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Lidar seems to be quick and cheap, yet, the USA is not scanned…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are things?

Thinking of you makes me happy, Marty. Just the thought that you exist is like ointments on wounds. I am very proud of you, and my love for you is eternal. No one can ever replace you in my heart. It is true that best what we can do is holding onto each other. You can live in my heart forever because you absolutely deserve it. Your awesome character is like beautiful music that accompanies me since I laid eyes on you. And the music doesn’t play when I look at an impostor.

I read that Lidar is cheap and fast. Yet, Lidar isn’t used to find hidden history and treasures in the USA, because the SEGNPMSS wants to keep the USA in any aspect down and uninteresting. However, I sense that there is much to be discovered scanning the USA.   

Lidar scanning was done in Cambodia, and they found more Angkor Wat structures. It was used in South American and they found 60.000 man-made Maya structures (and I don’t think it was the weather that made their residents disappear). It was used in Guatemala, and they found almost 17 roads leaving to El Mirado, a city. It was used in Honduras, and they found evidence of a lost city. They also used it in the UK, and found a lot more to the stone hedge. And in Canada, they found through Lidar structures at the Fort Cumberland National Historic Site, yet where are the US-American Lidar scans????

Lidar can be used from planes but also from the ground. It is as old as from the 1960s! And how little they did with this technology until now. 

The USA uses Lidar for military purposes and NASA uses it too, but European archaeologists are using it for archaeology. As it is a secret German world, Lidar is not used by US-American archaeologists to discover the true history of the USA   

US-American universities and US-American archaeologists are using LIDAR to discover structures in the world but the archaeology of the USA is neglected. What a shame.    

Here is an article in the Guardian.

M is in Italy and plans to travel to Canada soon and then the USA.  

Be kissed and embraced, Marty, I hope to see you soon against all odds.

Yours forever,




Ruins of gigantic ancient civilization found in Guatemala with LIDAR, and typically, the Grand Canyon and other interesting places in the USA are not scanned

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Dearest Marty, my handsome Prince and hero,

You came into my life and became it. And I am so glad that you did.

To my headline: This picture was allegedly made in the Grand Canyon.

I think it is typical for the SEGNPMSS to prevent big archaeological discoveries in the USA to make North America look less interesting and to prevent that tourists are spending money here. Hopi claim that their forefathers came from the underworld. I think this is a good reason alone to scan the underworld of the Grand Canyon and other sites in North America. Some Indian artifacts were found in the Grand Canyon but as far as I know no thermal scanning of the GC and its underground was ever made.  Thermal scanning was done to pyramids in Giza with surprising results. This kind of scan could be applied to the GC too, right?  

This is supposed to be another picture is from the GC:


There was this person named Kincaid who claimed according to a newspaper article published in Arizona in April of 1909 that he saw structures in the Grand Canyon, e.g. an “Underground Citadel”. Some say it was a hoax, many others believe there are structures and a history to know and that it is covered up. Having witnessed numerous cover-ups by officials myself, I bet that there are cover-ups. It is a secret German medical world, and they order what is for the disadvantage of the USA.

There was another horrible school shooting. Already the 19th of this year.  It happens in the USA more than in any other state because the SEGNPMSS hates the USA even more than any other country or state. And what do you think using a person by the name of Nikolas Cruz?? These psychs are selecting their people and conditioning them to kill. Easy for them because people are chipped, clueless, and ear- and body implants are a bigger secret than any huge archaeological discovery in the USA.  And as usually, the WH, Congress, the CIA, FBI, law enforcement, schools, and all others, fail. What else is “new”? Psychs think they win with the school shootings as numerous people demand more psychiatric influence “to control or treat violent or mental ill people”.

They are organizing the shootings AND they get more business and influence through them as people are in fear for their children and themselves.   

The right thing to so is however to spill the beans that psychs deliberately implanting and conditioning people into become monsters.  

And Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to meddle in U.S. elections and political processes. The world is chipped. The men behind Germany are trying to alienate Russia and the USA and if possible, wants them to engage in a war. The SPs behind Germany knew that these Russians would be busted before they set up the meddling. Similar as the SEGNPMSS sets up such situations in Scientology or with other entities or systems.  

Although Hillary Clinton is an ally of Germany and didn’t do anything to bust the SEGNPMSS so far, the men behind Germany preferred Donald Trump (maybe of his German blood or whatever) to win the Presidency.   

Russia must make sure that Germany can’t use it no longer. Germany held Russia down for decades with planting German agent Lenin and Marxism is Russia, another German system to control people and their freedoms.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated by SEGNPMSS-chipped people, but Russia does also Germany’s dirty work by barging in and trying to outlaw it. Instead of outlawing original Scientology, they should outlaw the still existing Nazis behind Germany.  As these are the world’s biggest problems.     

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


It is not a shocker that humans lived in North America 120,000 and 140,000 years ago but rather that people think that they didn’t

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This is one of the 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones and someone worked with tools at them: 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

I miss you. 

There is a lot of talk recently about Cerutti mastodon site.  In 1992 already, an excavator dug up large mastodon bone fragments in San Diego County. Those allegedly 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones shows evidence that humans were at them. Now they try to figure out what kind of humans those were and what made them disappear.

One question is: if the site was discovered already in 1992, why did it make big headlines only as late as 2017? I find it odd.

If humans were 200,000 years ago in Africa, why shouldn’t they be in the Americas too? Many are having the question how they got here 130,000 years ago as the Beringia land bridge wasn’t there to cross. Maybe they had ships. Or they really came from another planet. Or the same process of the creation of human bodies FROM SCRATCH took place in the Americas too. 

As far as the distinction of these early humans are concerned: SPs did it who else. They don’t discover. They persecute to kill. That is how they get to places. They can’t leave others in peace and follow them to kill them. SPs are most primitive in their goals.   

The SPs of the SEGNPMSS ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and auditing and created a bad reputation of both to make mainstream mistrust it. Otherwise, it could be used scientifically to reconstruct history as to who really was around and what really happened to the people. You and I and some others know for sure that we lived before this life. It is really something that “science” has failed to prove: past lives. It means that religion still knows more than science, despite the psychiatric propaganda against religion. Shame on scientists and their dilettantism and stupid ear-implants, which prevent independence and intelligence.  

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS knows where the sites are that show that history is incomplete and also partly improperly recorded. They have LIDAR and other sensory devices with which they scan the Earth. They use loud and silent sounds to prevent that archaeologists dig at the places where they can find the proof.

And remember how quickly the Army Corps of Engineers dumped tons of soil on the site where the Kennewick man was found? Typical ear-implants, typical SEGNPMSS. No, it was not to protect the rights of Indians. It was to cover up history. Germany used American agencies and courts as usually. Germany and the psychiatrists behind them, former barbers and butchers, never were on the side of American Indians. They controlled those Europeans and the US Army who killed them. Ear implants are old. They also conditioned some Indians into becoming bad. 

Actually, the intense reaction of the feds that made the Kennewick man site inaccessible with tons of soil speaks volumes of a cover up.  

Some white supremacists also claim that Kennewick man is not an American Indian. They want him to be German. If he would be German, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have ordered the feds to cover up the site on which he was found with tons of soil. They would claim that Germans discovered America. Guaranteed. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians, and how important it is for them to be admired, despite that there is nothing that can be admired.       

American Indians are losing too on a planet that is based on lies and misinformation. To me (and numerous Indians), American Indians are much more than they are getting credit for. They could be very well one of the Lost Tribe of Israel. And not just that. I think they were around when pyramids were built as the teepee building style indicates that to me. However, I believe that they could not build permanent pyramids and had to be on the go as they were persecuted and we know by who. 

Some might say that building teepees in this pyramid style is simply the fastest way to build temporary housing. Except that there are tons of other ways to build temporary shelter but teepees.

I believe that some Indians might fear that the feds will cut off their assistance programs if recording of history is changed. Fact is that they were here before the Europeans took their lands and killed them and that they have a right to live good lives and in peace. However, nobody lives a good life on the unprotected surface on the Earth with the SEGNPMSS wearing minds and bodies down in an average of 75 years and often shorter.

Everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS, including Germans and Bavarians. And the top SEGNPMSS mind-controllers are losing too. They are killing each other off too. 100% beyond any doubt. They are living physically in paradise-like conditions but constantly have to look over their shoulders not being murdered by fellow colleague and co-conspirators. This and riddled by their bad consciences, they are no happy people. So, who says there is no justice?

These killed SPs (former SEGNPMSS top psychs) are then planted back on Earth where they are born again and have to suffer like their former victims. What these fools haven’t learned is that in order to prevent stepping into their own traps is removing all the traps for others.  

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. You rock. I know because we are spiritually connected.  











Cyberspace archeology

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and hero,

How are you?

I found an interesting cyberspace archaeology site online:

Created by Sarah Parcak, an American “space archaeologist” who discovered in 2011 the street plan Tanis in Egypt.

Globalxplorer allows space archaeologists (anyone with a computer) to screen landscapes as to looting sites. Quite interesting but not always easy to see. One really has to know what one is looking for. 

Also, in a world in which people have ear-implants, a consensus of “nothing there” could be wrong too. 

Would be great to be able to use Lidar from one’s computer as one can see what’s underneath of the surface. I read somewhere that only about 5% of archaeological subjects of the world are yet discovered. Some seems in plain sight and nobody talks about it as huge structures in Giza, Cambodia, Peru, and Petra, etc.

Many people think that history and archaeology is just about dead people or maybe “cultural inheritance”. We Scientologists know that we were there physically in past lives. Not at all places at the same time of course, but at many. For us history and archaeology is particularly interesting. It is not about a bunch of dead people. It is about us.

I also still wonder why numerous portions of the world and seas on Google Earth have pixels on top. As if someone wants to hide something or a lot. As I wrote before, I tried to take an in-depth look into the Great Salt Lake and the Google pixels won’t let me.

I  miss you so much. Wish I could do some cyberspace archaeology with you, Marty.

Be kissed and embraced.