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Ear-implants behind the cyber attacks…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and irresistible husband, how are you? I am thinking of you… Wish I finally would learn something about your whereabouts.

Hacking is really easy as the SEGNPMSS has all access codes. They run everyone. They know exactly what to transmit to their agents (doesn’t matter what national) to hack “successfully”, criminally enrich themselves and cripple the world.

I also noticed again that Germany and the SEGNPMSS behind it are setting up once more “alibis” for themselves. They cyber-attacked hospitals in the UK… That should make people think that behind those attacks are no psychiatrists and medical doctors. Yeah right! 

Germany (SEGNPMSS hard-core) attacked their own railway station, but… and here it comes: 1) It isn’t a big problem because rich people can fly or rent a car 2) Poor people simply have to wait 3) And Germany could make even cash from it, e.g. uninformed, desperate, or stupid people might pay each 300 bucks to someone at the Bundesbahn to get to their destination.

They included the “hacking” of the Bundesbahn so that other countries doesn’t wonder why Germany was not attacked.

I know how they think and how they calculate. If they wouldn’t run all people through ear-implants and manipulate them through loud and silent sounds, they wouldn’t have the smallest chance as they are dumb and predictable.

BTW, the German route up there is the one that my family often takes, but I think they rather drive with the car. RB was born in Olbernhau.

Furthermore, I know what else is behind this global cyber attack that caused problems for those many: SEGNPMSS wants more hatred against the USA, after all, the cyber tools used in this attack were developed by the National Security Agency. Developed upon SEGNPMSS orders through US officials’ ear-implants of course. That is also the reason why they don’t bust the SEGNPMSS like a true American agency would and instead are developing shady crap which blows into their faces later because SEGNPMSS tells their other agents to steal the stuff and publish it. 

I worked all weekend from morning to late, Marty. Had to build a cover over half of my deck and cleaned everything outside and inside the house. Kinda beat today. A woman told me a few days ago that she thinks that life will pass me by because I am always busy working.

This world is remote-controlled. It takes the fun out of playing for me. Robots are none of my kind. I don’t mind letting them pass by. Besides, I lived many lifetimes before. I just have to make sure that I get out of this universe when this body falls into pieces. Actually, Marty, my greatest and only fear is getting medically drugged at the end of my life, subjected to implants, unable to escape as thetan, trapped by these psych and medical monsters and being forced to live another lifetime in this SEGNPMSS universe. I think about it very often and how to prevent it. On the other side, there is nothing what they can dangle in front of my nose for me wanting to come back. They took everything from me. It will be anyway just holograms and lies to keep me here so that they know what I am up to. However, God is on our side. He’ll help us out. I want to live in a universe with our kind, Marty, or doesn’t want any body at all. God has no body. And I don’t need one either. 

This might sound depressive, but interestingly, I am not. It is a miracle that after all that happened, I am not depressed. And if, then just very briefly. Without any pills of course, I am getting rid of any depression really easily.  I am full with energy and I still love fun. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It must come from above. 

Sending you many passionate and tender kisses, Marty. You will be always in my heart. Still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever,





Gee, when does the CIA finally figures and admits that Germany channels in their ear-implants with loud and silent sounds to conduct actions to shame the USA?

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Dearest Marty, most precious Prince in any universe, how are your days and nights?

I assume you read the news today. Wikileaks (which never reveals the ongoing high crimes of Germany’s government and secret services) published today the entire hacking methods and tools of the CIA.

Hacking tools and methods? What do they need criminal crap like this for?

If they want to protect the USA, they should point with the finger to the SEGNPMSS and tell the world that they order ear-implants installed in each baby/small child and often already unborn babies so that Germany’s psychiatrists can  control them. EACH ROTTEN, DIRTY, BRUTAL, INHUMAN, PERVERTED, APPALLING ACTIVITY ON EARTH AND BEYOND IS ORIGINATED AND APPROVED ON THIS GERMAN, PARTICULARLY BAVARIAN SECRET SERVICE LEVEL.  

The reasons why nobody busted the obvious, Germany behind ear- and body implants as control tool is because they control people not to reveal this and people who do not think for enough protect this system where one conspires against the other and at the end, nobody wins anything bad a bad conscience.   

Germany tries to shame the CIA, other agencies, and the USA, and they allow it instead of busting the retarded ear-implant system. Sheesh. 

However, Germany also might shoot itself in the foot with this. If hacking and spy methods unknown to CIA were/are used, SEGNPMSS might go even deeper into hiding if they can’t blame it on the Russians or the Chinese or even the North Koreans. But usually, they use nationals from other countries and hide cowardly behind them. That is what they do best and constantly. 

So, the entire hacking arsenal of the CIA is open to the public know and can be used by anyone to cause problems. 

It is really time to publish the entire ear-implant system, which is made in SEGNPMSS and installed in each freaking ears and other body parts of anyone on the planet. Secret services of any country use this system too but Germany, particularly its secret capital Munich, has the upper hand, supervises anything, came up with this system and turned mankind into robots. This is hard to beat. That is why the USA is constantly shamed and Germany which put them to it is not. Hail ear-implant. Hitler and the Nazis had them too as you have figured for sure, Marty.

Sending you kisses and hoping to find you soon.

I love you.

Yours always,


1) The hacking thing… 2) Medical doctors and psychiatrists created the retarded “Master Race”…

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

To me is clear that Assange and Wikileaks knowingly or unknowingly are protecting Germany’s secret services and their psychiatrists, neuro-“scientists”, and medical doctors. (Past live barbers and butchers, what else?) Assange and Wikileads never publish anything about Germany enslaving international people with their secret ear-implants and having them do the dirt work for Germany. To me, Assange and Wikileads have mainly one purpose: Blaming the USA on what Germany secretly orders to be done. And what is that with the rape and molestation charges against Assange? Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty but from what I have seen, he ain’t a choir boy, and I wonder if he thinks that the rape and molestation charges are making him more interesting and look like a martyr. Pamela Anderson visited him at his hiding place, I wouldn’t visit him. 

I am taking about the German psychiatric system that implants ear- and other body-implants already into babies and kids to read their thoughts and control them in their favor. They can tell anyone of their robotic agents “to hack” or spread propaganda. The acts of “hacking” is just an alibi. SEGNPMSS knows all the passwords, the moment officials or other people create them, or they even tell them what passwords to use.

As Germany’s SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia and China (and other countries) to be at war, they use “hackers” from these countries to upset the USA. On the other side of the token, one really has to wonder about the WH, Congress, officials, and judges. So many are convinced that hacking and propaganda in favor of Trump has occurred, yet, they welcome the man and avoid recounts. The Republican Party could have said that due to the hacking in favor of Trump, they decided to select another US president not with the character faults of Trump and not in favor of the “hackers”. Yet, they don’t do it. If they feel that Trump won with influence of a foreign government, why the heck are they supporting Trump? 

The US Intelligence Community may be able to track hacking back to the Russians or China, however, they miserably fail to track it back to that Germany put these countries up to take the blame and the hits of any retaliation by the USA.

Russia and China under the thumb of German-created and organized communism and communistic rules suffered a great deal. German agents made these countries communistic and held the their people poor and down. I don’t won’t any wars, Marty. I wouldn’t want the USA, Russia, China or other countries throw bombs on the German population in retaliation. (SEGNPMSS leaders anyway don’t live like the general population and will not be hit.) But other countries should no longer allow Germany to use them.    

Marty, how is your life? I worry because I know how brutal medical doctors and psychs are. As if they would have changed. The beasts are still on the loose.


Susan D. Bachrach is a historian who organized an exhibit about Nazi doctors in Nazi Germany. Newspaper articles says that the traveling exhibit shows how the Nazis worked with scientists and doctors to legitimize persecution, murder and genocide. She is right about the brutality of doctors and psychiatrists, however, as a historian in Germany properly figured: the psychiatrists needed the Nazis not the other way around. And that is why the SEGNPMSS (still not found and convicted) created the Nazis and made psych-case Hitler to their leader.  

People ask why would doctors commit such atrocities? They swore an oath!

Because they are ear-implanted robots of other psychs and doctors running them through ear implants. Ear implants suck character and intelligence out of people. They think that if their secret masters have no conscience, why should they? And an oath needs nothing to those animals. Everybody knows that torturing and killing others is wrong. They all knew that it was wrong. But they are all too cowardly to admit that they have to better their characters. In order to better themselves, they have to admit what they did wrong. And it is so much easier and needs no courage to pretend that their horrible characters and deeds are not horrible. Fact is, that they are lying to themselves. Big time. They are the kind of people we never will become.  

There is also a tendency to say that the Nazi doctors’ experiments were good for the medical knowledge of the future. They even lure Jews into believing this, and these blind people want the world to use the Nazi experimentation results. This is just what the German doctors order to improve the reputation of Nazi doctors.  

None of the experiments were good for the future or anyone. They support more chemical medicine, which doesn’t safe anyone for long and just makes the pharmaceutical industry and doctors and psychs richer.

For example, the Nazi doctors allegedly tried to eliminate schizophrenia. Medical terrorists are talking in the subconscious minds of people. That creates among others “schizophrenia”. The Nazis didn’t bust that method at all. Ear- implants and silent sounds was and still is their holy cow. Cancer and heart disease and other diseases are created with remote-controlled bacteria, another German medical invention from hell. Nazis and Nazi doctors protect this secret killer weapon until today!   

Just about all diseases fall away once the remote-control is kicked out of psychs and medical doctors (correct word for them is medical terrorists and mass murderers) pawns, once their disgusting methods are published and once people are allowed to build protected villages were they don’t contract the diseases and were they don’t age.

And another bad thing: Due to that the SEGNPMSS successfully hid after the Nazis were defeated, they had other countries, incl. the USA continue with horrible medical experiments! 

Ear-implants are mind-control and are making blind. I am so glad that we are Scientologists, Marty, who are able to recall what Ron and Scientology originally said.

Be tenderly hugged and kissed, my darling. Still waiting for this conspiracy against our rights to hang itself in 2017. But if not, I have another solution, which means happiness and rights for us right away, and the conspirators left in their own calamitousness.

Yours forever,


The best word to describe us is FOREVER!

You rock, Marty!





As I said, Germany still wants to take over the world incl. Russia and the USA

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Dearest Marty, you are an incredible hero and the most wonderful Prince and husband I could wish for,

How is your life? I miss you every day.

Joe Walsh, a former Republican Congressman is right being outraged that not enough Republicans show their opposition regarding that foreign forces hacked to influence the US election. However, he, and all others are wrong thinking that the Russians are the driving force behind it.

Russians (or other nationals) might be found hacking, but I am sure they wouldn’t had done it if Germany’s secret services wouldn’t had put them up to it, might they know or not that German psychs and their agents talk into their ear implants either with loud or silent sounds or likely with both to make them do what the medical Dorian Grays behind Merkel want.


Germany has such dirty hands on Russia, China, and each other country that they made communistic to keep them down.  They also are kept and still are keeping women or freedoms of people down in extreme Islamic states. And when Germany thinks it “is time to take them officially over”, it run into problems with those governmental or other systems that it forced upon other countries and want the USA to fight these governments or systems for Germany.  

Despite everything Germany did and does, Wikileaks always blames the USA and never Germany. Did you notice that? How suspicious is that?

You and I, we just have to look at current events, and we are getting the picture.

Germany still wants to take over the world and it will never change. The problem with it is that the typical German, and particularly, the typical Bavarian (particularly psychs and medical doctors) has no human qualifications. Hell will never freeze over with them having any power.

Right now, Germany uses other countries to do this and cowardly hides behind their backs until it has not much opposition anymore and then it will show its monster face again directly. Poor world.

See that it was also against Japan? Yet, a few years later, Germany used Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.  


We really are just one step away from hell. Javier Solana, NATO’s ex-Secretary General whose IQ I don’t want to have says that Merkel should run Germany. Germany uses loud and silent sounds to have non-Germans glorify Germans.

Germany wants the UK to leave the European Union because it is easier for Germany to pocket all of Europe without the UK. It wants to split up the components of the UK to make it smaller and attach those components (hello, Ms. Nicola Surgeon, I mean Sturgeon!) to Germany who leads the EU already. And Germany will use ear implants, loud and silent sounds to make the UK poorer and ruin their economy until England crawls on their knees to the Nazis and ask to be accepted again in the EU.

Germany above everything:


Germany (the men behind Merkel) wants Trump (I bet he is a past life German) to convince the Russians to allow Germany (under the cover of Europe or directly) to take Russia over. Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, they want the USA to go into war with Russia so that Germany can pick up the pieces of Russia and can attach it to Germany.

And yes, they want to weaken the USA not just with keeping its economy down but also with trying to trigger secretly another war, this time between the USA and China, or any other countries.

This is not a conspiracy theory but rather what one can see when not in trance by just adding together past and current events. Besides, we KNOW Germany and so many apparently not.

Today, Germany above everything:


I love you, Marty. I wish I could make just two steps and would be with you because it would be two step to heaven. Be kissed, my hero.

Yours forever,


Un-American activities continues – Obama orders US intelligence agency to provide full review of election-related cyber-attacks but Americans will never learn these details.

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are you? My thoughts are with you. 

Americans are treated like children because “elected officials” are withholding information from them. And I bet this secrecy protects mainly Germany and any of their dirty agents.

US intelligence agencies have dropped that Trump won the election with the help of Russia. However, I know that Germany is to blame that no better Republican candidates run because SEGNPMSS wants the Republicans to be degraded to a Trump-level. They don’t want the Republicans and any US-President get in their way when turning the world right-extreme, a situation that can easily turn in the same old Nazis marching again all over the world. Also, one leader prepares the climate for the next leader, and each leader becomes more extreme that the one before.

If this all isn’t stopped in time, there might be never a chance to stop extremism again.

Half of the American people are Republicans and they can’t find an more ethical person as President than Trump, proud to be German? Give me a break. Political parties and government are as infiltrated as the Church of Scientology and other religions and organization. I think not highly of Republicans who support Trump. It would be like us supporting DM just because he managed to get his behind on the COB chair. We don’t support a wrong man or woman, it doesn’t matter who he/she is and where he/she sits.  

Obama was asked in regards of the hacking around the election. He said, “could be Russia. It could be China. And it could be some guy in New Jersey.” No word of Germany, Marty, he is such a German dupe. 

Russia and China were kept communistic and poor and locked up by the men behind the official German leaders. Lenin was a German agent, Marx and Engels were German, the Tiananmen Square massacre was SEGNPMSS-ordered, all that to prevent that these countries could become stronger economic forces than Germany and feeling being superior to them.

If China would have built Ron-approved villages in the style your family built them, Marty, in other words, protected environments, they could have provided for any child, enough space, food, work, and care for anyone.  Instead so many Chinese babies had to die (one child policy) because Germany doesn’t want that and other countries to become a stronger economy or think their pinkish race is the greatest.  

Russians or Chinese might be found behind election-related-hacking but they are basically just used by Germany, like they use also any other country for their dirty purposes 

And something else German, Marty, the seaborne radiation from Fukushima reached the East Coast of United States. Cesium-134 was found in Oregon. Typical SEGNPMSS to harm the tourism in the USA. Their terrorism in Japan, calculation and probably also help  by their weather satellites brought the radiation to the USA.  

It IS ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT, AT LEAST FOR YOU AND ME, and I ask myself how political analysts can miss all of that.

Speaking about the elections. Hillary Clinton should have demanded the recounts. She runs for months a hard campaign and then she simply gives up. Gee! I think the reason is because she has no clean hands. Afraid that Trump retaliates.  And I bet the worst about him isn’t publicly know either.

What a mess everything is.

Except our love, Marty, there is no mess. Straight, strong, true, and forever.

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately,






Another day on a very strange planet named Earth…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

For a high-tech country like the USA, there really should be a uniform hacker- and manipulation-safe voting system in all states for national elections. Recounting should be a snap and automatically part of the process. The highest official is voted for and some of the votes are not even recountable. And it is the year 2016!

There are also the ear-implants, the loud and silent sounds used by SEGNPMSS to influence the voters. SEGNPNSS is making sure that shady people run for the highest offices. What is that for a process anyway when people don’t even have a choice voting for a decent and intelligent person because their parties don’t nominate such a person with convincing arguments. This needs to be handled too.

Reince Pribus said that the American people want “an earthquake” in Washington because they are tired of the same old politicians. Why can’t it be an ethical Republican candidate instead of Trump to change Washington? Besides, Trump isn’t even in office and broke already several of  his campaign promises.

Angela Merkel runs for re-election too.  She wants to ban full-face veils. SEGNPMSS is behind the suppression of women. They changed/re-wrote/added their crap to any religious scripture there is. In other words: first they arrange the burqas for women and once they are used to it, then they rip it off them, even through their French agents at beaches. And as I said, Germany set up the war in Syria to get young and hard workers to become world power no.1 and now tries to take away their customs. A woman should not have to cover her face and hair in the presence of adult males outside of her family. If he gets ideas, it is his problem, and he needs to work on it. But people have to put themselves into the shoes of women who were brought up wearing the burqa or whatever name the veil has in various countries. It can’t be ordered first and then ripped off. Each woman should be allowed to make that choice herself. 

Germany never allows the Syrians their own tradition and identity. They will have to work to get Germany richer and as thank, they will be Germanized or else. This is the only reason why Merkel allowed them into Germany and Europe. She also doesn’t hesitate to send some back. SEGNPMSS can always create a new humanitarian disaster in some country to get new fugitives to flee to Germany. I know how the men behind Germany, those dirty old barbers and butchers, are thinking. They kidnapped me and I was able to study their actions, they way they think, what they capable of, and now, I recognize their handwriting when I see it. It really was a huge mistake by them to take the Miss.

Speaking about covering-up, anonymous are harassing Scientologists in masks (face completely covered) in Germany. How come Merkel and the men behind her have no problem with those full-face “veils”? Hypocrites, they are.

Germany should have left us alone. But they have to destroy where they see harmony and love as they can’t create any on their own. They have no idea how it feels to be a decent person. They started to go bad early on the timetrack and ever since behave like that. They think that when they ruin other people’s lives that this makes them mighty instead of lousy. They have no idea that being a good person feels a billion time more mightier. Deep down, Marty, the men who rule the world are the biggest cowards ever. They don’t find it in themselves to stop their destructive behavior. Because it needs courage to recognize that one has to change and then doing it. They are the most pitiful characters ever. Small, very,very small and insignificant. Pulling in their tails and hiding in anonymity is all they are good at. They are the most unattractive people ever as the inside slime can be seen (by us for sure) on the outside. Even if they would get a new young body in a future lifetime, the dirt will always shows also on the outside. They have something so revolting about them that people who can sense will want to puke once they lie eyes on them or feel their presence.

They try to prevent by all means that we are getting back together. And as longer as they prevent it, as bigger their own rap sheets becomes. They could have such good lives. Good conscience, love, family, friends, fun, friendly competitions, a billion good things to do, and they throw it all away for a bad conscience, hiding and getting a smaller character by the minute. Can they spell low IQ?  

International politics and the world is taken over by a surge of nationalism. And it is German-orchestrated. That’s their plan to get nationalism back and Germany on top above everything, financially and otherwise.

You heard it from me before, Marty, I just can’t help it. I see it. I bet you have very similar thoughts and cognition.

I love you. Wish I could be with you. My heart and mind is with you. I bless the day I was able to see how wonderful you are. You are like nobody else in the entire universe plus any multiverse. If we would be shipwrecked on an deserted island together, we could start a fire just with that passionate love that we are feeling for each other. In would chose you all over again, Marty, in any lifetime, in any situation, under any government or rules.

Yours always,


For our love, time stands still.







Germany’s unbelievable hypocrisy after Trump win

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, how are you?

I notice the outrageous hypocrisy of the German government and wish I never heard of this universe. In short: I want to be in another one.

Angela Merkel offered “the next President of the USA” closed cooperation on the values of democracy, freedom, and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.  What an hypocrisy considering that German secret services are behind ALL the rotten things on this planet as Germany has the overall control over each and any freaking ear implant on this planet from hell. People do exactly what the SEGNPMSS wants as these German secret service psychiatrists and German-oriented p$ychs work with loud and silent sounds to control and run mankind.   

They also organized of course that no better people were nominated for the US Presidency than Donald and Hillary. They talk into the minds of electors and voters with loud and silent sounds and having them vote for who Germany wants to have in top positions of the world. SEGNPMSS people are predators who turn little kids all over the world to their agents and run them all through they adult lifetime until to their death, withholding from them that they could have a much better life without being puppets.

Germany doesn’t mind Trump and Merkel clashing. She did obedient her part by making the world believe that she and not still existing Nazi doctors run Germany and Europe. She took all the fugitives in (and not one more) after she learned that Germany needs them for its economy and to leave all other countries (incl. the USA) in the dust. SEGNPMSS even starts wars to get hard workers. They have all these people flee their homelands to serve Germany and at the same time, psychiatric-condition some of them to become violent, to shame religions so that Germany and Europe has a justification to bring the Nazis back. History does repeat itself because the psychiatric and medical monsters behind Hitler (and before his time) get away all the time and they are still alive and unless people who live on the unprotected surface of the world, they don’t die physically. 

The next item on the Nazi agenda is handing top positions to German Frauke Petry, also called Adolfina, and in France to Marine Le Pen who leads the French Nationalists,  and the likes.  All over the world, people demonstrate Nazi tendencies and act exactly upon what is transmitted through their German-controlled-ear implants. Note how the Nazi psychs and doctors are selecting now women to do the dirty work for them as women are often considered less scary by others. SEGNPMSS thinks that using conscienceless women can get them take over the world faster. But are women really women if outrageously criminal men behind them run them like puppets?

Trump’s extreme attitude towards race pairs him with who the SEGNPMSS wants to put in the chancellor chair after Merkel, e.g. “Adolfina”. They Merkel did well for Germany and can go now, they decided.

Trump is a proud German and thinks or says that immigrants destroy his beloved Germany. They don’t. Germany installed their ear-implants into anyone and control everything any national does. Germany needs those fugitives as hard working slaves. Daesh people or other Islamist terrorists are conditioned (by SEGNPMSS of course) and even attack German citizens in the process, SEGNPMSS thinks it is worth it as these conditioned Islamists help them bringing the Nazis back whose “job” it will be “to protect Germans from Islamists”. Either Trump conceals this or his IQ doesn’t go there to figure that out.  

Germany also hides behind Russia and other states. Germany’s hacking, running secretly the US election, etc., all that is organized in a way that Germany isn’t blamed. They want the USA, Russia, and other nations to be blamed so that they can set up new unrests and wars. Germany is notorious for picking foreign agents (they also had one in Lenin). They do the dirty work for them and hide cowardly behind them. And the world is unable to recognize the mechanism, and they are giving Germany a clean bill of ethics. What a shame. I call it trance. 

That I am the only one writing about Germany’s ear-implants, Marty, shows again that there is no free world anywhere on this planet.

As I said, SEGNPMSS wants to break up Great Britain (due to its opposition during the Third Reich) to make it small in order to have Nazis take the official lead in Europe. That is why the SEGNPMSS allowed BREXIT.  They want Scottland and Northern Ireland to split. When England is small and tiny and after ear-implants sabotaged its economy even more, they want the English on their knees begging for Germany’s EU to take them again without opposing the new Nazis and their inhuman medical and psychiatric world.  

And what happened in the USA? Trump’s personality and ways are so appalling to many that a new civil war is in the making. Opponents are burning the US flag and riot. Americans holding signs saying “Trump is not my President” and “Shame on you, America!”.

He is not my President either, Marty, but two wrongs make no right. They don’t see that German-controlled ear-implants got the USA where it is right now and that the SEGNPMSS wants to get the USA even further down. They control the voting and elections. They decide who runs and not. German-controlled ear implants were also behind slavery and the KKK. The first language of the USA became almost German.       

Trump calls the protests “unfair”. But ear-implants rigging elections is fair?   

How can Germany take over the USA? As they do in Europe and elsewhere: having leaders that are so objectionable that people want their states to split away. SEGNPMSS wants Calexit. They want California (and then also other states) splitting from the USA to weaken it as they plan with GB. 

I also feel strongly that the shootings of Blacks and others by police and vice versa is clearly a SEGNPMSS project to start a civil war in the USA and to break it up. SEGNPMSS wants to destroy the USA and take over with racism, anti-religion, hatred, crime, and war.

Did the pollsters in the USA got it all wrong? Or didn’t they because voters/electors were switched last-minute to vote differently? One is sure: ear-implants rule. No doubt, the Clintons are unethical and pro Germany. They don’t save America, but a Trump presidency is even a SEGNPMSS step further. Turning Americans into racists. This was always the German Nazi dream. Passing on their Nazi reputation to the USA. Painting the USA in bad colors and acting as if Germany are the human rights protectors. Yeah right! What is going on is so transparent, for you and me, Marty, but mankind is in a deep trance.

Whatever SEGNPMSS is doing, Marty. I catch on and I know you too. By kidnapping me and denying your rights of freedom and happiness and by setting us up, they sure messed with the wrong people.

I sent you a billion kisses.

Your wife (German accent but true American mind and heart)


Have a look at this, Marty. The song is named American Love. What is wrong with it besides that the song, music,and lyrics are rather boring? The German propaganda in it, a German car. Why is no American car in this picture? My comment: silent and/or loud German commands. It suggests Americans have to buy German if they want to be real Americans and keep the US economy down.