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Leah Remini and Mike Rinder make my stomach turn

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, how is your life?

Who is Leah Remini telling people on national TV that our religion is none? She never understood real Scientology. She can’t speak for our religiosity as Scientologists. I bet it is a much deeper religiosity as her Catholicism.  

I saw a picture where Leah Remini huddles at Rinder’s chest. Aren’t they married to other people?

Numerous people posted about that Laurisse Henley-Smith’s hand resting possessively on David Miscavige’s shoulder would reveal that she is his mistress.  So what does it mean if Remini’s head is resting on Rinder’s chest?

Not that I envy either one of them. As I said, they make my stomach turn.

And Christi Colbran is ok with that? And she is ok with Remini and her husband trashing Scientology? A few years ago, Christi said on national TV that she believes in the philosophy of Scientology. Rinder lectured before the Trinity College in Dublin that Scientology is a religion. Now they and his side-kick Remini insinuate or even say it is not?

Those slimy grins on the faces of Rinder and Remini and what hides behind put me off.  

Do they even have a clue how ridiculous they look changing their public statements all the time? And what does it say about their IQ? I have no respect of people who flip-flop. Reminds me also of Garry Scarff. Push of a button and they march in whatever direction. The secret case officer orders it and they execute it. How “impressive”.

Remini just left Miscavology because DM didn’t want her to talk to his wife Michelle, and anyone except Tory Christman (“I don’t believe DM even has sex”) should be able to figure out why.    

What kind of person dumps her religion because could not chat with the wife of a guy who got Scientology from impostor and agent “Jack Vistaril”? Remini is clueless about the depths of SCN, otherwise DM’s refusal to let her see a person could NEVER have made her dumping Scientology because DM is NOT Scientology or a Scientologist. 

Every time I see Mike Rinder’s and his sidekick Leah Remini’s 1.1 grins, my stomach turn. I also pity anyone’s IQ, not being able to figure real Scientology (a true religious philosophy) from the German-psychiatric-ordered and -organized infiltration and alteration. Rinder, Remini, and the likes are keeping the public completely uneducated as to that Scientology is infiltrated and altered by secret services and that the founder and you were replaced by doppelgangers. Hush and mum is the word apparently. 


Honesty is the best policy and not Rinder’s creepy programs! While Mike Rinder run OSA, he apparently implemented and run a secret service program in which he wanted my name put so that I take care of “his enemies” to get “his stats up”. I am a real Scientologist not an agent. Mike Rinder insulted me greatly with that “program”. Who does this idiot think he is?

It contained stuff using me to make Tory Christman losing her job (who he called a nut case earlier) and involving Chuck Beatty in more porn. YUK! How disgusting! And what would a psychiatric secret service “handling” like that solve? Nothing! Christman and Beatty would have even more time smearing Scientology having no job and sinking deeper. Typical Mike Rinder to have junior Fritz Kavennar write “programs” like that. I am sure that Rinder ordered and approved it. I never worked on it, and I heard first time of its existance when Mike Rinder passed his very own program to his than friend, your impostor, Monique’s husband, to shame me on his blog with it. These Germany- and psychiatry-oriented agents are unbelievable.

I wrote about this Rinder program a few years back on my blog. 

Mike Rinder’s primitive secret service programs are not even remotely my style, Marty. Rinder wanted this program implemented and whoever he ordered to do it had not the courage to approach me on it because he knew that I would have turned it down and being outraged. Not because I find Christman or Beatty good people, but because I don’t want to sink on Mike Rinder’s low level. This secret service program was on Rinder’s computer while he was the OSA in charge! This is how your impostor Monique’s husband got it and how it was published.     

As Scientologists, we are supposed to build a better world not making it dirtier.  The true story about Scientology being infiltrated and altered from the true religious philosophy that it is by German- and psychiatric-minded, -oriented, and -controlled people would take the wind out of the sails of all these Scientology attackers like Tory Christman (who he called a nut case),  Chuck Beatty, Leah Remini, and all others. If mainstream learns the true story of the founder and Scientology, those who attack SCN will look either completely corrupt or completely stupid. And people will be rather angry at them when they learn with what kind of false information they were fed to them by the attackers.  



The way Rinder tried to use me for his dirty agent world is outrageous! Who does he think he is? He can use people however he wants? And he never applied the tonescale. If he would have ever applied it, he wouldn’t be as downtone himself . He would have known that if I get wind of his downtone program that could be even construed as criminal and putting my name as “player” in it, I will be outraged. On what kind of tonelevel does Rinder think I am? HIS LOW TONELEVEL??? Yikes! Years passed since then but I still feel my blood boil when I think of this piece of s…. named Rinder. He may asked others to write it. But he and DM, I suppose, are the people who wanted it done as it was on Rinder’s computer when he blew. He approved and pushed this worthless and criminal program. His juniors probably hadn’t much respect of Rinder, because it wasn’t communicated to me.           

Besides, I want to find YOU, Marty. Why should I work for infiltrated orgs who do not even tell me what became of you????????????????????????????????????????   Rinder’s IQ doesn’t go there, Marty. He is too dumb to figure that he can’t expect me to get his stupid stats up by conspiring the same time against us. What an idiot! He also has no idea of my tonelevel and that anything low as what’s coming from him WOULD INSULT ME.

He also had no idea that I knew that it is him who gave your impostor to publish this program on his blog and that it was on Rinder’s computer when he blew. He cowardly hid behind the back of your impostor and his blog. What a little man Rinder is. A coward.

I received polite anonymous messages that seemed to come from OSA during the last years Rinder was on staff. The messages were not on Rinder’s low tonelevel. During a phone call back then, Thunderstar owner Andy in Canada mentioned Gavino Idda to me. Anyway, back then, the writer mentioned Rinder and one of Rinder’s whiny issues to me. So, I know Rinder was involved. However, this program or steps of it was not ever communicated to me by anyone. I bet he just gave it Monique’s husband to publish because he thought he is safe and will not be discovered behind it. Wrong again! I discovered him behind it.

What a primitive man!


Rinder publishes his own dirty program on someone else’s blog and shames me, the one who was not involved in the making or implementing of this lowtoned if not outrageous criminal program.   

I am pretty sure that not just David Miscavige and your impostor but also Mike Rinder did all he could to prevent me learning about your whereabouts or seeing you again, Marty.  I bet he also “supervised” as OSA in charge the legal action that I filed around 1990 in SLC to learn about your whereabouts after I received no reply (as an IAS member who allegedly unites us!!!!) where you are. I despise this man for all he has done to and failed to do (telling the truth).     

Right now, your impostor is cross with Mike Rinder, but they (Rinder, DM, and Monique’s husband) still conspire together by keeping your whereabouts a secret and that Monique’s husband is not YOU, and that “Jack Vistaril” is NOT the founder but functioned as a double agent (Germany, CIA) to change Scientology upon secret German-psychiatric orders into a money-oriented cult.        

You know how I feel about creeps, Marty. And you are so different. I know you are same unimpressed of people changing their opinions all few years but wanting to be experts as I am.

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I’ll sail away with you to where ever you want to go. You are a rock star, Marty. I am so glad that I found you. I want you or nobody. 

Yours forever and ever,





Your impostor, David Miscavige, and Mike Rinder continue to conspire together despite their public dispute by keeping a huge psychiatric (German-controlled) secret

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And that secret is that Germany “replaces” good originals (the founder and you) with impostors to take over and change Scientology and to take over your life as free man. And this happens also outside of Scientology as high up as in the White House. Ike was replaced with a doppelganger. CIA and other intelligence agencies are still keeping this secret.

Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and soulmate, I am thinking of you and how you days and nights are. If my intuition is correct, you are now longer incarcerated than Nelson Mandela without being guilty of anything but an absolutely decent and sane person who is in the way of the corruption of Germany and its international psychiatrists.

How anyone can live with being a conspirator by keeping a good and innocent person wrongfully locked up for decades IS BEYOND ME. How can they call themselves humans if they have no human qualifications?!

They all know that you have to suffer MORE than any other prisoner as Germany and its international psychiatrists radio in the ear-implants of their puppet inmates and prison personnel to torture you. They want you to be murdered or you committing suicide. You and I, we know them, Marty.  What stalkers and torturer don’t understand is that they are leaving their “calling cards” during their inhuman actions. Their ACTIONS show us what low life forms they are, who they are (p$ychs and medical doctor$) and what kind of tools they operate to torture, drive people into suicide, and kill. The word “monsters” is not even strong enough to describe this kind of scum.

And the United States, representatives, judges, agencies, officials, prosecutors, the “intelligence” community covers for them, being too blind to notice how that is in their own disadvantage at the end. Whatever their case officers promises them as a reward for keeping us apart, Marty, it is not worth it. Even if some are offered to live in secret outposts where they don’t get sick and age (which they built with stolen technology that they withhold from mainstream), they are not safe there as one kills off the other one.  They are bad people and also bad to their agents and their peers. We would offer anyone a safe beautiful place where they don’t get sick and age by prosecuting those who kill. With us, they could have the real paradise forever. With their case officer masters, the paradise is short-lived. They are fools. And their crimes are making them blinder and dumber by the minute.

Back to your impostor, David Miscavige, and Mike Rinder. Your impostor first attacked DM together with Mike Rinder. And we can assume a financial deal that he now defends DM and attacks Mike Rinder. They said horrible things of each other, and Scientology is smeared one or the other way in the public. Mike Rinder attacked recently back but still keeps the biggest secret of all: Monique’s husband is NOT you. He was hired to take over your life and it is impossible that DM, Mike Rinder, and other executive in Scientology didn’t notice. They are all in it, and they also know that the man who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, but a German/CIA double agent who left Scientology to His Cobness. Mike Rinder accuses Scientology of all kinds of stuff on TV and his blog, yet, he and Leah Remini are quiet on these kind of secret service activities (which have nothing to do with original Scientology). He is also a hypocrite, accusing Scientology on asking for donations and has himself a donation button on his blog.

Their non-Scientologist case officers are controlling all their “disputes” and actions. That is the only way to explain what’s going on. (Your impostor tried to down my blog. Miscavige hired a company to keep my blog low in the search engines, and due to my critical postings of Mike Rinder, I bet he approves of what his co-conspirators did and do.) 

It is non-Scientologists against non-Scientologists, and we, the real Scientologists are kept outside as we are in the way of them destroying Scientology and turning it into Miscavology or whatever Germany and international psychs and medical doctors approve of. They don’t approve anything that keeps people young, sane, and healthy. They just want this for themselves. BUT THEY DON’T GET IT FOR LONG AND CERTAINLY NOT FOREVER, BECAUSE THE MOTIVATOR WILL HIT THEM HARD, in the words of mainstream: BECAUSE KARMA IS A BITCH, THEY WON’T GET IT.  

Another thing is that Germany (the men behind Merkel – and I roll my eyes at her, whenever I read something about her) and its international psychiatrists and medical doctors have an international campaign running giving conspiracy theorists a bad reputation. Easy to figure out why: because they don’t want anyone to figure them and their doings out. They even run agents who talk conspiracy nonsense to make other people not want to be conspiracy theorists.  For us original Scientologists, the SPs, the men behind Germany, international psychs, and medical doctors are an open book, but unfortunately, others cannot see what we are seeing.    

I got carried away. I just wanted to state today that Mike Rinder hit back against Monique’s husband in a blog posting some days ago without publishing that he is an impostor and without telling who hired him to take over your life. Typically, isn’t it? These non-Scientologists, your impostor, David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and others, keep on conspiring against original Scientology, the real founder, and you, and me. They are disgusting. They conspire against us and wonder why we are not found of them. Sheesh! 

Come rain or shine, I love you, Marty. There is no flip-flopping in our world. While agents behave like the corrupt idiots that they are, we stay the same and are going strong into one direction: the truth and end of the conspiracies.

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. I never give up wanting to see you again. Soulmates don’t give up on each other. People who have no soulmates don’t understand this. Otherwise, they would know that separating us just adds enormously to their rap sheets but is will not result in us letting us down. They let each other down all the time. But we are another kind of beings.  And I never want to become like them.

Yours forever and always,




   Some of the lyrics:

Now Daddy didn’t like trouble, but if it came along
Everyone that knew him knew which side that he’d be on
He never was a hero, or this county’s shinin’ light
But you could always find him standing up
For what he thought was right
He’d say you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
You’ve got to be your own man not a puppet on a string
Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name
You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything

Germany and their international p$ychs want to outlaw Scientology by trying to pair it with something that has “Islam” in the name, a religion that Germany and their secret service psychs radicalized…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

Although Nation of Islam is not exactly Islam, its racist leader Farrakhan is known to quote  from the Quran.  How to possibly getting Scientology outlawed? Having it infiltrated by agents and non-Scientologists like Ron’s impostor, other impostor (you know who) and agents as David Miscavige and many other former and current agents and connecting it to Nation of Islam (actually squirreling NOI and SCN together) whose racist leader Farrakhan is allegedly pro “Dianetics” or “Scientology” (the Vistaril/Miscavige version) and who quotes from the Quran  immediately after referring to Scientology or Dianetics.

Germany and psychs are implanting and conditioning numerous Muslims to become violent terrorists. Islam is on the brink to be outlawed in various countries. And they want Scientology going down with Islam. We know Germany and we know the minds of their German and international psychiatrists.  For us real Scientologists, it is a piece of cake to figure them and their plans all out. Those who never honestly studied and applied original Scientology, don’t have this advantage. And that is the reason why Germany and psychs want original Scientology altered and if possible outlawed: We are able to figure them out and they don’t want anyone to point with the fingers on them who are the puppet masters. They are the cult masters not the real Ron and founder.    

And there are Remini and Bill Maher (fools) who claim that Tom Cruise can end Scientology “single-handedly”. What Remini and her supporters are doing is national dulling. What they are saying is insulting to all real Scientologists by suggesting that our ways to see the world and the universe(s) can be ended by one person. It doesn’t matter who it is. You know me, Marty, and I know you. Our belief isn’t even remotely shuttered by Remini’s crap or the actions of celebrities. 

Another creepy thing they are doing is positioning John Travolta as a murderer. If I would be him, I would do something legally against that kind of smear. These actions show that anti-Scientologists are preparing the ground for something real evil within Scientology, which is/will not be the making of real Scientology or real Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. You are deep in my heart. And you always will be. 

Yours always,






Yikes! Leah Remini loves your impostor, Marty!

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Dearest Marty, most loved Prince in the universe,

Have a look at below tweet. Remini loves your impostor, Monique’s husband.

“He has been through a lot…” Oh sure, impostering you is such a hard job, the poor man…

Remini wants the C of S to pay her 1.5 million. I wonder if David Miscavige “settled” with his co-conspirator and paid “the poor man” this or a similar amount.  

Is she unable or unwilling to see on the pictures that are all over the Internet that he ain’t you? Or a part of the plot in the first place?

If she says she doesn’t see the difference between you, the original Marty, and him, the one who was hired by DM and Mike Rinder to take over your Inspector General for Ethics position around 1989 and to fool others and me after you were wrongfully arrested, she is clueless about the tonescale and the individual tonelevels of people and never applied  Scientology technology otherwise.


Gee, Leah, the “expert” on Scientology who never applied it. Some “expert”.    

I wonder if she needs help getting dressed with those fingernails. Can she type or pick up anything with those long nails? And how long does that take?  

Anyway, Marty, I love you, not your impostor. You are brilliant, true, and a real star. You are the original and not some cheap impostor. I am proud of you. Keep on surviving, my outstanding husband. You are the best! And you have a good conscience as you don’t conspire against other people’s rights.  

Be kissed.




Although I don’t approve of DM at all, I don’t approve of Leah Remini’s activities either

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

She plans an A&E Network series against Scientology, despite that she knows that people who listened to her resorted already to violence against Scientologists. Can’t she see what’s brewing on the horizon?

I don’t approve of Miscavology, yet, I don’t think that making people angry by using the media will resolve anything. Once the world learns that DM took over Scientology with legal papers issued by Ron’s impostor (Jack Vistaril), he has no rights heading Scientology any longer, Miscavology can be resolved and original Scientology can be restored. 

David Miscavige’s lack of ethics pulled her actions in as well as the actions by people like Remini. 

I don’t know why the wife (Michelle Miscavige) of a man (David Miscavige) who makes the world believe that an impostor  was the real founder of Scientology and gives a damn about real Scientology, the real founder and his family was/is that important to Leah Remini. 

Leah files a missing police report, police acted on it and they found Michelle not missing.

However, in order to stop the sounds of Remini’s fingernails on a blackboard wanting to see her, nothing would have been easier for DM to bring his wife to a Scientology event or have Michelle and Leah talk. 

He rather has Scientology attacked and smeared.

Michelle could approach Leah and tell her that she doesn’t approve of her beating up Scientology but she doesn’t. And yet, I don’t think that Michelle is locked up. I rather think that DM made a legal contract with her giving Michelle quite some financial incentives.

I bet the farm that DM didn’t keep his marriage vows. Michelle found out and he kept her quiet by making a contract with her. He apparently has not even the courage to ask her to appear with him at an event. He is a coward. Bad husband, bad conscience. He doesn’t want Leah talking to Michelle as he is afraid that she drops a hint and Scientologists and the world learns that he doesn’t apply ethics to his own life. 

DM is the total opposite of you, Marty. You are impressive, and he ain’t. Not even a bit. He and his family and their unethical actions harmed Scientology more than anyone.

I love you, Marty, very much.

Here is some slow blues for you.

Yours forever and always,




The comment that your impostor, Monique’s husband, does not publish

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, I am thinking of you. And I love you more than I will be ever able to express in words.

Have a look at the screen shot below. It  is from the comment section of your impostor’s posting “The Only Good Scientologists” in his Moving Up on Higher Rubbish Blog. I am not a regular at his blog and rarely read any comments. However, I made a comment on November 6, 2016, and your impostor CENSORED it. I very rarely posted to the blog of this agent, but he censored most of the other postings that I did, those asking him about your whereabouts. 

After having attacked and disgraced Scientology, your impostor kisses up to David Miscavige so that he get a big amount of Scientology money from His Cobness  instead of Monique.

And they are partners in crime. Your impostor tried to down my blog, his partner in crime, David Miscavige is paying expensive services to keep my blog low in the search engine. 

Rotten SEGNPMSS-controlled and -minded agents they are.

As of today, 1pm, below commend comment of Nov. 6 was not published but postings made by people lateron are being published in his comment section. So, he is around but censored my comment posting.

No doubt, Marty, your impostor doesn’t want the world to know who he really is and that goes also for David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and the likes.

Read this:   



Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are talking about having “humanity” back… What is human about not helping you, the innocent, but conspiring (Rinder for sure) with your impostor and still with DM on this?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are you? I think of you and you can count on me.

Leah Remini says that she and Katie Holmes “have their humanity back”. Yikes, what monsters were these women when they displayed their Catholic behaviors in Scientology? They both behaved like non-Scientologists while “inside” and both turned out to be Catholics later.  

We real Scientologists were always human.

Remini turns to Mike Rinder (of all people) who as Special Unit in Charge organized much of the 2006 wedding she complains about. Like numerous flip-flop people before her, she simply changed the camp and what was “black” before is now “white”. Unbelievable, such minds!

I don’t know how much (if any) contact Leah Remini or Katie Holmes has with your impostor, “Monique’s husband”, but ABC 20/20 mentioned that Remini contacted Mike Rinder. He is best friends with your impostor. 

Leah read Marc Headley’s book Blown for Good. Paparazzi took photos of her with the book under her arm. Your impostor (Monique’s husband) wrote the “foreword” to his book in which former non-Scientologists attack current non-Scientologists as DM and make the world wrongfully believe that this kind of secret service agent behavior is Scientology, which it is not.

Your impostor and his wife wanted or still want Leah Remini to testify in their gold digger case against Scientology for reasons of effect on judges,  but I read something that she doesn’t want to be dragged into this. We’ll see. 

Leah said on TV that she googled “Scientology”. Despite David Miscavige pays professional services to keep my blog low in the search engine, it is highly unlikely that anyone who seriously googles the name “Mark Rathbun” or “Marty Rathbun” does not find my allegations that Monique’s husband is an impostor and that you (the first and original Marty) are missing and likely suffer somewhere wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you never committed.

Leah claims that Michelle Miscavige is missing who is NOT. But she does not claim that you are missing, Marty, but you are. So, what kind of “humanity” is that she is talking about? Wanting to free somebody who is free (Michelle Miscavige) but not helping somebody who disappeared but was replaced by an impostor agent: YOU, the original Marty? Gee! Of what kind of priorities is her “humanity”?  

I don’t demand from anyone to believe me. One look at the photos of you and your impostor tells the story very clearly.

These “exes” with the “humanity” also fail to speak about that L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, was replaced by an impostor and secret service agent. Again, nobody has to believe me, but at least one should compare photos. It is so easy to see. NOBODY WAS OR IS A SCIENTOLOGIST WHO KEEPS HER/HIS MOUTH SHUT ABOUT THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTOLOGY BEING REPLACED BY A CHEAP AGENT. Good people disappear and these non-Scientologists in the orgs and outside are keeping their mouths shut. This kind of “humanity” will reserve them a place in Catholic heaven? Goodness gracious!

Mike Rinder talking about “humanity” is a huge joke, considering that he, together with his partner in crime, Monique’s husband, and David Miscavige conceal the hiring of your impostor and leaving you behind, wrongfully incarcerated. They also conceal before the entire world that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and secret service agents and that even the founder disappeared and was replaced by the agent who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind. I don’t find the words how I am appalled of all this “humanity”!

Humanity means for them that they have all the rights including the rights to conspire against innocent persons and concealing the truth before the entire world. I am so “impressed” by that kind of “humanity”. How can they live with themselves?

I love you, Marty. Comes rain or shine. I don’t change my personality like chameleons as they do. Mine is real and yours too.  We were ourselves and we stay ourselves.   

COUNT ON ME! I’ll be there. I am proud not to be a flip-flopper. Flip-flopper do not just look like idiots, they are. Should  make their minds up before joining something. If something they joined changes to the worse, a thetan of value changes this bad development but it doesn’t flip-flop and turns in the opposite one stood before. These kind of people didn’t use their minds in the past and are also not using them in the presence and future.   

Yours forever,