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I was never Catholic but Catholic Church deducted money from my pay check in Germany. Despite I asked them to reimburse me, they never did.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful hero,

How are you? I miss you so much. Thanksgiving is near. I am invited  to a party but if you are wrongfully incarcerated, you can’t celebrate with your family. I am so sorry! 

I read all this stuff about reg cycles in the C of S.  Scientologists can say no to any reg cycle. I did so in the past when I was asked for cash that I didn’t want to spent for what I was regged for. A real Scientologist can hold her position quite easily and  effectively. Those who donated allegedly against their will either never applied Scientology (gee, with good TRs, KRC and ARC, one can tell a reg to ask somebody else of the 7 Billion people on this planet for a donation and not always the same folks) or they once have given it willingly. I really find it odd to donate and then ask for money back. I donated money to the IAS and didn’t ask it back, despite, in our case, the IAS didn’t keep its mission promise to unite Scientologists.

People should make their mind up BEFORE they donate. There are lots of people who also are giving lots of cash to other churches, e.g. the LDS church or the Catholic church, the Lutheran church. I don’t know how intensively their members are asked for, but these churches are getting cash too. In Germany, the Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church are asking for donations AND in addition take money  from the pay check in form of taxes. I never was Catholic and not just the Lutheran Church, the Catholic Church took taxes from me and when I complained, don’t think that I got a refund.  

It should be also known that the C of S Germany paid to the Catholic and Lutheran churches taxes for those staff members that didn’t resign from these churches. While on staff in the C of S, I  was never asked to resign “my membership” in the Lutheran Church. I was still was a “member” of that church while being the President of C of S Germany and despite Lutheran priests as  Friedrich Wilhelm Haack and others made my personal life so miserable. I didn’t stay a member because I  ever felt like a Lutheran but because I didn’t have the time to resign, and they also want money from you if you resign, and you have to fill out their freaking forms. You have to pay money to leave a Christian church in Germany. I never wanted to be Lutheran but they claim you as a kid and ask you in tender age of 14  to confirm your belief. If you say no, Lutheran parents will simply order you to confirm your “belief” or else. As if a 14-year-old kid could walk away! 

Yes, I do believe that the C of S does not follow the original financial policies by the real L. Ron Hubbard. Ron knew that in order to survive in this world, Scientology needs a good organization and finances to keep it run. But he was never asked for anything excessive. His impostor maybe.

Another issue is on my mind, Marty. The fact that not just Ron’s impostor and others altered Scientology through the decades but that David Miscavige accepts stuff that was found in a garage, material that allegedly belonged to L. Ron Hubbard. I am sure it is stuff from the impostor. P$ychs would never allow that material of the real Ron is being found. If it would be really Ron’s material, ANYBODY could have added forgeries to that material in the garage. David Miscavige indicated that the material was never in order and not in sequence and that his people have to do all this. This  tells me too that this stuff is not original Scientology. The real Ron was organized in any pen stroke that he made. He did things in sequence.

In a way, it really turns into Church of Miscavology and that is no church in which I am at home. Those vaults don’t protect real Scientology. But I know where I can find it: with the CIA and other US secret services while they had Ron (the real one) under “protective” surveillance. Another way to find it would be to find the real Ron, but again  Church of Miscavology thinks this is not possible (or they don’t want him back). Wogs! Pardon my French but wogs they are. If Sue Wilhere indeed said that David Miscavige *is* Scientology, it says it all. The guy accepts Scientology from an impostor and does not inform the authorities that the original is missing or was killed. The guy works for decades with your impostor and does not let me know where you are. What is ethical about this? What is Scientological about this? What is admirable about this? Freaking nothing! 

Marty, there was still no mail, message, letter, note, call, telegram, fax, subpoena, anything by you or on your behalf for me, because the SEGNPMSS conspiracy does not let anything through to me but I keep on loving you. Third party and disconnection won’t work.

Many devoted kisses, my sweetheart. I am thankful that you exist, Marty, the real you, nobody else instead of you.