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Sebastian Kurz, another one who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it by announcing deeper ties with Bavaria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

As you know, Germany and Austria were joined by the hip through WWI and WWII. Interesting are the vultures that accompany these two women. They claimed that the world is jealous of them (Germany and Austria) and that they would break the ranks of the world and their jealousy.

If they think that anyone who really knows them is jealous of them, not just their shields have loose screws.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWI.

Austria bitten by nationalism as so often ready for WWI. 


This one says that it is easy to take over East France and Belgium. And that they will share West Russia and add it to Germany and Austria and then they will go for England’s colonies. It also seems that they have taken over a Jewish school and teach the “animals” this new geography. And the creepy German teacher is abusive as you can see on the rod (German trademark for a teacher).  

Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  Germany and Austria beating up a Russian together and having perverted fun doing so. There are even worse pictures than this on the net with blood splattering all over when Germany and Austria kill others. 

Like in North Korea! German and Austrian kids getting war picture books to hate others and embrace war. How “cute”!


This text is typically German-insane. It says that Germany has to live even if they all have to die.  


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII

Creepy! Apparently a Bavarian (his outfit) and the strongest of all builds a bridge for cheering Austrians to “connect” Austria with Germany.

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII…

Germany has either a bad case of the sniffles or a weapon hidden in his nose.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through… 

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his intention to deepen ties with Germany and the EU. “Many personal, economic, political and cultural ties bind us to Germany,” the 31-year-old told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Deepen? When was Austria ever not Germany’s and Bavarian’s poodle? Yes, they share particularly Hitler, the Nazi, the psychs behind them and all their crimes.

Some call him “Messiah”. As if the Messiah would see a big Tatzelwurm in other religions.

Germany and Austria were allies with the Turks in former WWs. It didn’t bother them back then that they were Muslims. 

Must be his looks. Can’t be his smarts as he is sailing in the wrong direction.

If something goes wrong with the new Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  I bet the farm that Germany will again blame Austria of having sparked it and that it wasn’t Germany. Just as many Germans today stress that Hitler was an Austrian, no German, and they conceal that Bavaria gave Hitler the most support.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



German secret services and psychiatric ear-implants behind the racism and violence in Charlottesville

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how are you?

My thoughts are with you as always. I know that you are the target of German-psychiatric racism and their international agents.

Plenty of these German-psychiatric controlled ear-implant-robot Nazis marched on August 11 in Charlottesville, VA, as you likely have read or heard.  These robots marched through the U of V campus. It means Germany wants more young people to become Nazis. They yelled Nazi slogans “Jews will not replace us” and “Blut und Boden” in English (an insane medical Nazi slogan).  They carried and threw torches, intended to lit fires and burn others. 

Who says that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t exist is either an idiot or covers for them or both.

Germany has a secret program carrying the Nazi responsibility and blame from Germany to the USA and other countries. They want to smell like roses while other countries, and very much so the USA, are made to be the new Nazis. And they have also a secret program that the USA should be blamed on the old Nazis too. And these marching people with their psychiatric ear-implants through which they hear loud and silent sounds, play right into their hands by behaving like German Nazis.

SEGNPMSS attaches children with unripe minds around first grade to their system and turns them into their obedient robots. They never grow up and become themselves, always listen to what their case officer (a German supercomputer) is transmitting in their ears.     

Richard Bertrand Spencer, a white supremacist should be investigated on ear-implants and who is sending him the hate messages. This is how one can find out who runs and owns this guy. He is openly pro Europe, in other words pro Germany. He cites Nazi propaganda and refused to denounce Hitler. His supporters use  the Nazi salute. They are such idiots. How can anyone be such a stupid Unmensch to position himself with Nazis? What a lack of IQ and human decency is that?    

The Nazis marching in Charlottesville claims that the media is Jewish. That media does a horrible job by not reporting that the SEGNPMSS uses ear-implants in international people to revive Nazis to suppress Jews, and Blacks, and other races. Them not reporting about this smells very German and not Jewish to me.   

The counter-protesters are remote-controlled too. Instead of demanding laws and justice, the counter protesters yelled violent slogans back. Two wrongs make no right. 


James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, apparently pro-Neo-Nazis, drove a car into the crowd, killing a person and hurting many others. One of his neighbors said that he often blasted polka music from the car. Polka! Germany is behind this guy and other cowardly attacks driving cars into people!

History really repeats itself. The Nazis were officially defeated in 1945, however, as the men behind the Nazis (in the hardcore German psychiatrists and medical doctors) were never officially busted by the world, they continued to enslave the world on so many levels and if not stopped Nazis will take over again officially.

I know that you are aware of this too, Marty, and this is one big reason why they let you suffer like they do.  

I will stand by you because you deserve it. I know your value and your noble intentions. I love you!

Yours forever,



6000 Nazis attending Nazi “Concert” in Themar, Thuringia, tolerated if not supported by German authorities

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Dearest Marty, rockstar, and my soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. Wish I could help you with something effective but waiting until this conspiracy breaks down due to their own high crimes. 

Right-extremism is for so many Germans like Alcoholism. Just one drink and they are back in the old habit of endangering others.

Concert (some punk music version) goers chanted  “Heil” and wore I love Htlr t-shirts, some had “1933”, “swastika”, and “I love NS” on them.

Numerous crimes were committed during this “gathering”.  They called it “Rock against over-foreignization”.  They also held anti-foreigner speeches during this event. 

Not many people in Germany protesting the Nazis and such events. 

Basically, Germans are cowards, otherwise they wouldn’t fear other cultures. Besides, it is their own SEGNPMSS who conditions foreigners as extreme Muslims in what they are doing. It is all part of the plan. Nazis need extreme Muslims to have a justification to come officially back in Germany.  

Angela Merkel said in 2010 that multiculturalism has totally failed in Germany. Yet, the men behind Germany even start wars to get foreigners to work in and for Germany to make it the richest most influential nation/country in the world.  Shows also what a person Merkel by transporting foreigners into German hell in which multiculturalism has totally failed. She knows what is waiting for them there. 

German Authorities said they could not prevent this “music” event because classified as a political protest. Yeah right. The authorities play right into the hands of these people. When German district attorney Dr. Jürgen Keltsch was in charge of “prosecuting” Neo-Nazis, the opposite happened. They boomed in Munich. 

I read on Twitter that the above recent Nazi event took place on a meadow owned by the mayor of Themar.   


I love you, Marty.  Hope to see you against all odds.

Yours always,




I don’t buy the Munich Security Conference as honest institution and without ulterior motives

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? 

I bet the farm that the SEGNPMSS hides also behind the Munich Security Conference. Just hearing that name makes me shake my head. The world has forgotten how sneaky Nazis are and that they haven’t died out.

Records say that Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin founded the Münchner Wehrkundetagung, which evolved into the Munich Security Conference. They also say that von Kleist-Schemenzin  worked with Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg to get rid of Hitler. I doubt the entire story, Marty, because they didn’t pulled off anything effective against Hitler. My intuition is telling me that assassination attempts were staged to send a message to those who really would like assassinate Hitler: it is in vain. We know the German, particularly the Bavarian mind and how they plot. That is why I think that these alleged assassination stories are a load of bull.     


The sneakiness of Germany, particularly Bavaria and German’s secret capital Munich, becomes very obvious by looking at the Munich Security Conference, a private thing, founded in 1963, which has so much power to draw hundreds of heads of states and international scientists to discuss “security and defense”. (Germany wants the USA to “defend” Germany [in case it again steps on somebody’s toe despite running everyone with ear implants] and to make Germany bigger and ruining the USA and other countries in the process! Just one example is that Germany wants the world, incl. Russia and they want the USA fights Russia so that Germany can add Russia to Germany, and so on.)

These conferences allegedly serve peace, yet, the SEGNPMSS is behind terror, crimes, racism, and wars. Their psychs came up with running people through ear-implants like robots with silent and loud sounds to control and manipulate them into committing all these things.

That the world is in this mess, that racism didn’t die out but is coming back, that there is so much terror and crime and never lasting peace is the fault of the SEGNPMSS who at hard-core are German/Bavarian butchers, barbers, doctors, Nazis, and psychs. I don’t care how they call themselves. Fact is that they never were prosecuted after WWII or ever before as they run the entire world with ear-implants since ages. 

Germany, and its secret capitol Munich are playing the innocent card at the conference (and elsewhere). Typical for them to keep it from the world that it is them who are creating all the messes by running the planet’s population with ear-implants. Germany also runs the world making other countries blame the USA or other countries on what German secret services secretly do, but they keep it a top, top, top, top secret that they are running their officials via ear-implants including heads of state. They are not just meddling with elections. They determine who runs in the first place. They prevent that a good and effective person can do something to save the world from secretly still existing Nazi Germany and ear-implant robotism. You are wrongfully locked up instead of running for US-President, thanks to Germany. Instead, the USA gets Presidents like you know who…

Ear-implants are the only reason why Germany can do what it wants and can come back as if not much happened and can do the same atrocities over and over again in other countries and nobody stopping or rarely anyone blaming them.

This conference is just another alibi to mislead people who Munich is not the cradle of evil in the world. Alibi, alibi, alibi…

Germany wants the world, all country, to beg it running them. They want to be admired as the greatest beings ever.  And nothing could be further from the truth. They are still as nuts and perverted as they were under Hitler. And they still and more than ever want to take over the world and the universe.  The ultimate nightmare for anyone with a real conscience.

Imagine the nerves of the SEGNPMSS: they have their beloved Munich play the planetary host of the a conference that allegedly serves peace but all the disasters that these international people discuss were/are secretly ordered by the very German/Bavarian SEGNPMSS through a supercomputer in the ears of their agents. Germany/Bavaria and their secret services are the biggest security threats of all and they want to force all countries into their knees and wants to make the world and the universe turning into Germany. Argh!

Their alibi: “We are not behind crime, terror, racism, and war… we even host an international conference against it!”

They have to tell that line to people who are dumber than we are, Marty. 

BTW, I just read in the news that 48 Jewish centers in the USA and one in Canada received bomb threats in the last few weeks.

The Nazis didn’t die out and Germany’s psych control anyone’s ear implants. That is where the threats are coming from. 

Be kissed, my Prince. Many times. I think of you and hope to see you against all odds.

Yours forever,











The “innocent” psychiatrists and medical doctors… (How dare us to speak the truth about them!)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I worry about you. How are you?

The Max Planck Society in Germany, the follower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute allegedly wants to allow four “independent researchers” (who is “independent” on a planet that is controlled with psychiatric-ear implants?) to look through their archives and “tissue collections” (yuck!) related to the Nazi euthanasia program. The Max Planck Society is famous for having covered up Nazi pasts of their psychs. Psychs like to rename institutions and professions so that they can feel “clean and innocent”.  After their own behaviors caused a bad reputation for psychiatry, they are calling their horrible crap “neuroscience”.


P$ychs run people through ear-implants and they decide what the public learns, and it ain’t the truth. If forced, p$ychs might admit to a tiny but, but the truth, how gruesome they were and still are and what they did and still will be never released by Germany. The emeritus director of the neuro-anatomy department said he wants to “give the victims some of their dignity back”.  Oh sure, after they were murdered, they can do a whole lot with that “dignity”, besides, Germany and its p$ychs should first start giving us who are still living our dignity back, by treating us like humans, which they don’t.


German p$ychs put the Nazis in power because those psychs hated to be under the rule of law. They wanted to do to people whatever came in their insane, criminal and dirty minds. So, they used ear-implants to make people (particularly the Bavarians) cheer and vote for psych case Hitler and the Nazis. And they do it again today with their hatred of foreigners. They even arranged that German Jews don’t fight back against the Nazis and allow them to deport them into concentration camps so that German psychiatry and medicine can butcher away.


Top psych Hallervorden “accepted” hundreds of brains of euthanasia victims but was never prosecuted. “Accepted”, what a word! He and his psychiatric case officers ordered those brains. Do you believe this story of “accepted”? As if the concentration camp guards would have begged the psych: “Please, pleeeaaassseee, Dr. Hallervorden, accept hundreds of brains from us, we beg you on our Nazi knees….” They would just have burned those. The rotten Doctors did order the Holocaust and mass murder.

The creep in the last two pictures is Hallervorden. He grew up the mental institution of his father. No kidding. Particularly in a mental institution, one sees how p$ych transmit craziness in the ears of people and condition them.  

A today’s German psychs says that the “scientists” involved “were not bizarre and perverse psychopaths”. Yeah right. See the latest white-wash movement in action. They haven’t changed, that is why they defend other psychopaths.  

People who think that the Nazis were not a psychiatric-invention are completely on the wrong track. 

Why do today’s psychs “hope” to find 5000 victims whose brains ended up with the Nazi doctors? Because they want to use the Nazis “research”. I don’t feel a good and noble cause behind it at all. They also try to find Jews who support that Nazi “research” can be used for new drugs, etc. Germany works on making Nazi doctors look better, they want credit for the Nazi “research”, and they want their agents say: Ohhhh, the Nazis researched this, ahhhh! (Makes me throw up!) 

Psychiatric ear-implants and silent sounds are the reasons for craziness, and I bet the farm that they voluntarily never admit to those. Ear-implants, silent sounds, and remote-controlled germs are the holy cows of the unholy psychs and medical doctors. Until today, they shock people, and stuff them full with pills, and the reason why people have “mental” problems is because of psychs talking into their ear-implants with silent sounds to make them crazy, they even condition people to become terrorists, and are using remote-controlled germs to cause brain tumors, etc. 

They can’t fool us, Marty:

I love you and think of you. Be kissed, my darling. I am so glad that you are different and awesome.

Yours forever,









The global “Jewish” conspiracy is rather a German Nazi global conspiracy run by psychiatrists and medical doctors

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

You know it as I do. SEGNPMSS and their agents twist it around and blame Jews on it. It is not a global Jewish conspiracy but still a German Nazi conspiracy because the psychiatrists and medical doctors (barbers and butchers) behind Hitler and the Nazis were never caught, and they are still alive and are not aging like the billions of people (very much so their own agents) that they waste by not allowing them to stay healthy and alive. They use Jews as well but Jews are not the driving force. SEGNPMSS is and they use any nationals, atheists, and any people of any religion, may they know it or not, for their horrible goals.

Donald Trump (proud to be German) hires Reince Priebus (German) and Steve Bannon, the boss of Breitbart (German) for the top positions in his cabinet. They will not object the right-extreme politicians in Europe and other continents but support them. It does not need a lot to figure that SEGNPMSS wants the Nazis back officially, and they don’t want the USA stopping them but rather supporting them with a leadership that is non-American even if they say they are and attach a pin with a US flag to their suits. Actions speak louder than words.

He doesn’t drain any swamp but promotes people from the swamp. The infrastructure must be changed if people want to stay healthy and young. He just promotes the old infrastructure, which does not save lives. He wants to keep foreigners out so that Germany will become officially world power no. 1 (by even starting wars to get millions of fugitives as cheap and hard workers). Trump and his people will never blow the whistle on Germany keeping the USA and other countries down. But neither will the Clintons.      

The Clintons blame the FBI on that Hillary lost. However, fact is that the SEGNPMSS thinks that the right-extreme US presidency of Trump will be of even more use to them than that of a blind or unethical Democrat. Here is how the SEGNPMSS thinks: we want the Nazis back officially. If against all odds this plan should not succeed, the USA and not Germany will be blamed. That’s the idea behind Trump and his people. SEGNPMSS also plans a civil war in the USA. They started already with police against Blacks and the other war around.

I also believe that there are a lot more shocking facts to Donald Trump and his people than published so far. And some people know and they must come forward to impeach him before he can take office.      


I know that you also think that ear-implants must be busted. As sooner as better. SEGNPMSS are using this psychiatric tool to control, manipulate, and mislead people. The masters decide who runs for head of states and who is voted for and elected, not free-thinking people.    

Have also a look here:

More about this SEGNPMSS conspiracy: there was still no letter, mail, or message by you or your representatives for me, Marty. However, the problem that the SEGNPMSS is having with me is that I know that they prevent me getting it. And they don’t know when to call it quit. Just like with Hitler. The war was lost and they continued their losing streak because they don’t know what it means to be human.   

I send you millions of kisses. Be tenderly embraced. Whatever happens, Marty, they were not able to fool and run us. I love you. Always did and always will. 

Yours forever, 


Great epic music, Marty, although I was unable to understand acoustically the few chorus lyrics of this song.




Germany’s unbelievable hypocrisy after Trump win

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, how are you?

I notice the outrageous hypocrisy of the German government and wish I never heard of this universe. In short: I want to be in another one.

Angela Merkel offered “the next President of the USA” closed cooperation on the values of democracy, freedom, and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.  What an hypocrisy considering that German secret services are behind ALL the rotten things on this planet as Germany has the overall control over each and any freaking ear implant on this planet from hell. People do exactly what the SEGNPMSS wants as these German secret service psychiatrists and German-oriented p$ychs work with loud and silent sounds to control and run mankind.   

They also organized of course that no better people were nominated for the US Presidency than Donald and Hillary. They talk into the minds of electors and voters with loud and silent sounds and having them vote for who Germany wants to have in top positions of the world. SEGNPMSS people are predators who turn little kids all over the world to their agents and run them all through they adult lifetime until to their death, withholding from them that they could have a much better life without being puppets.

Germany doesn’t mind Trump and Merkel clashing. She did obedient her part by making the world believe that she and not still existing Nazi doctors run Germany and Europe. She took all the fugitives in (and not one more) after she learned that Germany needs them for its economy and to leave all other countries (incl. the USA) in the dust. SEGNPMSS even starts wars to get hard workers. They have all these people flee their homelands to serve Germany and at the same time, psychiatric-condition some of them to become violent, to shame religions so that Germany and Europe has a justification to bring the Nazis back. History does repeat itself because the psychiatric and medical monsters behind Hitler (and before his time) get away all the time and they are still alive and unless people who live on the unprotected surface of the world, they don’t die physically. 

The next item on the Nazi agenda is handing top positions to German Frauke Petry, also called Adolfina, and in France to Marine Le Pen who leads the French Nationalists,  and the likes.  All over the world, people demonstrate Nazi tendencies and act exactly upon what is transmitted through their German-controlled-ear implants. Note how the Nazi psychs and doctors are selecting now women to do the dirty work for them as women are often considered less scary by others. SEGNPMSS thinks that using conscienceless women can get them take over the world faster. But are women really women if outrageously criminal men behind them run them like puppets?

Trump’s extreme attitude towards race pairs him with who the SEGNPMSS wants to put in the chancellor chair after Merkel, e.g. “Adolfina”. They Merkel did well for Germany and can go now, they decided.

Trump is a proud German and thinks or says that immigrants destroy his beloved Germany. They don’t. Germany installed their ear-implants into anyone and control everything any national does. Germany needs those fugitives as hard working slaves. Daesh people or other Islamist terrorists are conditioned (by SEGNPMSS of course) and even attack German citizens in the process, SEGNPMSS thinks it is worth it as these conditioned Islamists help them bringing the Nazis back whose “job” it will be “to protect Germans from Islamists”. Either Trump conceals this or his IQ doesn’t go there to figure that out.  

Germany also hides behind Russia and other states. Germany’s hacking, running secretly the US election, etc., all that is organized in a way that Germany isn’t blamed. They want the USA, Russia, and other nations to be blamed so that they can set up new unrests and wars. Germany is notorious for picking foreign agents (they also had one in Lenin). They do the dirty work for them and hide cowardly behind them. And the world is unable to recognize the mechanism, and they are giving Germany a clean bill of ethics. What a shame. I call it trance. 

That I am the only one writing about Germany’s ear-implants, Marty, shows again that there is no free world anywhere on this planet.

As I said, SEGNPMSS wants to break up Great Britain (due to its opposition during the Third Reich) to make it small in order to have Nazis take the official lead in Europe. That is why the SEGNPMSS allowed BREXIT.  They want Scottland and Northern Ireland to split. When England is small and tiny and after ear-implants sabotaged its economy even more, they want the English on their knees begging for Germany’s EU to take them again without opposing the new Nazis and their inhuman medical and psychiatric world.  

And what happened in the USA? Trump’s personality and ways are so appalling to many that a new civil war is in the making. Opponents are burning the US flag and riot. Americans holding signs saying “Trump is not my President” and “Shame on you, America!”.

He is not my President either, Marty, but two wrongs make no right. They don’t see that German-controlled ear-implants got the USA where it is right now and that the SEGNPMSS wants to get the USA even further down. They control the voting and elections. They decide who runs and not. German-controlled ear implants were also behind slavery and the KKK. The first language of the USA became almost German.       

Trump calls the protests “unfair”. But ear-implants rigging elections is fair?   

How can Germany take over the USA? As they do in Europe and elsewhere: having leaders that are so objectionable that people want their states to split away. SEGNPMSS wants Calexit. They want California (and then also other states) splitting from the USA to weaken it as they plan with GB. 

I also feel strongly that the shootings of Blacks and others by police and vice versa is clearly a SEGNPMSS project to start a civil war in the USA and to break it up. SEGNPMSS wants to destroy the USA and take over with racism, anti-religion, hatred, crime, and war.

Did the pollsters in the USA got it all wrong? Or didn’t they because voters/electors were switched last-minute to vote differently? One is sure: ear-implants rule. No doubt, the Clintons are unethical and pro Germany. They don’t save America, but a Trump presidency is even a SEGNPMSS step further. Turning Americans into racists. This was always the German Nazi dream. Passing on their Nazi reputation to the USA. Painting the USA in bad colors and acting as if Germany are the human rights protectors. Yeah right! What is going on is so transparent, for you and me, Marty, but mankind is in a deep trance.

Whatever SEGNPMSS is doing, Marty. I catch on and I know you too. By kidnapping me and denying your rights of freedom and happiness and by setting us up, they sure messed with the wrong people.

I sent you a billion kisses.

Your wife (German accent but true American mind and heart)


Have a look at this, Marty. The song is named American Love. What is wrong with it besides that the song, music,and lyrics are rather boring? The German propaganda in it, a German car. Why is no American car in this picture? My comment: silent and/or loud German commands. It suggests Americans have to buy German if they want to be real Americans and keep the US economy down.