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Leah Remini wants a federal investigation? So do I, including one of her sidekick Mike Rinder

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Dearest Marty,  my wonderful husband and Prince,

The media reported that Leah Remini wants a federal investigation of Scientology. A police investigation that she requested on Shelley Miscavige was conducted but dismissed as unfounded.  

I want a federal investigation of the secretly German-ordered secret service infiltration of Scientology, including that the founder and you were replaced by impostors and an investigation into who had anything to do with it incl. knowing and not reporting.

I want a federal investigation of not just David Miscavige but also your impostor and of Leah Remini’s sidekick Mike Rinder who impossibly could have missed that you were “replaced” by a doppelganger around 1990. Who knows, maybe not just DM but also Rinder was directly involved in hiring him. And hiring the impostors benefited mainly Germany’s psychiatric crimes, the destroyal of an American religion and also family, however, but I don’t say that the US was not very involved as well. Too bad that there are so many German poodles around. German ear-implants rule the robots.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,




1) David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and Monique’s husband never stopped working together 2) Deutsche Bank

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soulmate and husband,

On the weekend, my computer quit on me or rather SEGNPMSS-run hackers got into it. Freezes up all the time. I applied all kinds of recovery methods but particularly the recovery tools are sabotaged. Typical, isn’t it? As I need a good and fast computer for work, I ordered a new one but as I don’t have much of any computer store here, I had to order the monitor online. I hope that I soon will get what I need and can set it up for work. And then I can download all the programs that I need! Sigh. What an odd cyber-world it is. Instead of relaxation or fun, a weekend “off” means rehabilitating, updating, downloading, configuring, yikes!    

How are you, my heartthrob? I wonder what you are thinking seeing your impostor’s video, e.g. those on “Going Clear” and on Leah Remini and Mike Rinder and their troublemakers.  

However, he is right on this: Mike Rinder knows better than anyone that if he would not attack Scientology, his adult kids would not disconnect from him. Doesn’t mean that he has to do it. But just stopping to go after their religion is the right thing to do. Who wants to have contact with a fanatical like him? I sure wouldn’t. Leah Remini knows it too. If she would stop smearing Scientology, old friends would not disconnect from her. But they never tell the public that their own extremism make others to withdraw from them. If Rinder would love his adult kids, he wouldn’t trash and shame his kids on TV. He is indeed into fame and money and not into his kids. 

Anyway, you know that David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and your impostor never stopped working together. During all those years “hating each other’s guts” they still conspired together and  kept it a secret that Monique’s husband is your impostor.

Your impostor tried to down my blog, and David Miscavige hired a professional service to keep my blog down, and Mike Rinder continues to conspire with them by withholding that Monique’s husband is not you, the original Marty Rathbun, the original Inspector General for Ethics of the C of S.  All part of a corrupt “family” of secret service agents. No Scientologists.   

As they all don’t want the content of my blog broadly known (particularly what I am writing about the founder, that he was impostored and you are impostored), so they go after my right of free speech. German psych agents they are!

Right now, your impostor beats up on his former best friend Mike Rinder in videos. And Mike Rinder beats up on him on his blog. Nevertheless, they still work together, just as Monique’s husband worked all the time still together with His Cobness, even during the times of the Squirrel Buster by keeping it a secret that you disappeared and Monique’s husband took quietly your place so that nobody misses you (and most of all not I). Mike Rinder (never a Scientologist just like the other two were never real Scientologists) retaliated using psychiatric (!) terms against Monique’s husband but no word about that he is not the original Marty and that he is your impostor. This “troika” (Mike Rinder, DM, and Monique’s husband) keep on working together by keeping this from the public.  

SEGNPMSS is senior to any “troika” and they are using DM, Mike Rinder, and Monique’s husband (What happened to his wedding band? Mike Rinder married them despite he is no minister. This guy has nerves!) and the purpose is to smear Scientolology and the founder by having their own agents attacking each, other except blowing the whistle on the secret service impostors.    

Karen de la Carriere knows too that Monique’s husband isn’t you as she was around when you were the SU Legal i/C and the Inspector General for Ethics. Didn’t she once fly to Canada with you? She must know very well that Monique’s husband isn’t you. Now they have bitter words for each other.  

She just revealed “a thing or 2” but not where you are and why your impostor claims to be you.

She writes now what I wrote all the time, e.g. that DM does not apply Scientology by having awarding Mosey’s husband with a cruise for blowing.

The  the idiotic squirrel busters who played right into the hands of your impostor and Mosey to enable them to file a lawsuit.


“Research was done by others to help Marty [added by me: it is about Monique’s husband not you] stop the seige. Ruben, a 26 year police commander with special FBI training by invitation only, a police instructor and responder to active shooters and terrorism #2 security over MLB (Major Baseball league and currently #2 man over security for all 45 University of Texas Campuses, came to the big Indie party near Houston In 2011. I spent almost a day with him, more than I spent with any of the Indies. Marty would not give him the time of day or talk to him or listen for one second. It was discovered Marty himself was tying the hands of law enforcement by telling them specifically that he was NOT in fear for his life. The coaching given was that the Squirrel Busters COULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED if he said the magic phrase “I am in fear of my life” and it would all have been over. but Marty did not WANT want help to fix it, he wanted to keep it going as long as possible to be the big star survivor of the “ferocious” assault. And the Top blog of the day while we all held on for the next big revelation.”

{How about that, Judge Waldrip?! – His pro Monique-decisions look quite wrong in consideration of above info, don’t they?}

Statements like that sure make it difficult for Mosey to bring her case again as according to above, her husband didn’t want to end the squirrel buster doing, and Mosey herself didn’t make a statement law enforcement to the contrary.

It all boils down to that the SEGNPMSS is using agents (former infiltrators and outside attackers) to smear and ruin Scientology. Part of this is that former infiltrators are suddenly turning enemies but only revealing what the SEGNPMSS allows them to reveal. Standing order: Facts of secret service agents and impostors in Scientology (and one of them [“Jack Vistaril”] awarded Scientology to His Cobness of all people) and the alteration of Scientology is not to be touched. Ear implants rule.

The public should think that these people fighting were or are Scientologists. But they were and are none. Look at us, Marty, we are real Scientologists and we behave very differently. Ron said when we can trust each other, then there will be peace on Earth. We both trust each other and we will never betray each other. The agents of the SEGNPMSS can’t trust each other. They are indeed members of a psychiatric cult where former friends and family member turn against each other.  

The other thing is the Deutsche Bank. Germany (SEGNPMSS) is hiding behind Russia and other countries. 70 years ago, they gassed the Jews, now they are using them for their purposes. And Germany always tries to get advantages. I bet they knew one year of the election that Trump would win despite the pools said otherwise. Ear implants rule. I think the pools were correct. But people are being told by the SEGNPMSS through ear-implants who they should vote for. Russia’s alleged or real meddling is nothing compared to what Germany’s secret service psychs are doing. They are invading minds to make sure they get the outcome they want.

Germany also uses Spain, Russia, Australia, France, and other countries to attack/outlaw Scientology but you know it better than anyone, Marty. 

I love you, Marty, be kissed. I miss you so very much. Hope to see you soon. 

P.S. Mosey’s husband’s videos are now on a Scientology sponsored website:

Well, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and the anti-Scientology pulled that in, didn’t they? Do they still close their eyes and say that the OW sequence is nonsense? They say that nobody is going to this website and watching these videos. Maybe not many that belong to the cult that hangs out at Tony Ortega’s blog or at other websites that hate Scientology but officials and reporters are faced with a big problem. They tend to believe any crap and lies that former agents are telling them when they leave Scientology. Now they run the risk to look really stupid if they do it because someone might turn on them.   



1) Mike Rinder’s blog and pictures of violence are absolutely disturbing and suspicious to me 2) North Korea

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, 

I rarely visit Mike Rinder’s blog because he boring and scum. However, today I ended up on Rinder’s blog and found disturbing pictures of violence there. Rinder knows very well that Scientologists are not trigger-happy (which even was confirmed by John Brousseau as well as others, wasn’t it?) yet, Rinder tries to position Scientologists with producing terrorists and with people who put guns to the heads of others. How dare agent Rinder to imply this! Infiltrators and secret service agents are the problem of Scientology.  Scientologists and Scientology is not the problem!

So, what is going on with Rinder by even pushing violent content and pictures against Scientology on his blog? Does he have secret information that Scientologists or others will be attacked? What made him post these violent images that have nothing to do with Scientology? Is Scientology to be set up by Germany, its secret services, international psychiatrists, their agents, and infiltrators, etc. for violence? If yes, did he inform the authorities (recently – if ever) with this information so that Scientologists and others can be protected? And I don’t mean producing TV shows that result in more hatred and in possible violence. Or, is it Rinder’s goal to “inspire” Scientology haters and infiltrators currently still in Scientology to become violent by posting such content and pictures?

Mike Rinder and his doings are CREEPY. There is no other word for it. 

Rinder and Leah Remini didn’t search Scientology on his own (neither DM). They were kids who likely never would have searched and studied spiritual knowledge to gain spiritual improvement and abilities if their parents wouldn’t have hung out in Scientology. That makes it so easy for them not only to discard Scientology but also attack it. Scientology so richly awarded me (and others) with knowledge and skills. I pity Remini, Rinder, and the likes for not having my abilities and knowledge. They have nobody to blame but their own ignorance. So, DM stepped on their toes or didn’t pay them attention. So what? DM isn’t Scientology. They should not blame Scientology on what a man did and does who got Scientology from the founder’s impostor. 

Anyway, as gun violence and terror is not even remotely a part of Scientology and Scientology being completely and entirely opposed to it, I wonder, does Mike Rinder have secret information that a terror act is in the making against Scientology and Scientologists or people who are online in Scientology? I try to explain why he pushes images of guns and terror on his blog and tries to position Scientology with it.  There is something really evil behind that Santa Claus look of his.

Rinder promotes psychiatry despite that he knows what this “profession” did in the past and what it still does in present time. Despicable. He does what all psychiatric agents do: as soon as one is critical of him, he claims that person has mental problems and should “seek professional help”. But him posting violent images on his blog is “sanity” of course.  

Your impostor says that the “Troika” is Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, and Tony Ortega, and that they do whatever they do for cash. That would be their motivations. That could be very well so but so does he. And no word about who the drivers (secret case officers) of the “Troika” are. Ortega calls them “we” on his blog but no other details emerge.

Another matter: After 17 months of detention in North Korea, American student Otto Warmbier was returned to the USA as a vegetable and died briefly afterwards. No sign of outside violence but with extensive loss of brain tissue. Has psychs written all over it, if you ask me, Marty. E-shocks kill brain issue. And one really has to wonder how stupid one has to be to visit North Korea. If someone wants the thrill of danger, he can stay right here in the west.

Each visitor of North Korea adds to the regime by leaving money there. And how stupid is North Korea by treating tourists that way and scaring other tourists away. Didn’t Kim Jong Un set a target of attracting millions of tourists? Isn’t tourism is a significant source of currency for this regime?

Another odd thing is the poster. Warmbier confessed that he tried to steal it but it is not clear if he said it under pressure. He said a lot that sounded odd. Reports say the poster contained this text: “Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism!” Warmbier said he stole it for the mother of a friend who wanted it as a souvenir to be hung on the wall of a Methodist church in his hometown of Wyoming, Ohio. 

Huh? What kind of people are the Methodists if they want North Korea’s propaganda hanging in their church? Not sure if they acknowledge or deny it, but good grief!

Also, isn’t that poster a promotion for North Korea? If they would slap someone with a financial fine for trying to take the poster, ok, that would be acceptable, but jailing him for 15 years and making him into a vegetable for nothing else but actually doing North Korea’s job of carrying their propaganda into the world… That is very suspicious.  

As you know, Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, another German poodle. They failed to raise humanity within North Korea’s current leader. How can they miss the characters of people? This is the first thing that teachers should try to better in students. 

Already in the Nazi time, Switzerland was not really neutral. Germany allowed them to be “neutral” for no other reasons but Jews banking their money and values in Switzerland and not in the USA so that Germany has again easy access to all that cash in Europe even of Jews who manage to escape. And how difficult did they make it for the surviving members of Jewish families to get to their values back!

A Munich appeals ruled that the Jewish paintings worth a Billion dollars stolen by German Nazis in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt should be given to a museum in Switzerland. Again, close to Germany so that they really don’t have to give it back as Germany runs Switzerland tightly. Hail ear-implants. 

 Be kissed my darling. You are wonderful. Courageous, one of a kind. You are the legend, Marty. Your willpower is not from this world. You are the Blue Mauritius in a world of worthless stickers. I love you, Marty. Take it from me who can read personalities. 

  If people would be just a bit like you, we would have heaven on Earth not the hell that we are having instead.

Yours forever,






Anything on Tony Ortega’s blog but the truth that Monique’s husband (and “Jack Vistaril”) are impostors, Marty – Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious Prince,

Tony “Skimmer”Ortega and his bunker (what an indicator as to who is “WE” on Ortega’s blog) published today a long article on Monique’s husband in which he again failed to reveal that Monique’s husband isn’t you, Marty. 

One just has to compare photographs to see that you and Monique’s husband are not the same person, just as “Jack Vistaril” was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, but a German/CIA double agent. Tony Ortega is obsessed with Scientology since approx. 1990, and he never compared photos? What a lousy reporter. But I strongly assume he knows of the impostors and hushes those up to mislead. Again, what a lousy reporter and person. And he has the guts to criticize Reuters for just skimming the surface. Wonder what’s Ortega’s justification is for skimming the surface on what’s really wrong: IMPOSTORS AND NON-SCIENTOLOGY INFILTRATORS AND GERMANY’S SECRET SERVICES BEHIND THIS! 

Monique’s husband a “warrior”? What warrior? He is an impostor.  

Monique’s husband and David Miscavige’s relationship is no mysterious to me. As neither DM or the Miscavologists (Squirrel busters, etc.) ever revealed that Monique’s husband was hired to impostor you, and as Monique’s husband never accused DM of having hired him to impostor you, the conclusion is easy: even during times in which Monique’s husband appeared to be DM’s main enemy, they NEVER STOPPED CONSPIRING TOGETHER AGAINST YOU AND ME, MARTY. Mike Rinder belongs into this plot as well. He knew from the start that the man who took over your job as Inspector General for Ethics around 1990 was not you but. They all left you behind, what a real Scientologist never would do.  

DM, Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others who participate in this conspiracy harm Scientology and us. For years they air dirty laundry about each other, and Scientology is blamed by the public. Exactly what Germany and the psychs behind this set up order.  

His Cobness might tell his Miscavologists: “I am not secretly working for Germany and psychs, etc… Schwarz is crazy…” But DM’s actions tell otherwise. He pays enemies of Scientology. After a possible deal with DM, your impostor wrote a brief posting “critical” of Germany (as worthless as a tiny footnote compared to what he did earlier) against Scientology. It smells like alibi. Actions count and his actions were clearly pro-Germany and anti-SCN by travelling there and actively supporting Germany. And DM supporting enemies of Scientology is also pro-Germany. 

Your impostor through the years: Non-Scientologist and hired by DM to take over your post in 1990 and to impostor you, then DM’s “enforcer”, then he blows, DM gets your impostor back and awards him with a cruise for blowing, then your impostor is again a Miscavologist until 2004 (according to others in the orgs doing no good at all and even being dangerous), and then he blows again and resurfaces in 2009 and claims on a blog to be an independent Scientologist. What a joke. He delivers his brand of auditing not to new people but wants org public or staff to leave the orgs and pay him instead. He makes his wife to a Scientologist, a Clear and what a “surprise”, briefly later, she isn’t a Scientologist either. He works officially with Germany together and travels there with Monique. He too claims that he is no longer a Scientologist. (As he ever was one!) He came up with “graduating SCN”, which sounded like a version of “deprogramming” to me. He wanted to write another book about this too, one against the founder and Scientology. As leaving Scientology is as easy as not more doing it, it was again unsuccessful and he announced failure on his blog. Later, he posted again positive about DM. And now it appears that he helped David Miscavige of all people in the legal arena. Sure, DM is and was all the time his co-conspirator and also sits on Scientology money.  

I strongly assume Mike Rinder would also settle for cash and support DM again, after all, they are all non-Scientologists, they never stopped conspiring against us, and they all have caused Scientology (and on top of the list David Miscavige) more harm than anyone else.

Case officers (non-Scientologists) hold the strings of robots and organize how they should react. Scientology was founded against such mechanisms.

It looks as if your impostor “settled” with DM (maybe a similar amount that Debbie Cook got or the 1.5 million Dollars that Leah Remini wants) instead of Monique to avoid paying the attorneys. If Monique’s former attorneys want to see cash, I guess they have to legally force access to the details of any possible deal. If there was a financial deal between DM and your impostor to make Mosey’s case go away, and it very much looks like it, DM might be in legal troubles here too.  

Let’s see if the attorneys allow themselves to be screwed financially for 1 million Dollar work that they claimed they have invested. Not that I think that the attorneys did anything great or good by taking Monique’s case or cases like this, but those who hired them must pay them, right? I am also sure that he made her file this case in the first place. I have seen footage that show that she does obedient whatever he orders. Would drive me nuts if someone would put a leach around my neck and tell me when I can breathe or not.

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are so different from them. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, Karen de la Carriere posted on Ortega’s blog today that she financially supported Monique’s husband in 2010 and 2011. And that he paid also his trips and that she gave him an AMEX Platinum card to use at will and he bought a computer system.  

In 2011, he worked officially together with Germany.

I assume that His Cobness is his “Spanish Angel” now and gave him a lot more than she did. I guess he had an ulterior motive making her leave Scientology… Supporting him! Karen apparently never applied Scientology, otherwise she would have seen it coming.






ABC’s 20/20 didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed a mixture of them to the public

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

I watched ABC’s 20/20 show. Just like other networks and TV stations ABC’s didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed pictures of those two very different individuals packed into one person to the public. Nobody making original research anymore?  That is why  people don’t get Scientology or other subjects and situations. Original investigative research is totally missing.


ABC named their show “A war without guns”. Doctors of the SEGNPMSS work since years on selling to the public that Scientology or Scientologists is/are violent by having their agents (incl. Miscavige) behave like the non-Scientologists that they are. They set up numerous such cases already, executed some, and I feel that the worst is yet to come as the world continues to allow that psychiatrists condition people (also not related to Scientology) and use non-Scientologists under cover as “Scientologists” to “run” Scientology.

Ms. Monique Yingling could benefit greatly from TRs to get control over her annoying blinking… She is no Scientologist and it shows. Hard to believe that she is working almost 3 decades for the orgs and doesn’t apply Scientology to her life. It is no surprise, however, as Miscavige is no Scientologist either. A man who accepts Scientology from German/CIA double agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril” and gives a damn about the real founder Ron or your suffering IS NO SCIENTOLOGIST! And Miscavige’s family, IQ, behavior, and actions also tell me that he is NO SCIENTOLOGIST. David Miscavige was raised by an anti-Semite and violent father. (Explains a lot but is no excuse for DM to be like he is.)  

And then there is Leah Remini. I don’t approve of anything she does, Marty. Including working with Mike Rinder who (together with David Miscavige) allowed your impostor Mosey’s husband (another non-Scientologist) to take over your position in Scientology so that nobody misses you and nobody helps you out of your wrongful incarceration.  He, DM, and the likes never applied the Code of Honor of a Scientologist “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble” because they are 100% non-Scientologists with small IQs and ethic levels like zoo inhabitants.  

 I see that Remini’s activities creates more hatred against Scientology and Scientologists but don’t solve any problems. From what she says, I can tell that she is clueless about what Scientology originally was. Germany and psychiatrists decided to change Scientology by sending agents under cover as Scientologists into the orgs. She also has no class. She is cheap and rude. And I don’t want her tonelevel for anything in the world. (Also shame on the infiltrated orgs and the CC that nobody made sure that she advanced while she was on org lines.)

When Dan Harris didn’t react as she wanted, she called him the worst cussword of the English language on public TV.  Her zoo behavior is considered “cool” by Tony Ortega and his stupid followers. She is exactly the kind of non-Scientologist who changed orgs from places of class, warmth, and helpfulness, into cold, unfriendly, and rude places. Her language and behavior fits a lot to that of David Miscavige. 

Non-Scientologists just dump their children in Scientology orgs and  leave them to psychiatric-altered books, -policies, -bulletins, and agents under cover as “Scientologists” don’t explain original Scientology to them. The results are Leah Reminis and other blind and fanatical Scientology attackers or such people who say nevertheless in the orgs and make them to worse places. Also the behavior between Leah Remini and Katie Holmes on org-lines was that of two non-Scientologists.

What did they do to my dad’s song, is what I am thinking, Marty. 

However, no upbringing is an excuse not finding out about original Scientology themselves. When we (you and I) returned to Scientology after Germany’s psychs stole our memories to original Scientology, Scientology was already “Vistarology” (the version of  German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”). However, we think for ourselves and were able to figure out the difference between original Scientology and the psychiatric secret service versions. That is nothing that for example Leah Remini or the likes can claim.  


Leah Remini gets profits from her book and is paid to beat up Scientology in her A&E TV show. And so is Mike Rinder as “paid consultant” of that crap. I say crap because they conceal that the problems within Scientology is not Scientology but the non-Scientology invasion of Scientology. Apparently people who can’t make a living without attacking Scientology.

However, Remini’s actions were triggered by DM’s behavior. He knew what a diva she was. He should have known that she would retaliate and attack Scientology if she can’t see his wife Michelle. But he doesn’t care as he isn’t a Scientologist. 

And Remini should have known that he doesn’t want her to talk to Michelle because of his withholds. This is what I think, Marty: DM didn’t want her to talk to Shelley because she could mention something  to Leah about him violating his marriage vows.  DM, his actions, decisions, lack of ethics, and those of his family members really created more bad PR and drama for Scientology than what anyone else ever created.  

I still wonder if Germany used RB to file a law suit against you accusing you of having harmed me (which you did not) and if His Cobness used this as justification not to help you as it would be “bad PR”. Isn’t that an irony? It would have never been bad PR because at no time in my life, I ever would have accused you or anyone else wrongfully. This case would have been out of the world right away with me testifying. And now look at the tons of bad PR that DM and his family created! What a hypocrite DM is. (Who also pays professional services to keep my blog as low in the search engines as possible and Monique’s husband tried to down it completely. What non-free speech advocates these two are!) 

And the ABC episode also mentioned Mosey’s husband, your impostor.  ABC 20/20 wondered why he was the main attacker of DM in earlier years and why his wife suddenly withdrew her case against DM and the orgs and his blog stopped going after DM, changing course, and going after others instead.

My thoughts: Your impostor put Mosey (Monique Rathbun Bank) up to file the case against DM and Scientology. He saw a cash cow and DM’s “Squirrel Busters” played right into his hands.

I think that attorney Leslie Hyman and other attorneys wrongfully assumed that Mosey is the driving force behind the lawsuit against the orgs and DM. However, I have seen footage that shows that she does anything he says. I never saw a woman more obedient than Mosey. Anti-Scientology forums or blogs as that of Ortega and the media failed to state that he is the one behind the case. That it is basically his and not her case. I assume that is why the attorneys who took her case got foxed. Not knowing or ignoring that your impostor is the driving force behind the legal actions against Scientology, Hyman didn’t take him seriously. I strongly assume that she told him that she doesn’t want to discuss the case with him but only with his wife. And this made him mad, incl. that it could take years to see cash and if they would see it, it wouldn’t be that much and that they have to pay the attorneys a huge chunk of it… And that’s why “Mosey” withdrew the case. Instead of her, DM, and your impostor “settled” instead. The anti-Scientology attorneys put in work for a million dollars and will not see a cent.  It should be a lesson to attorneys who take cases of those people who once infiltrated the orgs or their spouses.

Also in all these years of attacking each other in public, David Miscavige, your impostor Mosey’s husband, and Mike Rinder kept conspiratorial mum about your whereabouts, Marty. That is something all media outlets failed to report. And that is why anyone had to see it coming why DM and Mosey’s husband are “suddenly” again on the same page. Even during times were they appear/ed as bitter enemies, they (Rinder included) still conspire/d together. 

It all can be summed up with this short sentence: secret service agents and non-Scientologists. This is what the media missed for decades.

Sending you most tender and passionate kisses, Marty, my darling. I miss you, and I am looking forward seeing you this year. Keep on surviving.

Love forever,





Leah Remini’s and other attackers of Scientology monkey dance on the “disappearance” of Shelley Miscavige while you are really missing and replaced by an impostor!

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Dearest Marty, my spectacular soulmate, future (great!!!!) US president, and the most missed person in the universe, how are you? 

My thoughts are with you. It will never change. Even if my memories are stolen by p$ychs, I fall all over in love with you again. If they would have a bit of nous left, this would tell them something. We belong together, like the oceans to the coasts. It is written in our hands. We were born for each other and no lunatic psych, stupid supercomputer, and billions of obedient agents can change it. I wouldn’t mess with us if I would be them. Other than them getting a longer rap sheet, nothing changes between you and me.  

You are the most heavenly music to me, Marty. Whenever I think of you, I can hear the godlike music of your personality: Amazing, heavenly, harmonic, powerful, dazzling, dedicated, passionate, tender, moving…  

Speaking of music: This song is sung by Olga Szyrowa and played by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Marty. This song is performed so beautiful. I am sure you agree. (Except for the lyrics that Maria should pray for the sinners. Sinners should change their characters and not leaving the praying up to Maria, for crying out loud.) Here it the wonderful performance:   

Now to my headline, Marty: I bet the farm that Michelle Miscavige does no longer attend any public services at the side of His Cobness because His Cobness didn’t apply Scientology ethics and got himself one or more mistresses and Shelly found out. DM doesn’t want others to learn this from her, so he doesn’t invite Michelle to events with many people and doesn’t want Remini to meet her. And that is all there is, maybe also a legal contract with DM throwing cash at Michelle to make her keep her mouth shut about his infidelities.

Michelle married and supported DM for years. She knows too that David Miscavige got Scientology from German secret service and CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and that Monique’s husband isn’t you. It didn’t bother her before when she still was with him.

Remini and the likes are searching for people who are NOT missing, like Heber Jentzch and Shelley Miscavige, but they don’t look for those who are really missing, like you or Ron was, the real founder of Scientology, and replaced with impostors! Shame on them!

Whenever I read stuff from Scientology attackers, I think that it is such a monkey dance.  And so many media representatives and others are falling for their crap. What a shame. They don’t think for themselves. The truth is in plain sight. One just has to open ones eyes. But this is what they don’t do, or don’t want to do.

I am devoted to you, my darling. I never regretted having meet you and having fallen in love with you. I would do it all over again. It is as if I just saw you yesterday. This bond between us is so strong because all the timetrack up and down, we were part of each other’s life and loved each other truly. We literally are soulmates.

Many tender and passionate kisses,










I wouldn’t want Ron Miscavige as my father nor David Miscavige as my son

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince, how are you?

Both (Ron Miscavige senior and David Miscavige) function as desired by Germany and international psychiatrists: bad PR for Scientology. Both are no Scientologists and both are smearing Scientology with their behaviors. David Miscavige creates personal enemies (his former friends, executives, and family members) because he does not apply Scientology. His father doesn’t apply it either. He could have been an adviser to his son to be ethical but Ron Miscavige senior doesn’t apply Scientology ethics either, so both pulling are getting in troubles ethic-wise.

Although Scientologists should have the right as anyone else to choose who they want to be with, the “disconnection policy” (implemented by the founder’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” but later cancelled and then reinstated by DM and his secret case officers, the non-Scientologists behind DM) has problems written all over it.   

Ron Miscavige senior admitted on TV being no Scientologist. His father said that “power” corrupted his son, and he writes a mean book about his own son. What a “lovely dad”, but also what a “lovely son”. Both no Scientologists, but thanks that the SEGNPMSS has catapulted this dysfunctional family to the top of Scientology, Scientology is being blamed by the public on their behaviors.

Ron Miscavige is/was abusive to his former wife in front of DM and his siblings. His son David Miscavige is accused of being abusive by many. BEING VIOLENT IS NO PART OF SCIENTOLOGY WHATSOEVER. DM is a Miscavologist and no Scientologist. If he wants it or not, he IS his father. 

Ron Miscavige joined Scientology for the WRONG REASONS, to cure disease instead of studying our RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY. That is the reason we joined it, Marty.

I haven’t read Miscavige book, but here is an excerpt: DM helped his father out with a rape charge! When Ron Miscavige senior was living in King of Prussia, he was a suspect in an attempted-rape case. He called his son, and the next day the church’s attorney Michael Hertzberg showed up with a suitcase filled with cash for bail. Eventually, at the first hearing, the woman looked at Miscavige and said she wasn’t sure if he was the man who attempted to rape her, so the case was dismissed.

What I want to know is if DM used Scientology cash to make the woman say that or not.  

From the pictures that I have seen, Ron Miscavige had a good life at the INT base and because being the father of DM, he was rather treated as a spoiled celebrity. He was arc-broken because DM yelled at him for 55 minutes in front of others. DM is an idiot. Period. As I said, DM is no Scientologist and creates his own enemies.  

Leah Remini is another example. She wanted to be “on the cool table” and see Michelle Miscavige.  MM is no Scientologist in my eyes either, but what is the big deal letting these two women talk? Tells me that DM doesn’t want Michelle talk about his infidelity to Leah or others. That he avoids people to talk to Michelle shines the spotlight very much so on infidelity. Besides, Laurisse Stuckenbrock  had her hand possessive on the back of Miscavige in public in a way no woman touches her boss. Nobody gives himself better away than DM himself. Again, Scientology ethics, this time on the 2D, NOT applied by His Cobness.

Lisa Marie Presley is another person who allegedly choose Ron Miscavige senior’s side. Gee! Where are her eyes? I would choose none of them. Real and original Scientology is what you and I choose, and that is not applied by any of the Miscaviges.  

DM buys his non-Scientology father a house with 100.000 Dollars of Scientology money!

Ron Miscavige allegedly does not blame “Scientology” but the “organisation” and “the church”. His son “IS” the “organisation” and “the church”. What he does not say is that non-Scientologists and secret service agents (SEGNPMSS) are the men behind his son who allow him or put him up to behave in ways that they hope will destroy Scientology or alter it so much that it is a cash cow for Europe (Germany). According to my intuition, DM didn’t transfer the Sea Org reserves back to the USA after Scientology was declared as non-profit.

What do you think about my intuition and ability to make the correct conclusions? Like you, I don’t think flat but in layers and all dimensions. That is how I figure things out, and I do figure the things out. And I know you do too.

 I love you, Marty.  Be kissed my darling. In the non-Scientology world, even family members attack each other, but in the real Scientology world, in our world, we are true and loyal. No scandal and dirty love, only true love, truth, and decency. 

Yours forever and always,