Russia’s enemies. Germany, particularly its secret services and the suppressive persons (in the hard-core psychiatrists and medical doctors) are Russia’s and anyone else’s enemies. They are even enemies to regular German citizen. They could have better lives too. The USA isn’t Russia’s enemy either. The USA has basically the same problem as Russia. Germany’s secret service psychs and medical doctors having the overall control over anyone’s freaking ear implants! 

The KBG and the FSB does the same bad job by not convicting psychiatrists of implanting and hypnotizing people into becoming terrorists as the CIA and the FBI does. And why? Because the doctor orders it! 

You and I, we know it. It is time that anyone else figures it too.

So, we are restrained while Germany takes over the planet and the universe. What the heck is wrong with the people? Do they all have an eternal death wish or what? 

Sending you all my love, Marty. I am so glad that I did make all the right choices to meet you again after psychs ripped away our memories. Now you live in my heart and are safe there. 

Yours forever,