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Loud and silent sounds make people not spotting what Germany is up to

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and husband,

I am again here, thinking of you. Here is another lecture by me, despite you are the last who needs it. I know you are already aware of what I am addressing.¬† But I can’t help it. ūüôā It just breaks out of me, particularly when I read the news.¬†¬†

Germany wants the business ties that the USA has with China because Germany wants to become the major if not only world power. The medical and psychiatric monsters behind Germany planted the coronavirus in China (far away from Germany so that it won’t be suspected) to kill people of a certain age group. Also, by turning it into a pandemic, it wants the USA to blame China, so that the USA/China relationship sours and Germany, behind the cover of the EU, can get the business from China instead of the USA. However, any sort of alleged equal relationship between Germany and China will be short-lived. The monsters behind Germany plan nothing less than to overtake China and rule it entirely and completely.¬† ¬† ¬†

A German teacher who taught German in China told me that China treated the German teachers better than the Chinese teachers and paid the German teachers more than its Chinese teachers for the same work. China, like all other countries, really must get out from under the German thumb. China kicking the German invention of communism to the curve and seeing Germany for what it is, would be a great start.    

I assume you have read that Germany has not upgraded its military/defense, Marty. Well, why should they? First of all, the lunatic psychiatrists behind Germany run all other countries via ear-implants, including Germany’s “enemies”. If Germany steps on another country’s toes despite all the willing ear-implants in that country, it has other countries to pay the bill for the German defense, e.g. the USA and the other countries in the EU. The rich country Germany stole US taxpayers’ money for this low and hidden purpose since WWII.

All what Germany has to do is using their beloved ear-implants and sending loud commands or silent sounds into the ears and heads of their agents in the relevant countries (which they “hired” when they were kids with unripe minds, assisted by implants already shot into not yet born or new born babies at the doctor’s offices or hospitals) and they get their rewards, which is of course a lousy pay considering what they would get and have by playing fair. Ear-implants in all is one of Germany’s dirtiest psychiatric secrets.¬†

Germany is not afraid of communism. It is their very own invention! Suppression of people. No country can do this better than Germany. They are not afraid of Russia or China because they secretly run all countries. Putin has/had a German secret service ID. Even if Russia would “invade” Germany, even if Russia would bomb them and millions of Germans would die, the monsters behind Germany are safe and at the end, it all would serve the German purpose to take over more of the world. At the end, Russia would turn into Germany but Germany not into Russia. How do I know? I know the obsessed psychiatric minds behind Germany.¬† ¬† ¬†

Some people utter concern about the US ordering troops back from Germany. They write idiotic stuff like: The US let’s one of its best allies without adequate defense against the Russians, blah blah. Ridiculous. People are superficial thinkers. There are layers to consider, which they don’t.¬†


If Germany really would need the US defense in form of troops in Germany, it would have paid its NATO dues and would be not delinquent as it is. It should have raised alarm bells in each political analyst. Why does a rich country like Germany does not want to pay for its own defense? 1) Because it runs everyone. Therefore, they need no real defense. It is just to fleece the USA and play the possible victim so that nobody suspects it. A little whisper through German-controlled ear implants, and things go how Germany wants it. 2) They want the USA to leave Germany as they fear that one day in the future, particularly if we win, Marty, the USA will not be that gullible anymore. And a smart USA on German ground, knowing what Germany is up too, no, that is what Germany tries to avoid by all means. So, they control Trump into calling them back. Officially, it looks as if Trump would be no close friend of Germany but wittingly or unwittingly, he does exactly what they want him to do. And I doubt that Biden will be better. The Obama administration allowed Germany to get away with whatever it did.     

Germany’s neediness to control everything is in clear sight. France is another example. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who build the Eiffel Tower was born in France but had a German last name and came from German roots. They had him build a tower that copies the pyramids with his name and made it France’s icon. And it doesn’t end here. Fr√©d√©ric Auguste Bartholdi who designed the Statue of Liberty also came from a German family. Why? Because German neediness to be seen as superior people also in other countries.¬†¬†

They hold other nationalities down and promote selected people who are German or come from German roots. Thanks to Germany, nothing on Earth is an honest competition. If there really is a nationality or a country that produces more able people than others, it is for sure not German or Germany, otherwise, Germany wouldn’t have sunk so low and plot, conspire, steal, and hi-jack even minds, but would have allowed history take its course naturally and in friendly and fair competition with any race and country. Only those who are indeed inferior fear such an approach.¬†

In the USA, I see German names as holders of businesses much more than any other nationality. Why? Again, because Germany keeps all other nationalities down using loud and silent commands through ear-implants. If another national has a great idea, they will use loud or silent commands to talk him or her out of it. And then, if possible, they convey it to Germany or a German instead as the riches and the fame should be German. Until they get rid of that German as the monsters behind Germany don’t really like their own either. They have no human qualifications.¬† ¬†¬†

If what Germany is up to ever should become breaking news, this should be known too: In order to conceal what they do, the psychiatric and medical monsters behind Germany would attack and shred their own Germans into pieces in an attempt to hide that is them who is behind the setups, as in: “It is not us, don’t you see, Germans just were attacked…” But it is them. All through history, we saw that monsters behind Germany was also bad to Germans.

If I would be German, I would search as long and deep until I discovered my Jewish roots and behave accordingly. And with accordingly, I don’t mean like Epstein and Weinstein or other bad apples that the SEGNPMSS cherry-picked to get riches and fame FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT TO HAVE THEM FALL IN DISGRACE TO PROMOTE THE IDEA IN PEOPLE’S HEADS THAT THE NAZIS WERE RIGHT TO GET RID OF THE JEWS.

One just has to read the news and the truth jumps out at one. Well, at us is does. They cannot fool all the people all the time.

As I said, Marty, stalkers always think that they know all about their stalker victims. Yet, alert stalker victims might know also all about their stalkers by just paying attention into what direction the rats run. It enables me to discover their most secretive plans and ideas. 

How can they be the most intelligent people by making such horrible mistakes by putting their dirty claws on us, Marty? Thinking is anything but their strengths. 

Have a look at below video. The reporter asks Donald Trump why Germany has less coronavirus deaths than the USA and Trump doesn’t know how to answer this.

The coronavirus like other viruses and germs is remote-controlled. SEGNPMSS can determine who gets sick on it or dies from it and who don’t. As Germany wants the world to think that it is such an advanced country of super-intelligent scientific people, it just kills some Germans. The world should think that Germany’s doctors and hospitals and government are better. However, fact is that the USA is a huge SEGNPMSS target. That’s why good people are held down and incompetent leaders are elected and why the USA has incompetent plans in place to battle viruses and diseases.¬†

You and I, we would know how to get a handle the virus: Building environmentally closed villages and knocking the remote-control to people’s minds and bodies out of Germany’s claws.

I love you, Marty.

Can’t wait to see you against all odds.







The SPs of the SEGNPMSS determine who comes down with the remote-controlled coronavirus, who is just tortured with it and recovers, and who dies on it right away or later in life

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and husband,

What happens in your world? Without my OT abilities, I would be clueless as absolutely no information by a human is forwarded to me.

Well, when love is “crazy”, then I never want to be not crazy, Marty. ūüôā Nothing feels as good as loving the man who deserves it: YOU!

You are everything to me. If I could turn back the time, I would do all in my power to prevent that we are getting separated but I would choose you again and again. Just the thought of you makes me happy. Thinking of you is my place to be happy, despite so much is wrong with the world.   

Coronavirus cases increase more in the USA because the USA is very much a SEGNPMSS target and the virus is activated remote-controlled. The SPs behind can determine who gets it, who comes down with it, who recovers or dies. And on top of that, SEGNPMSS transmits in people’s ear-implants (loud and silent sounds) to behave irresponsibly during the pandemic. Despite younger people die rarely on it, the virus might be dormant in their bodies and might be activated to kill them later in life. I don’t think that they are out of the woods.¬†

Of course, I read about the hunt for a vaccine and medicine. While I agree that the virus must be stopped, how much chemicals can a human body tolerate? There is already news from new mutations of the corona viruses, which might not be stopped with a Covid-19 vaccine or medicine, in case they come up with one. The bubonic plague is now suspected on Mongolia, and a newly identified swine flu could become a human pandemic. And this is for sure just the tip of the iceberg. There are likely thousands of viruses that were deliberately bred upon secret SEGNPMSS order to torture and kill mankind. 

It all boils down to that the world population needs villages that can be closed up. If a virus is planted into one, the residents in all other villages still would be safe and could continue with their lives as usually. The leaders of all countries and those who are responsible for protecting human life (medical doctors and researchers) are indeed completely incapable by not seeing and implementing this way of life or they have suppressive characters and profit from sickness and death. 

And there is a giant dust wave making its way over the planet, radiation from nuclear power plants, flooding to unusual heat wave, etc. When do people finally get that the planet needs another infrastructure to protect them? They don’t see it and don’t do it because the medical creeps behind Germany have the overall control over their ear-implants.

About Germany: Officially, Germany makes it look as if the USA would let ally ( yeah right!) Germany hang without protection from the Russians and other “enemies” by withdrawing US troops from Germany. I see something very different, Marty. Germany controls all its enemy via ear-implants. If they don’t want Russia or others to attack them, it or they won’t. If Russia or another country would attack Germany or other parts of Europe, then because the SPs behind Germany ORDER it for some alibi reason, e.g. to be able to say: See, we don’t run Russia or other countries, we just were attacked. Their own creepy behinds are safe. If Germans are hit, they won’t be among them. Lots of agents would be killed of course but this is nothing new for Germany. They did it so often already.¬†

Trumps order to withdraw troops from Germany makes the SPs behind Germany feel more secure from the USA. When against all odds it should become broad public knowledge what the monsters behind Germany do to the world, they prefer as little US troops in Germany as possible.

I miss you so much, Marty, still nobody brought me a message about your whereabouts, and the planet allegedly is not run on German ear-implant. Yeah, right. The consistent secrecy and lies is such a giveaway. Thanks heaven that I have this special connection to the Almighty. He is the one not lying to me. 

Be safe. I love you, my hero. I cannot imagine my heart without you in it. You belong to it like its beat. 

Yours forever and ever,




I bet you suffered horrible under the police too, Marty

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My wonderful soulmate and husband, how are you?

I think every day of you and worry what they do to you. When ever secret service psychs (and Germany the driving force behind it) send loud and silent sounds into ear-drums, enough people turn into wild animals without human compassion, like Derek Chauvin, and others 

When I visited Washington D.C. in the 80s, a white police officer, a massive tall man, broke my right arm without that I (an unarmed 5.4 tall woman) was any threat to him. I still remember his name: Officer Duncan. And as if that was not enough, a few hours later, a black female Deputy US Marshal, out of the blue, stepped towards me and broke that same arm once more, also without that I provoked her in any way for form.

How can this happen except people having secret orders to hurt and kill? Heil ear-implants!

Where do those inhumane orders come from? The SEGNPMSS. Germany radios in the ear-implants of brutal people and they execute it without declining that atrocity in the name of humanity.

And this is why I am so concerned about you, Marty, and the danger you live in.

My experience with the police in the US was very painful but relatively short. If you are wrongfully incarcerated, as I suspect, your time period in police’s and warden’s custody is anything but short.

Germany acts as if their police would be different than the police in the US. Yeah right! And the blind world believes it. When the German government kidnapped me from Copenhagen for no legal reasons (case was dismissed later), a German female police officer hit me right in the face with her big hand and a ring on it and adjusted the handcuffs deliberately so tight that after a trainride for many hours from Copenhagen to Munich, my hands were swollen ballons. 

I hear calls for defunding the police and that governments should rather invest in “mental health treatment”. P$ychs who control everyone’s ear implants incl. those of the police, people who order and allow people to commit atrocities of course want more cash, influence, and more authority.

My advice is that people find kindred spirits and build closed villages, those that I described already several times. If they live guaranteed peaceful lives, they indeed need no police, only a watch which has to make sure that there are no intruders. They don’t even have to overdo it with the number of guards. If the rest of the village has cameras installed and can watch the entrances, they will see if something is going on that should not be going on. They can come together and make intruders leave. If people are good and smart, there is indeed no need to have police around. And if they are really smart, they also keep the psychs and the ear-implanters out.¬†¬†

They can keep weapons, drugs, cigarettes, booze, whatever they wish, out of such villages and would enjoy much more freedoms from the government than now or ever.

I love you, Marty, so much. I wish I could effectively help you, not just posting. You have no human rights movement backing you, but it should. You did nothing but being noble. You are greater than life.

Yours always and forever,



I’ve been down like a sparrow on the ground
I’ve been lost on a river that won’t flow
I’ve been hurt, I’ve been weeping sad and lonely
For some loving arms to hold me
I’ve been down but not that low

I lost my home, I have no pillow
I make my bed under the willow
An old wool coat hung o’er my shoulder
The nights are long and getting colder
Oh I’ve been down, I’ve been down



Villages that have a roof and can be closed in a pandemic would be the solution to all the problems concerning health, economy, socializing, aging… and the list goes on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, how are you?

Covid-19, or how I call it, Covert-19 is what the medical monsters behind Germany think they need to stop us: You and I, coming together and documenting their infiltration of the US government and other countries. Now isn’t it?

Congress, which could and should act against this infiltration is closed until further notice, correct?

I am not a friend of the WHO. The World Health Organization failed like all others on the planet (whose duty it is to protect the health and lives of people) to really do this. However, the WHO envoy said that the coronavirus ‚Äėwill stalk the human race for a long time to come‚Äô.

They inadvertently hit the nail on the head. It is indeed stalking as this virus and other viruses was/were deliberately grown, planted, spread, and this virus and other viruses are remote-controlled like germs and bacteria by SPs. The medical terrorists behind Germany determine who dies and who not on this and other diseases by increasing or decreasing the harm the virus does via remote-control. They do it until they themselves one day fall victims to the horrible world they created. They think that this and other atrocities will hit just others, never them. One thing is sure: If thinking would be their strength, they never would commit what they are committing.

I know it is nothing new to you, Marty. They don’t let you talk to the masses and explain everything to them, right?

After Columbine, school shootings and other terror activities became rather common. This is what is going on with these SPs: Once they gotten away with an atrocity, they make a habit out of creating more. This also applies to growing dangerous lifeforms and creating epidemics and pandemics.

There is a lot of talk about a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, I read that a new strand of coronavirus was already detected. If people would be vaccinated against Covid-19, they still would get sick on the new strand and could die on it. Besides, why pumping people full with vaccines and pills, if it would be up to them to close their villages when they feel that it is time to protect themselves?

There are some medical doctors in Germany who promote that people should socialize to get the coronavirus to build antibodies. They call it “Durchseuchung”. They give a damn that millions of people would be killed in the process. Lots of people have forgotten than a human life doesn’t count much with such German doctors. And why does the planet need a dirty “Durchseuchung” if all people could live healthy and happy in those villages? Besides, the next virus shows up, and then we need another “Durchseuchung”? As if this wouldn’t take a toll on the health and lifespan even of young people.

Let’s say, a village that can close up would have 5000 residents. I wouldn’t go higher than that number for various reasons. There would be business opportunities for numerous small businesses. They either could just live happily in one of these villages with small businesses or they also could produce on a national or international level for other villages, e.g. any decent product. Then, in addition to the small business, they would have also their big business and their booming economy.

If people would live and work in such villages already, the coronavirus wouldn’t had caused much damage as people can continue to do their jobs without “stay at home order” or order to close down as their village is designed to be protected.

For really big companies, these villages are also the solution. Google for example has almost 100 000 employees as far as I know. They could build side-by-side villages, different divisions in different villages, which are connected but also can be physically disconnected in case something is not right in one of the villages. This model could be used by all large and small companies. Villages can produce one or several products for mankind, or some villages can just stay happy villages with their small businesses and all people would get the bonus of not aging and longevity, and even one day, if the medical terrorists are totally busted, immortality.

The only reason why these villages are not built yet, is: the medical terrorists, the monsters behind Germany, radio subconscious commands via ear- and body implants into people not building them.

Instead of pumping trillions and trillions in a world that is so fragile, with its population still living like cavemen on the unprotected surface of the Earth, the world should finally build these villages.

I am certain, Marty, that you know what villages I mean. There is at least one. Despite that German psychs removed my memory to certain years of my past completely, I managed to get this picture back, thanks to the Almighty who is with me. What a wonderful, gorgeous place this village is that I saw again before my eyes! Mainstream has no clue as to what it is missing. But it is not us who is keeping it away from them. We want that all people, rich and poor, to live in these beautiful life-preserving conditions.

People say that they don’t think that the world will go back to what it was before Covid-19. If they see such a village, they don’t want to go back to the world before the coronavirus.

Be kissed, passionately and tenderly. You are awesome! And one of a kind. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you again, when you walked in Heber’s office, and Michelle and I was there. I was not just thinking that you have movie star looks but also that your personality, your character, which emanated to the outside, was breathtakingly impressive. YOU really had me at hello.

Yours, Marty, in all eternity to come.















Germany wants peacemaking credit despite controlling the ear-implants of dictators, terrorists, war-makers, and other murderers

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

The world without you is unimaginable for me. Keep on surviving. It doesn’t matter what SPs say or think. They are jealous of your character. They wish they could be even just a bit as you are, yet, they are too lazy and cowardly to better themselves. You are a hero. Your willpower is not from this Earth but divine. You have all reasons to be proud of yourself, and I am.¬† ¬† ¬†

To my header: Merkel summoned leaders of 11 countries to Berlin for “peace talks” in Libya. It’s two main rival leaders came too. Sure, as the psychiatrists and other doctors behind Germany, the merchants of blood and chaos run them all, they go to Berlin. Heil ear-implants. There was a truce brokered in the earlier days of 2020 by Russia and Turkey but the cease-fire was violated several times. Sure, because the SPs behind Germany make it happen. If there “is no other way but peace” before another country can get the credit, monster Germany wants to get the credit for peacemaking.¬† ¬†

I read that chances of producing any real progress on the ground in Lybia were unclear during this summit. Of course, Germany wants the peacemaking credit and that other countries and the UN comes running when they whistle but they do not want real progress.  All what is going on is so transparent, at least for us, Marty. 

And using Iran shooting down the Ukraine airliner had among other purposes to create a rift in the relations between Canada and the USA. Typical SEGNPMSS, and just as I thought. Canadian Prime Minister Justin¬†Trudeau blamed Donald Trump and the US but not the SPs behind Germany who are Trump’s secret masters.¬†¬†

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


The lyrics makes no sense, I heard, pseudo Latin, no idea what that video/movie is about, but the song is good. No glorification of communism intended by me either.¬† However, 64 of the Red Army Choir were killed in yet another plane crash. We know who is jealous of talent, don’t we?¬†¬†

Anyway, mighty music reminds me of you, Marty.  The man in the video gets out of his chains and smiles at the end.

Who thinks that there is no Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service is not thinking

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate, how are you?

My love for you has no end. Too bad that the people who deny our rights and conspire against us don’t use their energy to love instead as we do. If they just would know how uplifting and good it feels to truly and honestly love. You are the love of my life. I am so glad that you allowed me to see your character, Marty. I am looking for it since the beginning of time. There is no one like you. As those who conspire against us and hate us are so fickle and superficial, they had of course no idea that our love will last forever. Fools, they are. It is beyond me that they didn’t see right from the start that they can’t third party us, and boy, did they try. Even dished up an impostor for you. And they thought that I mistake the impostor for you. Despite that they invaded all our thoughts, Marty, they still have not figured us out. And that is what they call intelligence.

Who thinks that there is no SEGNPMSS is mindcontrolled by it to not see or not bust it.

SEGNPMSS seeks the worst people in the Jewish race, encourages their downtoneness and promotes them high into the society for no other purpose than to bust them so that the world agrees with the Nazis that the Jews are such a low race and the Nazis were right to get rid of them.

This is such a simple trick by the still existing Nazi doctors. This activity alone is giving the Nazis away. But there is of course a lot more. 

What’s not getting in their narrow and retarded minds is that the people who they stalk – us – can write huge volume about their lack of characters and pitiful minds. They think they know all about us and we don’t know anything about them. Hilarious, isn’t it? Despite that they read our thoughts with technology that they stole, they don’t know us at all, Marty. If they would, they wouldn’t mess with us. Yet, we know all about them. How inhumane they are, how perverted, how destructive, how unable to think and change for the better, how bad even to themselves to commit all these crimes and live with a bad conscience and destroy their own happiness and levity.¬† ¬†

What they are getting or thinking they are getting as a reward for their crimes against humanity is nothing compared to what they are losing. It is like uneducated people accepting worthless glass pebbles for their gold. 

After all the atrocities the Nazis did to the Jews in the past, one should think that nobody would support Nazis ever again. Yet, all over the world including the USA, attacks on Jews are on the rise. And why? Because Germany, their Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service is still very much operating and keeps the hatred against Jews alive.

The Nazis even condition and use The Black Hebrew Israelites against Jews and cowardly hide behind the gruesome attacks, which is typically for the SEGNPMSS. The victim has the last name Deutsch. He was deliberately selected as victim to manipulate people into thinking that Germany is not the predator but the victim. 

Yesterday’s stabbing is the 13th act of anti-Semitism in New York in the last three weeks says one paper. And I say that the monsters behind Germany are behind it all. Heil German-controlled ear-implants.

CNN reported that there was an attack on Jewish New Yorkers almost every day last week. Police are investigating these as possible hate crimes.

Possible hate crimes. Gee, “possible”. What else could it be but Nazi hatred?¬†¬†

Have a look at this photo. It is allegedly the smallest sensor. The ear-implants that people (kids in school with unripe minds) are getting is likely even smaller. I also came to the conclusion that unborn babies and latest new born babies are already implanted with sensors for German psychiatric control reasons. When they are getting additional ear-implants around the age of 6 in or after school, they had these implants already and without their knowledge and with silent sounds are made to agree to the new implants. SEGNPMSS wants their agreements as this makes it easier for the SEGNPMSS to control and run them their entire lives. SEGNPMSS wants anyone to have dirty hands so that they stick with their secret service. What a trap it is.   



I love you, Marty. Giving you millions of kisses.

Yours forever,


P.S. New York Governor Cuomo calls Anti-Semitism an “American” cancer. How clueless is that? It is a German, a psychiatric cancer, because the medical monsters behind Germany are conditioning and running alleged “Americans”. It happens in the USA because the USA doesn’t fight the still existing Nazis back that run people via German-controlled ear implants. Since a long time, Germany tries to blame the Anti-Semitism on America and such statements by Gov. Cuoma help German¬† propaganda to blame German evil on the USA.¬†¬†

How Germany will try to hide what it is doing when finally approached on it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I worry about you. This world is so hostile to decent YOU. 

Germany’s will argue like this: If we run the entire world with ear-implants, why don’t we just tell everyone outright what we want and make them do it.”¬†

Due to that Germany behaved in the past like the monster that is is, it harmed so many people during the course of history. That made it a lot more difficult for it to be accepted as the world’s official leader by all the people. What is Germany doing against it? They secretly harm anyone’s else reputation to make other countries look bad and the world applaud Germany.

They work on changing their own rotten image (without bettering their characters) by selecting people with low characters to become the leaders of other countries and selecting women as their own politicians (because many people think that women are better people). Then they have these women and also some of their male politicians pretending “we are humane people” and “we are the peacemakers”. Except when one looks really close as you and I do, Marty. We see Germany’s disgusting plans, set ups, covert actions, and calculations.

At the moment, the Nazis, doctors, psychs, and mindcontrollers behind Germany are thinking that it is easier to run the world without it knowing that Germany is the ruler of anyone’s ear-implants to avoid that people retaliate against Germany when they have to suffer in this world. They should not know that it is a secret German world. They rather want that people retaliate against the USA, or Russia, or any other country.¬†

Furthermore, beside fascism, communism is another horrible German invention. With communism, Germany (also using countries like Russia and China) suppressed already millions of people for much of their lives. When people are suppressed, they revolt rather sooner or later against the system. When Germany would lay open that they ran/run all people via ear-implants under communism and made/makes them exist living poor and suppressed lives, the entire ear-implant system would fail as people don’t like to be suppressed.¬†

The beasts, secret service doctors and psychs behind Germany want to be adored and worshiped as the most intelligent human beings, despite there is nothing to adore and worship and their “intelligence” is so primitive that we figure them out in a snap. Who would adore and worship suppressors? Most people don’t.

Germany will also say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” That is an easy one to answer. So that Germany can say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in¬† voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?”¬†

If people become aware that all people are run by Germany, including their enemies who harmed them or their family badly and deadly, they will be very upset ditch the ear-implants and everything German. And Germany tries to avoid this by all means. These are some of the reasons, why Germany will deny running and manipulating the entire world with ear-implants.  

Besides, Germany wants Russia, China, and the USA in a hot war. If it turns out that Germany is responsible for all political problems in the world, the would would not be interested in another war in which the countries exhaust themselves so that Germany can take over. By constantly telling the American public how horrible Russia is and that Trump is a Russian puppet (none is innocent but all that is a German plan, which is not known to the people), Germany wants Trump and the USA to be provoked. Trump should “prove” to the American people that he is no Russian puppet and hit Russia real hard and the Americans should see Russia as enemy, and the Russians should see the Americans as enemy, and all of this should end in a horrible world war, with other countries (South America, Iran, etc.) supporting either Russia or the USA until all are down and exhausted. Except Germany of course, the alleged “peacemaker”, yeah right. Telling nobody of course that Germany controlled its puppets into that horrible world war, Germany wants the world to cry out for Germany’s help as they did with the Ukraine, for example.

Germany is pretty sure that Trump won’t hit Germany, after all, they wanted him to run and become the US president, and he feels being German. Anyone can stick a US flag on his jacket and hug a American flag. He even said that his father was born in Germany. He is even afraid that Merkel ruined his beloved Germany by allowing those many refugees into Germany. He has no clue that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get all these hard workers to make Germany’s economy even richer. Germany can control where terrorism takes place. Nobody commits any terror, unless the psychs and doctors behind Germany approve it. But all these foreigners will be robbed of their heritage and identity until they are Germans. Yes, it is horrible. Germany will use controlled terror to bring the Nazis back. They even kill their own politicians if it must be to send a message to other politicians to not come in the way of getting the Nazis back in form of the AfG or another Nazi party. And Trump’s typical German anti-foreigner attitude will not correct raising Nazi hostility in German. That is another reason why they wanted him to run for US president and win.¬† ¬†¬†

Iran of course is doing exactly what the SPs behind Germany order. They also assigned me a fake father. Iran is rogue thanks to Germany. It uses Iran very much so for international terror or terrorizing the Persian gulf by bombing tankers etc. Germany wanted the nuclear deal for Iran but not for peace in the region or anywhere. They want the USA and Iran fighting and Russia and China, and other countries fighting the USA. Fighting as in hot wars. As a rogue secret agent country for Germany, Iran really should NOT be allowed to get a green light to produce nuclear material. Any agreement can be broken or cancelled. And after that and with the nuclear experience gained, Iran can progress more quickly by producing atomic weapons. Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium. Whatever Iran did and does, it is double-faced Germany who orders it secretly while is official representatives play the unsuccessful peacemakers. “We tried…”

Hell, they did and do.

I also read that Iran has violated the terms of the NPT by illicitly developing its nuclear program without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sure, IAEA is in Austria, Germany’s partner in crime, of course they are lax and Iran or North Korea is told via German controlled-ear-implants that they don’t have to fear the IAEA.¬† ¬† ¬†

Peace on earth will be gained if the monsters behind Germany are busted. If the world learns who they are and how they work, they have to think twice before committing yet another crime against humanity. 

Have you heard this sentence, Marty: Imagine there would be war and nobody goes there to fight?

The entire world is run by German-controlled ear-implants and all are going to war. Ear-implants are worth nothing. They are a trap and are just helping the snakes behind it.   

How about this sentence instead: Imagine no persons follows her psychiatric-controlled ear-implants code anymore but becomes truly herself, and Germany can’t no longer manipulate the world into war or otherwise?¬†

I am certain, Marty, that independently from me, you figured all that out too. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Good Shepherd? It’s about the creation of the CIA. It shows that those who started the CIA were “Bonesmen”, members of Yale’s Skull and Bones (typical medical cult as the title indicates). The movie is fiction but maybe the “oath of secrecy” is not. It is a German not an English rhyme (!) [Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser, ob arm ob reich im Code gleich! Which means basically a fool or smart, rich or poor, all are same under the oath]. The Skull and Bones applicants swear this oath and wrestle naked in the mud and making themselves otherwise vulnerable just to be part of a medical Skull and Bones cult. It is so typically German instead of smart, Marty.¬†¬†

I love you, Marty, I am sending you a million kisses. I am proud of you and miss you every day.

Yours always and forever,







When two (USA and Russia for example) are fighting, Germany is enjoying it. Germany wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war and destroying each other to become World Power No. 1

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and incredible husband,

How are you feeling? I wish I could talk to you directly and listen to what you have to say.

I read today that the “USA” is ramping up digital attacks on Russia’s power grid in retaliation for Russian involvement in disinformation and hacking in elections and that security advisor John Bolton said on Tuesday that the U.S. was more widely looking at digital targets in an attempt ‚Äúto say to Russia, or anybody else that‚Äôs engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‚ÄėYou will pay a price.‚Äô‚ÄĚ

He shouldn’t be a security advisor because he didn’t figure out the situation this world is in.¬†

The retaliation is exactly as the monsters behind Germany order. They want USA and Russia and other states are at their throats so that no countries will win at the end, except Germany (by playing innocent, the alleged peacemaker, or a victim).


Two wrongs make no right and retaliating or attacking Russia, or any other country won’t solve anything except bring us closer to violence and war. Germany’s crimes must be published and each one involved must be prosecuted and be sentenced accordingly.¬†

Germany is putting some Russians up to provoke the USA and national security adviser John Bolton, the Cyber Command of the Defense Department, and others fall right into the trap. Ear-implants are sucking up any intelligence. A lot more people would see if not trained to do what Germany orders (in any language) in their stupid ear-implants.

I know you don’t need this lecture, Marty. But the rest of the planet does. Unfortunately.

I love you.

Yours always,







Sure, those “innocent” medical doctors and medical workers…

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and brilliant husband, how is your life?  

Federal prosecutors are charging 60 doctors, pharmacists, medical professionals and others in connection with alleged opioid pushing and health care fraud, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

And this is just the tip of the medical iceberg. I bet the farm that there is not one profession on the planet that does more harm to people than psychs, medical doctors, and other medical “professionals”. And the barbers and butchers behind Germany are coordinating and running the rest of the medical world via ear implants. But they want to be adored and worshiped by mankind as super-intelligent, advanced, and human, and they are anything but. I couldn’t think lower of them because I know my (our) stalkers. Scum without conscience. I often think that if they would invest their energy into developing a good character instead of torturing innocent people, they would be someone today instead of disgusting vermin.¬† ¬†¬†

Passover has started. I also believe that since your wrongful arrest, neither you nor your family ever could celebrate anything happily.

I love and miss you, Marty. Still haven’t found a solution to find you. No message or letter, etc. by you or on your behalf was ever delivered by anyone because Germany runs anyone with ear-implants. The person who says that this would be not possible is one of their agents because it is easy to attach kids to their system and keep them in-line all their lives. And this is what German doctors order and what is being done. The entire world is a German medical cult. And it shows.

As Germany committed so many crimes against us and set up the case and your wrongful incarceration, they of course don’t want me to testify for you as it would be revealed what they have done.¬†¬†

Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on hoping to see you again. Praying for the miracle to make it against all odds.¬†

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,






More German hypocrisy and plans

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are your days and nights?

I miss you more than words can ever express. Sigh. I can’t tell you how often I went back in thoughts to the times I saw you last in person. I wish I would have known what I know today. I would have told you how deeply I feel for you.¬†

Germany joined a statement by the UK and France. They¬†expressed “shock” at the death, saying: “Nothing can justify this killing and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

Germany’s secret services, particularly the men who hide behind the German government, control anyone’s ear-implant, it doesn’t matter what nationality. They think it is smart; I say it is the dumbest thing one can do because it will come back to bite them one day. It is against human rights to use the unripe minds of kids to get them into this system and keep them in line for their entire lives by using their thoughts against their own spiritual freedom and intellect.¬†

Germany also has its doctors kill people medically in average of 70-80 years with remote-controlled germs, other secret devices, and methods. They don’t allow mainstream to live the way that these top-secret service creeps are living: in environments in which they are not aging and not getting sick. The doctors behind Germany are killing billions of people on a regular basis, not just in wars but also medically and they have one their ministers say: Nothing can justify killing. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites! They are playing having morals and a conscience¬†but underneath they are the ugliest monsters that one can find in the entire universe.¬†¬†

If the world awakes from being under German psychiatric trace, and it is still a big if, Marty, the men behind Germany have no defense for what they are doing, because indeed, nothing justifies killing. But they are doing it constantly.

I am sure that killing¬†Jamal Khashoggi was/is a German plan to cause even more problems in the Middle East. This German plan includes also hitting the USA with it, financially¬†and otherwise. Germany’s secret service psychs run the entire world via ear-implants.¬†

It is very well possible that no German was physically¬†in the embassy at the time when Khashoggi died. However, Germany’s p$ychs are in everyone’s ears using supercomputers to translate from and in every language. I have seen it so many time, how they cause upsets between people. Using loud and silent sounds, they are having them say things. They are sabotaging people minds’ into saying and doing what causes most pain to others. They also cause anger and violent actions using these methods. Having their agents commit murder is easy for the SEGNPMSS.¬† ¬†

What I am not at all saying is that the Saudis involved were innocent. One has to control him- or herself, it doesn’t matter what one hears, may it be silent or a loud commands and not commit crimes against human rights. However, if the Saudis would have planned this killing, they would have had a better explanation planned for the world, one with consistency¬†instead of constantly changing the story. It is impossible that the Saudis’ were not able to anticipate that the disappearance of a reporter of the Washington Post wouldn’t go unnoticed. IMO, Saudi-Arabia was set up too. Why would they use their own embassy for such a planned murder? Those who really planned it were interested to get the Saudis in troubles. And they fell into the German rabbit hole.¬†¬†

It was a plan by another force (Germany). Typical for German doctors is also ordering dismantling of bodies instead of allowing people to come forward right away on their own with the entire story. A country and other nationals but Germany is being shamed. Germany loves that, and it also often picks people of other nations for high positions or spotlights who are easy to run and who have questionable characters. I can see their secret service tracks all over the planet. 

Saudi-Arabia like all other nations should have blown the whistle on Germany and their secret services. They should not allow Germany to involve them in wars and other crimes against humanity. That would also mean that Saudi Arabia and other nations don’t need lots of arms because terror and wars can be prevented by pointing the fingers on the men behind Germany and coming after them with international laws.¬†¬†

And there is another ugly German plan in the making: Trump cancelling the nuclear deal with Russia. Who is behind the alienation of the USA and Russia? Germany, the SEGNPMSS, and other German secret services. Germany is totally self-centered (despite they also fight their own and are getting rid of their own people often). They want the USA, Russia, and China in a hot war, in a nuclear war, to destroy them. And despite Germany commits high crimes crimes against the USA on a daily basis, they want the USA fighting those nations FOR GERMANY as these nations are possibly standing in the way of Germany becoming very quickly world power no. 1, their ultimate goal.    

They are using the ear-implants to control the USA, Russia, China, NK, and other countries to set up situations that could lead to wars. The secret service men and women behind Germany have dirty hands on any country, any individual, even other Germans, and whoever protects them and helps them to avoid their prosecution must have an ultra-low IQ.

And that is surely not you, Marty, my very very intelligent husband. Thinking back and reading your eyes, I think you figured the political scenes already in the 80s. What intelligent thinking is concerned, America is high-jacked by Germany, otherwise they would ask you for help instead of keeping you locked up and your rights denied upon German secret orders. 

Be kissed by darling. I love you. I stand by your side like a rock as you deserve it.