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Horrible! Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma shooting his wife in the face and killing himself

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

This is about Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma who hated Scientology so much that he wrongfully blamed Scientology of a “Nazi philosophy” while Lerma himself was Nazi-friendly. Yes, this kind of double-moral lived in his head. According to the RFW, he was a longtime supporter of Willis Carto and was on the Board of Policy of Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic organization founded by Carto.

He was a holocaust denier/German apologist.

Among other false accusations, Lerma misinformed people about Scientology and claimed wrongfully that it is hypnosis. His eyes actually reminded me of a person hypnotized or a hypnotist. But it wasn’t Scientology who did to him whatever was done to him.  

His son is quoted saying that his father WAS ALWAYS “paranoid”. But the media and also governmental officials took information on Scientology from this paranoid person. Yikes!

And he was allowed to have a gun. The “law” and his doctors have lose screws, if you ask me.

Arnie Lerma read postings of mine that Ron, the founder, and you were impersonated by impostors, but Lerma attacked or ridiculed what I wrote.  Typical.

Arnie Lerma was into “deprogramming”, and he lied about me on the Internet, but I didn’t wish him or his wife (Maureen or his later wife) harm. He killfiled me in 2005. Didn’t bother me. He was like so many of the other “critics” of Scientology. They were/are like mosquitoes with their agenda to defame.  It wasn’t smart by him to killfile me, considering that I posted among other things also about psychiatric conditioning. 

I think that happened to him, Marty. Psychiatric conditioning. Whoever used him to attack Scientology got rid of him now.  I think pills AND other types of psychiatric-conditioning.

Having back pain could probably explain committing suicide but stealing his wife’s money and shooting her in the face, even if she wants a divorce. 

I think he died because whoever ran him decided that the moor did his duty, the moor can go. 

Arnie Lerma was very wrong with his Nazi accusations against the founder. 

However, since non-Scientologist David Miscavige allowed Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam infiltrate Scientology, secret service psychs sure are making progress with the their secret Nazi plan to ditch Scientology into the Nazi bucket. 

Law professor Alan Dershowitz said: “…any  Democrat who meets with the “bigot” Louis Farrakhan should resign from office, and said there should be no tolerance for any association with the Nation of Islam leader”.

He is right. Anyone should resign from office who associates with anti-Semitic NOI.

I understand black people wanting rights, and they should have them just like white people. But if some of them are defaming Jews, it is another wrong. Jews and Blacks should be close allies, because the psychs behind Germany are their common enemy. And preaching violence is always wrong.

I wrote a lot about Germany, Bavaria, and psychs. I want them prosecuted, not attacked.   

RFW was right pointing out Lerma’s connection to anti-Semite Carto. But DM allowing anti-Semite Farrakhan and his cult into Scientology is a bad choice. It is also hypocritical, pointing out Lerma’s Nazi connections and ignoring that Farrakhan is defaming Jews.    

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,





Typical, Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit… Yikes!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? You are on my mind as always. 

C of S’s  websites are sabotaged. Look what I got when I tried to visit them. It happens all the time and is apparently never fixed by the Miscavologists. It seems that the Scientology TV  indeed just serves David Miscavige as a tool to get a better reputation and indeed does not promote Scientology!  


Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit for his TV appearances. Ortega also gave  credit to your impostor and who else other shady person. Some journalist!

As you and I, and actually tons of other people know (but they don’t talk about it): David Miscavige took Scientology over from Ron’s impostor  (the guy on the Apollo who died with Vistaril in this behind in 1986) and keeps it a top secret that Ron, the real founder of Scientology and you were/are impersonated. Instead of being able to access original Scientology, Scientologists, and others just get access to Vistarology (this is the version of SCN of Ron’s impostor) and to Miscavology (this is the version of Scientology of His Cobness, David Miscavige). And DM plans even more of this by trying to implement psych planted material found in a garage into Scientology. He needs his (by means of legal not violence) behind kicked. I really mean it, Marty.

No wonder that Tony Ortega gives him credit, or he wants millions from Scientology through David Miscavige as a certain impostor and others, and hopes he gets it by posting more positive about him.

Just as I thought, Marty, before Scientology TV aired: it serves mainly for His Cobness to get a better reputation, otherwise he would have found another reason to prevent Scientology TV for some more decades as he did in the decades before. The man is bad. He keeps you wrongfully behind bars and works together with your impostor.  But he is also bad to other Scientologists and the rest of the world, by keeping original Scientology under wraps and expects them to be satisfied and pay for the “Scientology” version that secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and he arranged. 

DM was filmed in the “Super Power Building”. It includes psychiatric remnants as the spinner “motion quadrant”. How stupid is that man (and others) not realizing or admitting that psychiatric tools were added to Scientology by p$ychs to alter or destroy it? Or is the destruction rather DM’s job in the first place? Psychiatry is known for having spun people around. If he would be a Scientologist, he would know immediately that it is not Scientology, and he never would withhold that the man who left Scientology to him wasn’t even the founder of Scientology! 

I know that NASA has some similar spinning devices, but NASA is also infiltrated by psychs. They have a special interest in NASA as the SPs behind Germany don’t want the universe explored. That’s why the deep universe is covered with a German fake projection and why they call it “run-away-universe”. 

I don’t use the term wogs for non-Scientologists as “Jack Vistaril” and his psychiatric case officers came up with this and not the founder. However, I can’t help myself. In this case, I want to use their terms: David Miscavige, the Miscavologists and the Vistarologists are wogs. They are no Scientologists. There are light years between their and our ways of thinking and their and our abilities. 

Below is Mr. Wog, His Cobness, in his Super Power (yeah right!) building with psychiatric devices, which is actually a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, some psychiatric-conditioned person will go nuts there after some additional Miscavige-spinning. If he would be an OT, he would know it in advance.    

 This has disaster written all over it. And despite that psychs altered Scientology and incorporated their crap “technology” like spinning and running in circles, etc., I feel that psychs still want to destroy Scientology even more. Their next set up against Scientology is for sure already planned, and His Cobness and the Miscavologists are stepping right in it. If they would be real Scientologists, they would have OT abilities as we have them. But don’t have them, Marty. DM and the Miscavologists can’t see in the future. Blind wogs. 

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am glad that you are a real Scientologist and not a Vistarologist or a Miscavologist. 

Yours forever,





I was thinking of a Scientology TV channel already in 1977

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would be not far from each other in a physical way? If I just could reach over to grab your hand?

What others take for granted, they don’t grant us. On the other side, I don’t envy those who hold the hand of someone who is so hypocritical and monstrous by keeping us apart and you wrongfully locked up. Yuk! How can people live with a conscience like this? 

I assume that you know that the Scientology TV Network is planned to start tomorrow. It will be accessible via DirecTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes, and Google Play. I can’t imagine psychiatrists not plotting how to stop this. Despite that the men behind Germany and their international psychs have infiltrated Scientology and changed it into Vistarology and Miscavology so that original Scientology is much less potent, according to the CCHR website, the orgs are still critical of psychiatry, although not that alert of psychs as you and I are:

Psychs started a huge campaign on the Internet and in the media against Scientology after Tom Cruise spoke critical of psychiatry on TV 10 years ago. Knowing psychs as the monsters that they are, I hear the clock ticking to do something to stop the TV station. 

Actually, Marty, I was thinking already in 1977 of a TV station for Scientology, and there was lot less viewer competition as today. Today, people don’t know what to watch first or at all. They are bombarded with info. But back then, there were just some TV stations and everyone watched those.

As I said before, David Miscavige, who knew that the money was there when he took over Scientology in the 80s from Ron’s impostor, “Jack Vistaril”,  did not start a TV channel. He wants it now as his own personal reputation got so bad. DM (who works together with your impostor and withholds from Scientologists that even the founder of Scientology was impersonated all his life by an impostor) wants to be portrayed in a positive way through the TV channel, changing the perception that people have of him. It is all about him, not about our applied religious philosophy. 

His official justification to block a TV channel for Scientology for decades is that the orgs were not ready. What a crap. It is not the MEST that is important but what Scientology is and what it teaches. He could have erected tents and send auditors, C/Ss, and course supervisors on missions to whatever country the TV station was in. And these people, after completing their training and auditing would have built their own groups, missions, and orgs. 

The orgs under DM are publishing this in regards to an ideal org: 

“It would have enough space to train, process and administrate without crowding.” – LRH

The real Ron likely would have said something like this:

Get the tech out to the people! Deliver in a tent, if you have to! And when it is too small, put another one up. Make sure that those who train or audit are well trained and can train others well.  Send them where the TV station airs and where they welcome those who watched and want to study Scientology or obtain auditing. Delivery of original Scientology is important – not shiny MEST.  Clean space to learn, to train and audit can be erected anywhere and everywhere, it does not have to be in a polished stone building.

Besides, these people who saw the TV program and got auditing and training  in tents will become Scientologists and build new groups, missions, and orgs.  

These few “ideal orgs” that the staff under DM pulled off  will not be able to accommodate large of amounts of people, Marty. They are too small. So, in other words, DM likes blink-blink but does not plan a huge expansion. With a huge expansion his orgs would be too crowded on day no. 1 or 2 already if the truth about Scientology is finally aired. If he planned a huge expansion, he would think in terms of buying a tent company! 

Apart from training auditors, supervisors, cramming officers, and anyone else who keeps orgs running, I would train crews that get permissions for tents from the authorities and can erect tents in a snap to train and audit anyone who wants it. 

And I would inform the authorities that they should watch p$ychs not trying to plot an anti-Scientology incident to stop the TV channel!

The buildings that David Miscavige purchased and renovated for the orgs are anyway off policy. The real founder wanted Scientologists to live in buildings in which medical terrorists and p$ychs can’t shorten their lifespans. 

You have heard it so often from me already, Marty, time that I hear it from you. 🙂

I love you. You rock, Marty! Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,









1) Typical for DM to invite Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic cult into Scientology 2) Nazis on the rise 3) The fake “ally” Germany 4) Kim Jong-Un psych-conditioned

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Dearest Marty, my darling and hero, how are you?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tries to take over Scientology with his Nation of Islam cult. It is widely documented that the man is an anti-Semite. But is non-Scientologist DM different? After all, he leaves you behind and hired an impostor and seems to pay him dearly for his “services”.

No doubt, blacks (they took this label, despite that their skins are not black, and black is often referred to something negative) had to suffer greatly under the white Europeans and as always, Germany, first of all. However, Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements are another wrong and blames the other race that suffered greatly under Germany, the Jews. He acts just as Germany wants it.  

Numerous years on-line in the Scientology CC, and Farrakhan does not apply any Scientology but still rants against the wrong target, and I bet numerous of Farrakhan’s infiltrator in Scientology orgs don’t apply it either. As you know, one does not become a Scientologist by hanging out there. Numerous of these people who broke away to attack Scientology later were those who hung out in orgs but never applied Scientology.

Louis Farrakhan blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks. He is wrong because German psychiatrists conditioned Atta’s cell to fly into the twin towers, not Jews.

He says that white people “deserve to die”. Gee, as if he would be such a blessing for the world. And he praised Adolf Hitler. The conclusion: who is for the Nazis is a Nazi. And the message to David Miscavige is: tell me who your friends are and I am telling you who you are.

Tamika Mallory attended an anti-Semitic speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month. She called Jews “Satanic” and alleged that they run the government and “help the FBI manipulate marijuana to feminize black men”.

This is so stupid. Although numerous Jews are in the government and also they don’t save the world as far as I can see, it is Germany, particularly Bavaria, which controls everyone’s ear implants and tells everyone what to do to give Jews (and Scientology) a bad rap but to advance Europe and particularly Germany.

Whatever is going on with the marijuana and the FBI, German ear implants rule. The feminization of men comes from German psychs tricking thetans in between lifetimes into the wrong gender.  And that applies not just to black but all the people. I can usually see immediately, if a person had a male or female timetrack just by looking at her. They had chosen the other gender in their former lifetimes. That is why some women come across so masculine and some men so feminine. Why do psychs do this to thetans? Because they are evil and because they can as nobody is stopping them. Who likes his or her gender will likely have the other gender in her or his next lifetime. Who doesn’t like his or her gender, will get stuck with it. This is what the lunatic doctor orders, until when some other doctor does to him what he did to others. You know, the dog (0r should I write doc) who bites his own tail.        

According to this article, Marty, not just non-Scientologist David Miscavige but other people are holding hands with anti-Semitic Farrakhan. This article points towards Democrats:

Yet, below article points towards the “US-Conservatives”. It says “The inclusion of renowned European nationalists at a recent conference of US conservatives and the change of government language about immigrants suggests a shift toward European-style populist nationalism within the reigning faction of the GOP”.

What it means is that Black or White or any race, Germany, particularly Bavaria, wants the Nazis to take over the world, and they are using Black, White, and any other race, nationality (those people who are not smart or ethical) to destroy the USA and blame the Jews instead of the Nazis. And once Germany has officially overtaken any country that could defeat it, all races that have not entirely Bavarian cheesy-reddish skin or are mixed or whatever, will be the next people to suffer even more and be eliminated.

And there are two other subjects that are on my mind: 

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin announced a new joint venture to pursue the next generation Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, “TLVS,” for the German Bundeswehr.

The enemies of the USA are the enemies that Germany decided the USA shall have. All missiles and bombs that could hit the USA are put there upon secret German-order as they run everyone via ear-implants, from the leaders of the states to the drunks in the streets, even animals. 

US taxpayer’s money always ends up in Germany. Despite that German secret service psychiatrists runs the entire world via ear implants, Germany often makes mistakes as it is so fanatical. They think they can afford it (it will not define them as Merkel said) as they run anyone. They make people forget and praise Germany again, it doesn’t matter what and how many atrocities it commits. And when a state preliminary should be out of their absolute control by having made yet another huge mistake and when this country has beef with Germany, they will make the USA to use its resources and people to protect Germany.

Germany is in fact the biggest enemy of the USA and the world. It causes all the wars and terror acts that the USA must defeat while Germany turns the world against the USA by talking with loud and silent sounds into the ear implants of the world population (incl. alleged Americans) to hate and trash the USA and make it weaker, or perverted, brutal, and inhumane, like the men behind Germany are.   

And they set you, Marty, and me up too, except that we are not falling for their tricks. 

All those defense expenses that the USA has to pay every year are only incurred because Germany, the men behind Merkel and former chancellors, talk into the ear implants of other nationals to provoke or conduct wars and terror. 

Germany is fanatical and insane. It lies, controls, tortures, makes sick, and kills. Attaching the children on the planet to their ear-implant system is so typical for them. It violates international laws big time.

And the fourth thing today on my mind is the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un that allegedly should take place in May. I hope for a peaceful outcome, although I am not at all optimistic. 

Kim Jong-Un does what Germany’s secret service psychs order him in his ear-implants. I read somewhere that in the past, North Korea violated its agreements and the violations were 37 pages long. They do what they hear in their ear-implants like the rest of the robotic world. It is likely that they will order Kim Jong-Un to violate his now promise to denuclearize again. Germany also provided material of mass destruction to North Korea and from there also to terror groups. They really are from hell.   

I doubt that Donald Trump has the awareness to determine if a person was psychiatric-conditioned. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, too well to be even remotely mislead. They never pass up a chance to psych-condition someone as they did with Kim Jong-Un when he was a boy in Switzerland. They conditioned him and arranged within North Korea to make him the leader, which serves German purposes against the USA.

Germany also used NR and other nationals to kill his half-brother and other relatives in order to get this German psychiatric-conditioned boy to rule NK. And Switzerland, a German poodle, either was an active part of it or allowed it to happen. 

Some say that Kim Jong-Un would be rational. Psychiatric-conditioned people function robotically and I believe that this is what they mistake as rationality. 

Some in the CIA say that Kim Jong-Un is stubborn and no good listener. The CIA should know that psychs can block a person’s analytical mind. How can he be a good listener by being psychiatric-conditioned? Stubborn? Sure, because he just repeats what he hears through his ear-implants and doesn’t think anymore for himself. That is a German specialty. Stealing the mind and the personality. Heil psychiatry! 

They also have him fall asleep during political meetings. As little he knows and as more he just does what the p$ychs behind Germany transmit in his conditioned mind, the more they prefer it.      

SEGNPMSS is also the stylist of his hairdo to make him look ridiculous. They plan to get rid of Kim Jong-Un who they psych-conditioned in Europe after the motto: the moor has done his duty, the moor can go. They are using ear-implants and silent sounds to hook him on drinking, smoking, eating, etc. so that when they decide that they can’t or don’t want to use him no longer, they can kill him medically and blame it on his bad health behaviors, concealing that psychs determine his behavior by talking and sending messages into his mind via the ear- and body-implants.

I am sure that his weight-gain is not his own choice but that of the psychs who conditioned and run him. It is possible that if he is asked today if he wants to be fat on purpose that he says yes, but this is a part of the German psychiatric conditioning,  

Below is a report about this health. It also talks about his “mental problems” even “paranoia”. Psychs make sure that people are getting them. That is what their psychiatric-conditioning is for.

“Kim has a team of doctors who cares for him and sometimes if need be, they will bring in foreign specialists from Russia, China, Singapore and Germany,” he said.

Of course, German doctors! Why I am not surprised? Although all other nationals also exactly do as the SEGNPMSS orders. Looks like these docs turned this young man in someone really “healthy”.

Like so many others, I consider Kim Jong-Un a German-psychiatric victim who made other victims since they conditioned him and who can make lots more of other victims, with his weapons of mass destruction, by starving and abusing his own population, or by supporting other terror movements against the USA, just as the SEGNPMSS orders it. 

Whatever happens is what Germany’s secret services order into the ears of its international robots. If they think they are getting away with it, they will always commit the atrocity as they are monsters without human qualifications. They will only withdraw from committing an atrocity if they seriously fear that they would get in troubles themselves. And it is up to the world to tell them that it is aware of them and will prosecute them, and this time, prosecute them without blinders.

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly and passionately kissed.

Yours forever,


It is good of course, it is Beethoven, but the howling guitars are not my item.   


I would like to know in which law office these videos were filmed: I bet in a law office of DM’s attorneys

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

Although I could think any lower of Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Tony Ortega, I think just as low of David Miscavige, his attorneys, any Miscavologist, and your impostor, Monique’s husband and his wife.

There is a constant back and forth as far as trust, loyalty, and coordination as far as above named individuals are concerned. Friends, enemies, supporters, etc., the line always blurs, but what I know is that David Miscavige, Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband, always conspired against you. Even when the animosity seemed the highest between DM and your impostor, at the time when the idiotic Squirrel Busters helped Monique to have claims in court against the orgs, they still kept quiet about that Monique’s husband is your impostor and as to what happened to your whereabouts.

The animosity between Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband could not be higher at the moment. Yet, Mike Rinder did not publish that Monique’s husband is your impostor, where he came from, who hire him to take over your post as Inspector General for Ethics and who told him to leave you behind and as the OSA in charge to stop my actions to find you. (The most non-Scientology act ever, as one does not leave a comrade behind according to the Scientology Code of Ethics.)  

This means that conspiring against you and me is their highest “obligation”. It is a higher order than their worst spat so far with each other. Conspiring against you and me overrules anything for these people. It is the most important thing for them. 

Some years ago, I received an anonymous email, which I think came from a very high place in OSA (not Mike Rinder). However, it is impossible that Rinder didn’t knew that he is your impostor, besides, anyone should know as your personalities are so different. The sender of the anonymous email confirmed that Monique’s husband is an impostor. My questions about your whereabouts however were not answered by this person or anyone else.    

I also scratch my head about the attorneys of Scientology. I am convinced that you, the innocent, took the fall in Spain. They helped Heber Jentzsch out but I don’t think they helped you. They hire an impostor to make me believe that my OT abilities and intuition does not work and that you don’t need my help, that Germany did not file a case behind my back against you with fabricated charges. Your impostor even flew to Germany to work for them against Scientology. They let you suffer wrongfully behind bars.

And now your impostor is paid with Scientology money? Are these people from hell or what? Did they ever wordclear the term conscience, humanity, officers of the court, ethics, law, and professional responsibility? 

This pro your impostor article was published on a Scientology-related website in case you have not seen it yet:

I love you.

Yours always,


Some more of my thoughts, this time about legal actions against your impostor, Marty

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Marty, my dearest, my Prince, my husband, my soulmate, how are your days and nights?

You can lean on me. I can read personalities and yours is awesome . Can’t say that about the personalities of the rest of the population in this universe. Love is such a corny word, yet, the monsters against us can’t break our love.

Who wouldn’t like to move objects with the mind or fly with the body. But there is another superpower and this is our love. After all these years, after millions of lies and plots to break our love, nothing has succeeded, and nothing ever will.

Even if psychiatrists would steal my memory to you again, Marty. In the moment, I lie eyes on you again, I love you again. Because what is emanating from your personality is so special and amazing that I can’t and don’t want differently than loving you. The universal price of the most irresistible man goes to you, Marty.

And impostors don’t have it. They are other people and emanate something else but your personality. I could also see that Ron was personalized. Guess one of my superpowers is being a seer. And it comes easy to me. Or in other words, I am an original Scientologist, and that is why I can do what I can do.   

Your impostor claimed on numerous times that he is you. I also think that he always was a “Mark” and became a “Marty” only and first after he decided to impersonate you, after Germany told Spain to arrest you to prevent you seeing me in Germany. I posted numerous times, and now again, that I still have no thread evidence that Germany filed a case against you, e.g. using RB, alleging (deliberately but very wrongfully!) that you caused harm to me when we last saw each other. However, I never was able to ditch this feeling. It is thetan basically knows. Another thing the German-ordered and -controlled conspiracy can’t do anything about it. 

I was thinking that you sued Monique’s husband for being your impostor and painting a completely wrong picture of you. And you have very much the right to do this. How dare him to claim that he is you. You and he could not be more different. With his remarks about your legacy in Scientology, all you did before he showed up around 1990, he ruins your legacy.

You were not an enforcer and a bully. You were an ethical and lawful person and staff member. I saw you in operation. Completely different from what Monique’s husband did. He and Germany, and the psychs behind him and this set up… All really stupid to think that I fall for it. But it tells me that they can’t read personalities at all, otherwise they wouldn’t use impostors. They would know that we don’t fall for this and such lawless acts come back to bite them. 

I am living in a remote part of the world, waiting for this conspiracy to trap itself completely and for you to contact me, Marty. And even here, with just few people living here, there is a doppelganger of me, so I’ve heard. Ridiculous. As if you would fall for one. The moment we see each other again, we know it is us, as the essential personality can’t be impersonated. Also, people who take jobs to impersonate others to conspire against them are low on the tonescale. It always shows. We can see it.

So, it is possible that you filed legal actions against your impostor, Monique’s husband, who suddenly showed up in Scientology, taking over your Inspector General for Ethics position, who (unlike you) committed unlawful acts, who then left Scientology to become an alleged “independent” Scientologist, then “no Scientologist”, then a Scientology hater, and now a pro Miscavologist.

To me it seems that Monique’s husband “bonded” again over legal steps that you filed against your impostor. The recent pro Miscavology videos with Monique’s husband are taped apparently in a law firm. I bet it is a law firm of attorneys who represent David Miscavige and the “Church of Scientology”, which is rather the Church of Miscavology these days.

Most people who watch your impostor (but conceal that he is your impostor) think that he got big amounts of money from David Miscavige. And some of this cash is probably used by your impostor to defend himself against the legal steps that you took against your impostor. Maybe David Miscavige and Mike Rinder are also a part of this legal case, after all, it is impossible that they didn’t knew and approved of Monique’s husband (back then, nobody’s husband, then Cheray’s husband, then Anne’s husband) who has taken over your life in a big-bang-stupid move trying to mislead me that he is you. They are such idiots. They would fall for it, if it would be done to them, but never I! 

In other words: You, the innocent, took the fall of the orgs in Spain, and you were wrongfully accused of having harmed me. David Miscavige bails his father out who was accused of rape (and has a person who he thinks is a rapist live in the Sea Org!) but they don’t help you out. DM and his people think that Miscavige Sr. is guilty of rape, nevertheless, DM bailed him out and bought him a house. You are innocent and you are not being helped. They disgust me, Marty. From the bottom of my heart. 


Also strange is the behavior of the attorneys who represented Monique “Mosey” Rathbun Banks in her case against Scientology who she suddenly withdrew after her attorneys allegedly put work in their case for a million Dollars. They seem to think that Monique and her husband made a deal with David Miscavige and that they should be their legal work but don’t.

The justification of Ray Jeffrey not collecting fees from Monique and her husband (at least at the moment) is because he has someone new in his life or something like. This is ridiculous. I believe he did a Facebook posting on this. Gee! One matter is business, one matter is private. No reason not to go after them legally. If a lawyer can’t concentrate on his work because having a new relationship, he can’t be a qualified attorney. The other attorneys, e.g. Leslie Hyman, also spare Monique and her husband, at least at the moment. Or do they also have a new relationship that stops them from collecting what they allegedly worked for?

It is as if these attorneys don’t want your above the law impostor cave under more legal the pressure that your legal action already does to him. Despite that he doesn’t want them to get paid. Or they are afraid to end up in your legal actions as co-conspirators?

Whatever is being plotted, I noticed that you and me, Marty, we are those who are conspired against most. Because we are the absolute anti-Nazis and anti-psychs.

Former “friends” become suddenly enemies, and enemies suddenly make u-turns and work again together with former enemies as long as the truth is further concealed. 

Agents, is the word. No, stupid agents, is the better word. 

The Scientology TV station is schedule to start soon with much delay:

Again, I am anything but in awe with David Miscavige. The money for a Scientology TV station was there for many decades. He held the expansion down by not having a TV channel already over 30 years ago!

As far as his justification is concerned that the MEST is not good enough: the Munich org boomed when it just had wooden chairs and desk and they didn’t even fit together in style. It was clean but very modest. However, people came because of the wisdom of Scientology. Besides, if he would not have held back the TV channel for more than three decades, there would be a large number of Scientologists, groups, missions, and orgs all over the planet that would have invested in really neat MEST.

It is just the justification of a non-Scientologist,  actually a SP, first MEST, then expansion, if ever. 

Why a TV channel now? Because David Miscavige, His Cobness, wants to better his reputation in the world. That’s all to it. Otherwise, there still wouldn’t be one.

There is one concern that I am having with this TV station, Marty. Numerous Scientologists still don’t approve of psychiatry. The psychiatric campaign that started when Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV on the Internet and in the media against Scientology and to improve the reputation of psychiatry was very obvious, at least to you and me. Their disgusting ear-implants rule.

I am afraid that p$ychs plan an atrocity to stop the expansion of Scientology through a TV station. They want to prevent this TV station and this is also why it takes so long to get it going. Ear implants.

I feel something more than just a campaign in the media against Scientology like after the Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer discussion. It is again: thetan basically know. I don’t know how to prevent it without any evidence and just having the feeling. On top, DM hires a professional service to keep my blog down in the search engines. The FBI and the police doesn’t even act if there is concrete evidence as you have read in the atrocity in Parkland. Scientologists should watch out for robotic people among them. They are psychiatric-conditioned. The problem is however, that original Scientologists are rare. The secret German-infiltration turned the next generation into Vistarologists (Ron’s impostor) and again another generation into Miscavologists. The latter two generations are much blinder than the original Scientologists as we are.        

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


I am very happily stuck 😉 on you, Marty!





Chris Owen’s stupid analysis of what L. Ron Hubbard allegedly wrote

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I miss you more than I ever can express. Nobody wins at the end by keeping us apart. Those who are keeping us apart don’t have the courage to admit this. In character, they are very small beings. They committed so many crimes that they restricted their abilities to see and evaluate facts. And there are many of them and so few of us. Sigh. There is one thought that I have over and over again, Marty: there must be (and is!) another solution than we ever again mingle with them. This planet and universe is a snake pit. Who sets foot here is being bitten. 


To my header:  Chris Owen is attacking Scientology since decades. He likes to be called “historian”. What a joke. He, like a propaganda minister of a rogue state, denied also my access to Wikipedia after he learned that I object to false information about me on Wikipedia.  

A true historian would not keep the impostors sent by secret services into Scientology under wraps. They are easy to spot.

Besides, I am on the Internet since 2002. Since 16 years, the Scientology haters (pretty much all were hanging out at ARS) know from me that Scientology is infiltrated, altered, that Ron and you were impersonated by agents/impostors. Just like David Miscavige who hires even a company to keep my blog down in the search engines, they try to prevent that what I write reaches mainstream in typical psychiatric/German secret service manner.

As you know, the real founder of Scientology was no friend of psychiatry. But he wrote the truth and no nonsense about it. The real Ron has not written the Brainwashing Manual as Owen and Ortega are claiming. If he would have, Germany would be blamed most of all.

The SPs behind Germany came up with communism and forced Russia and other countries to implement communism and control opponents with psychiatric methods.  Ron also would not blame Dianetics and Scientology on what psychs are doing “death, insanity, aberration and slavish obedience.” Psychs came up with the term “Black Dianetics” to blame Dianetics on what psychs are doing.  They also were hoping to get Dianetics and Scientology outlawed by making people believe that Dianetics or SCN would be dangerous.  

The least group of people Ron would ever accept or support are anti-Semites/Nazis. Anything even remotely implying this is a blatant and stupid forgery.

Many people think that Nazi Germany and Communism were two different things because the Soviet Union fought the Nazis in World War II. The SPs behind these movements are the same. They don’t mind wasting their own agents and allies in wars or otherwise. They simply decided that they like German Nationalism even a step better to control the world than their communism. (Germans wrote even officially the Communist Manifesto.) I assume that many people in the Soviet Union suffered a lot under communism and that is why the men behind Germany couldn’t tell even their own agents in Russia that they are also behind communism. On the other side, German nationalism was apparently too appalling for the Russians to surrender to, so they fought back. 

The psychs behind Germany run indeed the entire world but as they lie to their own agents to control them, not everything falls into the German lap all the time.      


One can see this pattern still today. Communism declined but Nazis are on the rise.    

The writings of Tony Ortega, Chris Owens, Jon Attack, and the likes are psychiatric propaganda tools and their supporters are fools. 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,