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Berlin Lights Festival glorifies 3rd Reich by projecting a giantic Hitler on a building supported by Goebbels calling out: Do you want the total war?

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Dearest Marty, my hero and husband, how are you?

They also have Nazi flags waving and the current German government finds nothing wrong with that. 

But lots of Germans are like alcoholics. They see and hear a bit Nazi propaganda and are back in the pattern from hell. The “artists” are saying that it wouldn’t be Nazi propaganda but a warning. Yeah, right. Guess these artists don’t read German news and that the AfG are getting more and more votes from these Germans who are like Nazi alcoholics. A little bit of Nazi propaganda against foreigners and they are on board on the Nazi ship like their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Merkel was the tool to prepare the ground for a new Nazi wave with the AfG, Frauke Petry, who some call “Adolfina” as she is so extreme. The men behind Merkel are also the men behind her. Puppets. 

Merkel’s activities for aren’t moral at all. 1) Germany (SEGNPMSS) initiated the war in Syria and runs Daesh (ISIS) to get fugitive to work for Germany 2) Merkel “accepted” only so many fugitive as a German study suggested that Germany needs to be on top of the world’s economy and not one fugitive more 3) SEGNPMSS has some Syrians or Muslims misbehaving or even committing crimes and atrocities (ear implants and psychiatric conditioning) so that Germany has a justification to bring the Nazis back, either with the AfG or with another Nazi party. 4) Loud and silent sounds though German-controlled ear implants weaken all other economies, particularly also the one of the USA, so that nobody stops Germany anymore when they roll over the planet.   


Certain German towns and businesses exploit the Syrians already by paying them next to nothing for their work in Germany. 

Frauke Petry was asked by an American paper if younger worker were not needed for Germany. She, who wants fugitive shot that enter Germany illegally, primitively said that doesn’t see young Muslim men wiping the behind of old German pensioners. The young men likely not, but their wives and daughters likely. Also, geriatric nurses are not the only people who Germany wants. They need young and strong people for all other branches in the economy, and the young Syrians can do that perfectly. How stupid does Petry thinks everyone is? She isn’t against fugitives working for Germany and making it richer, and she relates here to Merkel, she is just against them maintaining their ethnicity and religion.  

Syrians are known as HARD WORKERS. From what I know, they are not lazy people at all. I am convinced that this was the reason why the SEGNPMSS started the war in Syria and created Daesh so that particularly Syrians had to flee their homes to immigrate to Germany and Europe. They also have a plan B. If for a reason the Nazis can’t come back, they want their other group, psychiatric-conditioned extreme Muslims, like Daesh “take over” Germany and Europe and the rest of the world, and one day, that “Islamic” movement will do the same as the Nazis did as the people who run it with ear implants are the same old Nazi doctors and psychs that run the 3rd Reich. They conditioned numerous Islamists during the 3rd Reich to support German insanity. They will do it again. And the world that they hypnotize and run through ear implants with loud and silent sounds doesn’t see it coming.

And the same insane people who start the wars are also those who keep us apart. We know them so well to say, that a human being can’t fall deeper than they did fall. But they have to blame nobody but themselves. As a human being, one has to correct him- or herself before any bad takes over. It is as easy as that.  

Our love will stay, Marty. It is like its own axiom. Despite invading our thoughts, psychs never figured us out, otherwise they never would have tried to come between us. There was never one past live in which we were not on the same side and not helping each other. Around 2000, RB suggested that I should sue you for anything so that you have to come forward and that I can see you again. What a corrupt fool she was. As I ever would do that, besides, sneaky Germany and psychs would have loved that and it would just alienated us and not brought together. I never listen to her anyway. 

I love you, Marty.  Sending you kisses and I embrace you tenderly. I have no intentions to get you out of my head because you belong there.

Yours forever,










Creepy Europe

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and dashing Prince, how are you? You are never far from my thoughts. 

Another one around here asked me two days ago to date him. I told him that all I can offer is friendship, anything else won’t happen because I am romantically not available because I have a soulmate. And that is you, Marty.

One can read of people betraying their partners all the time. For me, it is incomprehensible. They can’t be much emotionally involved, otherwise they wouldn’t consider anyone but their partner. It wouldn’t even cross their minds. They wouldn’t even be tempted by someone new or young or rich or good-looking or all of those combined. Disloyalty and betrayal is not in either one of us. And it feels good, straight, strong, honest, proud… and anything but boring. Betrayal is so common. Loyalty is so rare.  

I gave my heart to you, the moment I discovered your personality, Marty. Your extremely good looks were just a bonus. What touched me deep was seeing and recognizing your value as a being. It sets you apart from anyone. Nothing more wrong than the saying that a good guy finishes last. Not with a woman who can difference between the treasure (you) and worthless pebbles.

Now to my header: 

Instead of using subterranean living against aging and for security, Paris uses the underground catacombs for dead people. Provided the structures are a safe constructions of course. I assume you know that there are Paris Catacombs with 6 million skeletons. That the bones were used “decorative” is even more creepy and has medical doctors and Catholic downtoneness written all over it. Like in a medical lab. Couldn’t they have paid more respect to the person that once owned the body by keeping her bones together and not form creepy decorations?  



                                                                                                                                             More Paris:



And more Paris:  




As you will know, Rome has a skulls and bones underground too, including “bone churches”. Basically, Bavaria IS the Catholic Church. Even creeper than Paris:


Still in Rome. What of a creepy tonelevel is that anyway? Worshiping skeletons. No wonder that this church attracts pedophiles.  


Sedlec Ossuary, or the  Bone Church – Look at this bone and skull “glory”. Do people really pray in such a creepy medical lab place? 


Look, Jesus among lots of bones in Poland – what a “happy” place in Czerma. Actually, I never seen any structure of ANY religion that creepy that Catholic Churches. No Mosque is that creepy.



Looks like the walls of that church are constructed of human bones and skulls in Portugal


The Austrians paint the skulls and write names on it and put it on display. Actually, I would want to investigate of any of these skull and bones show signs that they once had ear- and skull implants and the bones body implants. In earlier centuries, they probably were not made of silicone but very tiny metal pieces, maybe not bigger than pin needle heads.    



A bone collection in a Swiss church. The sign says: You will become what we are. We were what you are. Good grief! A church should know that the person isn’t skull and bones.  That is medical belief that people are their bodies.      schweiz



In Germany, they call these odd (to say it mildly) places “Beinhäuser”. Bavaria has numerous of such creepy places.  Below is in Oppenheim in Germany. Has approx. 20.000 skeletons. While most thetans who exhibited these bodies once are gone, it is just creepy to collect and worship or display them.



London kept their underground free of skeletons. What a relief to the eyes!


Speaking of the European Union, Marty, below is a map that shows the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Germany tries to stay low-key, but the SEGNPMSS controls all other countries, and very much so Austria with its 35% official new Nazis.  I am not so sure about the 4.7 % Nazis in Germany. I read elsewhere that the AfD has around 12% of the German votes and is short before getting seats in the Bundestag.   


I see the SEGNPMSS  at least with three different approaches to secretly take over the EU and then the world.

1) The Nazis come back, probably just using a different name but with very similar insane goals.

2) The psychiatric-conditioned Islamists take over Europe and the rest of the world, however, whenever the secret service doctor orders, with the snap of a finger,  they will suddenly stop being Islamists and turn into German Nazis

 3) The EU continue to pretending to be western and good, until all other countries are trapped and when there is nobody anymore who can stop them as they ruined all other countries, incl. the USA,  they turn the world officially into their Nazi world.

I know, some people say that could happen. But I bet all the advanced civilizations that suddenly got bad and disappeared from surface of the Earth were saying the same thing.

SEGNPMSS’s favorite plan is taking over Europe with Nazis again. (See map above.) UK could be that country in the EU that is most in their way on going quickly brown again. So, they arrange that it leaves (BREXIT) and plan to split Ireland and Scotland from the UK, so England becomes small and unable to stop Germany and the countries that it devours. In addition, they will hold the UK economy down with very unfair methods (like they do in the USA, with loud and silent sounds).  As I said before, Merkel is a tool. And they picked a woman because people think they are not as bad. I really would like to see Merkel’s NSA phone records and who whispers in her ears.    

Well, nothing you didn’t hear before from me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts. I bet you figured very similar conclusions.

I am sending you a million kisses and you are always on my mind.

I love you.



















London kept their underground skeleton-free






eear implants
















Hitler’s vile Mein Kampf rubbish now re-published in Germany because Bavaria (typical!) approved

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? I ask myself this every day.

To my header: everything that has to do with Nazis and Hitler is for many Germans like alcohol for alcoholics. Besides greed and making more money, still existing Nazis in and behind Germany never buried the idea of a Nazi Germany or a very similar German system running the world. The refugees serve as workers for Germany to take over the world economically but are also a vehicle for Germany’s secret service scum to bring the Nazis back. They radio in the ear-implants of the refugees to violate the laws and radio in the ear implants of the Germans to for right extremist groups to fight the “Islamists” with right extremism. For me and you, Germany is an open and very dirty book.     

Speaking once more about German-controlled ear-implants in other nationals including Americans. I found at least six English copies of Hitler’s “My Struggle” in the Salt Lake City Main Library on the BEST shelf space in the BEST location. One could NOT miss these books. And those were only those who were not checked out. They all looked like they were checked out very often. Although it was officially forbidden in Germany to process Nazi material (but not really enforced) after they lost WWII, SEGNPMSS always made sure  through their ear implant systems that not just Germany but also other countries continued to worship the insane Nazi ideology.

Bavaria made the decision to re-publish Mein Kampf, and I am not surprised at all by that. Bavarians were those people who helped Hitler into power in the first place.

I haven’t wasted my time reading Hitler’s crap, but I know that it is boring with lots of repetitions.

Unquestionably,  these 3700 “scientific” footnotes (by six “historians”) that the German publisher (Christian Hartmann) had added to this book were applied to make this rubbish more interesting. I learned that just SOME of these footnotes correct Hitler. (And I doubt that they correct him properly and completely.) Many of these footnotes explain Hitler’s crap better or refer people to other writings. And the jury is still out on what references that are.  Knowing Germany and Nazi attitude still so alive in so many, I am suspicious of the “scientific” footnotes nevertheless being propaganda for Germany’s notorious hatred against others.

Remember that Hitler movie that Germany showed last year, Marty? The actor was surprised about the warm welcome that he got in Germany while touring dressed as Hitler. Only a few people were appalled. Sort of if Bin Laden would roam US streets and Americans would welcome him warmly. Makes no sense unlike one agrees with what these men stood/stand for.

Hitler himself didn’t think much of authors and the written word. He considered speech a much better tool than writing, yet, he scribbled a book. He did what his psychiatric case officers ordered him through his ear implants. I am convinced that much of his crap came from the psychs behind him.  And by watching the world of today, I can still see these men, speaking through new Nazis and those who radicalize Islam. That raised index finger that these radical islamists are showing is a sure giveaway of very old, dusty, creepy, “know-best”, “do-what-we-order-or-else” Germans running the Islamic extremists.

Unquestionably, it was never difficult to get Mein Kampf in Germany. Germany rarely  enforced the “German law” that says that Germans should not possess Nazi hate material. Seems to me that these added footnotes are there to make Hitler’s boring trash more “interesting”, to make lots of cash and to get more Nazi ideas into the heads of people who already warmly welcome Hitler.

Be embraced and kissed, Marty. I love you, and I am sure that Germany and very much so Bavaria are also the force why we both Jewish Scientologists can’t be together and that they framed you. No, I have no evidence, except thetan basically knows. Knowing them and my intuition, makes me think so. For others, it might not be much if anything but for me it works like science.

Yours forever and ever,








Rev. Alfreddie Johnson jr., Baptist minister, Nation of Islam man is no Scientologist. He doesn’t apply Scientology. His actions/connections/partnerships are harming Scientology and the reputation of its GOOD founder

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, how are you? 

Did you notice that German-psych-oriented agents against Scientology claim that Alfreddie Johnson jr. is a Scientologist who “converts” Christians and Islamists to Dianetics and Scientology? When did these agents ever tell the truth?

Fact is that he doesn’t call himself a Scientologist but a Baptist Reverend. Looks to me as if he “disseminates” bad Christian and Islamists apples into Scientology.  

I see: more infiltration, alteration, and takeover of Scientology by Nation of Islam and “true Christianity” through people like Alfreddie Johnson, who also partnered with Dr. Hanan Islam whose “American Health and Education Clinics” was apparently founded to get Scientology into more troubles. The attorney general of California, Kamala Harris issued on October 23, 2015 a felony arrest warrant against Alfreddy Johnson’s partner Hanan Islam and two others by the names of Zakiyyah Islam and Bayon Beverly Washington, according to the Superior Court of California, case BA 435375. They are charged with grand theft, presenting false medical claims, insurance fraud, and failure to file tax return.

 Alfreddy Johnson is not listed as charged but didn’t he bring these people into Scientology? That works hand in hand with outside attackers who smear Scientology on THESE ACTIONS BY NON-SCIENTOLOGSTS? Didn’t Johnson partner with them? Nobody above the law is a Scientologist as it means not applying Scientology.

Who right in mind doesn’t know that this kind of out-ethics will get anyone involved (including or particularly Scientology) in deep troubles? Ethics is the ultimate basis of Scientology. These people didn’t apply it. And what about Scientology’s Way to Happiness Booklet? They didn’t apply these rules either! PEOPLE WHO DO NOT APPLY SCIENTOLOGY ARE NO SCIENTOLOGISTS! Period. 

The Miscavologists need their behinds kicked, allowing people like Hanan Islam  or also Johnson to graduate from Scientology seminars.

Dr. Hanan Islam was the official partner of Baptist Rev. Alfreddy Johnson who got anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan to merge his Nation of Islam into Scientology. My stomach turns, Marty. And people with psych controlled minds like blogger and Scientology-hater Tony Ortega  and his follower cult are twisting the truth claiming that Scientology is the “overtaker” or “infiltrator” of other institutions and movements.

What a real Scientologist would cause Scientology or the founder a bad reputation? None! But  Rev. Alfreddy Johnson makes connection who do. When becoming the partner of somebody, one must be sure that this partner is no crook and hires no above the law people, for crying out loud! If he would be a Scientologist, he would apply ethics, the tonescale and other Scientology technology, and HE WOULD KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OTHERS. He would make sure that they understood and apply Scientology. But if somebody is none, he of course can’t see if somebody understood or applied it.

Same goes for the master of the squirrels, David Miscavige, who is no real Scientologist either (as you know, he got Scientology from Germany’s/CIA’s double agent “Jack Vistaril” and not the real founder of Scientology, and DM knows it), apparently welcomes this invasion of above the law non-Scientologists.

Some people ask what comes after His Cobness is no longer on top of Scientology. The answer could be in plain sight: anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and Alfreddie Johnson’s dishonest Baptist Christianity movement running “Scientology” completely into the ground.  It is a nightmare.

Alfreddie Johnson runs a “True Faith Christian Center” at the Hubbard Dianetics Community Center. He also introduced anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam to Miscavology for more squirreling and overtake of Scientology. The true Christian Alfreddie Johnson jr. also partners with two men by the name of Rahman (Muslims or Christians or nothing or what?) from Dubai and a man named Andrew Billups. I didn’t find this name connected to Scientology on the web. But I found a psychiatrist by that name.

They founded a company by the name of AmeriBest in Clearwater, Florida, all at the same address at 300 S Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765. No idea what that company does. I assume something non-Scientology like medical crap.

These are the data the Florida Department of State has:
Data last refreshed on Thursday, November 12, 2015
Similar Records
Alfreddie Johnson
Clearwater, FL
Director at The Humanitarian Organization of Women, Inc.
Director at Men Who Care, Inc.
Director at Panacea Publishing, Inc.
Johnson Alfreddie
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
President at World Literacy Crusade
President at World Literacy International Corporation
President at World Literacy Crusade Inc
Member at American Health and Education Clinics, L.L.C.
President at True Faith Christian Center
President at Project Genesys
Alfreddie Johnson
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
Partner at American Health and Education Clinics
(Dr. Hanan Islam’s institution, in troubles with the authorities, which seems now closed.)

So, he is a director of The Humanitarian Organization of Women. How “impressive”. That Humanitarian Organisation is not human enough to give me my rightful place in Scientology.

Below is Alfreddy Johnson’s FindCE profile, Marty. It mentions Hanan Islam as his contact.

He might do Miscavology courses, but he doesn’t apply Scientology and doesn’t consider himself a Scientologist but a Baptist. However, he has the guts to mention Ron’s study technology while engaging with Hanan Islam whose clinic is in troubles with the authorities. Even if he isn’t charged with a crime,  Ron, the real Scientology founder’s name is smeared again. And other agents, e.g. former infiltrators are running the German-psychiatric secret service campaign that this clinic and Christianity/Islam other organizations and governments are infiltrated by Scientology when in fact, everything is the other way around.

Who knows what kind of terror group connections are dragged into Scientology upon order of  Germany’s secret service psychiatrists  to make the Nazi doctor’s dreams true to close Scientology down.  David Miscavige, the non-Scientologist and other Miscavologists don’t give a damn, apparently.

Besides, what non-Anti-Semites (black, white, red, brown or whatever?) want to join Scientology when it is riddled with flock that drinks Farrakhan’s supremacist cool aide?  What a TURN OFF to join Scientology!   

However, there is one thing that will never happen, Marty, and that is that YOU AND I can’t look through German-psych secret service setups.

I love you, my darling. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,