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For the Pope and for judges: If A commits a crime against B, the forgiving has to come from B not from C

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, and Prince,

I hope this posting finds you well. SEGNPMSS breathes down heavily on me. They really are monsters.

There are many people who thought and maybe think that the Nazis never come back as they appalled too many people. And now we are again at a point that clearly shows that they will be back internationally in no time if not a miracle prevents it.

And this time, a German “US president-elect” is hiding his right-extreme intentions behind his daughter’s marriage and the Republican Party. His actions, however, are giving Trump away.

And most of the time, the SEGNPMSS prepares the ground for one, even more extreme to come along. As in Germany and France for example, their current leader’s actions and failures make the extreme right and nationalism possible. The leaders that appear less extreme prepare the ground for extreme Adolfs and Adolfinas.

“Darkness is good”, says Trump’s man Bannon, e.g. “satan”. Has the world lost its remaining few marbles?

Have a look at the Mother Jones article, Marty: White Nationalists Celebrate Trump’s Victory and Early Appointments -Alt-right leader Richard Spencer called Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions “wonderful.”

If they call it wonderful, shouldn’t send this a warning sign to anyone who doesn’t consider him- or herself a Nazi?

The White Nationalists are raising their hands in Nazi salute. IQ and character like poisonous snakes but not like humans.

I also read the news that Pope Francis is allowing his priests to forgive abortions. I mentioned it before, Marty, my problems with the Christians was always their attitude that they can commit any crime as God forgives them anyway. So, why being decent if God is a fool who doesn’t hold bad people accountable? 

How to avoid abortions? Women and men should take precautions in advance, not abort.  

We as real Scientologists (I don’t mean the Miscavologists) know that thetans make the error and pick up their new bodies very early as they are being transmitted by their case officers (they can still hear after death of their old body, likely hear better than with their old body) that somebody else will claim that body if they don’t dive into it and claim it for themselves. And then, when deeply anchored with that fetus or embryo, they are being aborted. Abortion is definitely not just “tissue” as some stupid infiltrators in the Church of Scientology claim.

And who is the Pope who makes such a forgiveness statement on behalf of God? Who are his priests who are “forgiving” on behalf of God and the brutal murder of a fetus and embryo body inhabited by a thetan? If these people would have indeed a line to God, they would know a lot more and act accordingly.      

The only forgiveness that one can expect is that from the person that was harmed. You know it and I know it, but most of the world does not want to see it. This is what I learned from God:

If A harms B, it does not help if C says that A is forgiven. It has to come from B. That also goes for judges and parole boards. Only if B has truly no charge anymore, A will always feel guilty as basically knows that B has not forgiven. If B is not the forgiving type, tough luck for A feeling better after the crime. It will be with A for all times to come, making him or her to a less happy and proud being.

And the Catholic Church can preach all the forgiveness in the world for abortions, other murders, crimes, and even massmurder, and Nazi cruelties, all these people who have been “forgiven” will still have a horrible bad conscience deep down because they know that B wasn’t the one who did the forgiving. They have to find B and find a way to make the damage good again. Quite a task for massmurderers. These thetans are around, hurting, being angry, upset, and having charge. 

Committing crimes and then donating to a charity won’t work either. There is of course nothing wrong with donating to a charity but I know that there are people who think that this brings them absolution from their bad conscience. It will not work. The bad conscience and feeling less worth and proud remains as they know that it wasn’t B. who forgave them.    

How to avoid this mechanism is the easiest thing in the world. I don’t do to anyone what I don’t want to be done to myself and I know that you also live by this, Marty.           

People also must finally know that they are born again. They abort and if abortion is just a peccadillo, there will be more abortions. And when they died and are on the lookout for a new baby body to be born in, we know all  that is waiting for them: abortions by people who are like them.  

In other words, the dogs bite their own tails.     

And look at the politicians and also those who want to be businessmen instead of politicians: they tell people that a candidate is unqualified and dangerous, etc. and then, after ear-implants elected the candidate, they work for that unqualified and dangerous person. And these are people who want respect and who want to be highly regarded. For what? For not standing up to their own principles?     

In this universe, a good and courageous character apparently doesn’t count, Marty. For us, it is the most important thing there is. It makes me feel like a total stranger in this universe. Makes me want very much to be in another one or not having a body at all.

Be sure that I love you, Marty. I have seen the goodness in you. What a high crime of this planet to keep us deliberately apart. And those are the people who want forgiveness! Some are giving donations to charities and are thinking that they paid now for the crimes they committed against us. Except that this forgiveness didn’t come from us and their bad conscience will eat away their happiness for the rest of their lousy lives. Basically, there are the biggest fools ever and work against themselves.

Be tenderly embraced and kissed, my soulmate.

Yours always,




Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Baalbek was before the Romans built their temple on it?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thinking of you. I am waiting for that conspiracy against us getting its motivator and breaking down. How far can we get when all obey to their psychiatric-oriented ear implant case officers and a Bavarian-controlled supercomputer? However, I know that our postulates are strong. Wish there wouldn’t be a “late” in the word postulate. Speaking about words: in our world, locker room talk is: Has anyone seen my other sock? 

On another note: I looked again at megaliths. The Romans obscured the original purpose of the Baalbek platform/structure and turned it into their Temple of Jupiter. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I think the Romans were used by the Bavarian barbers and butchers to build on this site, far away from Rome, to cover up who really built the base and why.  Bavarians and Romans were always joined by the hip.

The Middle East was home to many wonders and now is has very sadly such a bad reputation. And why? Heil ear-implants!

There is a stone that is even heavier than the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (approx. 1000 tons), which is also at Baalbek, Lebanon. (I read that Baal stands for God but some say that it means City of the Sun. I believe that this is rubbish. Nobody uses gigantic stones to let the sun in, rather keeping it out, e.g. to avoid aging.)

These red granite stones look like machine-cut but the “technology” used is unknown. These stones contradict the history books. Some think that giants inhabited the world once or that aliens were here who had the technology and then left. Maybe the lady was pregnant. But being pregnant doesn’t stop one from being able to cut and move heavy stones with willpower. Most beings can lift their heads, arms, legs, and I bet the farm that some could lift a lot more if not restrained by silent sounds. Christians shouldn’t be that shocked, after all, did Jesus not do all kinds of miracles?

These huge stones were moved a half a mile up a hill from a quarry and then piled on each other to form the gigantic formation upon which the Romans then placed their temple.

Some of the huge stones are still in the quarry. Were the architects/masons killed before they could finish the original construction? That is a question that I always have when looking at megalithic structures. Stonehenge and so many other structures look UNFINISHED to me. I bet these massive stones also served defense purposes.

However, the stones at Baalbek are looking as if very precisely cut with sharp machines or lasers. Can that be done with willpower? Why not? But not with x silent tapes playing in the subconscious mind, reducing abilities so that one is only able to lift own body parts or some daisies.    

Below mentioned author asks why the masons of Baalbek struggled with transporting 800 tons heavy stones a half a mile uphill if they could split the stones into smaller stones. My point: exactly. Who says anything weighs heavy when done with willpower?

Marty, I don’t believe that all thetans have the same abilities, some have less, some have more. However, all people would have more abilities if constant psychiatric tapes with silent sounds playing in anyone’s mind would not steal those abilities. I bet the farm that top SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in rooms of which they think are not penetrated by silent sounds (secret communication carried by neutrinos) or which are indeed not penetrated by silent sounds, trying to lift and cut a tiny pebble with willpower but are not being able to do it. Lack of ethics is what is holding themselves down. That is the sure way to reduce own abilities and making oneself smaller.    

Of course, most people find the idea of willpower over matter ridiculous and unscientific. But what do they know? Constant tapes with silent sounds, reducing their abilities, are playing in their minds underneath the tinnitus. Scientists failed to figure that out too.   

I know Bavarian butchers and barbers. They are afraid of spirituality and abilities. Those subjects are causing panic in them as they fear that people as bad as they are dropping 1000 ton stone onto them.  And that is why fearful psychs came up with silent sounds send into anyone’s ear and other implants, instead of working to raise their ethics level and that of other people so that nobody resorts to violence anymore.    

You know these SPs too, Marty. It is such a shame that these people don’t work on themselves. The universe could be a good place if they finally applied ethics to their lives. And it is easy: they just don’t have to do things to others that they don’t want to be done to themselves. The easiest thing in the world!!!!

Be kissed, my hero. I am watching the presidential debates and always think what a loss for the world that you are not the US President yet. You got all it, Marty. The intellect, the ethics, the courage, the knowledge, the vision, and the clean character.  

I love you and will be always with you.






Donald Trump, a fool, the ultimate disgrace, and the Evangelicals still are supporting him!

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Dearest Marty, my hero and ethical Prince, how is your life? I worry about you as I know how gruesome SPs can be. 


Who will vote for Trump, proud to be German? He speaks about people of other races and women the way he does, shouldn’t be surprised when others are appalled of him. That man is stupid and he doesn’t know it. WHAT was the GOP thinking nominating him? They should use the tonescale. But instead they are bringing the GOP down. They are losing the White House and might even lose Congress if they don’t change course. Infiltration and ear-implants bring down anything. Religion, morals, values, governments, and a party that freed slaves.   

Some of the people who still will vote for him were interviewed and asked why they are still for Trump. They think that Trump’s character has nothing with how Trump will behave as President. They think that a low character can be a good president. Hell’s bells!  Their lack of knowledge human nature is shocking. Everything about a person is hinged and connected.

I read that the “Evangelicals”, a Protestant movement, keeps on supporting Trump despite anything he did and does. The National Association of Evangelicals says that they consists of Reformed, Holiness, Anabaptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and other directions. If they support Trump, his lack of morals and lewdness, imo, they sink to the level of the perverts in the Catholic Church. 

Marty, I really noticed this again and again: so many Christians have not much of a conscience. They are indoctrinating themselves and others that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit forgives any sins anyway, it doesn’t matter how horrible they are. So, why being ethical if these three welcome anyway each pig and monster into paradise? All they have to say and maybe mean for a little moment: I am sorry. This of course first when they  are standing before Heaven’s gate BUT UNTIL THEN, LET’S FORGET ETHICS AND LET’S SIN! 

They must think that the Holy Trinity is stupid.

Also, did you ever understand the weird concept that Jesus’s death on the cross FORGAVE THEIR SINS (!)? 

RB forced me as minor to attend Lutheran Church. I heard “Jesus died for our sins” all the time and always thought what a piece of crap that is. Jesus came to help mankind, but that the Messiah was brutally killed makes it a lot WORSE for mankind not better. It just shows what bad people are capable of.   

There are various Christian interpretations on the “atonement”:

Christus Victor: Jesus’s death defeated the powers of evil, which had held humankind in their dominion. I still can’t see how a brutal death can archive that, Marty. And evil in the world isn’t defeated. It is 2016. The world is bad and dangerous. Evangelicals want a man who sees other races and women as inferior and admitted to group sex and wanting to break marriage vows of others to lead the USA. And that is for sure not the only evil thing that they support. Christus Victor says that Jesus’s work is a victory over the powers that hold mankind in bondage: sin, death, and the devil. Yes, what Jesus did but not what mankind incl. the Christian churches did and do. It is 2016 and what do we see when looking around just a bit? Sin, death, and SPs, and a possible “future leader of the free world” who has no morals. I am sure that Trump will lose but so many Evangelicals want this man to win. 

Satisfaction theory of atonement: This one is very creepy. Jesus Christ suffered crucifixion as a substitute for human sin. Christ’s death, the ultimate act of obedience, brings God great honor. The trinity says that Holy Trinity is one being, right? Consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So, according to this atonement, God wants his other identity being obedient to himself as this brings himself great honor? Huh?  It makes no sense in hell, except that those believers are creeps and want the easy way out: not having to change their rotten ways unless last-minute when they stand in front of the pearly gates (by saying: “Gee, God, I’m sorry… Let me in…”) They want to commit crimes but have no plans to change and don’t want to make amends for their damage.  Besides, who says that for all damage commit by sins amends can be made and forgiveness obtained? Some crimes are so brutal and gruesome that I wonder who they, who are committing them, can even remotely think that they will ever have a good feeling about themselves. They are wasting away what is most valuable: deep happiness and serenity. In other words, they are idiots.   

Penal substitution: Another very creepy justification.  It says that Jesus, by own sacrificial choice, was punished instead of the sinners as substitution and thus satisfying the demands of justice so God can justly forgive the sins. Christians don’t know God, otherwise they wouldn’t make up that kind if rubbish. Jesus didn’t want to be butchered. Came to help people by showing them a much better way to live. SPs made the choice to brutally murder Jesus (and Jesus’s dearest) and God (who, even according to the Christians, IS Jesus) does not forgive sins of sinners by having his own identity being brutally murdered or murdered at all.  

Ransom theory of atonement: Yikes! It teaches that the death of Christ was a ransom sacrifice paid to Satan or to death itself or even to God the Father, in satisfaction for the bondage and debt on the souls of humanity as a result of inherited sin. Once again, Christians are saying that The Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son are one being, yet, on the other side, they are saying that God the Father, or the Holy spirit wants satisfaction by having his own kid, his own identity (himself!) murdered or forgave the sin of mankind after that brutal act. Holy smoke! I doubt that Christians think much about their teachings as they make no sense whatsoever. They do not want to pay for their own sins and do not want to give them up either until the very last-minute after death before the gates of paradise so that they can get in. They are using Jesus as justification. And they think that God wants such hypocrites of Christians or any other religions or also atheists in paradise.  

They also say that one does inherit the sins of others. Just like that. I was thinking how one could inherit sins, Marty. I never made sense to me that I should inherit for example RB’s sin or other people’s sins by opposing them and their activities all my life. But there is actually a way to inherit overts (sins, in Christian words). For example, people all over the world join and support the ear-implant conspiracy. One must be very dumb not getting that the people behind this systems are evil, are Nazis, and lawless psychiatrists. Now, by working for this conspiracy instead of working against it, one inherits their crimes due to agreement.  Who supports Nazis is a Nazi. This is the only way one can inherit sins, by agreement, by working for SPs or supporting them by basically knowing how bad they are. 

Here is my conclusion: Christians (Catholic and Evangelicals) look for a justification to be unethical and they want an easy way out: “Thanks for suffering for our sins, Jesus. We repent outside the gates of paradise to get in, but until then, we support Satan.”  

None of those four Christian atonements work or make sense. Scientology in comparison makes a lot of sense.

A. An overt act is injuring someone or something; it is also an act of omission or commission that does harm to any or all dynamics.
B . Any intentionally committed harmful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem.
C.  The things that people do of which they don’t want that it happens to them.

A. An aggressive or destructive act received by the person. It’s called a motivator because it tends to prompt that one pays it back—it “motivates” a new overt.
B . Something which the person feels has been done to him, which he is not willing to have happen.
C. An act received by the person or individual causing injury, reduction or degradation of his beingness, person, associations or dynamics.  A motivator is a harmful action performed by somebody else against oneself.

Overt-motivator sequence:
A. If a person commits an overt, he/she will then believe he/she has a motivator to do so: like that other person deserved it, etc.
B. The sequence wherein someone who has committed an overt has to claim the existence of motivators. The motivators are then most of the time used to justify committing further overt acts.

And by committing OWs, the person gets smaller, blinder, dumber, and it shows on the inside and also on the outside through yucky charisma.   

No delusion that God forgives OWs and whitewashes pigs. Holding people responsible to live an ethical life. Original Scientology raises the ethics level. Unless one is a stupid infiltrator and never honestly studied Scientology properly.  

I don’t see that other religions are raising the ethic level of people. I also don’t see the atheist movement raising the ethic level or people.  One is responsible for not committing OWs (or sins as the Christians say). Nothing will change that. The way out is not a lazy and comfy one. One has to work on ones own character. 

Proud to be an original Scientologist! Proud to have you as my soulmate, Marty. You should run for US President. I love you intellect and morals. I always did. I could see and feel them when I was around you. It makes you more exciting than anyone else. The really ethical one wins first. Bad people win nothing but their bad conscience, and I can see it usually on the outside what a person is up to on the inside and what she had done. I know you can too.  

Be passionately and tenderly kissed. 

Yours forever,




Creepy Europe

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and dashing Prince, how are you? You are never far from my thoughts. 

Another one around here asked me two days ago to date him. I told him that all I can offer is friendship, anything else won’t happen because I am romantically not available because I have a soulmate. And that is you, Marty.

One can read of people betraying their partners all the time. For me, it is incomprehensible. They can’t be much emotionally involved, otherwise they wouldn’t consider anyone but their partner. It wouldn’t even cross their minds. They wouldn’t even be tempted by someone new or young or rich or good-looking or all of those combined. Disloyalty and betrayal is not in either one of us. And it feels good, straight, strong, honest, proud… and anything but boring. Betrayal is so common. Loyalty is so rare.  

I gave my heart to you, the moment I discovered your personality, Marty. Your extremely good looks were just a bonus. What touched me deep was seeing and recognizing your value as a being. It sets you apart from anyone. Nothing more wrong than the saying that a good guy finishes last. Not with a woman who can difference between the treasure (you) and worthless pebbles.

Now to my header: 

Instead of using subterranean living against aging and for security, Paris uses the underground catacombs for dead people. Provided the structures are a safe constructions of course. I assume you know that there are Paris Catacombs with 6 million skeletons. That the bones were used “decorative” is even more creepy and has medical doctors and Catholic downtoneness written all over it. Like in a medical lab. Couldn’t they have paid more respect to the person that once owned the body by keeping her bones together and not form creepy decorations?  



                                                                                                                                             More Paris:



And more Paris:  




As you will know, Rome has a skulls and bones underground too, including “bone churches”. Basically, Bavaria IS the Catholic Church. Even creeper than Paris:


Still in Rome. What of a creepy tonelevel is that anyway? Worshiping skeletons. No wonder that this church attracts pedophiles.  


Sedlec Ossuary, or the  Bone Church – Look at this bone and skull “glory”. Do people really pray in such a creepy medical lab place? 


Look, Jesus among lots of bones in Poland – what a “happy” place in Czerma. Actually, I never seen any structure of ANY religion that creepy that Catholic Churches. No Mosque is that creepy.



Looks like the walls of that church are constructed of human bones and skulls in Portugal


The Austrians paint the skulls and write names on it and put it on display. Actually, I would want to investigate of any of these skull and bones show signs that they once had ear- and skull implants and the bones body implants. In earlier centuries, they probably were not made of silicone but very tiny metal pieces, maybe not bigger than pin needle heads.    



A bone collection in a Swiss church. The sign says: You will become what we are. We were what you are. Good grief! A church should know that the person isn’t skull and bones.  That is medical belief that people are their bodies.      schweiz



In Germany, they call these odd (to say it mildly) places “Beinhäuser”. Bavaria has numerous of such creepy places.  Below is in Oppenheim in Germany. Has approx. 20.000 skeletons. While most thetans who exhibited these bodies once are gone, it is just creepy to collect and worship or display them.



London kept their underground free of skeletons. What a relief to the eyes!


Speaking of the European Union, Marty, below is a map that shows the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Germany tries to stay low-key, but the SEGNPMSS controls all other countries, and very much so Austria with its 35% official new Nazis.  I am not so sure about the 4.7 % Nazis in Germany. I read elsewhere that the AfD has around 12% of the German votes and is short before getting seats in the Bundestag.   


I see the SEGNPMSS  at least with three different approaches to secretly take over the EU and then the world.

1) The Nazis come back, probably just using a different name but with very similar insane goals.

2) The psychiatric-conditioned Islamists take over Europe and the rest of the world, however, whenever the secret service doctor orders, with the snap of a finger,  they will suddenly stop being Islamists and turn into German Nazis

 3) The EU continue to pretending to be western and good, until all other countries are trapped and when there is nobody anymore who can stop them as they ruined all other countries, incl. the USA,  they turn the world officially into their Nazi world.

I know, some people say that could happen. But I bet all the advanced civilizations that suddenly got bad and disappeared from surface of the Earth were saying the same thing.

SEGNPMSS’s favorite plan is taking over Europe with Nazis again. (See map above.) UK could be that country in the EU that is most in their way on going quickly brown again. So, they arrange that it leaves (BREXIT) and plan to split Ireland and Scotland from the UK, so England becomes small and unable to stop Germany and the countries that it devours. In addition, they will hold the UK economy down with very unfair methods (like they do in the USA, with loud and silent sounds).  As I said before, Merkel is a tool. And they picked a woman because people think they are not as bad. I really would like to see Merkel’s NSA phone records and who whispers in her ears.    

Well, nothing you didn’t hear before from me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts. I bet you figured very similar conclusions.

I am sending you a million kisses and you are always on my mind.

I love you.



















London kept their underground skeleton-free






eear implants
















Discovery of Viking Village in North American could re-write history, but will it be THE CORRECT and NOTHING but the TRUE HISTORY?

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Dearest Marty, my heart throb, it is all over the news. 

From space, they made a seismic discovery, something that looks like a Viking site in Canada. What is behind the “sudden” discovery of Vikings on the North American continent before Columbus if not Germany trying to pin the eradication of American Indians on someone else but them? After all, the Vikings were only Germanic and not German. 

Some American Indians are convinced that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel, which means that this tribe discovered the American continent. Not the Vikings, not the Spaniards, and by all means not the Germans.

I feel an attempt by Germany to prepare the ground to blame the eradication of several peaceful American Indian tribes approx. 800 years ago on the Vikings. Maybe Germans came together with the Vikings. Maybe they came alone. The Vikings were brutal people too, and I bet the farm that they had German-controlled ear implants already back then. Technically very advanced jaw-dropping buildings were built on this planet ages ago. Compared to that, radio technology is a very simple technology, and they likely have stolen that tech too and perverted to control and conspire against people.

I know the typical German/Bavarian mind and handwriting, and that is why I am NOT impressed by them setting foot on this continent because they just butchered:

The Lost Tribe of Israel went where nobody went before them. But the barbers and butchers of German/Bavaria, hypnotized people and made/make them work for them. They even hypnotize their own. They are cowards, they stay in safe places and send/sent these conditioned people into peril. They put a bunch of hypnotized colleagues on boats and sent them to the American continent to eradicate the  Mount Builders, the Fremont Indians and the Pueblo People, and anyone else who was successful. How much courage does a person need to sail over the oceans if his mind doesn’t realize anything anymore, except that he was programmed to kidnap Indians and others and condition them into attacking their own tribes?

Same as in going into space. These Manchurian candidates don’t use their minds anymore. They are robotic like suicide-bombers and killers. They are being sent to other planets, they kidnap some aliens and have their conditioned people condition the aliens to think that  implanting ear-implants is their idea and so the aliens do it to their own people. Germany, its barbers and butchers have the overall control over it and soon they have another slave planet somewhere in space. I am so “impressed”. An intelligent person knows that if he puts out a trap for others, he will step in it himself one day. But these psychs and barbers are anything but intelligent. Jealousy and insanity, that is what they are all about. The devil’s disease.   

The typical German (particular the Bavarian) rather runs in a jealous rage after successful people, to stop, torture, and kill them, instead of putting his energy in something worthwhile and decent.

If these kind of people end up on the bottom of the world, they brought it onto themselves by behaving the way they did and do. It is  SO IMPORTANT to them to be admired and worshiped that they take what does not belong to them incl. the kidnapping of people. If it would be important to you and me to be adored and worshiped by the world, we wouldn’t want to be admired for what we are not. How bad does that feel! People celebrate them as “Oh, Herr Doktor!” and they know they are disgusting cowards, perverts, brutal animals and monsters. Germany, particularly Bavaria and the very twisted men/women behind them are living a huge lie. They are FREAKING FAKE!!!!!      

Before the Germans called themselves Germans, they were referred to Teutons and described as “mad, merciless, berserk rage in battle”. The German word for satan is Teufel. They allegedly came from Jutland, which is odd, because it reminds to Jude, the German word for Jew. Or typical German mind-control trying to plant pictures of others in the subconscious minds  But Germany re-wrote the entire history anyway. Who knows where they really came from and what evil things they did there and elsewhere. Jutland is today’s Scandinavia as you know. We making a full circle here: Vikings came from Scandinavia.  

Barbers and butchers (today’s psychs and medical doctors) always had/have a problem with religions, 1) because TRULY religious people are harder to control if they believe that a God will judge them one day if they lived horrible lives 2) because barbers and butchers  (psychs and med. doctors) think that their bad consciences simply vaporizes if there is no religion and no belief in God anymore. They are that dumb. Their bad conscience will make them smaller and smaller, even on a planet without any religion and God. This is how it works, and nobody can do anything against it except being the best one can be. And that is the only way to live and being amazed by oneself.

The wives of the Teutonics were allegedly or really raped by Romans. These women killed their own children and committed mass suicide. Nobody wants to be a slave but this sounds awfully like psychiatric mind-control that is still applied in our modern days. Bavaria and then Catholic Church were always very close also according to the stats of the 30 year war in Germany. In this case, the brutal Teutons are portrayed as victims in this case. Were they really? 

On the other side, Germany might have the plan to claim that the Vikings are actually German and that Germany discovered North America. It all depends. When proven that the Indians were slaughtered by barbers and butchers setting up some Indians to do that as I described, Germany will do all it can to claim that it has nothing to do with the early “discovery” of this planet.       

In the Munich org, there was a staff member in the late 70s who had a sign on his wall, which said that the Munich org is the Teutonic Clear Expander. Considering how Scientology was overtaken and altered, particularly by the German- and psychiatric-controlled infiltration of Scientology, it was not much of an expander, Marty.    

I love you. It doesn’t matter how hard it’s gonna get, I want you, and nothing will ever change this. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


I like that one:






How can two men unravel Leah Remini’s faith? If two men were able to do it, she was never a real Scientologist to begin with

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and one of a kind soulmate, how are you?

I miss you and would give the world to know where to find you.

Leah Remini blames David Miscavige and Tom Cruise for leaving Scientology.

Gee, if two men can steal her faith, she couldn’t have much of a faith to begin with. Leah like David Miscavige or Mike Rinder didn’t search and find Scientology on their own, which could mean that they were all lacking interest in philosophy from the start and never tried to understand Scientology. The parents (and a Church of Scientology that is infiltrated by other non-Scientologists and agents) failed to explain Scientology’s deep philosophical values (not just how to become successful in the professional world) to their offspring.

Her mother Vicky (what a mother is that anyway who is rarely home and leaves children to themselves or anyone who joined the Sea Org?) apparently never was a Scientologist either and had other motives to join Scientology like Ron Miscavige, and others.

I watched Leah’s interview with 20/20. I agree with her that David Miscavige is bad for Scientology, but not with much more. What a person leaves her philosophy (of life) just because two men in the Scientology orgs allegedly or really upset her? What a flat and tiny world’s view is that anyway? Two men can undo 30+ years!? What does that say about Leah and her family? Like Katie Holmes, she registers her daughter with the Catholic Church. The many pedophiles in this church apparently doesn’t bother these women. Shocking!

She picked her husband (unfaithful to his then-wife) outside of Scientology. Another indicator that she wasn’t a Scientologist. A real Scientologist wants to share her advanced Scientology knowledge and reality with that partner, and we all know what a wealth of knowledge it is. Picking a non-Scientologist means that he/she might never get there, which means that the Scientologist would be lonely in this marriage. Why would a real Scientologist make such a mistake? If the “Scientologist” doesn’t feel lonely in a marriage with a non-Scientologist than because that “Scientologist” isn’t one.

Leah wrote in her book that she slept around a lot. Yikes! She did not apply Scientology ethics to her life! What a real Scientologist sleeps around? None. I was/am completely different that she.

Scientology is taken over by David Miscavige and the non-Scientologist men behind him. His family members are not just no Scientologists but Scientology attackers. He gets an affidavit by Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” and takes Scientology over and makes one bad decision after the other with the result that Scientology is shrinking and getting a bad reputation. Leah says she tried to save Scientology from the bad decisions that DM or others made. Really? If this is true, how come she didn’t stay a Scientologist outside of His Cobness’s reign? She threw all of Scientology away but because of two men. That is not what a real Scientologist does.

Quite revealing is that two catholic women (Katie Holmes and Leah Remini) who do not apply Scientology upset each other in Knowledge Reports about some wedding stuff. This is so superficial and not Scientology. In all my years in Scientology I never wrote a Knowledge Report about a personal upset as Katie Holmes did. If Holmes apologized to Leah Remini now, it couldn’t have been much of a problem in the past, so why did Katie Holmes tattletail on Leah Remini in the first place? It was Katie’s  and Leah’s decisions to fight in Scientology, which apparently never was the religion of these catholic women.

For me, writing a Knowledge Report was about a problem that needed the assistance of the group to be handled and nothing that I can handle alone. KR’s are no means to be evil, third-party, tattletails or complain about ridiculous stuff. So, if Katie or Leah would upset me, I would handle it with communicating to her, the Scientology way, until it is resolved.

Leah Remini fails to make a difference between real Scientology and the non-Scientologist infiltration of Scientology. She also never complained about the impostors that are sent in Scientology to replace the founder or you, Marty. And that is a reason to complain about and write KRs about! (Same goes for Katie Holmes and so many others.) 

Among other things, Ron, the founder said: “When children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited its future.” Does this statement or other statement by Ron say that kids should be left to themselves with the parent never home (Vicky), or that they should get an inflated ego or be treated like an adult? No, it does not. But Leah does make it look that way. Real Scientologists are very good parents. They treat their child AGE-APPROPRIATE with lots of love but not with disrespect.

I once said to Scientology-hating RB that I have rights too, Marty. She answered: “You, rights? Bwahahaha!” That is what I mean with disrespect. Kids have rights and anyone who doesn’t apply Scientology correctly isn’t a Scientologist and doesn’t bring up kids the Scientology-way.

I have a young friend around here, Marty. I don’t think he would come to visit me that often (whenever he can) if I would not treat him age-appropriate but also with respect. Do I treat him like an adult? Of course not as he is not an adult. Do I set boundaries if things could be dangerous for him? Of course. For example, I don’t allow him (and any other kid around here) climbing my big trees because I don’t want him to fall. With respect, I mean, I ask him for his opinions and I listen to what he is telling me. He knows that I look out for him when he is around, he can’t get away with doing anything dangerous but he can be himself when he visits. The hugs that I get at the end of his visits tells me that he values the way I treat him.

I love you, Marty. This planet sucks but you don’t.

Be kissed.

Yours forever,



Glorification of skeletons by the Catholic Church in Germany but also Austria and Switzerland

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Particularly Bavaria requested (Illation) and received relics of “Martrys” from Rome and decorated those skeletons with gold, jewelry, and embroidery. It is not just middle age creepiness. These skeletons are celebrated every year at the Holy Bodies Fest in our modern times.  

It is really creepy beyond words to look at these decorated skeletons whoever they were once.  One click here and you see the real life Halloween all year round in the Catholic church:

I believe there are at least 17 of such churches in Germany, three in Austria, and a couple in Switzerland. They really do have literally skeletons in their closets.

Here is my point, Marty: Shouldn’t a religion be rather interested in the spirit/soul than in skeletons? It is so low on the tonescale. It fits to anything else that is wrong with that church and its perverted priests. Catholic church claims that they are based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Really? Where did Jesus say that they should worship remains by collecting and displaying skeletons?

I love you.

Yours forever and always,