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Ear-implants behind the cyber attacks…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and irresistible husband, how are you? I am thinking of you… Wish I finally would learn something about your whereabouts.

Hacking is really easy as the SEGNPMSS has all access codes. They run everyone. They know exactly what to transmit to their agents (doesn’t matter what national) to hack “successfully”, criminally enrich themselves and cripple the world.

I also noticed again that Germany and the SEGNPMSS behind it are setting up once more “alibis” for themselves. They cyber-attacked hospitals in the UK… That should make people think that behind those attacks are no psychiatrists and medical doctors. Yeah right! 

Germany (SEGNPMSS hard-core) attacked their own railway station, but… and here it comes: 1) It isn’t a big problem because rich people can fly or rent a car 2) Poor people simply have to wait 3) And Germany could make even cash from it, e.g. uninformed, desperate, or stupid people might pay each 300 bucks to someone at the Bundesbahn to get to their destination.

They included the “hacking” of the Bundesbahn so that other countries doesn’t wonder why Germany was not attacked.

I know how they think and how they calculate. If they wouldn’t run all people through ear-implants and manipulate them through loud and silent sounds, they wouldn’t have the smallest chance as they are dumb and predictable.

BTW, the German route up there is the one that my family often takes, but I think they rather drive with the car. RB was born in Olbernhau.

Furthermore, I know what else is behind this global cyber attack that caused problems for those many: SEGNPMSS wants more hatred against the USA, after all, the cyber tools used in this attack were developed by the National Security Agency. Developed upon SEGNPMSS orders through US officials’ ear-implants of course. That is also the reason why they don’t bust the SEGNPMSS like a true American agency would and instead are developing shady crap which blows into their faces later because SEGNPMSS tells their other agents to steal the stuff and publish it. 

I worked all weekend from morning to late, Marty. Had to build a cover over half of my deck and cleaned everything outside and inside the house. Kinda beat today. A woman told me a few days ago that she thinks that life will pass me by because I am always busy working.

This world is remote-controlled. It takes the fun out of playing for me. Robots are none of my kind. I don’t mind letting them pass by. Besides, I lived many lifetimes before. I just have to make sure that I get out of this universe when this body falls into pieces. Actually, Marty, my greatest and only fear is getting medically drugged at the end of my life, subjected to implants, unable to escape as thetan, trapped by these psych and medical monsters and being forced to live another lifetime in this SEGNPMSS universe. I think about it very often and how to prevent it. On the other side, there is nothing what they can dangle in front of my nose for me wanting to come back. They took everything from me. It will be anyway just holograms and lies to keep me here so that they know what I am up to. However, God is on our side. He’ll help us out. I want to live in a universe with our kind, Marty, or doesn’t want any body at all. God has no body. And I don’t need one either. 

This might sound depressive, but interestingly, I am not. It is a miracle that after all that happened, I am not depressed. And if, then just very briefly. Without any pills of course, I am getting rid of any depression really easily.  I am full with energy and I still love fun. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It must come from above. 

Sending you many passionate and tender kisses, Marty. You will be always in my heart. Still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever,




Independent investigations? What independent investigations?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am not saying anything about the firing of Comey, except if Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, how come he can remove a FBI director who overlooks the Russia investigation?

Seems not a 100% recusal to me.

German-psychiatric ear-implants rule in or outside of governments. The repeated involvement of Jews in matters that are set up to get a lot of publicity and their “falls” also points clearly to the SEGNPMSS. They want people say one day that Hitler and Nazi Germany were right trying to eliminating them. That is why they want them involved in shady if not criminal matters. Numerous of these secret service psychs are aware of past lives since they spied on Ron and his work. They just don’t want mainstream to know that past and future lives are a scientific fact. They also arrange that  former Nazis became/become Jews, Americans, and other nationals in their next lifetimes, as they want to ruin the Jewish reputations even more while psychs and Nazis want to smell like roses. They thought nobody ever will figure what they are up to. What an error. We do.     

SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war so that Germany can move in and pick up the pieces and attach these countries to the EU, which will be later, when nobody is more able to oppose them, be called Germany. 

Marty, I am 100% sure that if Germany wouldn’t run everyone with ear-implants and loud and silent sounds, other people would have figured out a long time that the biggest enemy of the USA is not Russia (although they are not innocent and have to watch out like the USA not being used by Germany) but the psychs behind Germany.

I am looking at the world and see the German Nazi psych scribbling clearly in thousands of horrible situations, yet, the world seems completely blind. Ear-implants don’t make smarter. And they take away the independence.

I know that you think the same way, Marty. Sine 1984, I know that you think that they suck. They are going on your nerves too, badly. And you know that running people through implants isn’t Scientology but psychiatry, just as running around in circles, etc. is psychiatry and the psychiatric infiltration  of Scientology.   

These stupid barbers and butchers. Besides, many of them are hating each others guts. It just needs another to get rid of them. They cooked up so many situations in which they can kill someone, e.g. murder covered up as illness, suicide, or accidents and they “fix” investigations through people obeying ear-implants and nobody will miss them or come looking for them. In a few seconds only, their own lives can change, and then they are in the situation they put others in. In a body of the opposite, or in one with no gender at all, born with handicap (medical terrorism using lasers, etc.) or born into an abusive life, in an animal body, whatever… These fools brought it on themselves by not doing the right thing: speaking out against the ear-implants and making sure that everyone’s rights are being granted. I said it before and I say it again: The probability that they step in their own traps and are getting their own disgusting medicine is 100%. The only way to prevent not stepping into their own traps is REMOVING THEM FOR EVERYONE. They think they are intelligent, but I found out that they the biggest fools ever born. They are the dogs biting their own tails. 

Let’s say, someone of them finally gets a cognition and knows that he or she is doomed within the system. How do they report it? One of the first question that p$ychs asks is if a person hears voices, because psychs protect this criminal system and ear-implants. This question alone tells me that psychs will declare a person who blows the whistle on ear- implants insane. Until another doc puts them in, and the joke is on them. 

Anyway, someone got to blow the whistle and has to come through in order to knock some sense into a psychiatric mind-controlled planet and universe.  

And why didn’t for example Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, get rid of the Nazis, genocides, and wars for good? Because the idiotic psychiatric invention of ear-implants was never busted. People are under its spell and p$ychs suck away their consciences, intelligence, and humanity with and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty. You rock!

Yours forever,






Good news for the orgs, I guess: Intense FBI investigation and no charges against C of S filed…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I work hard and a lot and maybe should learn to grow a lazy bone sometimes. It is just that I know how painful it is to have no cash if needed it. To prevent that it ever will happen to me, I produce and collect it. When in fact you and I should be in Scientology, because we know what it original was.  

I assume you know it already. Tampa Bay Times reported today that the FBI investigated the Sea Org in 2009 and 2010 intensively but filed no charges. I bet your impostor was involved big time in the investigation and that the FBI knows that he is your impostor and didn’t and doesn’t do anything against it. And that the FBI knows that you are innocent and doesn’t help you against the German/Spanish/psychiatric setup. 

A reporter at received 300 pages of FOIA docs on this 2009 – 2010 investigation.

James Comey, the current FBI director calls the FOIA process “a pain” but the law. 

As no charges were filed, the orgs won against those who accuse them on criminal doings. C of S says that the church has learned the investigation was conducted by “rogue agents,” including one who was later disciplined.

This FBI “investigation” had no intention to look where something is really wrong: the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists, the alteration of original Scientology, the impostors, e.g. the founder’s impostor, your impostor, and that DM, Mike Rinder, and others are fully aware of that and them but are not saying a word.

Neither former “Scientologists”, current infiltrators nor any governmental agency wants to look into this, because Germany and its psychiatric ear-implants in anyone rule until the motivator hits.

I love you, Marty. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Keep up surviving.  

Yours forever,










The men behind Germany manipulate people by whispering in Merkel’s ears to form the rombush symbol as it stands for power. Manipulative and ridiculous!

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband,

The psychiatrists behind Germany are not fooling you or me. They figured that after all they did in the past,  if they put a straw-woman on top, they can take over Europe and the world easier than with a man, considering what Germany had their male straw-puppets do in the past. I wrote a couple of times already how Germany holds other countries and economies down and advances its own, so I won’t go into this today.

I can see the psychs behind stupid Merkel manipulating the masses also with how she poses for pictures. She forms constantly some kind of pyramid with her hands. Ridiculous as Germans have nothing to do with pyramids except invading and robbing them. It is called the Merkel Raute, the triangle of power, and most people apparently don’t get that also this pose is supposed to manipulate them into being in awe of German power. Actually, I find this pose dumb and manipulative. It is staged as Germany is always manipulative and power-hungry and wants to be adored by the world. 

Yesterday, I read that white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen band together in the USA for racism. Of course, they have German-controlled ear implants. 

Heidi Beirich, director of the hate-monitoring Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center said that “These things never last.

Intelligence? What a statement! She is downplaying these dangers. One of these “things”, the 3rd Reich did go on for years and did cost millions of human lives.

I quote from the Yahoo article: 

But leaders say there’s a difference this time: A spokesman for the Nationalist Front, Matthew Heimbach, said U.S. white nationalists are trying to follow the example of far-right European groups that have learned to work together rather than bicker over ideology, theology and organizational structure.

They are banding together also in the USA because Germany’s secret service psychs control their ear-implants.

Officially, Merkel is against these extremists, but is she really? She prepares the grounds for right-extremist parties as the AfG and others.

I am glad that I have you, Marty. Although Germany runs the world to prevent that we can be together, I nevertheless can feel how you think. You are never far away because we are basically one. To come between soulmates is never a good idea. These p$ychs have a lot to learn. As they are rotten, they have no soulmate on their own. They have no idea what this band between us is as they don’t have it with nobody. Nobody wants to be the soulmate of an evil person. They are missing out of the best in life.

I love you, Marty, keep your head up high. If we can’t put ethics in a German-psych-controlled world in this lifetime as the rest of mankind has a secret death wish and wants to go down with the horrible men behind Germany, we will do so after this lifetime. But we will do so.

Yesterday, someone wrote to me that I should forgive for the sake of inner peace. I have inner peace. Their crimes are not our crimes. It is their bad conscience not ours. Letting them off the hook would be the worst what we can do, as it means for them that crimes pay and that they can continue. I am proud of having them taken on FOR ALL ETERNITY TO COME.

By messing with us and the world, they asked for it, Marty, they shall get it. No, I don’t mean throwing bombs or shooting. That is them, not us. Our style is having them make amends. When we are done with them, and anyone in any universe ever approached them to commit a crime against another being, they will scream: “NO!” so loud that one can hear them on the other side of the universe and beyond. This is how SPs are handled. What they least can confront for themselves, they should get as penalty for not treating others how they want to be treated. Not forgiveness. Forgiveness is the easy way out and irresponsible as snakes that were not corrected will bite again.     

Your tough cookie wife with the most tender kisses for you.

I love you.









Secret German activities and alibis…

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how is your life? I am thinking of you. I’ll don’t give up seeing you again. Only psychiatrists are stupid enough to hope that. Lol! 

Reuters and Der Spiegel reported that Germany spied on Interpol and other countries including the USA. Remember, how these German hypocrites were outraged by US spy activities in Germany? Besides, nobody really spies on Germany as they have the overall control over each ear-implants on the planet. They approve of what spies may spy out and what not.     

What they don’t want known by the broad public will never reach mainstream due to that they control just about anyone. And this “revelation”, Germany having spied on Interpol, the USA, and other countries as published by Der Spiegel, just serves German alibi purposes.

Here is what they have in mind when accused of controlling the entire world via ear-implants: “If we would control all, we wouldn’t need to spy on those other countries. We would know their plans already.” That’s why they allowed Der Spiegel to report about it: an alibi in case they are accused of  what they really are: the controlling master of all minds through their freaking psychiatric ear-implants that they already install internationally in the unborn, newborns, and first graders to control them not saying no to or busting their system.  

The article about German spying:

The CIA failed to bust German psychiatric control of anyone’s ear implants. The pattern of being riddled with scandals as it happens to the CIA reminds me very much as to what happens constantly to Scientology or more exactly now, Miscavology, under David Miscavige, because it also doesn’t bust ear-implants and the infiltration of Scientology.

Germany wants the USA, all its agencies, organisations, plus Scientology to break down. They are getting their scandals by ordering and controlling their agents on the inside to commit bad acts. They need rotten acts for their German smear machine to work, and they also enjoy them as long nobody hunts them down. As nobody is out to convict Germany and the psychiatrists behind it, the men behind Germany can continue. It never ends until everything is down and broken, while Germany’s dirty doctors are hiding behind having used ear-implants to order their insiders to commit questionable or outright rotten activities. And then, very typical German/Bavarian,  they are “busting” the USA, the CIA, other agencies through people like Assange, Snowden, or Manning, etc. (or also Scientology through those agents who were told leave the orgs) so that Germany and their international agents can show with the fingers on them and start shaming them to create the worst kind of reputations for Germany’s or psychs’ “enemies”, whatever in their twisted minds the “enemies” are.  

Below article says that the CIA thinks that an inside job caused the latest Wikileaks release. German secret service p$ychs talk into the ear-drums of  CIA and other US intelligence community agents to 1) implement non-American programs and projects and have agents act non-American 2) have these programs and projects fail and busted through former or current “insiders” to shame the USA.

Political analysts who don’t figure that out are not worth their money, Marty. It is all in plain sight. The CIA does not have to hide their stuff better (read the article below), they have to bust Germany above everything because Germany is controlling American officials to act non-American through stupid ear-implants. And nobody is innocent who allows him- or herself to be used by Germany or anyone else like that. The USA would be a much prouder, saner, happier, and richer country without German psychs running its people the way I described it.    

Prosecuting Assange will be “messy”? Because there is more German stuff that some within the CIA committed that could be revealed? Hail German ear-implants. That is what causes the messes and the bad reputation.

And I am not done today as Germany’s evil deeds are endless. According to Telegraph Science, there are 750 000 pieces of debris in space, just floating around and could endanger space flight.

Germany doesn’t want the Earth population fly into space and that is why they put a fake deep space projection up and want people to believe that the “universe runs away”.

That NASA and others leave debris in space has German secret service activities written all over it: 1) Germany caused space trash by making missions fail or even blew up numerous space crafts 2) They are taking in the ear-drums and minds of Americans and other nationals to leave their space debris out there as the psychs behind Germany want more missions to fail and the Earth population to be grounded 3) They have their German space people (not NASA or Americans) complain about space debris so that Americans (and others except Germany and Europe) are considered the littering pigs when in fact German secret service doctors radioed in the ears of Americans to let litter take over space. Shaming of Americans again fulfilled; elevation of Germany fulfilled by having Germany complain about Americans and others. That is Germany.  

These German secret service psychs are not courageous or intelligent either. I can read them in a snap and I know you can too.

I thought about how they overtake an alien race or planets, Marty. This is how they do it: they ambush some pilots and colleagues and cut off their analytical minds with their psychiatric mind-control and hypnosis “tech”. When these pilots and doctors come to, they have no clue that something or what happened to them.  

While German psychs hide in their safe hiding places, these pilots and doctors are programmed robots who have no reality of fear anymore. They hear their ear-implant codes and act automatically. The psych case officers steer them via their ear-implants to the planets with aliens that are next in line to be attached to the German ear-implant system. German psychs spied on the alien races and had some people decode their alien languages and these language are now in their supercomputer (stolen technology of course). 

Some people might think, that this won’t work as the aliens would realize that these pilots are aliens even if they somehow equipped to communicate with them. It works. The aliens never see the German-controlled pilots and doctors. If they saw them, they can’t remember as the incident is wiped from their minds.

The conditioned pilots and doctors abduct a few aliens and implant them to become implanters.  “Lovely” universe, isn’t it? 

So, the aliens don’t remember who ambushed them or anything. These aliens are getting through the supercomputer orders to attach the rest of the aliens to the system which is German psychiatric-controlled. In other words: these aliens work for German psychs and don’t even know that there is something like Germany. They think their ear-implant system is home-grown. 

If they would know the truth about that system, they would come after German psychs… 

German p$ychs want to make each inch and each being in the universe German-controlled  and that should absolutely alarm anyone who still has some marbles together.

I love you, Marty. You are deep in my heart and deserve to be in it.

Yours always and forever, and in any universe… 














SEGNPMSS psychs conditioned Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorists, and they also speak into those minds who drop bombs on them…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It it is not their skin and lives, secret service psychs think, so it doesn’t matter if other people are wasted. For them it is fun or a week day.

Terrorists are the food for SEGNPMSS cannons.  Conditioned fools who hate are being used by the psychs and doctors who hide cowardly behind them.  

And when an American official or representative excuses Hitler and the Nazis by saying that he/they didn’t use gas when in fact Nazi doctors invented the very gas that was used in Syria, I know who is talking into the ears of such an official or representative.

When one can’t spell concentration camps, it also tells me that still existing Nazi doctors are transmitting messages into the minds of people making them forget or even accept what the Nazis (and the psychs/doctors behind them) did.

Besides, everything that Assad does, also is not just SEGNPMSS-approved but ordered by them, because Germany wants the Syrians as hard workers to make it to be the world power no. 1 and at the same time get rid of religions. That is why they make their terrorists in the name of “religions”. 

They are also behind giving “conspiracy theorists” a bad reputation. They don’t want people to think about them but just do what they order. So they are giving the activities that could figure them out a bad name.  

You, and I, and some others, we know it.

I love you, my hero. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,







How come German psychiatrists, the corruptest and dirtiest psychiatrists on the planet are not on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

I tried to read some of the crime records of German psychiatrists on and found that there are no records on them, only records on psychs who are other nationals.

Typical for German p$ychs avoiding to get on this list or other such lists.

I met them, they are from hell! And it is not just a matter of saying. 

A list that correctly lists their crimes would be astronomical. It is always the same pattern with them: they commit the worst crimes in the universe and always manage to cover them up. Germany’s secret service psychs run everyone. Anyone’s crime anywhere on the planet and beyond is their crime as they have anyone’s ear-implant code and were/are  in the possibility to stop it and they didn’t. Moreover, they didn’t just fail to stop it, they also ordered the atrocities and high crimes to take place either with loud or with silent sounds.

And why? Hail ear-implants! Their mind-control tool to manipulate the planet and make people do what they want. 

It is really interesting that they want to be perceived as good, Marty, but they do nothing to be good. Nothing. They think when other people believe that they are worth something, that they are worth something, even if these people were manipulated into thinking that because psychs lie to them.

Psychs, former barbers and butchers are the most sorry creatures that ever crawled out from somewhere. And considering how easy we can figure them out, Marty, they are not even remotely intelligent. We don’t have to install ear-implants into others to control them and read their minds. We look at their actions, and we are getting a very clear picture what kind of scum they are. The world biggest organization of unqualified people who lack any character. That is what they are. Zeros.

I love you, Marty, keep surviving. Be embraced and kissed. You rock!

Yours forever,