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Warmaker Germany wants to get the credit as peacemaker (one of many examples: Peace Treaty of Westphalia)

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, what happens in your part of the world? I wish I would know for sure.

Germany as usually – despite having agents anywhere – manages to get another motivator for its rotten to the bone deeds: This time, no win for the German “Holy Roman Empire” in 1648 after the Thirty Year’s War.

The Thirty Year’s war was a typical German bloodshed. Outrageous cruelties were committed against human rights due to Germany’s obsession to invade and take over other countries. First, they hid their true intentions by making the world believe that it was a “religious war”, but later it became clear that it was a German political war to get more power and take over more countries.   

Finally, in 1648, Germany realized that it loses its “Holy Roman Empire” despite it plotted and run not just German but international people as they do today. In order to get credit as peacemaker rather than the constant warmarker that it is, it came up with the “peace treaty of Westphalia” in Germany in 1648, which – very typical for treaty-breaker Germany – it later broke by stealing Alcase from France. They NEVER have enough! 

It is so very Germany, that when it is defeated, it always plots a way out it with the next power hungry, criminal, and brutal activities in mind. Instead getting forever their behinds kicked by other countries, the monsters behind Germany got also away in 1648. Heil German ear-implants. 

The Swiss allegedly got its “independence” from the Holy Roman Empire, which is a joke because Germany wants those people that do not trust Germany to deposit their money and other valuables in an “independent Switzerland” to make Germany richer because what is close to Germany can be taken over easily by Germany at a later point in time.

Also, Germany and the Vatican were and are joined at the hip. Even today, the Vatican employs Swiss guards and not Italians as guards. I never really noticed that Switzerland is independent from Germany. As if Germany would not install their ear-implants also in the Swiss. And in our modern times, Kim Jong Un and his sister were for sure implanted and altered in a psychiatric German-Swiss cooperation. 

Back to the “Peace” of Westphalia. It had three peace treaties that were signed between May and October 1648 in the German cities of Osnabrück and Münster. These treaties largely ended the European alleged “religious” wars, including the Thirty Years’ War. Again, those conferences were held in Germany not Sweden or France to make Germany look like a peacemaker and not the warmaker that it is. Also Germany as the “host” wanted to be in total control of the treaties so that they are to German advantage. This is why Germany gets away with all atrocities and can afford to waste millions of people. It simply positions itself again on the top, ready for the next horrible take-over move and war, and the world lets it happen, over and over again, as Germany takes advantage of them and that just about everyone has their ear-implants installed.

The monsters behind Germany successfully blamed religion for this long and brutal war, instead what it really was: Germany using religions to get more political power, which they again lost as they don’t value human rights of others or even their own people. In the above-mentioned Peace Treaty of Westphalia, Germany allowed a bit of religious freedom but only for three Christian religions, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Calvinism (but not for any other religion, which demonstrates typical German intolerance).

The treaty “closed” a butcher period of European history that killed approximately eight million people. But as Germany came away without being dissolved, it was able to start new wars. Unbelievable, considering its butchering and killings for three decades and any other atrocity it committed.  

I am allegedly born in Westphalia, Marty. (RB’s real daughter is.) I know that I am not born in Germany and Germany lies, as usually. 

Since ever, the butchers and barbers, the later doctors and psychs behind Germany always had the popes in their pockets. They made Pope Urban II ask for a conference in  Cologne, again, a German city and not an Italian or other city, so that Germany has better control over the outcome of the “peace deal” after Germany realized it stepped on other countries toes and after they did not take it any longer. The German-controlled pope of course provided the “mediators”. Nuremberg, also in Germany, served as German city to decide about “demobilization”.

In the treaties, the German principalities secured their autonomy, and Brandenburg and Bavaria made gains too, instead of being completely dissolved for their high crimes against humanity and their constant criminal attempts to take over the world. They can’t fool us, Marty. We know them.

This pattern of the warmaker playing the peacemaker to get away with their crimes against humanity, is also visible in the Treaty of Baden in 1714, another German city, in which Germany made sure that it won’t get penalized as it deserved.

And what happened in 1871? Germany broke the Westphalia Treaty, despite it was good for Germany. Germany claimed that it was treated unfairly and stole Alcase from France. And what happened next? Another German-provoked war, and WWI followed.

My love for you is unconditional and for all eternity, Marty. You are my perfect match. You are the captain of my heart. You are all I ever wanted. And I want to kiss you a billion times.

Yours always,





1) The German rat behind the EU concerning the ‘right to be forgotten’ 2) The FBI’s investigation whether Trump worked on behalf of Russia against American interests 3) Government shutdown

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How is your life? I miss you!

I gotta lot of snow here. Really light and fluffy snow but masses of it. Power was gone in the morning. It will be an expedition just going to the mailbox.

To my first headline:   

Germany is not just unofficially but officially the leader of the EU (and was far as the future is concerned, the men behind Germany could never stand handing the leadership of Europe to the UK [hello Brexit] or France, or another country.) Some years ago they had the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (a German puppet) come up with the ‘Right to be Forgotten’. Already then, I knew instantly what this “law” is about. Germany (and all those countries that bow before Germany and allow Germany to run them, secretly and officially) can get data they don’t like about them removed from the Internet and look like choir boys. The rest of the world and people, who the psychs behind Germany run via ear implants to control and bring out the worst in them, look like the dirty products of “their” countries.  

Most requests on “right to be forgotten” received relate to pedophilia, fraud, arrests, and convictions:

Facts of perverted and criminal people in Europe are hidden. This is so German. The intention is: down the road people should come to the conclusion that Europe and Germany brings out the good people and other countries don’t. Another criminal attempt by dirty Germany above everything to become world’s official ruler. Whatever their people do will be forgotten, it doesn’t matter how bad it was and is. Applies also to the activities of past and future Nazis. They will march again, and their history of perversions, brutalities, and atrocities, will be eradicated on the net. No need to be fair and good. All that is not accepted as acceptable by others will be deleted. 

Committing outrageous crimes and not being held accountable is the way of life of the men behind Germany.         

Where are the analysts who point with the fingers to Germany behind the EU and speak out loud and clear about what is going on here: Germany and its “colonies” are whitewashed, other countries are not. And not just that: Germany who controls everyone’s ear implants makes sure to bring out the worst in other nationals and makes their countries and nationalities look bad. 

The “law to be forgotten” helps mostly Germany, it’s dirty, brutal, criminal people, and Nazis. This includes allowing Google to restrict the ‘right to be forgotten’ to the EU behind which Germany hides. Germany and the EU goes up, the USA and the rest of the world goes down. How German.   

To my second headline:

Did you read or hear that the FBI started an investigation into whether Trump was secretly working for Russia and against national security of the USA?

Germany hides notoriously behind other countries. Nazi Germany was the exemption. The psychiatrists behind the Nazis hired Adolf Hitler, an Austrian, as Nazi leader and thought that would be cover enough for them. They would blame it on Austria if it wouldn’t work out as they have planned, invading the world. And you can read it often on line that Germans blame the Holocaust on Austria, which is of course not innocent as joined with Bavaria on the hip.  

This time, Germany put Russians up to take the fall for them. Germany uses Russia as it uses the USA, and all other countries. Besides, Germany wants the USA and Russia having the worst kind of relationships. Like Lenin, the German agent who held all Russians hostage under communism, these Russians who wanted or indeed helped Trump win, were/are German agents. Heil German ear-implants. So easy to run the non-thinking people via ear-implants. Except for Scientologists like Ron, you, and I, and some others who figure them out. No wonder that Germany hates Scientology and ordered infiltration and impostors to take over and change it.

The Russian meddling has at least two useful functions for Germany: 1) Germany can hide behind Russia and blame their own infiltration of the US government on Russia 2) The men behind Germany hope that Russia, China, and the USA engage in a hot war and destroy each other so that Germany can pick up the pieces and force their insane ideals upon the world without much of an opposition.  3) For Trump to get rid of being under the suspicion of being an agent of sorts for Russia, he now may act anti-Russian, which means that the men behind Germany rub their Nazi claws as USA and Russia come closer towards the brink of war.   

I quote from the The New York Times:

“Agents and senior F.B.I. officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude.”

So, what does it mean? Because it is sensitive and of magnitude, they didn’t do anything? Based on my experience with the FBI, they are German-oriented and conspired with the rest of the world against us. 

They just prompted counterintelligence around James Comey’s firing in May 2017?  To hell with the country as long as no FBI executive is fired? Robert S. Mueller III took over but I bet the farm that he won’t pull the strings behind Russia that lead to Germany, Marty.

And read this:

“No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials.”

What about ear-implants? No need to meet or call someone on the phone to work for them. 

The F.B.I. conducts two types of inquiries, criminal and counterintelligence investigations. Unlike criminal investigations, which are typically aimed at solving a crime and can result in arrests and convictions, counterintelligence inquiries are generally fact-finding missions to understand what a foreign power is doing and to stop any anti-American activity, like thefts of United States government secrets or covert efforts to influence policy. In most cases, the investigations are carried out quietly, sometimes for years. Often, they result in no arrests.

Carried out quietly. Sure, if it gets to close for Germany’s comfort, the order is: sweep it under the carpet. The FBI lets Germany off the hook all the time. Our case proves this in very detail. People don’t think thoroughly enough. Lisa Page, the former FBI lawyer, needs to get a clue. Yes, Russia is being used, but it is not most dangerous threat to real American values and freedoms: Germany is. The old Nazis psychs and doctors behind Germany are. They did not die because they live in environments in which they don’t age in which they don’t allow mainstream to live! Again, typical German. They steal the American technology, take advantage of it and hide it from the world. 


To my last headline: 

The government shutdown means indeed taking the USA hostage. Trump who has a German father acts completely German with his racial attitude towards non-European immigrants. Despite already proven that people can saw through the wall, dig underneath, climb it with ladders or fly over it, his racial mindset makes him trying to extort the USA for billions of Dollars for building the wall, which is a waste of taxpayer’s money. Instead, crimes, drugs, and ear-implants should be battled in those South American states. Their bad people are run by the men behind Germany with their one of their most secret inventions: ear-implants for turn people into their willing robots. 

The shutdown harms the reputation of the USA. Germany calls the USA a banana republic. Tourism in the USA goes down (who wants to come if parks and agencies etc. are closed or dirty), contractors might retaliate, lawsuits, upset workers, officials quitting, poverty, and the US economy is hurting. It is a German program for the USA from a man who has an European wife, a German father and such a mindset. 

I love you, Marty. Sending you kisses.

Yours forever,







More German hypocrisy and plans

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are your days and nights?

I miss you more than words can ever express. Sigh. I can’t tell you how often I went back in thoughts to the times I saw you last in person. I wish I would have known what I know today. I would have told you how deeply I feel for you. 

Germany joined a statement by the UK and France. They expressed “shock” at the death, saying: “Nothing can justify this killing and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

Germany’s secret services, particularly the men who hide behind the German government, control anyone’s ear-implant, it doesn’t matter what nationality. They think it is smart; I say it is the dumbest thing one can do because it will come back to bite them one day. It is against human rights to use the unripe minds of kids to get them into this system and keep them in line for their entire lives by using their thoughts against their own spiritual freedom and intellect. 

Germany also has its doctors kill people medically in average of 70-80 years with remote-controlled germs, other secret devices, and methods. They don’t allow mainstream to live the way that these top-secret service creeps are living: in environments in which they are not aging and not getting sick. The doctors behind Germany are killing billions of people on a regular basis, not just in wars but also medically and they have one their ministers say: Nothing can justify killing. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites! They are playing having morals and a conscience but underneath they are the ugliest monsters that one can find in the entire universe.  

If the world awakes from being under German psychiatric trace, and it is still a big if, Marty, the men behind Germany have no defense for what they are doing, because indeed, nothing justifies killing. But they are doing it constantly.

I am sure that killing Jamal Khashoggi was/is a German plan to cause even more problems in the Middle East. This German plan includes also hitting the USA with it, financially and otherwise. Germany’s secret service psychs run the entire world via ear-implants. 

It is very well possible that no German was physically in the embassy at the time when Khashoggi died. However, Germany’s p$ychs are in everyone’s ears using supercomputers to translate from and in every language. I have seen it so many time, how they cause upsets between people. Using loud and silent sounds, they are having them say things. They are sabotaging people minds’ into saying and doing what causes most pain to others. They also cause anger and violent actions using these methods. Having their agents commit murder is easy for the SEGNPMSS.   

What I am not at all saying is that the Saudis involved were innocent. One has to control him- or herself, it doesn’t matter what one hears, may it be silent or a loud commands and not commit crimes against human rights. However, if the Saudis would have planned this killing, they would have had a better explanation planned for the world, one with consistency instead of constantly changing the story. It is impossible that the Saudis’ were not able to anticipate that the disappearance of a reporter of the Washington Post wouldn’t go unnoticed. IMO, Saudi-Arabia was set up too. Why would they use their own embassy for such a planned murder? Those who really planned it were interested to get the Saudis in troubles. And they fell into the German rabbit hole.  

It was a plan by another force (Germany). Typical for German doctors is also ordering dismantling of bodies instead of allowing people to come forward right away on their own with the entire story. A country and other nationals but Germany is being shamed. Germany loves that, and it also often picks people of other nations for high positions or spotlights who are easy to run and who have questionable characters. I can see their secret service tracks all over the planet. 

Saudi-Arabia like all other nations should have blown the whistle on Germany and their secret services. They should not allow Germany to involve them in wars and other crimes against humanity. That would also mean that Saudi Arabia and other nations don’t need lots of arms because terror and wars can be prevented by pointing the fingers on the men behind Germany and coming after them with international laws.  

And there is another ugly German plan in the making: Trump cancelling the nuclear deal with Russia. Who is behind the alienation of the USA and Russia? Germany, the SEGNPMSS, and other German secret services. Germany is totally self-centered (despite they also fight their own and are getting rid of their own people often). They want the USA, Russia, and China in a hot war, in a nuclear war, to destroy them. And despite Germany commits high crimes crimes against the USA on a daily basis, they want the USA fighting those nations FOR GERMANY as these nations are possibly standing in the way of Germany becoming very quickly world power no. 1, their ultimate goal.    

They are using the ear-implants to control the USA, Russia, China, NK, and other countries to set up situations that could lead to wars. The secret service men and women behind Germany have dirty hands on any country, any individual, even other Germans, and whoever protects them and helps them to avoid their prosecution must have an ultra-low IQ.

And that is surely not you, Marty, my very very intelligent husband. Thinking back and reading your eyes, I think you figured the political scenes already in the 80s. What intelligent thinking is concerned, America is high-jacked by Germany, otherwise they would ask you for help instead of keeping you locked up and your rights denied upon German secret orders. 

Be kissed by darling. I love you. I stand by your side like a rock as you deserve it.


Bashar Assad, medical doctor, works in favor of Germany

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, soulmate, husband, and one and only,

How are you? 

You. Your personality, your existence, your decency, your temper, your warmth, your eyes, your face, your hands, everything about you is what I adore, Marty!      

France says it has proof that the Syrian government attacked the town of Douma with chemical weapons last weekend.

The US says, Syria has used at least 50 times chemical weapons on people! Assad and Germany behind him, should have get their behinds kicked right from the start not 50 times later!  

Bashar Assad, by behaving since years the way he does, assisted Germany greatly by making millions of  Syrians leave Syria and flee to Germany and Europe as their hard and cheap workers. Germany starts secretly wars to get workers to get their economy backed up and better, and Trump keeps immigrants out by wanting to build a wall. 

Syrians are known to be hard workers but many also got infected with Germany’s anti-antisemitism.  

Germany treats Syrians like cheap workers for the superior Germans. Germany also uses psychiatric methods to condition preferably “Muslims” to conduct terror or assault women, so that people despise religion and that voters bring the German Nazis back. And they want the Syrians to drop their identities and any religion (which the men behind Germany radicalize) by becoming German Nazis in Germany, the country that robbed them of their homeland by being the secret force behind the war in their country and other wars and terror.

The world had it with Assad, but Germany doesn’t want to do anything militarily against their secret agent, Dr. Bashar Assad. Typical, Germany. Organizing wars and hiding cowardly behind their international agents by not stopping wars. Using chemical on the population and children, how much monstrous can it get? Germany is “reluctant” to engage in military action because they have the USA and others to protect them, can save a lot of money, are getting richer and richer, and in the first place: CAUSE THE WAR AND TERROR in Syria and other countries. 

Germany also wants involve the USA, Russia, and China in a war against each other over Syria and other such situations.    

I hope the world start figuring them out, Marty, as we did. Germany can’t fool us.

M. is in Toronto. Next stop is St. George, Utah, and then she plans to come to me for some weeks.

I love you. Be kissed. Will be back soon.

Yours forever,




Proper investigative research on Kim Jong Un’s and Kim Yo Jong’s years in Europe not possible because Europe is a closed secretive society and doesn’t want it

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

Switzerland, Germany, France, and all other European countries are allegedly western and open but for one who tries to get to the bottom as to what happened to the Kim children, one just get a “maybe”. If this isn’t suspicious.

However, it seems to be a fact that Kim Jong Un suddenly disappeared from his Swiss school (and the Swiss educators apparently did not ask what happened to the kid) when North and South Korea shook hands.

Instead of continuing a peaceful path, Kim Jong Un, and his also European-educated sister Kim Yo Jong turn into people who worship fanaticism and weapons of mass destruction. Thanks, Europe.

Research on the Kims in secretive Europe is flimsy. It seems harder to find facts on the Kims in Europe than doing research in secretive North Korea. This research says that Kim Jong Un executed more than 300 people since he came to power in 2011. It stinks after European psychs. It really does.    

Question is also why Kim Jong-il sent his children to Europe to study. Didn’t he trust in his own NK education system? Or is it rather that it is transmitted by the SEGNPMSS in ANYONE’S ears with loud and silent sounds that Europe is superior to any others? 

So I ask myself, were the Kim children conditioned in an European psychiatric lab?  

According to news reports, Kim Yong Un, his sister, did allegedly “courses” in “Europe”. How “specific” is that? 

Friedrich-Wilhelm Schlomann (a member of Hitler Youth if the Wikipedia entry is correct) thinks Kim Jong Un might have stayed even longer in Switzerland that reported in general by the media. Schlomann said: ‘His three years younger sister lived until 2007 in Bern. It is therefore to be assumed that he did not return to North Korea not very long before.’

2007! So, if not in any Swiss school, where was he and his sister exactly?

A German-speaking paper: “Seine Jüngste Schwester hat in der Gemeinde Köniz eine Grundausbildung genossen – und zwar im Hessgut-Schulhaus.” (“His youngest sister had enjoyed a basic education in the municipality of Köniz – in the Hessgut school.”) So “enjoyed” is the term they are using to what happened to them in Europe. 

There are also some reports that one or both of them studied at schools in France. And they never stepped on German ground? I doubt it. If really not, then because German psychs wants the psych-conditioned Kims to execute atrocities and don’t want the world to discover Germany behind conditioning the Kim children and setting them up for war, murder, and mass destruction. That is very typical for the secret service p$ychs.

Remarkable little is known about the children in Europe, because German psych-controlled ear-implants says to their Swiss, and international agents: HUSH!!!

It really doesn’t matter where the Kim children were psychiatric-conditioned, in Switzerland, France, Germany, or elsewhere, because Germany’s secret service psychs are the controller of anyone’s ear implants. Whatever happens to anyone, they instigated or approved it. Without their approval, it wouldn’t happen.    

The Swiss magazine L’Hebdo reported a few years ago that “Pak Un” (Kim Jong Un) became friends with the children of American diplomats. 

So I ask, the psychs noticed it and conditioned him to hate the USA instead? 

The Washington Post had this to say on July 16, 2009: “Known as “Pak Un” to his teachers at Liebefeld-Steinhölzli Schule, a German-speaking state school, he was registered with Swiss authorities as the son of an employee at North Korea’s embassy in the nearby city of Bern, Switzerland’s capital, according to Ueli Studer, director of education in the local administration…” –  “I never saw his father or mother,” said the school’s principal, Peter Burri, recalling how they repeatedly failed to show up for parents’ night. Attending in their place, Burri said, were assorted North Koreans who apologized for the parents’ absence and said this was due to their inability to speak German.”

Can you believe it, Marty? What kind of responsibility is that by the government and the school not providing a translator who the THEY hired for the parents? And if they still not show to make sure that the kids are not kidnapped and everything else is in order? No wonder that Switzerland failed to teach children human values having this kind of “I don’t care”-attitude as long as someone pays for the school. Makes one question any Swiss or European education.  

BBC on 29 August 2017 reported: “Kim Jong-un avoided Western influences…” Gee, when does the BBC get anything right?  This is not at all what those school kids said who were around him during his Swiss school days. Including Kim Jong Un loving Swiss cheese and singing German songs. He reportedly has developed a love for cheese and heavy smoking and  health and weight problems. 

If you ask me,Marty, his appearance and also that of his sister who he just promoted to a very high position in the government, has psych-conditioning written all over it. For being such young people, they look as they were through the psychiatric mill. When Jung Un is sick, she runs the country. SEGNPMSS would never allow an non-conditioned person to run NK.  She is blacklisted for human rights abuses by the US gov.

Despite that he is conditioned to do psychs dirty work (nuclear weapons and ordering killings), they are using silent sounds to make him get a goofy hair-do and they have him balloon in size to ridicule him despite that he functions for them. This is how they “respect” their own agents.    

It is said that they are close as siblings BECAUSE THEY STUDIED TOGETHER IN SWITZERLAND. Gee, looks like their Swiss “education” doesn’t  get in the way of their human rights violations.

Facial Recognition Software used a few years ago confirmed that “Pak Un” in Switzerland was indeed Kim Jung Un.

I wonder, Marty, was this or a similar software used on Bin Laden’s doppelganger or other doppelganger? I can tell most of the time who is the original and who is the doppelgänger without any software. 

Le Matin reported in 2012 “Switzerland documents show that Kim might have been in Switzerland much earlier than previously thought. They appear to show that he arrived in November 1991, when he was only nine years old.”

Well, the fanaticism of the Kim kids is sure one “great recommendation” for Swiss and European education.  

Besides “courses” in “Europe” and “France”, I read references to three schools in Switzerland in regards to the education of the Kim children:


I believe that any mix-up with his brother is deliberate. Again, researching allegedly open and western Switzerland should result in facts and not “who knows…”  

Media reported that he received failing grades in natural sciences. “Great” teachers. Reminds me to the German schools I attended. Where were the tutors?

All schools that they visited apparently failed to teach kids the most important lesson: value of human lives and decency. And psych-conditioning and ear-implants rip away the last decency of what makes a human a human.

North Korea doesn’t need weapons. It just needs to make peaceful wise decisions if they don’t want to be invaded by anyone. Also, North Korea was at a certain point interested to unify with South Korea under certain conditions (e.g. not being held liable for things in the past).   

Guess this handshake between NK and SK was all the peace that the SEGNPMSS could bare and they ordered to get rid of all who could possible lead NK. They  condition the Kim kids in Europe into becoming their fanatic robots for the SEGNPMSS and “leading” NK in a direction the SEGNPMSS approves of: denial of human rights, murder, massmurder, and wars.  

I could swear that you have very similar thoughts, Marty. I love you. Be kissed, my darling.


Yours forever,



1) Sabotage of physics experiments 2) USS Fitzgerald 3) “Troika”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are your days and nights? My thoughts are with you, as always. I wish I could make your life easier.

Chinese scientists made an experiment with photons and entanglement. Earlier on, a similar experiment was done near the Canary Islands, 143 km apart. An entanglement was noticed, so they say. 

Now, China beamed from a satellite, a height of 500 km, 6 million entangled photons down to Earth, 1200 km apart to two of their ground stations. I learned that the correlation between photons is created when a laser is directed to beam through a crystal. 

The experiments should serve “future” super secret communication. Can anyone spell SEGNPMSS?

Many photons got lost on their way down. They received some that were “entangled” despite no “information” took place between them… I think that “information” (sabotage with lasers) took place! 

Physicist Brian Greene (not saying what I am saying that these experiments are deliberately sabotaged by the SEGNPMSS) explains the process of the entanglement. You can see this short video here:

So, why do they not give the complete description of how it really works? Up or down? Or how the natural world works? Because it is sabotaged at the other end with lasers. They have it spin unpredictably.  Just as the do with the double-slit experiment. A particle suddenly turns into a wave. What a crap. So is the “run-away universe”.  It is rubbish too. SEGNPMSS does not want us to enter deep space and catch-up with them. As less scientists are certain about physical laws of the universe, as less they feel confident to enter into deep space.

Still existing Nazi doctors sabotage space missions, shuttles explode, equipment fails, while astronomers, physicists, and other scientists are looking at a fake deep universe that was designed with black holes, black matter, and other stuff that doesn’t even exist on Earth. All that to keep particularly the US grounded while Nazi doctors (hiding in safe spaces) are sending their Manchurian candidates into space to attach any living creature out there to the SEGNPMSS super computer to control and manipulate them. They think that makes them the greatest race that ever lived, instead of the biggest idiots anywhere.  

You and I know that they are not intelligent, Marty. If they would be, they would not create and support a system that can also turn against them in a snap and make them for a change to (eternal, this lifetime and future lifetimes) victims. Their hiding spaces are not as safe as they think they are.  They conspire also against each other.  The only guarantee for not stepping in their own traps is removing their traps also for all others. There is no other way.  

I am sure I don’t tell you anything new, Marty. You figured it out too. But what about our scientists? Shouldn’t they look into it and make sure that nothing is sabotaged? I read somehow that the Chinese physicists who was in charge of above mentioned Chinese experiment studied in Austria, Bavaria’s twin, if you ask me.  

Another thing that got my attention this morning is that The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship from the Philippine off the coast of Japan. I believe that if they would have truly investigated the horrible disaster of the MV Dona Paz from the Philippines and the MV Vector, this and other such disasters would not happen. Psychiatrists are conditioning people. They can make people fall asleep or attack instantly by activating remote-controlled their body and ear-implant codes. These doctors enjoy suffering of people, and they are setting the stages for wars among nations. THEY ARE MONSTERS. They do not have human qualifications. What is utterly disgusting to us is fun for these lowest lifeforms!

Finally, a word to your impostor’s “troika”. In his introduction, he says that only three people conspire against Scientology. This is false and ridiculous. Scientology is a huge target of Germany’s secret services, and they are also using other countries like Spain, Russia, France, USA, actually any country. At the same time, Germany enriches itself on Scientology by ordering Scientology’s Sea Org accounts to Luxembourg, which makes it easy for Germany to use the cash. They managed to keep people so blind that they allowed Germany to lead Europe after all Germany did in the past and all it does secretly until now.  

Troika is a Russian term. Looks like your impostor tries to imply Russia instead of Germany being the force against Scientology. Russia is used like other countries (incl. the USA) by Germany against Scientology and in other matters. Besides, a troika has a driver. If the three horses are Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, and Tony Ortega (the masters of the sheep), who is the driver of the troika’s three horses? In other words, who is their case officer? 

Monique’s husband supported Germany in the past. If Germany (and its international secret service psychiatrists) hadn’t altered Scientology by putting non-Scientologists like the founder’s impostor and David Miscavige, etc. in charge, Scientology would have more people who don’t drink SEGNPMSS cool-aid. Your impostor is assisting David Miscavige. I also noticed that he said in those new videos that he “had issues with the organization”. He does not mention DM anymore being the one he had issues with. Now it is suddenly the “organization”.  I think that DM uses Scientology cash to pay him instead his wife and that her husband talks in those videos to DM’s attorney(s).  

However, Larry Wright, Lawrence Gibney, and John Sweeney etc. are not to be trusted either. Besides Wright failing to discover Germany, its secret services, and psychiatrists behind Al Qaeda and other terror groups, he completely failed to investigate the true story of Scientology. Others indeed are using his book to base their stuff about Scientology on it without making their own research from scratch. Wright’s writing that Sweeney never had such psychological and emotional pressure placed upon him than with Scientology, is just one example that should make other reporters shake their heads. Sweeney covered wars and visited North Korea. Him having a discussion with actor Anne Archer’s son Tommy Davis was worse than that? Give me a break! Although I do not in the slightest approve of your impostor, I don’t disapprove of him taking about this book, although it apparently will not be nothing but the truth. He continues to withhold the impostor issues.

Other than that, I think it will have the effect on some reporters. They can’t trust the book blindly anymore (as it happened before), even if Monique’s husband is a liar too.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


Over the hills and far away,
you swear you will return one day.
far from the mountains and the seas,
back in my arms is where you’ll be.

Over the hills and far away,
I prays you will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in your arms is where I’ll be.



We need to build a big beautiful wall all around Trump…

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

How are you feeling? I  miss you tremendously. 

Even if Trump does not always act German-friendly towards Merkel, I can see German secret services controlling  everything he does.

Why didn’t he mention the main victims of the Holocaust, during his speech on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day? How much clearer can it get that Trump is a typical German anti-Semite than this? His attitude towards other races and religions also scream the story of him being a racist. I bet you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

He is the man who said about himself that he is going to hell – and thanks to the Christians, and others who voted for him, he’ll intents to take the USA down that route too. How Christians can trust the USA into the hands of a man who says that he lived a life that deserves hell is very revealing. It means that tons of Christians are not truly religious. 

I know how German psychiatrists tick and how they plot. Trump’s Jewish son-in-law as “adviser” has a purpose. Whatever false and ugly decision Trump makes throughout his US presidency, in just a little bit of time, it will be blamed on the Jews. 

“I don’t regret the words,”  White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said when asked to defend the Holocaust statement. (German Reinhold creeps me out, Marty. How dare anyone who helped that man becoming the RNC chair.) And German Reinhold will make very sure that the WH will be very German. In the name of Ike, I consider Reince (and the likes) disgusting German-oriented weasels. If they would be no anti-Semites, they would have stated that the main victims were Jews.   

Trump and Reince identify as Germans, no doubt. Two men with German heritage. I bet there were selected as “US leaders” to never do anything effective against the SEGNPMSS.  

As I mentioned before, either Trump doesn’t get it or he covers it up: Merkel became the leader of Germany and Europe because people are more afraid of German men than of women. How can Germany take over Europe and the world? Better with a woman puppet than a man puppet. Women are picked as alleged leaders and it is hushed up that male secret service psychiatrists are running them. (Hail ear-implants.)

Now, as she is on top and EU is basically Germany, SEGNPMSS decided yet that it is time again for an official German racist leader, like Frauke “Adolfine” Petry supported by Marine Le Pen in France and other such foreigner hating extreme robots. They think  that Trump, Petry and Le Pen, etc. will get along great. Not for the USA but Germany.

Officially, Germany likes to play a more “laid back” role so that in case it doesn’t work out well for the Nazis, they can blame it again on other nations, e.g. the USA, France,  Middle East, whatever. But no doubt, Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are still the driving force behind the hatred against races and religions, and yes, they conditioned terrorists who commit atrocities in the name of religions or God, etc.  to help their ugly causes. Hollande blames German secret doings on the USA.

Germany’s top court ruled this January not to outlaw the  National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), the  far-right,  ultra-nationalist German party espousing German nationalism.

It is all very clear to me, what is going on, and I know also to you too, Marty. 

As I wrote before, Merkel wants to go as great humanitarian into history, despite she “invited” the Syrians and others to Germany by having stated herself a that multi-cultural society failed entirely in Germany. In other words, immigrants have to lose their identity or else. Also, she only invited the refugees because they want cheap workers and make Germany richer through their work. This is why Germany instigated the Syrian war and made all these people homeless. Syrians are known as hard workers and that is why the SEGNPMSS used ear-implants and psychiatric-conditioning to create Daesh (Isis). And they managed a medical doctor becoming the head of Syria to help empty the country so that Germany can take advantage of the refugees.

And as I said before, Brexit serves to make GB smaller, so that Germany [EU] can take over first Ireland, next Scotland, by holding the economy of England down (hail ear implants as they make it happen in each detail) and at the end, Germany wants England to beg them  being accepted in the EU as their economy failed terribly…  Theresa May should think about this. Holding Trump’s hand won’t safe GB. There is a reason for Germany having the most robust economy. Giving Germany the best deals and also having other nations making false decisions. On a stupid planet, ear implants rule. 

And there is Trump whose US presidency has the purpose TO BREAK THE USA. If he isn’t impeached and can continue, the US states at the East and West Coast will break away. Then other states will follow. 

Instead of helping Mexico to a better economy, he alienates Mexicans. He says that Mexico pays for the wall, but goods will become a lot more expensive for Americans, the way Trump “handles” things. Making Americans and Mexicans aware of how they are manipulated with silent and loud sounds will revive the economy as they will think sharper. Besides, we need a new way of live anyway and there will be plenty of work of anyone in that economy that we can create. Trump can shove his wall.

Only a few days in office and Trump is already a huge failure and liability. His decision to ban Muslims will result in terror acts in foreign countries against Americans. That man either can’t think or does not want to think. It is horrible to trap people at airport or transport them into holding facilities and make the US look like having concentration camps.  If those camps are created, SEGNPMSS plans to radio in the ear-implant of some of the managers of those camps to mistreat people so that the world can say that the Americans are the Nazis of today.  

Extreme Islamists [and other extremists] are psychiatric-conditioned. Psychiatric secret service method needs to be outlawed. If Muslims [and other people] understand that, they can avoid being psychiatric-conditioned and can avoid becoming hated and feared people. 

Americans who are clueless that Germany wants to break up the USA to make it smaller and defenseless against Germany will vote for US states breaking away from the Union, like Calexist, etc.

Germany wants the US and the western world to blame Russia and China, and others instead of Germany of what’s wrong with the world. SEGNPMSS is also using them.  German p$ychs are using all and anyone.

All over the world, there is a SEGNPMSS plan for each country, and if not a miracle happens, Germany will be always on top and all other countries under them. Just as their national hymn says.  

This is also not a good news for average Germans. Because once they have the world, and likely already before it, they will do horrible things again to each other. Most Jews who were gassed were Germans. The people that they shot at the Berlin wall were Germans. And they don’t allow most Germans to live a way of life to  prevent diseases, aging, and dying. They are screwed too if they don’t take down the SEGNPMSS once and forever.  

For lasting peace and rights for all the people in this world, SEGNPMSS needs to be convicted and the remote-control to people’s ear implants must be kicked out of their claws.

You know it, Marty, and I know it, most of the rest of the world seems in trance.

I love you as if you are a part of my being.  And you are my soulmate. Every day we can’t be together is the fault of the SEGNPMSS, and do you know when I forgive them and let them off the hook? NEVER! How dare them to rip us apart.

If that bunch of retired psychs could think, they never would have separated us.  They did it because they are unable to love. They are unlovable (who can love monsters as they are?) and they are unable to love. I assume they have robots, machines as “partners”.

Judging from their inability to love, they thought we are just infatuated with each other and would give up quickly.  As always, they were so wrong. They invaded our thoughts already in past lives, yet, they don’t understand us because we are from a different world and they are dumb. They are obsessed to control people but are stupid as… There is not even a metaphor for that kind of stupidity.   

You’ll never will leave my heart.

Yours forever,


No walls for you, Marty, and not the kind of walls that Trump builds.











Americans are no free people as fanatical German psychs controls their (and all other nations) ear implants…

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President Washington

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

The G-20 consists of the countries of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the European Union, and the USA and Merkel is now it’s leader. She wants globalization but Germany solely on top of course. Deutschland über alles.  

Germany takes over the world and the medical and psychiatric monsters behind the chancellors are calling the shots and nobody holds them accountable. It is creepy, particularly also that the world is so mind-controlled and doesn’t even see what is wrong with it. 

Obama stopped a Chinese company buying a German chip maker, saying that the Chinese should not get the US sensitive info from that company. Why does the USA allow Germany to have that sensitive information? Trump also made a move in regards of Taiwan that might anger China. Behind the stupid actions of alleged American leaders: SEGNPMSS wants the USA involved in yet another war.

And about the recounts. The Greens are doing the right thing by demanding them. Trump tries to stop if. Can you believe this man, Marty? He told the Americans over and over that the elections are rigged. Now, he says that the recounts must stop and is sending his lawyers to stop it. I think he knows that he didn’t win.        

I came across this website:

They want the election overturned. They don’t necessarily want Hillary Clinton. They want a vote from the US House of Representatives on who will be the next President. They want a Republican who does not have Donald Trump’s questionable ethics, lack of policy knowledge and lack of relevant experience. They urge their fellow electors to unify behind a President who’s fit to lead and to pick the best person for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Miss you a lot, Marty, keep on surviving. You are a star! With you comes sanity. The world is in trance but you are not. For me, there is only you. You are still the best that ever happened to me. You are my tomorrow. I wouldn’t exchange you with anyone. I love you.

Yours forever,







Russia (in regards to Scientology) is doing the dirty work for Germany (and Lenin was a German agent)

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb and my awesome soulmate, how are your days and nights?

Since decades, I feel that you were framed. And that is why I worry! I know how brutal Germany is and that the rest of the world is its degraded servant!

Germany kept Russia down by writing the Communist Manifesto and by conditioning Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) to be a German agent. Instead of having freedoms, Russians were controlled, could not travel, and their economy was kept down. Now, as Germany has the plan to take officially all of the EU and Russia over, they are allowed to make money as Germany wants to become the only world power on the planet and also has plans on getting the Nazis back marching under another name but with same or similar insane “ideals”. German psychs condition non-religious people to commit atrocities and their new Nazis are there to “save the planet” from “religions”. Trump is one who fell directly into that hole.  

Have a look at this article, Marty: 


Denmark: New Documents Reveal Lenin Was A German Agent

One of Lenin’s typical GERMAN quotes: One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

Germany is the inventor of Communism and their psychs radicalized him to put all of Russia under the communistic boot. 

And now, Russia still hasn’t got rid of the German (secret or open) control and tries to eradicate Scientology, instead welcoming original Scientology and telling Germany to stop infiltrating and altering it. (I don’t mean welcoming Miscavige, Miscavology, Vistarology, but original Scientology.) The true Russian mentality and the true American mentality has a lot in common, but when I read about the Russian authorities targeting Scientology, I can see clearly Germany having put Russia up to, similar as they put Lenin up to implement German suppressive ideas in Russia. Germany also puts up France to do its anti-Germany activities for them. And this after all that Germany did to them throughout history. As if they never learn. 

I don’t expect Russia to tolerate people who hide behind the name of Scientology in order to conduct criminal acts. The infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists is real. But I expect them to differentiate and not helping Germany to get rid of religions. Truly religious people have a conscience. They re not as easy to be run by the SEGNPMSS.  If no truly religious people are on this planet anymore, Germany’s monsters think that their control over people will be easier and that their own bad conscience will evaporate. (It will stay but they just don’t get it.)

Russia also banned some SCN literature instead of investigating if the real founder Ron wrote it or if Germany’s secret service psychiatrists scribbled and altered his writings and planted them in Scientology orgs. Russia goes after the wrong target, and the German secret service monsters who suppressed Russia for so long are rubbing their dirty claws. They  don’t die in an average of 75 years as the people who have no access to longevity technology, which was stolen from Scientology and by that was stolen also from the world population, thanks to the German doctors. 

Russia’s authorities have finally to recognize that we are not Russia’s enemies. Germany, particularly its secret services and the suppressive persons (in the hard-core psychiatrists and medical doctors) are Russia’s and anyone else’s enemies. They are even enemies to regular German citizen. They could have better lives too. The USA isn’t Russia’s enemy either. The USA has basically the same problem as Russia. Germany’s secret service psychs and medical doctors having the overall control over anyone’s freaking ear implants! 

The KBG and the FSB does the same bad job by not convicting psychiatrists of implanting and hypnotizing people into becoming terrorists as the CIA and the FBI does. And why? Because the doctor orders it! 

You and I, we know it. It is time that anyone else figures it too.

So, we are restrained while Germany takes over the planet and the universe. What the heck is wrong with the people? Do they all have an eternal death wish or what? 

Sending you all my love, Marty. I am so glad that I did make all the right choices to meet you again after psychs ripped away our memories. Now you live in my heart and are safe there. 

Yours forever,







Was the FBI in contact with Germany during the years Germany set up your wrongful arrest by their poodle Spain, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, how are you?

According to some FOIA records now on the web, the FBI investigated the Church of Scientology between 1987 and 1989 on domestic security/terrorism but closed the investigation.

There was no trace of you, Marty, within the C of S or otherwise anymore by the end of 1988. As if you never existed. If my perceptions are right, and usually they are, Germany set phony case(s) up against you. They hide behind other countries as Spain and ordered this country to arrest you under false charges. Germany is also using Spain and US courts and US agencies to prevent you being paroled. Like: Sorry, we can’t parole you, Spain wants you. And still existing German Nazi psychs are behind it. Shame on the world. Really, shame on them all. If they are humans, we sure are something else as a lot better!       

In 1990, Monique’s husband (not married back then) appeared suddenly in Scientology and took your position as Inspector General for Ethics. Even on pictures, I noticed a very different personality behind the eyes: in other words: a doppelganger/impostor. Big fail for anyone who tried fooling me into thinking that he is you. I also can differentiate between the Ron’s (real founder’s) and Ike’s (US president’s) doppelganger/impostor. Germany can fool many people all the time, but not all people all the time.  

That FBI investigation into possible terror was allegedly officially triggered by the C of S Trementina vault construction and complaints about it. It seems that the FBI found no sign of terrorism and closed the investigation. 

However, these documents reveal that the FBI reported not just to the FBI director but to the FBI Legat in Germany on top of the list. The vault is in New Mexico not in Germany. So, why Germany? Because Germany is the anti-religious driving force behind trying to outlawing Scientology, and they run it secretly (including the US government infiltration under Mary Sue who was married to “Jack Vistaril” the impostor of the real founder). 

Another question that I have is: how much did the FBI and the CIA know that Germany was using Spain to arrest you wrongfully, Marty, to make you disappear and replace you with an impostor?

The FBI didn’t even make most of their unclassified records available to me under FOIA. They made them available to some other requesters but in my hands, they are apparently a big no-no! And why? Because their German-controlled ear implants didn’t allow it. I am no friend at all of the German-infiltration of the US government, and they know it.

Marty, the FBI (numerous agents) know for sure that the Church of Scientology is infiltrated by secret service agents run (e.g. via the CIA) by German secret services, and the FBI and other German-controlled agencies are trying to pin these secret service activities on the real founder Ron who was real American and never an agent. His Germany-run impostor(s) was/were. Same goes for your impostor, Marty.

In other word: German-controlled US-agencies infiltrate also other agencies in the USA or other countries, because Germany above everything.

German-controlled secret service agents within Scientology (no Scientologists but lying that they are) are ordered to conduct bad activities, or current and former infiltrators and outside attackers who are making these bad activities up, so that Scientology gets a bad reputation or will be banned (which is preferred by Germany and it puts many countries like Belgium, France or Russia up to ban Scientology).

Germany is also behind merging Scientology with anti-Semitic  “Nation of Islam” to get Scientology outlawed together with Islamists. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wants to go in this direction.

I am also convinced, Marty, that Germany also ordered the raid in 1977, because that was the year we both joined Scientology again after German p$ychs stole our memories to that we were Scientologists before and married to each other. I am 100% convinced that the FBI was secretly ordered by Germany to remove any documents and photos of Ron, you, and me together, and that was the  REAL purpose of the FBI raid. Germany and their poodles, the U.S. agencies don’t need to raid Scientology orgs. They know what’s going on there as they are running the infiltrators of Scientology through their freaking ear implants: the original illegal PCs in Scientology.   

Upon German secret service orders, nine infiltrators of the C of S were ordered to “steal documents” from the government. The impostors wife, Mary Sue, was one of them. Purpose: to blame her above-the-law-secret-service-agent-behavior on original Scientology and the real founder of Scientology who never met that snake.

David Miscavige’s activities also fall very much in this category. Whatever he does, it is not Scientology.  

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly embraced, my hero.

Yours forever,


Besides the FBI director, Germany’s FBI office is on the top of the list involved with the terrorism investigation of the Church of Scientology (a closed investigation) between 1987 and 1989. The worst of that all is that Germany’s secret services are behind infiltrating the C of S. They want Scientology to be blamed and held responsible for  WHAT GERMANY SETS UP WITHIN THE ORGS OR WHAT IS ALLEGEDLY CONDUCTED BY SCIENTOLOGISTS. Germany’s secret services have the WORST hypocrites under the sun. Germany and its psychiatric secret services are huge slimy snakes.

I want any document within the FBI Legat Bonn (Berlin/Germany) that was ever produced in regards to Scientology. Germany hasn’t the smallest chance getting away with fooling us, Marty. And they can’t hide because we can see them hiding behind other countries and international agencies and crimes and terror as such.  Below records are unclassified. I bet the secret and top-secret documents that they are having stink like the still existing Nazi boots of German secret service psychiatrists as they run American officials via their freaking ear-implants, a German invention to run the people like robots to have Germany (some German people not all people in Germany!) win and all others lose.       




And more: