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When “Jews” and “Americans” are “busted”

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and the man I would marry over and over again, how are you?

It doesn’t matter how often I say: I love you, it never does justice to how deep my love for you really is. Your personality, decency, and courage make you unforgettable.  They say that all humans have flaws. If you have any at all, they are micro-dwarfed compared to your gigantic great personality and you true and loving heart in a world as creepy, cruel, and calculating as this one.  

Recently, I thought of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case, Marty, those spies who were executed in 1953 for espionage for the Soviets.

People all over the globe are run with German-controlled psychiatric ear-implants since ages. Espionage isn’t really necessary because the SEGNPMSS has devices and a supercomputer to read all people’s minds through ear- and body implants (thoughts are electronically measurable and translated into text or words in their language). They also make international people of any race act they way they act with loud and silent sounds transmitted through their ear- and body implants. (I am not saying that a person who is subjected to this has no own responsibility to reject rotten behavior and actions.) But they know everything before it happens as they crept in anyone’s mind.

Not just Fascism, Racism, Nazism is German (particularly Bavarian) but Communism is too. Most of the time, secret service p$ychs have not just one really ugly horse in the race to make sure that if one horrible horse loses against all odds, the other suppressive horse wins. After the Nazis brought it upon themselves to be interrupted, through gruesome behavior and atrocities committed that even put numerous of their own agents off (we know they are still here and are working hard on an international Nazi come-back in Germany and elsewhere), they wanted communism to win and dictate what people have to do without granting them freedoms (although they also flourish in capitalism by manipulating people into materialism and forgetting what really counts).

Marty, I have to work on shorter sentences. 

So, if they run any system and just about any person, the question is, why espionage? They could have just told the Soviets what Americans or others are up to. For us, it is easy to know why, Marty. We figured the SEGNPMSS out in even the smallest detail. First, they lie to their agents that they don’t run just about anyone. And they want to keep this up. If their agents learn that other SEGNPMSS agents did to them what was done to them, their agents will be very upset about that system and refuse to obey to their ear-implants anymore. 

It is all about shaming Jews and Americans, despite those who do set up the “shaming” are the Dorian Grays, the most disgusting creatures ever. Interesting is that they have the need to set others up to shame them but give a rat’s tail on bettering their own extremely foul characters.  

And shaming Jews and America is very important to the SEGNPMSS. Their psychs, in the hard-core Germans, particularly Bavarians, are bringing out the worst in people and are perverting them but they sure like to show with the fingers on others without admitting that they are the cause of most evil and perversion. 

For example, as they were not able to exterminate Jews and Americans, they are holding better Jews and Americans and other people down and are selecting those Jews and Americans or other people who are low on the tonescale for prominent jobs either in politics or entertainment. On the height of their careers, when everyone knows them, the SEGNPMSS is “busting” them so that Jews and Americans are shamed in the eyes of the world. They want the world to think this: These dirty Jews/Americans. Hitler and the Nazis were right trying to get rid of them. And they want the world to support the Nazis instead of Jews and Americans.

Psychs also make sure that they are being called after one of the people they allowed to be famous to be busted and shamed at the end. “I need help and therapy…” So, psychs are thinking that they won twice: Jews and Americans are shamed, and psychiatry is promoted. 

The world is also kept in the dark that being born again is a scientific fact not just a religious belief. One of the top-secret SEGNPMSS programs is stealing thetans after their physical death, e.g. planting their own horrible thetans into the USA and they grow up as “Americans”  and stealing better Americans or other nationals to Germany to “upgrade” Germany, particularly Bavaria, the place from hell so that they can claim their achievements as German or at least to hold them down in Germany that no other country claim their achievements.

Also, some perverted “Jew” of today, can be a perverted Nazi of yesterday.

I know that you found this out too, Marty. As you are my soulmate, I can catch some of your ideas. We don’t need to install machinery to read thoughts. We simply receive them naturally. 

Yours, my darling. Be kissed. 

Yours forever. 




German secret services and psychiatric ear-implants behind the racism and violence in Charlottesville

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how are you?

My thoughts are with you as always. I know that you are the target of German-psychiatric racism and their international agents.

Plenty of these German-psychiatric controlled ear-implant-robot Nazis marched on August 11 in Charlottesville, VA, as you likely have read or heard.  These robots marched through the U of V campus. It means Germany wants more young people to become Nazis. They yelled Nazi slogans “Jews will not replace us” and “Blut und Boden” in English (an insane medical Nazi slogan).  They carried and threw torches, intended to lit fires and burn others. 

Who says that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t exist is either an idiot or covers for them or both.

Germany has a secret program carrying the Nazi responsibility and blame from Germany to the USA and other countries. They want to smell like roses while other countries, and very much so the USA, are made to be the new Nazis. And they have also a secret program that the USA should be blamed on the old Nazis too. And these marching people with their psychiatric ear-implants through which they hear loud and silent sounds, play right into their hands by behaving like German Nazis.

SEGNPMSS attaches children with unripe minds around first grade to their system and turns them into their obedient robots. They never grow up and become themselves, always listen to what their case officer (a German supercomputer) is transmitting in their ears.     

Richard Bertrand Spencer, a white supremacist should be investigated on ear-implants and who is sending him the hate messages. This is how one can find out who runs and owns this guy. He is openly pro Europe, in other words pro Germany. He cites Nazi propaganda and refused to denounce Hitler. His supporters use  the Nazi salute. They are such idiots. How can anyone be such a stupid Unmensch to position himself with Nazis? What a lack of IQ and human decency is that?    

The Nazis marching in Charlottesville claims that the media is Jewish. That media does a horrible job by not reporting that the SEGNPMSS uses ear-implants in international people to revive Nazis to suppress Jews, and Blacks, and other races. Them not reporting about this smells very German and not Jewish to me.   

The counter-protesters are remote-controlled too. Instead of demanding laws and justice, the counter protesters yelled violent slogans back. Two wrongs make no right. 


James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, apparently pro-Neo-Nazis, drove a car into the crowd, killing a person and hurting many others. One of his neighbors said that he often blasted polka music from the car. Polka! Germany is behind this guy and other cowardly attacks driving cars into people!

History really repeats itself. The Nazis were officially defeated in 1945, however, as the men behind the Nazis (in the hardcore German psychiatrists and medical doctors) were never officially busted by the world, they continued to enslave the world on so many levels and if not stopped Nazis will take over again officially.

I know that you are aware of this too, Marty, and this is one big reason why they let you suffer like they do.  

I will stand by you because you deserve it. I know your value and your noble intentions. I love you!

Yours forever,



Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder what else has to happen until we can see each other again?!

Scientology was altered immediately after SPs noticed that it makes people smarter and saner. Sometimes, I read somewhere a quote from the Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures and I shake my head in disbelief that people believe that these scriptures are not altered.

That gruesome God in these scriptures isn’t the God who I know. However, the one who I encountered also isn’t a fool either who let’s SPs off the hook by forgiving without the appropriate amends. Each criminal that gets easy off the hook will continue his or her crime-spree.

 But this seems to be the “God” in most religious scriptures. Either he chops heads off or he forgives any crime there is. And that tells me crystal clear that those scriptures are not by God but by men. And what people describe as The Good Book ain’t one in my view. Nothing holy about this thing or other such scriptures. 

There is the famous story about Sodom and Gomorrah and its unethical residents. According to the Bible, “God” (yeah right) told Jews to wipe out those people (Canaanites) approx. 4000 years ago.  “He” wanted anything wiped out that breathes, which means probably also their kids and pets, and whatever… This “God” sounds rather like a German psychiatrists to me doing genocide, a Holocaust or ethical cleansing so that Jews will be blamed later.

Many Christians say that Judas was the worst traitor ever. Not saying there was no traitor. World was and is full with them. But they gave him a name with “Jud” in it, which is German for Jew. Indicates to me that the writer(s) of the Bible wanted Jews to be blamed on this “wipe out”. 

The media reported recently that DNA research done on the modern Lebanese people showed that 90% of them can be traced back to the Canaanites, which means that they were not exterminated by the Jews. And that is this.

Everything good reminds me of you, Marty. I see or read something nice or beautiful, I think of you. I hear beautiful music, I hear of you. Our timetrack back and forth until present was/is hard and painful, but we both didn’t give us any pain. And I think so often about you: What does a wonderful thetan on a planet like this?

Yours forever,


1) Mike Rinder’s blog and pictures of violence are absolutely disturbing and suspicious to me 2) North Korea

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, 

I rarely visit Mike Rinder’s blog because he boring and scum. However, today I ended up on Rinder’s blog and found disturbing pictures of violence there. Rinder knows very well that Scientologists are not trigger-happy (which even was confirmed by John Brousseau as well as others, wasn’t it?) yet, Rinder tries to position Scientologists with producing terrorists and with people who put guns to the heads of others. How dare agent Rinder to imply this! Infiltrators and secret service agents are the problem of Scientology.  Scientologists and Scientology is not the problem!

So, what is going on with Rinder by even pushing violent content and pictures against Scientology on his blog? Does he have secret information that Scientologists or others will be attacked? What made him post these violent images that have nothing to do with Scientology? Is Scientology to be set up by Germany, its secret services, international psychiatrists, their agents, and infiltrators, etc. for violence? If yes, did he inform the authorities (recently – if ever) with this information so that Scientologists and others can be protected? And I don’t mean producing TV shows that result in more hatred and in possible violence. Or, is it Rinder’s goal to “inspire” Scientology haters and infiltrators currently still in Scientology to become violent by posting such content and pictures?

Mike Rinder and his doings are CREEPY. There is no other word for it. 

Rinder and Leah Remini didn’t search Scientology on his own (neither DM). They were kids who likely never would have searched and studied spiritual knowledge to gain spiritual improvement and abilities if their parents wouldn’t have hung out in Scientology. That makes it so easy for them not only to discard Scientology but also attack it. Scientology so richly awarded me (and others) with knowledge and skills. I pity Remini, Rinder, and the likes for not having my abilities and knowledge. They have nobody to blame but their own ignorance. So, DM stepped on their toes or didn’t pay them attention. So what? DM isn’t Scientology. They should not blame Scientology on what a man did and does who got Scientology from the founder’s impostor. 

Anyway, as gun violence and terror is not even remotely a part of Scientology and Scientology being completely and entirely opposed to it, I wonder, does Mike Rinder have secret information that a terror act is in the making against Scientology and Scientologists or people who are online in Scientology? I try to explain why he pushes images of guns and terror on his blog and tries to position Scientology with it.  There is something really evil behind that Santa Claus look of his.

Rinder promotes psychiatry despite that he knows what this “profession” did in the past and what it still does in present time. Despicable. He does what all psychiatric agents do: as soon as one is critical of him, he claims that person has mental problems and should “seek professional help”. But him posting violent images on his blog is “sanity” of course.  

Your impostor says that the “Troika” is Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, and Tony Ortega, and that they do whatever they do for cash. That would be their motivations. That could be very well so but so does he. And no word about who the drivers (secret case officers) of the “Troika” are. Ortega calls them “we” on his blog but no other details emerge.

Another matter: After 17 months of detention in North Korea, American student Otto Warmbier was returned to the USA as a vegetable and died briefly afterwards. No sign of outside violence but with extensive loss of brain tissue. Has psychs written all over it, if you ask me, Marty. E-shocks kill brain issue. And one really has to wonder how stupid one has to be to visit North Korea. If someone wants the thrill of danger, he can stay right here in the west.

Each visitor of North Korea adds to the regime by leaving money there. And how stupid is North Korea by treating tourists that way and scaring other tourists away. Didn’t Kim Jong Un set a target of attracting millions of tourists? Isn’t tourism is a significant source of currency for this regime?

Another odd thing is the poster. Warmbier confessed that he tried to steal it but it is not clear if he said it under pressure. He said a lot that sounded odd. Reports say the poster contained this text: “Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism!” Warmbier said he stole it for the mother of a friend who wanted it as a souvenir to be hung on the wall of a Methodist church in his hometown of Wyoming, Ohio. 

Huh? What kind of people are the Methodists if they want North Korea’s propaganda hanging in their church? Not sure if they acknowledge or deny it, but good grief!

Also, isn’t that poster a promotion for North Korea? If they would slap someone with a financial fine for trying to take the poster, ok, that would be acceptable, but jailing him for 15 years and making him into a vegetable for nothing else but actually doing North Korea’s job of carrying their propaganda into the world… That is very suspicious.  

As you know, Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, another German poodle. They failed to raise humanity within North Korea’s current leader. How can they miss the characters of people? This is the first thing that teachers should try to better in students. 

Already in the Nazi time, Switzerland was not really neutral. Germany allowed them to be “neutral” for no other reasons but Jews banking their money and values in Switzerland and not in the USA so that Germany has again easy access to all that cash in Europe even of Jews who manage to escape. And how difficult did they make it for the surviving members of Jewish families to get to their values back!

A Munich appeals ruled that the Jewish paintings worth a Billion dollars stolen by German Nazis in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt should be given to a museum in Switzerland. Again, close to Germany so that they really don’t have to give it back as Germany runs Switzerland tightly. Hail ear-implants. 

 Be kissed my darling. You are wonderful. Courageous, one of a kind. You are the legend, Marty. Your willpower is not from this world. You are the Blue Mauritius in a world of worthless stickers. I love you, Marty. Take it from me who can read personalities. 

  If people would be just a bit like you, we would have heaven on Earth not the hell that we are having instead.

Yours forever,






Schwearinger’s dog is almost as famous as Schrödinger’s cat

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband and Prince in the entire universe,

Only Schrödinger’s cat is still slightly more famous than judge Swearinger’s dog.

It is not easy to be an impostor but your impostor choose this agent life, despite he should know that clean hands make a happy life.

Tony “Rattlesnake” Ortega who promoted your impostor and his wife for years, beats now up on him on his blog. These anti-Scientologists are worth nothing. Their friendships don’t last.

We original Scientologists are very different.

Anyway, Ortega posted a message today. Not not if this message on his blog can be trusted because he is an anti-religious creep and has such creepy sources.  

The message of “Linda” that Ortega posted end with “This is DK.” instead of  “This is OK.” What is Ortega trying to say with DK, David King? David Katzenjammer? David Knubble? David Kremlin? David Kennebecker?

Anyway, Ortega has heard for sure that Ron and you are impostored. In 1986, YOU headed the legal affairs. The two detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold  who David Miscavige paid off as well, said that YOU STRESSED THAT THEY SHALL DO NOTHING ILLEGAL. That was YOU not Monique’s husband.

As this from Ortega’s blog, I am not sure if you wrote it but definitely not your impostor as he wasn’t even around during in 1986  

 21-Jun-1986 10:37

From: MFTC I/C

Re: Swearinger Invest

for your info and whatever else you can do with this…

20-Jun-1986 20:56

Dear Linda,
What does JP want to do with Bill Swearinqer? What did Bowles say to him? Why would we want Bill S to have Royce confess? Confess to what? When will the rest of the 13 original targets be done?

ML Marty

You would make a comma after the “ML”. As I said, this is from Ortega’s blog, the “tabloid” of the Scientology attackers. There get their daily dose of Schadenfreude and anti-Scientology crap, everything but the truth that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you are impostored and the founder was impostored by agents. 

Ortega also mentions Vicki Aznaran and her declaration in 1993. She wrote that OSA played dirty tricks in 1984-87. I definitely won’t put my hand in the fire for DM, Larry (the later Denise) Brennan, Mike Rinder, and other non-Scientologists and infiltrators, but I have witnessed you being serious about not violating laws. And the detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, former cops, acknowledged this.

By the end of 1988, Germany used Spain to get you wrongfully incarcerated. In 1993, Aznaran probably thought or was told by whoever runs her that you never can get after her legally.     

As I said, Marty, I can read personalities. And on yours, there is no dirt. I can’t say this about others.

Ortega also brings up that an e-mail over and over, mailed by Danny Lemberger (to your impostor) in which stupid Danny Lemberger fantasized or dreamed or whatever that if he had a pistol, with just one bullet, he would put it in Miscavige’s head. What a low life form makes such a violent statement? Sure no real Scientologist. We handle our problems with abilities, skills and technology.

I also feel something else behind such statements: Nazis and doctors. Lemberger is Jewish, so they enjoy to portraying Jews as violent, and he is an alleged Scientologist and that fits in the set up that psychs and Nazis have planned for Scientologists: giving them the reputation of being violent people. David Miscavige is bad for Scientology. You and I, we want justice for whatever he did and does, but we don’t want him dead.

It seems that your impostor turned over the message of Lemberger to a Church attorney. Ortega can’t let this go. He repeats it over and over again on his blog to make Lemberger’s violent streak known to the world, just like the Nazi doctors orders.  Germany’s secret service doctors definitely plan more violence in Scientology. What a pest they are.

I love you, Marty. One of my neighbors just stepped by inviting me to a summer party on Saturday. But there was still no message by you or on your behalf for me. However, I can tell that you are trying to reach me for so long. My intuition works. Thanks to  Ron and Scientology.

Be kissed my irresistible soulmate 

Yours forever,


The kinds of duels and shootings that we like, Marty. It is getting really good around 1:30 min. 







German hypocrisy and set ups against Scientology (Bavaria’s beloved Nazi heritage Haus der Kunst)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

Germany blames Scientology and “Scientologists” on doing what Germany does to Scientology and the entire world: infiltrating. 

In regards to Germany, particularly Bavaria, one thing always comes first in my mind: them blaming what is wrong with them on others. That is typical and they do this systematically. They commit unspeakable crimes and are the first to blame others.

Currently, Germany says that “Scientologists” infiltrated the Haus of Kunst in Germany. The Nazis built it and Bavaria allowed it to stay. It was the showcase of the Third Reich.  This says a lot about Bavaria and Germany that followed the Nazis right there: the same!

The German Nazis transmitted in the ear-implants of other nationals and also Jews to create horrible art, ugly stuff, which the Nazis then used in the Degenerate Art Exhibition of the Haus of Kunst in Germany against the Jews and other nationals. They still do stuff like this in modern times. Ear-implants is a German psychiatric invention that makes it possible, and that Nazis win over and over again.  

Each race and nation has bad apples but Germany and Bavaria has most. In addition, there is the “unofficial exchange program”. If somebody great of another nation dies (or better is killed with their remote-controlled germs, micro-weave lasers or otherwise), Germany/Bavaria kidnaps that thetan before or after birth (and we know some of these methods) and exchanges them with one of their own. To bring Germany/Bavaria up and other nations down. Numerous Nazis who would of course reincarnate in their beloved creepy Germany/Bavaria are now Americans or other nationals. Americans and other nationals who would normally pick up a body in the USA or another nation are born as “Germans” in Germany because Germany/Bavaria doesn’t want the USA or other nations to have them. Since the world is kept blind in regards to that being born again is a scientific fact, it doesn’t look into these things, but should very much so. They don’t even look to get their own family members back, except we original Scientologists.

Back to the “Haus of Kunst”: Again, Nazis (and very much so the psychiatrists behind them who came up with controlling people in any form and shape) transmit in the ear-implants of Jews and other people (using silent and loud sounds) to produce ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria, its Nazis and psychs have a justification to showcase the ugly art with the words: See how degenerate they are? See how insulting this is?Do you want this in your living room? Do you see how little artistic they are? Do you see why we must be Nazis and do something against them?

And no word of course that many of the artists that they on the other side promote weren’t/aren’t even Germans as they are stolen other nationals. And that goes for all artists, sculptures, painter, actors, singers, musicians, writers, you name it, statesmen, discoverers, sportlers too, etc. And they do it still. I still see and hear “art” of which I can swear that still existing Nazi psychs made it happen to shame the USA or other countries.

To make their outrage of “Degenerate Art” look sincere, the Nazis burned later thousands of such “art pieces”, however, made it happen that the USA revived that “art”. Another way to keep the ugly (ordered secretly by the Nazis to shame) going and of course the USA behind the revival. 

Still existing Nazis and the psychs behind them even run a secret campaign saying that Picasso of all people was a Scientologist. The hell he was. That stuff he painted has active German/Bavarian ear implants/loud and/or silent sounds written all over it. Same goes for Dali and the like. 

They defined “Degenerate Art” as creations that would insult a German feeling or destroy natural forms or not being artful. 

And again, it was the Nazis and the psychs behind them who radioed with silent and loud sounds into the minds of Jews and others to create ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria has something to bitch about against them. They still use the same strategy today, particularly with the USA or also with Scientology. All scandals against it are committed by their very own agents not by original or real Scientologists.

I am writing this, because I studied Germany, particularly Bavaria by being there. They surely kidnapped the wrong person by kidnapping me. Who says there is no justice? They deny the OW sequence because they are cowards, but they sure pulled in what I am writing about them.        

A person who asks herself: why was I born in Germany of all places, is very likely not a past life German. And I know there are quite a lot. While being on staff in the Scientology org Munich, I heard that a couple of times. I also noticed that they (who were Americans or English in their past lives) spoke English a lot better and more like English-speaking nationals that a real German.

Now, Bavaria claims that Scientologists infiltrated the Munich Haus of Kunst. See how they still whine around their Nazi heritage? It is reported that the Bavarian state security agency is investigating claims that a longtime contractor at Munich’s Haus der Kunst museum has ties to Scientology. SEGNPMSS of course keeps it a secret that they infiltrated Scientology to destroy it as the study of original Scientology results in more minds that they can’t fool.  

Besides, they infiltrated Scientology also to “infiltrate” their own places (always controlled that no real harm will be done to their Nazi heritage) so that they can blame Scientology on what THEY do. A person who supports a Nazi heritage as the Haus of Kunst is no Scientologist as he does not apply Scientology ethics. It is so easy for them to hire an agent have him or her enter do some Scientology courses or even join staff or even sit on the top and making him or her commit what psychs want through his/her freaking ear-implants and then blame it on Scientology to ruin it for the world. And much of the world really falls for it and doesn’t figure out what’s really nagging at the world.   

Just like the old Nazi, new Nazi Bavaria demands having to reveal affiliation with Scientology if one applies for office. I don’t even want to be buried in Germany, Marty. This is how I despise it. It gives me the goosebumps. It creeps me out. I despise it.

Have a look here:

And I love you with any fiber of my being. I am so glad that I found you. I am glad that you are nothing like them, Marty. Everything about you is different from a German/Bavarian psych. There are light years between your character and their characters. They are not worth to kiss the dust on which you walked billions of years ago. That you and they are on the same planet or even in the same universe is had to believe. And if this world and universe allows them to go on like this, Marty, we should seriously consider immigrating into another universe in which we have rights. And if it does not yet exist, it must be created in a dimension to which they have no access. May sound crazy to anyone but us and physicists.   

Yours, my darling,











How does Trump fit into the SEGNPMSS agenda?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you? 

Look what Trump said: 


Because SEGNPMSS ear-implants rule and the masters of the ear-implants decide who wins.   

It doesn’t need a clairvoyant to figure how SEGNPMSS profits from Trump in the White House. Besides from being proud to be German, he suffers from a racist and anti-religious attitude that is very notorious for Germany. No wonder he became US president as SEGNPMSS ear- implants rule. As you know, Marty, I am not a fan of any Clinton, but I still wonder if the 2016 polls were really wrong. Or if voters got swayed through ear-implants in the last-minute to vote for Trump.  

(He might not be that fond of Merkel and he might not understand that Germany instigated and is behind the never-ending war in Syria to get the hard-working Syrians as a cheap young workforce to make Germany’s economy even stronger so that they become world power no. 1 by sabotaging the economy and political systems of any other country on Earth. But Trump is the guy that will do really well with the racial German party AfD and all other European and international racist parties secretly founded and controlled by the SEGNPMSS who might follow Merkel.)  

Picking a candidate for US president whose family member married into a Jewish family and converted also raised a red flag for me. From a SEGNPMSS perspective, I can see that it should put Jews on ease. Trump can get away with more antisemitism as anyone else as he always can claim his alibi. “I have a Jewish family…”. How more does this fit the SEGNPMSS agenda? It puts the international spotlight on the Kushners, particularly father Charles Kushner, convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. SEGNPMSS, still existing Nazi doctors want the world to think bad of Jews. And also that is accomplished through Trump’s candidacy and him sitting in the WH.     

Then, there is the Russian thing: It might be very well possible that Russians were involved with helping Trump into the White House. After all, just like all other countries, incl. the USA, they are having ear-implants too and SEGNPMSS has the overall control over all. Just the like USA, most Russians don’t know that SEGNPMSS is using them for German purposes. Lenin was a German agent  who used the German suppressive invention of communism to hold the Russians down, besides Germany killing tons of Russians during wars and otherwise. Yet, ear-implants, silent and loud sounds prevents that they recognize who really is their enemy, and they rather blame the USA and the USA rather blames Russia for secret German set-ups. Germany wants superpowers at their throats until they are the only superpower standing.  

SEGNPMSS also organized that the alleged admiration that Trump has for Russia and Russia has for Trump will not last. People who are thinking that Trump might save the world from a cold or hot war with Russia or any other state are very mistaken. SEGNPMSS will be the 3rd party behind the USA and Russia. When two are fighting, the third one (SEGNPMSS) enjoys it. Trump and his administration already back-pedals as far as the friendship with Russia is concerned. SEGNPMSS foxed both, the USA and Russia by helping Trump to become the US president. 

Most of all, besides making the USA look and act like Nazis, Trump will push this SEGNPMSS agenda: breaking the USA [same for Russia and other large countries] apart, splitting the US states away in order to attach them to Europe (which is basically Germany as they control each freaking ear-implant). California and other west and east coast states will split from the mainland because still existing Nazis want to make the USA smaller while still-existing Nazi Germany is hiding behind the EU and is getting stronger.   

I bet there are plenty of other SEGNPMSS advantages with Trump in the White House. 


How the GOP changed turns my stomach, Marty. It is no longer Lincoln’s or my grandpa’s party. I know that Americans think highly of Reagan. Not me, as he helped Germany to get bigger without telling the world about the SEGNPMSS, by whatever name they are known secretly to others. 

In a way, the GOP takeover reminds me of the secret takeover of Scientology.  SEGNPMSS through their impostors, e.g. “Jack Vistaril” and international non-Scientologists as infiltrators, e.g. Miscavige, etc., turned Scientology into something else that it originally was.

It is basically the same mechanic elsewhere in the world and becomes clearly visible by looking at political parties as the GOP.

I never thought that I would get so political one day. I always thought that my life would center around Scientology and arts, but one gotta do what one gotta do. Guess there is no movement or subject we can afford not being involved in as nobody else seems willing to kick SEGNPMSS behind. God is on our side. That I know as sure as people have stupid ear-implants and conspire against others.

 I love you, Marty. I consider every day without you as wasted. One huge reason why we are not allowed together is because SEGNPMSS thinks that we are stronger together and will kick their behinds.

My home is not a place. My home is you, Marty, where ever you are and plan to go. Our love doesn’t quit. 

Be kissed, my darling, a million times.

Yours forever,


Dreaming of dancing with you, Marty.