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Vacation plans changed

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

My sis forgot her driver’s license in Germany. Now she is stuck in a hotel for the next days until she receives it send with express to her hotel.

Never a dull moment. 

Another subject, what do you think about the two Mona Lisas? The ML on the right was kept 5 decade in a hidden Swiss bank vault and was acquired by a “secretive consortium” in 2008. 


I read that the Mona Lisa(s) once had both eyebrows and eyelashes, but that these have been gradually eroded to the point that they are no longer visible.

Some people allegedly cry when they are looking at her.  I always thought that the Mona Lisa on the left was over-painted and the original could be underneath. 

Some scientists are convinced that the “Isleworth Mona Lisa”(on the right) was painted by Leonardo DaVinci. I thinks so too. 

And look at this, a Russian researchers brought the Mona Lisa alive with AI:

That looks interesting, doesn’t it? No more static. 

I love you, Marty,

Be kissed,

Yours forever,



Stephen Hawkings is right that there is no heaven – but there is a God

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Dearest Marty, my adorable genius, how are you?

I read that Stephen Hawkings, the British physicist says that there is no God. As God has no mass,  no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time, Mr. Hawkings hardly can measure him. I am very sure that God does not have a theta body as other thetans. Again, having a theta body isn’t wise because secret service p$ychs know to track and implant them. Anyone can track them. Thetan with a theta body is an orb. God exists without a theta body and that is why Mr. Hawkins and nobody else can track him.

Really, I feel sorry that Stephen Hawkings was sick much of his life but this is no excuse to make such a depressing and wrong statement that there is no God and no afterlife. Just looking at the orbs should make clear to him that at least people survive the physical death. A person loses her body and exists as spiritual being. Anyone with good SCN auditing knows it and looking at orbs, a person knows too. A thetan (with theta body an orb) is not a fairy tale as anyone can see who searches my blog and looks at the orb photos. Also other people filmed or photographed these orbs. They can think, postulate, and move and they are not their brains. The brain is a switchboard to operate the human body but it is not the person. How could Mr. Hawkins miss that?

A person is no computer. A person is the spirit inside of the body and who survives when the body dies. How can he not feel the spirituality inside of him?

I know a 100% that Stephen Hawkings is wrong because I have a personal line to God. He is AWESOME! I have encountered him. And I know that you did too, Marty,

He is right that there is no heaven because p$ychs track thetans with theta bodies and don’t allow any establishment of a spiritual universe and God might be the only who cannot be tracked . “Heaven” exists only of God himself being anywhere he wants to be and assuming any identity and several of them at the same time. There are no angles, saints, etc. There are just people who  die and are born again or they are lonely thetans (orbs) in the sky. There is no paradise and hell is being born again on planet with people who do not build better civilizations.  Nazis, exterminations, murder, terror acts, diseases, attacks, lies, betrayal, disasters, dying, losing loved once, rape, abuse, brutality, stalking, slavery, addictions, aging, pain, conspiracies, poverty, hunger, etc, if that is not hell…

People might say that if there is God, why doesn’t he changed it? What do they expect him to do? Freeze all the many bad people in place? If he freezes all bad people in place, just a few will not be frozen in place. God’s mission is that bad people have to change and to understand that they become themselves the victims of their own rotten behaviors. Any rotten activity is a shot in the own foot, and Ron explained that perfectly. 

You know what God’s mission is, Marty. I know it too: Making all people understand that we need a better world and that we shall build paradise on Earth and stop tracking and implanting those who want to exist without body.

For us, God is no mystery at all. And neither is his mission.

Steven Hawkings wrote a book that says that God didn’t create the universe. How does he know? He hasn’t even figured out that he himself is a spiritual being. I agree that the universe is expanding but I am certain that before it expanded on itself, it was created. Nothing is created out of nothing.

There is a common architecture of the universe. As far as I know, the biggest and the smallest thing is very skillfully  hung on strings. What it means is that God is a weaver, and it also tells me that it was created from one hand, it shows the same handwriting all over the universe.

Steven Hawkings is not an expert on spirituality. He doesn’t even get his own spirituality. If the universe creates itself from nothing, I would like him to show this to us. There are ways to expand it. For example, if  something is blown up, there are more but smaller pieces, but I want him to show us how a universe can be created from really nothing. And with nothing, I mean no Matter, Energy, Space, Time, really nothing. He can’t prove what he is saying.

Some people might say that because he is severely bodily disabled that he must be somehow otherwise enlightened. He sure is not as far as spirituality is concerned.   

Hawking argues, if there are untold numbers of planets in the galaxy, it’s less remarkable that there’s one with conditions for human life. Who says that it is just our planet that has human life? How far did he look himself? Did he check any planet there is? What about cloaked planets? Some civilizations don’t want to be found and surprised. Goes particularly for Earth and his solar system.

Marty, I also read that somebody asked: “Where did God come from?” You and I know it. He always existed like all other thetans too but he never made the mistake to play a game in which he lost his awareness or ever was unethical. And that is why he never lost his abilities, and why he will be able to call his missions a success at the end. It takes so long  because God has decided that anyone has to understand, and we are waiting for the dumbest who are also the most suppressive to understand finally too. Or else. 😉

I love you, Marty, many kisses to you.

Yours forever,