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CIA working with German secret services

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

As far as I can see, rarely anyone really identifies with the United States. Most certainly not the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Otherwise, this agency and other agencies wouldn’t allow it/them being blamed for what Germany did and does. The SPs behind Germany are setting up traps for the CIA and other agencies to step in so that the reputation of USA is harmed. And not just that. The survival of a decent USA is also on the line.

I came across below article, saying that the CIA used an encryption company to spy on other countries and make millions for decades.

SEGNPMSS and other German secret services run the CIA and other agencies via ear-implants. That is why these agencies have so much dirt on their hands and don’t remind of Americans but of people without values. 

“The arrangement allowed the U.S. and its West German allies to make money off foreign governments while simultaneously stealing sensitive foreign government data and information. Crypto AG sold equipment and made millions of dollars from the governments of Iran, India, Pakistan, the Vatican and military juntas in Latin America, who were all unaware of the CIA’s involvement.”

So they just object to the CIA’s involvement? What about the Germans? Where these governments aware that Germany spied on them and made millions of these government? And they were okay with that?

And here is more. “In the early 1990s the BND, the German spy agency, reportedly saw the risk of exposure as too high and left the operation.” 

That means, Germany does any illegality if the risk of exposure isn’t high. Typical. However, they run the CIA through German-controlled ear-implants and have that agency step into traps. Germany makes sure that the CIA gets dirty hands while Germany always manages to look like the country of the decent people. Yeah right. It is always the same pro-Germany and anti-American pattern.

If the CIA execs and agents wouldn’t have German-controlled ear-implants, they never would have worked together with the BND or other German secret services in the first place. Those were and are Nazis for crying out loud. 

After the alleged fall of the Third Reich, the BND even employed Himmler’s daughter. She was a full-blown Nazi. Only so-called Americans who take orders from Germany would sell themselves to the devil and work together with the BND or any other German secret service.

These alleged spy stories are all so ridiculous. They just serve as alibis for Germany. Germany orders everyone including the CIA and all other US intelligence agencies plus all other intelligence agencies in the world to keep the dirty German invention, the ear-implants in any human and animal, zipped. Top secret. Gee, “big secret” I found this out just by studying people. It is just a secret because Germany is so fanatical and puts it in anyone and telling people that they need them. What a load of crap. Nobody needs them. Nobody needs to be a robot. People need to be themselves. That is what they really need.  

Germany loves when the USA and other countries, their intelligence agencies are getting in troubles for “spying” and “rigging”. They are laughing up their sleeves because they do their main spying (manipulation, hypnotizing, and controlling with loud and silent words) via ear- and other body implants. Their supercomputer prints out everyone’s thoughts. No need to do what is known tradionally as spying. If they are involved in such activities as the BND in the Crypto AG, then only to have an alibi. So that they can say: “Would we do such a thing if we would run all people?” Yes! As an alibi! They don’t want to be caught as the major ear-implant masters.

I wish U.S. agencies would get themselves finally out from secret German control. If not, Germany gets is wish and ruins the USA entirely. They plan to make it to the most hated and helpless country on the planet. And it is so obvious.     

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed.

Forever yours,






Iran arrested CIA agents? Any secret service obeys the monsters behind Germany. They are so obsessed that they MUST MUST MUST control anyone

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and prince,

How is your life?

Iran is used by the monsters behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS. Since ever and still. Nobody just works for the CIA. Even if it would be true that the 17 Iranians arrested were “CIA agents”, SEGNPMSS is the superior secret service, the master of all secret services and ear-implants.

SEGNPMSS wanted Trump to win by radioing in the ear-implants of undecided voters briefly before voting and that explains also why the polls had it all so wrong. They like Trump’s typical German attitude towards races. They also want the USA to be involved in not just cold but also hot wars. Due to that the nuclear deal was cancelled, SEGNPMSS’s plan is to blame any possible war with Iran on the USA but not on Germany’s secret service doctors who plots behind the scenes the most horrible things against the USA, and actually, against Iran and all other countries too.   

Iran blames anyone (particularly the USA) but Germany. It is revolting. Why they feel so obliged towards Germany and doing their dirty work is beyond me. And what they are doing is not religious as you know, Marty. It is used to suppress Iranians and have them suppress others incl. women. Also, by creating extreme systems that are alleged religious, the monsters behind Germany are trying to get consent to get rid of religions altogether on the planet as they think that their bad consciences will vanish if there is nobody anymore who tells them that there is a God who will put justice on them.     

By looking at so many Iranians, I can tell with 100% certainty that the monsters behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS orders Iranian doctors and other medical personal to break their noses (they also do it to Jews and some others), either already in the womb or briefly after being born. Why? Because they are evil and they can. Nobody is stopping them. This is what they call fun. All obey to what their case officers is sending them through their ears. If I would be Iranian, Germany would be the last country for which I would do something.

I love you, Marty, my hero. Keep on surviving. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. Look at those shoes. I want some of those so that I don’t need steps to kiss you. 🙂




How Germany will try to hide what it is doing when finally approached on it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I worry about you. This world is so hostile to decent YOU. 

Germany’s will argue like this: If we run the entire world with ear-implants, why don’t we just tell everyone outright what we want and make them do it.” 

Due to that Germany behaved in the past like the monster that is is, it harmed so many people during the course of history. That made it a lot more difficult for it to be accepted as the world’s official leader by all the people. What is Germany doing against it? They secretly harm anyone’s else reputation to make other countries look bad and the world applaud Germany.

They work on changing their own rotten image (without bettering their characters) by selecting people with low characters to become the leaders of other countries and selecting women as their own politicians (because many people think that women are better people). Then they have these women and also some of their male politicians pretending “we are humane people” and “we are the peacemakers”. Except when one looks really close as you and I do, Marty. We see Germany’s disgusting plans, set ups, covert actions, and calculations.

At the moment, the Nazis, doctors, psychs, and mindcontrollers behind Germany are thinking that it is easier to run the world without it knowing that Germany is the ruler of anyone’s ear-implants to avoid that people retaliate against Germany when they have to suffer in this world. They should not know that it is a secret German world. They rather want that people retaliate against the USA, or Russia, or any other country. 

Furthermore, beside fascism, communism is another horrible German invention. With communism, Germany (also using countries like Russia and China) suppressed already millions of people for much of their lives. When people are suppressed, they revolt rather sooner or later against the system. When Germany would lay open that they ran/run all people via ear-implants under communism and made/makes them exist living poor and suppressed lives, the entire ear-implant system would fail as people don’t like to be suppressed. 

The beasts, secret service doctors and psychs behind Germany want to be adored and worshiped as the most intelligent human beings, despite there is nothing to adore and worship and their “intelligence” is so primitive that we figure them out in a snap. Who would adore and worship suppressors? Most people don’t.

Germany will also say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” That is an easy one to answer. So that Germany can say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in  voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” 

If people become aware that all people are run by Germany, including their enemies who harmed them or their family badly and deadly, they will be very upset ditch the ear-implants and everything German. And Germany tries to avoid this by all means. These are some of the reasons, why Germany will deny running and manipulating the entire world with ear-implants.  

Besides, Germany wants Russia, China, and the USA in a hot war. If it turns out that Germany is responsible for all political problems in the world, the would would not be interested in another war in which the countries exhaust themselves so that Germany can take over. By constantly telling the American public how horrible Russia is and that Trump is a Russian puppet (none is innocent but all that is a German plan, which is not known to the people), Germany wants Trump and the USA to be provoked. Trump should “prove” to the American people that he is no Russian puppet and hit Russia real hard and the Americans should see Russia as enemy, and the Russians should see the Americans as enemy, and all of this should end in a horrible world war, with other countries (South America, Iran, etc.) supporting either Russia or the USA until all are down and exhausted. Except Germany of course, the alleged “peacemaker”, yeah right. Telling nobody of course that Germany controlled its puppets into that horrible world war, Germany wants the world to cry out for Germany’s help as they did with the Ukraine, for example.

Germany is pretty sure that Trump won’t hit Germany, after all, they wanted him to run and become the US president, and he feels being German. Anyone can stick a US flag on his jacket and hug a American flag. He even said that his father was born in Germany. He is even afraid that Merkel ruined his beloved Germany by allowing those many refugees into Germany. He has no clue that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get all these hard workers to make Germany’s economy even richer. Germany can control where terrorism takes place. Nobody commits any terror, unless the psychs and doctors behind Germany approve it. But all these foreigners will be robbed of their heritage and identity until they are Germans. Yes, it is horrible. Germany will use controlled terror to bring the Nazis back. They even kill their own politicians if it must be to send a message to other politicians to not come in the way of getting the Nazis back in form of the AfG or another Nazi party. And Trump’s typical German anti-foreigner attitude will not correct raising Nazi hostility in German. That is another reason why they wanted him to run for US president and win.    

Iran of course is doing exactly what the SPs behind Germany order. They also assigned me a fake father. Iran is rogue thanks to Germany. It uses Iran very much so for international terror or terrorizing the Persian gulf by bombing tankers etc. Germany wanted the nuclear deal for Iran but not for peace in the region or anywhere. They want the USA and Iran fighting and Russia and China, and other countries fighting the USA. Fighting as in hot wars. As a rogue secret agent country for Germany, Iran really should NOT be allowed to get a green light to produce nuclear material. Any agreement can be broken or cancelled. And after that and with the nuclear experience gained, Iran can progress more quickly by producing atomic weapons. Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium. Whatever Iran did and does, it is double-faced Germany who orders it secretly while is official representatives play the unsuccessful peacemakers. “We tried…”

Hell, they did and do.

I also read that Iran has violated the terms of the NPT by illicitly developing its nuclear program without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sure, IAEA is in Austria, Germany’s partner in crime, of course they are lax and Iran or North Korea is told via German controlled-ear-implants that they don’t have to fear the IAEA.     

Peace on earth will be gained if the monsters behind Germany are busted. If the world learns who they are and how they work, they have to think twice before committing yet another crime against humanity. 

Have you heard this sentence, Marty: Imagine there would be war and nobody goes there to fight?

The entire world is run by German-controlled ear-implants and all are going to war. Ear-implants are worth nothing. They are a trap and are just helping the snakes behind it.   

How about this sentence instead: Imagine no persons follows her psychiatric-controlled ear-implants code anymore but becomes truly herself, and Germany can’t no longer manipulate the world into war or otherwise? 

I am certain, Marty, that independently from me, you figured all that out too. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Good Shepherd? It’s about the creation of the CIA. It shows that those who started the CIA were “Bonesmen”, members of Yale’s Skull and Bones (typical medical cult as the title indicates). The movie is fiction but maybe the “oath of secrecy” is not. It is a German not an English rhyme (!) [Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser, ob arm ob reich im Code gleich! Which means basically a fool or smart, rich or poor, all are same under the oath]. The Skull and Bones applicants swear this oath and wrestle naked in the mud and making themselves otherwise vulnerable just to be part of a medical Skull and Bones cult. It is so typically German instead of smart, Marty.  

I love you, Marty, I am sending you a million kisses. I am proud of you and miss you every day.

Yours always and forever,







“Spy v. Spy” (Washington Post article) is actually a correct headline, except that these were never Scientologists but German-CIA-double agents or German-agents

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb, how is your life?

I am thinking of you and wonder how long it will take until still existing German Nazi doctors and their international agents can’t get away anymore with separating us and the other horrible things that they do to us.

I came across this article in the The Washington Post:

Due to that the CIA allowed and allows itself to be secretly run by Germany, its SEGNPMSS (whatever they call themselves), it of course acts German. So, all the dirty stuff the CIA did came either from Germany or was Germany-approved as it has the overall control over each ear-implant, one of its most precious psychiatric control devices. When so-called American behave very German (in past and present), it is a dead-give-away of active German-controlled ear-implants, e.g. psychiatric experiments, drugging, hypnosis, use of germs, e-shocks, disconnecting parents from children at the border, Abu Ghraib,  MKUltra, “home-grown” terror, drugs, sexual perversions, crimes, you name it.

I am not saying that no American would ever commit a crime, but German psychs, the men behind Hitler, bring out the worst in people with loud and silent sounds, because Germany wants Americans and Jews to get their German Nazi reputation and fool the world that Germans are decent, advanced scientists, intelligent, and the good guys. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

Whatever the CIA or any other secret services committed against human rights by all means should be published, however, Scientology is also infiltrated by the SEGNPMSS as we both very well know.  While the American Citizens for Honesty in Government (SCN) was correct on blowing the whistle on crimes by the government through their FOIA/PA requests, they did not do what they also should have done: Blowing the whistle that still existing Nazi Germany has the overall control over American and other secret services and runs them with loud and silent sounds. This is what the real found Ron would have wanted in order to build a better USA and world. 

What I see is that SEGNPMSS often gives the OK to “blow the whistle” if the USA, Scientology, or Jews can be blamed. But they always cover up what their plans and role in all of that was: setting crimes, perversions, and terror up and controlling people into committing these bad acts. Not saying that anyone non-German involved was or is innocent. Who works for Nazis is a Nazi. But I am saying without Germany, this planet wouldn’t be that disgusting snake-pit that it is.

And Mary Sue was not the Scientology founder’s wife but the wife of the SEGNPMSS/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”. And no media outlet makes this important differentiation.

I worked in the Guardians Office as you know, Marty, it would have NEVER crossed my mind breaking into any government office. But Mary Sue posed as wife of the founder, knowing exactly that she was just married to the doppelganger, the SEGNPMSS/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”. With that moral, it is not a surprise that she has no respect of the law and helps Germany to break into US agencies. Actually, the infiltrators like Mary Sue and “Jack Vistaril” could have it easier to get the information, they wanted. They just had to ask their SEGNPMSS case officers as they do not just run US agencies, they radio in their ears what to do and not to do. Nobody knows US agency files better than the SEGNPMSS. They have anything under surveillance, and not just that. They ORDER officials with loud and silent sounds.

The reasons why you are not free, and I can’t be with you: German controlled ear-implants in US agencies, courts, and congress. And yes, in Scientology, the infiltrators have them too.    

From the publications that the American Citizens for Honesty in Government (SCN) did in the past (as reported by the Washington Post), I can see that the SEGNPMSS worked and works hard at it, trying to ruin the reputation of United States by using American psychiatrists to conduct typical German crimes through the CIA and other secret services. It allowed infiltrators in the Church of Scientology to publish information about these crimes or planned crimes, because this chips away from the good reputation of the USA. This is so very typical German. People who believes that Germany is USA’s friend are dummies. And that are the people who the SEGNPMSS prefers and breeds.

With “thetan basically knows” applied, spies are unnecessary. I figure everything out by using my head and thinking in layers. I want to know what is underneath and beyond situations and behaviors. And as thetan indeed basically knows, I figure out so much. 

Besides, likely not even secret services have a blue-print of ear-implants and how they use them to control people including elections just lying in their files or on their computers as it is so top-secret. I wouldn’t have found out what I have found out by looking for printed and typed words. “Thetan basically knows” and thinking in layers is how I figured everything out, and it works. So, spies have nothing on us, Marty. And that is also why Germany ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology. Having more people like us around who figure them out and what they are and do, is what Germany by all means wants to prevent.    

I love you, Marty, be kissed. Keep on surviving

Yours forever,










Not just religions are altered by infiltrators – the GOP is just one example

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and awesome husband, how are you?

I know that you have the same thoughts: not just Scientology or other religions are infiltrated and altered from the inside out, but also other organisations and political parties, like the Republicans.

Sometimes I hear “Republicans” talk. I notice that they adopted German hostility towards other races and immigrants, and they want arms and people smoke tobacco or they support unethical people. I shake my head then because it is what the SEGNPMSS wants and not what original America and the original Republican Party wants. This also includes who they allow to run for President.  

Just like Scientology, originally, the Republican party was once a good party. The one that stopped slavery, etc.  

Not that the Democrats have good valued by worshiping Europe and adopting Germany’s twisted “values” as their own.

Congress allegedly objects to infiltration of other countries like Russia or China but whatever Germany does to the USA, it is all swept under the German carpet that covers this country. The elephant in the room nobody wants to acknowledge because of their German-controlled ear-implants.  


And have a look at this picture. Abe and Ike in the middle of them. Painted with a more fragile body than Trump’s! And Ike leaning towards Trump. My stomach turns around. Must be Ike’s impostor. The real Ike never would have. And crook Nixon sits also at the table. Yikes.

The painter and those who ordered the painting apparently adore their party, even if it goes into the wrong direction. They should correct a party that goes into the wrong direction and not support the wrong direction just because infiltrators in the party support the wrong direction.

Upon secret German command, the real Ike was murdered while still the sitting US president. The German-controlled CIA assisted to provide a ringer (not elected by anyone) and put the ringer in the oval office. Most in the nation were not told. Back then, Americans spoke about the Eisenhower Doll. “Wind it up and it doesn’t do anything for 8 years”. Instead of making jokes like this, they should have figured it out that the Nazis wanted Ike dead and found medical killers to do that.  

They killed the real President Dwight David Eisenhower while in office and stole his Executive Orders and replaced it with nothing or the blah-blah of his ringer. Still existing Nazi Germany cooked it out and organized it. And the USA takes one hit after the other because it does not have the backbone to stand up against still existing Nazi Germany and the men behind it. And this has to change otherwise, this universe will become a German Nazi planet. And I pity anyone from the bottom of my heart who will be born on this planet.  

And look at where we know are now: Nothing has changed. All are still quiet about that the SEGNPMSS has plans to UNDO the entire USA. Where are all the intelligent minds who should figure out what is so obvious to see?

I know you figured it out, Marty. But do they allow you to be free and speak to the nation? They prevent that since decades already.

Be kissed, my darling. I love you.

Yours forever,






1. Kim Jong Un / 2. Bush

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and husband,

The u-turn that Kim Jong Un made tells me that Switzerland and Germany are afraid to get their behinds kicked real hard for having Kim Jong Un psychiatric-conditioned in Europe and afraid of being blamed of anything he did or will do ever since. 

What else I see is that the CIA, Director Pompeo is expected to deliver an alibi for Germany and Switzerland in regards to that Kim Jong Un was not psychiatric-conditioned. Yeah right. I put my hand into fire that he is. CIA is blind. Instead of working against us and in favor of the SEGNPMSS, they should ask us to figure some of their problems out because we can. 

They do not just transmit silent sounds in Kim Jong Un’s subconscious mind to get a goofy haircut to be ridiculed, they also talk into his mind to eat, smoke, and drink so that they can get rid of him with “a disease” before his German/Swiss psychiatric-altered mind is discovered and they being held responsible what they did to him. They think that the world will believe that he died on a natural causes because he lived an unhealthy life. No word of course that the SEGNPMSS set people up this way. I am also sure that they would make him  use nukes on any population if Germany and Switzerland wouldn’t get blamed for it one day. 

Well, I am rather made wrong instead of people getting nuked. 

Barbara Bush died. She was married to George H. W. Bush for 73 years.  This is a long time, but how many times did he grope other women while being married? You wouldn’t do this to your wife, Marty, or to other women.  

You remember the invasion of Kuwait that led to a U.S.-led coalition air and ground war, which began on January 16, 1991 and ended with an Iraqi defeat… They retreated from Kuwait on February 28, 1991. 

Former President George H. W. Bush declared victory and celebrated with a parade. On the day he celebrated, he told his assistant to write me a letter. On the most important day of his presidency, he interrupted his celebrating, stopped watching the parade held in his honor and thought of us and told his assistant what to write to me. How nice. And did he help us to our rights? No he didn’t. Just like the other presidents who dance secretly to a German whistle. 

And remember that one of the two first U.S. Army soldiers and held prisoner of war during Operation Desert Storm had the name Rathbun of all names?

What would the CIA and other intelligence agencies tell us? Those are all just co-incidences. Yeah right. Unlike them, we are connecting the dots. 

I love you, Marty. You are the best. Nobody is fooling you. And me neither. 🙂

Always and forever yours,








1) Typical for DM to invite Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic cult into Scientology 2) Nazis on the rise 3) The fake “ally” Germany 4) Kim Jong-Un psych-conditioned

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Dearest Marty, my darling and hero, how are you?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tries to take over Scientology with his Nation of Islam cult. It is widely documented that the man is an anti-Semite. But is non-Scientologist DM different? After all, he leaves you behind and hired an impostor and seems to pay him dearly for his “services”.

No doubt, blacks (they took this label, despite that their skins are not black, and black is often referred to something negative) had to suffer greatly under the white Europeans and as always, Germany, first of all. However, Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements are another wrong and blames the other race that suffered greatly under Germany, the Jews. He acts just as Germany wants it.  

Numerous years on-line in the Scientology CC, and Farrakhan does not apply any Scientology but still rants against the wrong target, and I bet numerous of Farrakhan’s infiltrator in Scientology orgs don’t apply it either. As you know, one does not become a Scientologist by hanging out there. Numerous of these people who broke away to attack Scientology later were those who hung out in orgs but never applied Scientology.

Louis Farrakhan blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks. He is wrong because German psychiatrists conditioned Atta’s cell to fly into the twin towers, not Jews.

He says that white people “deserve to die”. Gee, as if he would be such a blessing for the world. And he praised Adolf Hitler. The conclusion: who is for the Nazis is a Nazi. And the message to David Miscavige is: tell me who your friends are and I am telling you who you are.

Tamika Mallory attended an anti-Semitic speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month. She called Jews “Satanic” and alleged that they run the government and “help the FBI manipulate marijuana to feminize black men”.

This is so stupid. Although numerous Jews are in the government and also they don’t save the world as far as I can see, it is Germany, particularly Bavaria, which controls everyone’s ear implants and tells everyone what to do to give Jews (and Scientology) a bad rap but to advance Europe and particularly Germany.

Whatever is going on with the marijuana and the FBI, German ear implants rule. The feminization of men comes from German psychs tricking thetans in between lifetimes into the wrong gender.  And that applies not just to black but all the people. I can usually see immediately, if a person had a male or female timetrack just by looking at her. They had chosen the other gender in their former lifetimes. That is why some women come across so masculine and some men so feminine. Why do psychs do this to thetans? Because they are evil and because they can as nobody is stopping them. Who likes his or her gender will likely have the other gender in her or his next lifetime. Who doesn’t like his or her gender, will get stuck with it. This is what the lunatic doctor orders, until when some other doctor does to him what he did to others. You know, the dog (0r should I write doc) who bites his own tail.        

According to this article, Marty, not just non-Scientologist David Miscavige but other people are holding hands with anti-Semitic Farrakhan. This article points towards Democrats:

Yet, below article points towards the “US-Conservatives”. It says “The inclusion of renowned European nationalists at a recent conference of US conservatives and the change of government language about immigrants suggests a shift toward European-style populist nationalism within the reigning faction of the GOP”.

What it means is that Black or White or any race, Germany, particularly Bavaria, wants the Nazis to take over the world, and they are using Black, White, and any other race, nationality (those people who are not smart or ethical) to destroy the USA and blame the Jews instead of the Nazis. And once Germany has officially overtaken any country that could defeat it, all races that have not entirely Bavarian cheesy-reddish skin or are mixed or whatever, will be the next people to suffer even more and be eliminated.

And there are two other subjects that are on my mind: 

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin announced a new joint venture to pursue the next generation Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, “TLVS,” for the German Bundeswehr.

The enemies of the USA are the enemies that Germany decided the USA shall have. All missiles and bombs that could hit the USA are put there upon secret German-order as they run everyone via ear-implants, from the leaders of the states to the drunks in the streets, even animals. 

US taxpayer’s money always ends up in Germany. Despite that German secret service psychiatrists runs the entire world via ear implants, Germany often makes mistakes as it is so fanatical. They think they can afford it (it will not define them as Merkel said) as they run anyone. They make people forget and praise Germany again, it doesn’t matter what and how many atrocities it commits. And when a state preliminary should be out of their absolute control by having made yet another huge mistake and when this country has beef with Germany, they will make the USA to use its resources and people to protect Germany.

Germany is in fact the biggest enemy of the USA and the world. It causes all the wars and terror acts that the USA must defeat while Germany turns the world against the USA by talking with loud and silent sounds into the ear implants of the world population (incl. alleged Americans) to hate and trash the USA and make it weaker, or perverted, brutal, and inhumane, like the men behind Germany are.   

And they set you, Marty, and me up too, except that we are not falling for their tricks. 

All those defense expenses that the USA has to pay every year are only incurred because Germany, the men behind Merkel and former chancellors, talk into the ear implants of other nationals to provoke or conduct wars and terror. 

Germany is fanatical and insane. It lies, controls, tortures, makes sick, and kills. Attaching the children on the planet to their ear-implant system is so typical for them. It violates international laws big time.

And the fourth thing today on my mind is the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un that allegedly should take place in May. I hope for a peaceful outcome, although I am not at all optimistic. 

Kim Jong-Un does what Germany’s secret service psychs order him in his ear-implants. I read somewhere that in the past, North Korea violated its agreements and the violations were 37 pages long. They do what they hear in their ear-implants like the rest of the robotic world. It is likely that they will order Kim Jong-Un to violate his now promise to denuclearize again. Germany also provided material of mass destruction to North Korea and from there also to terror groups. They really are from hell.   

I doubt that Donald Trump has the awareness to determine if a person was psychiatric-conditioned. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, too well to be even remotely mislead. They never pass up a chance to psych-condition someone as they did with Kim Jong-Un when he was a boy in Switzerland. They conditioned him and arranged within North Korea to make him the leader, which serves German purposes against the USA.

Germany also used NR and other nationals to kill his half-brother and other relatives in order to get this German psychiatric-conditioned boy to rule NK. And Switzerland, a German poodle, either was an active part of it or allowed it to happen. 

Some say that Kim Jong-Un would be rational. Psychiatric-conditioned people function robotically and I believe that this is what they mistake as rationality. 

Some in the CIA say that Kim Jong-Un is stubborn and no good listener. The CIA should know that psychs can block a person’s analytical mind. How can he be a good listener by being psychiatric-conditioned? Stubborn? Sure, because he just repeats what he hears through his ear-implants and doesn’t think anymore for himself. That is a German specialty. Stealing the mind and the personality. Heil psychiatry! 

They also have him fall asleep during political meetings. As little he knows and as more he just does what the p$ychs behind Germany transmit in his conditioned mind, the more they prefer it.      

SEGNPMSS is also the stylist of his hairdo to make him look ridiculous. They plan to get rid of Kim Jong-Un who they psych-conditioned in Europe after the motto: the moor has done his duty, the moor can go. They are using ear-implants and silent sounds to hook him on drinking, smoking, eating, etc. so that when they decide that they can’t or don’t want to use him no longer, they can kill him medically and blame it on his bad health behaviors, concealing that psychs determine his behavior by talking and sending messages into his mind via the ear- and body-implants.

I am sure that his weight-gain is not his own choice but that of the psychs who conditioned and run him. It is possible that if he is asked today if he wants to be fat on purpose that he says yes, but this is a part of the German psychiatric conditioning,  

Below is a report about this health. It also talks about his “mental problems” even “paranoia”. Psychs make sure that people are getting them. That is what their psychiatric-conditioning is for.

“Kim has a team of doctors who cares for him and sometimes if need be, they will bring in foreign specialists from Russia, China, Singapore and Germany,” he said.

Of course, German doctors! Why I am not surprised? Although all other nationals also exactly do as the SEGNPMSS orders. Looks like these docs turned this young man in someone really “healthy”.

Like so many others, I consider Kim Jong-Un a German-psychiatric victim who made other victims since they conditioned him and who can make lots more of other victims, with his weapons of mass destruction, by starving and abusing his own population, or by supporting other terror movements against the USA, just as the SEGNPMSS orders it. 

Whatever happens is what Germany’s secret services order into the ears of its international robots. If they think they are getting away with it, they will always commit the atrocity as they are monsters without human qualifications. They will only withdraw from committing an atrocity if they seriously fear that they would get in troubles themselves. And it is up to the world to tell them that it is aware of them and will prosecute them, and this time, prosecute them without blinders.

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly and passionately kissed.

Yours forever,


It is good of course, it is Beethoven, but the howling guitars are not my item.   


FBI reluctance to share too much information…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

You and I know that original Scientology is a true applied religious philosophy and an anti-cult who made true data available to anyone, which particularly the SEGNPMSS considered bad for them and their international medical- and psychiatric-oriented agents.

So they replaced the good founder Ron with a no good impostor (as they also did with you) and made US agencies and those of other countries their accomplices.

The answer as to if Scientology is a secret service is: Original Scientology is NOT.

But the SEGNPMSS and Germany’s other secret services ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and that is why especially the Guardian Office and OSA  often acted/acts like one.         

Have a look at the

Bangkok also inquired “if there is a separate intelligence gathering or counterintelligence entity within the COS” and any background on such an entity.

I answer this with: Yes. SEGNPMSS and other German and German-oriented secret services infiltrated it secretly. 

The reluctance of the FBI to share information, imo, comes from that the FBI knows that the Church of Scientology was/is infiltrated (infiltration started immediately after the founder went public with his research) and always does what the master of the ear implants, the SEGNPMSS does, AS THE WORLD IS CHIPPED BY THEM!

Snow White was a SEGNPMSS program planted into Scientology. The controller of the Guardians Office was Mary Sue, the wife of the impostor! Agents! 

I love you.

Yours always,








How can these be truthful statements if your impostor wasn’t even in the Scientology picture in 1985?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and hero,

Besides, what is said by Monique’s husband, your impostor (who was before close to Mike Rinder and now seems to be again close to Miscavige) IS CONSTANTLY  OUT OF CHARACTER FOR YOU. 

This is a sentence of Tony Ortega’s hateblog:

“…Mark “Marty” Rathbun, then a member of the All Clear Unit, later recalled: “Miscavige and I directed a couple dozen staff, frenetically working through each and every night to provide Earle [Cooley, Scientology’s lead attorney] with material to discredit each witness on cross examination … We liberally used material from the ethics records from their days in the church, even copying internal records on the cross [examination].”

Hmm, what about Larry Brennan, the later Denise? He was the one who David Miscavige made to be your senior (one of the many “smart” moves of DM). If the statement above is true, how come there is no mention of Brennan????? As far as the hierarchic order are concerned, His Cobness would have ordered Brennan and not you.  

Your impostor is an agent. So is David Miscavige who denied in a narrative that the CIA was/is running Scientology. So who high-jacked Scientology except Germany and its international p$ychs? (I am not implying that the CIA is not also involved as Germany’s and international psychs’ poodle.)

Scieentology always was the target of p$ychs. Reason for them to infiltrate Scientology. But briefly after Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV talking to Matt Lauer, ten years ago, the attacks increased: Anonymous started to attack Scientology and the media increased its attacks against Scientology. Infiltrators were told by their ordered to break away and attack Scientology, and the reputation of Scientology sunk more than ever in the eyes of the public. Can anymore spell psychiatry and Germany? 

I love you, Marty.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. I never read your impostors books, Marty. But it seems that this agent smears your legacy in Scientology by telling readers in his books wrongfully that he is you. Typically for a German-p$ych-oriented and run agent. I too think that he was paid by DM and that other infiltrators of the C of S and the attorneys involved don’t mind paying large sums to an impostor. How rotten can it get?



Murder by heart attack and cancer to make murder look “natural”, and Germany is behind it

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Dearest Marty, my love, how are you?

Have a look here.

Germany isn’t mentioned of course, but the monsters behind Germany, are running all other governments via e- and body implants. Any such remote/controlled murder was either ordered or approved by Germany’s medical monsters, the SEGNPMSS.

The CIA, any other US agency, KGB or any recent Russian secret service or agency, and any other government and their secret services all are German puppets.

Germany cowardly hides behind these countries. If something should go wrong for them, other countries should take the blame.

Cancer too!

They even kill their own medical doctors if they are holistic practitioners. 

Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

I love you.