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How Sea Org members can become millionaires with putting aside USD 200.00 per month (saving calculation is by financial experts)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

If a fairy would come by my place and tell me that I have some free wishes, one would be definitely learning your real whereabouts.

Psychiatric agents put up to attack Scientology often bring forward that a Sea Org member earns only USD 200 per month. This seems to be a really very low amount but there is more to be considered. It all of the following is included (not sure as far as Miscavology is concerned) in Scientology orgs that would apply real and original Scientology, then a Sea Org member would have following on top of the USD 200 per month:


  1. A nice clean and quiet apartment (room/bathroom/bathtub/shower) for free in a very pretty and crime-free environment 
  2. All the organic, healthy, and delicious food one can eat and wants, cooked by cooks who really know how to cook
  3. Free health care/prevention
  4. Free dental care/prevention 
  5. Room service, cleaning of their rooms and laundry (no wasting time on the weekend cleaning the house and washing and doing other chores like people must who are not in the Sea Org)   
  6. Free clothes and shoes
  7. Free towels and linens
  8. Access to swimming pool, tennis court, and all other kinds of sport equipment  
  9. Free transportation
  10. Free child care (Non-Scientologist DM cancelled kids, I know)
  11. Family time
  12. Free education for themselves and their kids
  13. Free auditing
  14. Free training
  15. Cruising on the Freewinds 
  16. Living in an environment in which people can prevent aging, illness, and dying 
  17. Vacation too
  18. No loneliness, international friends, fun, excitement, and activities 
  19. Protection against discrimination of all kinds of bad things under Ron’s ethics codes and friendly environment
  20. Free entertainment and arts
  21. Trips and travels all over the planet, trip, food, room paid
  22. Free legal representation
  23. Fair treatment and a safe place to stay forever
  24. Doing what one loves on all dynamics
  25. Learning the secret of life 
  26. On top of all earning 200 Dollars per month that they can save and carry to the bank to become millionaires if one considers this important:

Anyway, looking at this list makes people not in the Sea Org look like slaves. Those psychiatric agents who attack the idea of the Sea Org conveniently forget how hard the majority of people outside of the Sea Org has to work and hardly make ends meet and how many are unable to save 200 Dollars per month. And in their time off, they have to clean, wash, scrub and mow, and… and… and…

Some of the above items (as for example Miscavige’s non-source decision to cut the 2nd D short with his no-kids in the Sea Org rule) are not guaranteed as Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists, but it could be like above, even better than above and completely fair to any Sea Org member.

I miss you, Marty. Your impostor is silent since January. Wonder where he is hiding. Retired to the Cayman Islands after DM threw a load of cash at him?  

I love you. Be kissed my irresistible husband. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,