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More German-ordered controlled dirt

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Dearest Marty, my endless love,

Your pro-Miscavology impostor, Monique’s husband, protested on his blog on August 22, 2019 against Sergio Gil. According to your impostor, Gil made false accusations about him and that he wouldn’t even know Gil.

No need to go in the details as I am sure you know where to find the blog of your impostor.

What I am saying is: as Germany has Monique’s husband impersonating you, the p$ychs behind Germany are trying to throw more dirt at you trying to make the world believe that there was just one Mark or Marty Rathbun in Scientology. The same they did with Ron, the founder. They keep it under wraps that Germany together with their poodle CIA run/ran impostors to impersonate Ron, the founder of Scientology, and change his writings, activities, and legacy and our religion Scientology, and that they also run your impostor to impersonate you and ruin your work and legacy. 

I despise them, Marty. Although, the psychs behind Germany hoped mostly that I of all people would fall for their impostors – but despite they stalk me all my life, they don’t really know me and neither do they know you, Marty. They are arrogant know-it-all lunatics without feeling the necessity to learn. 

And there is another thing, p$ych dupe Tony Ortega, in his tortured syntax, blogged yesterday (and likely already earlier) on the Underground Bunker (go figure!) favorable of Sergio Gil’s statements. Yet, he also stressed that before Monique’s husband joined DM and Miscavology again, he told Ortega that he wouldn’t know Gil. So, what do we have here? Ortega makes it look as if Gil’s claims AND also the claim of your impostor are true. If the claims of those two creeps are true, I am getting the idea who Ortega really tries to frame here: YOU!

Although in typical German-controlled manner, Ortega hushes up any truth about the doppelgangers sent by secret services into Scientology to alter and destroy it and the decent originals. 

I never read the books of your impostor, Marty. I assume that they are riddled with false data, claiming that he is you and that you committed crimes to which he “confessed”, except that you didn’t commit them. this is a typical German Nazi strategy and similar to “the affirmations” that the real founder Ron most certainly did not write. 

On another subject, did you read that Bin Laden’s son Hamza is confirmed to be dead? Yeah right. Not even the real Bin Laden was killed – just one of his doppelgangers.

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed.

Abracadabra, I want to reach out and grab you. 🙂

Yours forever,


One reads a lot about abuse by alleged “religious” people but rarely about the abuse by medical doctors or neuro-scientists (psychs), because the latter run the world and they cover their dirt up

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Dearest Marty, how are you? I miss you a lot.

Neuro-scientists (p$ychs) and medical doctors are running and mind-control the world through ear-implants, that is why their own dirt and perversions rarely comes to light. As they hate religion (they think that their bad conscience subsides when the world gets rid of religion and a belief in God) and as they want to be admired as if they would be Gods, they bust their own non-religious and perverted agents in religious organisations and blame it on religion or “God” for those who do not want to believe that he doesn’t exist.

Also, they are giving themselves away by busting Jews and Americans and rarely any German. They want a mind-controlled world to think that Germans are better. The hell they are. They are the worst. They bring out the worst in any other nation or race.   

If the world would not hang on their secret German-Nazi-strings, it would have figured the details a long time ago.

I know, I blogged of this often, but I can’t help myself.

Another thing that I noticed in the media is that the US allegedly offered 1 million Dollar reward for information of Bin Laden’s son Hamza Bin Laden as his offspring published audio message threatening the USA in revenge for his father’s death. 

I bet the farm that Hamza Bin Laden knows very well that his father got away and Obama got just Osama bin Laden’s doppelganger not the real monster or the SEGNPMSS behind Bin Laden, Al Queda, and the 9/11 terror attacks. And that is why Hamza feels good to step in his father’s footstep as he thinks he also is getting away.

I love you, Marty, very much. Be kissed. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,