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Bashar Assad, medical doctor, works in favor of Germany

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, soulmate, husband, and one and only,

How are you? 

You. Your personality, your existence, your decency, your temper, your warmth, your eyes, your face, your hands, everything about you is what I adore, Marty!      

France says it has proof that the Syrian government attacked the town of Douma with chemical weapons last weekend.

The US says, Syria has used at least 50 times chemical weapons on people! Assad and Germany behind him, should have get their behinds kicked right from the start not 50 times later!  

Bashar Assad, by behaving since years the way he does, assisted Germany greatly by making millions of  Syrians leave Syria and flee to Germany and Europe as their hard and cheap workers. Germany starts secretly wars to get workers to get their economy backed up and better, and Trump keeps immigrants out by wanting to build a wall. 

Syrians are known to be hard workers but many also got infected with Germany’s anti-antisemitism.  

Germany treats Syrians like cheap workers for the superior Germans. Germany also uses psychiatric methods to condition preferably “Muslims” to conduct terror or assault women, so that people despise religion and that voters bring the German Nazis back. And they want the Syrians to drop their identities and any religion (which the men behind Germany radicalize) by becoming German Nazis in Germany, the country that robbed them of their homeland by being the secret force behind the war in their country and other wars and terror.

The world had it with Assad, but Germany doesn’t want to do anything militarily against their secret agent, Dr. Bashar Assad. Typical, Germany. Organizing wars and hiding cowardly behind their international agents by not stopping wars. Using chemical on the population and children, how much monstrous can it get? Germany is “reluctant” to engage in military action because they have the USA and others to protect them, can save a lot of money, are getting richer and richer, and in the first place: CAUSE THE WAR AND TERROR in Syria and other countries. 

Germany also wants involve the USA, Russia, and China in a war against each other over Syria and other such situations.    

I hope the world start figuring them out, Marty, as we did. Germany can’t fool us.

M. is in Toronto. Next stop is St. George, Utah, and then she plans to come to me for some weeks.

I love you. Be kissed. Will be back soon.

Yours forever,





1) Typical for DM to invite Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic cult into Scientology 2) Nazis on the rise 3) The fake “ally” Germany 4) Kim Jong-Un psych-conditioned

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Dearest Marty, my darling and hero, how are you?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tries to take over Scientology with his Nation of Islam cult. It is widely documented that the man is an anti-Semite. But is non-Scientologist DM different? After all, he leaves you behind and hired an impostor and seems to pay him dearly for his “services”.

No doubt, blacks (they took this label, despite that their skins are not black, and black is often referred to something negative) had to suffer greatly under the white Europeans and as always, Germany, first of all. However, Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements are another wrong and blames the other race that suffered greatly under Germany, the Jews. He acts just as Germany wants it.  

Numerous years on-line in the Scientology CC, and Farrakhan does not apply any Scientology but still rants against the wrong target, and I bet numerous of Farrakhan’s infiltrator in Scientology orgs don’t apply it either. As you know, one does not become a Scientologist by hanging out there. Numerous of these people who broke away to attack Scientology later were those who hung out in orgs but never applied Scientology.

Louis Farrakhan blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks. He is wrong because German psychiatrists conditioned Atta’s cell to fly into the twin towers, not Jews.

He says that white people “deserve to die”. Gee, as if he would be such a blessing for the world. And he praised Adolf Hitler. The conclusion: who is for the Nazis is a Nazi. And the message to David Miscavige is: tell me who your friends are and I am telling you who you are.

Tamika Mallory attended an anti-Semitic speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month. She called Jews “Satanic” and alleged that they run the government and “help the FBI manipulate marijuana to feminize black men”.

This is so stupid. Although numerous Jews are in the government and also they don’t save the world as far as I can see, it is Germany, particularly Bavaria, which controls everyone’s ear implants and tells everyone what to do to give Jews (and Scientology) a bad rap but to advance Europe and particularly Germany.

Whatever is going on with the marijuana and the FBI, German ear implants rule. The feminization of men comes from German psychs tricking thetans in between lifetimes into the wrong gender.  And that applies not just to black but all the people. I can usually see immediately, if a person had a male or female timetrack just by looking at her. They had chosen the other gender in their former lifetimes. That is why some women come across so masculine and some men so feminine. Why do psychs do this to thetans? Because they are evil and because they can as nobody is stopping them. Who likes his or her gender will likely have the other gender in her or his next lifetime. Who doesn’t like his or her gender, will get stuck with it. This is what the lunatic doctor orders, until when some other doctor does to him what he did to others. You know, the dog (0r should I write doc) who bites his own tail.        

According to this article, Marty, not just non-Scientologist David Miscavige but other people are holding hands with anti-Semitic Farrakhan. This article points towards Democrats:

Yet, below article points towards the “US-Conservatives”. It says “The inclusion of renowned European nationalists at a recent conference of US conservatives and the change of government language about immigrants suggests a shift toward European-style populist nationalism within the reigning faction of the GOP”.

What it means is that Black or White or any race, Germany, particularly Bavaria, wants the Nazis to take over the world, and they are using Black, White, and any other race, nationality (those people who are not smart or ethical) to destroy the USA and blame the Jews instead of the Nazis. And once Germany has officially overtaken any country that could defeat it, all races that have not entirely Bavarian cheesy-reddish skin or are mixed or whatever, will be the next people to suffer even more and be eliminated.

And there are two other subjects that are on my mind: 

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin announced a new joint venture to pursue the next generation Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, “TLVS,” for the German Bundeswehr.

The enemies of the USA are the enemies that Germany decided the USA shall have. All missiles and bombs that could hit the USA are put there upon secret German-order as they run everyone via ear-implants, from the leaders of the states to the drunks in the streets, even animals. 

US taxpayer’s money always ends up in Germany. Despite that German secret service psychiatrists runs the entire world via ear implants, Germany often makes mistakes as it is so fanatical. They think they can afford it (it will not define them as Merkel said) as they run anyone. They make people forget and praise Germany again, it doesn’t matter what and how many atrocities it commits. And when a state preliminary should be out of their absolute control by having made yet another huge mistake and when this country has beef with Germany, they will make the USA to use its resources and people to protect Germany.

Germany is in fact the biggest enemy of the USA and the world. It causes all the wars and terror acts that the USA must defeat while Germany turns the world against the USA by talking with loud and silent sounds into the ear implants of the world population (incl. alleged Americans) to hate and trash the USA and make it weaker, or perverted, brutal, and inhumane, like the men behind Germany are.   

And they set you, Marty, and me up too, except that we are not falling for their tricks. 

All those defense expenses that the USA has to pay every year are only incurred because Germany, the men behind Merkel and former chancellors, talk into the ear implants of other nationals to provoke or conduct wars and terror. 

Germany is fanatical and insane. It lies, controls, tortures, makes sick, and kills. Attaching the children on the planet to their ear-implant system is so typical for them. It violates international laws big time.

And the fourth thing today on my mind is the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un that allegedly should take place in May. I hope for a peaceful outcome, although I am not at all optimistic. 

Kim Jong-Un does what Germany’s secret service psychs order him in his ear-implants. I read somewhere that in the past, North Korea violated its agreements and the violations were 37 pages long. They do what they hear in their ear-implants like the rest of the robotic world. It is likely that they will order Kim Jong-Un to violate his now promise to denuclearize again. Germany also provided material of mass destruction to North Korea and from there also to terror groups. They really are from hell.   

I doubt that Donald Trump has the awareness to determine if a person was psychiatric-conditioned. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, too well to be even remotely mislead. They never pass up a chance to psych-condition someone as they did with Kim Jong-Un when he was a boy in Switzerland. They conditioned him and arranged within North Korea to make him the leader, which serves German purposes against the USA.

Germany also used NR and other nationals to kill his half-brother and other relatives in order to get this German psychiatric-conditioned boy to rule NK. And Switzerland, a German poodle, either was an active part of it or allowed it to happen. 

Some say that Kim Jong-Un would be rational. Psychiatric-conditioned people function robotically and I believe that this is what they mistake as rationality. 

Some in the CIA say that Kim Jong-Un is stubborn and no good listener. The CIA should know that psychs can block a person’s analytical mind. How can he be a good listener by being psychiatric-conditioned? Stubborn? Sure, because he just repeats what he hears through his ear-implants and doesn’t think anymore for himself. That is a German specialty. Stealing the mind and the personality. Heil psychiatry! 

They also have him fall asleep during political meetings. As little he knows and as more he just does what the p$ychs behind Germany transmit in his conditioned mind, the more they prefer it.      

SEGNPMSS is also the stylist of his hairdo to make him look ridiculous. They plan to get rid of Kim Jong-Un who they psych-conditioned in Europe after the motto: the moor has done his duty, the moor can go. They are using ear-implants and silent sounds to hook him on drinking, smoking, eating, etc. so that when they decide that they can’t or don’t want to use him no longer, they can kill him medically and blame it on his bad health behaviors, concealing that psychs determine his behavior by talking and sending messages into his mind via the ear- and body-implants.

I am sure that his weight-gain is not his own choice but that of the psychs who conditioned and run him. It is possible that if he is asked today if he wants to be fat on purpose that he says yes, but this is a part of the German psychiatric conditioning,  

Below is a report about this health. It also talks about his “mental problems” even “paranoia”. Psychs make sure that people are getting them. That is what their psychiatric-conditioning is for.

“Kim has a team of doctors who cares for him and sometimes if need be, they will bring in foreign specialists from Russia, China, Singapore and Germany,” he said.

Of course, German doctors! Why I am not surprised? Although all other nationals also exactly do as the SEGNPMSS orders. Looks like these docs turned this young man in someone really “healthy”.

Like so many others, I consider Kim Jong-Un a German-psychiatric victim who made other victims since they conditioned him and who can make lots more of other victims, with his weapons of mass destruction, by starving and abusing his own population, or by supporting other terror movements against the USA, just as the SEGNPMSS orders it. 

Whatever happens is what Germany’s secret services order into the ears of its international robots. If they think they are getting away with it, they will always commit the atrocity as they are monsters without human qualifications. They will only withdraw from committing an atrocity if they seriously fear that they would get in troubles themselves. And it is up to the world to tell them that it is aware of them and will prosecute them, and this time, prosecute them without blinders.

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly and passionately kissed.

Yours forever,


It is good of course, it is Beethoven, but the howling guitars are not my item.   


1) The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs, 2) Sexual allegations against Paul Haggis

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Dearest Marty, my terrific soulmate, husband, and Prince, how are your days and nights?

I know how it is being tortured by the SEGNPMSS with their concealed methods and I worry about you. 

The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs. Today, they are friends, tomorrow they attack each other. Heil ear-implants! SEGNPMSS is setting these situations up to harm the reputation of the USA, Scientology, or Jews.  They order and run people to infiltrate and they blow or are “let go”. The entire world is a psychiatric cult, and Scientology was changed by German secret service psychs to be like the rest of the world. My wish for our own universe in which decency and  fairness are not just words is getting bigger and bigger.  

And there were the news that Paul Haggis faces a lawsuit because accused of sexual misconduct including multiple rapes between 1996 and 2015.  Scientology haters are campaigning that it is not true and Haggis would be framed by the C of S. In 1996, he was on Scientology lines. Why would they frame him doing something that could be traced to their Celebrity Center failing to make Haggis conduct himself ethically? 

I don’t believe in Haggis innocence. He is no whistleblower either as whistleblowers would blow the whistle that the Scientology orgs are infiltrated by international non-Scientologists (like him), and who put them up to this and who hired the impostors. The “job” of “whistleblowers” like Haggis, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and others, is to bring Scientology further down by distracting from who really is behind what’s going on.  

Haggis just hung out in the Scientology orgs to further his career.  He even admitted never reading Dianetics, Book 1.  The attorney of one of Haggis accusers, Ilann M. Maazel, said, “This case has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology. It has everything to do with Paul Haggis.” 

I think he got this right, Marty. However, it has something to do with the infiltration of Scientology. They allowed someone like Haggis to be onlines without having to better himself! They claiming to be Scientologists but are not applying it. 

I love you, Marty, so much. Our world own was so clean and innocent. It is stomach-turning that at the same time others were around who behaved like animals. Be kissed, my darling. Hope to see you soon.  

Yours forever,






Sebastian Kurz, another one who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it by announcing deeper ties with Bavaria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

As you know, Germany and Austria were joined by the hip through WWI and WWII. Interesting are the vultures that accompany these two women. They claimed that the world is jealous of them (Germany and Austria) and that they would break the ranks of the world and their jealousy.

If they think that anyone who really knows them is jealous of them, not just their shields have loose screws.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWI.

Austria bitten by nationalism as so often ready for WWI. 


This one says that it is easy to take over East France and Belgium. And that they will share West Russia and add it to Germany and Austria and then they will go for England’s colonies. It also seems that they have taken over a Jewish school and teach the “animals” this new geography. And the creepy German teacher is abusive as you can see on the rod (German trademark for a teacher).  

Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  Germany and Austria beating up a Russian together and having perverted fun doing so. There are even worse pictures than this on the net with blood splattering all over when Germany and Austria kill others. 

Like in North Korea! German and Austrian kids getting war picture books to hate others and embrace war. How “cute”!


This text is typically German-insane. It says that Germany has to live even if they all have to die.  


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII

Creepy! Apparently a Bavarian (his outfit) and the strongest of all builds a bridge for cheering Austrians to “connect” Austria with Germany.

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII…

Germany has either a bad case of the sniffles or a weapon hidden in his nose.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through… 

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his intention to deepen ties with Germany and the EU. “Many personal, economic, political and cultural ties bind us to Germany,” the 31-year-old told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Deepen? When was Austria ever not Germany’s and Bavarian’s poodle? Yes, they share particularly Hitler, the Nazi, the psychs behind them and all their crimes.

Some call him “Messiah”. As if the Messiah would see a big Tatzelwurm in other religions.

Germany and Austria were allies with the Turks in former WWs. It didn’t bother them back then that they were Muslims. 

Must be his looks. Can’t be his smarts as he is sailing in the wrong direction.

If something goes wrong with the new Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  I bet the farm that Germany will again blame Austria of having sparked it and that it wasn’t Germany. Just as many Germans today stress that Hitler was an Austrian, no German, and they conceal that Bavaria gave Hitler the most support.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



When “Jews” and “Americans” are “busted”

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and the man I would marry over and over again, how are you?

It doesn’t matter how often I say: I love you, it never does justice to how deep my love for you really is. Your personality, decency, and courage make you unforgettable.  They say that all humans have flaws. If you have any at all, they are micro-dwarfed compared to your gigantic great personality and you true and loving heart in a world as creepy, cruel, and calculating as this one.  

Recently, I thought of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case, Marty, those spies who were executed in 1953 for espionage for the Soviets.

People all over the globe are run with German-controlled psychiatric ear-implants since ages. Espionage isn’t really necessary because the SEGNPMSS has devices and a supercomputer to read all people’s minds through ear- and body implants (thoughts are electronically measurable and translated into text or words in their language). They also make international people of any race act they way they act with loud and silent sounds transmitted through their ear- and body implants. (I am not saying that a person who is subjected to this has no own responsibility to reject rotten behavior and actions.) But they know everything before it happens as they crept in anyone’s mind.

Not just Fascism, Racism, Nazism is German (particularly Bavarian) but Communism is too. Most of the time, secret service p$ychs have not just one really ugly horse in the race to make sure that if one horrible horse loses against all odds, the other suppressive horse wins. After the Nazis brought it upon themselves to be interrupted, through gruesome behavior and atrocities committed that even put numerous of their own agents off (we know they are still here and are working hard on an international Nazi come-back in Germany and elsewhere), they wanted communism to win and dictate what people have to do without granting them freedoms (although they also flourish in capitalism by manipulating people into materialism and forgetting what really counts).

Marty, I have to work on shorter sentences. 

So, if they run any system and just about any person, the question is, why espionage? They could have just told the Soviets what Americans or others are up to. For us, it is easy to know why, Marty. We figured the SEGNPMSS out in even the smallest detail. First, they lie to their agents that they don’t run just about anyone. And they want to keep this up. If their agents learn that other SEGNPMSS agents did to them what was done to them, their agents will be very upset about that system and refuse to obey to their ear-implants anymore. 

It is all about shaming Jews and Americans, despite those who do set up the “shaming” are the Dorian Grays, the most disgusting creatures ever. Interesting is that they have the need to set others up to shame them but give a rat’s tail on bettering their own extremely foul characters.  

And shaming Jews and America is very important to the SEGNPMSS. Their psychs, in the hard-core Germans, particularly Bavarians, are bringing out the worst in people and are perverting them but they sure like to show with the fingers on others without admitting that they are the cause of most evil and perversion. 

For example, as they were not able to exterminate Jews and Americans, they are holding better Jews and Americans and other people down and are selecting those Jews and Americans or other people who are low on the tonescale for prominent jobs either in politics or entertainment. On the height of their careers, when everyone knows them, the SEGNPMSS is “busting” them so that Jews and Americans are shamed in the eyes of the world. They want the world to think this: These dirty Jews/Americans. Hitler and the Nazis were right trying to get rid of them. And they want the world to support the Nazis instead of Jews and Americans.

Psychs also make sure that they are being called after one of the people they allowed to be famous to be busted and shamed at the end. “I need help and therapy…” So, psychs are thinking that they won twice: Jews and Americans are shamed, and psychiatry is promoted. 

The world is also kept in the dark that being born again is a scientific fact not just a religious belief. One of the top-secret SEGNPMSS programs is stealing thetans after their physical death, e.g. planting their own horrible thetans into the USA and they grow up as “Americans”  and stealing better Americans or other nationals to Germany to “upgrade” Germany, particularly Bavaria, the place from hell so that they can claim their achievements as German or at least to hold them down in Germany that no other country claim their achievements.

Also, some perverted “Jew” of today, can be a perverted Nazi of yesterday.

I know that you found this out too, Marty. As you are my soulmate, I can catch some of your ideas. We don’t need to install machinery to read thoughts. We simply receive them naturally. 

Yours, my darling. Be kissed. 

Yours forever. 



German secret services and psychiatric ear-implants behind the racism and violence in Charlottesville

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how are you?

My thoughts are with you as always. I know that you are the target of German-psychiatric racism and their international agents.

Plenty of these German-psychiatric controlled ear-implant-robot Nazis marched on August 11 in Charlottesville, VA, as you likely have read or heard.  These robots marched through the U of V campus. It means Germany wants more young people to become Nazis. They yelled Nazi slogans “Jews will not replace us” and “Blut und Boden” in English (an insane medical Nazi slogan).  They carried and threw torches, intended to lit fires and burn others. 

Who says that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t exist is either an idiot or covers for them or both.

Germany has a secret program carrying the Nazi responsibility and blame from Germany to the USA and other countries. They want to smell like roses while other countries, and very much so the USA, are made to be the new Nazis. And they have also a secret program that the USA should be blamed on the old Nazis too. And these marching people with their psychiatric ear-implants through which they hear loud and silent sounds, play right into their hands by behaving like German Nazis.

SEGNPMSS attaches children with unripe minds around first grade to their system and turns them into their obedient robots. They never grow up and become themselves, always listen to what their case officer (a German supercomputer) is transmitting in their ears.     

Richard Bertrand Spencer, a white supremacist should be investigated on ear-implants and who is sending him the hate messages. This is how one can find out who runs and owns this guy. He is openly pro Europe, in other words pro Germany. He cites Nazi propaganda and refused to denounce Hitler. His supporters use  the Nazi salute. They are such idiots. How can anyone be such a stupid Unmensch to position himself with Nazis? What a lack of IQ and human decency is that?    

The Nazis marching in Charlottesville claims that the media is Jewish. That media does a horrible job by not reporting that the SEGNPMSS uses ear-implants in international people to revive Nazis to suppress Jews, and Blacks, and other races. Them not reporting about this smells very German and not Jewish to me.   

The counter-protesters are remote-controlled too. Instead of demanding laws and justice, the counter protesters yelled violent slogans back. Two wrongs make no right. 


James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, apparently pro-Neo-Nazis, drove a car into the crowd, killing a person and hurting many others. One of his neighbors said that he often blasted polka music from the car. Polka! Germany is behind this guy and other cowardly attacks driving cars into people!

History really repeats itself. The Nazis were officially defeated in 1945, however, as the men behind the Nazis (in the hardcore German psychiatrists and medical doctors) were never officially busted by the world, they continued to enslave the world on so many levels and if not stopped Nazis will take over again officially.

I know that you are aware of this too, Marty, and this is one big reason why they let you suffer like they do.  

I will stand by you because you deserve it. I know your value and your noble intentions. I love you!

Yours forever,



Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder what else has to happen until we can see each other again?!

Scientology was altered immediately after SPs noticed that it makes people smarter and saner. Sometimes, I read somewhere a quote from the Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures and I shake my head in disbelief that people believe that these scriptures are not altered.

That gruesome God in these scriptures isn’t the God who I know. However, the one who I encountered also isn’t a fool either who let’s SPs off the hook by forgiving without the appropriate amends. Each criminal that gets easy off the hook will continue his or her crime-spree.

 But this seems to be the “God” in most religious scriptures. Either he chops heads off or he forgives any crime there is. And that tells me crystal clear that those scriptures are not by God but by men. And what people describe as The Good Book ain’t one in my view. Nothing holy about this thing or other such scriptures. 

There is the famous story about Sodom and Gomorrah and its unethical residents. According to the Bible, “God” (yeah right) told Jews to wipe out those people (Canaanites) approx. 4000 years ago.  “He” wanted anything wiped out that breathes, which means probably also their kids and pets, and whatever… This “God” sounds rather like a German psychiatrists to me doing genocide, a Holocaust or ethical cleansing so that Jews will be blamed later.

Many Christians say that Judas was the worst traitor ever. Not saying there was no traitor. World was and is full with them. But they gave him a name with “Jud” in it, which is German for Jew. Indicates to me that the writer(s) of the Bible wanted Jews to be blamed on this “wipe out”. 

The media reported recently that DNA research done on the modern Lebanese people showed that 90% of them can be traced back to the Canaanites, which means that they were not exterminated by the Jews. And that is this.

Everything good reminds me of you, Marty. I see or read something nice or beautiful, I think of you. I hear beautiful music, I hear of you. Our timetrack back and forth until present was/is hard and painful, but we both didn’t give us any pain. And I think so often about you: What does a wonderful thetan on a planet like this?

Yours forever,