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More about Germany’s hypocrisy and that it managed to be the country with the best global reputation by holding others down: Hail hear-implants and psychiatric silent sounds!

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Dearest Marty,  my brilliant Prince and irresistible soulmate,

How are your days and nights? 

I want  to hear every one of your thoughts. I know they are amazing and extraordinary as everything about you, Marty. Sometimes it seems as if I receive one or two. This is because we are so closely connected as thetans. 

People dump, desert, and betray each other and we are not even remotely of this type. Maintaining our soulmateness and lifting it to even higher levels is what we have in mind. 

Now to Germany. If people wouldn’t be remote-controlled and manipulated by the psychs behind Germany, they would catch on. I am reading the news from all kinds of news outlets, and I don’t see that they figured out Germany. It is not even difficult to figure them out, it least not with my mind.

Here is the latest news about “Germany’s global reputation”. They managed to outdo the United States and any other nation on the planet by having the world vote them as the “country with the global reputation”. If I wouldn’t know how insane the men behind Merkel and each former chancellor (this name they picked suggests something wrong too), I would consider it hilarious, like singers who can’t sing, winning the global singer contest or people who can’t paint, being compared to Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. But I know how insane and perverted they are, and that is why I am not amused.          

I mentioned it before, Marty, and I am sure that you figured out pretty much the same method: The men behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS are using ear-implants and mind-control to leave all other nations behind. Their international agents knowingly and unknowingly (figure things finally out, people!) betray their own country and help Germany (of all countries and despite the recent emission scandals!) to take over the world and the universe. Germany always gets away with murder! And I sure as hell don’t want to be in this universe any longer when nobody is able anymore to fight this monster back.

Merkel said that “Germany’s global reputation” won’t define Germany. Of course not. They can mess around all they want.  With loud and silent ear implant messages “hate the USA and other countries and love Germany”, they can poison the entire world and still are worshiped by those who Germany controls and who is that not?    

They have other nationals make false decisions, which are costly for them but allows Germany to move in. I once read an idiot posting a shiny car and writing Germany underneath and then they posted a donkey and wrote Greece underneath it. This could be done with any other country too. What this idiot of writer didn’t get is that Germany works since ever on it getting to the top of the world. They implant on international levels babies and first graders with ear-implants and run them with a translator program for their languages. The worst psychiatric cult ever. They use loud and silent sounds to keep agents in line. People think that their case officers are helping them to get ahead, when in fact, the opposite it true. And if they indeed allow someone to win briefly (like their own Germans), they take it away briefly after. And they have thousands of ways to do that. 

All would be better of without the SEGNPMSS radioing in their ears and heads. Even the top SEGNPMSS psychs are in troubles as these guys are also secretly plotting against each other to take over and eliminate the other one. What a dumb system they developed. With time, they all step in their own trap. So who says there is no justice?

Germany banned Children’s smart watches with listening devices. Germany does not want evidence that it has older students implant first graders with SEGNPMSS ear implants. They don’t want a listening app around documenting this. Germany does not want to allow parents to listen “unnoticed” to the environment of their kids. Yeah right. RB was allowed to do to me whatever she wanted when I was a kid and later an adult and Germany approved any denial of my rights as kid or later adult. When I read their alleged concern over kids, I want to kick their behinds real hard. The banning of the smart watches is because the SEGNPMSS fears they are losing the control over children to parents.

I am completely and entirely disgusted by the German world, Marty. And what a big mistake they made by having us shown their real ugly monster faces.

I love you very much.

Yours always,


Someone wrote about this kid that he would be “an old soul”. I rather think that he played trumpet and danced already in a past live.     










CIA dropped going after Hitler because the CIA was and is controlled by the SEGNPMSS

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

You probably read that in the recently released files on JFK, there was information that informed the CIA that Hitler had escaped Berlin and was living in Colombia under the name Adolf Schüttelmeyer. “Hitler, Adolf 0003”.

Marked with “secret”, the memorandum on Hitler was wired from the director of CIA’s bureau in Carcas, Venezuela, on October 3, 1955.

Here is a PDF file with the original CIA memo:


At the end of this newspaper report are more JFK records on Hitler:

The question is: if it was nonsense, why was this report strictly classified for 60+ years?


Why is this memo in a file about John F. Kennedy? Did he (“the Berliner”) knew this and stopped the investigation into Hitler being still alive?

What “enormous efforts” could that be following one man from Colombia to Argentina considering that he was the worst mass murderer? Only one decent agent (if they have something like that) could have gone under cover in the Nazi community in South American to trace Adolf Schüttelmeyer. (Schüttel is German for shivering.)  There is money for each war but not a penny to go after those who caused or provoked the wars? 

The scientific investigation of “Hitler’s” scull in the Soviet Union turned out to be female. I guess that Hitler either killed Eva Braun or had someone else kill her. I strongly assume that it was her skull. Hitler was apparently secretly gay. I assume that having a wedding night with a woman scared the hell out of him, so he got rid of her.

CIA was and is controlled by the SEGNPMSS, otherwise they would have investigated any Hitler sightings.  

Today, they are not better and accepted a doppelganger instead  of the real Bin Laden and allowed the real monster to escape and allowed the German doctors who conditioned Mohammed Atta’s cell into flying into the Twin Towers to get away too. Plus everything else that I wrote about this German-controlled agency during the course of the years.

If the USA continues to be tool of the psychs behind the Nazis, it will be doomed. Is it just you and me and a few others who see what is going on in the world? Terror, crimes, human rights violations, perversions, aging, diseases, possible nuclear wars, all could be prevented by the USA and other governments. But it is not because corrupt people within the USA and others governments fail to do their jobs and deliberately cover up what they should not. Heil ear-implants! 

This pro Nazi attitude is also the reason why I, the American child, was not brought home back to the United States and why you are wrongfully locked up and why nobody helps you to get me into the witness stand, Marty. Still existing Nazis run these alleged Americans and other so- called western nations. Shame on them. I hope they enjoy what the SEGNPMSS has in store for them and their children. I know the SEGNPMSS apparently a lot better than they do. Here is what I see for these idiots who keep us apart: The moors did their duty, the moors can go.

Nobody will speak up for them either when their time of “disposal” comes, as this is the culture that these idiots helped to create. If they continue to keep us down, Marty, they must have an eternal death wish. I see nobody but us taking on the SEGNPMSS and the ear-implants. 

I love you, Marty.

Always and forever…



Bing has the Solar Evaporation Ponds at the GSL today as title picture

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is your life? I am thinking of you. I think I figured all out (thetan basically knows) and that the problem me seeing you again depends on the removal of stops that the SEGNPMSS whispers into the ears of officials and members of Congress. People are so untrue. And they don’t even realize how badly they harm themselves by allowing their own German-oriented and -controlled psychiatric ear-implant system to sabotage us. 

Marty, I hesitated first mentioned the village under the GSL to others, thinking if this would be wise as I don’t want to risk safety and security for your family, but then I figured that probably anyone knows about it anyway from the SEGNPMSS and that they want that I am the person who should never learn about it.

I was ridiculed by Scientology-hating people saying that the GSL is not deep enough for such a village as the GSL is allegedly only 33 ft at its deepest place.  Lewis Nixon allegedly invented sonar around 1906.  Before, I believe they measured depths of a lake with ropes and weights. The first official survey of the lake took place around 1850, but I am convinced that the village was built already and anchored in the GSL when this survey took place.

What I think happened, Marty, is that they measure the roof of the village as bottom of the lake. That means that above the roof of the village are 33 ft water.

Why I am convinced that the healthy village exists under water? No, not only because the LDS church suspiciously avoided answering me on this subject, but because thetan basically knows, and I saw the village again through self-auditing. I was standing on one of the top terraces in the huge village with its rich vegetation looking down on houses like a market place in the middle. From where I was standing, the houses in the middle looked tiny. I also knew that it wasn’t a mockup or my imagination. I felt the same emotions that I had back then. It was a beautiful discovery. Nobody can tell me that it does not exist. Nobody. I know it is real. That is how convincing this discovery was. I also noticed that it was extremely difficult to get to this picture and that it was embedded in between psychiatric implant commands for me not to look there by all means. But I did. (Message to the p$ychs: Is what, Docs, you disgusting monsters?) No doubt, Marty, I have help from above. And psychs are helpless against this. Actually, p$ychs are such low life forms that they don’t even have a clue who they mess with and how things will end for them. Their problem is that they can’t think for themselves.      

Be kissed my darling. I love you. 

Yours always,


Remote-controlled germs, slot machines, and other gambling devices

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband, Prince, and soulmate, how are your days and nights?

I love you with every fiber of my being, because I know you, Marty. While others didn’t do much of an effort to be noble, you knew that a good character is a person’s most valuable asset, the only asset one can take with one despite anything, and you always gave it all you had to be the best you can. Yes, I know your “aura” emanates your good character and because you are my soulmate since the beginning of time. And “Manitu” agrees.  Where it really matters, Marty, you are deeply respected and loved. You couldn’t be more respected and loved as you are. 

I had a look at the reports about Paddock’s pattern to gamble. Yes, there are calculations that some people do how to play and to win but ultimately, secret service doctor’s remote-controlled germs can block or release locks in slot machines and other gambling devices as they can also stop or forward the ball on a roulette table, lottery balls, golf course, or similar places.  And as far as Poker is concerned, ear-implants (telling how to play as the case officers can see the cards of others) rule too. However, what is it worth if they have someone win if they waste him or her afterwards by making them to psychiatric-conditioned zombies as Manchurian candidates or kill them off with diseases or accidents? By working for the SEGNPMSS and anything it secretly runs, one just loses the most valuable asset, the only thing one can into the “beyond”, being high on the tonescale and having a stellar character. 

If anyone of them would be in our situation, there will be nobody who recognizes their value as their characters are bad. There is no value. Also people who are not aware of the tonescale often feel when scum is scum. And nobody loves scum. Not even scum loves scum. Scum wastes other scum but unfortunately also those who are good.

Yours in all eternity to come.



“Dr. Hubbard” was used by the egotistic German/CIA/FBI double agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril” not Ron, the founder of Scientology – the real Ron wasn’t even remotely in awe with doctors

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Dearest Marty, I am thinking of you, my soulmate.

Only people who have no soulmate think they can fool others with doppelgangers and impostors. Looks might be deceiving but never the personality, and that is something psychs, Nazis, and their dumb international agents never understood. 

 Psychs asking people “do you hear voices?” on their questionnaires. It shows their intent. If somebody plans to bust them being the masters behind ear-implants and turning people into robots, they will label these whistle-blowers as mentally ill or insane. And who listens to the mentally ill or insane? 

Psychs are stupid. This controlled world can turn also against them at any minute. It is the dog that bites its own tail. Who ever holds the upper strings of the puppet system rules. And who is up there today can be in the gutter tomorrow with his or her memory stripped. Instead of creating a world that is equally good to everyone, they create conspiracies, and secrets, and a world full of sufferings, disasters, terror, wars, aging and diseases. There are not enough words to describe this kind of stupidity. And I know for sure that the original Ron, the real founder, didn’t want to be associated with these dumb doctors and never called himself a doctor. That also goes for the title of Philadelphia Doctorate Course and the dedication of the DMSMH to a doctor. Not by the real Ron.  He could have been one if he decided to. But why should he? They don’t better the world.

RB told me once that I should quit SCN and rather become a doctor because of my intellect. Good grief! Because of my intellect I am a Scientologist and can differentiate between what’s original Scientology and the alteration ordered by dumb doctors who can’t see how their despicable doings will harm themselves in the future. Also interesting is that RB said that I should become a doctor because of my intellect, AFTER MY STUDY OF SCIENTOLOGY. Before she thought I would be only good to be married off to some sheikh as an object. She was so medical- and psych-oriented. She was a past-live doctor for sure! And so suppressive. Sigh. And other psychs thought that I would be defeated and scared of her. Lol. Wrong again. They read thoughts but they are unable to understand our personalities, Marty. Our personalities are a book with a millions seals for them. Because we are so different from them.

 Some of my other observations: p$ychs used the “loose hacker group Anonymous” by radioing in their ear-drums to attack Scientology because Tom Cruise dared to criticized psychiatry on national TV. That C of S or someone else took down a TC video from YouTube is just the a p$ych alibi. Fact is that psychiatrists retaliate when they are criticized, and they are the secret masters of each ear-implant.              

It is also easy for psychs to hide behind people in masks. The people who consider themselves belonging to the  “loose-knit consortium of hackers and activists”  are that what they accuse Scientologists of: cultists. They are the tools of the psychs.
White powder in envelopes were sent to the C of S. On its website and in the media, Anonymous has denied sending the powder. How do they know that nobody of them (on German and psychiatric orders to empty the C of S orgs of course) mailed those 25 envelopes? After all, they are anonymous people and “loose knit” and nobody has an official record of them. This declaration of Anonymous is ridiculous. If they can tell for sure that none of them did it, they sure must run a tight ship and know everyone and must have investigated everyone, etc.
Fact is Germany and its international psychs are constantly using other people to commit their crimes (often young people with unripe minds). Psychs are cowards. They want to get away, so they are using others to commit the terror that Germany, and psychs want executed. 
The members of “Anonymous” don’t think, and it doesn’t just consists  of teenagers without real life experience who “don’t know better” but also of those old ARS fools and SPs. They hide their low activities behind the Guy Fawkes mask. Guy Fawkes planned terror for crying out loud and was caught. Anonymous who claim not being religious picked a mask of a Catholic who had beef with Lutherans and lost. Yikes! And lulz. What an idol! Fawkes wanted to be called Guido. Gee, that was RB’s father’s name. 
Fawkes would have blown up anybody in the parliament, also lobbyist, visitors, clerks, janitors, animals, etc. He was a conspirator and a man unable to solve issues peacefully and with arguments. Tells me a lot about those people who hide their faces behind masks with his face today. Fawkes and his conspirators had already ear-implants and were run by psychs.  Anonymous of today must not be surprised if they are compared to terrorists if they use Fawkes as a symbol and allow psychs to run them. I am sure that they deny this, but I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, and the psychs. They are much too obsessed to not run everyone. Most people on the planet are completely clueless HOW OBSESSED these psychs and medical doctors (former barbers and butchers) are who want the world on ear-implants.
Tony Ortega is pro Anonymous put these heavily redacted FBI on the web. It didn’t dawn on him that a loose knit group of anonymous members can’t deny activities by their members as members allegedly don’t know each other. Or they are lying and they are no loose knit group but a tight run ship. As I said, I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, and the psychs, and their obsessions, and nothing loose knit there. Anything but original Scientology in the world is their cult!
Otherwise, I pity the people who are getting their info from Ortega. He misinforms his readers. Here is just one example. He claims that Scientology says that psychiatrists and not Nazis killed the Jews in Germany. The truth is Scientology said that PSYCHIATRISTS WERE THE MEN BEHIND THE NAZIS.  This is how Ortega manipulates minds. Anything but the truth and nothing but the truth. And I says that PSYCHIATRISTS WERE THE MEN BEHIND THE NAZIS AND ARE THE FORCE BEHIND THE NEW NAZIS ALL OVER THE PLANET INCLUDING THE USA.
Your happiness is my happiness, Marty. I will be happy when I found you, when I can put my arms around you and know that you are safe. I want to be with you now and forever. In all the many years we are separated, I had enough time to think, and the result is always the same: “Screw you, p$ychs, I want my Marty, my original Marty.”






Trump’s wall is a huge waste of money

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know that you agree with me that we need a better economy not a stupid wall. If German secret services’ loud and silent sounds through ear-implants are busted as one of the huge reasons why the US economy and other economies don’t do so well, and when people finally learn in what infrastructures they are not allowed to live because medical-oriented SPs don’t like them staying young and healthy, the USA will boom and build these villages. Only completely idiots wouldn’t want to live in them. That means that the USA will need any hand its get to build these places and Trump’s wall will be torn down or stand as a symbol for waste and stupidity.

Even if the economy would not boom (which I seriously doubt) under these conditions, any well-meaning person could live in such a village and be nourished in one and would keep the doctors away. No need to call anyone illegal. The USA welcomed any race once, and this can stay so without that any American has to fear not being able to provide for his family and himself.  

Ear-implants are making people blind and stupid, otherwise they would see what we can.

Hypocrite and straw woman Angela Merkel said that “America-first attitude” will hurt the USA. She wants more US taxpayers’ money for her country that secretly enslaves Americans and the world. That comes from a woman who has the line “Germany above everything” in her national hymn and whose secret service psychs run the entire world with psychiatric ear-implants so that Germany is first and on top of the world despite everything horrible it did in the past and does in the present. Her attitude is allegedly that everyone wins. That is most definitely not true. Germany conspires against us, the USA, and other countries and even starts and controls wars to get what it wants. They do it covertly to get away with everything and being considered a county with morals and ethics. Well, they are not kidding us, Marty. We know a snake when we see one.  

Germany conspires on many levels but it doesn’t matter what horrible things it does, it always gets away with it because its psychs are the master of  international ear-implants. Germany has the overall control over each whisper. Including the “new” Nazi activities all over the planet and in the USA. 

My sister told me on Skype that she got a form paper in the mail addressed to me to vote in the next German federal election. Lol! She found it funny too. I NEVER was INTERESTED in voting in Germany! It is not my country. I always felt like a stranger there despite I had papers. But no human rights.   

And have you heard that psychiatrists got into the heads of Google and want a “I am feeling depressed” link on the Google start page? P$ychs want to cash in via Google and selling more drugs and e-shocks to the world. Lots of depressions would go away when people would bust psychiatric silent sounds send in their ears via ear- and body implants.      

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I think of you and still hope every day to see you again and this will not and never stop. M. travels to Bali on Sunday and from there after approx. 10 days to Australia for months and then maybe to New Zealand, then Asia, then in spring of next year to Canada and then the USA. It is her sabbatical and she saved for it. I have mixed feelings because she travels all alone but I can’t blame her. I left Germany too. Alone.   

I love you.

Yours always.



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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and soulmate?

How are you? I am thinking of you and wish I would be with you.

Ear pieces of agents are a real joke, considering that people have implants under their skin and secret case officers who run them through it. Guess agents knows what to do when an order arrives at the same time in the ear-implant and the ear-piece. In such a case, I guess the “American” case officer in the ear-piece plays just the 2nd fiddle. I bet the farm, and I sort of have one, that the German psychiatric ear-implants in the skin or bone are more important. That is the direct SEGNPMSS line to fellow robotic person.  

The FBI (and the CIA and other agency of the intelligence community) are quite hypocritical. They know that Scientology is infiltrated by agents since right from the start and that the founder and you were/are “replaced” by impostors upon German psychiatric secret service orders.

Scott Pilutik, not a man who I trust and respect, webbed 303 pages of redacted FBI docs under this link here for 30 days, I assume. It is about the 2009-2010 investigation of Scientology, which was closed:

The disgusting thing about these “investigations” is that they conceal that whatever criminal or dirty game goes on in the name of Scientology, IT IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY as Scientology is infiltrated and altered, and the FBI, the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence community knows about it. 

They should investigate the infiltrators and impostors but they never do. If Scientology can be smeared, that is okay, they think. If Germany and its international infiltrators could get in troubles, the American authorities don’t file charges. 

The FBI knows that “Jack Vistraril”, the founder’s impostor who died in 1986 was an agent and had no right to leave Scientology to anyone. And he “left” it to DM who is as little a Scientologist as his impostor friend.

How dare them to accuse Scientology on the bad eggs that agents are lying into Scientology 

Don’t forget that I love you, Marty. Be tenderly embraced. I am on your side because I know you are good.

Yours always,


P.S. 5.9 Long Cool Woman might be interesting to a FBI guy but she got nothing on a 5.4 woman. 😉 

Otherwise, still a song with great rythm.