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Back in the years when Bill Clinton was the US President, I wrote to him several times about that you need help but also to build the closed villages

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, I am thinking of you.

Back in the years when Bill Clinton was the US President, I wrote to him several times that he should start building the villages. That was before the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I described them to him. Closed roof, closed to any contamination from the outside, making their own oxygen, water, and growing their food, prolonging the lifespans of their residents. That they also would be great for the economy because 1) they need to be build, which would make the economy boom 2) companies can settle in them their employees and produce healthy products 3) good for the environment and security 4) and people would be healthier, live longer, etc.

Those were quite long letters that I wrote to him. If he would have started building the villages, we wouldn’t have a nation today threatened by a virus, and there would be no need to spent trillions of Dollars to combat this deadly crisis.

He did nothing, however, Hillary later wrote her Book “It needs a village”. Her village, however, differs from what I described to Bill Clinton. She also ignored the subject of villages that protect lives. 

President Bill Clinton’s office acknowledged my various letters x-times, and Bill himself replied to me personally twice, but with some blahblah. He also ignored that I wanted help for you, Marty, as I suspected that you were framed and are wrongfully incarcerated.

It seemed that Bill Clinton wanted to correspond with me but tried to direct my attention to less urgent matters. And this is how he earned my contempt.

I love you, Marty, stay alive. You are awesome. The world needs you, and I want you. 🙂 Just you!

Yours forever,