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Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Baalbek was before the Romans built their temple on it?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thinking of you. I am waiting for that conspiracy against us getting its motivator and breaking down. How far can we get when all obey to their psychiatric-oriented ear implant case officers and a Bavarian-controlled supercomputer? However, I know that our postulates are strong. Wish there wouldn’t be a “late” in the word postulate. Speaking about words: in our world, locker room talk is: Has anyone seen my other sock? 

On another note: I looked again at megaliths. The Romans obscured the original purpose of the Baalbek platform/structure and turned it into their Temple of Jupiter. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I think the Romans were used by the Bavarian barbers and butchers to build on this site, far away from Rome, to cover up who really built the base and why.  Bavarians and Romans were always joined by the hip.

The Middle East was home to many wonders and now is has very sadly such a bad reputation. And why? Heil ear-implants!

There is a stone that is even heavier than the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (approx. 1000 tons), which is also at Baalbek, Lebanon. (I read that Baal stands for God but some say that it means City of the Sun. I believe that this is rubbish. Nobody uses gigantic stones to let the sun in, rather keeping it out, e.g. to avoid aging.)

These red granite stones look like machine-cut but the “technology” used is unknown. These stones contradict the history books. Some think that giants inhabited the world once or that aliens were here who had the technology and then left. Maybe the lady was pregnant. But being pregnant doesn’t stop one from being able to cut and move heavy stones with willpower. Most beings can lift their heads, arms, legs, and I bet the farm that some could lift a lot more if not restrained by silent sounds. Christians shouldn’t be that shocked, after all, did Jesus not do all kinds of miracles?

These huge stones were moved a half a mile up a hill from a quarry and then piled on each other to form the gigantic formation upon which the Romans then placed their temple.

Some of the huge stones are still in the quarry. Were the architects/masons killed before they could finish the original construction? That is a question that I always have when looking at megalithic structures. Stonehenge and so many other structures look UNFINISHED to me. I bet these massive stones also served defense purposes.

However, the stones at Baalbek are looking as if very precisely cut with sharp machines or lasers. Can that be done with willpower? Why not? But not with x silent tapes playing in the subconscious mind, reducing abilities so that one is only able to lift own body parts or some daisies.    

Below mentioned author asks why the masons of Baalbek struggled with transporting 800 tons heavy stones a half a mile uphill if they could split the stones into smaller stones. My point: exactly. Who says anything weighs heavy when done with willpower?

Marty, I don’t believe that all thetans have the same abilities, some have less, some have more. However, all people would have more abilities if constant psychiatric tapes with silent sounds playing in anyone’s mind would not steal those abilities. I bet the farm that top SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in rooms of which they think are not penetrated by silent sounds (secret communication carried by neutrinos) or which are indeed not penetrated by silent sounds, trying to lift and cut a tiny pebble with willpower but are not being able to do it. Lack of ethics is what is holding themselves down. That is the sure way to reduce own abilities and making oneself smaller.    

Of course, most people find the idea of willpower over matter ridiculous and unscientific. But what do they know? Constant tapes with silent sounds, reducing their abilities, are playing in their minds underneath the tinnitus. Scientists failed to figure that out too.   

I know Bavarian butchers and barbers. They are afraid of spirituality and abilities. Those subjects are causing panic in them as they fear that people as bad as they are dropping 1000 ton stone onto them.  And that is why fearful psychs came up with silent sounds send into anyone’s ear and other implants, instead of working to raise their ethics level and that of other people so that nobody resorts to violence anymore.    

You know these SPs too, Marty. It is such a shame that these people don’t work on themselves. The universe could be a good place if they finally applied ethics to their lives. And it is easy: they just don’t have to do things to others that they don’t want to be done to themselves. The easiest thing in the world!!!!

Be kissed, my hero. I am watching the presidential debates and always think what a loss for the world that you are not the US President yet. You got all it, Marty. The intellect, the ethics, the courage, the knowledge, the vision, and the clean character.  

I love you and will be always with you.






When are aliens really aliens? And what is behind the run-away universe?

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Dearest Marty, my brave Prince and husband,

Germans (Nazis) and many of their international agents and supporters established hiding places on other planets as on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, their moons, on dwarf planets and in the Oort. Those who think they did not, simply don’t know Nazis and the medical doctors behind them. So, are they so intelligent and technically advanced that they were able to do that? Nope, they just are masters at stealing from the international inventors and eliminating them.  

Do they and the babies born up there classify as “aliens” or not? After all, originally, they are from Earth.

Maybe they made up a new language, so that when they are discovered against odds, they can fool the population of planet Earth into believing that they are real aliens and not barbers and butchers from Earth and the force behind Germany, the Nazis and this medically oriented planet in which people are sentenced to age, get sick and die, just because SEGNPMSS likes it that way. 

They don’t have those health and aging problems. They live in protected environments. They make their healthy air, food, and water. They don’t pop the pills that they describe for people on Earth. They can live anywhere in space, except probably on the sun. But they are having bad characters and are killing each other. The thetans without bodies are trapped and transported back to planet Earth and implanted in any body (human or animal) and any gender chosen by those who never liked them. Their memories to their former lifetimes are psychiatric removed. “Great win”, isn’t it? Their biggest problem is that they can’t trust each other. That is what they are getting by not building a decent world for all people. They are stepping in their own traps!  Who says there is no justice? And they are thinking that they are so “intelligent”… In my book, they are the biggest idiots ever in the entire universe.

Astrophysicists  here on Earth are speaking about that the “expanding universe”, some call it also run-away universe. Generally, I like astronomers and astrophysicists. I understand being intrigued by the universe and wanting to figure it out. I think about it too. So did Ron, and I know you too, Marty. I actually don’t understand people who are not interested in the universe. Anyway, astronomers and physicists don’t suspect foul play on a grand scale – despite there are so many indications of just that. I think that is their biggest mistake.

The universe is a hologram, a German-controlled computer projection to fool the population of Earth and keep it away from really exploring space. The real universe is hidden behind it and we should not know about it. 

Since approx. 1929, the SEGNPMSS sells officially the idea on Earth that the universe is expanding. Planets and galaxies are trying “to get away”. Laughing out loud! Looks like those former Earth people who are hiding on other planets want to get away from us. Because if our astronomers see planets that are too far away, they will discourage others from going there. “Too far, we never get there… Black holes… Black energy, creepy… better not….”

And… This dawned on me yesterday, it is possible that they want to move the real planets or moons they are living on right now further away from us. The fake universe and the alleged expansion is an alibi. When one day  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, their moons, etc. are one day “moving”, Earth population should think that this is normal after all, the universe is “expanding”.   

Is it possible to move a planet?  Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says this is 100 percent possible. NASA says it is possible. The laws of physics say it is possible. THAT is behind showing the world a fake universe that is expanding. The SEGNPMSS want to isolate us and move also all nearby planets so far away that we can’t get up there kicking their still existing Nazi behinds. Imagine their fear! They rather want to move their planets and moons on which they are hiding instead of coming forward and confessing and taking the responsibility for what they did. Wimps, and did I say wimps?

They are nothing like us, Marty.

I love you bunches! Duodecillion of kisses!