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Medical terrorists’ damage control…

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soulmate and husband,

I hope you feeling alright, Marty, I worry about your well-being because SEGNPMSS consists of monsters and they run the world and whisper in the ear-implants of people to be most gruesome to you as you are good and noble, all they are not, because too cowardly to admit how low they are and better themselves. You have to suffer because they are jealous of the man you are and that they are not worthy to clean the dust of your shoes. I despise their low characters, Marty. It must feel horrible to be on the bottom of the tonescale. And I pity them that they rather want to bring uptone people down instead of going up on the tonescale.    

The American Medical Association Oncology published that a 255 million year old mammalian fossil from Africa had a dental tumor. On the other side, there are scientists who claim that cancer is man-made because there is as good as no cancer in ancient bones and mummies. (I agree.)

Bacteria are causing cancer. They attack the bones, blood, or tissue etc. but I doubt very much that they do that damage on their own. They are guided by medical terrorists using remote-controlled devices, silent sounds, microwave, lasers to activate these bacteria to multiply and grow as cancer or other disease and kill human or animal bodies.

Cancer has the handwriting of brutal barbers and butchers (today they call themselves medical doctors, psychiatrists and scientists) written all over it.

These attempts of having “researchers” suddenly “finding” very old cancers after rarely finding anyone with cancer in ancient times (Neanderthals had no cancer either) seems medical terrorists’ damage control to me, like: No, we doctors protect lives and don’t cause cancer with remote-controlled bacteria, see, cancer is very old… A 255 million old mammalian fossil, blah, blah….”

I believe that these cancers were added later to the bone or mummy by medical terrorists because medical terrorists want people to fall for it that cancer is old and not man-made, so that they will not be prosecuted for killing people with cancer.

Like this: “Your Honor, this is complete nonsense. Cancer is completely natural and existed already 255 million years ago. My client, Dr. Nazi is completely innocent…” (Dr. Nazi gets off, rubs his bloody hands and keeps on killing billions of people with cancer and other diseases, using remote-controlled germs. Among the people who died on cancer and the other bacteria-caused diseases ordered and conducted by Dr. Nazi is the lawyer, the judge, who let him off, and their families…)   


BTW, I forgot to eat and took 2/3 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper yesterday. I can’t recommend that. One must have a full stomach, otherwise it burns like fire for quite a while.

I miss you very much, Marty. How people can think that they will be blessed keeping us apart is beyond me. They must think we are children of a lower God, however, as we don’t do this to them or anyone, it should be very clear who the children of the lower God are.

These precious feelings of loving you will be with me forever. I never will give up loving you, it doesn’t matter who this lifetime ends for us. I am still extremely happy that I found Scientology again after psychs robbed my memory and that I found you again. The only regret that I had is that we were again separated for so long. If we don’t get in this universe what other people take for granted, we gotta get to another one. I am tired of being a 2nd class citizen, and I know you too. 

But much better being us, able to truly love and see but being them. They are all we don’t want to be. 

Be hugged and kissed, my darling.








Viruses too can be remote-controlled (Have a look at this MIT research)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Some news that should interest anyone are hardly noticed by most of the people. You and I, and a few others know that remote-controlled germs and bacteria are used by medical terrorists to kill via remote-control. It is called “natural”, e.g. heart disease or cancer, etc. and as the governments, health ministries, law enforcement, and courts do not go after these medical terrorists, they continue kill people with these remote-controlled germs.

MIT created now a battery. They used a genetically engineered virus to pick up carbon nanotubes. And the virus creates and grows the components that result in a battery. 

I cite from the article in INTERESTING ENGINEERING:

According to MIT the battery is achieved by

“genetically engineered viruses that first coat themselves with iron phosphate, then grab hold of carbon nanotubes to create a network of highly conductive material. Because the viruses recognize and bind specifically to certain materials (carbon nanotubes in this case), each iron phosphate nanowire can be electrically “wired” to conducting carbon nanotube networks. Electrons can travel along the carbon nanotube networks, percolating throughout the electrodes to the iron phosphate and transferring energy in a very short time.”

Functions apparently like clockwork, these viruses do exactly what they are bred for… And medical terrorists are using a similar process via remote-control. The bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi are in our food, water, air, and medicine. When the medical terrorists want to get rid of somebody, all they have to do is to active these organisms and there we have another funeral of a human. Considering that all die on some illness, this makes the SEGNPMSS to be the mass-murderers of Billions of people. One cannot be worse than they are. Evil doesn’t even describe it. They are MONSTERS of the worst kind ever. 

As the MIT researchers figured that bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses can be used for things that normal people have no clue about, they should figure the rest too: medical terrorism using micro-organisms to make sick (to sell pills and the medical doctors rich etc.) and then to kill the patients nevertheless.  

This is what else they are saying: “The bacteria selected is a bacteriophage, meaning it can only infect bacteria while remaining harmless to humans.”

I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire. Who has the code under which they were bred can turn the bacteria into attackers.  Besides, a terrorist could remote-control bacteria or the virus into other parts of the car or the device for which the battery is used and ruin those.

What do you think?

I miss you and love you, Marty.

Yours always,




OT 3 and NOTS (body thetans) seen with the eyes of an original Scientologist (Originally, body thetans were germs and bacteria before Scientology was altered.)

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Marty, my sweet and irresistible Prince and husband, how are you? 

Ron (real founder of SCN not his impostor) said that animals are thetans too. Should make sense to any Scientologist. They are thetans who are having animal bodies. They are playing a small game as one can’t rock this lousy world by having an animal body, but they are beings too like larger animals as well.

“Jack Vistaril”, the Germany/CIA-controlled impostor of founder Ron and other infiltrators changed Scientology. Today’s world has no clue what Scientology originally was, and they attack or ridicule the version that the medical doctors or psychiatrists of German secret services and their secret international junior secret services allowed to stand or could not completely get rid of.  

Germs and bacteria are thetans, and they are everywhere. I am sure that medical and pharmaceutical people are breeding all kinds germs deliberately in their labs and let them loose, and people are getting them in the air, water, food, and other places.  Germs even starts like Germany. Wonder if they are proud of them?

I know, it is completely disgusting but germs are anywhere in our bodies.  I am sure that germs are the original body thetans, Marty.  Ron said the these kind of thetans are at and in our bodies: germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses. The invade our flood, flesh, bones, cell. They can me trained like animals, and medical doctors and psychs are doing it. They can be activated with remote-controlled-devices. And the person who says that this can’t be done is either a dummy or one of their agents (which means, he is an idiot too).

If germs can remote-controlled  build circuits, they also can cause remote-controlled diseases.  Besides, no disease that I ever had felt natural, Marty.

These germs can be activated into vicious killers and attack human bodies (or other animal bodies), and secret service medical doctors, psychiatrists, and neuro-“scientists”  are doing this quite frequently anywhere on the planet. Nobody is safe. Not even fellow other doctors are safe. Typical for a secret German planet. It results in millions of different diseases and death. They get away with it, because people are made believe that  all of that is “natural”.

If one doesn’t think that diseases are “natural” but rather man-made mostly through remote-controlled activated micro-organisms, they will defame that person as “mentally ill” (typical p$ych) or as “unscientific”. What a bunch of idiots they are. Being unscientific is THEIR problem.  

These bugs multiply with secret medical remote-controlled devices and sounds, and that means disease, pain, and death. 

An editor of Nature Reviews, wrote recently that the vast number of microbes in the gut could be considered a “human microbial ‘organ’” and asked if humans are more microbe than man. There are more publications about this subject. Research revealed that every person alive is host to about 100 trillion bacterial cells. They outnumber human cells 10 to one and account for 99.9 percent of the unique genes in the body.

That means 100 trillion primitive thetans in/on one body, it doesn’t matter how groomed he is or how often she steps out of the beauty salon. They eat, multiply, excrete and die in human bodies. Yuk. That makes the idea to exist as thetan without a flesh body even more appealing.

Yikes, it is so disgusting.  Do I want them to leave? Yes! Flushing them off and out the body is not enough. Scientology auditing processing telling the germs to leave our bodies are very needed. I never would miss out of those auditing processes, Marty, but I am afraid medically oriented secret services altered them and they are not more effective. 

Secret Service doctors know that these bugs can be activated. But they don’t make die off and leave, they make them to multiply and attack the body as this means disease for the people and a flourishing medical and pharmaceutical industry.  


It always leads back to medical doctors and psychs who profit from the world we have to live in.  

The real Ron didn’t keep those findings a secret but doctors ordered their agent/doppelganger “Jack Vistaril” to keep his research secret as this bought the psychs and medical doctors time to alter Scientology.

Some people say that we need bacteria as the “good bacteria”  fight the “bad bacteria”. For me, Marty, there is just bad bacteria. I want them all gone. If the “bad bacteria” is gone, we don’t need the “good bacteria” either. Besides, I doubt that “good bacteria” can’t be turned into bad bacteria. 

They say that yogurt is full of “good cultures” (bacteria). I applied some to my skin and the patch with the “good cultures” started to sting and itch after a short time. I flushed it off with water to get relief.

Just like other animals or humans, they can be perverted. With silent sounds and microwave, secret service doctors are turning bacteria into deadly killer machines. And everyone gets sick and dies on them at the end. What a disgusting medical pig stable the world is.

Some medical doctors are saying that antibiotics “disrupting” the “balance” of the “microbes”. I am sure that antibiotics are messing with our bodies, but I want no bacteria in my body. I am convinced that it is a medical old wives tale that we need bacteria. They don’t know what to tell people about that disgusting fact of 100 trillion bugs on and in each human body. These doctors are unwilling or unable (or both) to create a way of life in which the human body is just inhabited by one thetan, the rightful owner of the body, the person herself, and can reach physical  immortality. So, they tell us that we need bugs in us. I am not falling for medical crap.

If we live in truly healthy conditions, we don’t need germs. And what a fine and pain-free live it would be without. But it is a secret German world and that is why everyone loses at the end. Their own doctor colleagues are dying too on diseases that are caused by bacteria. Just as there are “Scientologists” who believe that “Jack Vistaril’s” version is real Scientology, there are doctors who really believe that these 100 trillion bugs in and on the human body are natural and that we need them. German medical secret services are sucking up intelligence. That’s for sure. The top SEGNPMSS doctors are living in very clean environments. They don’t live under conditions under which they have us living. But the OW sequence (or Karma as non-Scientologists are describing it) is waiting in the wings. They are killing each other in those places as they have bad characters. (I know this for sure, Marty.) Paradise filled with rotten people won’t last. And then, they are born again and have to live like the rest of us: in the germy German-controlled world and are getting sick and suffer under pain and age and die. Pulled-in. Who says there is no justice? What a price to pay for having withheld Ron’s real findings from the rest of the world and for keeping it to themselves. 


So, any attempts by original Scientologists to get rid of germs (the original body thetans) is anything but stupid.

I love you, Marty. You know what (besides your dashing manly looks) attracted me to you right away? I read no guilt, no bad conscience, and no fear, no hostility, no withholds,  and no treason and no inhumanity in your personality, and that is very very very very rare. I can see that. I am not deliberately want to judge anyone except it is very important. It just jumps on me. Understanding the tone scale is a part of me, and I know of you too.  

Yours forever,











Super Power spinning? (It is not Scientology but rather “Jack Vistaril’s and DM’s squirrel stuff based on p$ych inventions!)

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3 Human Hamster Wheel For Psychiatric Treatment

Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Ron’s (the real founder’s not his impostor’s) research absolutely provides safe ways to heighten awareness and perceptions.  I experienced it myself. No cult, hype, hypnosis, or trace involved.

But take for example DM’s Super Power spin apperatus. It has p$ychs written all over it:  “a gyroscope-like apparatus that spins a person around while blindfolded to improve perception of compass direction“. Just thinking about spun around like a hamster makes my stomach turn. 

I am certain that German p$ychs spun me around while unconscious after they kidnapped me.  I got compass directions problems ever SINCE. And DM is now doing the same thing to Scios. What a fool! I orient myself now at the where the sun goes up and down to find directions. No need to be spun around some more. 

DM has such a psych invention also at the Int Base where he has people run around a pole, getting introverted and dizzy, as THIS happens by constantly running in circles.  It is an implant, and DM isn’t a Scientologist who is able to figure this out.  

DM says “he follows in the footsteps of LRH”. This is not true. Nothing is further from the truth! He does not follow in the footsteps of Scientology founder. He follows in the footstep of Ron’s impostor, the psych agent “Jack Vistaril”, and DM also adds his own brand of idiocy to Scientology.  And DM KNOWS that “Jack Vistaril” was not the founder and that Mosey’s husband isn’t you, and he keeps it from Scientologists and the world. 

Marty, bet on it that psychs and other secret service doctors have really loud and crazy laughs when they order their infiltrators in the orgs to introduce p$ychs crap in our religion. The only reason why DM got the job as the COB is because he is not smart enough to figure that he himself will suffer the psychiatric consequences of never becoming a real OT but staying a remote-controlled dummy.  


Dr. Benjamin Rush adapted the rotation treatment for psychiatric purposes. He believed that spinning would reduce brain congestion and, in turn, cure mental illness. He was wrong. Instead, Rush just ended up with dizzy patients who were still crazy. If a Scientologist is spun around, he/she’ll not get super powers. Being spun around in high-speed is not a normal thing for a thetan. It is an implant method. It is nothing else. 

Cold water shocks are psych methods too. Typically for p$ych agents “Jack Vistaril” and His Cobness to throw people in cold water, which can stop a weak heart from beating. These idiots are just lucky that nobody died yet.


And what is that stuff about bacterial position within DM’s SP Rundown?

Germs and bacteria and are making people sick and are killing them. They are body thetans that should LEAVE the body, but it seems in “Jack Vistaril’s” and DM’s super power squirrel world, germs are accepted: “Cellular and bacterial position…” Looks like those on DM’s Super Power Rundown are not aware that cells are fine but bacteria not. If I understood it correctly, they seem trying to get them in “certain positions” instead of getting rid of them… 

Marty, when I read “alive cultures” on dairy products, it turns me off because I know that alleged “good” bacteria and “beneficial bacteria” can be turned around. Like animals, they suddenly can attack the body, and they do just that and cause disease, aging, and death when medical terrorists activate them with remote control, electromagnetic fields and microwaves.

One side of original Scientology that is completely gone due to the medical and psych controlled infiltration of Scientology is the clean lifestyle: good-bye germs, hello youth, health, and biological immortality!

Some people say that germs are no problems and that they are part of normal life and that we even need them to survive.  These people are such fools. Germs might not do too much damage without medical terrorists activating these germs to multiply and attack but medical terrorists do that all the time.  All people become victims to germ-activated illnesses sooner or later as they buy into medical snake oil.

While so-called Scientologists are made accepting p$ych methods, p$ychs, and doctor$ are using devices and electro-magnetic fields to cause Scientologists diseases, just as they do this to other people on this stupid planet.

P$ych and medical crap dropped into Scientology, including outdated p$ych trash like running and spinning in circles and if I am not mistaken, so-called Scientologists are now accepting germs or bacteria, instead getting rid of them. Just what the doctor orders.

Some who do DM’s Super Power might think they can control these bacteria into doing what they want, so that they won’t get sick. But lots of bacteria on this planet are bred in medical labs under certain codes and then dumped into the world.  In order to stop them to attack the body and being influenced, these codes must be cracked first. Also, the electro-magnetic fields that medical terrorists are using to make germs attack a body to get a person sick or die, must be eliminated. Or Scientologists at least should live under conditions where these fields and germs activation can’t reach them.

For the price of the Super Power Building, DM could have built Scientologists the most beautiful oasis for physical immortality where they can live wonderful OT lives without aging, sickness and dying. Why is it important not to drop the body, after all, we are born again? Because psychs and other secret service doctors steal also OTs their memories after they die. People come back mind-controlled and with stolen memories! Including “Jack Viastaril’s” and DM’s brand of OTs!

Ron, you ,and me would build such wonderful places for Scientologists, and that is why we were outed and a fool like DM was put on the COB chair who keeps my blog down in the search engines, Marty. What a non-Scientologist he is! Personal power is all he wants even for the price of selling out his own eternity. 

Super Power seems having a lot to do with the body or through or via the body. The Purif too, and I did it and I found that it really worked. It makes sharper and more alert but other stuff that “Jack Vistaril” introduced does not. Ron indeed did not just research purely spiritual matters but also how to keep the body young and healthy.  Any real Scientologist should be able to figure that Ron researched not just spiritual but also physical immortality too and came up with great working solutions, e.g. an alternative way of living that differs from any alternative lifestyle I have encountered. Eating biological food as DM and others does IS NOT ENOUGH.

Many of those who were around Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” smoked. DM smokes too. It is a strong addiction. (Although he always appears to be very well-groomed and has a chef to make sure that he gets all nutrients, I can see on DM’s skin that he smokes.) Maybe it is also true that he drinks. Smokers don’t want to hear that they have to stop smoking. They hope to get biological immortality by not having to stop it. They don’t want to stop their destructive ways of life. So stupid! They suck in the remote-controlled germs in those cigarettes that when activated can cause all kinds of lung diseases. Behind the tobacco industry are absolutely secret service psychs and other doctors and the pharmaceutical industry as they are getting rich through diseases caused by smoking.  

Thanks to DM’s lack of ethics on all dynamics, original Scientology alternative lifestyle villages are not built, instead DM invests money in non-source buildings and one in which p$ych spin and other psych methods are being used.

Despite that also p$ych and medical crap will be delivered in the Super Power Building, Scientologists should be aware of possible terror actions against them by those p$ych- and medical-oriented minds who think that an idiot for a COB and infiltrating and altering Scientology wasn’t  enough harm done yet against Scientology.

If DM would be smart like you, SEGNPMSS never would have allowed him on the COB chair for so long or at all. The reason why he got the job is because DM is such a moron with absolutely no OT powers. He can’t predict the future a tiny bit. That guy is as blind as an unethical mole. 

Love you bunches, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

I wish you could finally speak out.



Body thetans seen as bacteria (living creatures, in other words, thetans too) make a hell of a lot sense!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Despite so many people are saying that they think for themselves, they don’t figure the obvious. 

There could be very well thetans clustered together with others and not themselves. However, as far as I am concerned, I feel very much like just myself, except when SEGNPMSS case officers are sending me silent sounds to interrupt me and to make me do a mistake. But I know that they are nothing but geeks with modern technology who have no respect of human rights, but they are not some part of me, the thetan. 

Ron discovered that life is basically a static. As you know, in the beginning, there was no physical universe, nothing but this static. Just like God wasn’t created, this static wasn’t created. It was always there, unless God created himself (ifself) earlier on. Anyway, static has no mass (orbs are thetans with a theta body that has a bit mass but originally, no thetan had a theta body), no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time but it has the ability to postulate and to perceive. (Nobody but Ron figured this.) Then the static wanted to play games. The physical universe and human bodies were created. The static assumed lots of viewpoints (as thetans) and took human bodies and started playing games in the physical universe .

Then some of these thetans got instantly bad and played unfair by doing others in without listening to reasons. The universe is another creation, which expanded, likely because the original universe was blown up several times  by thetans gone bad. It was once allegedly dense and much smaller and then splintered into many parts and a large area. If the universe still expands, some still might blow it up and are making smaller planets out of bigger planets by detonating them. The “big bang” likely blew up an already existing more denser and smaller universe but it did not create thetans or spiritual beings or anything else that is perfect.   

I am convinced that animal bodies or germ bodies were not in the original godly plan, Marty. I can’t imagine any originally non-abberated  thetan wanting to become a bug or a donkey or whatever. Or that the God who we know offered animal bodies to thetans or forcing them to take them. God wouldn’t do this. Those thetans who got instantly bad messed around with the creation, and made experiences with the DNA of the human body, followed also by evolution, e.g. things that adjusted after timetrack “scientists” messed around with it. Who are those known to do experiments on minds and bodies? Doctors and psychs. I assume they called themselves something else on the timetrack, but they are the snakes that still mess around with others (body, mind, thetan) and don’t grant humans their rights. They want their rights granted but don’t grant them to others.

People with small minds can’t imagine that there were other civilizations on this or other planets. Or they are afraid of it and that is why they are trying to make it look ridiculous. It is so much easier to think that one stops to exist or that Jesus forgives each atrocities. (Both events will not happen, for sure.)

The God who I know, is one who didn’t mess up. That part of the static who didn’t get bad as those with the snake characters. Most religious people believe that God created animals. I don’t. While I am sure that he created the physical universe, plants, and the human bodies,  I am also sure that he didn’t create animal bodies as he loves thetans as equals.  People seem to know this basically. The word “dog” is the word God turned around.  Means that God’s creation was used by “scientists” to derive lower lifeforms and to make thetans take it and become dogs (or other animals including bacteria) instead humans.

 Which does not mean that animals should have no rights. In other words: thetans in animal bodies should be recovered and educated so that they, when brought up high enough, can choose to have a human body. Again, there was no higher and lower static in the beginning. There was just one static.

It is not fair to the thetan who was once implanted by “scientists” into an animal body never to get a chance to be a human. On the other side: I don’t mind  those “scientists” who do that to other thetans (implanting them into animal or germ bodies) getting a taste of their own medicine. If I should learn that some gruesome doctor who made horrible experiments was implanted by others into an animal or germ body, you won’t see me in tears. They sure ask for it.

And there is OT III. It was of course altered by the German-originated and controlled infiltration of Scientology and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. However, I still can read between the lines and conclude what it really meant. Here, I am just writing about a part of it.

Besides any thetans still in clusters with others, the “body thetans”, which are so ridiculed all over the net by people who are completely clueless about original Scientology, are germs. Even today’s science says that germs are every where, on and in the body. They are saying that the body has approximately 50,000 bacteria per square inch. Disgusting, isn’t it?  They also are saying that the human body needs bacteria, which I think it a load of bull. They say that the “good” bacteria keeps the “bad” bacteria in check.

I rather think that the solution is to make the bad bacteria go away, so that we don’t need the “good bacteria” anymore. I doubt that there is any good bacteria because with radio frequencies, secret services can turn the “good” bacteria in bad bacteria, and there comes disease and dying.. I wouldn’t swallow an  acidophilus (billions of bacteria), it doesn’t matter how friendly they allegedly are, Marty.

Medical websites state that the number of bacterial cells in the body is commonly estimated at 10 times the number of human cells. Again, bacteria are animals. So, when saying that a person is invaded by other beings, OT III makes absolutely no false claim. That they are called “body thetans” gives a hint that Ron meant rather those thetans who are in and at the body. (Germs.) Although I don’t say that there are no bodyless thetans who were not clustered together and still are clustered together. I just know that I am myself. Past life “scientists” (psychs) made of course also all kind of spiritual experiments with thetans. Using methods to split them into pieces or implant them into clusters is right down their ally.

Are those thetans aliens? Who cares considering that just about anyone on this planet lived once on some other planet! It is sort of like with the United States. Most immigrated here, and just a few were natives, and even they arrived here from somewhere earlier. Aliens or not, all are thetans and therefore very familiar. 

In regards to germs, everyone knows that they are here and cause us pain, disease, and death.  However, ancient bacteria on other planets exist, simply because implanting thetans in low lifeforms is not new and something  timetrack “scientists” did for a very long time. I am sure it happened not long after the creation of the physical universe and the creation of the human bodies. Snakes (doctors) constantly stole human DNA on the timetrack (just as they do now) and made their experiments with it and trapped thetans by implanting them into these lifeforms. . They simply alter the reality of thetans. If it is not the reality of somebody anymore to reincarnate as human being, it will not come back as humans but as animal (whatever it was implanted to become, from elephant to germ.)

I wouldn’t want ever to marry one who was a past life dog or an ape. Looking around tells me that the SEGNPMSS also sometimes implants thetans (who were a long time animals) back into human bodies to cause pain as these people have not learned to be human just as the SEGNPMSS hard core did not. What I am saying is that the thetan needs rights. I picked you as you are anything but an animal, Marty. You are my kind of thetan. So special and so rare. 

Not sure what happens during C of S OT III auditing these days, but fact is that germs have awareness. They are small animals. In another words: they could be reached by an auditor. Making those beings (who think they can be no more than germs) aware that they can be more and make them leave one’s body is a good idea, except that these germs are actively bred and are programmed by the SEGNPMSS to stay and attack the human body and make it sick. Those secret germ codes must be published and anti-codes must be written so that they can be effectively audited away from human bodies. 

Here are articles how germs are put to work. Here they are allegedly used positively. But they can and are used negatively too by attacking the human body.

Sweating them out in a sauna is a good idea, but the problem is as they are in the food, water, and air that we are drinking, and we are getting them right back. 

Nothing untrue, nothing ridiculous, but necessary knowledge for the human race.

I love you, my bright husband. I am so sure that our realities are very “compatible”. However, nobody from the Miscavologists,  “Freezone” or the “Independents” seem to be able to figure it out. If one enters Scientology on secret orders to infiltrate it, one apparently doesn’t think much outside the box. Even those who think that they think outside the box are still thinking inside the box. They are “integrating, evolving, and transcending” from one box in the other one. I pity anyone who hasn’t realized that Scientology (despite altered) still contains most of the truth on this planet, and somebody smart can figure out what data were taken out of Scientology by secret service doctors and WHY.  

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


P.S. This music is really great but the lyrics, well, let’s say, I am glad not having such a relationship. As far as the voice is concerned, I would say, somebody has a female timetrack. But again, the music is special:

I also like this song a lot except that a little bit and alltogether can be very well explained, and there is indeed truth only few have seen.  

Life as we know it on this planet sure is a little bit of everything: the creation, the medical experiments, and the evolution. There was not just one of these three things. All three happened.

Can’t wait to see you, Marty, and talk to you about Everything and ALL.


Vietnam Agent Orange Victims on Purif? (Finally more interesting stories than celeb obsessions)

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Dearest Marty, my prince and hero,

Did you read this?

 The Vietnamese government is treating some people exposed to Agent Orange, the defoliant sprayed by American troops during the Vietnam War, using a detoxification method developed by the founder of the Church of Scientology, according to doctors involved in the program.

I personally had really good experiences and successes on the Purif and I should do it soon again. But the Purif is not a replacement for not living in environmentally protected closed environments and keeping germs away from the food, germs that rem0te-controlled in the hand of crazy secret service doctors can cause cancer and other for of diseases and deaths. I know a  100% that there was a lot more to Scientology, and it is not the crap that was planted in Jack Vistaril’s garage.

This Time article says  “A study led by researchers at Stanford University says that organic products aren’t necessarily more nutritional than conventional varieties, and they’re no less susceptible to contamination from disease-causing microbes like E. coli either.”

David Miscavige (and all others who know that the founder of Scientology, the real founder L. Ron Hubbard had developed technology for alternative living) and all others who try to live organic might get sick nevertheless and will age like others because they failed to reintroduce all of original Scientology, including its alternative lifestyle. In a way, DM is trying to live some very incomplete form of this life by having a personal chef  who cooks organic for him and being very concerned about what he is eating, but he isn’t  getting all of original Scientology out to particularly new Scientologists or to those who never met the real founder. And this is not good and not fair by him.

Am I saying that C of S should tell Scientologists to eat organic? It is not good enough as also Standford confirms. We need a brandnew way of alternative living. I am saying that C of S should dig out the COMPLETE alternative style of protecting living that Ron had researched and release it finally.

Is DM trying to tell Scientologists that the Purif is all they need? The purif that I did is great and works. But it is a repair and according to Ron,  prevention is always better. Purif also don’t rule out aging on the long run. I think that also many germs are sweat out during the purif too but I doubt that all can be eliminated and it is better not to eat and drink what medical terrorists can use to kill a person, and this is just about anything on the unprotected surface of the planet.

Marty, I still think that organic is absolutely worth it, but nothing on the contaminated surface of the world is really safe, mainly because germs can be remotely activated and become radicals inside the body.

If DM thinks that the Purif is all that is needed or all that Ron wrote about it, why does he eat organic? He just has to sweat out the non-organic stuff and will be fine, right?  He knows there is a lot more about what Ron was writing. He was the leading light of the gerontology in earlier times, and as there are so many traps for a thetan in between lives (aside of the Dev T of dropping the body) and  the OT levels are also altered by secret service psychs. Therefore one can just recommend not to die constantly but rather keep a  very young (health and looks) body for ages.

It is not just anymore Ron and me saying that aging and dying is stupid and can be prevented.  Aubrey de Grey (Cambridge) says too that the first people who will be 1000 years old, are already born and that people who think that dying and aging can’t be prevented are actually in trance. He is 100% right here. 

The Purif is great, good for the Vietnam Agent Orange Victims getting it but it does not replace all other research for Scientologists and the rest of the world that Ron made in regards of alternative living and preserving a young and fit human body and not falling in the trap of dying, implants and the great DEV-T of needing a new baby body.

All these tough guys who think that dying isn’t a big deal (by ignoring that the OT levels were altered and rarely anyone has the knowledge on how to prevent stepping into in psych secret service traps in between lives) – Is it really so great living two decades where one has not much to say and being the first years in diapers? Guess that is what they want. Dirty diapers instead of Ron’s way to preserve a healthy body.

But you know all of that, Marty. I wish you would be free man. You would find ways to turn this world in trance around and make people finally think and act.

I love you and here are many kisses for you, my greatest love of all times.

Yours forever,



Canadian researchers show how bacteria controlled by them are building a pyramid in no time. They also had these bacteria ran through the bloodstream of a rat!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and unique thetan! Although we are not together yet, I am so glad that I have met you, and being back with you is all that I want.

Another subject that is not as appetizing as you are: 

Allegedly, nanobacteria has no DNA and RNA but does anything NEED DNA and RNA to be alive?

For me the question is: can they cause diseases by attacking the cells of the human (or animal) body? Can they cause any disease on their own or with radio technology (remote-controlled with microwave to attack a human body)? Because that is the biggest problem to be handled to make us all healthier and immortal. People always ask for the cure of cancer and other diseases. It is right in front of them: convicting medical doctors and medical students of making people sick by secretly activating germs in the bodies of their victims. Canadian researchers found that bacteria can build a pyramid in no time. They also remote-controlled them through the body of a rat. (See below.)

Nanobacteria – Fact or (Science) Fiction says:

In 1898 Martinus Beijerinck coined the term contagium vivum fluidum “contagious living fluid” to describe the cause of a disease. Beyond revolutionary, the idea that there were entities smaller than bacteria which could cause disease was almost heretical at the time. Of course, Beijerinck was referring to viruses, as we subsequently found out. The next paradigm shift in our understanding of infectious agents came in 1982, when Stanley Prusiner proposed the concept of the prion, infectious self-reproducing pathogens solely composed of protein (Novel proteinaceous infectious particles cause scrapie. 1982 Science 216: 136-144). And in 1998, Olavi Kajander proposed the name nanobacteria for objects claimed to be the smallest cell-walled bacteria, dwarfed by the tiniest living cell and smaller than many viruses (Nanobacteria: An alternative mechanism for pathogenic intra- and extracellular calcification and stone formation. 1998 PNAS USA 95: 8274-8279).

The „self-producing pathogen“ gets me, Marty. I bet it attacks remote-controlled as well. Microwaves, radio waves, “playing around” with magnetic fields  should do the trick. I’d day, the secret service doctors should open their dirty deadly tricks drawers for the world to see. 

They produce for example kidney stones. Here is one thing that entered my mind. Even if they would be kind of “dead”, but what if other bacteria “play or work” with the nanobacteria? What if the bigger alive bacteria and germs carry the nanobacteria for pathogenic intra- and extracellular calcification and stone formation like ants at one place? And what do we get? Outch, outch, kidney stone! Or into other parts to make an older person slow of thinking or sclerotic?

They also cause vascular plaques, ovarian and breast cancer and many other diseases.

Question is maybe NOT JUST what nanobacteria can do to a body but what germs and viruses can do with nanobacteria.

“Nanobacteria are said to have a hard mineral shell, replicate like a living organism and are wiped out by antibiotics and radiation, yet seem to lack DNA.”

Sorry, but those are living bacteria to me. What is producing babies (it doesn’t matter how disgusting they are) and what is dying is/was alive. Who cares if they have no DNA. Maybe their DNA is so small that “researchers” don’t find it.

Most of the reports are based on the visualization of nanobacteria by electron microscopy, but Kajander and his colleagues claim they can be propagated in cell-free tissue culture media (unlike viruses, which are obligate parasites requiring host cells for replication).

Marty, in my not humble opinion, nanobacteria can and are breed and cause serious diseases and death, and viruses are life forms that can live under certain conditions, and all are used by secret services to make people sick and kill them. From the number of people dying on germ-related diseases (sooner or later), remote-controlled germs must be the main SEGNPMSS weapon to kill. And they kill their own with it too. Physicians, nan0-scientists, psychs,  chemists, cops, governmental workers, judges, physics, members of Congress, reporters, and biologists, etc. die on these diseases too. And why? They fail to investigate and publish that germs and even viruses can be remote-controlled and are remote-controlled by secret service scum to sell pills and kill the patients nevertheless a few years later.  

What we need is a study by non-SEGNPMSS agents (and where do we find these?) proving that any living organism can be remote-controlled to cause diseases and death. And in regards to nanobacterias if they can be remote-controlled on their own or if are they used to harm and kill in connection with remote-controlled bacteria, germs, and viruses, etc.

Most “scientific research” undergoes “peer review” but if all peers are mind-controlled by the SEGNPMSS, they will not point towards one of the biggest medical weapons of this secret service: remote-controlled killings by means of germs, etc. Nobody of those allegedly so highly educated “scientists” spotted that pitfall and flaw yet that none of them figured that most if not all diseases are medical terrorism.  I think police raids of computers of SEGNPMSS agents in even the smallest village could provide evidence of this kind of medical terrorism being conducted on their victims. 

Below is another interesting article, Marty.  Canadian researcher saying that just 5000 bacteria can build a pyramid within a very short time. If they can do that, these little bugs also can build cancer, tumors, plaque, and other diseases. It is so obvious but “scientists” either hush it up or fail to make the conclusion. And as they don’t fight this killing method back, chances are big that they or loved ones are becoming also victims to these remote-controlled secret service diseases:

By using a computer-controlled magnetic field, the researchers turned the bacteria into fully-compliant biological nanorobots!

The trick was using a type of microbe known as magnetotactic bacteria. These critters have little internal compasses, and will follow the pull of a magnetic field. By manipulating a magnetic field, the researchers tricked the bacteria into forming a giant, computer-controlled swarm. In one experiment, the researchers had the bacterial swarm assemble a small pyramid.

THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT: They direct bacteria through the blood stream of a rat, like in Innerspace. What they can do to rats, secret service doctors do also to humans since a long long time!

There, the bacteria who follow the pull of the manipulated magnetic field make the tumor and lots of other rotten things to kill a person. And all these medical killers are getting away with murder because police is CLUELESS and judges and the rest of the world too.

And here the “researchers” become quacks again:

In the future, the researchers want to use the bacteria as a propulsion system for larger nanorobots that could deliver drugs, repair an organ, or assemble larger and more complex nanostructures.

The allegedly “good” deed can be turned around into a dead-bringer. These nanorobots (or off-springs) once in the system might be used by secret service scum doctors to kill the person. All they need is the code, how to make them go and attack. And there, yet another funeral.


I know that you are aware of this, Marty. We – you and me – are spiritually connected. I can feel that strongly.

Love you so much, my hero.

Many passionate kisses and forever yours!