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1) Many Christians think that gruesome murder on Jesus set them free, how weird is that? 2) My answer to Laura Magdalena

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, I think of you and hope that you don’t have to suffer, wherever you are.  Marty, I have an emergency in my home with the foundation but I also have a home insurance. I have call them tomorrow.  

A Jehovah’s Witness stuffed some Christian information in my mailbox. They believe just as most other Christians that God let his own child die to save the sinners. God really does not loves sinners more than his own child. These sinners take themselves really important. Christians should take a good look at what they are believing. What a horrible, unjust, and brutal “God” is that who lets his own child die to “take away the sins of the sinners”. The sinners committed more sins by killing Jesus. Why is that horrible murder a good thing in the eyes of the Christians? How can they think that this saved them? Strange is their way of thinking! Besides, look at them, they still are the same old sinners that they always were.  They don’t know God at all.

I love you, Marty, and send you many kisses. I address Laura Magdalena Eisenhower below. She sent me comments and is not happy with what I blogged and others commented about her.

Yours forever, and I love forever and ever,


Hi Laura,

I received your comments, e.g. for example this one:  “You are right on in a lot of ways and way off in other ways. No one said in that article that ET’s wanted to take us to Mars. You need to read it again. As for your lack of belief in me / I could care less, it’s your loss… This has been proven, but of course is rejected… I figured many would… Just awaken it within, but be careful of your doubts and you should get to know me more before you have such strong opinions and assumptions… Laura.”

Laura, I have nothing against you. Personally, I wish you peace, happiness, and success. Some people posted unflattering comments against you that I didn’t publish, e.g. that you are  an elitist but I don’t think you are. Those comments that I publish are tame. 

However, I still stand by it that you should whatever you want to do, including telling people their future for 1 Dollar  under another name – not the name Eisenhower. I heard some of your tv/radio shows, and despite I am a very spiritual person, you lost me after a very brief time.  

How many people do you think understood what you said here: ?

You talk about hundreds of subjects, and it seems to me incoherent. Maybe not for you but for most others. I know that it is hard for certain things to provide the proof, but I would like to know where you come up with these things, e.g. the aliens, the gods, etc.

Can you prove that somebody tried to recruit you in a secret Mars station?  

Unlike many people, I am very sure that planet Earth is not the only planet with life, I also believe that a person can have advanced abilities, that governments cover up things and I also believe that there are secret space stations but I still find your interviews very confusing, and incoherent, and I wonder if you make most of what you saying up.       

In the link above, the first that your  interviewer Alfred does is covertly attacking the USA instead of the Germans who are behind any other government going bad, but this is not what your interviewer said.  Ike would not approve that the USA is blamed before the Germans.  

You wrote me that you have a fan page with 26 000 fans who love your writings . That is because you are using the name Eisenhower. People hear a famous name and applaud whatever somebody does under that name. You could throw buckets with paint against a wall and sell that as art. There would be always people who buy if simply because Ike made that name Eisenhower so valuable – not you and your activities. If you want to see really what you are made of, do it under a non-famous name. Then you can see if people applaud just the name (0r even applaud the name to see it smeared) or if they applaud what you are saying or writing.

I strongly assume that you want peace on earth and a better world. I don’t object to it because we really need that. There are some aspects on your website that are good, including your stand against mindcontrol but  I can’t see how you are creating a better world by fabricating gods (which you do not sell as fiction but as reality) and reading tarot cards and astrology for 1 Dollar.  Who takes you serious when you do stuff like that? People on fairs do that and anyone knows it is a scam. And you do that under the name Eisenhower. He was down to Earth but  you have your head in the clouds and you give the name Eisenhower a fruitcake appearance who asks for donations to fund her nonsense. That is an insult of his legacy.   

You even promote deprogramming on your Cosmic Gaia website, Laura. I don’t think that is funny. Deprogramming is a  criminal activity in most countries. I was kidnapped and held against my will by four people, all deprogrammers to give up my religion Scientology. I was physically and spiritually harmed in deprogramming. Besides, I had no program in me and it did fail but it was very painful but you promote this horrible criminal activity on your website.

 Here is a link of the father of deprogramming:

You tell me that I should wake up? I can say the same to you.

Anyway, I don’t wish you harm. You might be indeed a likable person, but I just wish that you would see that Ike’s reputation and legacy is harmed with nonsense.

Be well.