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Schwearinger’s dog is almost as famous as Schrödinger’s cat

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband and Prince in the entire universe,

Only Schrödinger’s cat is still slightly more famous than judge Swearinger’s dog.

It is not easy to be an impostor but your impostor choose this agent life, despite he should know that clean hands make a happy life.

Tony “Rattlesnake” Ortega who promoted your impostor and his wife for years, beats now up on him on his blog. These anti-Scientologists are worth nothing. Their friendships don’t last.

We original Scientologists are very different.

Anyway, Ortega posted a message today. Not not if this message on his blog can be trusted because he is an anti-religious creep and has such creepy sources.  

The message of “Linda” that Ortega posted end with “This is DK.” instead of  “This is OK.” What is Ortega trying to say with DK, David King? David Katzenjammer? David Knubble? David Kremlin? David Kennebecker?

Anyway, Ortega has heard for sure that Ron and you are impostored. In 1986, YOU headed the legal affairs. The two detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold  who David Miscavige paid off as well, said that YOU STRESSED THAT THEY SHALL DO NOTHING ILLEGAL. That was YOU not Monique’s husband.

As this from Ortega’s blog, I am not sure if you wrote it but definitely not your impostor as he wasn’t even around during in 1986  

 21-Jun-1986 10:37

From: MFTC I/C

Re: Swearinger Invest

for your info and whatever else you can do with this…

20-Jun-1986 20:56

Dear Linda,
What does JP want to do with Bill Swearinqer? What did Bowles say to him? Why would we want Bill S to have Royce confess? Confess to what? When will the rest of the 13 original targets be done?

ML Marty

You would make a comma after the “ML”. As I said, this is from Ortega’s blog, the “tabloid” of the Scientology attackers. There get their daily dose of Schadenfreude and anti-Scientology crap, everything but the truth that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you are impostored and the founder was impostored by agents. 

Ortega also mentions Vicki Aznaran and her declaration in 1993. She wrote that OSA played dirty tricks in 1984-87. I definitely won’t put my hand in the fire for DM, Larry (the later Denise) Brennan, Mike Rinder, and other non-Scientologists and infiltrators, but I have witnessed you being serious about not violating laws. And the detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, former cops, acknowledged this.

By the end of 1988, Germany used Spain to get you wrongfully incarcerated. In 1993, Aznaran probably thought or was told by whoever runs her that you never can get after her legally.     

As I said, Marty, I can read personalities. And on yours, there is no dirt. I can’t say this about others.

Ortega also brings up that an e-mail over and over, mailed by Danny Lemberger (to your impostor) in which stupid Danny Lemberger fantasized or dreamed or whatever that if he had a pistol, with just one bullet, he would put it in Miscavige’s head. What a low life form makes such a violent statement? Sure no real Scientologist. We handle our problems with abilities, skills and technology.

I also feel something else behind such statements: Nazis and doctors. Lemberger is Jewish, so they enjoy to portraying Jews as violent, and he is an alleged Scientologist and that fits in the set up that psychs and Nazis have planned for Scientologists: giving them the reputation of being violent people. David Miscavige is bad for Scientology. You and I, we want justice for whatever he did and does, but we don’t want him dead.

It seems that your impostor turned over the message of Lemberger to a Church attorney. Ortega can’t let this go. He repeats it over and over again on his blog to make Lemberger’s violent streak known to the world, just like the Nazi doctors orders.  Germany’s secret service doctors definitely plan more violence in Scientology. What a pest they are.

I love you, Marty. One of my neighbors just stepped by inviting me to a summer party on Saturday. But there was still no message by you or on your behalf for me. However, I can tell that you are trying to reach me for so long. My intuition works. Thanks to  Ron and Scientology.

Be kissed my irresistible soulmate 

Yours forever,


The kinds of duels and shootings that we like, Marty. It is getting really good around 1:30 min. 








Good news for the orgs, I guess: Intense FBI investigation and no charges against C of S filed…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I work hard and a lot and maybe should learn to grow a lazy bone sometimes. It is just that I know how painful it is to have no cash if needed it. To prevent that it ever will happen to me, I produce and collect it. When in fact you and I should be in Scientology, because we know what it original was.  

I assume you know it already. Tampa Bay Times reported today that the FBI investigated the Sea Org in 2009 and 2010 intensively but filed no charges. I bet your impostor was involved big time in the investigation and that the FBI knows that he is your impostor and didn’t and doesn’t do anything against it. And that the FBI knows that you are innocent and doesn’t help you against the German/Spanish/psychiatric setup. 

A reporter at received 300 pages of FOIA docs on this 2009 – 2010 investigation.

James Comey, the current FBI director calls the FOIA process “a pain” but the law. 

As no charges were filed, the orgs won against those who accuse them on criminal doings. C of S says that the church has learned the investigation was conducted by “rogue agents,” including one who was later disciplined.

This FBI “investigation” had no intention to look where something is really wrong: the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists, the alteration of original Scientology, the impostors, e.g. the founder’s impostor, your impostor, and that DM, Mike Rinder, and others are fully aware of that and them but are not saying a word.

Neither former “Scientologists”, current infiltrators nor any governmental agency wants to look into this, because Germany and its psychiatric ear-implants in anyone rule until the motivator hits.

I love you, Marty. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Keep up surviving.  

Yours forever,










Monique’s husband, your impostor not featured on the new STAND website vs. hatemongers…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you… How are you?

There is a new website called STAND “SCIENTOLOGISTS TAKING ACTION AGAINST DISCRIMINATION” concentrating on Tony Ortega (deserves it) and other hatemongers and perpetrators (deserve it).

Your impostor, Monique’s husband is no longer on this list of hatemongers despite he did so much harm to Scientology. But so did and does DM with his actions, and the shady people who he hired into high positions without applying Scientology.  

I bet your impostor asked, and His Cobness threw Scientology money at him, although nobody has evidence (yet).

How about the possibility of money wired in another country for your impostor? 

If Mosey’s (and according to Tony Ortega her husband’s) attorneys file actions against her and her husband and wanting to be paid, it is possible that not only these two but also DM and anyone else involved might have to defend themselves in this matter if he/they knew of any trick used not paying the attorneys, e.g. formulating the agreement/contract in a way that the attorneys won’t get paid.

I am not on the side of attorneys who take cases of former or current infiltrators of Scientology or impostors and their assistants, but under the law, one must pay who one hires.  A case like this should be also a warning to attorneys taking cases from former infiltrators. They might work for free as people who infiltrate Scientology and impersonate others or support them also don’t shy away from screwing them or allies, or anyone else. 

 An agreement/contract that is designed to avoid payment of legal or other services received can get the involved parties into serious troubles.

To me it looks as if DM and your impostor are getting deeper in troubles. And one day, DM and your impostor may even go together into hiding. After all, they NEVER stopped conspiring against you and me.

You are deep in my heart, Marty. I love you, and nobody can kill this love or my ability to see who is who.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours always,






Un-American activities continues – Obama orders US intelligence agency to provide full review of election-related cyber-attacks but Americans will never learn these details.

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are you? My thoughts are with you. 

Americans are treated like children because “elected officials” are withholding information from them. And I bet this secrecy protects mainly Germany and any of their dirty agents.

US intelligence agencies have dropped that Trump won the election with the help of Russia. However, I know that Germany is to blame that no better Republican candidates run because SEGNPMSS wants the Republicans to be degraded to a Trump-level. They don’t want the Republicans and any US-President get in their way when turning the world right-extreme, a situation that can easily turn in the same old Nazis marching again all over the world. Also, one leader prepares the climate for the next leader, and each leader becomes more extreme that the one before.

If this all isn’t stopped in time, there might be never a chance to stop extremism again.

Half of the American people are Republicans and they can’t find an more ethical person as President than Trump, proud to be German? Give me a break. Political parties and government are as infiltrated as the Church of Scientology and other religions and organization. I think not highly of Republicans who support Trump. It would be like us supporting DM just because he managed to get his behind on the COB chair. We don’t support a wrong man or woman, it doesn’t matter who he/she is and where he/she sits.  

Obama was asked in regards of the hacking around the election. He said, “could be Russia. It could be China. And it could be some guy in New Jersey.” No word of Germany, Marty, he is such a German dupe. 

Russia and China were kept communistic and poor and locked up by the men behind the official German leaders. Lenin was a German agent, Marx and Engels were German, the Tiananmen Square massacre was SEGNPMSS-ordered, all that to prevent that these countries could become stronger economic forces than Germany and feeling being superior to them.

If China would have built Ron-approved villages in the style your family built them, Marty, in other words, protected environments, they could have provided for any child, enough space, food, work, and care for anyone.  Instead so many Chinese babies had to die (one child policy) because Germany doesn’t want that and other countries to become a stronger economy or think their pinkish race is the greatest.  

Russians or Chinese might be found behind election-related-hacking but they are basically just used by Germany, like they use also any other country for their dirty purposes 

And something else German, Marty, the seaborne radiation from Fukushima reached the East Coast of United States. Cesium-134 was found in Oregon. Typical SEGNPMSS to harm the tourism in the USA. Their terrorism in Japan, calculation and probably also help  by their weather satellites brought the radiation to the USA.  

It IS ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT, AT LEAST FOR YOU AND ME, and I ask myself how political analysts can miss all of that.

Speaking about the elections. Hillary Clinton should have demanded the recounts. She runs for months a hard campaign and then she simply gives up. Gee! I think the reason is because she has no clean hands. Afraid that Trump retaliates.  And I bet the worst about him isn’t publicly know either.

What a mess everything is.

Except our love, Marty, there is no mess. Straight, strong, true, and forever.

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately,






Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior (aka 5 other persons) wants to cash in on the anti-Scientology resentment….

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and amazing Prince,
How are you? I am thinking of you and wish you were right with me. If there are some days of my life that I want to live again (and over and over again), those are the days when I met you or were with you, Marty. Those were the heavenly days.  What makes the conspiring apes of this planet believe that they have rights but we don’t?   I despise these hypocrites.

In the bible, even if just a story, David defeated Goliath. But David Miscavige will not win. We, you and I, we will defeat Goliath, which is Germany and psychiatry and how they run the world secretly with their ear-implant cult. One reason why they ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology: original Scientology explained what a trap this cult is that installs tiny ear implants into people and even animals and runs them robotic with loud and silent commands to commit crimes and sucks away intelligence and decency.    

As anyone can verify, the father of David Miscavige, Ronald Miscavige is a liar, using 5 aliases to mislead police. What dummy (except Tony Ortega and his retarded Bunker followers) believes this man writes the truth? Did St. Martin Press or the media ever research Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior? These so-called professionals are so unprofessional.   

Ron Seniors’ son, David Miscavige, is very much responsible for the anti-Scientology resentment, because no matter what he says, he isn’t a Scientologist, just like his father or some other members from the Miscavige family ARE NONE. DM’s twin sister added to the bad headlines against Scientology. The entire Miscavige family has set up against Scientology written all over them.  

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige (DM or HIS COBNESS) knows that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who are secret service agents. As you know, the man who left Scientology to DM was NOT the founder but “Jack Vistaril” his impostor who worked for the CIA and Germany and altered Scientology. Some original Scientology by the real founder is still left in Scientology but the cult-stuff that was added IS TYPICALLY GERMAN! And other most vital data disappeared completely from Scientology. 

Above information is about DM’s father Ron Miscavige. While infiltrating Scientology, Ron Miscavige used five aliases for dealing with the police! This is so dishonest, cowardly and non-Scientology!

I learned that the latter four names that  Ron Miscavige Senior hid behind and gave to police were the names of real people in Scientology Int. As his son had taken over Scientology,  Ron Miscavige Senior apparently decided that his bad record should become those of his son’s subjects. This is so non-Scientology. My stomach turns how the Miscaviges pervert Scientology!  Scribbling “memoirs” to get in the good graces of people, doesn’t wipe out what the man did.   

Another piece of info that one can find online: In 1985Ron Miscavige Senior was accused by a minor girl of attempted rape charges. When the tables turn, I’ll look in this again, and DM better hasn’t used Scientology funds to pay lawyers for his nightmare of a dad and to make this go away.

These days, Ron Miscavige Senior complains that his son “spied on him”. Duh! They are all agents and no Scientologists, of course they spy on each other. Ron Miscavige Senior has nobody to blame but himself. Both, father and son supported “Jack Vistaril” the CIA/German double agent who is not the founder of Scientology, and THEY KNEW IT FROM THE START.

I bet that book that he published in St. Martin’s press is about that HIS COBNESS was such a good kid and that Scientology made him the way he is now. Yeah right. Nothing further from the truth. What kind of “Scientologists” are the Miscaviges anyway? After all, they CONSPIRE against the real founder of Scientology and his family!

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige were around in the UK when the real founder Ron lectured. They both know very well that Jack Vistaril’s Scientology (that they promoted later) is NOT the founder’s Scientology. They are not smart enough to recognize that hiding original Scientology and promoting Vistarology or Miscavology instead isn’t good for them either. Dummies!

I bet that they were there in the UK when we both married, Marty. And of course, they didn’t say anything, just as Germany’s secret services orders.    

DM was never on the side of the founder. All he does is promoting the impostor’s crap and adding his own Miscavige crap to Scientology. Miscavige violates original Scientology, behaves like the non-Scientologist that he is and upsets his hired agents. They break away and attack Scientology from the outside, and the world HAS NO CLUE AS TO WHAT SCIENTOLOGY REALLY IS AND WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON.

You know their mechanism, Marty, after all, DM replaced you with an impostor too and Mike Rinder must have helped him. They hired Monique’s husband (back then nobody’s husband, but briefly later Ceray’s husband, then Anne’s husband, and now Monique’s husband). They were the right and left hand of David Miscavige, and what a “surprise”, it turned out that Rinder and your impostor are no Scientologists after all. If you ask me, they blew their own cover lastest by attacking Scientology.

DM is carved from the same non-Scientologist but agent material. After years being at each others throats, also in the legal arena, they still conspire together by keeping from the world that Monique’s husband was/is a hired impostor and was never a Scientologist.

What gives DM constantly away as non-Scientologist: he puts non-Scientologists in high places (Rinder and your impostor, two non-Scientologists, were his right and left hand!) and that is why Scientology is maneuvered into the ground. They work right into the hands of the outside attackers.

Instead of explaining original Scientology to mainstream of all races, David Miscavige merged Scientology with the anti-Semitic German-oriented cult of Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, which tries to overtake Scientology. I still have a bad feeling about this, Marty. DM and the other Miscavologists are no OTs. They claim to be but they are not. They can’t sense as we can. Their spiritual abilities are incapacitated by their dirty agent activities.   

His Cobness can’t explain original Scientology to anyone, not even members of his own family, because he hasn’t understood it himself. And son like father. Ron Miscavige Senior failed miserably, but for DM it isn’t an excuse. RB was a horrible parent, so I raised myself to become person that I am today. And original Scientology and the real Ron’s wisdom helped me greatly, even if RB, her beloved Germany, psychiatrists, and their same disgusting agents tried to deny this right of studying Scientology to me. These bastards!

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Our love is a rock. Another thing that those who conspire against us never counted with. They just can’t kill our love. Not even with impostors. Lol. It is impossible to fool real OTs. 🙂

Yours forever and always at your site,


I want to hear you sing this song soon, Marty, but no longer on borrowed time. Instead forever heavenly days! We’ll never settle for anything less.




Ron’s impostor wasted Ron’s money or Scientology money for idiotic stuff, e.g. a ship (The Star of California to attract VIPs) in the desert! Ron wasn’t star truck. That was his impostor and other idiots.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I am telling you again today how much I want to be with you and only you. I know that nothing that I say and write is new to you because you figured out the truth long before I wrote about it. I just feel that I want to write it up so that the world can’t accuse us one day, that we never published the truth despite that all people could find the truth out on their own.

Ron, the real founder of Scientology had no rights in the infiltrated Church of Scientology. How can an infiltrated Church of Scientology end suppression and build a great civilization on this and all other planets in the universe? They can’t. Nothing that is build on lies and crimes endures.

I found another press article about the alleged Ron’s death. The Rocky Mountain News (Sue Lindsey) wrote a long article on L. Ron Hubbard on February 16, 1986.

Marty, I assume that Millions of Dollars of Ron’s estate are missing. I also read it several times from some  different sources on the Internet but I admit I never have seen any official admission by the C of S. According to my perception, high amounts of Ron’s estates are missing but as I said, I have no proof and that’s why my below conclusion as far as the money is concerned, is speculative.

The Rocky Mountain News interviewed the postmaster in Creston, who found it most exciting for Creston that “L. Ron Hubbard” lived among them. I would like to know from the postmaster if he has seen mail from the impostor (also called Jack Mitchull or Jack Vistaril) and who Jack corresponded with and what he did with Millions of Dollars cash of the real Ron, e.g. if he corresponded with investors or others on that money and other issues.

The postmaster said that Creston isn’t a community where people visit back and forth a lot. “Your neighbors are there when you need them but this is how far it goes.” That’s why it is weird that these approx. 270 souls living didn’t notice the impostor and the Broekers and the others that lived and worked on that farm. But if just the Broekers (as Mitchulls) were around the impostor who dropped each week a million of Dollars of Ron’s cash at the imposters desk, and if the impostor didn’t go anywhere, the Broekers are the only subjects in regards to those alleged millions of Dollars missing, correct? If the impostor invested the cash or bought stuff, he must have had receipts.

The imposter was in Creston library (one room!), bar, restaurant and in town but nobody remembered him. Who are they kidding? People notice me where ever I go in any city, town or village. People tell me often where they saw me and I am a lot shorter than Ron or his doppelganger. Last time when I was in a hardware store, the clerk asked me how I had handled a certain problem in my bathroom. I never had told him about that problem but somebody else had. People talk, talk, and talk, especially in smaller communities because nothing else happens there. People in smaller communities are much more interested in other people than people in big cities. Anonymity in the country doesn’t last long.

The impostor was as tall as Ron and walks through a town with only 270 people (including kids) that is hardly ever visited by strangers and nobody remembers him? Whose leg do they want to pull? A stranger in a tiny town? EVERYONE talks about him. Unless they “found” suitcases with million of dollars somewhere and forgot about that too.

Robert Vaughn Young was a C of S spokesman (another person who wasn’t a Scientologist) and said that the press is not allowed in the three story ranch house because attorneys didn’t want anybody in the house without clearance to pack and log Hubbard’s belonging.

Millions of  Dollars were missing from Ron’s estate, the Broeker’s allegedly dropped off one million Dollars each week at the impostor’s desk, tax state laws were violated by carrying high amounts of cash over state lines, and the attorneys didn’t tell those involved to turn themselves over to the authorities? If true, what is that all about?

The Rocky Mountain News reported that Pat and Ann Broeker were long time Scientologists and “Hubbard’s companion, Once again, Marty, immediately after the death of the impostor, Pat Broeker turns into the complete non-Scientologist and fades away. DM puts him under PI surveillance for decades instead reporting him to the authorities? Annie Broeker tries to blow to Canada but DM sends your doppelganger after her who caught her before she could take off and she goes back without any objection. This is so weird. This is (as far as Pat and Ann Broeker concerned) evidence of a very bad conscience if you ask me, Marty. I think His Cobness has the goods on both of them but the authorities who should know, likely don’t know what they are hiding.

The paper tried to interview the Broekers. That was denied probably because they had so much to hide. Ranch hands wouldn’t discuss “Hubbard” with the paper, except one who said he saw “Hubbard” several time but he wouldn’t talk to him. This is so not the real Ron. Ron would never pick non-Scientologists to be his closest companions and would know personally everyone who works for him.

The impostor had a favorite ranch animal bull “Bubba”. The real Ron didn’t waste his time breeding animals. His interest were human beings and building a better world for humans.

Young said that no photographs were made of “Hubbard” on the ranch. The only photos that were taken show the back of a tall, large man with white hair and beard in a yellow straw hat… Vaughn Young sure was afraid that people would become suspicious that he was the impostor and not the real Ron by showing just show photos of his back to the press!

The reporter got rightfully suspicious and asked what the secrecy would be all about. Vaughn Young was such a phony and non-Scientologist. He told the reporter that also after “[L. Ron Hubbard’s] death doesn’t change our desire to protect his privacy…” The truth is rather: “We try by all means to cover up that Ron, the real founder of Scientology was murdered and that the guy who just dropped dead was his impostor and the world should never know…”

Vaughn Young added: “Attention should focus on his work and not his shirt size…” Duh! Young wrote horrible stuff about Ron’s work later (despite that he admitted that he never met the real Ron nor the impostor. He walked through his house and spoke on his behalf and wasn’t a real Scientologist but an infiltrator). What he didn’t want the media to see is that Jack Mitchull was the doppelganger and not Ron, the source.

It is just unbelievable that people like Young had clearance to speak of Ron’s behalf! He was Ron’s enemy!

The reporter wrote that “Hubbard lived in seclusion for most of the last 20 years, moving from one location to the other with a dwindling band of church confidants”.  The impostor was on the run of the law but the real Ron didn’t get true protection by the U.S. government against his German controlled persecutors, snipers and p$ychs. In May 1984,  they closed in on him. Many against one. They barged in on him, overwhelmed him in his sleep and injected him with a deadly drug. They carried his body under another name to a medical lab. They thought it would be the end of it but miraculously, we found out what happened to the real Ron, Marty. Another Scientology miracle.

The real Ron would have build a protected environment in which aging and dying can be prevented. He would not have invested in all that crap in which the impostor invested.

The ranch was bought for 700.000 USD on another name. I want to know if attorneys and which attorneys were involved in this deal.

I would like to compare the handwriting of everything that the impostor wrote with what the real Ron wrote, Marty. I think the reason why the impostor didn’t use computers despite he had them was because his SEGNPMSS case officers told him to write as much p$ych approved stuff that he can by hand as it would be adopted by the C of S. The impostor trained all his life trying to write and sign like the Ron, the founder. I am sure that Ron, (source) died in May 1984, and I give a damn if somebody says that this is crazy. OTs trust their perception and I felt the moment when the real Ron was killed. The reporter wrote that she saw notes “by Hubbard, labeled new OTVIII”  dated Oct. 3, 1985. That is then clearly a forgery because the real Ron was already murdered on that date.

The impostor heard that Ron was a genius. So he tried to be like him but he was a small person compared to Ron. He thought that people would fall for him being Ron when giving lots of orders as what kind of throw rug to buy for the bathroom and little stupid insignificant stuff like that. The real Ron wouldn’t have bothered with investing his time in a contaminated world. He would have build another underwater habitat, would have planted nature inside and would have made it to the healthiest place on Earth.

Marty, it is possible that the impostor’s case officers radioed once in a while a thought of the real Ron to the impostor to be written up and added to the impostor’s crap to goof Scientologists into thinking that he was the real Ron. But he was not. He was as little Ron as you are Mosey’s husband.

Just as you are being mixed up with Mosey’s husband, Ron was mixed up with his impostor. The reporter wrote that “Scientologists who met Hubbard remembered him as remarkable man, a fastidious perfectionist, an eccentric, a genius. He could be wonderfully brilliant and maddingly meticulous and demanding. Hubbard is legendary for his aversion to dirt and dust…”

Real Ron: Remarkable – yes

Genius – absolutely

Wonderfully brilliant – yes

Perfectionist – yes, but not fastidious

Meticulous – yes, but not in any maddingly way.

Two personalities mixed together, the real Ron, the good and sane genius, and the remote controlled mad impostor with mood swings trying to be Ron and not getting it right.

SEGNPMSS psychs were not interested in the impostors body. They allowed his body to be cremated but they were extremely interested to cut off Ron’s brain to see why he was so genius and unusual. The real Ron didn’t want any autopsy either but he wasn’t that lucky because he was alone at the end set up by the SEGNPMSS. Most of all, we were not there to prevent it, Marty, because the SEGNPMSS stole our memory to our relation to the real Ron.

C of S knows that Ron was anti-dirt, anti-germ, and anti-dust but they removed what Ron said and wrote about it and the reasons why Ron was so opposed to it. The impostor probably dramatized Ron’s scientific reasons to fool others into that he is the real Ron. Everything that the real Ron wrote about living away from dust, dirt, germs, UV rays, toxins, radioactivity, in a closed environment with own oxygen, own food, own water, own clothes, own furniture,  (like Seagaia just bigger and greener) to stay forever healthy and forever young does no longer exist in Scientology. The purify is pretty much the only program left of Ron’s many writings about alternative living.

The impostor had long fingernails, was unkempt, took p$ych drug Vistaril, and wanted horses on the horse track. Lots of dust and dirt there. The real Ron knew all about remote controlled germs and how they make sick and kill. He knew a way to stop that but the USA didn’t truly protect him and they didn’t stop the SEGNPMSS to shot at him whenever he started to build such an environmental  protected village for the Scientologists. And now they are getting older and are dying too and with no guarantee that they ever will have that paradise and the true advanced abilities that the real Ron wanted to give them. Speak about a motivator.

Another person who turned out to be no Scientologist is Janice Grady. She too spoke on behalf of “L. Ron Hubbard” to the reporter. She said that he watched a lot of movies and television. The real Ron was much too busy trying to build a better world than watching lots of movies. I saw a photo of her with the alleged Ron. It was not Ron, Marty, it was clearly the doppelganger on that photo.

I find the story about how the alleged Ron “taught his female messengers how to put make on” very creepy, Marty! This is so NOT Ron. If he would have seen that teenagers use too much make up, he would have called that to the attention of their mothers! And Ron wouldn’t want teenagers around him who don’t know how to behave, dress and use makeup appropriately or unfit mothers who do not raise their daughters.

The impostor had several stokes and a heart attack. His bladder was missing too.

Coroner George Whitting told the reporter that the question was: Is this really Hubbard? But after the fingerprints matched, he and others decided that it is really Hubbard.

The CIA should have come forward and told that the fingerprints match because those were the fingerprints of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard but that they gave the founder of Scientology the security name L. Ron Hubbard and that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard impostored the founder Ron. That they didn’t do that proves what German psych poodle the CIA is.

Rocky Mountain News also interviewed David Mayo who was sued by the C of S in two different federal law suits at that time. I am sure that David Mayo knew that Ron was impostored, nevertheless, he accused Ron, the founder of Scientology on what the impostor did. The impostor was the one with the mood swings, and Ron, the founder of Scientology was the genius. He concealed that not the founders policies “tore the church apart” but the impostor’s doing and the secret service p$ychs behind the impostor. The paper cites Jon Zegel saying that Mayo received a letter from “Hubbard in 1982, saying that he doesn’t expect to live long”. This is how it rather was: the impostor in 1982 babbled some crap to David Mayo and made him to the “keeper of the tech” for 20 – 25 years. DM and DM (Deutschmark and Deutschmark, no, I mean David Mayo and David Miscavige) apparently acted on contradictory p$ych orders.

First psych lied that Ron wants to drop the body or doesn’t expect to live long and wants David Mayo (who had said before that he and not LRH wrote NOTs) to be the keeper of the tech for 20 – 25 years but then return to SCN. (From date of 1982, we are already past that time period.)

Second psych lie says that Ron willingly dropped the body to do work without body (how convenient for the p$ychs who want to make SCN p$ych friendly and destroy real OT levels and other tech of Ron).

The murder of the real Ron two years earlier was covered up and non-Scientologist Pat Broeker and then David Miscavige became the leaders of Scientology. What a nightmare!

And none of these orders was by the real Ron.

Rocky Mountain News said that C of S disputed Mayo’s claim. So, are they saying that the letter is a forgery? If it is a forgery, why isn’t the other crap that the impostor issued a forgery too?

Mayo blamed the real Ron deliberately on what the impostor did (e.g. excessive prices) and the impostor did what his secret case officers ordered, and his secret case officers did what was ordered from the supercomputer of the SEGNPMSS. The real Ron wanted a peaceful, true, friendly, sane, non-criminal planet, and universe not big bank accounts that the Germans would rip off anyway. It is true that a religion that wants to survive needs an organization and on a planet where everything costs money, C of S needs money to survive. But nothing that Ron ever wrote included excessive fees. He wanted Clears and OTs and not people who are in debts to pay for p$ych and impostor altered auditing and OT levels.

The real Ron had no intention to die. He left the tech and Scientology to nobody. He knew that nobody has to die who lives in environmentally protected villages that he tried to build (but was constantly disturbed with these projects by secret service snipers attacking him).

Gilman Hot Springs was purchased for 27 Mio. USD in 1978. L. Ron Hubbard allegedly lived there in 1979 and 1980. Marty, I was thinking that the real Ron could have lived there for a while but now I doubt it after I read how much was build into the contaminated world that Ron wouldn’t do. He knew that it is stupid to build and live on the unprotected world. The Rocky Mountain News wrote that the place had a half-dozen elaborate offices and a new decorated “Hubbard residence”. All on the unprotected surface of the Earth. The real Ron wasn’t stupid and didn’t invest in the p$ychiatric and medical way to live. The medical professions make money when people get sick by living unprotected lives on the unprotected surface of the world.

I am sure that when Ron arrived at a place, he did the following: set in motion that an environmental safe closed habitat is being build for Scientologists but the infiltrators were too stupid to continue it and transformed it in unprotected surface living spaces, which is completely dumb. People live and die like this for centuries and don’t learn from former short lifespans.  Losers. Idiots.

The real Ron had no rights in Scientology but his impostor was glorified. The Rocky Mountain News wrote that after his (the impostor’s death) he still had his office,  personal bathroom, legal pad for notes everywhere, fresh flowers in his kitchen etc. and other crap (as a red wig, which the real Ron never would have worn) and I ask myself: what is it worth if the original has no rights and Scientologists accept an impostor and do nothing to get the original Ron back? The same paper wrote about the “turbulent life and time of L. Ron Hubbard” and they absolutely failed to see that Ron was impostored. They mix the lives of two different individuals (the real Ron and his impostor) in one curriculum vitae.

And the CIA knows it and doesn’t do a thing. If having assigned the founder of Scientology the name of his impostor (without telling Ron that his doppelganger is still alive and is impostoring him) was classified decades ago “to protect his life from Nazis”, shouldn’t the CIA at least 25 years after his death correct the records and inform the world about who he really was and how he really was and what he really did and who killed him?

I wonder what the CIA told you when you received the name Mark Rathbun, Marty. Did the CIA tell you that the poor kid died and the name is free to use to prevent Nazis coming after you? And what did you think when you noticed that he was very much alive and not just that but joined Scientology was the same time in the SCN orgs when you were?

As first I thought Mosey’s husband came 7 years later than you to Scientology but I don’t think that anymore. I think he really joined at the same time with you. While you walked down Berendo Street, he could have walked down San Marino Street, recognizable only by someone as attentive as I am. (However, he recognized properly that Ron was a deist.)

Who knows how many doppelgangers I have, Marty. But I am sure about something, when we look again in your eyes, that special band will be there. The moment we look again in our eyes, we know that it is us and no doppelgangers. It will be as it was before we were separated and before the Germans organized a restraining order against you. (Of which I think the still existing German Nazi psychs  have organized it keep us apart.)

Instead of assigning doppelgangers and working for the Germans, the CIA rather should bust the SEGNPMSS, that is all the Nazi protection that we need. You probably approached US Congress on getting this Nazi conspiracy against us outlawed. They don’t really want to help, don’t they? It is a SEGNPMSS planet, and they run just about anybody and none of them wins as they would with us. What the SEGNPMSS does best is fooling their own agents and then backstabbing them. But these ear implanted people are too hypnotized to get it. They all want to learn the hard way or never.

Marty, I believe that just about any person trusts in her/his case officer and that’s a big mistake because all are run by the same supercomputer. The last thing that this program ever will is permitting true freedom and true wisdom. That’s why Scientology is altered and why an impostor was hired. Scientology is scheduled to become same ineffective,  blind, and p$ych obeying like any other religion on Earth. I doesn’t matter who delivers the altered tech, C of S, “Freezone” or “Independence”. I wouldn’t pay a cent for anything that isn’t truly by source. I rather reach out to Ron spiritually and directly for guidance. He answers us.

I finish this today, Marty. In the morning, it is cooler now but beautiful weather all day long. I miss you and I love you very much. I will be traveling tomorrow.

Yours and millions of kisses and I would give anything just to be back with you.

Yours forever!