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The massive “Black Hole” in the Milky Way has a hidden purpose

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how is your life?

I miss you. And I love you. Nothing will ever change this.

Did you hear it? Chinese astronomers discovered a gigantic “Black Hole” in our galaxy. It is nearly three times the size a “black hole” should be according to “science”.

I don’t doubt that these researchers indeed saw this “Black Hole”, but I am sure that it and other such holes are fake and a secret German-controlled computer projection. The message is clear: “Stay put. Or it will suck you in. We don’t want mainstream to venture into space. Any alien one out there must be first attached to our ear-implant system and consider psychiatrists to be Gods and must be Nazis before Earth mainstream may lean about them. And we are working hard on it to keep mainstream in the dark. We know what is behind the deep space projection, after all, we put it up there, but mainstream Earth shouldn’t know. It can’t handle the truth.”

These “black holes” go so hand in hand with the “run-away universe”, Marty, do you agree? 

I sometimes remove my thoughts from everything what is being taught in schools and elsewhere and look at things as I never heard about it before so that I don’t fall for nonsense. 

Black holes? Run-away universe? Holographic universe? A big bang created the universe from nothing?  There is no dark matter nor dark energy on Earth but the universe is full with it? What a load of crap. We are looking at a fake deep universe, a projection that is there to mislead us and keep us from the truth put up by Germany’s super nuts cases. 

Sciencealert says that “the true scale of black holes might just crush people’s brain”. Did you notice? They don’t even know the different between mind and brain. No wonder that they don’t figure out the rest and that the deep space that astronomers are seeing is FAKE. Maybe they should use their minds instead of the brain, the flesh, to think, then maybe they would figure out things the way we do.

My mind is not crushed by any of that nonsense disgused as “science”, and I know yours neither, Marty. 

One article asks: “So… should we be worried about a rogue black hole that’s doing what it wants, where it wants? Well, unless we somehow figure out how to travel to places billions of light-years away, the answer is no.”

This is exactly my point. The scum behind the fake universe projection WANTS PARTICULARLY A CERTAIN EARTH POPULATION GROUNDED. This is why they are trying to scare us with “black holes” and coming up with crap like the “run-away universe”, so that we say: Too dangerous, too far. We stay home and small. 

What I don’t get is that not everyone doesn’t get it, Marty. The set up is very easy to see through.

And read this:It’s not clear why they’re [the black holes] always in the middle… This looming presence is intrinsic to the existence of a galaxy – they even grow in tandem with each other – but no one’s entirely sure why these black holes always end up at the centre.”

Yeah, isn’t that suspicious? So that we don’t even think about planning a way around it. We always should consider that it can go to the left and right side. We should forget taking any route. I am entirely sure that it is all fake. I am not no one. 

“Massive and supermassive black holes are thought to be at the heart of every galaxy in the Universe.” 

Lol. How convenient for those who want to keep us grounded. 

“Regardless of how they got there, supermassive black holes tend to stay put in the centre of a galaxy – but physicists have hypothesised that on very rare occasions, something catastrophic can knock them free.”

Sure, scare tactics of those who want to turn all aliens in the universe into ear-implant carriers and robots before we can tell them that it is a freaking trap.   

I love you, Marty, I am going nowhere without you. You have my heart for all eternity. As little as I think that black holes are real as little do I think that you don’t love me because I don’t hear from you. The same conspirators who keep us apart are the creatures who don’t want us to see the real universe. 

Keep on surviving, my hero.

Yours forever and always,


I found the English lyrics of this song online: 


Not without you

Dry your tears
I’m not going
It would need much more than that
To destroy, annihilate everything; not that
Dry your tears
And make love to me again
You remember that child
That you wanted to create with me singing
I still love you so much
No, not without you
I won’t live such a life
If you retake me in your arms
We could get everything back together again
No, no, no
Not without you
It would be like denying my life
It would be like stifling a cry
If I’m wrong, go away
If you love me, wait for me
Dry your tears
Time will wait for us
We got lost in all this
I don’t think there’s any more reasons to be afraid
Dry your tears
We are so much stronger
Than all this time, all this remorse
We forgot ourselves, we got things wrong
I still love you so much
No, not without you
I won’t live such a life
If you retake me in your arms
We could get everything back together again
No, no, no
Not without you
It would be like denying my life, my life
It would be like stifling a cry
If I’m wrong, go away
If you love me, wait for me
Dry your tears
Give me that smile
That doesn’t age
Either my soul or my body
I still love you so much

Earth is trapped in the bubble of the theoretical Oort Cloud

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how is your life?

I am sure you noticed, just like the Big Bang, someone comes up with a theory and the others report it as “fact” and “science”.

Officially, nobody yet reached the theoretical “Oort Cloud” but trillions of comets crashing from these areas should make space travelers worried.

The Voyagers flew through the “Kuiper Belt” but didn’t explore it, because when they were sent in space in 1977, space science allegedly didn’t know of the “Kuiper Belt”. I think due to that the “Kuiper Belt” was not explored, it may not even exist and the frozen volatiles (“ices”) are broken off somewhere with lasers just when “needed” to scare.  The “Kuiper Belt could contain hundreds of thousands of icy bodies that range in size from small chunks of ice to worldlets larger than 100 kilometers across”, says science. “Could…”  

                      The Voyagers made it through without a scratch, didn’t they? 

To me, those who projected the fake universe hologram are sending us the message: “Stay away or you will be crushed by comets or planetoids. They killed the dinos, they can kill you…” It should be easy using lasers in same space station and cutting off some ice and dirt balls and make people believe that those areas are naturally dangerous places, like black holes.

                                                Who are they kidding, Marty? 

Look, we are “trapped”. Bubble all around us. Typical. Some wants us to stay in the bubble forever.  The “Asteroid Belt” and the “Kuiper Belt” and alleged “Oort Cloud” serve this purpose.     

The alleged “Oort Cloud” surrounds our solar systems with ice and rocks and is sending us comets to introvert us. “Don’t come closer. Stay where you are for crying out loud. It is dangerous out here. And it is cold too, freaking cold. Nobody lives here. Go home and stay there. Leave the universe up to us until the last creature has ear-implants and obeys to German nationalism.” 

They possibly destroy the Voyagers inside the “cloud” (allegedly by comets or something else “natural”) or they disable all functions and the spacecrafts are lost and report no longer, because SEGNPMSS sure has no intentions telling us what it does and what’s going on inside and beyond that “cloud”.  

The “Oort Cloud” has allegedly two distinct regions, a spherical outer cloud that surrounds the solar system, and a disc-shaped inner cloud. Whatever necessary to make us feel that we can’t go manned beyond Neptune. 

Sedna allegedly comes from the inner “Oort Cloud”. Doesn’t look like a piece of ice and mud to me. Seems to be very cold on it. Maybe that should stop space travel too, making people think that there can’t be civilizations without a sun nearby. 


Within and behind that “Oort Cloud” lie big secrets.

Be tenderly and passionately kissed, Marty. I miss you. 

Yours forever,




Alleged findings of “gravitational waves” won’t convince me of the big bang and the “Run Away Universe”

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

Here I am again. Thinking of you and also the universe.

I remember being approx. 12 years old, and while my classmates were sleeping in their benches and none of them participated in these discussions, I discussed with my teacher the universe. She believed in the expanding universe, and I told her in polite words that it is a load of crap. And more than ever, I am convinced that I am right. 

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, also called Advanced LIGO, made headlines saying that they proved Einstein’s “gravitational waves”.

As so much in astrophysics and other parts of physics is highly theoretical, it is not easy to be understood, and people have not much time to investigate themselves, they tend to repeat what they heard or read as they are glad that they understood a bit of any theory.  

Here is the important thing: That “universe” that astrophysicists are “studying” contains non-universe matter, e.g. “irregularities”.  As in someone having scribbled with a crayon on the sky and international scientists are ignoring this. If the universe contains such non-universe matters, which is known for decades, shouldn’t physicists rather take the fake universe screen down instead of resting their so-called scientific work and billions of dollars on it? 

LIGO ( has two observatories, and they say that they noticed the elusive gravitational waves by witnessing two black holes colliding. Here is the noise the “black holes” are making:

Gee, any third grader can come up with such noise using his computer. 

Whatever waves and sounds LIGO recorded, it is part of the vast two-dimensional holograph that Bavaria/Germany projects over the real and static universe to stop some of us from going into space and finding intelligence life that is NOT yet attached to their beloved trap, the ear-implants.

What really makes me shake my head: Since 1990, just about all physicists and other people know of the holograph, a 2D surface, but they still don’t make the conclusion that it is unnatural. They “explain” that it is natural and that our 3D world (and even human beings and what they see and feel!) was created by this 2D surface. Fairy tales make more sense than this. What they would say (if they would have non-mind-controlled minds): Who put this freaking 2D surface up, and I want to see what’s behind it.   

We are dealing with a man-made 2D holograms on which are 3D images on two-dimensional surface. And that is what physicists study instead of what’s covered up behind it. The images are having height, width and “depth” like in a 3D movie.   

Telling us that there are black holes that can suck-in should make people afraid, and a run-away universe should make people think that we they can’t explore it at all as any planet that could sustain life is getting more and more away, so why not giving up space travel into deep space at all?

Just what the evil doctor orders as he has free hand hypnotizing anyone else out there and attaching them to their retarded ear-implant system. It works on Earth. Just about anyone obeys to her or his case officers and her or his ear-implant codes. As it worked on Earth, these fanatical barbers and butchers concluded that their psychiatric and medical cult will work in space and on other planets too. And the ear-implant masters will make sure that self-determination of people will be eliminated as they can control people with loud and silent sounds via those implants.

To sum it up: whatever waves LIGO or other such institutions recorded is fanatical-man-made, not generated by the real universe-made. They failed to see this. 

String theory on the other hand, has something. IMO, that the elementary particles can very well been postulated in form of vibrating strings as energy, Marty. However, the jury is still out as to how many dimensions are in those strings. The theories that scientists came up with are 10, 11 or 26. There could be also postulates of which some have more or less strings.   

Black holes, supernovas, exploding stars, spinning stars, all a computer program/screen that covers up the real static universe (with the aliens that are being attached to the Bavarian/German-made psych-Nazi ear-implants) behind it. Without taking the screen down or looking through it, physicists are wasting their times and lots of money. 

How I am so sure? I know the fanaticism of our stalkers and abusers, Marty. They are forgetting by breathing down on us that we can study them too. I can write big books about the lack of characters and mindsets of these bastards. We know what they are capable of. They want to be worshiped as being the creme de la creme of intelligence when in fact they are stupid cowards with the foulest characters any creature can have.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, my darling. 

Yours forever and always,


Partly strange lyrics, but what song hasn’t?





Large Hadron Particle Collider in Cern found nothing…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and amazing soulmate,

How are you?

Sometimes, when I got a minute, I check what my friends the physicists are doing. Physicists should consider the Scientology axioms (the original not any alterations). Makes sense but the big bang doesn’t.

Particle physicists under a German director in CERN claimed a few years ago that they found the Higgs boson “God particle”, the particle that “creates mass in the universe” but later some scientists took it back, kind of. Originally, it was big news.  Most people believe now that they did found it, when in fact scientists are doubting it. One or two years later, only a few media outlets reported that scientists doubt that they found the Higgs, that they think they just found an impostor, or a techni-Higgs  (they want to find a Higgs so badly, any kind of) or a techni-quark.

If they really found that boson, shouldn’t they be able to make a bit matter with it and support their ideas with something more than just colorful graphics of explosions? 

They made the data of their first smash activities available to the public. Guess they hope somebody finds something in… nothing found. What I know is that smashing is the wrong approach to figure how the physical universe came to be.    

Not even a definition of the Higgs boson in their glossary:

CERN recently they tried to spot a certain kind of neutrino and they didn’t see that either. And nothing else…

Anyway, the latest news from the Collider are here: 

WE SEE NOTHING, physicists are saying. Just fluke…

That smashing toy did cost USD 13.25 Billion, and the US paying large sums of it.  

That smashing or banging created the universe is a very wrong idea. The amazing and complex (in a very good way) thetan that you are, Marty, certainly is not the evolution of any smashing or any big bang. Neither is your body. Physicists don’t make a difference between body and the being. But they should. One is physical, the other one spiritual. And by ignoring the latter one, they can’t figure out the first one and the physical universe. Smashing and big bangs DESTROYED the original creation of the physical universe created by one incredible able being. Smashing did not create mass, it destroyed the perfectly created universe into one with death and less ideal living conditions. 

Here is what happened: creation by the creator, destruction by stoned idiots, medical experiments done by conscienceless doctors to the genetic line/bodies and thetans (to degrade), and also some evolution took place after that. People either believe in the creation or in the evolution. They never considered that there were to more activities that go on over a very long time in this universe. 

I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to collide with you again on a very tender and passionate level. There will be sparks, no physicists ever has seen. 😉

Yours always,


That’s the collision I am talking about, Marty. 🙂


The basic theoretical principles governing the universe are violated because the deep universe is a SEGNPMSS projection

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent Prince and soulmate,  

My thoughts are with you. Wish I would know what to do to get closer to you and end your wrongful incarceration.  What kind of animals are that anyway who incarcerate and conspire against an innocent person? If they are allowed to call themselves humans, we sure are something very better, Marty. 

I came across the Oxford Journals, the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, published last summer. Without a telescope, these numbers have to be taken at face value but the most important thing becomes clear:  They “discovered” a clustered ring  with galaxies, approx. 7 billion light-years away from Earth. That ring is so huge that some astronomers say that it violates the basic theoretical principles governing the universe. The ring CONTRADICTS the CP (cosmological principle), and they add that the physical mechanism  for causing this it is unknown.

Unknown? Everyone in this planet is familiar with the German ruthlessness to take over the world (and the universe).  The clustered ring  with galaxies that violates the CP is a program error from the SEGNPMSS in charge for the projection of a fake deep universe. (They don’t want us to see the deep universe as they want all aliens to be Nazis before we get a chance to meet them and tell them about Germany, its psychs, doctors and the Nazis.)

And it isn’t the only error, considering that “peculiar” galaxies are nothing new.

Yet, most cosmologists acts as they are not there. And that is called science.

Halton Arp discovered many of these. He was forbidden telescope time by the German-controlled USA, but he moved to Germany of all places. I assume that Germany hired him for alibi reasons. If a fake deep universe ever becomes mainstream info, they want to say that it is the USA who is behind the fake universe as they denied Arp telescope time, etc. As far as I know, Arp never claimed that the deep universe is fake, but he was right noticing odd things in “space” and that the Bing Bang Theory doesn’t hold up.

He found that galaxies with very different redshifts very far away from us. He said, that redshifts were not always an indication of distance but could be caused by other, unknown physics. He doubted that the distance in the universe can be properly measured by redshifts. 

Yeah, we know what it is, Marty: computer error by the German dupes who computer-project the deep far universe to fool the world. The world is so mind-controlled. If they would project a Mickey Mouse head as a galaxy 10 billion light years away from us, many “scientists” still would think it isn’t fake. And those who figured that it is fake apparently don’t have the courage to speak about it.

Not one review as of today. Who reads his books?

Arp received one German price, however, Arp didn’t come far in Germany, considering that most so-called educated people today still believe that a Big Bang created the universe from a dense hot spot without explaining how a hot spot can come from nothing. As far as I know, HE WORKED FOR FREE for the Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. First they use German-controlled ear implants in America to sabotage his work and then he may lecture for free for Germany. Oh man!

I checked the website of the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. They refer to the Urknall (Big Bang) as start of the universe. What was it good working for free at the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik if Germany (of course not) didn’t truly advance his findings? 

This is what the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote about Dr. Halton Arp: Für die meisten Kollegen ist er deshalb ein Spinner: Halton Arp, der letzte Gegner des Urknalls. (For most colleagues, he is a weirdo: Halton Arp, the last opponent of the Big Bang.) So, did Germany anything good for him? He showed the students of the  Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik in Garching decades ago pictures of these strange galaxies. I read that after the person who invited him to be an unpaid speaker for Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik retired, others of the institute tried to kick him out.  

He also discovered unusually bright objects – so-called quasars – next to ordinary galaxies. He claimed that both are in the same immediate cosmic neighborhood. However, according to the big bang theory, quasars are at the edge of the visible universe, and their apparent neighbors are millions of light years closer to us.

That means, something is wrong with the deep universe. (Yeah, it’s freaking German-fake!) 

I believe that Arp was criticized that his pictures were just two-dimensional. But everything in the deep universe is two-dimensional, as it is just a projection. One can’t see the depths as there isn’t any true depth. It is a freaking hologram. 

Arp explained the different red-shifts in alteration of atoms, that they become more heavy and change. A theoretical physicists named Jayant Narlikar came up with theory.  They all failed to speak it out: fake, fake, fake the far universe projection is fake!

Arp died of pneumonia and was also otherwise ill. Knowing Germany, I am convinced it was just another remote-controlled germ murder of somebody they wanted to get rid of. All the problems that he had in the USA were caused by German-controlled ear implants in so-called Americans or others who immigrated to then USA. 

For us love is not just a word, Marty. It exists, and I am so glad that I know you. Your character caught my heart. The deep universe is a fake projection but our love is a true fact.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my hero.

Yours always and forever,


Look at this redshift 😉 Marty, love coming closer and closer to you not away from you.










Fractal-like turns into non-fractal? Some more evidence that the deep universe, which telescopes see, is fake

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and legendary Prince,

How are you? I am thinking of you.

You know that I accuse the SEGNPMSS of projecting a fake far universe to mislead Earth’s mainstream about space. Their idea is to attach any other lifeforms in the real universe (which is behind the fake projection) to their ear-implant system to control them and run them robotically before we can get to them to convince them that fairness, decency, and ethics is the best way of survival.

Most physicists came to the conclusion that on small scales, the distribution of matter in the universe is fractal-like (like Russian nesting dolls or should I say more specific: German nesting dolls): stars and galaxies clump together in fractal-like pattern. This tells me that one or more of the far universe projection designers had periods were he/they were lazy or imagination run low and just copied their already existing designs. At other places, the “universe” is no longer fractal-like. This should indicate that the deep “universe” it is fake and not natural. In nature, things repeat themselves, as this was the original postulate for not having to re-create the same thing over and over again.

In other words: on the deep universe screen are nesting doll patterns and at other places they are not.

An Australian study discovered that the “universe is fractal-like out to many distance scales, but at a certain point, the mathematical form breaks down”. What does it mean? To me it means that different people worked on the holographic design and that the same people took shortcuts sometimes by copying the former design. Guess, lying is exhaustive. 

Some people say that the “nesting doll pattern” was created by the big bang and that there was no time for gravity to generate such structures in other areas of the universe. However, the first thought that any scientist should have is: this planet had/has very evil people. That’s why anyone has to be alert. Scientists too. The universe that we are seeing is so contradictory that it must be a deception and the real thing is covered up. The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies is around since the 60s. Those are galaxies that are in contrast to the others. They contain “non-universe” content, like wind effects, distance contradictions, etc.

There was an original creation, there were big bangs to destroy it, and there is also an evolution. Most people don’t think that all three happened. And rarely anyone adds a fourth movement to it, a very destructive one: medical and mind-experiments by suppressive people who played God (wrongfully thinking they are it) with beings and nature. That’s it, in a nutshell.     

I know you figured this and so much more already many decades too. I know this because you are my soulmate.

I love you, Marty. Very much.

Be kissed, my magnificent husband. I don’t give up for you for anything in the world. 

Always at your side.









More and more physicists and cosmologists are ditching the Big Bang Theory

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Dearest Marty, most irresistible Prince of the universe, how are you?

More and more physicists and cosmologists are ditching the Big Bang Theory. No, not the TV series, but the real Big Bang Theory. The TV series is hilarious, except the hidden antisemitism that dropped into it and that the TV show tries to sell people the Bing Bang as a fact despite more and more astrophysicists and cosmologists are saying: what big bang? 

Real life physicists and cosmologists came to the conclusion that the Big Bang is all effect and has no cause. In other words: what was before the Big Bang? For years, “science” avoided this question but some physicians are thinking that this question can’t be longer avoided, and they doubt or ditch the Big Bang Theory entirely.

They come up with other explanations, but nobody looks at the Scientology axioms as psychiatric secret services (and Germany the main force behind them) managed to pin worldwide a bad reputation on Scientology. If physicists (and any other profession) would look at the axioms, they could figure what life is and how the universe came to be. I believe it was cosmologist Neil Turok who said once something like that he wants to understand the universe and if it means looking into philosophy, he’ll do it. Exactly, no physicist should be afraid of philosophy. There are many aspects in physics that can’t be seen either. Marty, I think that the entire field of cosmology, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics is bugged because of 1) ignoring spiritualism, which is obvious and 2) ignoring corruption in space and physics/science to mislead.  

Many people are saying that Scientologists are “wacky”. They have NO CLUE how original Scientologists (not Vistarologists or Miscavologists) are thinking and how they are, because no media reports the facts about original Scientology as by the real founder and without psychiatric infiltrators and alteration. However, if non-traditional thinking about the universe and how it came to be is wacky, physicists and cosmologists are that too. Marty, if psychiatrists commit Scientologists, they have to commit LOTS of physicists and cosmologists too. But nobody should be committed, except those need to be handled to put psychiatric labels on others because they don’t understand the depths of their thinking.

Recently, a famous TV personality/physicist said that Scientologists have the right to think whatever they want. Scientology haters really hated that he made such a statement, but Scientology haters don’t listen much to physicists, they rather waste their time and lives hating Scientology. This physicist has met many other physicists who are thinking about the universe on a very grand scale. He has his own theories, and apparently, he came to the correct conclusion that if Scientologists may not think what they want or speak out what they think, are we physicists the next who are censored? When will the intolerance end?

How can the mystery of the universe be solved, if people may not study, think, and talk about it or question the traditional approach that didn’t solve the puzzle? 

Today, it is still in the air that deep thinkers are allegedly nuts. Who came up with it? Psychiatrists who are suppressive, small thinkers, and psychiatric agents in the media and the Internet promoting that psychiatric cause. And Germany above all, just like their national hymn says.

I like physicists who utter their theories about the universe and everything else a lot more than psychiatrists and their agents in the media, on the internet, etc. who try to overtly or covertly stop free speech with psychiatric labeling of people.

Marty, I feel utterly as a spiritual being, and I know you too. I HAVE a body but I am none.098I also  feel eternally spiritual. Wrapping my head around that I always existed in spiritual form is a piece of cake for me. Nothing feels more right. Why should something die that never was physical in the first place?

Unfortunately, most of the many physicists I have listened too, ignore that spiritual part on their search for what was at the beginning. And that is too bad, because that is the key to understanding the universe and that is what they need to get it right.

Some astrophysicists believe that the universe came to be through inflation, others believe it was a bounce, that our universe was born inside a black hole and then inflated, that our universe has an ancestors, that our universe is one of many on a huge membrane and that branes collided, that there are neighboring universes in other dimensions, that there was a big wave that evolved with high energy and this is how the universe started, etc.

But none of them looks closer to home and asks the question: Maybe some of these externally existing beings (humans) of today were more able in the past? Could they create and do more things than today? Was there a devolution of spiritual abilities? I am convinced of that, Marty. And with silent sounds everywhere, it is hard to recover these spiritual abilities. I also think that not everyone could create nature and matter, but somebody could and did it. And maybe everyone could learn it but not in a psychiatric and medical universe that keeps mankind down with silent sounds and controls their thoughts.  

I love you, Marty. Too bad that I can’t speak directly with you, face to face about this.

Yours forever and forever. No bigger love in the entire multiverse but ours. 


A beautiful song, my Immortal one, but you caused no pains and no wounds, and I don’t want you to go.