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Knowledge Reports are routine in the professional world – it has nothing to do with snitching – only unprofessional entities are not using them

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I was pretty busy last week, but here I am again. I am thinking of you and miss you terribly.

I noticed that psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology are calling writing of knowledge reports “snitch culture”. This is a clear indicator that these psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology do not participate in the professional world. Just about any professional institution demands from its employees to write knowledge reports.

Of course, a knowledge report must contain the truth and be done in good faith but most professional institution prefer a knowledge report even if an employee doubts that he/she is right. They want the knowledge report first and sort out the facts and who did wrong or not wrong later. In the professional world, institutions or companies may FIRE a person who failed to write a knowledge report or demand payment of financial penalties from her.

Calling a knowledge report “snitching” just shows that these haters of Scientology come from a very unprofessional world. I do not defend DM’s reign in any shape or form, I wish a real Scientology management for Scientology, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published about that those Scientology haters are people involved in incestuous pedophilia and prostitution, etc. ring true to me. What a bad, dirty world it is.

Any professional will shake her head when reading that writing of knowledge reports is called snitch culture by Scientology-haters. If that would be true, all professional institutions and companies who have a Code of Conduct, are guilty of “snitching”.

Actually, most international institutions and companies started to introduce Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics and knowledge reports in recent times. Ron (the real founder) was ahead of the times by having those implemented into Scientology from the start. It is not his fault that secret services, their psychiatrists, and Germany above everything infiltrated Scientology and changed it.     

It can be such a cruel world, but love, the way we love, makes it worthwhile, Marty. The thought of you really brightens my day. There is you, the most wonderful man who I know. Honor and ethics is not just words to you. You live them and it shines through you to the outside, same as bad deeds by others can be seen on their outside. I can see it and so can you and some others.

I think love has not much meaning to people who don’t experience it as we do. There are two people who recognized the good inside of them and who are dedicated to be good and true and help the other person as much as possible. It is not you and me. In a way, such two people love each other as if they would be one.

For example, if I would do something wrong by you, Marty, I would consider this done wrong to MYSELF. And why would I do something wrong to myself? Exactly, my soulmate. Yes, we are Scientologists, and people should ask themselves that if Scientology produces people with this capability to love, be true and move mountains for the right reasons, that there is a lot more to this applied philosophy as they assume and were made to believe.

Many people believe that love is just a little bit of chemistry in the beginning and then becomes a drag and often results in monotony or divorce. You and I know that the reasons are OWs and lack of creation and taking the other person for granted. I like the feeling of eternal butterflies and excitement that comes with romance and love so much that I will do all in my power to keep this and not have it overcome by OWs, lack of creation or taking you for granted. Even when we should be married and physically together for thousands of years, nothing should become routine, it all should be always as special and romantic as it was at the start. And I can’t wait for us to continue our journey that we already began when we are teenagers.

I simply and plain love you, Marty. There is no other explanation for these feelings that I am having and which are not changing.

Yours for all eternity,



Tony Ortega and his supporters are pigs by deliberately withholding that “Jack Vistaril” was a secret service agent and not the founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty,

Ortega makes my stomach turn.

His hate blog beats up on Scientology and Ron every day, and he keeps from his readers since years that the husband of Sara, Polly, Margaret, Mary Sue, and the lover of Barbara Klowden, etc. was not Ron the founder but the German/CIA double agent who on psychiatric-orders altered Dianetics and Scientology into a cult.

“Jack Vistaril” wasn’t the only one who impostored Ron long before he ever published anything on Dianetics or Scientology. Ortega never mentioned that there are “Butlers” and others who said that there are at least three different versions of Dianetics and Scientology and that there were at least three different lookalikes with different personalities, heights and shoe sizes who all claimed to be L. Ron Hubbard and issued papers or tapes.

The real founder was not one of them as he didn’t have any butler.

Ortega’s blog or book does not serve the truth. They are pieces of hate propaganda. Tells me who cultists Ortega’s and his supporters secret masters are.

Shame on them. Truth is worth nothing to them. Hatred, Schadenfreude, spin, defamation, and twisting of truth is what one gets from them. They have zero conscience.

But as I wrote before, he and his supporters can’t fool anyone really bright. They just can fool fools.

I love you, Marty, I will be soon back.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 12, 2015 at 2:34 am

More than meets the eyes…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

I was wondering how much philosophy students learn about the universe as such but it seems that they don’t learn much about it. Like those who studied physics, philosophy students failed to figure out as well that the deep space universe is a computer projection trying to prevent the world to see the real universe behind that fake one.

Some of the stuff that philosophy students are studying is: how can I be sure that I don’t dream at this moment? Sounds more like psychiatry or psychology crap to me, or maybe that is the part of “physics” that is shared with “philosophy” as some physicists doubt their own existence after they discovered that the universe is a hologram instead of drawing the right conclusion: we are real, the hologram is fake.

What a waste of tuition:  “How can I be sure that I don’t dream at this moment?” All they have to do is to pinch themselves to figure that out.

The large majority of people who majored in philosophy and physics are atheists. Actually, most “scientists” in any field are allegedly atheists, and an explosion of great magnitude out of nowhere makes more sense to them than am always existing spiritual creator.

On the other side, having spiritual powers is completely attractive to people. In books, on the small and the big screen, you’ll read and see the hunger for spiritual abilities. The heroes can do things with their minds. People want to be more than meat, bones, blood and nerves. They want to do more than they can do now. They want to be more than they are now, particularly on a spiritual level, otherwise stories or movies or TV series with such subjects wouldn’t be so attractive to them.

I am saying this: if a human being is no longer crippled by silent psychiatric sounds played into its subconscious mind (underneath the tinnitus/ring tone in its ears), it could figure some of its real abilities. And once it figured that, the conclusion to that the universe was not created by explosions or smashing of particles but one very able and intelligent creation is no longer far fetched.


Original Scientology included getting rid of silent sounds. It was removed from the psychiatric/medical controlled infiltration of Scientology.

I know you figured that too already a long time ago, but SPs don’t want us to reach mainstream with this info. Typical: slaves is all they want.

Be kissed, my darling. I love you.

Yours always and forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

May 2, 2015 at 4:33 am

People who love are the better Sea Org members….

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Marty, my dashing prince and wonderful soulmate,

I wish I could post my exact whereabouts and all that I do in this blog for you but my stalkers are lurking and I have to be carefully not to show them the way. I don’t want to meet some obsessed people with chainsaws in their hands. I have met enough crazy and obsessed people in my life. RB and her psychs, the German government, the SEGNPMSS, all obsessed insane stalkers.

Everything looks beautiful here, covered under a thick white layer of snow, looks clean and innocent with the sun sparkling over it – but there is just one safe and smart way of  living for anyone who has a body, in one of those underwater habitats that your family maintains, Marty. I wish we never had left this place. I wish I never would have been kidnapped. It is basically paradise lost – because paradise is a place on Earth.

It is you who I miss. It is you who I want to be with. Without you, the planet would just a grey ball and a pain in the neck for me. I am really thankful that you exist, Marty, and my love will be always there for you.

Saw a message by Anonymous saying that they want to stop Volunteer Ministers in Haiti. This is disgusting. These poor people need any help they can get and they have no money to give but rather need it. Instead of attacking the C of S when it does right, they should go down to Haiti and lend a hand than being a harassing evil psych front group.

I say since many years that the C of S is infiltrated because when I was President of the C of S Germany, I sure ran into them and I saw them also in international orgs. There are also celebrity infiltrators. I learned that Ian Halperin infiltrated a Celebrity Center, and he is not the only one. Apparently, he learned posing as a gay actor wanting to be “cured of  homosexuality”. As you know, Scientology does not work for infiltrators because they do not apply the wisdom. If people don’t want to truly better them and are in SCN for low and false reasons, they are wasting their time and money.

Scientology does not “cure” homosexuality. It opens the eyes as to why people are homosexuals and people understand what is going on and make any changes they see fit. They had bodies of the other gender in former lives. The SEGNPMSS tricked them into bodies of the opposite gender and then people feeling attracted by their own gender. Ron figured it out, you figured it out, I figured it out. The only people not figuring things out are those with heavy crimes in past lives. They don’t want to be remembered that they lived before, so they deny the fact of past lives. Dummies.  Cowards.  IDIOTS! How can people be so blind and clueless?

You were always a man, I was always a woman, so we don’t have that problem of feeling attracted by our own gender. There is no confusion with us. I wouldn’t be an attractive man, Marty.

Lol! I probably would look like Prince or Charlie Chaplin.  Small funny little man. Well, it never will happen. I don’t mess around and pick up different gender bodies. Just as with giving my line, I have a one-track mind, thankfully. I rather stay what I am.

Check this out, Marty, I find it rather ridiculous that more people believe in hell in the USA than in reincarnation – if this survey is correct. It means that today’s Christianity doesn’t make people smarter because earth IS hell. They just have to make a survey among the people in Haiti and other places and old people who suffer in their bodies.

I don’t know how reliable the Krishna org statistic about this is but they did a survey on it in the USA:

The number they came up with seems also just around 25%.

People have no clue that the SEGNPMSS run and influence their subconscious minds with tapes from a supercomputer

who bars any easy access to past live memory but Ron figured it out and developed technology to remember despite the supercomputer. Too bad that also these processes were altered and there are people who attest to Clear and OT who never run a pastlife because the auditor and the C/S are non-Scientologists too.

And Marty, I saw below screenshot on the web.

Somebody by the name of Ronald Thomas Miscavige with a bad driver record uses many different names. It seems that this man is DM’s father. Isn’t it weird that he uses these many names? Isn’t it a sign of Miscavige cover ups?

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

My point is: what are the odds that this man is an infiltrator and never understood Scientology and ethics and that he therefore was not able to be an example of a Scientologists to his offsprings but that one of them took Scientology over and leads it the non-L. Ron Hubbard way?

Once again, those who believe that DM is pro-Scientology as he builds or buys one piece of real estate for Scientology after the other should think again. Besides becoming REAL OTs, Ron opposed aging and the constant change of bodies. Yes, people lived before and people are being born again but the in-between-life is full of SEGNPMSS traps. The SEGNPMSS supercomputer works also on thetans without bodies and manipulates them and thetans are even destroyed.

Ron approved of the way your family lives, Marty, in habitats that are environmentally completely safe. Top SEGNPMSS case officers stole this way of living from us and Scientology. They do not age. They can live forever and remain fit and young. No, I don’t mean fit people who are 100 and look 80. I mean 500-year old people who look 20. But inside, they are Dorian Grays. Having committed so many high crimes that they go nuts and nuttier.

As you know, Marty, ethics is a must if somebody wants to survive. You were the real Inspector General of Ethics. You knew the meaning of it.

If somebody infiltrated Scientology and aged, he has to blame just himself because if you and me would be back in Scientology and if Ron would be back, Scientologists would live in surroundings were they physically will not age a day from the day they entered and where they would have a chance of becoming really OTs.

Keeping us out is so self-destructive for anybody.

Nothing that I post will be news for you, Marty, I know that you know all that I know. You figured it all out before I did. I am so proud of you, my hero.

Marty, there was a dummy in Munich who told me that people who have a strong feeling for the 2nd Dynamic would not be the ideal Sea Org member. What an idiot! As more as one loves as more one wants to create a better world – not just for him/herself but also for those who the person loves. As more one loves as less one sits on his/her hands and allows the the SEGNPMSS to destroy it all. As more as one loves as less one wants to see a love person destroyed and not-protected in all meaning of the words. People who make such remarks are really clueless robots.

The real Ron had a very strong sense of the 2nd Dynamic and look at his legacy on any dynamic. He was a great lover to his only wife and the best father in the universe.

And I am proud that you are so much like him, Marty. (But you are also a lot like your great Dad.)

Yours always,

Kisses from morning to night.


Ron said: Clean hands make a happy life! (And as if this would be not totally true.)

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My beloved prince Marty,

Do you like ethic music? Depend which one, right? I like a lot of ethnic music and it proved to me,  the way that I am drawn to it must be the  time track and that we lived there before. Bavarian music (although I lived in Bavaria for man years) leaves me on the other hand completely cold. Okay, making their music and dancing their dances is not the worst they did  but there is no spark whatsoever from their music to me. I remember that as a kid, I was standing there and heard that music and saw them dancing and already then, I had nothing in common with them. My feet did not move, my hips did not rock, my body did not swing and I had no feeling except: when is that finally over?

German psychs should learn never to kidnap a smart kid and shovel it in their own country as it will not be like them. They are such idiots, I probably would have adopted better in any other country but their own.

But other ethnic music does reach me. I like Fado a lot. It is full of passion. Listen to how much feeling the singer puts in this song.

Now compare passionate Fado with this music  that has no passion as of no blood but beer runs through their veins:

No wonder that I fled their country, right? Lol.

How are you today, Marty? Thinking of you and wishing that you life is bearable until you come free. Those who conspire against you might have the wish to be insouciant but they surely are not. They fear the day you come back from your wrongful incarceration, Marty and that you will reveal the truth and nothing but the truth. And as Ron found out, what  they will fear most will come to get ’em.

They say that they apply Ron’s research to their lives but in reality they don’t, otherwise they would know that clean hands make a happy life.

I am in the process shaking the ARS entheta off again. It is really better to ignore this group. It is a distraction and waste of time just like WWP. I learned that Michelle Ryan aka “Emma” aka Michelle Wilson or whatever her name is now of Ex-Scientologists message board deletes threads on me, not because she is a decent human being but she noticed that there will be many postings by me in response to the libel and defamation. As she tries to avoid it, there is not much coming from this corner that concerns me except the libel and defamation on Ron and you and you both being mixed up with doppelgangers.

Mr. Texas wrote on his blog that “the declaration of LRH was drafted by attorneys whom he never met in person nor even talked to. DM hired, ran, and paid them. He worked on the declaration himself”.  I think that is indeed pretty much what happened except – that Ron never signed it but the doppelganger and that DM knew that the man who signed it would be the doppelganger and not Ron, the founder.

DM, his supporter just as the socalled Scientologists in the Freezone and in the independent zone cover up that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that L. Ron Hubbard is being blamed on what the impostor did.

Evidently, your doppelganger, Mr. Texas became the opinion leader of the “Independent movement” but being a doppelganger himself, he will be the last person who will admit that there was also a doppelganger for Ron, the founder of Scientology.

Actually, Mr. Texas would be the best candidate to blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS doppelganger business as he can prove easily that he is not you and was hired to take your position in SCN to mislead me, Scientologists, and the public as to that you are wrongfully incarcerated.

Showing the eerie similarity between his own photos and your photos as younger men but pointing out that you are two different persons would open even the eyes of not the brightest crayons in the box as to that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that he is blamed on what his impostor did.

I am thinking of any advantages that Mr. Texas could have still claiming that he is you, the original Marty while he is not. If he made a contract with DM or Mike Rinder, such a contract would be moot. A contract that is based to mislead, cover up and conspire is not lawful. Blowing the whistle on such a contract would not be a violation of the law but keeping it a secret would be. If he would be in doubt as to that he would be liable of having to pay lots of damages to DM or C of S if he would reveal to the world the SEGNPMSS doppelganger business in SCN, he always could go to a district attorney or an attorney and ask for advice. They will urge him to come clean on this because  intention to deceive behind this doppelganger business is serious violation against federal and state laws.

This should remove any consideration as to that DM or the C of S could come legally after him. So, what else is left?

He was at least 20 years in the SO under DM. If he would say that he is not you,  the original Marty, this would not take away from his own experiences that he made, and therefore, thinking that his friends or supporters would not listen anymore to him is moot too.

Mr. Texas married again. His decision to keep the falsehood up that he is you, the original Marty can’t be based on wanting to win my heart because otherwise he would not have married another woman.

So, he would have the law on his side if he would confess, he got his wife, he got his many years of experiences under DM, he got his friends, he is an opinion leader, he could help to restore original Scientology by making Scientologists sensitive to that an impostor left his handwriting also in policies and bulletins – but he is not doing it. Why? What does he has to gain by not telling that he is not you? What is holding him back?

Not DM taking a swing at him is the story that will change things  but the facts of doppelganger business. Mr. Texas probably would still have a change getting out of this mess without too many problems because it is always better to confess in time than being convicted one day.

Same goes for Mike Rinder who posts on Mr. Texas’ blog. I think upon order of DM, he once found and hired Mr. Texas to take your position within the C of S, Marty. Mike Rinder writes about the law of third party that the real Ron correctly discovered and defined but he does not tell who is behind DM. Mike Rinder and Mr. Texas could go together to the authorities and state that DM (and the men behind him) ordered him to hire Mr. Texas as doppelganger for you to conceal your wrongful incarceration. Also for Mike Rinder (like for anybody else involved) confessing when it is time is a lot better than being convicted by an authority one day.

As more time goes by as more problematic for them to get out of the mess of cover ups and conspiracies.

Mr. Texas’ and your story is very similar to Ron’s and his doppelganger’s story. And yes, the CIA as SEGNPMSS poodle is very much involved. Finding just doppelganger was not good enough for them. THEY USE DOPPELGANGERS THAT HAVE INDEED THE LEGAL NAMES THAT THE CIA GAVE RON AND YOU FOR PROTECTION OF NAZIS. The reason why Ron got the name L. Ron Hubbard and you got the name Mark Charles Rathbun is because the CIA,  A SEGNPMSS INFILTRATED  AGENCY KNEW THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS LOOK SO MUCH LIKE RON OR YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE WILL MISTAKE THE DOPPELGANGER FOR THE ORIGINALS.

The perfect plan? Well, almost, except that arrogant SEGNPMSS officers underestimated the sharp mind of a daughter an a woman in love. Ron knew why he wanted me as a daughter. He knew that I am a part of his legacy. He knew that I have it in me to puzzle anything together there is. Although that I was clueless when I saw you the last time and the SEGNPMSS didn’t allow you to fill me in under threat that if you would, they would kill me, you knew I have it in me to figure it all out.

You and I belong to Ron’s legacy. We are a part of  his huge postulate. All we have to do is to get back together and this will be the end of the infiltration and the new start of original Scientology.

Just as we are watched and filmed 24 hours per day since the day we took our first breath with this body and even taking our last breath with the past life bodies, they filmed Ron and the impostor. Of course we will get Ron back, and he might want to correct any SEGNPMSS crap that infiltrated Scientology. Based on this footage (Ron being filmed all his life) could assist Rom to  restore absolutely original Dianetics and Scientology without that he has to research/write it all again from scratch.

It would be the most interesting study ever to compare step by step what Ron’s actual writings and lectures and also fiction was and what actually the impostor and his secret masters, the SEGNPMSS altered to prevent mankind come free from all traps. What they removed will be most important to the survival of anyone.

Apparently, the most significant changes happened with the OT levels and the way of living that Ron envisioned and laid out to protect also the youth and health of Scientologists.

Ron found anything out between life and death. To think that he didn’t figure out how to prevent aging and getting sick and dying is idiotic. He was so much better than even so many so-called Scientologists think.

I finish for today, Marty and postulate that it will be soon when I am back with you.

Yours in this and any other lifetime you want me in,



P.S. I just had to throw avocados out. I like them a lot. Outside, they looked just perfect an inside they were brown. Yuck. Would never happen if they would be grown in out underwater habitat, Marty.

I bet a Trillion Dollar, 45 Euro and one shiny penny that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was NEVER set a foot on the Apollo but his impostor did.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thanks for being you. Nobody is like you. You are the most unique man ever, and I never give up on you unless you want me to.  If you would want you freedom from me, I would accept it. If you would tell me that you want a life without you, I would let you go because your wishes and happiness would be more important to me than anything.

(But forgeries by lawless Neal Warren in your name do not count, and they are actionable in court.)

Although, I know that you don’t want me to leave you and that you love me the way I love you, Marty. But just for the sake of principles, I would never try to force myself upon you as Warren or other stalkers try it with me. If a person pursues another person against her wishes, it is called stalking. And instead of being loved, they are being despised by their victims.

Anything that comes from that man is painful and hurts. You know how to deal with a delicate woman, he knows how to feed pigs. What a difference. This Warren ape thinks he can barge in here and take what is not his. The reason why you are being loved and not he is because you are as decent as God himself while he is nothing but a remote controlled primitive SEGNPMSS slime bucket.

You will come home, Marty, I’ll never let you down. No one can stop or bribe me or shutter me in leaving you. I will witness the truth that you never harmed me in anyway. I want to see you free and happy.

We both are lucky that we found each other and that we are OTs and know what it up with the other person and lucky that we can communicate without words and are connected in this strong way.

You can hear me and I am talking to you…

Sooner or later, you will find this Blog or a member of your family will find it and make it available to you, wherever you are. And your and my defamers and stalkers know this and this is why they are so desperate and hurtful. Jealousy must feel real bad. I never felt jealousy. You are the most interesting and handsome man on earth, Marty. All kinds of women will be after you. But I am not jealous, simply because I know that you know that there is nobody else like me. Just as I know that there is nobody else like you. You will not throw away a the Blue Mauritius for a regular stamp. And never will I.

Despite the snowy and icy conditions, I biked to town today. My neighbors are always glad to hear from me but I prefer not to ask them too many times for anything as a ride in town because some of them want to me to join their churches. And I don’t want any new church.

In spring, summer, and fall it, is a breeze to bike here but in winter, it is a whole new ball game. The area in which I live is not flat and dry like in a country were any old corrupt and dumb men can bike 10 miles in 20 minutes but they never could get up a steep hill on a bike. Here is all up and down hills. In summer, it is fun speeding up but in winter, the bike often turns into a sled and speeding on ice and in snow does not work because the wheels do not grip but run on empty. Also, I blow some of my money in stores and don’t hurry home once I am in those stores. Why should I not spent hours in stores? That store time is included in the 5 hours 10 miles ride. I pack a lot of stuff on my bike on my way back. It is sometimes like I have the weight on a heavy kid on the backside of my bike. But it is okay, I always feel good when I come back as it really keeps me fit and strong.

But I rather would dance with you in our village, Marty or swim with you in our pool. I am so glad you are not an abuser or stalker, my prince and that you know how to treat a woman. Because of your fine manners, your tender and Godlike character, I fell eternity in love with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being a gorilla. Just a retard can think that he can have what is yours.

Being an abusive liar, forger and provoker never is a key to my heart. It is your uptoneness, clean character and me being able to see were you are on the tonescale and our past together that made fall so passionately for you again. Nobody can or will ever take ever your place. Anybody trying to take your place just makes to be a fool. You are simply the best, Marty.

I really want to restore the peacefulness of this blog. It felt so good when it seemed  just you and I were here. The last I want is giving my insane stalkers another forum where they can upload their obsessions and insanities. One can conclude from Shirley Jean Wilson postings and that she always responds to him that she is interested in Neal Warren. She likes his photo, on which he cowardly covers his 1.1 eyes and perversions behind glasses. He looks exactly like the revolting slime ball that he is. Appalling. If he and his case officers want a virgin, they can make Shirley to their helpmate. She bore some children approx. 100 years ago and that classifies almost as a virgin.  I hope with all my heart that these defamers and stalkers pair among each other  and leave you and me alone.

They are cultures.

I met a lot nicer men than Warren who have a lot better manners than he has and who are also a lot smarter. As even these men did not capture my heart, what makes that pice of perverted dirt think he can? Warren is alone because nobody except Shirley Wilson would consider him. I CHOOSE to be alone because I don’t want any other man than you because you are a God.  Without you, I am a lot better off alone than being raped by an ape.  That passion that you read in my postings works with you. It does not work on any other man.

(So, anybody else reading this, accept and get out of this blog: FAST! I don’t want to hear and see anything of you!)

There is no doubt that I love would nothing more than being with you, Marty,  but if I can’t, this life that I chose is the best alternative if the SEGNPMSS does not want us and I manage just fine.  If I would die without having ever been back together with you, I would still be proud of myself and would not feel that I have wasted my life. I am not meant to spent my life with any primitive man. Not even with a nice man. Only with you. My stalkers should accept my choosen way of life and mind their own business.  There desperation is appalling.

I have organized my life that if I never should see you again, Marty (because the SEGNPMSS does not let us back together) that I nevertheless can maintain my life ALONE until the day I’ll drop my body. I have family and that means that I am not alone but even if they would not be, I still would be able to have all that is necessary to maintain my life until I die. Thanks to something that I learned through Scientology technology, I became absolutely independent. Who says that being on staff was a waste of time. It was not.

In other word, Warren’s idiotic postings that I would need him (or any other man) when I get old is garbage as it does not apply to me. It is his problem. I organized my life that I never will depend on anybody’s help.  So, if Warren feels he is getting old, he just has to organize his life that he does not need a helpmate and that will hopefully end his desperation.

If I want company, I just have to reach out. I know much nicer people than Warren and other abusive dogs from the natter board. These are the last people that I ever need or ever want to reach. They seem to need me but I don’t need them.

There are nuns that devote their life to Jesus. They are not defames as mentally ill just because they don’t allow men to take advantage of their bodies. Their ways of life is accepted and so should mine.

As you are a God, I can devote my life to you, my Adonis. Loved by the Goddesses. No wonder….

And I am looking to find a way that Warren won’t be able to access this Blog anymore but it seems there is no fast solution. I don’t want him and his case officers to read my writings about my love and passion because they are insane and they creep me out. But on the other side, I don’t want to give up posting these postings to you just because of the slime that is stalking me.

Let’s go back to our own matters and to Scientology.

I am sure that you know all that I know, Marty, because, we are real OTs unlike these infiltrator weasels who don’t know anything despite they weaseled themselves up the OT levels without learning or applying a thing.

Ron is blamed on what his impostor did on the Apollo just as you are blamed on what your doppelganger did and does. Ron, you, and I, and many Scientologists were sailing with Ron but the vessel wasn’t the Apollo. While the impostor was sailing with infiltrators and idiots (who believed that he is L. Ron Hubbard or at least acted that they would believe it) on the Apollo, the real Ron was with us in the UK and in other countries and later sailed with us on a different vessel.


What the C of S adopted also “tech” that was by the impostor, an altered version of Scientology that the SEGNPMSS impostor applied. They also took over the abuse by the impostor.

Below document in the name of L. Ron Hubbard is not a document of the real Ron, the founder of Scientology. Jack Vistaril, his doppelganger forge Ron’s name under that document. I bet that NOTHING in this document is per wishes of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. And for all those who are involved in this: I don’t want to be in your shoes when the motivator will hit you and when you will pull in what you deserve.



I, L. RON HUBBARD, declare and say:

1. I am the L. Ron Hubbard who is the subject of this action, entitled In re the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard, No. 47150. Although I have not appeared in this matter, and do not intend to do so, as I shall explain further on in this declaration, I am nevertheless familiar with this proceeding.

As I said before, thanks to the CIA, a SEGNPMSS poodle, there were two different individuals by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder who got the name by the CIA for reasons of “protection” and a guy really born with that name (pretty exactly what is going on with you and Mr. Texas). But that Ron impostor did not found Scientology and had no right to claim that he is him and had no right to his estate. Scientology founder had no son with name LRH junior, Nibs, did not marry Mary Sue nor did he marry anybody but Sarah (with “h”) my mother, and I was the only child that he ever fathered.

Unfortunately, the SEGNPMSS left me with no shred paper to prove this, otherwise, I would raise hell in courts.

So-called Scientologists in orgs, and the “critics”, government officials, judges, extremists all conspire together and cover it up. It just proves, there are no independent people. They are all lying puppets on strings who have a wish never to come free. Whenever there is a movement that could change the world to the better, they conspire till it is destroyed. Nobody will remove the SEGNPMSS traps between lives and in their ears with the version of Scientology that is left in the orgs or in the Freezone. None has the original version of Scientology, except the SEGNPMSS, and the CIA could have it too, stashed away in footage of the real Ron throughout his lifetime.

Some guys asked me why I would not found a religion or movement. What for? What happened to Ron would happen also to what I say and write. It would be forged, altered, and stolen.

Instead of confessing, people wait unconsciously for catastrophes that will forcefully correct them. That is what I call insanity.

But you are the last person on Earth who needs this lecture. You figured it all out an this is why the SEGNPMSS set your incarceration up. They want to murder you but they are afraid of what will happen to them. If anything ever should happen to you, Marty, I would put the fear of God in them. The skies would fall down on them and the ground under their animal feet would give away.

I would demand their death penalties and not just the death penalties of their current bodies but these thetans dismantled in all eternity. I’ve learned a lot watching the SEGNPMSS who thinks they can’t be seen. But they can’t hide from us. And if I can’t get justice on Earth by a court, I’ll join God’s court for justice and ask him to open the flood gates.

Love forever,


I love and miss you like no person ever missed another one.


The Fowler case, another infiltrator set up adding to the false picture that Scietologists are violent – and this time WISE is the target

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Dearest Marty,

You are the best husband for me, and I decided that I want you because whenever I saw you in person, I saw your true colors shining through. This was so beautiful, how could I not fall eternally in love having seen all the beauty of your character in a world were so many people are nothing worth and rather sell themselves the devil (SEGNPMSS).

Like you, Marty,  I can sense and feel the intentions of people. I know it is fiction but there was this Star Trek Enterprise character Deanna Troy. She was the love interest of Captain Picard’s No. 1, Will Riker. She could sense when people were true or lying or up to no good and lots of other stuff about them. It might be fiction but I have this ability too. If I want to, I can make people really transparent. I noticed that you can too. I could have been a SEGNPMSS agent too but you figured and decided that I am not, and you were right once again.

Due to a half-human heritage, Deanna Troi has partial telepathic abilities and is an extra-sensory empath with clairsentience. As viewed in Star Trek: Nemesis, Troi has the ability to connect to another psychic and follow that empathic bond to its source. In this instance, her ability enables the Enterprise-E to target and hit the Romulan vessel Scimitar, despite the fact that it was cloaked. There are several species who are resistant to the telepathy of Deanna and other Betazoids, such as the Ferengi, the Breen and the Ulians.[8]

But I can read the Ferengi, Breen and Ulians too. 😉

With you it was not necessary to make your inner being transparent. You opened up on your own and allowed me to see you from the inside, and I was overwhelmed as of the decency, strengths, wisdom, and beauty that I saw. And from then on, you became unforgettable to me.

When I would have sensed any kind of downtoneness, anything on 1.1, anything brutal, anything perverted, anything bad inside of you, anything inpure, anything dumb inside of you, anything robotic inside of you, I would have not fallen in love with you, Marty. But it was pure love, passion, care, and tenderness. Just a psych drugged and hypnotized person would let you get away.

BOP does not allow full Internet access (not even or particularly not to completely wrongfully incarcerated innocent you), and I just have to postulate that your family finds this blog for you or that another Scientologist (who hasn’t a secret death wish and wants us to win) finds the blog and will copy the articles for you.

Despite I feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, I am sure that only you will end the horrible secret SEGNPMSS rulership by opening the eyes of the U.S. government. And from then on, not just our lives become better and are being saved but also the lives of any Scientologists and also any other person in the USA and elsewhere on Earth. Once people recognize the trap they are in and what Scientology as by the real Ron (not the impostor) can change the world to the better and how negatively the SEGNPMSS influenced anybody’s life and how many lives they wasted and that the SEGNPMSS will also waste the lives of them and their own agents, Scientology will be truly recognized.

And I sure learned since I saw you again and during the course over the years that true love is no fairy tale but sure exist and can’t be killed if the lover’s aren’t and dumb and kill the love with OWs, which we never will do.

This Fowler case seems another puzzle in the SEGNPMSS intentions towards destroying Scientology the religion, Scientology the philosophy and ruining the reputation of L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t think that they have much against DM as after all, their LRH impostor made him in charge of Scientology but it is Scientology that they want to make more and more to something that p$ychs can approve of and that does not set Scientologists free anymore and does not raise their awareness anymore to see what they are up to.

Having an infiltrator move into “L.Ron Hubbard Way” (despite Ron taught a very different way of living) and register a gun (!) there and killing somebody (despite Ron never approved of any violence) is typical for yet another SEGNPMSS set up. And as there were not really bad news surrounding WISE, SEGNPMSS made sure with the setup that also WISE is brought down with the purpose to keep business people away, afraid to be shot.

I notice a tendency to portray Scientologists as violent, which they are not. And it feels like as if SEGNPMSS psychs work on preparing the ground for violent actions in the orgs with the purpose to blame it on Scientology. And this Fowler case is another of these set ups.

As you know, besides those who actively search Scientology as interested in philosophy and finding answers to all important question in life like you and me, the SEGNPMSS sends certain people in the orgs who have no interest whatsoever in the religion. They pay for services as their case officers tells them to (to make them look like they really want Scientology in the eyes of the public) so that the attackers of Scientology come away with blaming those infiltrators of being Scientologists when in fact they are not. And these infiltrators are not just publics but they occupy positions in any org including highest management.

Why are they not caught? Because one infiltrator is sec checking the other one and not reporting what was found and DM who accepted an impostor as L. Ron Hubbard is no Scientologist.

It started already with the impostor of Ron throwing people overboard on the Apollo, and DM adopting the ways of the impostor throwing people into lakes and pool as a “penalty” for low stats or for having something screwed up. The real Ron was much too human and smart to do that because cold water shocks can result in a cardiac arrest. Ron handled low stats and screw balls by explaining to them how they will penalize themselves for their bad actions and will suffer and that changed many people. Ron was able to turn even infiltrators around wanting to become real Scientologists because during the course of infiltration, they suddenly understood that Ron was good, his research magnificent and that it also would help them to a better life. They realized that they and their case officers are in a trap were one conspires against the other and that only Ron’s tech and Ron’s world could change it – as you know.

Then there are these reports of beatings and other rough “games”, and C of S, Tommy Davis who admitted that violence took place, although he said the violence was just committed by those who left.

The worst people who could ever entered Scientology are stupid people. Those who never used their heads to think, those robotic people who don’t listen to facts and reason and who follow the voice talking in their ear implants. The real illegal PC. They are not just in Scientology, they are anywhere in the world, in any government and organization. They got their orders and are marching and like flies, they dumb fly in the open flame of a candle and die.

Marty, I think what can happen is that the SEGNPMSS psychs use their robotic infiltrators and implant them and hypnotize them even more and open fire in the orgs and killing Scientologists to blame Scientology and Ron on it in an attempt to shut down Scientology completely. To make people afraid to enter a Scientology org. To make governments to prohibit Scientology. To force Scientology to accept psychiatry and psychiatric treatments as they tried already with other set ups as the Lisa McPherson case, the Jeremy Perkins case or alleged “suicides” or murders of socalled Scientologists.

With a SEGNPMSS controlled Scientology management that does not speak about the infiltration and the set ups and thinks the worst that can happen to Scientology are some people or squirrels that deliver Scientology outside of the church, the doors for such deadly SEGNPMSS set ups within the orgs are wide open. Same time they forge L. Ron Hubbard’s writings or have the impostor say: “We rather have you dead than incapable.”

Ron never said this and in fact Scientology was all about survival. The purpose of Scientology is survival in any shape and form. The spiritual AND the physical survival.

I see warning signs of terror set ups against Scientologists and if I would have a position within the orgs, I would stress and document this constantly to the authorities in order to prevent these set ups. But Ron is impostored, you wrongfully incarcerated and replaced with a doppelganger and I was kicked out, rights of other Scientologists who want to make thing go right are denied, and I just wonder if the infiltration are postulating their downfall. Too bad that they have to do this in the orgs and don’t go elsewhere to get their motivators as for example in the super secret SEGNPMSS headquarters.

Bye for today, Marty, I get my potatoes out of the oven and make a lunch break.

I think of you also during the rest of the day and would love nothing more than to be with you.

Forever on your side