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Good news for the orgs, I guess: Intense FBI investigation and no charges against C of S filed…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I work hard and a lot and maybe should learn to grow a lazy bone sometimes. It is just that I know how painful it is to have no cash if needed it. To prevent that it ever will happen to me, I produce and collect it. When in fact you and I should be in Scientology, because we know what it original was.  

I assume you know it already. Tampa Bay Times reported today that the FBI investigated the Sea Org in 2009 and 2010 intensively but filed no charges. I bet your impostor was involved big time in the investigation and that the FBI knows that he is your impostor and didn’t and doesn’t do anything against it. And that the FBI knows that you are innocent and doesn’t help you against the German/Spanish/psychiatric setup. 

A reporter at received 300 pages of FOIA docs on this 2009 – 2010 investigation.

James Comey, the current FBI director calls the FOIA process “a pain” but the law. 

As no charges were filed, the orgs won against those who accuse them on criminal doings. C of S says that the church has learned the investigation was conducted by “rogue agents,” including one who was later disciplined.

This FBI “investigation” had no intention to look where something is really wrong: the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists, the alteration of original Scientology, the impostors, e.g. the founder’s impostor, your impostor, and that DM, Mike Rinder, and others are fully aware of that and them but are not saying a word.

Neither former “Scientologists”, current infiltrators nor any governmental agency wants to look into this, because Germany and its psychiatric ear-implants in anyone rule until the motivator hits.

I love you, Marty. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Keep up surviving.  

Yours forever,










Your impostor’s full testimony in the Garcia case… And Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio his official counsels?

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate and husband, how are you?

Since your impostor “Monique’s husband” made his wife to file a gold-digger case against Scientology, Tony Ortega (very much so) and the anti-Scientologists constantly campaigned that it would be “her” case. Ortega changed his tone yesterday by writing this: (Yes, the lawsuit was in Monique’s name, but I was down there, I can tell you that to Marty this was every bit as much about taking his own personal fight directly to David Miscavige. He said it in my presence numerous times.)

I bet the farm that she never would have filed the case if not he telling her to do so. Also interesting is another Ortega remark: “Besides representing Monique in the lawsuit, Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio were officially counsel to Marty Rathbun as well.”

Officially counsel? Guess then he signed a Power of Attorney, and these attorneys can sue your impostor for their work for him and for cheating them if he got cash from Miscavige or the orgs after they worked for him. If His Cobness paid your impostor by knowing that the attorneys were not paid, of which Ortega says, were officially counsel to not just Monique but to her hubby as well, then His Cobness got himself in another mess, which wouldn’t surprise me as he is a mess generator. 

To me, it looks like that your impostor told his wife to withdraw the case and instead of Monique, he got the money from Msicavige, and the attorneys were not paid the approx. million dollar for their work. Again, I don’t think that they did a good deed taking the case of the wife of an impostor, but one can’t hire others without paying them. If I would be one of the attorneys, I would want to see any details of any possible deal between Miscavige and the impostor. They suddenly bought a house for approx. USD 300.000. I would demand to know where this cash came from.  

As I said before numerous times, despite the dirty laundry that he and Miscavology aired in public, David Miscavige and your impostor (incl. Mike Rinder, and others who must have known that you are wrongfully incarcerated and replaced by this impostor)  never stopped conspiring together, not even during the wildest Miscavology Squirrel Buster times.

I know a 100% beyond any doubt that Monique’s husband isn’t you. What is emanating out of him is a completely different personality. And if people would apply Scientology and not just lying that they do, they all would see it.

After your impostor blew in the 90s, DM awarded him with a cruise and a kha-khan status. Awarding the downstat! Despite that the real founder didn’t coin the word “wog”, I say it: David Miscavige is a total wog (pardon my French).  Kha-khan status is off policy too because this is not how the OW sequence works. One cannot commit any overt that is forgiven because deep down one self knows it is not alright and won’t feel good about oneself. It doesn’t matter if non-Scientologists like Ron’s impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) or DM or psychiatry and Germany say so by adding this crap to Scientology.

C of S attorney Deixler grilled Monique’s husband quite a bit but also didn’t approach him on being an impostor. Wonder if he knows anything about a payment to him by Miscavige or Miscavology.

Anyway: here is a link to your impostor’s testimony in the Garcia case: in which he says under oath that he is you (e.g. held your job in a time when I know that he wasn’t around).

I think he is the guy who would leave a wife in debts and go into hiding.

Whoever thought that I would mistake him with you has a mind that consists completely of loose screws.

You are wonderful, Marty, and so different (inside and out) from the impostor, just as “Jack Vistaril” was anything but the founder.

Sending you millions of kisses, my darling.

Yours always and forever,



Anything on Tony Ortega’s blog but the truth that Monique’s husband (and “Jack Vistaril”) are impostors, Marty – Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious Prince,

Tony “Skimmer”Ortega and his bunker (what an indicator as to who is “WE” on Ortega’s blog) published today a long article on Monique’s husband in which he again failed to reveal that Monique’s husband isn’t you, Marty. 

One just has to compare photographs to see that you and Monique’s husband are not the same person, just as “Jack Vistaril” was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, but a German/CIA double agent. Tony Ortega is obsessed with Scientology since approx. 1990, and he never compared photos? What a lousy reporter. But I strongly assume he knows of the impostors and hushes those up to mislead. Again, what a lousy reporter and person. And he has the guts to criticize Reuters for just skimming the surface. Wonder what’s Ortega’s justification is for skimming the surface on what’s really wrong: IMPOSTORS AND NON-SCIENTOLOGY INFILTRATORS AND GERMANY’S SECRET SERVICES BEHIND THIS! 

Monique’s husband a “warrior”? What warrior? He is an impostor.  

Monique’s husband and David Miscavige’s relationship is no mysterious to me. As neither DM or the Miscavologists (Squirrel busters, etc.) ever revealed that Monique’s husband was hired to impostor you, and as Monique’s husband never accused DM of having hired him to impostor you, the conclusion is easy: even during times in which Monique’s husband appeared to be DM’s main enemy, they NEVER STOPPED CONSPIRING TOGETHER AGAINST YOU AND ME, MARTY. Mike Rinder belongs into this plot as well. He knew from the start that the man who took over your job as Inspector General for Ethics around 1990 was not you but. They all left you behind, what a real Scientologist never would do.  

DM, Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others who participate in this conspiracy harm Scientology and us. For years they air dirty laundry about each other, and Scientology is blamed by the public. Exactly what Germany and the psychs behind this set up order.  

His Cobness might tell his Miscavologists: “I am not secretly working for Germany and psychs, etc… Schwarz is crazy…” But DM’s actions tell otherwise. He pays enemies of Scientology. After a possible deal with DM, your impostor wrote a brief posting “critical” of Germany (as worthless as a tiny footnote compared to what he did earlier) against Scientology. It smells like alibi. Actions count and his actions were clearly pro-Germany and anti-SCN by travelling there and actively supporting Germany. And DM supporting enemies of Scientology is also pro-Germany. 

Your impostor through the years: Non-Scientologist and hired by DM to take over your post in 1990 and to impostor you, then DM’s “enforcer”, then he blows, DM gets your impostor back and awards him with a cruise for blowing, then your impostor is again a Miscavologist until 2004 (according to others in the orgs doing no good at all and even being dangerous), and then he blows again and resurfaces in 2009 and claims on a blog to be an independent Scientologist. What a joke. He delivers his brand of auditing not to new people but wants org public or staff to leave the orgs and pay him instead. He makes his wife to a Scientologist, a Clear and what a “surprise”, briefly later, she isn’t a Scientologist either. He works officially with Germany together and travels there with Monique. He too claims that he is no longer a Scientologist. (As he ever was one!) He came up with “graduating SCN”, which sounded like a version of “deprogramming” to me. He wanted to write another book about this too, one against the founder and Scientology. As leaving Scientology is as easy as not more doing it, it was again unsuccessful and he announced failure on his blog. Later, he posted again positive about DM. And now it appears that he helped David Miscavige of all people in the legal arena. Sure, DM is and was all the time his co-conspirator and also sits on Scientology money.  

I strongly assume Mike Rinder would also settle for cash and support DM again, after all, they are all non-Scientologists, they never stopped conspiring against us, and they all have caused Scientology (and on top of the list David Miscavige) more harm than anyone else.

Case officers (non-Scientologists) hold the strings of robots and organize how they should react. Scientology was founded against such mechanisms.

It looks as if your impostor “settled” with DM (maybe a similar amount that Debbie Cook got or the 1.5 million Dollars that Leah Remini wants) instead of Monique to avoid paying the attorneys. If Monique’s former attorneys want to see cash, I guess they have to legally force access to the details of any possible deal. If there was a financial deal between DM and your impostor to make Mosey’s case go away, and it very much looks like it, DM might be in legal troubles here too.  

Let’s see if the attorneys allow themselves to be screwed financially for 1 million Dollar work that they claimed they have invested. Not that I think that the attorneys did anything great or good by taking Monique’s case or cases like this, but those who hired them must pay them, right? I am also sure that he made her file this case in the first place. I have seen footage that show that she does obedient whatever he orders. Would drive me nuts if someone would put a leach around my neck and tell me when I can breathe or not.

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are so different from them. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, Karen de la Carriere posted on Ortega’s blog today that she financially supported Monique’s husband in 2010 and 2011. And that he paid also his trips and that she gave him an AMEX Platinum card to use at will and he bought a computer system.  

In 2011, he worked officially together with Germany.

I assume that His Cobness is his “Spanish Angel” now and gave him a lot more than she did. I guess he had an ulterior motive making her leave Scientology… Supporting him! Karen apparently never applied Scientology, otherwise she would have seen it coming.






ABC’s 20/20 didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed a mixture of them to the public

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

I watched ABC’s 20/20 show. Just like other networks and TV stations ABC’s didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed pictures of those two very different individuals packed into one person to the public. Nobody making original research anymore?  That is why  people don’t get Scientology or other subjects and situations. Original investigative research is totally missing.


ABC named their show “A war without guns”. Doctors of the SEGNPMSS work since years on selling to the public that Scientology or Scientologists is/are violent by having their agents (incl. Miscavige) behave like the non-Scientologists that they are. They set up numerous such cases already, executed some, and I feel that the worst is yet to come as the world continues to allow that psychiatrists condition people (also not related to Scientology) and use non-Scientologists under cover as “Scientologists” to “run” Scientology.

Ms. Monique Yingling could benefit greatly from TRs to get control over her annoying blinking… She is no Scientologist and it shows. Hard to believe that she is working almost 3 decades for the orgs and doesn’t apply Scientology to her life. It is no surprise, however, as Miscavige is no Scientologist either. A man who accepts Scientology from German/CIA double agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril” and gives a damn about the real founder Ron or your suffering IS NO SCIENTOLOGIST! And Miscavige’s family, IQ, behavior, and actions also tell me that he is NO SCIENTOLOGIST. David Miscavige was raised by an anti-Semite and violent father. (Explains a lot but is no excuse for DM to be like he is.)  

And then there is Leah Remini. I don’t approve of anything she does, Marty. Including working with Mike Rinder who (together with David Miscavige) allowed your impostor Mosey’s husband (another non-Scientologist) to take over your position in Scientology so that nobody misses you and nobody helps you out of your wrongful incarceration.  He, DM, and the likes never applied the Code of Honor of a Scientologist “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble” because they are 100% non-Scientologists with small IQs and ethic levels like zoo inhabitants.  

 I see that Remini’s activities creates more hatred against Scientology and Scientologists but don’t solve any problems. From what she says, I can tell that she is clueless about what Scientology originally was. Germany and psychiatrists decided to change Scientology by sending agents under cover as Scientologists into the orgs. She also has no class. She is cheap and rude. And I don’t want her tonelevel for anything in the world. (Also shame on the infiltrated orgs and the CC that nobody made sure that she advanced while she was on org lines.)

When Dan Harris didn’t react as she wanted, she called him the worst cussword of the English language on public TV.  Her zoo behavior is considered “cool” by Tony Ortega and his stupid followers. She is exactly the kind of non-Scientologist who changed orgs from places of class, warmth, and helpfulness, into cold, unfriendly, and rude places. Her language and behavior fits a lot to that of David Miscavige. 

Non-Scientologists just dump their children in Scientology orgs and  leave them to psychiatric-altered books, -policies, -bulletins, and agents under cover as “Scientologists” don’t explain original Scientology to them. The results are Leah Reminis and other blind and fanatical Scientology attackers or such people who say nevertheless in the orgs and make them to worse places. Also the behavior between Leah Remini and Katie Holmes on org-lines was that of two non-Scientologists.

What did they do to my dad’s song, is what I am thinking, Marty. 

However, no upbringing is an excuse not finding out about original Scientology themselves. When we (you and I) returned to Scientology after Germany’s psychs stole our memories to original Scientology, Scientology was already “Vistarology” (the version of  German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”). However, we think for ourselves and were able to figure out the difference between original Scientology and the psychiatric secret service versions. That is nothing that for example Leah Remini or the likes can claim.  


Leah Remini gets profits from her book and is paid to beat up Scientology in her A&E TV show. And so is Mike Rinder as “paid consultant” of that crap. I say crap because they conceal that the problems within Scientology is not Scientology but the non-Scientology invasion of Scientology. Apparently people who can’t make a living without attacking Scientology.

However, Remini’s actions were triggered by DM’s behavior. He knew what a diva she was. He should have known that she would retaliate and attack Scientology if she can’t see his wife Michelle. But he doesn’t care as he isn’t a Scientologist. 

And Remini should have known that he doesn’t want her to talk to Michelle because of his withholds. This is what I think, Marty: DM didn’t want her to talk to Shelley because she could mention something  to Leah about him violating his marriage vows.  DM, his actions, decisions, lack of ethics, and those of his family members really created more bad PR and drama for Scientology than what anyone else ever created.  

I still wonder if Germany used RB to file a law suit against you accusing you of having harmed me (which you did not) and if His Cobness used this as justification not to help you as it would be “bad PR”. Isn’t that an irony? It would have never been bad PR because at no time in my life, I ever would have accused you or anyone else wrongfully. This case would have been out of the world right away with me testifying. And now look at the tons of bad PR that DM and his family created! What a hypocrite DM is. (Who also pays professional services to keep my blog as low in the search engines as possible and Monique’s husband tried to down it completely. What non-free speech advocates these two are!) 

And the ABC episode also mentioned Mosey’s husband, your impostor.  ABC 20/20 wondered why he was the main attacker of DM in earlier years and why his wife suddenly withdrew her case against DM and the orgs and his blog stopped going after DM, changing course, and going after others instead.

My thoughts: Your impostor put Mosey (Monique Rathbun Bank) up to file the case against DM and Scientology. He saw a cash cow and DM’s “Squirrel Busters” played right into his hands.

I think that attorney Leslie Hyman and other attorneys wrongfully assumed that Mosey is the driving force behind the lawsuit against the orgs and DM. However, I have seen footage that shows that she does anything he says. I never saw a woman more obedient than Mosey. Anti-Scientology forums or blogs as that of Ortega and the media failed to state that he is the one behind the case. That it is basically his and not her case. I assume that is why the attorneys who took her case got foxed. Not knowing or ignoring that your impostor is the driving force behind the legal actions against Scientology, Hyman didn’t take him seriously. I strongly assume that she told him that she doesn’t want to discuss the case with him but only with his wife. And this made him mad, incl. that it could take years to see cash and if they would see it, it wouldn’t be that much and that they have to pay the attorneys a huge chunk of it… And that’s why “Mosey” withdrew the case. Instead of her, DM, and your impostor “settled” instead. The anti-Scientology attorneys put in work for a million dollars and will not see a cent.  It should be a lesson to attorneys who take cases of those people who once infiltrated the orgs or their spouses.

Also in all these years of attacking each other in public, David Miscavige, your impostor Mosey’s husband, and Mike Rinder kept conspiratorial mum about your whereabouts, Marty. That is something all media outlets failed to report. And that is why anyone had to see it coming why DM and Mosey’s husband are “suddenly” again on the same page. Even during times were they appear/ed as bitter enemies, they (Rinder included) still conspire/d together. 

It all can be summed up with this short sentence: secret service agents and non-Scientologists. This is what the media missed for decades.

Sending you most tender and passionate kisses, Marty, my darling. I miss you, and I am looking forward seeing you this year. Keep on surviving.

Love forever,





Sabotaging how people think and withholding necessary info from them (example: cult leader Tony Ortega)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful Prince, how ware you?

I read several postings on the net, which are accusing Tony Ortega of being a cult leader and running a cult. He tries to ridicule this by basically saying that his followers don’t have to make big donations to him (but I strongly assume he wouldn’t reject if his sheep would sell their houses and donate the cash to him).

Original Scientology was no cult and very affordable, but Tony Ortega keeps this and other very important data from his followers and readers.  I found him systematically smearing Ron, the founder, by constantly mixing him up with the impostor, by keeping from his reader that secret services psychiatrists hired one or more doppelgangers who were ordered to alter Scientology “in the name of the founder” and turn SCN into a German cult so that original Scientology can’t better the world and create one without ear-implants, conspiracies, lies, insanity, war, terror, crime, diseases, aging, and death. Yes, you and I know that original Scientology is that good. The men behind Germany and their international secret service psychs want the advantages and technologies of  original Scientology (except ethics) for themselves, unlike us who want anyone to know of them. However, the other side of the coin is that without ethics, they are losing too as one is conspiring against the other one. By not being open to the entire world population, they created a deadly trap for themselves. Who says that there is no justice?

Cult means being the blind follower of something and someone and swallowing his/their info without questions. Most of Tony Ortega’s followers fit very much so into this category. Whenever I look at the comments on his blog, I ask myself about the IQ of these people. Nobody I would like to hang out with. As far as the posting “style” is concerned, several appear to be one person using several posting IDs to make it look as if Ortega has a lot of followers and to get his blog higher up in the search engines.

Since the 90s already, Tony Ortega fails to publish that the founder of Scientology was impostored by secret service agents, that he wasn’t “Jack Vistaril” who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind and left Scientology to David Miscavige of all people. For an alleged expert and watchdog on Scientology as he claims to be, it is impossible to miss data on the net saying that L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was replaced by impostors. And it is so easy to see on photos and film footage. 

And that brings me to your impostor, Monique’s husband. He changed his opinions and the sides he is on more times than chameleons are changing their colors. Some people have a hard time figuring out what drives him. I have no problem whatsoever figuring out that he is not you, Marty, and that money drives him. DM isn’t intelligent and doesn’t apply Scientology. He promotes non-Scientologists to the highest jobs (your impostor and Mike Rinder, etc.) and then ARC-breaks them by acting superior to them in typical German cult manner. The men behind Germany and their psychs want Scientology being smeared in public. DM’s behavior and that of former and current Miscavologists is what is helping them to archive this.

Monique’s hubby was hired to impostor you, and David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and just about all others who knew you and then met Monique’s husband, knew that too and that he was/is an agent of sorts. They allowed him to stay in Scientology and being the rude if not brutal man who you are not, Marty. It also appears to me that he earned a lot more in Scientology than an average Sea Org member. At the end of his “career”, he said he gave away a good motorcycle to a kid in the streets. It is also likely that DM put millions of Dollars of Scientology cash aside for his own personal use in the future. 

Anyway, I think  your impostor choose to become an “Indie auditor” as he thought that he can get rich through SCN technology. Same time, he worked together with Germany and other sworn enemies of Scientology. That for sure made numerous people who wanted auditing outside of Miscavology think twice to go to him for auditing. He danced on so many different parties at the same time that one just could scratch one’s head. 

Not realizing that him supporting Germany and other sworn enemies of Scientology would ruin his chances to establish himself as an auditor, he lost Indie friends, and then, he declared that he is no longer a Scientologist. What a “surprise”. (Not to me, he never was one!) He wrote books against Scientology and from a posting that he made, I concluded that they don’t sell well.

Monique’s husband is easy to figure out: he wants to get rich.

Despite everything he said before, it appears that now he is suddenly DM-friendly again and turned against his fellow supporters of the last years, Tony Ortega, Karen de la Carriere, and maybe even Mike Rinder. Because DM sits on Scientology cash and can throw a lot at him. That Monique’s husband worked with Germany together and smeared Scientology in the media will for sure not stop David Miscavige paying your impostor a large sum of money. Because DM is as little a Scientologist as your impostor.


Your impostor’s postings about Tony Ortega are rather critical these days. Only a few years ago, your impostor posted as if Tony Ortega is the cat’s meow. Like Mike Rinder does still today. What an Ortega cultist. But cash for your impostor won’t come from Ortega but rather from His Cobness.

However, during the times when your impostor and DM appeared to be at completely different sides, they kept on conspiring and withheld that Monique’s husband is an impostor, is NOT you, the first Marty Rathbun and Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. Your impostor showed up in RTC publications after you were wrongfully incarcerated in Spain upon secret doing of still existing Nazi Germany and their psychs. David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, and just about anyone else around, must have known from the start that he is not you. His and your personality is as different as day and night. If I can see it on photos already behind the eyes, what is their excuse? Lousy IQ? That that lousy? Gee!

Anyway, Marty, one huge reason why he was hired to impostor you was misleading me. And I saw it right away. Tells me also how stupid the men behind Germany and international psychs are. They have no idea what we can see.  No clue about our abilities. They would fall for it, otherwise, they wouldn’t come up with this crap.  

I got carried away, Marty. I just wanted to write: yes, the Bunker is a cult and Tony Ortega is a cult leader as he suppresses true data and feeds his readers with half truth and also completely false information by not differentiating between originals and impostors, and his followers eat out of his hand, like cultish sheep. 

Be kissed, Marty, I love you. I am so glad that you and me are real Scientologists not Vistarologists, not Miscavologists, not Bunkerologists, no psych agents, and not falling or belonging to any cult.















I am back, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and amazing Prince, how are you?

Despite that I was not online (family members were here, one left to Germany, the other one with BF to NY), I was thinking of you. I wish I could do something to make your life easier, Marty.

I suspected already months ago that your impostor in Texas is making a financial deal with David Miscavige. That way, they don’t have to pay Monique’s attorneys and DM can avoid the courts.

Monique’s husband flip-flops around… First he was a Miscavologist, then an “Independent”, then he declared that he is no Scientologist, then he was one of the major attackers against Scientology in the media/courts, even worked with Germany together against SCN, now he sounds like somebody who made or wants to make a deal again with DM… I bet the farm that money from Miscavige is the reason he posts now against his former buddies, Scientology attackers Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Tony Ortega, etc… 

Look at us, Marty, we are always the same. We never flip-flop. Agents apparently do whatever they are being ordered. We are none. 

If His Cobness throws cash at your impostor, Marty, he (DM) has even more to explain.

What I find completely revolting is how they left you behind, Marty. This is so non-Scientology. They act as if they never heard of the Scientology Code of Honor. What kind of people do this to another person? It is beyond me. They have no human compassion. They care as little as animals. The facts of the O/W sequence can’t be real to these non-Scientologists otherwise they would act very different. 

DM threw cash at his father and helped him getting rid of rape charges. You didn’t rape anybody. Why the hell didn’t he help you? And Germany’s secret services and p$ychs cooked it all out. Hired an impostor to make me believe that this jerk is you. (Ridiculous, as if I could not see the light years of difference characters between him and you, Marty. You both are as different as day and night.)  DM’s brother’s actions are also completely appalling. I bet DM gave money also to this lowtone man. Who does DM think he is?

If after all what Monique’s husband has done, DM awards your impostor with Scientology cash, DM is guilty of everything against you and Scientology what your impostor did after he left Scientology and attacked it. How can DM even remotely say that he is a Scientologist if he awards the person who caused the most public harm to Scientology than anyone: Monique’s husband. I think that this is yet another thing that His Cobness didn’t think through. It will come back and bite him because the last chapter of Scientology isn’t written yet.

I think those two think that this deal will stay secret. It will not. Contracts who are made by agents who infiltrate Scientology have no legal protection. Them being in Scientology is already illegal. Using Scientology money for their dirty deals is even more illegal.    

Close to the day you make a public appearance, Marty, I think Monique’s husband will take Scientology money and probably disappear in another country. DM likely has the same idea with millions of Scientology money. These agents did all they could to keep us apart and are trying to mislead us. I have no intention to ever let them of the hook. I want the authorities to hold them responsible. How dare them infiltrating Scientology and turning it into secret service agent land. How dare them to leave you behind. How dare them to conspire against us and others.   

I love you, Marty. Sending you kisses and hugs. Soon more.

Yours always and forever,








The Ron Miscavige accused of rape police/court documents

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Not much time today, so just a few words:

DM or Miscavologists put this website up on Ron Miscavige Senior.

Of course no word about it that David Miscavige wastes Scientology money to help unethical people because DM is himself unethical (to put it mildly).

Numerous people are saying that DM has a foul mouth too. Like father like son.

The issue remains: why did DM not help you out but hiring instead a non-Scientologist (Monique’s husband) and put him on the second position in Scientology? It is unbelievable but he did it and Mike Rinder and others helped him. I am sure that Norman Starkey is involved in that too. Anyone who knew you and met your impostor KNOWS that you are two very different individuals, same applies to the founder and his impostor “Jack Vistaril”.

You didn’t hurt a fly, Marty. Miscavige Senior admitted to be violent. People say about his son that he is violent. But you are not.  

What else do they hide?

This woman was pretty sure that it was Ron Miscavige senior who raped her. Scientology auditors should be able to find the truth out. Was he sec-checked? Or not because DM and his Miscavologists are agents and no Scientologists? They always advance the wrong people and leave the real and true Scientologists behind. 

From the website to judge, it seems that DM and the Miscavologists believe or know that Miscavige Senior attempted rape, otherwise they would not have brought it up in such a detail. As long he was with DM and the Miscavologists, anything is excused and covered up with Call Saul, and later it turned out that they knew something not so innocent. Outrageous! Same with your impostor. The story with his brother’s murder was first aired when he was officially no longer a Miscavologist. He is still unofficially one, and so is Rinder, because they still conspire together on Monique’s husband being an impostor.

Still wonder if DM threw money at him (his co-conspirator) instead of Mosey.  

I love you, Marty, be kissed. Will be back soon.

Yours forever,