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Luckily for the people in the synagogue that the terrorist didn’t get in, nevertheless two people killed by a German Nazi on Yom Kippur

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are you, my irresistible soulmate?

There is – according to my intuition – in Congress somewhere a congressional committee that looks into the huge conspiracy against your rights and wrongful incarceration, Marty. And it is all super secret because I shouldn’t learn about it. 

It is my intuition. Or the enlightenment by the Almighty to who I have the best relationship one can have. 

I know nothing officially as Germany is above everything and they don’t want me to testify for you and against Germany. Nazis they are, and international people including Americans have their ear-implants, so no wonder, I don’t hear anything and can’t help you, my own family or the world.   

Germany want to delay this until one of us or both of us and any other vital witness is dead. That is what Congress must understand. And nobody will win, members of Congress included, if Germany (the monsters behind it) gets away with what it has done and does. 

I am sure you have read or heard about this Nazi terror attack in Germany on a synagogue in Halle, Germany.   

In typical German manner wanting attention, the shooter filmed himself during the terror attack so that it could be seen by others live online. 

Typical for a SEGNPMSS agent, he claimed that there is a “Jewish World Conspiracy”, instead of claiming the truth that there is a “German World Conspiracy”, consisting in the hard core of psychs, medical doctors, and the likes, all Nazis.   

And it is not just some individuals but German political Nazi parties that are gaining votes in Germany, like the AfG. “Die Republikaner”, another political Nazi party also still exists in Germany, and it doesn’t take much to figure out why these Nazis want named themselves after the American Republicans. To make the American Republicans support their German Nazi activities. And also for other low reasons.  

I wish I could talk to you, Marty. What other people take for granted, we don’t have.

I love you.

Yours always, 


FBI should have the initials LIE instead of FBI because lying is what they are doing….

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FBI Albuquerque was one of the FBI field offices from which I requested FOIA/PA records that they apparently had and unlawfully denied to me. I found this snippet on the Internet. And I also requested records from the BLM and didn’t get them either. They are all so afraid that I figure out what German-controlled and -ordered US agencies are up to. 

Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, how are you?

I requested ALL records that the FBI had on L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Dwight David Eisenhower (and theirs on you and your family too, Marty, despite that I knew that the chances would be slim to none that they would mail me them… I requested them because I felt and still feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated and need my testimony to be acquitted) and on myself around the year 2000 from the FBI headquarter and all FBI field offices. The FBI (and other alleged US agencies) squirms and writhes like worms trying to avoid providing any records to me, Marty. After all, people are having German-controlled ear implants, and whatever Germany’s secret service psychiatrists radio orders translated into international (including American) ears is executed.

I hoped to find just one document that would direct me towards your representative so that I can contact you via him, but Germany, which fabricated the legal case (of which I think could exist but never got any evidence) against you, ordered the FBI and all other so-called agencies to conceal these records before me.  

Numerous haters of Scientology posted some evidence on the net that they received records from the FBI. And the FBI lied to me having these records. The affidavit that I received from the FBI headquarter after I sued the FBI in court stinks, to say the very least.  

The FBI also fails to discover or reveal that international psychiatrists (upon secret German order) implant and condition Islamic and other terrorists and shooters/bombers to commit atrocities in the USA  and other countries. Shame on them. We need real American agencies not those who are run thru German-controlled ear implants!

Some of my correspondence with the FBI:

It is impossible that the FBI doesn’t know that Germany ordered the infiltration of Dianetics and Scientology since the START and that they ordered the CIA to hire impostors as “Jack Vistaril” to replace Ron, the real founder, and alter Scientology. Because original Scientology knew what Germany and psychiatrists were up to and that they attach all people (incl. Americans and their officials, judges, representatives, etc.) to their ear implant system (instead of building a better world in which life is good and safe for anyone) to control them, to bring the USA down and help Germany to its no.1 spot in the world.  

It’s the FBI crime analysts job to figure out what is going on and they failed over and over again. And why? Because they are listening to their freaking German-controlled ear implants, that’s why! Otherwise, they would have figured what we have figured because it is the truth.

This is how psychs do it:

Also, it is impossible that the FBI didn’t knew that “Jack Vistaril”, the guy who died 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, wasn’t the founder but his impostor and that the CIA was/is heavily involved in hiring and running that man too. And Germany, the men behind Merkel and the former chancellors, is above everything.

What a psychiatric-controlled hell hole this planet is. 

As German-psychs ordered the CIA to replace the good founder of Scientology with lawless impostors (some in the “Freezone” are saying that there were at least three “L. Ron Hubbards” with three different shoe sizes but they all “fail” seeing that Monique’s husband isn’t you), the material that the Miscavologists are trying to “protect” in vaults, are altered. They might still contain helpful data for people but they won’t produce real Clears and OTs anymore nor save this world and the universe as German-psychs ordered the removal of these data. And David Miscavige is either too corrupt or too dumb to admit it or both. You know it, Marty, as they “replaced” you too with an impostor. 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am not giving up on you because I am a real and true person and not a robot.

Yours forever,


I prefer the non-simple way.






1) Germany mourns a Hitler Youth leader: Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982 2) “Hitler” new biography was published

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband, how are you?

Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982, a chain-smoker, died age 96. 

Germany mourns him. What is to mourn about? He was a LEADER in the Hitler Youth. For the sake of arguments, let’s say that his parents or the Nazi government of Germany ordered him to join the Hitler Youth and he had no other choice. But one must have a dumb and fanatical Nazi head on one’s shoulder, otherwise one is not made a LEADER by the Nazis!

In 1984, a friend of his suddenly claimed that Schmidt’s father was the illegitimate son of a German Jewish businessman. Yeah right. As I said, he could have done only what was necessary in the Hitler Youth to stay alive instead of supporting the Nazis as a LEADER.  

He died age 96. For a chain-smoker who smoked all his life not a bad age. I wrote numerous times how the SEGNPMSS kills people with remote-control behind the cover of “diseases”. They spared Schmidt – unlike many other smokers or non-smokers – for a long time. Apparently, even chain-smokers can get old when they are spared and not killed by medical terrorists. 

Speaking about the Nazis, Marty, a new biography “Hitler” was published these days. Germans are basically saying that they were “held hostage” by Hitler and his gang. This is what Peter Longerich, a professor in London and the author of this biography wrote. He pointed out that Hitler was rather an opportunist, “a ‘nobody’ with no ideology until he was about 30”. Reuters wrote that “Longerich also seeks to debunk the theory that Hitler had an irresistible charisma that captivated Germans…”

This professor has a point, Marty, but as far as I have read, also his book falls short on pointing with the fingers on psychiatrists who conditioned Hitler and that indeed psychiatrists controlled Hitler and other Nazis through their ear-implants. Hitler wasn’t hypnotizing but he was hypnotized. Psychiatric-controlled ear-implants in each German made Germans to cheer for Hitler and the Nazis. Nothing about Hitler was charismatic. Behind his eyes, one can see the psychiatric treatment and the drugs he was on. A remote-controlled hypnotized robot. What is charismatic about that?

Be kissed my darling.

I am thinking every day of you and wish there would be a way to effectively help you, my innocent Prince.

Yours always,




The German government – animal-like behavior by Schäuble!

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince, how are you?

A have a real tricky problem to solve that steals my time and causes me distress. I will post more again once it is solved.

Just a short posting today:

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s federal minister for finances stuck his tongue out to reporters on a press conference in 2013.


Two days ago, he stuck his tongue out again, this time to the French minister for finances. Here is the picture:

What kind of creatures behave like this? These kinds! 


Germany wants to rule the entire world officially soon without any opposition. What they conceal is that they manipulate the minds of all people on the planet to let Germany’s economic grow and keep the economy of all other countries down. They hold also Greece secretly down with their secret service methods. And the USA and other countries too!

They do it by sending loud and silent sounds in people’s ear implants. Germany makes children to agents, which is actually child abuse because children in first grade don’t really get it. They grow up mind-controlled and manipulated, and Germany involved them in their dirty business. All that helps Germany to take over the planet, officially, and that means that life will become unbearable for all, except a few of those top German secret service p$ychs, well until the day when one of them kills the other one. It happened before, it will happen again.

People are completely irresponsible by allowing Germany to take over the Europe and then the entire plant.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,




Knowledge Reports are routine in the professional world – it has nothing to do with snitching – only unprofessional entities are not using them

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I was pretty busy last week, but here I am again. I am thinking of you and miss you terribly.

I noticed that psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology are calling writing of knowledge reports “snitch culture”. This is a clear indicator that these psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology do not participate in the professional world. Just about any professional institution demands from its employees to write knowledge reports.

Of course, a knowledge report must contain the truth and be done in good faith but most professional institution prefer a knowledge report even if an employee doubts that he/she is right. They want the knowledge report first and sort out the facts and who did wrong or not wrong later. In the professional world, institutions or companies may FIRE a person who failed to write a knowledge report or demand payment of financial penalties from her.

Calling a knowledge report “snitching” just shows that these haters of Scientology come from a very unprofessional world. I do not defend DM’s reign in any shape or form, I wish a real Scientology management for Scientology, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published about that those Scientology haters are people involved in incestuous pedophilia and prostitution, etc. ring true to me. What a bad, dirty world it is.

Any professional will shake her head when reading that writing of knowledge reports is called snitch culture by Scientology-haters. If that would be true, all professional institutions and companies who have a Code of Conduct, are guilty of “snitching”.

Actually, most international institutions and companies started to introduce Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics and knowledge reports in recent times. Ron (the real founder) was ahead of the times by having those implemented into Scientology from the start. It is not his fault that secret services, their psychiatrists, and Germany above everything infiltrated Scientology and changed it.     

It can be such a cruel world, but love, the way we love, makes it worthwhile, Marty. The thought of you really brightens my day. There is you, the most wonderful man who I know. Honor and ethics is not just words to you. You live them and it shines through you to the outside, same as bad deeds by others can be seen on their outside. I can see it and so can you and some others.

I think love has not much meaning to people who don’t experience it as we do. There are two people who recognized the good inside of them and who are dedicated to be good and true and help the other person as much as possible. It is not you and me. In a way, such two people love each other as if they would be one.

For example, if I would do something wrong by you, Marty, I would consider this done wrong to MYSELF. And why would I do something wrong to myself? Exactly, my soulmate. Yes, we are Scientologists, and people should ask themselves that if Scientology produces people with this capability to love, be true and move mountains for the right reasons, that there is a lot more to this applied philosophy as they assume and were made to believe.

Many people believe that love is just a little bit of chemistry in the beginning and then becomes a drag and often results in monotony or divorce. You and I know that the reasons are OWs and lack of creation and taking the other person for granted. I like the feeling of eternal butterflies and excitement that comes with romance and love so much that I will do all in my power to keep this and not have it overcome by OWs, lack of creation or taking you for granted. Even when we should be married and physically together for thousands of years, nothing should become routine, it all should be always as special and romantic as it was at the start. And I can’t wait for us to continue our journey that we already began when we are teenagers.

I simply and plain love you, Marty. There is no other explanation for these feelings that I am having and which are not changing.

Yours for all eternity,



Those are the fingerprints of “Jack Vistaril” and not of Ron, the founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are your days?

Below fingerprints were published on a Scientology-hating blog.  The FBI released the file of “L. Ron Hubbard” to some requester (but suspiciously denied them to me) and made allegedly references to “Hubbard’s” fingerprints, but didn’t provide the fingerprint card. Allegedly, the FBI took fingerprints of “Hubbard” four times. When “Jack Vistaril”, one but maybe the main impostor of Ron, the Scientology founder, and when this German/CIA double agent died in January 1986 in San Obispo County, an anonymous (of course) FBI agent called the coroner that the “fingerprints” would match. Of course they matched. They were BOTH (on the dead corpse and in the FBI files) of the impostor!

Interpol also did not mail me records on “L. Ron Hubbard” or Scientology (again very suspicious) but other people got getting them. It is very clear that these agencies fear that I see more in and behind the documents that others are seeing or publishing. Interpol released allegedly below fingerprint card. On it is not Ron’s (founder of Scientology) signature but that of “Jack Vistaril”.  Those finger prints are from the impostor who was married to Mary Sue, Polly, Sara, and who the hell else. The fingerprints taken by other agencies, as of 1943, 1947, 1948 and 1952, were also those of the impostor and not the founder.

There are numerous Scientologists either in the orgs or in the “Freezone” who know of “different Hubbards”. Some say that there were at least three different “founders Ron”, having different heights, shoe sizes, and personalities and that each one promoted a different version of Dianetics and Scientology. Yikes. Isn’t it time that those people come forward and make official statements to sort this mess out?

“Jack” Vistaril is as little the founder of Scientology as Monique’s husband is you.

I don’t regret one bit that I found Scientology.  I would study it again and again and sort out original Scientology from what impostors and other agents added or changed. Scientology helped me greatly to become the person that I am today. I am looking at the world through the eyes of an ORIGINAL Scientologist. Besides, I have also no problems whatsoever in human relations, and so many of those who have not found or recognized it, are lying on the psych bench for years and paying dear money and still can’t maintain calm and good human relations. For us it is second nature not having these problems, but so many non-Scientologists are having these problems, big time.

I love you, Marty, because I know you. I would go and live anywhere where you  go and live. I am so glad that we have the same reality and that we are soulmates. In good and bad times, we are loyal to each other. Be kissed and tightly hugged. Feel the warmth of my love. You mean the world to me, Marty. Thinking of you makes everything better. I always was and still and always will be bound directly towards you. Many people are disillusioned and don’t believe in true love and soulmates, but you and me, we know that both exists and we have it. We have us, always had, always will. 

Yours forever,




Tony Ortega and his supporters are pigs by deliberately withholding that “Jack Vistaril” was a secret service agent and not the founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty,

Ortega makes my stomach turn.

His hate blog beats up on Scientology and Ron every day, and he keeps from his readers since years that the husband of Sara, Polly, Margaret, Mary Sue, and the lover of Barbara Klowden, etc. was not Ron the founder but the German/CIA double agent who on psychiatric-orders altered Dianetics and Scientology into a cult.

“Jack Vistaril” wasn’t the only one who impostored Ron long before he ever published anything on Dianetics or Scientology. Ortega never mentioned that there are “Butlers” and others who said that there are at least three different versions of Dianetics and Scientology and that there were at least three different lookalikes with different personalities, heights and shoe sizes who all claimed to be L. Ron Hubbard and issued papers or tapes.

The real founder was not one of them as he didn’t have any butler.

Ortega’s blog or book does not serve the truth. They are pieces of hate propaganda. Tells me who cultists Ortega’s and his supporters secret masters are.

Shame on them. Truth is worth nothing to them. Hatred, Schadenfreude, spin, defamation, and twisting of truth is what one gets from them. They have zero conscience.

But as I wrote before, he and his supporters can’t fool anyone really bright. They just can fool fools.

I love you, Marty, I will be soon back.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 12, 2015 at 2:34 am