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The Munich Security Conference is a Bavarian/German control event

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

I ask myself every day when the USA finally stops helping Germany/Bavaria keeping us separated and frees you from your wrongfully incarceration. They all should know that who works for the Nazis or allows him- or herself being used by Germany/Bavaria is a Nazi..  

So that Germany, particularly Bavaria, can (falsely) claim that they have the security of the world at heart, they established the “Munich Security Conference” in 1963 and hold it there ever since. They radio in the ears of high officials to fly there and look up to Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in awe, which makes these international “senior figures” of 70 countries look real idiotic in my eyes, It all serves as alibi for Bavaria and Germany.  This conference is one of the establishments that helps Bavaria/Germany misleading the world so that nobody accuses them to be the secret force behind terror and crime (psychiatric, medical, and otherwise) and rogue states (which they are).

Knowing Germany, Bavaria and the SPs behind it, they want to keep the world uninformed until they are world power no. 1 and have no opposition anymore on the planet, which would be able to object having the Nazis back in power. At the moment, they hide behind the gruesome acts of terrorists and rogue states.

This is what the conference allegedly was established for:  “Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.” 

And remember, it is held in Bavaria because Bavaria wants to say: “Why would we hold an International Security Conference in Munich if we would favor terror and war?”

The correct answer is: To control the world to do what Bavaria/Germany wants and to misdirect correct suspicion if it should come up. 

So that nobody accuses them on what they are doing with their favorite secret service tool. Installing chips into people (already when they are babies or first graders) all over the world  and running them like the obedient robots until the day of their deaths with loud and silent sounds and also withholding from them that they could live indefinitely if they would be allowed to live in certain conditions. 

Angela Merkel plays the uninformed: she is “curious” about UK’s Brexit plan. I know what the Bavarian German plan for the UK is. To make England really small by breaking  Scotland and Wales off and adding these to Europe, which is another word for Germany and Bavaria as the all other European countries have not much to say.

The Bavarian monsters behind Germany are calling all the shots through ear-implants and otherwise. Once the Britain shrunk, the SEGNPMSS will also ruin the economy of the UK with ear-implants, loud and silent sounds. People in the UK will make wrong decisions or shy away from good decisions. The SEGNPMSS knows very well to advance Bavaria and Germany and keep other nations down. They do it for a long time and not just with Greece. They feel that the UK as part of the EU could be in the way when Germany has officially its Nazis on top of the EU. 

The Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni says Europe needs “a strong German government”. Yikes! What kind of leader is this? Should he say: Europe needs a strong Italy? This is just one of the many example all over the world that is giving Bavaria and Germany and “Heil ear implants” away. 

You and me, we can also figure out any other plan they are having for any other country. We just look at them and we see what they are up to. It comes easy to us.  

“We no longer recognize our America,” stated the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel these days. Did you read it, Marty? America belongs to Germany. It is theirs. Yikes.

But now, as they recognize it no longer people should think that Bavaria and Germany does not have the USA under their control. Yeah right. 

Germany wanted Trump to win because his attitude towards religions and races won’t get in the way for Bavaria and Germany getting the Nazis back. What better to make a racist President whose daughter married into a Jewish family to make people believe that Jews are save. They are not Bavaria/Germany is involved and Jews are in troubles like any other religion or ethnicity that Bavaria/Germany does not approve of.

He also said that Germany eagerly learned from the US. Yeah right. Everything he, Merkel, and others says it to pour sand in the eyes of Americans and other nationals. Germany/Bavaria infiltrated the USA already before and at the day it was founded.     

Russia allowed itself to be used as well. So bad that it jailed all its citizen under the communism and gave psychiatrist free hands to commit their critics, just as Germany did and for sure still does. 

Germany/Bavaria doesn’t have to do what Russians did to influence the US election. Germany/Bavaria radio in the ear-implants of Americans and decides who runs for US President and in the ear-implants of the voters who they have to vote for the US President. No need to go through all those troubles the Russians went through.  

In other words: whatever these Russians did, it was just to blame Russia. One German/Bavarian plan is to get the USA and Russia at each others throat. Preferable a hot and not just a cold war.

What really made voters decide is what is radioed in their ear implants with loud or silent sounds. And that is the “specialty” of Bavarian and German psychs who are complete idiots by the way otherwise they never would have treated us the way they treated us, Marty.   

Actually, I don’t believe that the polls were wrong. I think that Hillary would have won if Germany wouldn’t have changed it in the last minute. Again, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton would have saved the USA. Like the presidents before her, she would have done nothing effective. But despite Trump momentarily tells Germany to pay more, he is also known to not follow through. SEGNPMSS likes Trumps anti-Muslim and foreigner agenda. It has Nazis already back into the German and Austrian and other European government. First they rail against Muslims. So does Trump. And this attitude against foreigners is helping Germany’s attitude against foreigners.

Germany wants Muslims as cheap and hard workers and instigated even the horrible Syrian war. But the SEGNPMSS  want them to lose their ethic identity and their religion and want them to become sub-Bavarians and sub-Germans.  And the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditions some alleged Muslims to conduct violence to give the entire religion and all Muslim countries a bad rap.   

I know that you can see it too, Marty. I love you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


P.S. I clicked on official Scientology websites today and received  “WOT,  Warning! This site is potentially malicious, get me out of there.”

This after the C of S had ads during the Superbowl asking people to check out the Scientology websites. It is definitely not Scientology but the Scientology haters who put up harmful content who don’t want people to visit Scientology websites.       






The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you?

We, you and me, the fearless ourselves, will find each other, because we deserve it and our postulates work.  All what you wish in your life, Marty, I wish for my life as well. We’ll create our own paradise. No, I am not speaking about perfection but about truth. 

Did you read that white supremacist Arthur Jones may be the only Republican running for a seat in Congress in Illinois? The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country. They who chipped the entire planet with pro-Germany and pro psychiatry ear implants encourage or stop any other person who would not insult George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Dwight David Eisenhower by running for the GOP.   

Among other rubbish, Arthur Jones said: “Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany…” How stupid does he thinks we are? Germany needs and wants Nazis in the USA to make it easy on Germany to bring the Nazis back. If no anti-Nazi-USA exist anymore, Germany can roll right over the USA and no one more powerful enough to stop the Nazis.

I love you, Marty. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,


The outpoints in the German justifications on how North Korea obtained nuclear and chemical war technology

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate,

I think of you.  

For me, you did not just hung the moon. For me, you are able to create a new universe. Some Buddhists say that one feels weak in the knees and the heart pounds, it would not be the one. One who makes one feel calm and at peace would be the right person. I have all these things at once: heart pounds, butterflies, weak in the knees but same time feeling very calm and at peace. That is the right one, and that is you!   

I can’t tell you how often I roll my eyes reading news, particularly about Germany.

As the world is German-chipped and ear-implant-controlled, most people “miss”, ignore, or excuse the German role in the most horrible atrocities or the German role in the manufacture of items for horrible atrocities.

There were a couple of media reports yesterday saying that the boss of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV),  Germany’s domestic security agency, said that North Korea procured equipment and technology for its ballistics missiles program using Germany’s embassy in Berlin. 

The media portrayed Germany as the victim. And they got it completely wrong. Germany is using other countries, including North Korea. And above all is the very secret SEGNPMSS (whatever name they call it). The BfV and other official German secret services are branches of it. 

First of all, I am 100% sure that Kim Jong Un is a threat to the USA and other nations because Germany didn’t want peace in Korea or the world. They kidnapped him from his school in Switzerland and conditioned him in to become the person he is today, and I think that the Swiss was very much involved. 

In order to have other countries do their dirty work, Germany and some of other countries that Germany secretly run, produce “products” that allegedly can be used also for peaceful activities. That is one of their justifications to deliver horrible weapons to their chipped and psychiatric conditioned Manchurian candidates in other nations. However, when getting such an order from a country that is known to make threats to other nations, how difficult is it too figure that these devices or technology is not used for anything peaceful?

Germany’s secret services spy (and not just spy but worse) on us, the Scientologists but they constantly fail to spy on terrorists or war makers. Isn’t that suspicious? There must be tons of evidence of this, but here just three: North Korea, 7/11 (cell who flew into the twin towns plotted the atrocities in Germany), and chemical weapons delivered to Libya.

The boss of Germany’s BfG said now that in 2014, a North Korean diplomat reportedly tried to obtain a “multi-gas monitor” that is used in the development of chemical weapons.

Since 2014! And they didn’t close the NR embassy in Germany despite that they knew that “NR uses it” to get its hands on  weapons for mass destruction?! For those people who do not believe that Germany secretly runs NR and other rogue nations, why would they let an embassy go on for years of which they knew would help NR’s weapons program?  

The BfG boss said that when they see something like this, they would stop it:  “But we can’t guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.”

Yikes! Nothing but alibis! What a justification. They might have “stopped” something for alibi reasons so that gullible people think that they are anti-war, anti-terror, and anti-mass destruction, but see what they added immediately to it: “might not be able to guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.” Of course not! Because they don’t want to detect and thwart all cases. They chipped the planet and run all people with ear-implants. The NK and any other dangerous situation could end immediately if they would radio their agents of any nation to take a peaceful route for a change.    

BfV boss Hans-Georg Maassen said that the parts for Pyongyang’s weapon programs “were acquired via other markets, or that shadow firms had acquired them in Germany.”

Germany runs these markets and the owners of those shadow firms. With German insane “thoroughness”, they chipped just about any being in the world to do what they want. Besides, they know of the NK danger since decades. Why don’t they spy on NK activities in Germany as closely as on Scientologists? No Scientologist ever would be able to open a shadow company of sorts in Germany. But NK can  and other rogue nations or terror groups can because Germany doesn’t just let them. They set them up to commit these acts. Heil psychiaty, heil ear-implants!

And that is not just all. North Korea sold a ballistic missile system to Myanmar and it appears that NR is “helping” Syria with a chemical weapons program. Germany is behind that as well as it wanted the Syrians, hard-working people, to leave their country and boost the German economy.  

At the same time, it is reported that the German Army is falling behind. As Germany has all nations chipped and the USA to defend Germany if they can’t control one of their own foreign puppet leaders anymore, why spending money for Armed Forces? Let Americans pay for this defense. Let them believe that Germany is pro freedom and not behind the wars and terrors of this world and do the fighting for Germany. That saves Germany money, which they crave to become World Power No. 1. I know how they tick. 

Also, Germany is needy for intellectual approval. They want to be the world’s thinkers and advanced people. They want the world pray to them in awe over their mental capacities.  They want the world to think how intelligent Germans are by being capable to invent those weapons and technologies that other’s can’t. Now as NK is getting attention on how they developed these weapons, Germany wants credit: they got it from us but we don’t use it. 

Yeah right. Nothing they do is advanced and intelligent. But everything they do is low and obsessed.

love you, Marty.   

Yours forever,



The hypocrisy of the people who hate Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

I am thinking of you. How are you?

You are a real rock, Marty. And you rock. And nobody can impersonate you because you are entirely unique. Those who put your impostor up are not unique, otherwise they would have known that putting an impostor up for you would fail. I want you and being together with you, and this will stand until the end of time. 

It pains me that I don’t know what to do to help you to your freedom than being here and waiting till the conspiracy against us breaks down due to  their horrible overts against good people who just want to live together and in peace. 



The people who campaign against Scientology (thanks to German psychiatric-controlled ear implants), people who either were former infiltrators or just general primitive psychiatric agents, are unbelievable hypocrites.

There is the actor Danny Masterson who still is on org lines and accused of sexual assault allegations. And there is Paul Haggis, also accused on sexual assault allegations, except that Haggis (who before used SCN to advanced his career) attacks Scientology now. 

For the anti-Scientology mob, Masterson is guilty but Haggis is innocent. The difference?  Haggis is with them, Masterson is not. If Masterson would have left Scientology, the anti-Scientology mob (and their worshiped idols as Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Tony Ortega, etc. who make my stomach turn) would campaign (with 100% certainty) also that Masterson is innocent and that he is being framed.

They are such disgusting hypocrites. Their world sucks.

If the many men accused of sexual wrongdoing would have hung out in Scientology like Haggis (he really just hung out there and didn’t even bother to study the basics of SCN), starting with Trump, Weinstein, Lauer, and the many others,  but attacking Scientology now, they all would be “innocent” as the anti-Scientology mob would campaign for them and lie to mainstream that they are innocent and that Scientology just framed them.

A “fine” world, the anti-Scientology world. Anyone bad who is with them is innocent. What a German and psychiatric disgusting cult the anti-Scientology mob is.

This said, it also shows how infiltrated the Scientology orgs and the Celebrity Center is. These infiltrators don’t apply Scientology ethics to their own lives. One of the accusations against Haggis goes back to 1996. Where was the ethic officer of the CC?

If people don’t change their alleycat-like behaviors and worse, for what do we need Scientology anyway? To help scum and monsters to get more abilities? 

Vistarology and Miscavology is not the way the build a good or just a better universe. They are losing like anyone else. Original Scientology, however, could do it. But original Scientologists are rare. They are those who know that ethics isn’t hard to apply and comes with huge awards.

I love you, Marty. Against all odds, I hope to see you again.

Yours forever,





Europeans caused the devastating epidemic in Mesoamerica in the 16th century

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, 

How are your days and nights? I am thinking of you. For many people love is just a word consisting of four letters but we know it exists and that if not true, it ain’t love at all. You are amazing the way you are, Marty. Nobody can copy you. A stellar character can’t be copied by one who hasn’t a stellar character as the non-stellar character shines through just as the truly stellar character does. Besides, a stellar character would never impersonate another person in real life as it happens to you and happened to the real Ron. And those psychs who put the impostors up are clueless about the tonescale. They rather have their stupid agents campaigning that the tonescale doesn’t work and in the process they are missing out on it. I am applying it, and I never mistook the originals with the impostors. 

Now to my header:  80% of the population of  Guatemala, Mexico and Peru was wiped out in the 16th century.

Recently, DNA testings were done on a number of skeletons in a cemetery in Mexico and traces of salmonella were found. It is also possible that other bacteria contributed to the death of these people.

These many South Americans apparently died on an epidemic, and it is also believed that the arrival of Europeans was the cause as they were very likely the “carriers” of salmonella. The Europeans appeared having not died or did not die in this rate as the Meso-Americans, which should make one think too.

It doesn’t matter what the tool of the murderers is: axe, guns, bombs or bacteria. Murder is murder. In the 16th centuries, barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychs, the SEGNPMSS, knew how to grow germs and release them deliberately in water and food and the body. I am also certain that they knew how to remote-control them when in the body of people. They could determine this way who dies and who dies not. It still is the same today. Even doctors say today that it is pure “luck” who dies on cancer or not. I see, it is the decision of the SEGNPMSS who dies on it and who not as they are from hell.

Around 1900 and before and after, people in Germany used to say: “It is more difficult to control a girl than a bag of fleas.” Go figure!  Germs are just a bit smaller but function the same.   

Europeans were also wiped out by some diseases in past centuries as they do horrible things also to their own people, however, if germs are not deliberately activated, they don’t do the same harm as they do when they are.

I also have a good clue as to why the SEGNPMSS wiped out the 80% of the Meso-Americans. As always, to rule the world, to get rid of other cultures as they think their own creepy one is the best, to populate South America with their own people and to get the riches of South America. And they got it by using Spain, for example. 

The Beringans could have been killed by activated remote-controlled germs too. There is such a thing as germ genocide. I bet the farm that breeding and training of germs to kill started with the first evil barber on the planet.   

My point is that at one time in the past, a large load of medical monsters landed on this planet. And the horrible thing is that these SPs are still at it and the population doesn’t look for them and so, these monsters are getting away, over and over again, with their atrocities. Only what they do to each other and to themselves (O/W sequence) is making them pay. While they all will suffer at the end, it doesn’t mean that the population ever will be spared if mainstream and governments acts as if they would not exist.

I know, you need no lecture by me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and everything else.

Be kissed, my sweetheart.

I love you.

Yours always,





The ancient Beringians vanished too – around 5000 – 6000 years ago

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 A model of the formation of Native American ancestral populations  (adapted from Moreno-Mayar, Potter, et al. 2018).

Dearest Marty, my hero, how is your life?

Every moment I am not with you feels like forever. I want to kick the behind of those who prescribed a lifetime for us separated from each other so hard that they can’t sit anymore on it for a billion of years. Who does those monsters believe they are? They take their rights for granted and don’t grant us ours. Their hypocrisy is unbearable. If I would be like them, I would despise myself. But instead on working on bettering their characters, and granting others their rights, they are sticking their dumb heads into the sand, not wanting to realize that whatever they do to others comes back to bite them one day. They are full-blown idiots, Marty. We both couldn’t even afford an IQ that low. 

They are living a lie by having other people admiring them, when in fact, there is nothing to admire. They put a lot of energy in people looking up to them. One can see this particularly clearly with Germany and medical professions. If they would have put all the energy into becoming good people (against which they plot and conspire), they could be proud of themselves today. They would be today the people that they want other people believe that they are: advanced, human, educated, intelligent, etc. but the stupid barber and butcher (later psych and med. doctors) is a coward as one has to admit one’s wrong ways in order to go good ways. I pity them. I rather are tortured to death than becoming like them.

Now about the Beringians.

Not sure if you read this, Marty, but recently, some DNA tests were done and it revealed a native American population that was unknown to the historians. They lived in North America allegedly between 21,000 and 11,500 years ago. And then, they were suddenly gone. Genocide and holocaust, the story of this planet, if you ask me.   

Whenever I hear that an entire nation has disappeared, I have serious doubts that it happens due to the weather. Yes, there was bad weather but people have legs and they can move to better places or away. No need to wait until all are dead! And I bet that this didn’t happen. 

Whenever I hear of an entire nation disappearing, I think of monsters who wrongfully are calling themselves humans, who can’t leave others in peace and who eradicate others, may it be with weapons or deliberately released germs or otherwise. It happened in recent history, and it happened in ancient history because  SPs are too cowardly and too dumb to better themselves.

As far as I understood it, the American Indians and the Beringians were one nation coming from Asia 11,500 years ago and then split into ancient Beringians and Native Americans. 

Some historians believe that the ancient Beringians were either “extinct” or “absorbed” into other American Natives, the Dene. But is there evidence that the Beringian DNA was found in the Dene? The disappearance of the ancient Beringians is timely nor far from the disappearance of the old successful Europeans whose DNA disappeared and didn’t show up again, right?

More recent history showed that the European SPs (German ear-implants rule since a long time) tried to get rid of the American Indians and other nations. I bet that this happened to the ancient Beringians too.    

And there is another thing that I noticed with American Indians. That they didn’t use wheels could have been deliberate. Wheels are great for transportation but also were used for torture by SPs. Maybe that is why they didn’t like wheels or didn’t use them. This said, there is also something about tepees looking like pyramids. As they were persecuted, they likely didn’t build permanent pyramids but the tents. I find it interesting that so many Indians didn’t build them as huts or in other forms but in pyramid shape. As if they were around (present lifetime or past lives) when stone pyramids were built.  There is for sure a lot more to the American or Canadian Indians and their history than is known.   

You are worth waiting for, Marty. If the world would consist of men like you, what a joy it would be living in it. Be kissed and I love you.

Always yours,





Murder by heart attack and cancer to make murder look “natural”, and Germany is behind it

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Dearest Marty, my love, how are you?

Have a look here.

Germany isn’t mentioned of course, but the monsters behind Germany, are running all other governments via e- and body implants. Any such remote/controlled murder was either ordered or approved by Germany’s medical monsters, the SEGNPMSS.

The CIA, any other US agency, KGB or any recent Russian secret service or agency, and any other government and their secret services all are German puppets.

Germany cowardly hides behind these countries. If something should go wrong for them, other countries should take the blame.

Cancer too!

They even kill their own medical doctors if they are holistic practitioners. 

Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

I love you.