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Leah Remini and Mike Rinder make my stomach turn

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, how is your life?

Who is Leah Remini telling people on national TV that our religion is none? She never understood real Scientology. She can’t speak for our religiosity as Scientologists. I bet it is a much deeper religiosity as her Catholicism.  

I saw a picture where Leah Remini huddles at Rinder’s chest. Aren’t they married to other people?

Numerous people posted about that Laurisse Henley-Smith’s hand resting possessively on David Miscavige’s shoulder would reveal that she is his mistress.  So what does it mean if Remini’s head is resting on Rinder’s chest?

Not that I envy either one of them. As I said, they make my stomach turn.

And Christi Colbran is ok with that? And she is ok with Remini and her husband trashing Scientology? A few years ago, Christi said on national TV that she believes in the philosophy of Scientology. Rinder lectured before the Trinity College in Dublin that Scientology is a religion. Now they and his side-kick Remini insinuate or even say it is not?

Those slimy grins on the faces of Rinder and Remini and what hides behind put me off.  

Do they even have a clue how ridiculous they look changing their public statements all the time? And what does it say about their IQ? I have no respect of people who flip-flop. Reminds me also of Garry Scarff. Push of a button and they march in whatever direction. The secret case officer orders it and they execute it. How “impressive”.

Remini just left Miscavology because DM didn’t want her to talk to his wife Michelle, and anyone except Tory Christman (“I don’t believe DM even has sex”) should be able to figure out why.    

What kind of person dumps her religion because could not chat with the wife of a guy who got Scientology from impostor and agent “Jack Vistaril”? Remini is clueless about the depths of SCN, otherwise DM’s refusal to let her see a person could NEVER have made her dumping Scientology because DM is NOT Scientology or a Scientologist. 

Every time I see Mike Rinder’s and his sidekick Leah Remini’s 1.1 grins, my stomach turn. I also pity anyone’s IQ, not being able to figure real Scientology (a true religious philosophy) from the German-psychiatric-ordered and -organized infiltration and alteration. Rinder, Remini, and the likes are keeping the public completely uneducated as to that Scientology is infiltrated and altered by secret services and that the founder and you were replaced by doppelgangers. Hush and mum is the word apparently. 


Honesty is the best policy and not Rinder’s creepy programs! While Mike Rinder run OSA, he apparently implemented and run a secret service program in which he wanted my name put so that I take care of “his enemies” to get “his stats up”. I am a real Scientologist not an agent. Mike Rinder insulted me greatly with that “program”. Who does this idiot think he is?

It contained stuff using me to make Tory Christman losing her job (who he called a nut case earlier) and involving Chuck Beatty in more porn. YUK! How disgusting! And what would a psychiatric secret service “handling” like that solve? Nothing! Christman and Beatty would have even more time smearing Scientology having no job and sinking deeper. Typical Mike Rinder to have junior Fritz Kavennar write “programs” like that. I am sure that Rinder ordered and approved it. I never worked on it, and I heard first time of its existance when Mike Rinder passed his very own program to his than friend, your impostor, Monique’s husband, to shame me on his blog with it. These Germany- and psychiatry-oriented agents are unbelievable.

I wrote about this Rinder program a few years back on my blog. 

Mike Rinder’s primitive secret service programs are not even remotely my style, Marty. Rinder wanted this program implemented and whoever he ordered to do it had not the courage to approach me on it because he knew that I would have turned it down and being outraged. Not because I find Christman or Beatty good people, but because I don’t want to sink on Mike Rinder’s low level. This secret service program was on Rinder’s computer while he was the OSA in charge! This is how your impostor Monique’s husband got it and how it was published.     

As Scientologists, we are supposed to build a better world not making it dirtier.  The true story about Scientology being infiltrated and altered from the true religious philosophy that it is by German- and psychiatric-minded, -oriented, and -controlled people would take the wind out of the sails of all these Scientology attackers like Tory Christman (who he called a nut case),  Chuck Beatty, Leah Remini, and all others. If mainstream learns the true story of the founder and Scientology, those who attack SCN will look either completely corrupt or completely stupid. And people will be rather angry at them when they learn with what kind of false information they were fed to them by the attackers.  



The way Rinder tried to use me for his dirty agent world is outrageous! Who does he think he is? He can use people however he wants? And he never applied the tonescale. If he would have ever applied it, he wouldn’t be as downtone himself . He would have known that if I get wind of his downtone program that could be even construed as criminal and putting my name as “player” in it, I will be outraged. On what kind of tonelevel does Rinder think I am? HIS LOW TONELEVEL??? Yikes! Years passed since then but I still feel my blood boil when I think of this piece of s…. named Rinder. He may asked others to write it. But he and DM, I suppose, are the people who wanted it done as it was on Rinder’s computer when he blew. He approved and pushed this worthless and criminal program. His juniors probably hadn’t much respect of Rinder, because it wasn’t communicated to me.           

Besides, I want to find YOU, Marty. Why should I work for infiltrated orgs who do not even tell me what became of you????????????????????????????????????????   Rinder’s IQ doesn’t go there, Marty. He is too dumb to figure that he can’t expect me to get his stupid stats up by conspiring the same time against us. What an idiot! He also has no idea of my tonelevel and that anything low as what’s coming from him WOULD INSULT ME.

He also had no idea that I knew that it is him who gave your impostor to publish this program on his blog and that it was on Rinder’s computer when he blew. He cowardly hid behind the back of your impostor and his blog. What a little man Rinder is. A coward.

I received polite anonymous messages that seemed to come from OSA during the last years Rinder was on staff. The messages were not on Rinder’s low tonelevel. During a phone call back then, Thunderstar owner Andy in Canada mentioned Gavino Idda to me. Anyway, back then, the writer mentioned Rinder and one of Rinder’s whiny issues to me. So, I know Rinder was involved. However, this program or steps of it was not ever communicated to me by anyone. I bet he just gave it Monique’s husband to publish because he thought he is safe and will not be discovered behind it. Wrong again! I discovered him behind it.

What a primitive man!


Rinder publishes his own dirty program on someone else’s blog and shames me, the one who was not involved in the making or implementing of this lowtoned if not outrageous criminal program.   

I am pretty sure that not just David Miscavige and your impostor but also Mike Rinder did all he could to prevent me learning about your whereabouts or seeing you again, Marty.  I bet he also “supervised” as OSA in charge the legal action that I filed around 1990 in SLC to learn about your whereabouts after I received no reply (as an IAS member who allegedly unites us!!!!) where you are. I despise this man for all he has done to and failed to do (telling the truth).     

Right now, your impostor is cross with Mike Rinder, but they (Rinder, DM, and Monique’s husband) still conspire together by keeping your whereabouts a secret and that Monique’s husband is not YOU, and that “Jack Vistaril” is NOT the founder but functioned as a double agent (Germany, CIA) to change Scientology upon secret German-psychiatric orders into a money-oriented cult.        

You know how I feel about creeps, Marty. And you are so different. I know you are same unimpressed of people changing their opinions all few years but wanting to be experts as I am.

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I’ll sail away with you to where ever you want to go. You are a rock star, Marty. I am so glad that I found you. I want you or nobody. 

Yours forever and ever,






Mosey’s husband anti-CIA? If not the CIA who runs him overtly/covertly who does? (Yeah, he certainly will say nobody, but I don’t buy it.)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I rarely read the comments on Mosey’s husband’s blog, but today, I scrolled down and one of his comments caught my eye. 

martyrathbun09 | August 26, 2012 at 11:05 am: “… I have read quite a bit about the man (Robeson), and I spoke to his son. His son and I believe the CIA ultimately orchastrated his demise.”

Mosey’s husband is NOT you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, but he wants the world to believe that he is. What for? I asked this myself many times. I  can’t be fooled. I figured it out already when he was very young and looked like your identical twin on the outside. 

Here are some more thoughts: If the CIA would have hired him as doppelganger to protect your life from the Nazis, Marty, MAYBE he could come away with being a real American and even some sort of hero, although I find such CIA programs as dumb and ineffective and SEGNPMSS-controlled as some OSA programs. If the CIA would have hired “Jack Vistaril” as doppelganger to protect L. Ron Hubbard’s life from the Nazis, Marty, MAYBE he could come away with being a real American and even some sort of hero, although I  find such CIA programs as dumb and ineffective and SEGNPMSS-controlled as some OSA programs. All secret service stuff usually backfires.

Any program that the SEGNPMSS sets up in or around Scientologists and the orgs has no other purpose but backfiring on Scientology and Scientologists despite these programs have nothing to do with Scientology. They are all off-policy. Truth about Scientology takes the wind completely out if the sails of any Scientology hater. Once the true story of Scientology and the founder breaks, all those who attacked the founder will look like the corrupt people and idiots that they are. There is no need for dumb and nasty OSA ops programs against tiny little Tory Christman or Chuck Beatty or others. Truth takes care of them.  

The question is: if Mosey’s husband is anti-CIA, and the CIA does not run Mosey’s husband, who else runs him and tells him to impostor you? If the CIA didn’t run “Jack Vistaril” who else did run him and told him to impostor Ron?

David Miscavige speaks also against the CIA  in his version of the  “LRH biography”. If the CIA does not run him, who makes him  protect doppelgangers and impostors in Scientology and cover their existence up?  

DM mentioned that there was a nasty rumor by the CIA that the Apollo was a CIA vessel. If it wasn’t the CIA that did run Jack Vistaril on the Apollo, which secret service did run the impostor on that vessel and made him lie to just about anybody that he, the unethical idiot is/was the real founder?

Are they clueless about the SEGNPMSS having the overall control over each ear implant? Or do they know about it and don’t mind? In any case, it is either completely stupid or completely corrupt.

I am not saying that the CIA is innocent and not involved in these doppelganger and impostor actions, Marty. But from what can I see, CIA programs are set up to fail and backfire like those of OSA. Why? Because SEGNPMSS wants to smear Scientology AND the United States. It is so easy to figure out for one who knows how German secret service psych dupes are thinking.  

However, when Mosey’s husband and DM are saying that what they are doing has nothing whatsoever to do with the CIA, it would really interesting to learn who they think they are working for. 

The only thing that would impress me would be complete honesty, openness, and transparency. But as far as His Cobness, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and so many others are concerned who know, I don’t hold my breath.

I love you, Marty, so much. If people would be smarter and real Scientologists, we all would be happy and Scientology would no longer be in bad headlines. 

Many hugs and kisses, my honey!

Yours forever,


I’d wish Mike Rinder would have slept ONLY on his Sea Org post instead running OSA like a secret service and even attacking and defaming L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology. What kind of “Scientologist” creates a bad reputation for the founder and the Scientology religion? Moles do that!

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince, how are you?

I was in a park with a friend yesterday for hours, however,  we returned earlier than planned because parts of it was flooded. It was a nice day, but I miss you any day and always! 

It seems that the cover of Tim Higgs and the Truthseeker blew who appears to be one of Mike Rinder’s former agents when he run OSA.

Typically, Mike Rinder didn’t confess that this guy was either his idea or had his approval. Anything that happened OSA-wise until 2007 is Rinder’s responsibility. Because Mike Rinder run it for decades. Mike Rinder doesn’t come clean. His OW write-up on RFW is a joke. His real OWs are nowhere confessed or written up. (Same goes for Mosey’s husband.)

In order not to be suspected, Mike Rinder  apparently uses “Independent” women like Aida Thomas to blow the cover of one of his very own former agent who appears going by the name Tim Higgs who is also the  Truthseeker.  Mike Rinder never came forward with his REAL OW write-up as to what he REALLY ordered or pushed others to do. This guy fails to impress me completely and entirely.   

With no words, Mike Rinder said, what he should say: “I was ultimately responsible for the secret service programs, programs WHICH DO NOT BELONG IN THE RELIGION SCIENTOLOGY AND INCUDED ATTACKING THE FOUNDER AND THE RELIGION SCIENTOLOGY, and I even tried to pull Barbara Schwarz against her will and without her consent in my useless, ineffective, and total crap secret service programs that LACK any ETHICS.”

I say it again, the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists, and anything undercover in Scientology will be blown wide open by the psychs who control the infiltrators. These programs serve no other purpose but that they shall reflect badly on the founder and to harm Scientology.  They have infiltrator  blow and then attacking each other to make the world believe that this is Scientology, which is not. It is anything but Scientology.

If the orgs would publish the truth about the infiltration of Scientology and that even the founder was impostored so that his reputation is harmed and if they would document it, people like Chuck Beatty, Tory Christman, and so many others would go into the history as the corrupt idiots as they are. There is no need to sink on the their same level and become a sleazy operative of anti-Scientology secret services by attacking the founder or our religion.

The “Truthseeker” flooded Usenet often with daily hundred messages attacking Scientology. And that all  because Tory Christman,  and the likes, and their natter held Mike Rinder’s  and DMs personal infiltrator stats down that need up in order to advance to more power. What a loser programs are those Rinder progams anyway? People who attack Scientology are clueless about real Scientology, so why giving them that much attention? The Truthseeker never seeked truth. He just wanted to spam entheta and lies on Scientology. It seems to me that his “official” OSA purpose was rendering ARS useless. However, the TRUTH about Scientology and the founder would have changed ARS. All these people who lie about the founder and our religion, would no longer be able to blame it on him instead of his impostor.  But moles in Scientology do not want to tell the truth, so they come up with unethical programs that blow back in their faces and bring down the reputation of Scientology even more.

Marty, it is true that ARS was and still is a hate group, and its purpose is spreading lies about Scientology and the founder, like other forums on the Internet.  Truthseeker didn’t just flush down the posting of other hate mongers like himself in a flood of lie postings about Scientology and the founder. He also buried my truthful postings  down the drain by spamming thousands of postings with false info.  Truthseeker didn’t try to flood ARS with postings containing the truth about Scientology and the founder. He did it with postings like this: “This is how to destroy the Church of Scientology”,  “Giving Scientology a taste of its own medicine”, “Why you should stay away from Scientology”, etc.

Mike Rinder was the boss of this operation, and David Miscavige either allowed it or even pushed it. We don’t hear the complete truth of the non-Scientology actions about what Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband did,  because DM has dirty hands on it too. It is so simple for a non-dummy to puzzle the details together.  

Truthseeker attacked L.Ron Hubbard, the founder and promoted psychiatry and psychology. There was nothing to infiltrate on ARS. It is not moderated like other forums. ARS was open to all to post. In order to post, nobody had to pretend being somebody else to get his or her message out. There was no need to attack Ron and Scientology, but Mike Rinder’s intel program did just that. Interesting is also that Tory Christman and the likes ignores what he did as long as he is working towards destroying Scientology. 

Mike Rinder was in charge of all the secrecy until 2007.  “Mike Rinder was once the organization’s chief spokesman and ran its intelligence wing.” says the media. And for Scientology, he did a miserable job. He never admitted in detail what he did. He just blames his own low actions  on others. Mike Rinder’s responsibility level is on the rock button of anything. 

I don’t want to have “friends” like this. The time will come when  these non-Scientologists moles, the so-called “Independents” will attack each other as well. It is just a matter of time. They turn on their former friends and agents now, and will turn on their current agents and “friends” later.

My last official contact with OSA was in Germany in the last 80s on open legal matters. I NEVER worked on any secret service program and while I was the AGPR or EPA/OSA for Germanic Countries in EU, Germany, Swiss, Austria and the  Netherlands, I did not run one single ops program. Unlike infiltrators, I think, like the real Ron did and you do, lies are defeated by the truth and not by more lies and pretend. 

However, Marty, through the Internet, I am sure I had correspondence with OSA, although they did not introduce themselves with their real names. If somebody has secrets before me right from the start by not even giving me his/her true name, it is not the basis for trust and a beautiful friendship. We had communication, however, I didn’t work on their programs, I had no clue that these existed and never gave my consent.  

I know that Germany (just as their national hymn says, it is above anything) runs secretly all other secret services, however, the way how Mike Rinder works remind me of what the Mag Bulletin alleged the Australian Secret on: ASIS is accused of bad management, staffing problems, gross mismanagement of intelligence operations, staff assignments, and tasking, particularly with respect to the war on terrorism.

Ultimately, we know that Mike Rinder run the intelligence programs of OSA, so he is the guy to be held responsible, and he should not get away with blaming his rotten and non-Scientological actions on others. What a spineless worm he is. And what a failure of leadership for DM giving somebody like Rinder this job. If DM would not be an infiltrator himself, if he would understand and apply the tonescale, he never would have given Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband executive jobs. Never in  a billion years.  

You are so much wiser than any of them, Marty, they have “complete idiots” tattooed on their forehead for any real Scientologist to see.

The “Independents” (yeah right, surely not Independent from the Germany, Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder support overtly the most intolerant nation that ever lived) will never save real and original Scientology, and the orgs are infiltrated with more people like them.

It is all up to us to make things go right. 

Love you bunches, Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,

Your wife



Top 3 people crippling journalism: Tony Ortega at the Village Voice, and Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin at the SP Times / But thanks, Tony, for acknowledging that Mike Rinder run OSA until 2007.

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How was your day, Marty? My endless love… my sweet, sweet Prince…

I am thinking of you, wishing we could be together.

My air pop corn popper just broke. Yes, I can afford a new one but it is hard to get to town, I have snow… So, I thought I check around to find an alternative to air popped corn without adding butter or oil.

The Hare Krishna  (also famous for delicious tasting vegetarian cuisine) had a solution. You take a pot and one tablespoon of SALT. Put the salt in the pot. Turn the heat on and cover the bottom of the pot with corn. The kernel pop just as good as in an air popper. Afterwards, toss the popped corn through any sieve to remove the salt, and done. Use any topping, you like.

Who needs to get out in the snow to buy a new air popper? Not me! Who needs to order an air popper from the net and wait a week to get it delivered? Not me. 

Anyway, Marty, a few words to my subject lines. Tony Ortega at the Village Voice, and Joe Childs, and Thomas C. Tobin at the Tampa Bay Times WRITE CONSTANTLY about Scientology. Yes, I know, it is their right but they also have a responsibility to write the FACTS.

How these reporters could have overlooked that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and you, the original Marty Rathbun and Inspector General of Ethics was and is impostored by Mosey’s husband, is beyond me. How blind are these men? Shame on them accepting awards but ignoring the fact of impostors.

All what they wrote about the founder of Scientology is NULL AND VOID because they were unable to separate the original from the impostor. Same applies to your earlier work in Scientology before Mosey’s husband (back then Cheray’s and Anne’s husband) took over as your doppelganger/impostor.

Anyone who researches the name of the founder or your name will find the doppelganger and impostor information and the photos speak loud and clear:

However, I found something really interesting in Tony Ortega’s article of January 13, 2012 (Yes, I know, he writes almost every day about Scientology, kinda obsessed, isn’t he?)

Tony scribbled: “I also talked with Mike Rinder, who, until he defected in 2007, was Scientology’s chief spokesman and ran the church’s “Office of Special Affairs” — its intelligence and covert operations wing.”

See, Marty, just as I said, those ridiculous Intelligence Programs on Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty were MIKE RINDER’S, and it was  either HIM who typed these programs or he organized that HIS OSA juniors scribbled my name into those programs. He wanted me involved in a legal grey zone (despite approval of lawyers) without my approval or agreement.

Once again, I don’t think that Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty are good people (but he befriends those today who he wanted to bring down with intelligence programs just a few years earlier)! He is like a leaf in the wind, turning right and left and up and down, while we are always stay stable in what we are doing and stand for.  

I had nothing against Mike before I noticed this. He does all that crap and then he blames others on it. He blames me (of all people!) on what HE HIMSELF wrote or ordered. It is unbelievable. He didn’t come clean and that is why I have a problem with him. He has no spine. He makes the world believe that he had nothing to do with these programs and that  they were those of others, even innocent people who didn’t even knew that such programs existed. For me to ever approve of Mike, he has to come completely clean. (And that goes for anyone else too.)

I don’t know if DM is also involved and if he ordered Mike to try to get me involved and if the COB wanted these programs to be written and executed but that makes Mike still not innocent in regards to these covert actions and the plan to manipulate me into them (failed miserably).  As Mike does not admit that these are his programs, it looks pretty good for DM’s alibi. If Mike says he had nothing to do with it, DM higher on the command line, can say that even more.   

Christman and Beatty of course don’t accuse or blame those who ordered/wrote or supervised the programs and were involved but blame and lash out against the innocent. Me. It is unbelievable. That is just the screwed and dishonest people that they are. It is like accusing Mother Theresa of having created the ozone hole, even if she never used  (for example) an aerosol spray or didn’t even knew that such sprays exist! 

All the lies that Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty ever wrote about Ron, the founder or our religion will be seen as such by anyone, once the true story of the founder and Scientology breaks. There is no need of making one’s hand dirty by engaging in covert activities. And I didn’t. There are people (not even friends of mine) who googled a long time to find anything on the web in regards to me working on these Rinder programs, and they admitted that they found nothing. 

He has the dirty hands, and he tries to make other’s believe that those are my OWs or just the OWs of others, instead of his. Unbelievable, isn’t it? He never had the guts to admit that these programs are his own non-Scientological crap. I find these programs completely idiotic because if Christman is losing her job, she has even more time to attack and defame the founder and our religion. Same goes for Chuck Beatty. I don’t want to go in the other items of these “programs”. It is not my tonelevel to do sneaky dirty tricks, that is Mike Rinder’s (and the likes) past and present.

Well, I am sure glad that Tony Ortega made it official by writing that Mike Rinder was the OSA boss until 2007. Those the programs on Chuck Beatty and Tory were dated 2006 and Mike Rinder’s programs. 

Marty, I run the GO MUN completely without covert intelligence. Honesty is the winning street not covert acts. The entire state of Germany tried to pin something on me, and they found nothing because I kept clean hands.

You know this, Marty, because you and I, we are so much alike.

Love you so much! Many kisses!

Yours forever!


Why I don’t trust Mark Bunker (Emmy Award Winning Journalist) at all!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

Maybe you heard the news or you will hear this soon: Mark Bunker supports your impostor Mosey’s husband.

And here are some of my big problems with Mark Bunker, who is an Emmy-winning reporter who doesn’t get that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored.

The question is: how blind is Mark Bunker not to see that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and you are impostored by Mosey’s husband? Years ago, Mark Bunker used to post on ARS, where he has seen my postings. He knows since many years that I am saying that Ron and you were impostored, but in all those years, the Emmy-winning reporter (who says that he is banned on YouTube at the moment but didn’t tell why) failed to compare photos and footage of “Jack Vistaril” and Mosey’s husband with the real Ron, founder of Scientology and the original Inspector General for Ethics: you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology.

So, whatever Mark Bunker’s film will show, it will not be the truth because he swims in the same stream with the rest of the foolish people or those who cover the truth up.


Isn’t that the ultimate homework that one should expect from a reporter when writing about Scientology? But this also goes for other reporters who failed to do this, e.g. the SP Times reporters, Janet Reitman, Tony Ortega, etc., etc., any reporter who ever reported about Scientology should be able to see it by comparing the footage and the photos to each other. It is so easy but they all are keeping the dirty “little” secret until they will break nevertheless, and nobody will refer to any of them as “experts” on Scientology.

I know, Mark Bunker often comes across like a decent guy who just happen to dislike certain aspect of DM’s reign. After upset Tommy Davis confirmed to the SP Times that there were indeed approx. 50 beatings at the Int Base, I heard Mark Bunker on his Xenu TV saying that if that would happen in a corporation, the CEO would be out of a job. I was thinking that Mark Bunker was right on that, that no leader should stay in power after such activities happen in his top management, but yet, Mark Bunker supports your impostor, Marty, who admitted of having been violent to others in the very top management and who shows another example of his bad temper by slamming several times the car door in the head of a reporter. (He could have died on the head injuries and Mosey’s husband on the defendant bench.)  Mark Bunker’s high morals are suddenly gone.  In other words: he is just against certain “slappers” and not  all “slappers”.

But here is the message in a nutshell: anyone who does not see or does not say that the biggest problem of Scientology is non-Scientology infiltration and psychiatric organized doppelgangers and impostors will go as stupid little footnote into history.

Guess Mark Bunker handles my criticism by saying that I would be an OSA agent or crazy or whatever. I am none of it, but if I would be one of that or all three together, the fact that Ron was and you are impostor remains. One just has to print out all the photos and start comparing…

Scientology is my religion. It is natural that I support it but not when it is taken over by some secret service agents who tried to use me in their programs. Once again, I do not even remotely approve of Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty. I don’t want to be associated with them.  They kiss up to Mosey’s husband on his blog and in other forums, they are the worst defamers of the founder and our religion. 

According to the secret service OSA programs that Mike Rinder had in his possession from the times when he overlooked or managed OSA, there was allegedly an initiative “to stir me up”.  But as the Internet proves, it didn’t work. I didn’t know, work on, or execute secret service programs. I read them know, I think that they might contain correct data on Christman, Beatty, and others, but these programs are no Scientology programs. Whoever had the idea to “stir me up” is clueless about my personality. I was kicked out because I didn’t follow infiltrator orders. What I don’t find ethical, I don’t do.

Tory posted that she worked on some programs on ARS that were above the law. I did not and never worked on such. That is one of  the differences between Mark Bunker’s friend Tory Christman and I. While Mike Rinder was still at INT, he hoped that I would get his stats up: but again: what’s not ethical, I won’t do. Moreover, who covers up where you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology is, is also not my friend and not supported by me.

I have a lot of energy, and I could do a lot for my religion. All that energy is unused. I could move mountains. But instead helping my religion, I put my energy in earning money. And why? Because there is nothing to support. Supporting the orgs or the “Independents” is like supporting the same secret service that exchanged Ron with the impostor and Mosey’s husband with you. And why would I do that? 

If somebody wants my support, he or she has to be completely honest with me. If the person has no intention to do it or is too remote-controlled by his or her psych case officer, he or she won’t get anywhere with me. Whoever wrote or supervised these programs on Christman and Beatty has no idea of my personality or ethics level.

Yes, I want Christman and Beatty stop spreading lies about the founder and our religion, but I also want a better world. Parts of these programs are on the same level that is not creating a better world or a waste of time, and that’s where they can’t count on me. I handle SPs by confronting them with the truth. (When I was the AG MUN, my BI did not run one ops. Just overt data collection.) I don’t “handle” SPs by committing low actions against them and turning SP myself. No, I won’t do that.  How can that create a better world? Okay, one  or the other SP might get tired on these secret service programs and retire from attacking our religion but the next SPs or a whole bunch of them (either former infiltrators or others) will be stirred up again by the psychs, and the insane fight continues. All these “programs” are nothing worth, and yes, it is insulting to find my name in it.

Instead trying to include me and my name in ridiculous or even grey legal zone programs, Scientologists should ask me: Barbara, how would you handle this?

I know how, and I would show them that I can handle it,  and it would be no freaking secret service crap but ethical handling.

But as I said, in return, they have to be completely honest with me, and if they don’t want this, they can go to (their self-made) hell with those who they try to handle for all I care. 

 I love you, Marty. You know how I am. You never would try to include me in something as a ops. Just like me, you were always open and never wrote nor worked on one. “Jack Vistaril” was the secret service freak, not Ron, the founder. He was the religious and decent man.   

Many kisses my sweetheart until we meet again, hopefully soon!



I am not quite done yet with the Impostorologist gang. It was Black Mamba (Larry Toomajan) and not me who posted the link to that blog on Chuck Beatty!

with one comment

Dearest Marty, my sweetheart,

I have a lot of snow and it is cold but my love for you and heat in the house keeps me warm.

This is once more about the SPs Mike Rinder, Chuck Beatty, and Mosey’s husband, and the Impostorologist gang that blames me (and Ron on different message boards) the wrong targets on having worked on Rinder’s former dirty programs. I stated already that I did not and didn’t even knew of any  such programs. It was Black Mamba (who is Larry Toomajan) who posted against Chuck Beatty, and he announced that website (that might or might not have webbed Beatty’s twisted past): . This website is gone. Don’t know if there ever was such a website. Makes one also wonder about the lack of endurance of these programs. Guess they just last and serve to smear Ron’s name, the name of Scientology, and my name, despite we have nothing to do with it, except that Rinder apparently wanted me to work on them without letting me know that they were black ops programs.

Larry Toomajan started the thread and announced the website. And you will notice that I did not participate in that thread either.  I had nothing to do with what Mosey’s husband’s and Mike Rinder’s hate mongers are trying to pin on me. The evidence that I had nothing to do with it is all over the net in form of NO HITS  but evidence don’t count with these people. Just their own lies about me count in their little hate world.

Chuck Beatty lied on Mosey’s husband’s blog on January 7, 2010 that I cut and copied Ken Shapiro postings against him on Usenet.

No hit. Look how Chuck Beatty lies:

Once more, it is interesting that Chuck again himself posted these Shapiro mails or postings. If  Chuck and his friends consider the information in the Shapiro mails so  horrific, why did he (they) draw attention to them by posting them? Why did he give Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder’s the green light to post Rinder’s former programs (by blaming tem on others)? The same applies to Tory Christman. Because they want to blame Ron on it and try to “penalize” me, trying to bring my name down so that my claims that Ron and you were/are impostered and the orgs infiltrated will be ignored. It is nothing but the SEGNPMSS way to discredit good people.

Looks to me that Larry Toomajan was Rinder’s man. It sure wasn’t me.

Once again, Chuck admitted that HE HIMSELF SENT THE SHAPIRO LETTERS TO ALL HIS FAMILY AND HIS EMPLOYER. And he has the guts to accuse ME of sending it around? I never send anything to anybody about him.

The incompetence of Rinder’s former programs also become clear by noticing that the original website that should have the purpose to inform the world about the true Chuck Beatty is GONE but Chuck Beatty’s defense and a former dirty little Rinder program is still around to blame Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and me, all those who had nothing to do with infiltrator against infiltrator black ops and smear. “Great jobs” of these former and current infiltrators. These programs should be awarded the award for greatest incompetence.

Marty, what makes me upset is that if it is true that Beatty looked at child porn (on the RPF?) as indicated in these messages, why  didn’t Rinder and his people call the authorities?! By not calling the authorities, those who know of somebody looking at child porn are also violating the laws! The person who has received the affidavit write up with the child porn admission in it had the responsibility to hand it to the authorities so that they take care of that perverted person. Running a dirty program and involving him in even more dirt is not Scientology. That is twisted non-Scientology of infiltrators. That is German, just like the entire fights is.

How Rinder can even remotely think that I would web the Shapiro postings without seeing the outpoints in them (not calling the authorities on child porn) he is even dumber than he looks.

Chuck says that he thinks that Ken Sharpiro didn’t write these e-mails. Maybe he is right and it was his new good friend Mike Rinder who “forgot” to alarm the authorities.

I am telling you, Marty, if Chuck Beatty isn’t upset as to what Rinder and his juniors did to him in the past, he should not defame me on Mosey’s husband’s blog either, particularly not because unlike Rinder,  I didn’t had anything to do with that dirt. He also should not defame L. Ron Hubbard either. I noticed in just about any posting, Chuck Beatty works like a German secret service agent, beating up on innocent L. Ron Hubbard whenever he can. Another “fine” friend for the Impostorologists on Mosey’s husband’s blog.

Ron has nothing to do with that either, except that he said that perversions are counter survival.

Chuck Beatty’s purpose is not getting ethics into DM’s management, his (German secret service) target is innocent L. Ron Hubbard (the real one) and our religion Scientology. He signed an agreement with the law office of Eliott Abelson and blames L. Ron Hubbard even on that! Just as he blames me on something that had nothing to do with it. Just as Ron said. The SPs always attacks the wrong target.

Here is another of the posting of Chuck Beatty, doing what he accuses me wrongfully on: promoting the Shapiro messages:


From:  “chuckbeatty77” <chuckbeatt…>

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Subject: Re: Chuck Beatty “Dead Agent” Site

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 19:11:23 -0700


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On Oct 10, 4:59?am, “Black Mamba” <xxxxxxx…> wrote:




Chuck Beatty

Typically Chuck Beatty, working for the Germans who were always known for their intolerance and craziness, defaming Ron and what once was a very true religion.

Here is more, and in all these messages, Chuck Beatty promotes the Shapiro information HIMSELF on which he accused me wrongfully in the last days. None of this was by me:

Marty, Scarff posted on January 9. 2011 on WWP as Smurf: “To my knowledge, Mike Rinder was intimately involved on these black ops; Marty was not…″ (Marty, that is you. Mosey’s husband is not Marty in my book, and I don’t think that Rinder was only intinately involved in these black ops but that he was the pushing force behind it because on my lines I felt that interest on Christman and Beatty died with Rinder’s blow.)

German Martin Ottmann appeared again on the scene. Guess he is an OPC dupe like Tilman Hausherr. Ottman is one of the cheapest and most vile persons who I saw posting on ARS before he allegedly “retired” from harassing others. He posted deliberately over and over my home address on the net to make me feel unsafe at home. He is lawless. He posted on January 8, 2011 on Mosey’s husband’s lie and hate blog  that I did not made these postings on his blog because I would have posted about Mosey’s husband being an impostor. Ottman’s IQ is ultralow. He knows that Mosey’s husband, your impostor monitors all postings and censors all postings of mine. He censored all postings that mentioned that he is your impostor.

Mosey’s husband is attracting these lawless Germans, including George, a Hitler fan.

Marty, if somebody would have asked me to web lawful information as to that Chuck Beatty works secretly for the German secret services against what was –  before the international but German controlled infiltration  – an ethical and true American religion, he would have had more luck getting me to post about Chuck Beatty and web info about that on a website but I’m not interested in writing about his perversions.

A non-Scientologist told me today at the phone that he would ever get involved in Scientology on either side because current, ex members, critics, and Anonymous are fighting and that this would be so appalling. He called all sides a nut house. The German proverb says: when two are fighting, the third one (the p$ychs of the German secret services who set the infiltration, the doppelganger/impostors, the blows of alleged Scientologists up!) are enjoying it.  It is all so very German.

I love you, my hero. How do you like my new WordPress blog template?

Many kisses!

Love forever,


After Mike Rinder blew in 2007, I received no more messages on Christman and Beatty. Those lawless programs were Rinder’s or he was the driving force behind them, and I think that can be established in court. These programs died with Rinder’s blow.

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Dearest Marty, my sweet, sweet Prince,

How are you, my masculine angel? I find nothing exciting, impressive, and sexy about a corrupt man and a liar. That is why I am so smitten by you, Marty. You are like a God that walks on a planet that is inhabited by stupid apes. I love you with all my heart and soul. Just the thought of you keeps me young. I can’t say I love you often enough because this is how I feel. It is the real thing. No crush would have ever passed the tests on my journey. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on you: it is you that  I want. This is what I told myself back then and no man ever measured up to you. I never will take you for granted. When we are back together, I will look at you and always know that you are my soul mate, my treasure, my life, my destiny, my past, present, and future and that I never would allow our love to slip away. I adore and worship you with each fiber of my being. Ron knew that you were the right husband for me. He knew that you are the husband I can be happy with and that you never would suppress me. And he knew that I would be the right wife for you and never would betray you. We will make it work, Marty, and after many years of marriage, we will still be excited just to look each other in the eyes and having the butterflies while dating. It will never be boring because of the depths of our personalities, our OT minds and OT abilities, our love for fun, and the ever young heart. We got it all, except a way for me to you without that the jealous German secret service goes nuts and tries to kill one of us before we see each other again.

Marty, also that “Chuck Beatty” programs seems to be approved by a law firm/attorney. I  wonder about one thing: if my OT abilities are working correctly, the Germans did set you up and accused you wrongfully of having harmed me and possibly murdered me and arranged with the Spaniards on November 21, 1988, your wrongful arrest before you could reach Germany to get my testimony there. C of S attorneys and your private attorneys should coordinate to prove your innocence, right? But are they really doing it? Marty,  the C of S executives know that I am alive and that you never harmed me. They also know that Mosey’s husband is an impostor. Their attorneys must know too that I am alive and well because they saw and possibly approved Mike Rinder’s former programs.

I think your representatives should talk to the entire current C of S executive strata and to all of the C of S attorneys. Tell them that I want finally home: to you and that they should work with us and not against us. I want to testify that you are innocent and that you were framed. Keeping us Scientologists apart is not what Ron would even remotely approve.

They should not forget that if you come free, you can make a statement of being the original Marty and that Mosey’s husband impostored you and that Mike Rinder, and others, are helping him to do that. No black ops on these guys is necessary. The truth alone will send them packing or to the slammer.

Mike Rinder, in his twisted and hateful ways also admitted that OSA knows me. I am not dead and I am the original Barbara who you know and some of them know personally or know through correspondence.

This is essentially what did happen, Marty:

Did I work for OSA? Not since the mid 80s. Did I correspond with OSA? I mailed the Touretzky porn envelope and the invoice to the RFW, Joel Phillips, after he contacted me and asked me for it. Did I correspond with Scientologists during the last years? Yes, after all, I am a Scientologist too. Did we exchange information? Yes, we did. Where this/these Scientologist/s from OSA? Maybe.  (But nobody told me where you are, Marty.)

In regards to that correspondence, here is very important information: I acted upon what I considered being the right thing to do, Marty. Mike Rinder’s former programs had no power over me. I did not know that there were programs, and I did not act on anything of which I thought it is not right. I learned later in 2006 short before he blew that Mike Rinder was around and apparently wanted me to act on Christman and Beatty. I didn’t knew that he had black ops programs. For example, it came directly on my lines that Mike Rinder was upset/worried in 2006 that Korey Jerome Kruse (Simkatu) forged him. And yes, I am convinced that Kruse did that because he also forged you, Tina and Joel Phillips, me, and others. During that time, I received info that let me conclude that OSA under Rinder had Christman and Beatty on their minds. So, when I hear Mike Rinder now saying that OSA did horrible things to Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty and that it was OSA or even me, then he should not forget that I KNOW THAT HE WAS THE SUPERIOR OF OSA for many years and that he stood behind those programs not telling me that he added my name to those stupid programs. His former juniors and the attorneys will know for sure how much he was involved.

If he has not written them himself, then I am sure that they were written because HE ordered them to be written. The only thing that I don’t know is if Mike Rinder did that on his own or if DM wanted him to write these ops programs. I think it was Mike Rinder who either had his junior write these programs or wrote them himself and walked to the attorneys with these programs. Don’t know if the attorneys approved of them in this form, because getting Christman fired and Beatty into more porn can’t be legal.

Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty are no choir people. I think they are former psychiatric infiltrators. The C of S has the right to defend itself from such people who try to ruin Scientology or defame L. Ron Hubbard, but I never would have approved of things like making Christman lose her job or setting Beatty up. Ron never would have approved of this either. TRUTH and JUSTICE is the handling for all these SPs.

Mike Rinder should confess what he did. He is a coward and a liar saying that he wasn’t the driving force behind these programs. He also should confess that I never saw these programs and that I never worked on them and didn’t even knew of their existance. These programs died when Rinder blew. That’s an indicator too. I never heard again on my lines any Scientologist having Tory Christman or Chuck Beatty on his minds.

Rinder thinks, he just has to change the camp and that makes him innocent. Not as long as I am around.

And look at the evidence. There is no and was never any website by me saying that Christman was a stripper (despite that I believe that she was one) and never a website by me on Chuck Beatty  that he is a pervert (despite that I think he is twisted). In other words, I did not work nor implement those freaking Rinder programs because I don’t work for dirty people and on dirty programs. All I do is upfront. Moreover, Marty, OSA never told me where you are. DM never apologized to me for that I was wrongfully kicked out. They never gave me my SO job back. Naturally, I am reserved as far as OSA is concerned. When I was or when I am addressed with anything, I make my decision on a case to case and personal basis, each time. When I felt some kind of Rinder robotic on my lines (email), I didn’t act on it. As simply as that.

It is such a shame what the SEGNPMSS made out of Scientology. All the fighting has nothing to do with original Scientology, the real Ron, the real you, and the real me.

I can’t agree with this attitude that as long somebody is in the orgs, he or she is “black, rotten and dirty” and as soon as he/she changes the camps and attacks Scientology, he/she is white, clean and good. It doesn’t work like this. Who was a rotten infiltrator in the orgs is still one today. And nobody of them ever leaves the real cult SEGNPMSS, so they were corrupt cultists before and after Scientology.

People who never were in Scientology and troll the Independents’ blog blend in perfectly because they are SEGNPMSS cultists too. Scientology isn’t the cult. SEGNPMSS is. And nobody leaves that cult ever. People just change camps of which are all SEGNPMSS controlled. It is dirty agent against dirty agent.

Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband think that they just have to accuse others on what they did while they infiltrated the orgs and all is forgiven. Just fools fall for that attitude.

Marty, Jim Logan posted this on Mosey’s husband’s blog on January 7, 2011 :

I got one of these ‘Schwarz’ emails a few weeks back and it was so patently OSA it was ridiculous. Good job fellas, totally professional and impenetrable.

Mosey’s husband censored my response to Jim Logan. Actually, from all the “Independents” (yeah right!), Jim Logan was the only person I ever addressed (except Marty’s husband asking him where you are and why he says he is you, an answer that he avoids by all means) because of Tory Christman’s YouTube video where she says that Pat and Annie Broker dropped each week a Million Dollars on the desk of Jack Vistaril (the impostor of L. Ron Hubbard) for many months. I want to know if Tory made this up, if somebody told her something wrong or if it really happened and what became of these millions. Jim Logan was married to Anne Broker, I am sure that she mentioned this to him if the matter took place as Christman described it. It wasn’t OSA who asked  Jim Logan, I asked him on Dec. 11, 2011 in an e-mail two questions, when he meet “Marty Rathbun” the first time and if he ever compared the different “Marty” photos with each other. And I asked him if his ex Annie ever told him what happened to those millions Christman was talking about.

He thinks that message is “patently OSA”. They really do see OSA anywhere. There is no talking to any members of the Independent cult. They are NO OTs. And they are a cult of cowards. I mailed the message to him and he was afraid of replying. If he would have a good conscience and nothing to hide, he wouldn’t mind responding to anybody including OSA.

Why is nobody but me interested what happened to those millions? Why is nobody but me interested that this doppelganger/impostor business is being revealed?

In other words: Jim Logan is a chicken, just as the other Impostorologists.

Marty, I also wonder how many of these programs Mike Rinder still has or fabricates and  writes my name in it to blame his own dirty work and his own incompetence on me.

And when I defend myself, he defamed me of being the robot that he was and still is. How dare him! On the other side, I often think that they should post all the lies and hatred because times will change and the world will see one day what lousy and dismissive people they are. Truth comes out all the time and if they would be real Scientologists, they would know that they will pull in motivators.

Beatty posted he “flattered” me. I just remember how he defamed me. Flattery never worked on me. If people don’t attack and defame me, Ron or you, I am polite in return. I hardly remember my encounters with Chuck Beatty but when he noticed that I “had nice qualities” then not because he “flattered me” but because I am a nice person when not attacked and defamed. What a dishonest approach is that anyway to flatter a person?  He “played” with me… See what a dishonest creep that is? No good person plays with another one. And he posted the Shapiro e-mails HIMSELF. How can he claim that he opposes the publications of the Shapiro messages if the posts them himself? Lying is all he does. Rinder wanted me to know about the cheap past of Christman or Beatty and take them on. But I didn’t act on it because 1) it is not my style 2) it won’t handle them 3) I felt Rinder’s robotic,  evil, and low tonelevel behind it. 4) There was no real proof, and I am too professional and too smart to make claims without proof. 5) I don’t want my name on the net with sexual aberrations of  all their downtone counter-agents.  Rinder  is too stupid and too downtone to figure out what I engage in and what not.

Some of the worst trolls posts are on Mosey’s husband’s blog and they call me a troll? They always accuse me on their own lack of ethics and their own crummy business. Beatty is thanking Mike Rinder of misinforming him about me. Those are really pitiful people.

I also wonder about this, Marty: nobody knew of Chuck Beatty’s perversions until he published HIMSELF the Shapiro mail on Usenet, mentioning some perversions of Beatty. And now, the dirt is all over the net, just as the stripper stuff about Christman. These guys are self-destructive by allowing such stuff to be posted by Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. If they allow it, they can’t consider the information that bad for themselves, right? So, why are they then attacking me on what they did themselves: publishing their own dirty secrets?

Marty, I think ALL of everything that concerns Scientology should be thoroughly investigated. I am all for it to have these programs being looked at by authorities, the courts, Congress and I am willing to testify what I know and that I didn’t work on them or even knew that there were such programs.

Below is not my website. Don’t know whose website it is. It is about Mike “Chucky” Rinder. That man is such an idiot defaming and targeting me. Hasn’t he learned that I fight back, because the price of freedom is fighting back:

Rinder defamed me maliciously on Mosey’s husband’s blog saying “I believe there were efforts to stir up Barbara Schwartz who was nuts and would just get rolling on someone and become a total pain in the ass with non-sequitur, imaginary allegations and claims. Whether she ever did any postings concerning you or not I don’t know. But if there were things that seemed to be from her back then they probably were written by her. She was like a Chuckie doll that could be wound up and pointed in a certain direction and she would keep going and no matter what was said or done in response (even if nothng)[sic] it simply motivated her more.”

He misspells my name to get away with libel. My name is Schwarz and by saying that I “was nuts”, is he saying that I am no longer nuts or that I am dead now? He is such a psychiatric agent. How could DM hire that man as his second-hand? No tonescale and other SCN applied!

It was him who wanted “to stir me up”, Marty, but it didn’t work because I am not a robot like Mike Rinder. I didn’t roll against anyone. The only person I had a longer dispute about was Dave Touretzky. Others on ARS brought it him up constantly trying to convince me of his “innocence” in which I don’t believe. Rinder noticed on ARS that I didn’t let Touretzky get away with that he sent me a porn letter to harass me, and then Rinder thought that I can get his stats up by taking over his fight with Christman and Beatty, and who else. But it didn’t work. Christman and Beatty defamed me too but they did not mail me porn in my letterbox and did not post photos of a cheap doppelganger of mine claiming that it would be me as Touretzky did. In other words, Rinder is LYING again by describing me in a very wrong light. You can ask others in OSA that I did not do that stuff in Rinder’s program or any other program. I felt the irresponsible Rinder behind the approach for Christman/Beatty. I don’t want my name mentioned with the dirty activities of cheap people. I hated it already that my name appeared on the net with Touretzky’s porn stuff.  Rinder is the Chucky doll who has no clue about my personality.

I think he is a remote-controlled psychiatric agent and never was a Scientologist. It was non-sequitur by Rinder to ask his OSA juniors to ask me to take care of  his enemies and bring his stats up after 1) they didn’t tell me where you are and they hush up that I am Ron’s kid 2) they didn’t apologize for that I was kicked out 3) they didn’t give me my Sea Org job back (I wasn’t interested to work in the SLC org, I am a Sea Org member!) 4) I had enough of my own stalkers to take care of. 5) I rejected or ignored these hints of indirect requests for help because these were not my priorities or the proof was lacking. This is how little I am a robot, Marty. But I am sure glad that I am the way I am. If I would be a Chucky Doll as Rinder is, I would be in problems now.  Evidence is that none of what was in the Rinder programs was known to me or implemented by me.

By having his juniors write such programs or by writing them himself and also portraying me, my character, my activities, my intentions wrongfully in these programs, Rinder, the fool, didn’t take all these points into consideration. I know that it is just a matter of time until Rinder pulls in more motivators. If the attorneys and his former juniors come forward and testify that it was him behind those programs, he gets onto the hot seat that the psychiatric agent and former infiltrator deserves. (Australia was the former English colony for criminals, which England tried to get far away from them as possible. We all know that people come back, the same bad as they were before they dropped the body without real and original Scientology.)

I made imaginary claims? Like what? Being Ron’s daughter? Being married to you? Everybody knows it but the SEGNPMSS world is not free so nobody acknowledges it. What else… That Ron and you are impostored by doppelganger? There are lots of photos and other evidence that prove that it is anything but imaginary. C of S execs also know that this doppelganger/impostor business is real.

The only person who could claim that I am pain in the neck is Touretzky because I don’t take sexual harassment and him posting disgusting female doppelganger photos and lying to others that she would be me lightly. Kruse and Garry Scarff forged me beyond belief. Scarff is Rinder’s former buddy and agent. I didn’t do anything unlawful against Touretzky. I can’t claim the same for him. Rinder complained in 2006 that he was forged, and I have not the right to defend myself from my forgers? I am a “Chucky doll” when I do that? What a lying, insulting, hypocritical piece of trash this man is!

Once again, I had some discussions with those who attack the orgs. Most of them attack Ron, that does not makes them to my friends. But I did not do Rinder the favor and work on his programs. I didn’t even knew of them. Rinder’s targets were not mine. He is an above the law robot not I. These programs were also not written to defend Ron, only to defend the infiltrated church. Another reason for me not to work on them.

The evidence is on the net: no websites by me on Christman being a lesbian stripper and Chuck Beatty as transvestite. Neither on the wayback machine. After Rinder blew, I received no mail anymore about Christman or Beatty. These programs were his or he pushed them! And they died with his blow from INT .

Wonder if Rinder works for the OPC too. I once saw a mention that he was in Germany recently but I don’t know if this is true. First he was behind putting my name in these programs in hope that I am getting his stats up, disappointed that he would not turn me in a robot, and after he changed the camps, he lies that I am responsible for his own dirty deeds? He is the one who is nuts. I really had it with this guy! He should visit his old mother in Australia before she dies. What a son is he anyway not waiting until she returns from her vacation to talk to her?

Mike Rinder posted an OSA rooster but he “forgot” to mention that he was the boss of all of them.

Marty, and there is Oldfox on Mosey’s husband’s blog, calling me Barbara Gambino, and he posted an intelligence “policy” of which I am sure that the real Ron never wrote it because unlike his impostor who all those “independent” idiots adore, the real Ron wasn’t into playing secret service.

Tony DePhillips wants ME to wake up. Hello! It is him who can’t see that Ron and you were/are impostored.

The “Independents”  thank in concert perverted abusive cyberstalker Neal Warren (complete Non-Scientologist never on any org line) aka Gregory Hall, aka many other socks on  usenet and on Mosey’s husband’s blog for his robotically posting how to squeeze money out of the IAS that could be used for saving lives. They thank him for this “TR3 and TR4”. He had to google what it meant! Lol. If I would work for OSA, I would have hired already a PI to bust that homeless fanatical SP and that would result in a lot less suppressive postings on Mosey’s husband’s blog. Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder and the Independent gang fall for anybody. They are completely gullible. No OTs at all. If anyone doubts that Gregory Hall is not Neal Warren, besides me, attorney Charles Novins might be able to confirm that Hall is indeed Warren. I think that the orgs don’t hire an investigator on Warren’s doings because consider him insignificant because nobody asks the IAS for refund.

Michelle Ryan (Sterling) aka Emma, the owner of the hate message board ESMB asked who authored that program. As of this date and time, she got no answer. I assume that Mike Rinder doesn’t want to state the name because he is afraid that the person will testify that he/she was ordered by Rinder. Typically for Michelle (who is under police investigation at this time) not to ask why this program was never printed and how Rinder or Mosey’s husband got it. It is also dated before Rinder blew.

Mosey’s husband lied in the introduction that the program was of 2007 but the date of the program says that it was 2006. But it doesn’t matter, I learned in the meantime that Rinder blew in 2007 and not 2006. He tries to wiggle out of his former very own programs!

I love you and kiss you many times, Marty. If those in the orgs help you, they help themselves because the truth will revealed about the doppelganger/impostor business once you are free to make an appearance. And anyone will win, except the doppelgangers and impostors and their cool aide drinkers.