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A Department of Peace is actually a good idea – however, if the war-hungry monsters behind Germany aren’t busted, it won’t accomplish much

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I worry about you. I hope you don’t suffer. 

You are my hero, and I am very proud of you. I couldn’t think more highly of you than I do. I am so very glad that I met and chose you.  

Physical distance didn’t make me forget you at all. It is as if it would be yesterday when I saw you last time. Time and separation really has no influence on my love for you.

To my headline:

There is one US presidential candidate who considers a new department, the Department of Peace. I think it is actually a good idea – however, if the war-hungry monsters behind Germany aren’t busted, it will just waste taxpayers money, and the monsters behind Germany will still plot how to start wars and involve the USA in them. 

Did you read this about the California high school students giving Nazi salute, playing Nazi tune, singing, etc? And Newport Beach students forming a swastika with cups full of booze?–abc-news-topstories.html

Germany above everything – the Nazis behind Germany, running people, including Americans via ear implants, have not died out and still try to take over the world. And complete idiots of all kinds of nationalities are apparently helping them.  

And then, I also read that Donald Trump tried to buy Greenland and that Denmark replied that it would be “absurd”. Actually, for a country that invited Trump, the Danish Prime Minister acted quite rude. In this case, I have to say that Trump was right, when he said that she could have used other words to turn down his offer, and I understand why he declined the visit. She said she was surprised by this. She can’t be the brightest crayon either by not seeing this coming as a response to her rude remark. 

Besides, all of Denmark and naturally Greenland too belongs secretly to Germany. From own experience, I know that Denmark does everything that Germany orders, including unlawful extraditions of non-criminal people like me to Germany. 

On the other side, in regards to the mass shootings in the USA, Trump does exactly as the psychs behind all of the shootings and the terrror order. He calls for more psych hospitals to fight gun violence. P$ychs are conditioning people to become murderers and mass murderers and terrorists, yet, Trump wants to award them with more authority and taxpayers’ money. Psychs can take about any hateful person and turn him or her into a murderer, mass murderer, and terrorist by manipulating the consciousness of this hateful person and control her deadly actions in all details by running her through ear-implants. Despite the manipulated/disabled conscious mind, they still follow their ear-implant codes and do as their case officers order. 

Yes, one has to ask the question, why do private people need guns with which they can kill lots of people in just a few second? What do I see behind the NRA? Germany and psychs. 

If Americans would build protected villages with a roof over it, they could not just protect themselves from aging and diseases but also against radioactive clouds and bullets. I wouldn’t allow a gun in mine. The entry must be supervised by at least two security guards, and cameras should be installed there and elsewhere in the village so that others in the village can see when the security guards behave suddenly uncool or when they should rush to the entrance to help them. No shootings will ever happen in our places, the ideal villages (which are not DM’s wogish (excuse the word but I can’t help myself with this guy) ideal orgs).

And there is news that the wreck of the Titanic is being eaten by bacteria and may soon vanish. Just what the monsters behind Germany order. I am convinced that it was German jealousy that brought the Titanic down. By letting the Titanic fall to pieces, nobody should get the evidence that Germany shot up at least one if not more torpedoes into the vessel.

Survivors reported to Congress that they heard four “reports,” or explosions in the bowels of the Titanic AFTER (!) it had scraped the iceberg. 

But as typical, the monsters behind Germany rule the world and Congress doesn’t act against Germany as it should.

There is this interesting National Geograpic TV series “Drowning the Oceans”, yet, they didn’t do it with the Titanic. Go figure!

I love you deeply and entirely, Marty. I miss you so much. My deep affection for you won’t die ever. 

Yours forever,


P.S. My sis. will visit me from Sep. 6 to Oct. 1. We will travel some of these days. I won’t write much during these days. When someone from my family is here, they want all of my time as they see me rarely.