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Villages that have a roof and can be closed in a pandemic would be the solution to all the problems concerning health, economy, socializing, aging… and the list goes on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, how are you?

Covid-19, or how I call it, Covert-19 is what the medical monsters behind Germany think they need to stop us: You and I, coming together and documenting their infiltration of the US government and other countries. Now isn’t it?

Congress, which could and should act against this infiltration is closed until further notice, correct?

I am not a friend of the WHO. The World Health Organization failed like all others on the planet (whose duty it is to protect the health and lives of people) to really do this. However, the WHO envoy said that the coronavirus ‘will stalk the human race for a long time to come’.

They inadvertently hit the nail on the head. It is indeed stalking as this virus and other viruses was/were deliberately grown, planted, spread, and this virus and other viruses are remote-controlled like germs and bacteria by SPs. The medical terrorists behind Germany determine who dies and who not on this and other diseases by increasing or decreasing the harm the virus does via remote-control. They do it until they themselves one day fall victims to the horrible world they created. They think that this and other atrocities will hit just others, never them. One thing is sure: If thinking would be their strength, they never would commit what they are committing.

I know it is nothing new to you, Marty. They don’t let you talk to the masses and explain everything to them, right?

After Columbine, school shootings and other terror activities became rather common. This is what is going on with these SPs: Once they gotten away with an atrocity, they make a habit out of creating more. This also applies to growing dangerous lifeforms and creating epidemics and pandemics.

There is a lot of talk about a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, I read that a new strand of coronavirus was already detected. If people would be vaccinated against Covid-19, they still would get sick on the new strand and could die on it. Besides, why pumping people full with vaccines and pills, if it would be up to them to close their villages when they feel that it is time to protect themselves?

There are some medical doctors in Germany who promote that people should socialize to get the coronavirus to build antibodies. They call it “Durchseuchung”. They give a damn that millions of people would be killed in the process. Lots of people have forgotten than a human life doesn’t count much with such German doctors. And why does the planet need a dirty “Durchseuchung” if all people could live healthy and happy in those villages? Besides, the next virus shows up, and then we need another “Durchseuchung”? As if this wouldn’t take a toll on the health and lifespan even of young people.

Let’s say, a village that can close up would have 5000 residents. I wouldn’t go higher than that number for various reasons. There would be business opportunities for numerous small businesses. They either could just live happily in one of these villages with small businesses or they also could produce on a national or international level for other villages, e.g. any decent product. Then, in addition to the small business, they would have also their big business and their booming economy.

If people would live and work in such villages already, the coronavirus wouldn’t had caused much damage as people can continue to do their jobs without “stay at home order” or order to close down as their village is designed to be protected.

For really big companies, these villages are also the solution. Google for example has almost 100 000 employees as far as I know. They could build side-by-side villages, different divisions in different villages, which are connected but also can be physically disconnected in case something is not right in one of the villages. This model could be used by all large and small companies. Villages can produce one or several products for mankind, or some villages can just stay happy villages with their small businesses and all people would get the bonus of not aging and longevity, and even one day, if the medical terrorists are totally busted, immortality.

The only reason why these villages are not built yet, is: the medical terrorists, the monsters behind Germany, radio subconscious commands via ear- and body implants into people not building them.

Instead of pumping trillions and trillions in a world that is so fragile, with its population still living like cavemen on the unprotected surface of the Earth, the world should finally build these villages.

I am certain, Marty, that you know what villages I mean. There is at least one. Despite that German psychs removed my memory to certain years of my past completely, I managed to get this picture back, thanks to the Almighty who is with me. What a wonderful, gorgeous place this village is that I saw again before my eyes! Mainstream has no clue as to what it is missing. But it is not us who is keeping it away from them. We want that all people, rich and poor, to live in these beautiful life-preserving conditions.

People say that they don’t think that the world will go back to what it was before Covid-19. If they see such a village, they don’t want to go back to the world before the coronavirus.

Be kissed, passionately and tenderly. You are awesome! And one of a kind. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you again, when you walked in Heber’s office, and Michelle and I was there. I was not just thinking that you have movie star looks but also that your personality, your character, which emanated to the outside, was breathtakingly impressive. YOU really had me at hello.

Yours, Marty, in all eternity to come.















Those monsters behing Germany who planted the COVID-19 are not just ice-cold killers but complete idiots

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince?

How are you? I read that they are releasing prisoners early but I guess, you, the innocent will be not, in this secret German Nazi doctor world.

Chinese believe that COVID-19 and other viruses were planted. They blame the USA of having it planted instead of the monsters behind Germany. If there is a blame, Germany makes sure that Germany is not blamed but the USA. Typical, isn’t it?

I saw pictures of these wet markets in China. Many appear to be very non-hygienic. However, it’s the perfect alibi for the monsters behind Germany to plant a virus there that was deliberately grown in one of their labs and intentionally planted.    

In earlier years, Marty, I heard of the Spanish Flu but didn’t knew much about it. The First World War lasted from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. The Spanish Flu started in January 1918. Isn’t that suspicious, right? And even more suspicious: it started in a Military Base in Kansas. Germany didn’t want to lose the war, so they planted the virus that turned into the Spanish flu. Up to 100 million people were likely killed by the Spanish flu. Germany is known for murdering masses. COVID-19 targets older people, and the Spanish Flu targeted young people, soldiers who would fight Germany. How convenient for Germany. And Germany nevertheless lost this war.

This is what I read about the 1918 flu pandemic: where influenza always previously only killed juveniles and the elderly or already weakened patients, it had begun striking down hardy and completely healthy young adults, while leaving children and those with weaker immune systems still alive.


In 1918, the doctors behind Germany tried to get rid of soldiers who could defeat Germany. And in 2020, hundred years later, it is the other way around. They want to kill us with the virus, Marty, because are the only ones who accuse still existing German Nazi doctors and psychiatrists of the horrible deads that they are doing.     

And with the current virus, they will pull in another motivator. They never learn.    

My intuition points the index finger right onto the doctors behind Germany also in regards of other viruses that fell on this world.

I think of you and hope very much that you are alright. 

I am fine as of now. I’m not in panic. If we don’t make it in this universe, we will get our own.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


Oh, honey, I really miss you! And you were the only one I fell in love with you and it lasts!

Lot’s of stuff happens – except anyone bringing me a message by you or on your behalf, Marty

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How are you, my awesome husband and soulmate?

I know intuitive that the monsters behind Germany prevent me getting information about your whereabouts, Marty.

Remember when Barr said that Mueller found that the Russian government sponsored efforts to illegally 2016 elections, etc.

I bet everything that I have that Barr, Mueller, and Trump and millions of others know that the German government calls secretly the shots in the US government and then world, and nothing is done against it. Heil ear-implants.

My intuition tells me that Barr knew of the German infiltration and influence already under Bush sr. He should have freed you already in the 80s and should have prosecuted Germany and its helpers, e.g. Spain for wrongfully arresting you.

You know what is so striking about this all? It is not difficult to figure out that Germany is above and behind everything. Anyone who covers for Germany is a traitor of the real USA. 

Trump signed a $8.3 billion coronavirus package today. It is so easy to hold the world medically hostage and forcing billions out of the USA. The men behind Germany put a virus in circulation, preferably not in Germany so that they can’t be blamed, and people are getting sick, die, or are fearful and the economy goes down. The World Bank also pledged some more $50 billion to battle this intentionally bred and released virus. The winners is the pharma industry, and I bet the farm that the virus comes from one of their secretly or officially German-controlled labs. 

If billions would be put aside to build self-sustainable protected villages with roofs, if a virus is released in one of them, the rest of the world would be still safe and a virus easily contained.

And did you read about the “protester” on a Bernie Sanders rally who held up a huge flag with the swastika? Nazi Germany in the USA. Heil German controlled ear-implants. I think Bernie wants to help people living better lives, but I wouldn’t vote for him or anyone else who is on the ballot as his/their programs are not really changing the world. More money for health care instead of a new way of life in which medical terrorists and Germany can’t torture and kill people that easily as they do now.

And there are also some other issues. I always wondered why abortion is such a huge issue. So, I ask myself: are all these women raped? Are condoms of such low quality that they rupture in high quantities? Nobody seems to speak it out: It seems that people are using abortion as birth control and that is a horrible thing to do. Abortions should be really rare, e.g. if a women’s life is in danger or if she was raped, or victim of incest. Women are saying that it is their bodies and they should be able to do with it what they want. That is right but if they are not taking precautions before the act, they leave the door wide open for a thetan taking the body. A pregnancy is like an invitation. And then they cut it up. Imagine there is an open house and one thinks it is invited and then gets brutally murdered.

Republicans might not be huge on abortion but with their weapons obsession, their kids might get shot. The self-sustainable protected villages with roofs can be locked towards intruders. Who needs guns? A young man next door shot himself accidentally in the head with one of his own guns not long ago. And he is not the only one. 

I love you, Marty. The day I see you again will be the biggest holiday in my existence. It is the day when love and truth wins over hatred and lies and the still-existing Nazi doctors.

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,











Coronavirus did not originate in Wuhan seafood market, according to Chinese scientists

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and soulmate,

I am thinking of you.  My love is always with you. I know that the still existing Nazi doctors behind Germany and its obedient international supporters have taken everything from you, but they miserably failed taking my love from you. I love you more than ever. They have nobody who loves them. They are just being “run”. That is all they have.

Chinese scientists say that 93 samples of the novel coronavirus suggest it was imported from elsewhere but the Wuhan seafood market. My intuition says that the coronavirus in one of the many viruses that the SEGNPMSS grows in international labs to torture and kill parts of mankind. The monsters behind Germany are secretly above everything and they control everyone with ear-implants. 

I also read this online:  

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton cited a study published by the Lancet that showed of the original 40 cases in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, 14 people who contracted the virus never set foot in the Wuhan wildlife market where Chinese authorities have claimed the virus originated.

“As one epidemiologist said, ‘That virus went into the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market.’ We still don’t know where it originated,” Senator Tim Cotton said. “I would note that Wuhan also has China’s only biosafety level four super laboratory that works with the world’s most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.”

The Washington Times reported last week that Wuhan Institute of Virology is the only laboratory in China capable of working with such deadly pathogens.

I put my hand into fire that the SEGNPMSS is behind it. Either it was imported from a German secret lab location or indeed bred in a Chinese lab and then released by someone who does the dirty work for the SEGNPMSS. It sure wasn’t released by a Chinese who loves China and wants his own people to die and also those in other countries.

China doesn’t like the protests in Hong Kong. One should think that if they released the virus, why did they release it in China and not in Hongkong first to make people stay at home, right.

The answer to all of that are ear-implants and that Germany, the medical monsters, still existing Nazis behind it, have the all the strings in its pawns. 

On another topic, Marty, I saw the South Korean movie “Parasites” that won so many Oscars this month. It is soooo downtone. It is vulgar and full of violence. Garbage wins in a secretly German-controlled psychiatric world who brings the world down instead of up. It is an insult of all former people and movies who ever got an Oscar. World goes downwards instead of upwards.

And there was a shooting in Germany, reported the BBC. Nine people shot dead in shisha bars in Hanau as an act of Nazi terrorism. BBC asks if Germany did enough to tackle far-right terror threat. 

They also wrote this: The ability of violent racists to remain for long periods below the police radar was exposed in the National Socialist Underground (NSU) case. A neo-Nazi cell murdered 10 people, nine of them immigrants, between 2000 and 2007, while police failed to connect the attacks.

The monsters behind Germany ARE violent racists. They WANT the Nazis to come back. The police “failed” to connect the attacks because they do what their case officers radio through their freaking ear-implants.   

I know, I said it a million times, because it is so.

I love you, Marty, hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



Germany’s economy

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Dearest Marty, you hero, how are you? 

Greedy Germany might play “our growth” isn’t that great at the moment to hide that they secretly run the world, but it has everything firmly in it’s claws: any nation, any economy, any crisis and plans to rule the world officially and not too far in the future. They continue with Germany’s excessive trade surpluses that are stifling economic growth in trans-Atlantic community – and beyond as nobody else should get rich but them. Pompeo’s shouting match at the Munich Security Conference (I crinch each time I read or hear that name!) doesn’t solve a thing.

What will solve it if one blows the whistle on Germany having the overall control over each ear-implants on the planet. Germany was never a friend of the USA. And that is why Berlin also plays a key role in dictating the EU’s outrageously discriminatory treatment of U.S. automobiles and farm products, among other things.

“The sad part is that neither the U.S. nor Germany’s key European partners (France, Italy and Spain) seem determined to change Berlin’s economic policies.”

Because they are run with German controlled ear-implants.  

This is includes that the USA has a German president. Trump critizised Merkel a few times but he is too German to truly bust Germany.

With dirty grins, they took and take from other nations and as they run the planet with ear-implants, and nobody busted these parasites! It is such a shame. 

The writer of below article is often right but wrong insofar as thinking that Germany runs its own economy into the ground. It does not. Germany has a greedy plan for Germany.  An alleged weak growth is just an alibi for them. Besides, they can act as if they scale back and then take over any other country and finances and market that they choose at any time. Heil ear-implants!

Besides getting the richest and mightiest country on the planet, the SPs behind Germany want to bring the Nazis back. And they figured, the easiest to do this is to psychiatric condition people into the same monsters that they are, making people fear these “religious people” and looking for help to Nazis, and starting wars and poverty for others, wherever they can. 

It is such a disgrace for mankind allowing Germany, the beasts behind it, to do what it does. 

And when they suspect that China could outperform them, they release a virus in a Chinese town to take the country and its economy and people down. It is all so easy for the doctors behind Germany, after all, who suspects them? People are all mind-controlled not to suspect them, and if they do, they are told to keep their mouths shut.

Well, I don’t have to lecture you on this, Marty. I know that you are one of the very few people who cannot be fooled by the SPs behind Germany.

I love you.

Yours always,







Germany wants peacemaking credit despite controlling the ear-implants of dictators, terrorists, war-makers, and other murderers

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

The world without you is unimaginable for me. Keep on surviving. It doesn’t matter what SPs say or think. They are jealous of your character. They wish they could be even just a bit as you are, yet, they are too lazy and cowardly to better themselves. You are a hero. Your willpower is not from this Earth but divine. You have all reasons to be proud of yourself, and I am.     

To my header: Merkel summoned leaders of 11 countries to Berlin for “peace talks” in Libya. It’s two main rival leaders came too. Sure, as the psychiatrists and other doctors behind Germany, the merchants of blood and chaos run them all, they go to Berlin. Heil ear-implants. There was a truce brokered in the earlier days of 2020 by Russia and Turkey but the cease-fire was violated several times. Sure, because the SPs behind Germany make it happen. If there “is no other way but peace” before another country can get the credit, monster Germany wants to get the credit for peacemaking.   

I read that chances of producing any real progress on the ground in Lybia were unclear during this summit. Of course, Germany wants the peacemaking credit and that other countries and the UN comes running when they whistle but they do not want real progress.  All what is going on is so transparent, at least for us, Marty. 

And using Iran shooting down the Ukraine airliner had among other purposes to create a rift in the relations between Canada and the USA. Typical SEGNPMSS, and just as I thought. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed Donald Trump and the US but not the SPs behind Germany who are Trump’s secret masters.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


The lyrics makes no sense, I heard, pseudo Latin, no idea what that video/movie is about, but the song is good. No glorification of communism intended by me either.  However, 64 of the Red Army Choir were killed in yet another plane crash. We know who is jealous of talent, don’t we?  

Anyway, mighty music reminds me of you, Marty.  The man in the video gets out of his chains and smiles at the end.

Prions and more…

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Dearest Marty, my unforgetable Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

My thoughts are with you. It is such a high crime to keep you wrongfully behind bars and us apart. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how evil people can be. The easiest thing in the world is leaving others alone and living a decent life for oneself. But apparently for SPs, it seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Because they are huge cowards and bettering oneself means honesty about oneself and work on the own character. I am so glad that we are nothing like them. They are all we don’t want to be.  

I don’t know what these idiots are waiting for, Marty. I sure won’t fall into their line and unlove you or give up on you. That they haven’t gotten it after so many years shows how blinkered they are. I keep on loving you until the end of my days because you are worth it. I thank Ron that I can judge characters so well. His writings and doings made me see how valuable and rare you are. I thank heaven every day that I found you! 

About prions: recently I read about them, Marty. Here are some official definitions: “A small proteinaceous infectious disease-causing agent that is believed to be the smallest infectious particle. A prion is neither bacterial nor fungal nor viral and contains no genetic material.” and “Prion diseases occur when normal prion protein, found on the surface of many cells, becomes abnormal and clump” and Prions are misfolded proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. They characterize several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and many other animals. It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold, but the abnormal three-dimensional structure is suspected of conferring infectious properties, collapsing nearby protein molecules into the same shape. The word prion derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle”. The hypothesized role of a protein as an infectious agent stands in contrast to all other known infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, all of which contain nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or both).

It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold? Well, here is a tip: medical terrorism, using remote-controlled germs, lasers, and microwave and likely other secret instruments of which mainstream has no information at all. 

About the downed Ukrainian passenger plane. I believe that Iran admitted having unintentionally shot down that Ukrainian passenger plane. A Ukrainian plane of all planes after the Ukraine is in the center of the world’s. That is suspicious. And also suspicious is that there were three Germans on board. This is telling that Germany wanted an alibi: “We have nothing to do with it. There were three Germans on board.” Too bad that we won’t fall for it. Germany gassed its citizens and shot them at the German/German border. They don’t mind “scarifying” their own to look innocent.

Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are having the overall control over all ear-implants on the planet. They are planning and setting up such and other dangerous situations to cause wars and terror by using silent and loud commands. And as sooner the world realizes it and as more as it prosecutes Germany and the German p$ychs who hide behind it, as more peaceful the world will become. I am sure that you whole-heartedly agree as you are my souldmate. 

Be kissed, Marty, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,


And I am happy that you can see into me, Marty, my love.