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The European Court of Human Rights ruled several times in favor of the Church of Scientology – but what is the motivation behind it?

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Dearest Marty, able OT and my incredible husband,

Yes, we know that original Scientology is a true applied extraordinarily functioning scientific applied religious philosophy, and Russia  (on Germany’s secret command) violates its rights by refusing to register Scientology orgs as churches. Germany wants Scientology to be a business and infiltrated and altered it accordingly and uses also other countries to do their dirty work.

So, why did the European Court of Human Rights several times ruled in favor of the Church of Scientology? Is that court ok? Nothing is ok under secret or open German control. All Scientology Sea Org reserves are in Luxembourg because Germany wants them. If the EU rules that Scientology (unfortunately now German secret service psych-altered and infiltrated) is no religion, they are afraid that Scientologists pull Billions (in 1982 it was approx. one Billion U.S-Dollars according to Heber Jentzch) from the EU.

Germany wants to stay alone on top of the EU in the near future with money ripped off from Scientology and for sure numerous other organizations who were so blind to trust the “EU”. Once on top, and after having the economy of just about any other country held down and destroyed (incl. that of the USA) Germany will show its  real ugly Nazi face again in public as the secret service doctors behind the Nazis never were prosecuted.

You know it, Marty, I know it, but what is with the rest of the people? They seem to be hypnotized through ear implants by not seeing what’s going on.

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,



Why are important international courts located in close proximity of Germany? (Because Germany thinks it can control them better.)

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My wonderful soulmate Marty,

I am thinking of you, and how you are and where you are. There was still no mail or message that would lead me to you or your legal representative.

As you know, the International Court of Justice is the primary  judicial organ of the UN. But that court is not located in NY; it is located in The Hague, Netherlands, right next to Germany. How convenient for Germany!

The World Court, the Permanent Court of International Justice, the judicial branch of the United Nations  is also The Hague, Netherlands, right next to GermanyHow convenient for Germany!

The Permanent Court of Arbitration is also located in The Hague, Netherlands. Once more, how convenient for Germany!

The International Criminal Court is another organ of the UN and also located in The Hague, Netherlands. It rules on genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc. And did I say: How convenient for Germany!?

What did Holland during the Nazi time? They hoped to stay “neutral”. Frying stork! 

What kind of people want to stay neutral having monsters as their direct neighbor? How can one be neutral when crimes are committed against humanity? What kind of lousy characters want to stay neutral when fellow humans are butchered? Yet, the country that originally hoped to stay “neutral”  in matters of genocide is now in charge of the court that rules on genocide and crimes against humanity. (And they failed to discover German secret service behind numerous genocides and crimes against humanity after the Nazis officially surrendered .)

I recently noticed the lack professionalism and cheating attitude of a respected Dutch attorney. I don’t think that he has a clue about human rights.

The World Trade Organization is in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Just like the Dutch, the Swiss had a “neutral” attitude towards German butchers. They allowed Jews to bank in Switzerland. Of course they did. Dead people can’t claim their accounts anymore. That is their great “neutrality”.

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea is in Germany of all countries. There are lots of countries that have more coastline  and sea access than Germany, but that Tribunal is in German hands, because it a German disgusting world! It is in Germany despite Germany sank the Titanic and the Lusitana. 

The European Court of Human Rights and The Council of Europe are located in Strasbourg, “France”. I wrote France in quotes because the city Strasbourg and the region is historically German-speaking. It is also the seat of the European Parliament. No surprise here. S.S.-Hauptsturmführer Prof. Dr. August Hirt was born to an old Strasbourg family. He was a “neutral” medical doctor gone wild Nazi who killed primarily on racial characteristics.

And there is Luxembourg the “state” that swooped all Scientology Sea Org Reserves upon German  secret service orders.

Luxembourg is the seat of several institutions and agencies of the EU. During WW I, Luxembourg was considered German and during WWII, it wanted to be “neutral” towards the German butchers (disgusting attitude), and they became Nazis quickly. Germany invaded Luxembourg in the morning and had taken the capital city at noon of the same day. What a Luxembourg “backbone”! Did they even lay a bicycle in the way to slow the Germans a bit down? I don’t think so. (In  comparison, there as a Jewish ghetto in Poland who as good as no resources but they defeated the German Army, and these Jews broke free. A few anti-Nazis, women and men fought back, and they did a better job than most European countries combined.)

The European Court of Justice is in Belgium, also right next to Germany. How convenient for Germany.

Belgians are some more European “heroes” who “intended” to stay “neutral” towards  the German monsters. Holy mackerel, those noble characters!  After just 18 days, they caved in to the Germans. 400,000 Belgians were investigated for being Nazi collaborators.

In our modern days,  Belgians are cheaters and defraud their business partners. I know of business people who DO NOT WANT TO MAKE BUSINESS WITH THE BELGIANS BECAUSE THEY CHEAT AND DEFRAUD. They take but don’t pay. Some years ago, I tried to get help in a Belgian/German fraud case and contacted the Belgian authorities. Forget about it! The authorities are just as unethical as the frauds. Belgian is heaven for cheaters and otherwise unethical people. Really. This article says that almost 40% of all Belgians are cheating:

What a “great” country for an international court of justice!

We know that Germany (due to its monster past) can’t place all these institutions right within Germany as they would like too but as they have the very active plan to be the official and sole ruler of Europe (and later the rest of the world) soon, so they located these courts and the European government very close to Germany.

Some decades ago, Belgium surrendered unconditionally to the Nazis. That is the kind of justice to expect from Belgium: Germany above everything. Belgium does what Germany wants. It that is still the case.

Shouldn’t those courts be rather in countries whose citizen and officials are not shady? Very hard to find on this planet but it sure shouldn’t be in countries that ever had a “neutral” attitude towards Nazis and/or surrendered to them.   

As a little footnote as he does not deserve more:

German Tilman Hausherr, a Siemens employee, German secret service agent and one of my cyber defamers was also born in Belgium. That figures:

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item:


I love you, Marty.


Yours forever,


My love is strong and beats for you!


strong love

The European Court of Human Rights dismisses Nazi victim compensation claims. (This court should drop the “human rights” in their name if they don’t want Nazi victims compensated!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?
I hope I have seen today the last handyman this year in my house. Everything is fixed again except little things, which I can do myself before my visitors arrive. Most people here urge me to rent my house and build myself another one because I have enough space for it but I actually rather want to be with you, where ever you want to be, instead of collecting and building houses.  
On another note, I read that the European Court of Human Rights says it has dismissed a lawsuit by Greek relatives of Nazi massacre victims seeking compensation from Germany. The Strasbourg court said in a statement Wednesday that the case was inadmissible because German courts — which previously rejected the compensation claim — had properly taken into account national and international law. The four Greek plaintiffs, then minors, survived a massacre committed by Nazi troops in the village of Distomo on June 10, 1944, that left 218 people dead. It was one of the worst World War II atrocities in occupied Greece. Germany argued that it settled reparation cases in postwar agreements and is entitled, as a state, to immunity from individual claims under international law.
Psychs and Nazis continued to rule the world secretly even after Hitler was defeated. That’s why there were “reparation cases” and “postwar agreement” saying that Germany doesn’t have to pay to individuals. It really sucks because lives of people were destroyed at the hand of Germans and Germany doesn’t want to take any responsibility. (Besides, no monetary amount ever makes good a destroyed life.)  
What kind of “Human Rights Court” is that Strasbourg court anyway if old pro-Nazi agreements are upheld but human rights ignored or denied?  This SEGNPMSS controlled court doesn’t deserve to carry the words “Human Rights” in its name.
There is an Italian court that sentenced nine old Nazis to life in Italy. After 67 years, they were finally judged and found guilty. Gee, after 67 years! What the hurry??!! Life sentences for 90 – 93-year old Nazis. In reality that might be just a few months or years because they can die at any moment. They were judged in absentia. Didn’t even hear their own shame in the court room and who will arrest these guys? Their doctor probably says that they can’t be arrested because that would kill them, and then they can stay where they are. Maybe their minds have slipped so much that they don’t even understand anymore what that judgment means and what they did.  
These Nazi must be judged when they are fit. If they escaped justice in this lifetime, they must be held accountable next lifetime. Amends is pretty much also cancelled in Scientology these days.
Did you ever see somebody doing amends for OWs committed in a former lifetime? In order to become real free beings and OTs without any guilt and shame, people have to make good to their victims what they did wrong. I strongly assume that Nazis and p$ychs are not every much attracted to Scientology except trying to destroy it but those who are interested in Scientology and consider themselves Scientologists, did they look honestly into their pasts?
I knew a “Scientologist” in Munich who told me that she thinks that revealing the OW in session to the auditor would be enough and would bring the appropriate relief to the person. I beg to differ. The person might feel better because the withhold and overt is communicated, but she hasn’t made the damage good again. Some people think that damage can be made good by giving a generous donation to a soup kitchen or whatever.
But this is not how it works. What needs to be done is that a person has to find the very person against the crime (overt) was committed, and make the damage good to her, it doesn’t matter if the person is rich or poor. In order to get any true relief, the person against which the overt was committed must have no longer any charge on the person who committed the overt against her, otherwise the person who committed the crime will not be truly released of what she did wrong to her victim. The OW will follow her around in all eternity. 
Marty, I think parole and forgiveness is not for courts to decide but the victim. If a person doesn’t want to forgive abuse after 5 years or whatever and she still suffers, the criminal should not be released. The math is basically really simple.  If a victim still has charge after thousands of years, the criminal is still indebted to that victim and has to make the damage good again until the victim has no more charge. Auditing the victim is of course great but a person can be audited a million years, the criminal still has to make the damage good against his victim.   
This is the only way the criminal can grow up to be a proud being without feeling small and ashamed inside. Some victims might forgive after some years. some might not forgive in a billion years. And amends is the only remedy.
In my eyes, some crimes are so heinous that they can’t be forgotten or forgiven. Before committing an overt, a person really should ask herself: can I ever make this up to the concerned persons?
I love you, Marty, so much and kiss you many times.
Yours forever,
Oh look, that is you coming to my place, Marty. And now I can invite you in again because the floors are fixed.  Handsome as always, and look at my old-fashioned dress. Too bad they don’t make them anymore. They were so practical, one could sweep the floors with them. All one had to do was walking a bit up and down. 😉