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How can two men unravel Leah Remini’s faith? If two men were able to do it, she was never a real Scientologist to begin with

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and one of a kind soulmate, how are you?

I miss you and would give the world to know where to find you.

Leah Remini blames David Miscavige and Tom Cruise for leaving Scientology.

Gee, if two men can steal her faith, she couldn’t have much of a faith to begin with. Leah like David Miscavige or Mike Rinder didn’t search and find Scientology on their own, which could mean that they were all lacking interest in philosophy from the start and never tried to understand Scientology. The parents (and a Church of Scientology that is infiltrated by other non-Scientologists and agents) failed to explain Scientology’s deep philosophical values (not just how to become successful in the professional world) to their offspring.

Her mother Vicky (what a mother is that anyway who is rarely home and leaves children to themselves or anyone who joined the Sea Org?) apparently never was a Scientologist either and had other motives to join Scientology like Ron Miscavige, and others.

I watched Leah’s interview with 20/20. I agree with her that David Miscavige is bad for Scientology, but not with much more. What a person leaves her philosophy (of life) just because two men in the Scientology orgs allegedly or really upset her? What a flat and tiny world’s view is that anyway? Two men can undo 30+ years!? What does that say about Leah and her family? Like Katie Holmes, she registers her daughter with the Catholic Church. The many pedophiles in this church apparently doesn’t bother these women. Shocking!

She picked her husband (unfaithful to his then-wife) outside of Scientology. Another indicator that she wasn’t a Scientologist. A real Scientologist wants to share her advanced Scientology knowledge and reality with that partner, and we all know what a wealth of knowledge it is. Picking a non-Scientologist means that he/she might never get there, which means that the Scientologist would be lonely in this marriage. Why would a real Scientologist make such a mistake? If the “Scientologist” doesn’t feel lonely in a marriage with a non-Scientologist than because that “Scientologist” isn’t one.

Leah wrote in her book that she slept around a lot. Yikes! She did not apply Scientology ethics to her life! What a real Scientologist sleeps around? None. I was/am completely different that she.

Scientology is taken over by David Miscavige and the non-Scientologist men behind him. His family members are not just no Scientologists but Scientology attackers. He gets an affidavit by Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” and takes Scientology over and makes one bad decision after the other with the result that Scientology is shrinking and getting a bad reputation. Leah says she tried to save Scientology from the bad decisions that DM or others made. Really? If this is true, how come she didn’t stay a Scientologist outside of His Cobness’s reign? She threw all of Scientology away but because of two men. That is not what a real Scientologist does.

Quite revealing is that two catholic women (Katie Holmes and Leah Remini) who do not apply Scientology upset each other in Knowledge Reports about some wedding stuff. This is so superficial and not Scientology. In all my years in Scientology I never wrote a Knowledge Report about a personal upset as Katie Holmes did. If Holmes apologized to Leah Remini now, it couldn’t have been much of a problem in the past, so why did Katie Holmes tattletail on Leah Remini in the first place? It was Katie’s  and Leah’s decisions to fight in Scientology, which apparently never was the religion of these catholic women.

For me, writing a Knowledge Report was about a problem that needed the assistance of the group to be handled and nothing that I can handle alone. KR’s are no means to be evil, third-party, tattletails or complain about ridiculous stuff. So, if Katie or Leah would upset me, I would handle it with communicating to her, the Scientology way, until it is resolved.

Leah Remini fails to make a difference between real Scientology and the non-Scientologist infiltration of Scientology. She also never complained about the impostors that are sent in Scientology to replace the founder or you, Marty. And that is a reason to complain about and write KRs about! (Same goes for Katie Holmes and so many others.) 

Among other things, Ron, the founder said: “When children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited its future.” Does this statement or other statement by Ron say that kids should be left to themselves with the parent never home (Vicky), or that they should get an inflated ego or be treated like an adult? No, it does not. But Leah does make it look that way. Real Scientologists are very good parents. They treat their child AGE-APPROPRIATE with lots of love but not with disrespect.

I once said to Scientology-hating RB that I have rights too, Marty. She answered: “You, rights? Bwahahaha!” That is what I mean with disrespect. Kids have rights and anyone who doesn’t apply Scientology correctly isn’t a Scientologist and doesn’t bring up kids the Scientology-way.

I have a young friend around here, Marty. I don’t think he would come to visit me that often (whenever he can) if I would not treat him age-appropriate but also with respect. Do I treat him like an adult? Of course not as he is not an adult. Do I set boundaries if things could be dangerous for him? Of course. For example, I don’t allow him (and any other kid around here) climbing my big trees because I don’t want him to fall. With respect, I mean, I ask him for his opinions and I listen to what he is telling me. He knows that I look out for him when he is around, he can’t get away with doing anything dangerous but he can be himself when he visits. The hugs that I get at the end of his visits tells me that he values the way I treat him.

I love you, Marty. This planet sucks but you don’t.

Be kissed.

Yours forever,



About the lie that real Scientologists treat kids without required parental guidance

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Dearest Marty, my Prince of tenderness and passion,

I could have a lazy weekend but I decided against it and rather will do things around the house that I have to fix. As you know, homes directly subjected to the environment and the seasons need constant maintenance inside and outside because they are not in a closed habitat as the underwater habitat. There is so much waste going on because villages have no protective roof and also don’t preserve youth and health. Health care costs are sky-high and only medical doctors love it because they get rich of it.

Marty, I heard that VW named their car plant and town in Utah Chattanooga.  Find it very odd that they choose the name Chattanooga for their activities:

The Mayor of the new Chattanooga in Utah has the name “Ron Littlefield”.

I read so many times online that Scientologists treat children like adults, like “independent individuals capable of making their own decisions”. The haters of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are making it look as if a child would be left fending without any parental guiding. If anyone does this, he or she is for sure no Scientologist.

The founder said to treat children with love and RESPECT, and I want to know what is wrong with that.

My problem in Germany and with RB (anti-Scientologist) was that they constantly forced their demands onto me. I had no say at all how to wear my hair, what clothes to wear, what profession to choose. She didn’t know where the “mother” ended and where the “daughter” began.

Here are some examples:

How RB handled it:

Hair out of

the face. RB braided my hair in pig tails (Bavarian style) like a Gretchen with monk banks. I felt completely out of valence. I hated it. Why does a child has to accept a hairdo it hates? She never told me why I should look that goofy. SHE liked it and that was all that matters. That those stiff braids did hurt me, didn’t interest her. Any requests by me that I want to wear my hair differently were dismissed. She told me that she was raised without that she was allowed to choose, so why should I. (Trying to pass the suppressive person attitude to me!)

From the front, I looked exactly like Lucy from the Peanuts because RB rolled the braids up in hard rolls and pinned them to my head with hair pins. I screamed all the time: Stop that, that hurts.  RB was the past life p$ych and had Lucy’s character. Lucy: my looks, RB’s character.

How Ron would have handled it:

He would ask me if I understand why it is important that hair does not hang in the face. He would explain to why it is not a good idea to have hair hang in my face and that I will see only half of the world and could have an accident. I would have agreed that it is not a good idea. He would show me examples of hairdos of girls that don’t have hair hanging in their faces. He would have asked me which one of those hairdos I want. I would have picked a headband or a ponytail without monk banks. End of story. Mission accomplished. Happy dad, happy kid. That is love with respect.

What happened with RB’s methods? I hated her and as soon I left the house, I opened my hair to get rid of the horrible headache causing  HURTING braids. Unhappy kid, disobedient kid, stupid “mother” who became my anti-opinion leader.

How RB handled it:

She bought woolen fabric and asked a seamstress to make me a dress. I had no saying as to what color or fabric I wanted. I hated this dress that I had to wear for years so much that I still remember it today. The fabric was itchy. It felt like stinging nettle all over the body. It was thick fabric more suitable for coats. It felt like a sack. It had no sleeves and I had to wear a thin blouse underneath. The body felt completely hot and the arms were ice-cold! I hated the yellow, green and white pattern too.

Unhappy kid, disobedient kid, and stupid “mother”.

What happened? I rather wore the clothes that some neighbors gave me. I left the house in the clothes that RB ordered that I should wear but in my school bag, I had  clothes that I liked better and that the neighbors gave me. I sneaked in the basement of an apartment complex in which I did not live. It was a building on the way to school. My brother had to keep a lookout before the basement door that nobody was coming while I changed clothes. Then I went to school and wished RB to hell.

How Ron would have handled it:

What do you think about we are going to buy some fabrics for a new dress for you.  Me: Yeah!

He would show me appropriate fabrics and I would choose the one that I prefer. Then he would tell the seamstress to shown me appropriate patterns and would have let me chose one of those.  Happy kid (my dad is the best!) and happy Dad. This is love with respect.

RB (whose biological daughter I am not) thought that a child has no rights. She was sort of thinking that she didn’t just create a body but also the spirit of the child. Without her, it would not exist. Typical medical mind. Ron said that a child has rights, it is a thetan, an eternal spirit that may not be abused or overwhelmed by anyone.

Marty, before Scientology, RB was thinking that I was stupid. (She treated me suppressive, so I didn’t open up to her.) She thought that I am just good to be married off to somebody. After Scientology, she revised that but told me that I should dump SCN and become a doctor because I would be smart enough for it. (Doctors, the chemical Alis are smart? That is new to me!) She told my sister in secret that I am a genius. She never told me that in my face and she never admitted that Scientology has something to do with it. After all, it was an amazing transformation, the little girl that was just good enough to be married off to sheikh meets Scientology and suddenly knows it all and turns into a genius?

Ron never doubted me a minute. He knew me and I knew him. We were very close and loved each other very much. He was the best dad in the universe.

For all those liars, who imply that L. Ron Hubbard or any real Scientologists allows children to run wild: shame on you and your disgusting lies!

If any person in Scientology construes love with respect in allowing kids to run wild or grow up without parental love and guidance and not providing appropriate guidance is not a Scientologist but an infiltrator.

A Scientologist parent communicates with his or her child and makes it understand problems and dangers until the child understood. An adult Scientologist also considers the wishes of the child to make it happy. If a parent can make the childhood happy for a child by loving it with respect and giving the child some choices, what is wrong with that? Life is hard enough later.

Marty, you and I, we would have been awesome parents. Too bad that we were not allowed by the German psych conspiracy against us to keep our own family and raise children.

All children I came in contact with and spend some time with, loved me. RB said that it would be “a special gift” that I am having. (I sure didn’t get it from her!) But the “special gift” is nothing else but treating kids with respect and love. It is the way I wanted to be treated when I was of the same age. And being fun helps too! 😉

I miss you, Marty, so much. Sometimes, I imagine, how it would have been if p$chs wouldn’t had separated us, a married couple with our children on  Saturday morning crawling all over us, doing a pillow fight, having fun together… I won’t let them get away with taking from me what was most important to me: you, Ron, our families, love, Scientology, our village, and the youthful immortality that comes with it. And I mean it today and in all eternity.

Many kisses, my love. My love for you will never die. No one belongs more in my heart than you!