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Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder what else has to happen until we can see each other again?!

Scientology was altered immediately after SPs noticed that it makes people smarter and saner. Sometimes, I read somewhere a quote from the Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures and I shake my head in disbelief that people believe that these scriptures are not altered.

That gruesome God in these scriptures isn’t the God who I know. However, the one who I encountered also isn’t a fool either who let’s SPs off the hook by forgiving without the appropriate amends. Each criminal that gets easy off the hook will continue his or her crime-spree.

 But this seems to be the “God” in most religious scriptures. Either he chops heads off or he forgives any crime there is. And that tells me crystal clear that those scriptures are not by God but by men. And what people describe as The Good Book ain’t one in my view. Nothing holy about this thing or other such scriptures. 

There is the famous story about Sodom and Gomorrah and its unethical residents. According to the Bible, “God” (yeah right) told Jews to wipe out those people (Canaanites) approx. 4000 years ago.  “He” wanted anything wiped out that breathes, which means probably also their kids and pets, and whatever… This “God” sounds rather like a German psychiatrists to me doing genocide, a Holocaust or ethical cleansing so that Jews will be blamed later.

Many Christians say that Judas was the worst traitor ever. Not saying there was no traitor. World was and is full with them. But they gave him a name with “Jud” in it, which is German for Jew. Indicates to me that the writer(s) of the Bible wanted Jews to be blamed on this “wipe out”. 

The media reported recently that DNA research done on the modern Lebanese people showed that 90% of them can be traced back to the Canaanites, which means that they were not exterminated by the Jews. And that is this.

Everything good reminds me of you, Marty. I see or read something nice or beautiful, I think of you. I hear beautiful music, I hear of you. Our timetrack back and forth until present was/is hard and painful, but we both didn’t give us any pain. And I think so often about you: What does a wonderful thetan on a planet like this?

Yours forever,



Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Baalbek was before the Romans built their temple on it?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thinking of you. I am waiting for that conspiracy against us getting its motivator and breaking down. How far can we get when all obey to their psychiatric-oriented ear implant case officers and a Bavarian-controlled supercomputer? However, I know that our postulates are strong. Wish there wouldn’t be a “late” in the word postulate. Speaking about words: in our world, locker room talk is: Has anyone seen my other sock? 

On another note: I looked again at megaliths. The Romans obscured the original purpose of the Baalbek platform/structure and turned it into their Temple of Jupiter. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I think the Romans were used by the Bavarian barbers and butchers to build on this site, far away from Rome, to cover up who really built the base and why.  Bavarians and Romans were always joined by the hip.

The Middle East was home to many wonders and now is has very sadly such a bad reputation. And why? Heil ear-implants!

There is a stone that is even heavier than the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (approx. 1000 tons), which is also at Baalbek, Lebanon. (I read that Baal stands for God but some say that it means City of the Sun. I believe that this is rubbish. Nobody uses gigantic stones to let the sun in, rather keeping it out, e.g. to avoid aging.)

These red granite stones look like machine-cut but the “technology” used is unknown. These stones contradict the history books. Some think that giants inhabited the world once or that aliens were here who had the technology and then left. Maybe the lady was pregnant. But being pregnant doesn’t stop one from being able to cut and move heavy stones with willpower. Most beings can lift their heads, arms, legs, and I bet the farm that some could lift a lot more if not restrained by silent sounds. Christians shouldn’t be that shocked, after all, did Jesus not do all kinds of miracles?

These huge stones were moved a half a mile up a hill from a quarry and then piled on each other to form the gigantic formation upon which the Romans then placed their temple.

Some of the huge stones are still in the quarry. Were the architects/masons killed before they could finish the original construction? That is a question that I always have when looking at megalithic structures. Stonehenge and so many other structures look UNFINISHED to me. I bet these massive stones also served defense purposes.

However, the stones at Baalbek are looking as if very precisely cut with sharp machines or lasers. Can that be done with willpower? Why not? But not with x silent tapes playing in the subconscious mind, reducing abilities so that one is only able to lift own body parts or some daisies.    

Below mentioned author asks why the masons of Baalbek struggled with transporting 800 tons heavy stones a half a mile uphill if they could split the stones into smaller stones. My point: exactly. Who says anything weighs heavy when done with willpower?

Marty, I don’t believe that all thetans have the same abilities, some have less, some have more. However, all people would have more abilities if constant psychiatric tapes with silent sounds playing in anyone’s mind would not steal those abilities. I bet the farm that top SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in rooms of which they think are not penetrated by silent sounds (secret communication carried by neutrinos) or which are indeed not penetrated by silent sounds, trying to lift and cut a tiny pebble with willpower but are not being able to do it. Lack of ethics is what is holding themselves down. That is the sure way to reduce own abilities and making oneself smaller.    

Of course, most people find the idea of willpower over matter ridiculous and unscientific. But what do they know? Constant tapes with silent sounds, reducing their abilities, are playing in their minds underneath the tinnitus. Scientists failed to figure that out too.   

I know Bavarian butchers and barbers. They are afraid of spirituality and abilities. Those subjects are causing panic in them as they fear that people as bad as they are dropping 1000 ton stone onto them.  And that is why fearful psychs came up with silent sounds send into anyone’s ear and other implants, instead of working to raise their ethics level and that of other people so that nobody resorts to violence anymore.    

You know these SPs too, Marty. It is such a shame that these people don’t work on themselves. The universe could be a good place if they finally applied ethics to their lives. And it is easy: they just don’t have to do things to others that they don’t want to be done to themselves. The easiest thing in the world!!!!

Be kissed, my hero. I am watching the presidential debates and always think what a loss for the world that you are not the US President yet. You got all it, Marty. The intellect, the ethics, the courage, the knowledge, the vision, and the clean character.  

I love you and will be always with you.






Rev. Alfreddie Johnson jr., Baptist minister, Nation of Islam man is no Scientologist. He doesn’t apply Scientology. His actions/connections/partnerships are harming Scientology and the reputation of its GOOD founder

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, how are you? 

Did you notice that German-psych-oriented agents against Scientology claim that Alfreddie Johnson jr. is a Scientologist who “converts” Christians and Islamists to Dianetics and Scientology? When did these agents ever tell the truth?

Fact is that he doesn’t call himself a Scientologist but a Baptist Reverend. Looks to me as if he “disseminates” bad Christian and Islamists apples into Scientology.  

I see: more infiltration, alteration, and takeover of Scientology by Nation of Islam and “true Christianity” through people like Alfreddie Johnson, who also partnered with Dr. Hanan Islam whose “American Health and Education Clinics” was apparently founded to get Scientology into more troubles. The attorney general of California, Kamala Harris issued on October 23, 2015 a felony arrest warrant against Alfreddy Johnson’s partner Hanan Islam and two others by the names of Zakiyyah Islam and Bayon Beverly Washington, according to the Superior Court of California, case BA 435375. They are charged with grand theft, presenting false medical claims, insurance fraud, and failure to file tax return.

 Alfreddy Johnson is not listed as charged but didn’t he bring these people into Scientology? That works hand in hand with outside attackers who smear Scientology on THESE ACTIONS BY NON-SCIENTOLOGSTS? Didn’t Johnson partner with them? Nobody above the law is a Scientologist as it means not applying Scientology.

Who right in mind doesn’t know that this kind of out-ethics will get anyone involved (including or particularly Scientology) in deep troubles? Ethics is the ultimate basis of Scientology. These people didn’t apply it. And what about Scientology’s Way to Happiness Booklet? They didn’t apply these rules either! PEOPLE WHO DO NOT APPLY SCIENTOLOGY ARE NO SCIENTOLOGISTS! Period. 

The Miscavologists need their behinds kicked, allowing people like Hanan Islam  or also Johnson to graduate from Scientology seminars.

Dr. Hanan Islam was the official partner of Baptist Rev. Alfreddy Johnson who got anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan to merge his Nation of Islam into Scientology. My stomach turns, Marty. And people with psych controlled minds like blogger and Scientology-hater Tony Ortega  and his follower cult are twisting the truth claiming that Scientology is the “overtaker” or “infiltrator” of other institutions and movements.

What a real Scientologist would cause Scientology or the founder a bad reputation? None! But  Rev. Alfreddy Johnson makes connection who do. When becoming the partner of somebody, one must be sure that this partner is no crook and hires no above the law people, for crying out loud! If he would be a Scientologist, he would apply ethics, the tonescale and other Scientology technology, and HE WOULD KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OTHERS. He would make sure that they understood and apply Scientology. But if somebody is none, he of course can’t see if somebody understood or applied it.

Same goes for the master of the squirrels, David Miscavige, who is no real Scientologist either (as you know, he got Scientology from Germany’s/CIA’s double agent “Jack Vistaril” and not the real founder of Scientology, and DM knows it), apparently welcomes this invasion of above the law non-Scientologists.

Some people ask what comes after His Cobness is no longer on top of Scientology. The answer could be in plain sight: anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and Alfreddie Johnson’s dishonest Baptist Christianity movement running “Scientology” completely into the ground.  It is a nightmare.

Alfreddie Johnson runs a “True Faith Christian Center” at the Hubbard Dianetics Community Center. He also introduced anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam to Miscavology for more squirreling and overtake of Scientology. The true Christian Alfreddie Johnson jr. also partners with two men by the name of Rahman (Muslims or Christians or nothing or what?) from Dubai and a man named Andrew Billups. I didn’t find this name connected to Scientology on the web. But I found a psychiatrist by that name.

They founded a company by the name of AmeriBest in Clearwater, Florida, all at the same address at 300 S Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765. No idea what that company does. I assume something non-Scientology like medical crap.

These are the data the Florida Department of State has:
Data last refreshed on Thursday, November 12, 2015
Similar Records
Alfreddie Johnson
Clearwater, FL
Director at The Humanitarian Organization of Women, Inc.
Director at Men Who Care, Inc.
Director at Panacea Publishing, Inc.
Johnson Alfreddie
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
President at World Literacy Crusade
President at World Literacy International Corporation
President at World Literacy Crusade Inc
Member at American Health and Education Clinics, L.L.C.
President at True Faith Christian Center
President at Project Genesys
Alfreddie Johnson
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
Partner at American Health and Education Clinics
(Dr. Hanan Islam’s institution, in troubles with the authorities, which seems now closed.)

So, he is a director of The Humanitarian Organization of Women. How “impressive”. That Humanitarian Organisation is not human enough to give me my rightful place in Scientology.

Below is Alfreddy Johnson’s FindCE profile, Marty. It mentions Hanan Islam as his contact.

He might do Miscavology courses, but he doesn’t apply Scientology and doesn’t consider himself a Scientologist but a Baptist. However, he has the guts to mention Ron’s study technology while engaging with Hanan Islam whose clinic is in troubles with the authorities. Even if he isn’t charged with a crime,  Ron, the real Scientology founder’s name is smeared again. And other agents, e.g. former infiltrators are running the German-psychiatric secret service campaign that this clinic and Christianity/Islam other organizations and governments are infiltrated by Scientology when in fact, everything is the other way around.

Who knows what kind of terror group connections are dragged into Scientology upon order of  Germany’s secret service psychiatrists  to make the Nazi doctor’s dreams true to close Scientology down.  David Miscavige, the non-Scientologist and other Miscavologists don’t give a damn, apparently.

Besides, what non-Anti-Semites (black, white, red, brown or whatever?) want to join Scientology when it is riddled with flock that drinks Farrakhan’s supremacist cool aide?  What a TURN OFF to join Scientology!   

However, there is one thing that will never happen, Marty, and that is that YOU AND I can’t look through German-psych secret service setups.

I love you, my darling. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



How Germany wants to bring the Nazis back in Germany, all of Europe, and the rest of the world

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and soulmate, I am thinking of you. I worry also about your well-being in this disgusting psych-Nazi world.

Here is briefly what I am seeing in regards to Germany’s ugly plans:

Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service conditions and controls (with ear-implants, hypnosis, and other psychiatric tools/methods) downtone and non-religious people who often are claiming that they conduct their atrocities within the name of God or religion (to give God or religion a bad rap).

The people on this planet come to believe that God doesn’t exist and religion is bad, which is a psychiatric secret service program for the planet.

Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists/Mindcontrollers organised also the Syrian war and terror (all sides of it) and made Syrians homeless. Germany “allow” Syrians to immigrate to Germany (Germany play the humanitarians, which it is NOT) and in other European countries for following reasons:

1) The big part of the “migrants”or “immigrants” shall work for Germany to make it the richest and most influential country on Earth while Germany is secretly starts wars and is holding down other economies (incl.) that one of the USA with the help of ear-implants in people;

2) Another part of these “migrants”or “immigrants” is controlled by the Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service to introduce extreme allegedly “religious” conduct and terror in Europe and elsewhere on Earth; 

2) At the same time, the Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service controls Germany’s other rotten agents in Germany, Europe, and other countries, the right-extremists and supremacists (Nazis) in Germany and other countries to “fight Islam and Muslims (and also other religions) back”. With violent “religious” terrorists in the middle of Europe, right-extremists should appear as the smaller problem, or even no problem at all, or even the protectors of Germany, Europe, rest of world… until the Nazis are officially are on the top again and will show their gruesome faces again. 

This is how Germany wants to get the Nazis back and rid of religions: right-extremists (Nazis) fighting extreme Muslims (while Germany’s psychiatric secret service RUNS BOTH SIDES AND PUTS BOTH SIDES UP TO THEIR ATROCITIES). 

For me, it is easy to figure them out. I grew up in Bavaria. They should never have kidnapped me, Marty, as I was able to study their minds by just being around them. Hey, I am the biggest “spy” against them as they became an open book to me. They were so stupid by kidnapping me of all people.  

This is their plan, unless we find a way to stop it: 

Nazis will grow quickly very strong in Germany and Europe. Thanks to German-controlled ear-implants in judges, officials, representatives, and all other people in any country on Earth, incl. the USA, nobody will fight the Nazis  effectively back. On top of it, the SEGNPMSS involved the USA in so many wars/hot zones already. German-controlled “Islamic extremism” will take place all over the world, also in the USA, and people will think that THEY are the problem and not the Nazis who come back in Europe to fight them. People will think: why fighting “national socialism” if they help the world to get rid of the Islamic terrorists? 

Hell on Earth for anyone as the planet fails to see psychiatrists (in the hard-core German psychs) who are perverting religions and are working to get the Nazis marching without any opposition anymore and Europe right in their pocket.  The biggest error that the world is making is not seeing that both sides are run by the same psychiatric secret service.  

For example, Marty, at least one of the Islamic terrorists in Paris allegedly tried to enter a soccer field, game France vs. Germany. That was absolutely intentionally by the German secret service psychs who run the Islamic terrorists. So many Germans are obsessed with soccer. More Germans will join Nazi groups if soccer games are being threatened and cancelled.  Some say that soccer is the religion of many Germans. Yikes! These guys are empty inside. Spiritual awareness: none if a soccer ball can replace it.      

3) Alternatively, if a broad and official Nazis come-back should really fail against all odds,  Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontrollers want to control Europe and the world with systems/countries like ISIS. Either one of their rotten systems should win so that they can officially slaughter and do to people whatever they want. They think it is a win-win situation for their insane ideas and plans. They favor a Nazi world, but they think that Islamic extremists can be made purely Nazis in a snap if Islamic extremists should take over before the Nazis.  

Germany was/is also behind the communism or states like North Korea. Those are some of their systems to control and suppress people. They gave somehow up on communism as they figured they can get richer and mightier with capitalism and still control the world with ear-implants and their perverted ideas and ways. 

I love you, Marty. Be sure of this. I know that they can’t fool you, but they fool Billions of others.  What a shame.

Yours forever and always. Be kissed.


P.S. Sixpence None the Richer was a Christian band. The song is cute, but the lyrics is about taking heroin? Alleged religious people being non-religious as the world isn’t free from an anti-religious force behind it all.



Is there a pyramid on the bottom of the Sea of Galilee?

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Putting all the data together researchers found that the structure is cone shaped, about 230 feet (70 meters) in diameter and nearly 32 feet (10 meters) tall. It weighs an estimated 60,000 tons. Diagram courtesy Shmuel Marco

Putting all the data together researchers found that the structure is cone shaped, about 230 feet (70 meters) in diameter and nearly 32 feet (10 meters) tall. It weighs an estimated 60,000 tons. Diagram courtesy Shmuel Marco

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and loved husband,

I woke up with the birds today… They are so loud, no chance to fall back into sleep.   

Maybe you have heard of it: approx. 12 years ago, a massive stone structure was found on the bottom of the Sea of Galilee (also called Lake Kinneret). Here is the aerial view.

The circular structure was first detected in a sonar survey of part of the sea in the summer of 2003. Image courtesy Shmuel Marco

The circular structure was first detected in a sonar survey of part of the sea in the summer of 2003. Image courtesy Shmuel Marco


It is huge, in form of  a cone structure: 230 feet (70 meter) diameter, could be a pyramid that deteriorated on one side. It consists of huge rocks. It is definitely not a “natural building” created by weather or water conditions.  It weighs  approx. 60,000 tons.  Archaeologists have no idea what it is or what purpose it served.  The usual explanation is: burial site. However, I don’t think that the great architects of the past were obsessed with dead bodies.

Today, they guess the age of the structure is more than 4000 years old. Some call it a complex and well-organized structure. Nobody knows how those heavy stones (double the size of the Stonehenge boulders) were lifted, what’s inside and if it was built on land or in the water.

More than ten years later, they still don’t know more about it, except that these stones are not cut and chiseled, which could mean that they either served their purposes as they were, or the structure had to be built in a rush, no time to cut and chisel. However, there is no doubt that this monument is “man-made”, deliberately constructed.      

Christians are usually very interested in the Sea of Galilee but apparently not much in that structure. Afraid to discover some history? I didn’t find any articles by the Vatican or any other Christian church on the net that would indicate that they are very interested in solving that puzzle. Ten years after the structure was discovered, an Israeli scuba diver got down there and took this picture.  Not many photos of this structure on the net. 


Approx. 4500 years ago, the old Europeans were replaced by completely new DNA. The pyramids in Giza were built approx. 4500 years ago. The pyramids in Giza,  no burial places but DEFENSE places, imo. The pyramid in Sea of Galilee another structure to protect human life from evil methodical eradication? 

Looks like another pyramid to me. What do you think, Marty?

I love you.

Always yours,




56% of all Republican are thinking that life-extension technology is “bad for society”? What do they exactly mean with “technology”? Pills and medical injections?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

How are you? I miss you so much and would give anything to see you again.

I read below article that says that a 2013 poll says 56% of all Republican are thinking that life-extension technology is “bad for society”.  Do you think that Democrats will differ in this respect? What do they exactly mean with “technology”? Pills and medical injections?

What’s wrong with the world is that they can’t imagine that there is an alternative to a medical world in which people age and wrinkle and are getting sick. Most people who are against life extension either are thinking that they will look like mummies or being kept alive with medical instruments and torture. This is the medical,  psychiatric and pharma approach to “extending life” but we as original Scientologists know another one in which aging, dying and diseases are PREVENTED. It is such a medical trance world that people don’t see what needs to be changed for a better life for all of them. This included many medical doctors, psychs and “scientists” who also age and die. For us, things are so easy to figure out, what is their excuse?

Below article mentions that the Republicans have this attitude because they are Christians and the Bible mentions in Genesis 6:3: “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” And Pope Benedict’s 2010 homily (that is the Bavarian who was in the Hitler Youth) warned against the dangers of artificially extending human life: “Humanity would become extraordinarily old, [and] there would be no more room for youth. Capacity for innovation would die, and endless life would be no paradise.”

This is just about the biggest nonsense that I ever heard.  Genesis 6:3 wasn’t written by God but by men,  in other words, medical minds instead of God wrote that rubbish. And I am sure that those who dictated this crap into the Bible are living in environments that prevent aging and that they haven’t aged a day since they moved in such places. Just the general population should not have these advantages as the medical and pharma industry wants to earn on them. By allowing aging people to get slightly older, they make a hell of a lot more cash. But these people would age, get sick and die one day too as they are not allowed to live under different environmental conditions. I am not talking about artificially extending human life. I am speaking about naturally extending human life by allowing people to live in protected villages where they make their own air, food, water, etc. This world is so in trance that they don’t see any non-medical ways.  

And as far as Pope Benedict’s hogwash is concerned: If people would live in  protected villages where they make their own air, food, water, etc., they would not become old. They stay young and fit on the inside and outside. There will be plenty place for youth as these villages can be build anywhere on Earth, in and on the water, underground, in space, on other planets. Capacity for innovation would be there plenty. Just because he isn’t innovating doesn’t mean others are not. Living in such protected villages could be paradise on Earth, and the God who I know is on our side, Marty. He is  the anti-pedophile God, who wants us to have these wonderful life conditions. He is not the God who has eternally hard feelings just because of an apple. Sheesh! That “God” sounds more like a psych to me. Besides, the “apple” were drugs. People ruined paradisaical living conditions by taking drugs. And the snake (med. doctors, psychs) gave it to them. Not just Scientology writings are altered, those of all other religions were altered too.     

Pope Benedict is talking about heavenly paradise. What are the odds that he is getting there anywhere but hell, considering the sexual perversions and other crimes that Catholic priests and others committed?  And he can take Hasterts right with him to that very hot place.

Be kissed, Marty. We will have a future together against all odds. We will kick evil to the curve. We were born for each other and freaking nobody can change this. Our love outlasts all and everything. Our love is true, pure, divine, and truly eternal. Instead of trying to rip us apart, I recommend to anyone to get something that we are having by searching and being good to their own soulmate.

Yes, original Scientologists are something so different from the propaganda machine against Scientology allows them to think. The greatest love story in the universe is written by you and me, Marty. Secret service psychs and neuro”scientists” and their helpers can’t figure why we are not alienated by now after this long time. They even threw in an impostor for you. They are such idiots. We are soulmates, we know each other since the beginning of time, and we always could trust each other. We always loved, respected, and helped each other. We are spiritually connected. Despite they harvest any thoughts that we think, they are too superficial to truly understand our personalities. And they are getting NOWHERE with us. All they do is adding to their very own rap sheets. Their behavior reminds me really very much to that of the Nazis and Hitler and the men behind them. The war was already lost, they knew it but continued to sent people to fight a lost war despite there was no chance in hell of winning. There is no chance of winning for them with us either. They lost on the day they put their bloody claws on us. 

We are the loving rebels, Marty, always were, always will. 




Science knows how to plant and grow plants – but it doesn’t know clearly know what plant live really is

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Dearest Marty, you very outstanding and unique thetan, how are you?

My thoughts travel to you often, and I am sure that you can feel them. I know one thing for sure, if we wouldn’t be so spiritual and also connected, our love story wouldn’t have happened. I am glad you are my kind of thetan.

Some scientists say that there is no God and that “science” can explain the world without God. Really? By smashing atomic parts together and still not finding the “God particle”? They seem to be fixed on the idea that the universe was created by violence. I see a creation of a non-violent universe DISRUPTED by violence on several occasions. 

Back to plants: a seed given water, light, and nourishment grows. Everyone knows that, hardly anyone considers it a miracle (but it is), so what is exactly that LIFE ENERGY that makes plants grow? Since I have a garden, Marty, I am even more convinced that this process of growing plants is plain and simply miraculous. I looked around but science doesn’t give any clear answer. They know about cells but not what makes plants actually ALIVE.

The architect of the physical universe really thought things through. The creation of the human body is ABSOLUTELY genius too. No big bang or gas creates something that perfect and most definitely nothing spiritual. He designed the original human body, a female and a male version, and so that he doesn’t has to do the work over and over again, he designed that that they can produce these bodies on their own. Genius! Plants are different, but we can find the time-saving aspect here too. He created the first seeds of abundant plants so that these shall grow into new plants forever. One creation and everlasting results. Super genius.

So, what they are? They are no humans and no animals but they are alive. 

They are theta postulated by a very able thetan. He put a fraction of himself into the world of plants. It is his postulate that created the seeds and he animated them. He never canceled the postulate. Guess that is why numerous people are saying that they feel the presence of God in nature. 

Ron said it before anyone else said it: plants have feelings (although the picture with the tomato and the e-mater shows German/CIA douple agent “Jack Vistaril” and not founder Ron). Particularly Germany (e.g. University of Bonn) wants the credit of this knowledge that plants can feel. They steal original Scientology for their own purposes, have their impostor and other infiltrator alter it for others, and their agents to make it ridiculous or even “dangerous”. It is so German!


Again, back to the plants.  There is for example the Mimosa Pudica, a sensitive plant that closes its leaves when one touches it. Someone used ether to knock it out and then touched the leaves. The results: when the plant was knocked out, it didn’t opened its leaves. They remained closed all the time. Some other plants were measured showing reactions when another plant was cut with a knife or burned. 

Just like for example the energy within strings (ultra-tiny vibrating strings of energy in the smallest particles), the life in plants, according to my intuition, are POSTULATES OF ONE AMAZING CAPABLE BEING. There is also at least one compelling explanation for why the Supreme Being doesn’t make an appearance on Good Morning, America or any other show. I am not talking about this today.

He made the postulate of creating a plant world and left it there for all other beings to use and enjoy. A postulate, a decision made by that able being to set pattern for the future. I think it was one being not a bunch of them who created this postulate. I think that physicists and other scientists have such a hard time figuring things out because they don’t try to find out what a spiritual being actually is.  


And yes, there are different quality of beings. And one of these beings is particularly qualified: the creator whose creation was partly destroyed through several big bangs and changed by less able beings and their medical experiments to alter the creation and also through some form of evolution.

Ron said in Dianetics Axiom 18 that LAMBDA (LIVING ORGANISM), even within a species, varies in its endowment of THETA. There is less theta with some thetans. A thetan with less theta hardly has created the theta wonders of the physical universe. Some of the Scientologists who I met seem to believe that all of the ever-existing thetans had the same great abilities, great characters, and same great qualities. I think that this is incorrect as even within a species, varies in its endowment of THETA. However, various other Dianetics Axioms are heavily edited by secret service medical doctors and psychiatrists without Ron’s approval, e.g. just one example is exchanging the term thetan with the term “organism”, but there is a lot more to which I object as clearly not written by Ron the founder.  

One example are Nazis or other perverts. They are more like Enthetans than Thetans. How did they get so bad if they had the same qualities like the creator who still has a mission to save the universe? (He could create a new universe – away from this one – only with good thetans, yet, he wants to help them all.)

If people like Nazis and other perverts and monsters were once like God, they never would have turned out so bad as they did. Some Christians believe that God created their souls. God can create “souls” simply by taking different viewpoints and, hey, there are different thetans who can live their own lives. Yeah! And they don’t turn bad. In other words, if God would have created the thetan (soul, spirit) of Nazis, perverts, and other monsters, they never would have become Nazis, monsters, and perverts. Some Scientologists say that Nazis and other perverts became so bad because other suppressive beings suppressed them on the timetrack. While I agree that they were suppressed and abused by other suppressive beings, it is no excuse to become bad. Why didn’t we become bad and perverted? Timetrack was VERY gruesome to us too, Marty. Nazis and perverts will hate to hear this, but it is the truth. They turned bad and we did not. 

However, I am not saying that species can’t improve their endowment of THETA. But they don’t improve by staying evil. Someone low could really transform to someone really high (truly, not fake and just pretending like the typical German does).

However, Marty, as far as I am concerned, they grossed me completely and entirely out. I don’t want to have any of them near me in any future to come.

Unlike you, Marty. I want you very very close for always and ever.

Summary: life in plants is a supreme being’s postulate. He generated it, and that is why plants can feel and have memory. A glimpse of the Supreme Being is clearly visible in the world of plants.  There is also a dancing plant. When it hears music, it moves its leaves. I am sure you heard that studies have shown that plants grow better with classical music and other harmonic music while Hard Rock and Rap is killing them. One can get a clue on the musical taste of the Supreme Being playing music to plants. Great, isn’t it? Who says humans can’t find out anything about God?  

Be kissed, Marty, many many times.

Yours always and ever,


The Hot Lips Plant really exists in South America.