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What’s behind a possible “Dexit”

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Dearest Marty, my dashing husband and soulmate, how are your days and nights?

You are the Prince of my dreams and my destiny. I am so glad that you exist. 

I thought about dates recently. I think I missed your birthday for about ten days. I think it is May 8 not 18. Based on my own recall. Still not that easy to get back what the p$ychs stole from me.   

I thought about a possible “Dexit” too. Here is what I see: Dexit is an alibi, trying to fool people into believing that Germany is not using the EU to get the Grossdeutsche Reich that also the Nazis wanted.  The leader of German party AfD  Frauke Petry, a monster imo who said  that the German police should have the right to shoot  illegal immigrants at the border, her supporters as  Georg Pazderski, Beatrix von Storch, Björn Höcke, Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, and others like them in Germany, want the Dexit. The men (in the hard-core psychiatrists and the likes) behind Germany (and Merkel) set up the Dexit as plan B, in case Merkel’s activities should not result in Germany becoming world power number one by swallowing Europe and the rest of the world through EU contracts and countries like the Ukraine for example, which want to become more or less German. Yikes! The AfD and similar movements were born by the men behind Germany as one of the other movements to bring the Nazis officially back.

Just like Merkel, the SEGNPMSS uses a woman as alleged AfD leader, because this should manipulate people into thinking that the Nazis don’t come back or that the country of Germany is okay as run by women, and they are viewed by most people a less criminal. While I  don’t think that Merkel herself will stuff people into concentration camps, she sure prepares the ground for Nazis to take over in a snap. Besides getting Syrian working slaves, her “generosity” accepting many immigrants plays right into the hands of Germany’s Neo-Nazis. I bet the farm that Germany, the doctors behind Merkel organized  the Syrian war and Daesh (ISIS) for these low purposes and – on top of that, these poor Syrian refugees are supposed to work for Germany to make it richer so that Germany becomes world power I, and the only world power.

As I said before, the men behind Merkel consider Brexit as a tool to make the UK smaller by having Scotland and a part of North Ireland break away from it, or alternatively, make Britain to be thankful to the EU if it still wants it,  accepting bad conditions by the EU just in order to stay. Germany is behind the campaign in the UK (and the world) that amounts to: What did we do? We are lost without the EU! How can we reverse Brexit? They didn’t allow the leader of Britain to attend the lastest EU meeting! Will the EU retaliate? (Germany will, likely using other countries for that, while Merkel or other German leaders are allowed to play the good and moderate guys! And most of the world falls for it.)  

Yikes! How can anybody even sleep at night knowing that Germany (the men (no good!) behind Merkel) has the overall grip on everybody and everything? A German, Martin Schulz, is already the official president of the European Parliament.

All EU exit plans are also German-controlled. SEGNPMSS is behind the very movement that displays Nazi-activities or violence when leaving the EU. After all, Germany wants to bring the Nazis back one way or the other in any country.  Marty, I think originally, the Greeks were able to defeat the Nazis in WW II. As Germany knew that, it sent the Italians first to weaken Greece so that when the Nazis came, the Greeks were already exhausted from fighting. But also in Greece, which often does not look at Germany through  rose-colored spectacles, has German-controlled Nazi movements like in all other counties in the world. And the Greek ruling party Syriza ignored the will of the Greek leaving the EU. Germany is above everything. If countries leave the EU, German-controlled Nazis take over, if they stay in the EU, Germany, at the end the only EU leader, will bring the Nazis back under another name, when they think the time is ripe for it. 

The world is in trance, and so is Barack Obama. After the Brexit, he called beside David Cameron, only Angela Merkel. He is such a German-controlled robot.  

Have you ever heard that products made in the EU, particularity Germany products are allegedly better? German-controlled case officer radio into the ear implants of people in other continents and countries to produce overt products. Naturally, the world population rather buys European/German. All to keep other economies down. That is what Germany calls fairness and free enterprise.    

Germany’s companies can deliberate cheat on emissions tests. If indeed caught, well, then they pay a fine as money is no problem, after all, German p$ychs have the overall control over each ear implant on this planet. They can make people buy German again in a snap and these people will forget all of Germany’s rotten acts. Mind-control is the word. As Merkel said, no problem, cheating will have no lasting effect on Germany. And you and I, we know why. Too bad that most other people don’t.

I also read about the coordinated “suicide” bombing in Istanbul with killing over 40 people and wounding 239. Done in the name if ISIS. When does the world wake up and stops psychiatric conditioning? The world would be a peaceful place if Germany’s secret service psychs wouldn’t order the conditioning of Manchurian candidates to conduct these atrocities and “suicide” acts. The SEGNPMSS runs ISIS.  How can the officials and the experts in any country on Earth have their walls plastered with university certificates but not seeing what we discovered or not blowing the whistle on these inhumane psychiatric terror methods? 

This is how psychs do it:

Added on June 30: the psychiatric-conditioned “suicide terrorists”, which were psychiatric disconnected from their analytical minds to conduct the atrocities at the Istanbul airport upon secret German orders were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan , which means that Germany wants to instigate a new war between these countries and Turkey and involve also the USA as Germany does that all the time to waste its money and people and steal the reputation as peaceful nation from the USA. The USA and the rest of the world really has to stop being Germany’s slave. We both can see the fat slimy snake and know its rotten plans and evil intentions. Germany is behind all problems in the world (by running people with ear implants since A VERY LONG TIME) but calls on the USA to “defend Germany” against communism (suppressive German invention) and “terror” (suppressive German invention), etc. and at the same time work hard to bring the USA down. So typical German, particularly Bavarian, and very much so secret service PSYCH.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. 

Yours always,


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