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People are missing physical contact with others… If they would live in villages with a roof, they could hug each other all day long…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

My thoughts always return to you, wondering what happens on your side.    

People are missing physical contact with others… If they would live in villages with a roof, they could hug each other all day long. These villages (i.m.O.) should not have more than 5000 residents. Enough people to hug. 🙂

Due to the roof over it and an entrance that they can close, they can make their own decision who they want to let in and when.

People could search for other people with same concerns, which is easy on the Internet. For example, if some don’t want booze, cigarettes, guns, drugs, or junk food around, they close their village to those influences. Not selling for example cigarettes and booze to children in supermarkets does not solve the problem. Other kids whose parent have that stuff at home, steal it from their parents and “share” it with kids of non-drinking and non-smoking parents. And there goes the part of “protecting” kids from addiction. None of the supermarkets in my area are selling cigarettes to kids. Yet, some very young teenagers here are already smoking.   

If they would have an entire village that has none of the above, no kid can “share” addictive stuff with other kids as it is nowhere in the village.   

When a federal or state government isn’t ethical enough to protect children and others, a closed village with their same-minded residents can do it on their own.

If they read that a virus is on the loose in another country or state, they don’t have to wait for the federal or state government to do something. They close up to outsiders when they want it and keep the village closed to others as long as the problem isn’t completely gone. Their local economy within the village keeps on flourishing, and they don’t have to social distance as the world has now. And on a state or national level, an economy also continues better than without these villages. 

These villages should have been built already centuries ago, but what do we have? People live unprotected like the Neanderthals except that the caves are levelled and have shiny stuff in it. People are getting awards and are hailed as “scientists” and “entrepreneurs”, yet, they are all to blind to see what really needs to be done. And why? Because loud and silent sounds rule the world. Heil ear-implants.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed a million times. You are awesome. Never forget it.

Yours forever,






SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of the large elderly population in Italy – too much of a burden for the EU, which is basically nothing but Germany

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? 

Italians ate the Mediteranian diet and are getting old. I bet the coronarusvirus hit them particularly hard because the monsters behind Germany who are also behind making the EU German don’t want to pay their pension and care for them. SEGNPMSS can pick and choose who should die on a virus or otherwise by activating the deadly strings.  

I know these doctors. They never should have stalked me. Stalkers think that they know all about the victims that they are stalking. But the victim, when alert, knows even more about the stalkers. These doctors think they are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, but they are idiots, waste any intelligence and ability to sense away by commiting atrocities. They can’t predict their future at all. They just set on that people can be manipulated and never will come after them.  

What they set on is that the world will never find out. They feel safe as they made sure that all have ear-implants and listen to them. They made sure that some who comes up with a conspiracy theory is considered a kook. They also run conspiracy theorists who deliberately come up with wrong conspiracy theories to 1) distract from conspiracy theories that are correct 2) to support their strategy that thinking in terms of conspiracy theory is lunacy. They are so predictable.           

Another subject: I try to stay inside but it is difficult with one of the neighborhood kids. He will be one day the world’s best salesman. You won’t believe the arguments he uses to get me outside in the yard to play with him. I often have to drag him home. He is the most insisting kid I ever have met. He can talk a dog out of a bone. It is amusing too. Most of the time, I give in because there are not many playmates around, and he is a cute little fellow who hung his heart on me. 

Actually, I am glad that I live remote. Sofar, the virus has not reached us, at least not officially. 

Be kissed, Marty. I hope you are protected.

I love you.

Yours forever,


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