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The clothes that I had with me in LA were examined in a Munich crime lab and they found nothing on them…

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Dearest Marty, hero and my wonderful Prince,

I am thinking of you and very much every night before I go to sleep. I try to puzzle out what might have happened on your side during the many years were didn’t see each other.

As I wrote before, I never could ditch the suspicion that Germany used psychiatric-conditioned RB against you and filed charges against you behind my back, despite that you didn’t do anything wrong.

His Cobness, the Miscavologists and the C of S attorneys also helped Germany by allowing an impostor to take over your position and life. They kept any information about you away from me. I never got a shred evidence that anything was ever filed against you. Never a piece of paper or a verbal statement by anyone that my suspicion that you were framed was right. Fortunately, I can sense a lot and trust my own perceptions more than what people tell me or keep from me.

This posting is about the time in which I battled the “guardianship” that Germany put on me in order to keep me in Germany. They also took my passport away to prevent me travelling in the USA.

On the other side, at the same time, they allowed me to battle my own other legal cases pro se in court and also divorce Jürgen Schwarz. Yes, this is Germany! Outrageous criminal and contradictory. How can a person be in need of a guardian if she can represent herself in court without an attorney and on top win her cases? Makes no sense, right? One judge said to me: This guardianship just exist on paper. He should have cancelled it, but he didn’t as all obey their psychiatric ear-implants, so I had to live and work a long time with this hanging over my head. This guardianship also did fit right into that Germany has framed you, Marty. They didn’t want me to travel to see you and help you get rid of the false charges that Germany knowingly filed against you. How convenient for Germany, but also how stupid. If they would be smart, they would have known that I find out anything. Lifetime after lifetime, they spy on us and kill us, yet, these p$ychs and their agents don’t figure us out. 

Around 1985, RB told me that Dr. Jürgen Keltsch, the German district attorney in Munich would have my clothes that I had with me in Los Angeles in 1984. It upset me as I never gave my consent to this. I didn’t even know why she did this as I told her often enough that nothing happened that would need her or anyone else’s interference. But she was a remote-controlled psychiatric robot and ran after me like a trained German shepherd. She always wanted to be psychic but unlike us, she got just about everything wrong. When I really was in danger, she felt nothing. When things were better, she felt that I was in severe danger. Totally twisted in her thinking! 

I arrived in his office and was shocked about his low tonelevel, Marty. RB always trusted the wrong people. He was the district attorney who had also the duty to convict Neo Nazis in Munich. Yet, under his watch, they had a renaissance. Some people occupy posts in order to let others get away with what they should not.

My suitcase laid on the floor in his office. It was open and all clothes were outside on top of the suitcase. And on top of the pile of clothes was RB’s big beige bra. It sure was not mine. I felt harassed and embarrassed seeing this. Why was that suitcase open? Why where all my clothes on top of the suitcase and not inside? Why was RB’s bra on top of my clothes?

She was a confused person. I think she had mixed her own clothes or at least clothes that I never wore among the clothes that I indeed had with me in L.A. How can they even make a professional examination of the clothes and a professional assessment if they don’t even make sure that the clothes indeed belong to the “victim”? 

I packed all clothes into the suitcase, closed it and just wanted to get out of there. Marty, the entire situation in his office was creepy to say the least. 

Anyway, before I left, he told me that those clothes were examined by their crime lab, and they found nothing on them that would indicate anything of any criminal nature. He said that there were some impurities on them but nothing that could warrant any criminal charges.

I was at the beach in L.A. and had no chance to wash them before I  returned to Germany (was made to return by the infiltrators of Scientology). Therefore, I had some sand on my clothes. That is apparently what they “found”. They found no sperm, no blood, no drugs, no nothing. Guess nothing was on RB’s bra either, because otherwise, they would have framed you on it,  despite it was not my BH and I never wore it.

Keltsch (who later became a judge!) and the SEGNPMSS behind him told me this because he and his case officers wanted me to think that no charges were filed against you so that I don’t try to help you.  

But they likely framed you anyhow with planted “evidence”, because I know Germany. I suspect them on a lot more than examining a wrong bra.

Whenever I think of RB, Germany, its p$ychs and officials,  Marty, I never want to be born again anywhere in this universe. This is how bad it was/is. And that is coming from me who knows how to endure!

I had the feeling that you were framed already in 1984. But RB didn’t know your name until end of 1987, after she hired the kidnappers, (Vosper and his friends). I didn’t tell your name to my siblings as RB could have pressed it out of them. In 1987, RB sent my sister to me to ask me who Marty is. 

100%, whatever was filed before 1987 against you, Marty, was filed by Germany and the still existing Nazi psychiatrists behind Germany and nobody else.

If there are signatures of my sister and my brother in any lawsuit against you, those are forgeries. If there is any signature by me against you at anytime from the beginning of time until present time, it is a forgery. The last thing I ever would have done or would do is suing you for anything or filing any charges against you. You did nothing to me but being decent. And in all these years, I never claimed anything to the contrary. Unlike people who flip and flop in their activities and statements, I am like rock. Even wrongfully locked up in the loony bin or under guardianship.      

If there was a restraining order filed against you, it was done without my knowledge and agreement. I was hoping very much to see you again. You staying away from me was and is the last I wanted or want!   

I am so sorry, Marty, that you had to suffer because of this. I wanted to spare you troubles and that is why I kept you in my heart only without telling RB or anyone else in my family your existence. I thought you wanted to be the Inspector General for Ethics and I didn’t want to be in your way.

I knew RB’s hysteria and how easily she can be manipulated. She was psychiatric implanted to hate and attack Scientology, Ron and you. As she was downtone, it worked on her. 

RB also mentioned to me later several times that she had no idea before end of 1987 of the existence of a person by the name of Mark or Marty Rathbun. And the German government has years later the guts to invite your impostor, Monique’s husband, to Germany to beat up on Scientology some more. They are really beyond corrupt! They are from hell. 

And what did Germany do then? They put up Spain to arrest you on false charges (e.g. relating to the finances of the orgs, etc.) They so often hide cowardly behind other nations so that in case things don’t run completely as they want, other nations are blamed instead of them.

This fits right into what I puzzled together as to what Germany and the monsters behind it did and filed against you. That you wanted to come to Germany to hire an attorney to get to the button of these false charges filed against you by having him contacting me as you noticed that your mail from your attorney in the USA were not delivered to me. And they indeed were not delivered to me. Miscavologists in Munich or the C of S attorneys in Germany also didn’t tell about any such case or that you tried to reach me. The monsters behind Germany run the world with their psychiatric ear implants. 

They thought that they are getting away with it. They never thought that our love will last forever and that we can puzzle things together with the original Scientology knowledge of: thetan basically knows. Fools they are. Lol.     

Be kissed Marty, I love you.

Yours forever,




David Miscavige throwing C of S attorneys under the bus?

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Dearest Marty, my marvelous Prince, husband, and soulmate?

I am thinking often about how your life is and what happened since we saw each other the last time. I also feel that you talk to me spiritually. I wish I could hear you word for word but what I clearly get is that I live as deep in your heart as I live in yours, and this after all these years. Who says that there are no OTs and miracles?   

As the SEGNPMSS wants me to leave the USA (and doing them a favor is the LAST thing on my mind), and as it is a SEGNPMSS-ruled world, nobody tells anything about your whereabouts and your mail, messages, letters, anything at all, that your representatives are sending me, is not forwarded to me by anyone.

But thanks to the real Ron and original Scientology, I won the ability to know what nobody told me. US intelligence officials work against us real Americans for the SEGNPMSS instead of using our abilities to me the USA safer. We could be priceless assets to the USA as we see things as others don’t.       

Back to David Misavige. Let’s concentrate on him, the “ecclesiastical leader” (cough, cough) how he likes to call himself.

Here is what I think happened:

  1. After infiltrators forced me to leave Los Angeles and the Sea Org in 1984, Germany filed a wrongful lawsuit against you behind my back. They were using psychiatric-conditioned RB for this too. What ever was filed against you before 1986 was filed without knowledge of RB or my sister because they didn’t even know of your existence before 1986. I remember very clearly that my sister entered my room in 1986 and asked me: Who is Marty? RB didn’t knew your name either. I didn’t tell anyone your name because I didn’t want RB to cause you any troubles. Anyway, despite I was in contact with “Scientologists” all the time, no message of you or any attorney on your behalf ever was handed to me. I would have hurried to your defense. There was NEVER a time, when the orgs didn’t knew where to reach me, and we never were on no-speaking terms until I left Germany forever at the end of 1989.    
  2. Instead of helping you after Germany set you up, I came to the conclusion that DM let you down. Blatant violation of our Code of Honor. As David Misavige is no Scientologist (accepted Scientology from Ron’s impostor), it is no surprise. Instead of making it a priority to reach me in Germany to get this wrongful case against you dismissed, he had other fish to fry.     
  3. Germany put Spain up to arrest you on additional false charges after they figured that you plan to come to Germany (without violating any restraining order) to contact me via lawyers. Knowing Germany, I suspect that they issued a restraining order against you. This was also done behind my back because I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HEAR FROM YOU! A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST YOU WAS THE LAST I EVER WANTED!!) Germany had Spain arrest you (cowardly SEGNPMSS hides most of the time behind other nations and uses them) so that you can’t see me in Germany. Although that there were communications between the C of S attorneys and the attorneys that you hired, Marty, I believe they did little to nothing to help you. And a lot has to do with David Miscavige who pays the attorneys big sums and could have directed the C of S attorneys to effectively help. Despite that you took the fall in Spain for the C of S (they arrested you on what the orgs allegedly did, despite you had nothing to do with the finances), I believe that DM left your defense completely to yourself. Instead of being defended and set free by the C of S attorneys, I think you had to hire your own attorneys. And not just that, they even conspired behind your back against you and me.
  4. After I got no answers to my letters to various executives in the orgs about your whereabouts, I sued Miscavology for information on you, briefly after I settled in Salt Lake City. This was a clear eye-opener who badly the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists. I was a Scientologist in good standing. I am an IAS member. The IAS promises to unite Scientologists. But not you and me, apparently. I didn’t sue C of S for cash. Not one cent. I don’t need 20.000 watches and designer clothes like DM. All I want is to know what happened to you. Instead of telling me where you are and getting you released from wrongful incarceration, DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor, Cheray’s or Anne’s husband, now Monique’s husband, hire an expensive law firm to kick my pro-se action out of court with providing the odd “Lynn Farney” affidavit. As judges are having ear-implants too and obey to the SEGNPMSS, my case was and the appeals were dismissed. One corrupt world it is. Anyway, most blame goes to David Miscavige as one word of this baboon, and these SLC attorneys were never hired. He is broadly known for micro-management of “Scientology”. He rather wastes Sea Org money to hire attorneys but telling a Scientologist where her soulmate is. But anyone else involved has the similar dirty hands. I also suspect that the main attorneys of C of S knew of my case and that they knew that German case filed against you impossibly could be true. Yet, they work against us. Here is the “victim” who is searching the “perpetrator” because she loves him and has flashes of memories coming back to her being married to him before her memory was psychiatric removed. What monsters are these people anyhow to stand between us?       
  5. And then, there is the thing with the IRS. His Cobness, and your impostor visiting the IRS and “settle” any C of S dispute and reach the non-profit status. (They “won” it because the SEGNPMSS approved it as the Sea Org reserves are in Europe and not in the USA. Germany does not want to pay taxes to IRS for what they consider Germany’s money, even if it is stolen by Germany from the USA to Europe by transmitting in the ears of the infiltrators of Scientology to wire all the Sea Org reserves to Europe.)
  6. Briefly after it was all over the media, I strongly assume that your attorneys asked C of S attorneys who that man is who uses your name. And that is the real reason why  your impostor, Cheray’s or Anne’s husband, now Monique’s husband, blew. He didn’t want to be deposed why he claims to be you. And like Germany, DM hides behind others, by saying that he had nothing to do with it. I guess she said he thought it was you after you were released from your wrongful incarceration. What a lousy leader of Scientology is that anyway who does not apply the basics of the tonescale. It is so easy with the tonescale to figure that you are not Mosey’s husband. Your personalities couldn’t more different. I am able to see on photos often who is the original and who is the impostor or doppelganger. This is also how I saw that President Obama got only Osama’s doppelganger and not the real terrorists. A real Scientologist can read personalities, but when DM claimed that he thought it is you, then he admits that he is no Scientologist as he has not our abilities.
  7. Monique’s husband said later that DM begged him to come back and awarded him with a cruise on the Freewinds and free training. I assume that DM denies it. Although that your impostor is a liar, I am convinced that this statement is correct. Think of this, Marty, he begs your impostor to stay in Scientology! This is how much His Cobness plots against Scientology and us. And I am sure that DM left you in the dark that your impostor remained in Scientology without that your representatives could depose him.  
  8. Then there was the rumor put out by the SEGNPMSS that you would be dead, but I would have felt it, if true. I wasted some years communicating with Scientology haters on Usenet, and after some years (!) I received anonymous messages by a person who indicated that he is similarly disgusted by the haters of Scientology as I am. He mailed me one time some information with the mail but it had a postal stamp on it that was not from a city with a Sea Org. I believe the state was Nevada. Of course he could have sent it from LA or the Int Base to some person in Nevada and then to me, but I gave him the benefit of a doubt. It wasn’t Mike Rinder as the writer was kinder. He didn’t have Rinder’s scornful personality. But I always wondered why he didn’t give me his real name. I am a Scientologist, he is one, so what is the deal with the anonymity if there is nothing to hide? Then, one day, Andy (the Canadian who had Thunderstar) told me at the phone: “Gabino cares about you a great deal…”. I found it quite odd that he tells Andy who he is but not me. Now, I was sure that I was dealing not with a private concerned Scientologist but with OSA. I asked my penfriend about your whereabouts. He promised me to check it out but I never got an answer. I have not heard from him in approx. 10 years. One of the last messages that he sent me is that Monique’s husband is indeed an impostor. But short before Rinder blew, I also got a message from my antonymous penfriend who used remailers to write to me. I can’t recall the message word for word at the moment (I still have it somewhere) but it was basically saying that Mike Rinder suffers under the bad postings that Anti-Scientologist make about him. Apparently, my penfriend got a bit more careless to hide that he is OSA.  In other words: Mike Rinder didn’t tell me about you, but wanted me to improve his reputation on the Internet. Yes, it is outrageous from side of Mike Rinder. It was the false message to write to me as I have seen Mike Rinder in videos, while he still was in Scientology and always was of the opinion that he is not a Scientologist and stupid and shouldn’t be on staff at all. And on top of all, Rinder has my name written (via Fritz Kavenaar) without my knowledge and agreement in his idiotic secret service programs, and after he learned that I am anything but charmed by him, use his own programs against me by publishing it on your impostor’s blog. They are agents. I am not. Not just DM needs his behind legally kicked. 
  9. Something else must have happened in 2004, when Monique’s husband blew a second time. I assume that you found out that your impostor stayed in Scientology because DM personally arranged it. You tried to despose him via your own attorneys, and how conveniently, DM and the Miscavologists didn’t produce him as he “blew” again!               
  10. Around this time, C of S publishes a photo of you in a RTC publication in your 40s. I was happy to see this photo but it was also very confusing as it implied that I was wrong and you not wrongfully incarcerated. 
  11. There were some posts on ARS from Chuck Beatty (he blames the real Ron on what his impostor did or didn’t do) saying he has knowledge about you as to what happened to you but nothing that he wrote made me recognize you, Marty. After a few years low-key, Monique’s husband posts on the Scientology hate message board “Ex Scientologist Message” and from his style, I could definitely tell that he was not you.     
  12. Then your impostor did the “Truth Rundown” (some “truth) in the St. Peterburg Times, he had his heydays as an “Independent Scientologist” (year right), then as “no Scientologist” and even making down the founder, then he even flirted with a “course” to leave Scientology, which could be portrayed as “deprogramming”, and finally another 360 grade turn, he is pro Miscavology again. (He even worked with the German government together against SCN. Germany! That set up the legal cases against you and knew better than any country that Monique’s husband is an impostor as it is the country behind sending him into SCN as your impostor in the first place!) While he is filmed speaking pro Miscavology, his eyes wander to two people behind the camera. One doesn’t see the people (typical) who interview him, but the surrounding is a law office, imo. 
  13. During all these years of mudslinging in the public between David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and your impostor, these three, the “other Troika” kept conspiring all the time about your whereabouts and your wrongful incarceration so that I can’t come to your rescue and you can’t come to mine. And no rescue can come to Scientology, Scientologists or the world.  No Scientologist would do this to another one. But lawless agents do. Keeping my blog down in the search engines is also in the interest of DM, Monique’s husband, and Mike Rinder, and DM is doing just that. 
  14. And now, after the world is convinced that Monique’s husband and Monique got paid big sums by DM, and very suspiciously, not even the former attorneys of Monique’s husband and Monique go forward to sue these two to be paid for one million dollars of legal work, I assume that David Miscavige throws the C of S attorneys under the bus by claiming that he knew nothing and that your impostor was paid by them and OSA staff without his knowledge. Yeah right! Who is he micro manager kidding? It reminds me to what Trump said about his attorney’s payment to S. Daniels. Except that your impostor and his wife for sure got a hell of a lot more cash than she got. With Scientology money, DM pays C of S attorneys regularly fortunes. However, as they are officers of the court, they are not allowed to whitewash DM if he has dirty hands. Will they make the lawful decision or will they go down with him?     

         I have no official knowledge of what happens on your side or within the C of S, Marty. But I have OT intuitions, like you, and I can’t image my life without them. So glad to be a real Scientologists.

Be tender and passionately kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,


The other “troika”: David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and Monique’s husband

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince,

Not quite sure if below happened on your side of the story exactly like it, but I am sure that I am closer to the truth than anyone else who wasn’t briefed on any of this.

I decided to join Scientology again in 1977   

You decided to join Scientology again in 1977

Your impostor, Monique husband, said he joined Scientology in 1977 via a mission in OR.

I believe that he was  hired by the SEGNPMSS in 1977,  after we joined Scientology, because they planned to “replace” you with him from the start. Similar as they hired corrupt impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) to “replace” the noble founder Ron  (without his knowledge) with  the fake agent right from the start. I think the real Ron suspected something like this but how to catch and convict one after Germany and its psychs  installed everyone ear-implants and made all to their mind-controlled servants? When the real Ron lectured very valuable lessons in one part of the world, his impostor “lectured” crap in another part of the world.         

We all know the outcome: Ron is blamed on what his SEGNPMSS-run impostor did and same appears to happen to you. The media, TV, books, courts/government, videos, blogs, rest of the Internet, etc., all claim wrongfully that Monique’s husband is you. Ortega for example misinforms his readers often, including yesterday, by mixing your ethical conduct (don’t do anything illegal, be ethical) with Monique’s husband DM enforcer-bully-attitude and his above-the-law-activities, by (deliberately) not differentiating between you and the impostor.

Besides from ruining your life and reputation and torturing you behind bars, I am convinced that Monique’s husband was hired to make me of all people to give up on you. It also shows me that the SEGNPMSS consists of anything BUT Scientologists, otherwise they would know that I can see the differences in your and his characters right away, even on photos.

Marty, SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of you, because you are a very good person. 

It is taking over Scientology and destroying it from the inside and out. Unlike you and me – DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor always functioned well for them: Pharma donations were accepted to make Scientology move into the wrong direction. Psychiatric devices are used in Scientology (as running in circles and the spin device in the “SP Building”). We are being kept apart. Lots of other crap that the SEGNPMSS radioed in the ears implants of “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor, and you know who was/is introduced to Scientology, including the anti-Semitic NOI cult.  And still existing Nazi psychs ordered this all to alter and destroy original Scientology as they fear the world could get better and smarter with it and people could figure them out as the real Ron and we both did, Marty.  

Back to the events, in blue fonts. 

You did not know that an impostor with the same name (as if this is not a dead giveaway  of what the SEGNPMSS does, incl. cloning – which results in very similar looks but not in similar characters!) was sent into a Scientology Mission in Oregon.

You joined the Sea Org, you worked in the Legal Departments of Scientology with the attorneys, and you became the Inspector General for Ethics.

While you conducted ethical legal work, e.g. on legal matters and later as Inspector General for Ethics, we both met again in the mid 80s, and that was the wonderful part. As I am a top SEGNPMSS target, they forced me out of Scientology, using psych-conditioned RB as my “concerned” mother and with that lie, Germany and the p$ychs violated and denied many of my human rights. However, I figured them out and they got a lot more problems now as if they would have left us alone, Marty. 

SEGNPMSS behind Germany set up cases against you (and also used Spain for that) arrested and kept you, the innocent, behind bars – with the USA and other countries helping them. And these officials and other people still obey Germany as of today. As if they flunked history in school big time.

As you are a top SEGNPMSS target, prison is a lot worse for you than just incarceration as they deliberately target you to cave in, give up, and torture you. I am your soulmate, Marty, that is why I know this. We share feelings. In other words: in prison, it is much harder for you than others who are also incarcerated. I am not sure if we both or just you or just me will be able to survive the SEGNPMSS set ups, but may I be dead or alive, I will not let them get away with what they have done. This I promise you!   

I never stopped loving you, Marty. There were a few short periods where I thought we never meet again and that you don’t need my help and moved on without me, but I always looked for info on you in SCN magazines. And even in those short periods where I thought you might have moved on and found happiness with someone else, you never left my heart. 

At the end of the 80s, I felt that you were arrested in Spain, despite that the SEGNPMSS behind the media reports made it look like as if Heber Jentzsch was the highest Scientology officials who was arrested. Germany didn’t want you to meet me in Germany as the SEGNPMSS was aware that I never would lie that you harmed me, even if  you would have moved on without me. Before you could travel to Germany, SEGNPMSS ordered Spain to arrest you on wrongful charges. I know how these monsters conspire and set things up. Usually they hide behind other countries or nationals as they are cowards.   

DM and everyone else knew that you had nothing to do with the financial side of Scientology, except reminding all staff on being ethical. Yet, he let you take the fall. His father was accused of rape, and DM did help him out and even allowed him to move in the SO! You are innocent, and who is helping you out? Surely not His Cobness who has the character of a louse in my opinion, a complete non-Scientologist he is!    

I think that your wrongful arrest by the end of the 80s was Monique’s husbands “cue card” stepping out of the shadows of the Portland mission, in which he hung out. He took over your position in the Sea Org and it is impossible that DM, Mike Rinder, and others didn’t knew that he is an impostor. They knew that you were wrongfully arrested in Spain. You couldn’t just walk back into your office and resume your job.  Besides, the differences of your characters are striking. 

I tried to find you but received no answer from the Scientology executives who I addressed. Then I tried to do it with a pro se legal case. This was during the time in which Mike Rinder was the OSA in charge. Instead of just telling me (a real Scientologist in good standing, a Sea Org member, and an IAS member) where you are and saving thousands of dollars of legal costs, they hired attorneys in Salt Lake City to get my case rid in court. Typical for people who committed horrible OWs and for those who claim to be Scientologists but are none.

This action shows that they conspire against you. They knew that I was trying to help you, and they slammed the door in my face. Typical Mike Rinder, your impostor, and David Miscavige, which are together “the other Troika”, and also typical for their other co-conspirators in or outside of the orgs.   

Yet, a few years later, DM, and Mike Rinder tried to use me. They had my name written in at least one of their stupid (and unlawful) secret service OSA programs. All that without my knowledge or consent! After Mike Rinder blew, he tried to dead agent me by publishing his own program on  your impostor’s blog to blame me on what HE cooked out or at least approved! Marty, I could not think lower of him, DM, and your impostor.

These guys really are stupid secret service agents, but I am not. I feel offended when someone tries to use me for covert activities. Besides, they just create more disasters instead of saving Scientology. These programs are SEGNPMSS-controlled and drafted in a way that they backlash and Scientology gets the blame. (I posted about this before.) My handling for people who are attacking Scientology is publishing the truth: Germany’s psychiatric-run secret services launched an international infiltration of Scientology and even hired impostors for Ron and for you to change SCN and turn it into a cult. Once this is out in the open, nobody will listen anymore to any blah blah that Tory Christman or Chuck Beatty have to say. Instead of doing that, Miscavology and Rinderology writes my name of all people in their ineffective, unethical, and even unlawful programs and then, Rinder and your impostor had the guts to blame their lawlessness on me who never knew of these programs and never gave my consent to any of them. It is outrageous!      

I had an anonymous penfriend for a while who started to email me one day. In the beginning, he tried to make the impression that he is a private Scientologist concerned with what was going on in ARS. He never said so, but after a while, I came to the conclusion that he is in the SO, likely OSA. It wasn’t cynical Mike Rinder. He had a much nicer personality than Rinder, however, as he didn’t write me his real name, I didn’t consider him a real friend. Thunderstar Andy in Canada dropped the name Gavino to me. I found it even more strange that he ID’d himself to Andy but not to me. 

When I was sure that he was OSA, I asked this penfriend if he knows about your whereabouts. He said he would check but I got never an answer to this question from him. 

One mail from him, sent shortly before Rinder blew in 2009, praised Rinder. It appeared that Rinder was concerned about this reputation and that I was expected to battle his enemies. It was the wrong message to send to me. I always thought Rinder was dumb and corrupt. Besides, So, why should I engage myself for Miscavology? They deny our rights but I work for them? What are they? Nuts? 

During this time, the mails of my penfriends got pushier. But I didn’t act on them as they wanted because they were not honest with me. 

However, after Mike Rinder had blown, I got one last message from this anonymous penfriend, (I haven’t heard from him almost a decade) it wasn’t pushy anymore for me to do things for them but confirming that Mosey’s husband is an impostor. And that was it. 

Today, that Mike Rinder and DM wanted me to handle their enemies for them. It is outrageous, isn’t it? Who do they think they are? What are we? Slaves of infiltrators?     

Back to the timetrack to the blue fonts. DM made Monique’s husband to his right hand. DM sure felt much closer to Monique’s husband, his partner in crime, than he did to you. You are a real Scientologist. You are not an agent but the others. As His Cobness is a non-Scientologist, he felt a lot closer to fellow non-Scientologists Mike Rinder and your impostor.  You were not the right hand of David Miscavige.  Monique’s husband was and still sort of is.

Greedy Germany wants the Sea Org reserves in Europe to make itself get richer. That is why the US tax deal came thru in 1993. SEGNPMSS plans to strike the non-profit status if the Sea Org reserves are transferred back to the USA were they belong.     

I think that your legal representatives approached DM and the C of S lawyers (who should have helped you getting out of your wrongful incarceration in then first place but didn’t). I am also sure that they were informed on my legal case that I filed in SLC to learn where you are and didn’t settle with me by not telling me where you are. I strongly assume that your representatives told and asked DM and his attorneys: Marty Rathbun is wrongfully incarcerated.  Who is that man with the same name who accompanied David Miscavige to the IRS?     

Suspiciously, shortly after the success with the IRS, Monique’s husband (back then: Cheray’s or Anne’s husband) didn’t enjoy his fame in the SO for the tax deal and rather blew the Sea Org. I wondered often why he would act this way. And it made sense that the blew to get away from these legal issues that came with impersonating you even before the government.  It also helped DM and Mike Rinder so that they could tell your representatives something like this: “We had no idea that he was an impostor! We thought it was your client who finally was released from his wrongful incarceration! We thought it was him! Wow! But it is too late! We can’t help you, the impostor blew!”

 (Yeah right, I am 100% certain that they knew from day one that you are impersonated and founder Ron was impersonated.)

And then, according to Monique’s husband, David Miscavige, awarded the downstat traitor (after he blews) with free training on the Freewinds, which is completely off policy.  

In other words, DM kept your impostor actively in Scientology and the Sea Org, knowing he is your impostor. And I also bet the farm that DM didn’t inform you or your representatives on this. It seems that DM and your impostor “worked” even closer together after the latter completed his training on the Freewinds.    

When your were in your 40s, the C of S published ONE correct photo of you in one of their publications. No idea how they got, it but I am sure it was done with the intention to make me think that you are not wrongfully incarcerated, that you are fine and moved on and I should do. But you know me, Marty, I don’t do the SEGNPMSS any favors. I also don’t think flat but in many layers and the layers didn’t add up.    

In 2003/2004 something happened again, and after behaving like the above-the-law-infiltrator and impostor that he is, Monique’s husband blew again. It likely had something to do with your legal representatives getting answers on why this impostor is in Scientology claiming to be you.    

He stayed quiet for a few years, hooked up with Mosey, but decided to continue to impersonate you. 

Here is what I think has happened next: In 2009, some light was shed on the relationship that DM and your impostor had by the latter giving an interview to the Tampa Times and the “Truth Rundown” (some truth!).  To me became clear that Monique’s husband, David Miscavige, and Mike Rinder, despite not liking each other, conspired all these years in the Sea Org together, and the later two and the C of S attorneys did not inform you that your impostor was back in Scientology for years lying that he was you and ruining your reputation. 

They sure didn’t inform you and your representatives that DM asked your impostor to come back and even awarded him and promoted him to a higher position. C of S publications also confirmed that Monique’s husband was a top executive and that he was brutal and above the law.        

I assume that after 2009, your representatives approached DM, Mike Rinder, and the C of S attorneys again, and they played the surprised… DM for example: “The impostor came back again? How dare this impostor! I knew nothing about this and what his purpose is. I thought he is the original Marty who came back. I am the ecclesiastical leader of SCN, I have no time for this, I have to run a religion! (Yeah right! Destroying is the better word for it.) Mike Rinder is the man for these details, blah blah, signed: His Cobness.”   

I also would like to know what Tommy Davis knew about him and couldn’t tell. That he is your imposter? 

And what else happened in 2009? Mike Rinder blew. To me, it looks that Mike Rinder decided that the questions of your representatives were getting legally too hot for him as the man above OSA so this “Troika” member blew too in 2009 and hooked up a bit later with your impostor. Just what DM needed to be able to state directly or via his attorneys something like: “Don’t know what was or is going on between Rinder and Monique’s husband, both blew, has nothing to do with me, I have a religion to run, good-bye.” 

Although this kind of “troika” was officially at war: Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder v. DM, and DM v. Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, they kept conspiring against you and me by never publishing that Monique’s husband is not you.

Monique’s husband even traveled to Germany in 2011 to work with Germany against Scientology. Germany’s leaders and officials know that the man is an impostor as they made sure that you are wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you did not commit! They used your impostor against Scientology by knowing that he impossible can be you as you were wrongfully behind bars.  

Actually, it probably never entered the small minds of David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Monique’s husband, and the likes that you had no other choice than taking legal steps against Monique’s husband and his open and covertly supporters in order to establish that his reputation and crimes  are not yours. What Monique’s husband confesses without feeling shame (e.g. ripping into people and destroying legal evidence, etc.) you never would have committed.

During the last years both, Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder, turned (on just about all subjects) against DM, but they keep conspiring against you like on day one by not admitting publicly that Monique’s husband is your impostor in pretty much the same fashion as “Jack Vistaril” was the creepy impostor of noble founder Ron. It doesn’t matter how hard they were at each other’s throat, they kept and keep conspiring together against you, and me, And in regards to that the founder was impersonated, they conspire against all Scientologists and the rest of the world. 

And now, Monique’s husband suddenly works again for His Cobness by taking his side and helping DM to a better reputation if this is all possible.  Your impostor’s pro DM videos on C of S webpage show this fact clearly. 

What is DM’s and his attorneys justification now by likely paying your impostor handsomely with Scientology money instead of publishing who the man truly is?

DM knows that Monique’s husband is an impostor. I am sure that there were numerous conversations between your representatives and the C of S lawyers and also DM. The last videos with your impostor likely were filmed in a law firm that represents the C of S and DM. How do they want to get away with: “We had no idea that there is an impostor… and we have nothing to do with it?”

According to what I saw, no actions that anyone ever filed against DM got him really in legal troubles. He sits on Scientology money by using the “affidavit” of Ron’s impostor in 1986, despite Ron’s impostor was not entitled to pass SCN to anyone.  DM pays with this money to make his legal troubles go away.

But in your and my case, Marty, he can’t pay his way out. I think you and me, we are DM’s real legal troubles, and this is also one reason, why he keeps my blog down in the search engines by hiring “professionals”. 

DM is such a great tool for Germany. SEGNPMSS can bust anyone from any position at any time on all levels of the society and this all over the world. They didn’t with him as they considered him an ideal man to do what they want. 

I think that DM is in deep legal troubles over his activities with your impostor. But I assume that DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor all think that they got away so many times, that they will get away again. They are no Scientologists, otherwise they would know the OW sequence doesn’t spare them. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,









Some more of my thoughts, this time about legal actions against your impostor, Marty

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Marty, my dearest, my Prince, my husband, my soulmate, how are your days and nights?

You can lean on me. I can read personalities and yours is awesome . Can’t say that about the personalities of the rest of the population in this universe. Love is such a corny word, yet, the monsters against us can’t break our love.

Who wouldn’t like to move objects with the mind or fly with the body. But there is another superpower and this is our love. After all these years, after millions of lies and plots to break our love, nothing has succeeded, and nothing ever will.

Even if psychiatrists would steal my memory to you again, Marty. In the moment, I lie eyes on you again, I love you again. Because what is emanating from your personality is so special and amazing that I can’t and don’t want differently than loving you. The universal price of the most irresistible man goes to you, Marty.

And impostors don’t have it. They are other people and emanate something else but your personality. I could also see that Ron was personalized. Guess one of my superpowers is being a seer. And it comes easy to me. Or in other words, I am an original Scientologist, and that is why I can do what I can do.   

Your impostor claimed on numerous times that he is you. I also think that he always was a “Mark” and became a “Marty” only and first after he decided to impersonate you, after Germany told Spain to arrest you to prevent you seeing me in Germany. I posted numerous times, and now again, that I still have no thread evidence that Germany filed a case against you, e.g. using RB, alleging (deliberately but very wrongfully!) that you caused harm to me when we last saw each other. However, I never was able to ditch this feeling. It is thetan basically knows. Another thing the German-ordered and -controlled conspiracy can’t do anything about it. 

I was thinking that you sued Monique’s husband for being your impostor and painting a completely wrong picture of you. And you have very much the right to do this. How dare him to claim that he is you. You and he could not be more different. With his remarks about your legacy in Scientology, all you did before he showed up around 1990, he ruins your legacy.

You were not an enforcer and a bully. You were an ethical and lawful person and staff member. I saw you in operation. Completely different from what Monique’s husband did. He and Germany, and the psychs behind him and this set up… All really stupid to think that I fall for it. But it tells me that they can’t read personalities at all, otherwise they wouldn’t use impostors. They would know that we don’t fall for this and such lawless acts come back to bite them. 

I am living in a remote part of the world, waiting for this conspiracy to trap itself completely and for you to contact me, Marty. And even here, with just few people living here, there is a doppelganger of me, so I’ve heard. Ridiculous. As if you would fall for one. The moment we see each other again, we know it is us, as the essential personality can’t be impersonated. Also, people who take jobs to impersonate others to conspire against them are low on the tonescale. It always shows. We can see it.

So, it is possible that you filed legal actions against your impostor, Monique’s husband, who suddenly showed up in Scientology, taking over your Inspector General for Ethics position, who (unlike you) committed unlawful acts, who then left Scientology to become an alleged “independent” Scientologist, then “no Scientologist”, then a Scientology hater, and now a pro Miscavologist.

To me it seems that Monique’s husband “bonded” again over legal steps that you filed against your impostor. The recent pro Miscavology videos with Monique’s husband are taped apparently in a law firm. I bet it is a law firm of attorneys who represent David Miscavige and the “Church of Scientology”, which is rather the Church of Miscavology these days.

Most people who watch your impostor (but conceal that he is your impostor) think that he got big amounts of money from David Miscavige. And some of this cash is probably used by your impostor to defend himself against the legal steps that you took against your impostor. Maybe David Miscavige and Mike Rinder are also a part of this legal case, after all, it is impossible that they didn’t knew and approved of Monique’s husband (back then, nobody’s husband, then Cheray’s husband, then Anne’s husband) who has taken over your life in a big-bang-stupid move trying to mislead me that he is you. They are such idiots. They would fall for it, if it would be done to them, but never I! 

In other words: You, the innocent, took the fall of the orgs in Spain, and you were wrongfully accused of having harmed me. David Miscavige bails his father out who was accused of rape (and has a person who he thinks is a rapist live in the Sea Org!) but they don’t help you out. DM and his people think that Miscavige Sr. is guilty of rape, nevertheless, DM bailed him out and bought him a house. You are innocent and you are not being helped. They disgust me, Marty. From the bottom of my heart. 


Also strange is the behavior of the attorneys who represented Monique “Mosey” Rathbun Banks in her case against Scientology who she suddenly withdrew after her attorneys allegedly put work in their case for a million Dollars. They seem to think that Monique and her husband made a deal with David Miscavige and that they should be their legal work but don’t.

The justification of Ray Jeffrey not collecting fees from Monique and her husband (at least at the moment) is because he has someone new in his life or something like. This is ridiculous. I believe he did a Facebook posting on this. Gee! One matter is business, one matter is private. No reason not to go after them legally. If a lawyer can’t concentrate on his work because having a new relationship, he can’t be a qualified attorney. The other attorneys, e.g. Leslie Hyman, also spare Monique and her husband, at least at the moment. Or do they also have a new relationship that stops them from collecting what they allegedly worked for?

It is as if these attorneys don’t want your above the law impostor cave under more legal the pressure that your legal action already does to him. Despite that he doesn’t want them to get paid. Or they are afraid to end up in your legal actions as co-conspirators?

Whatever is being plotted, I noticed that you and me, Marty, we are those who are conspired against most. Because we are the absolute anti-Nazis and anti-psychs.

Former “friends” become suddenly enemies, and enemies suddenly make u-turns and work again together with former enemies as long as the truth is further concealed. 

Agents, is the word. No, stupid agents, is the better word. 

The Scientology TV station is schedule to start soon with much delay:

Again, I am anything but in awe with David Miscavige. The money for a Scientology TV station was there for many decades. He held the expansion down by not having a TV channel already over 30 years ago!

As far as his justification is concerned that the MEST is not good enough: the Munich org boomed when it just had wooden chairs and desk and they didn’t even fit together in style. It was clean but very modest. However, people came because of the wisdom of Scientology. Besides, if he would not have held back the TV channel for more than three decades, there would be a large number of Scientologists, groups, missions, and orgs all over the planet that would have invested in really neat MEST.

It is just the justification of a non-Scientologist,  actually a SP, first MEST, then expansion, if ever. 

Why a TV channel now? Because David Miscavige, His Cobness, wants to better his reputation in the world. That’s all to it. Otherwise, there still wouldn’t be one.

There is one concern that I am having with this TV station, Marty. Numerous Scientologists still don’t approve of psychiatry. The psychiatric campaign that started when Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV on the Internet and in the media against Scientology and to improve the reputation of psychiatry was very obvious, at least to you and me. Their disgusting ear-implants rule.

I am afraid that p$ychs plan an atrocity to stop the expansion of Scientology through a TV station. They want to prevent this TV station and this is also why it takes so long to get it going. Ear implants.

I feel something more than just a campaign in the media against Scientology like after the Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer discussion. It is again: thetan basically know. I don’t know how to prevent it without any evidence and just having the feeling. On top, DM hires a professional service to keep my blog down in the search engines. The FBI and the police doesn’t even act if there is concrete evidence as you have read in the atrocity in Parkland. Scientologists should watch out for robotic people among them. They are psychiatric-conditioned. The problem is however, that original Scientologists are rare. The secret German-infiltration turned the next generation into Vistarologists (Ron’s impostor) and again another generation into Miscavologists. The latter two generations are much blinder than the original Scientologists as we are.        

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


I am very happily stuck 😉 on you, Marty!





How can these be truthful statements if your impostor wasn’t even in the Scientology picture in 1985?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and hero,

Besides, what is said by Monique’s husband, your impostor (who was before close to Mike Rinder and now seems to be again close to Miscavige) IS CONSTANTLY  OUT OF CHARACTER FOR YOU. 

This is a sentence of Tony Ortega’s hateblog:

“…Mark “Marty” Rathbun, then a member of the All Clear Unit, later recalled: “Miscavige and I directed a couple dozen staff, frenetically working through each and every night to provide Earle [Cooley, Scientology’s lead attorney] with material to discredit each witness on cross examination … We liberally used material from the ethics records from their days in the church, even copying internal records on the cross [examination].”

Hmm, what about Larry Brennan, the later Denise? He was the one who David Miscavige made to be your senior (one of the many “smart” moves of DM). If the statement above is true, how come there is no mention of Brennan????? As far as the hierarchic order are concerned, His Cobness would have ordered Brennan and not you.  

Your impostor is an agent. So is David Miscavige who denied in a narrative that the CIA was/is running Scientology. So who high-jacked Scientology except Germany and its international p$ychs? (I am not implying that the CIA is not also involved as Germany’s and international psychs’ poodle.)

Scieentology always was the target of p$ychs. Reason for them to infiltrate Scientology. But briefly after Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV talking to Matt Lauer, ten years ago, the attacks increased: Anonymous started to attack Scientology and the media increased its attacks against Scientology. Infiltrators were told by their ordered to break away and attack Scientology, and the reputation of Scientology sunk more than ever in the eyes of the public. Can anymore spell psychiatry and Germany? 

I love you, Marty.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. I never read your impostors books, Marty. But it seems that this agent smears your legacy in Scientology by telling readers in his books wrongfully that he is you. Typically for a German-p$ych-oriented and run agent. I too think that he was paid by DM and that other infiltrators of the C of S and the attorneys involved don’t mind paying large sums to an impostor. How rotten can it get?



Forger Paul Horner is dead

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

During his life, Scientology-hating Horner did nothing but causing problems and misinforming people. He was a liar through and through. I didn’t wish him to die, but he should have known why some people are saying that “Karma is a bitch”. If he would have understood the SCN OW sequence as a fact and not having tried to destroy and forge about SCN all the time, I bet he still would be alive. He wasn’t even 40. 

The Internet is not the highway of information because there is so much fake information on it. Horner helped to make it worse by misinforming people.   

No signs of foul play?

I see something different, I see: The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go. Should be a warning for anyone who does SEGNPMSS dirty work. Then they get rid of the people and have them overdose or “commit suicide” once they feel they can’t use them anymore. 

And people like him are attacking Scientology and promoting psychiatry and the pharma industry and then they die by taking their “products”. Can anyone of them spell the word idiots?

I ran into Paul Horner on Usenet one day. He did not just forge me and defame my state of mind, he also committed crimes against you, Marty.

Paul Horner aka Fred Durks aka Darude al Ungar (using all kinds of fake posting names). He used to rip off websites of others. Amazon and Microsoft filed complaints against him. Links:

He ripped off the too and webbed the with very altered context, making the religious extremists look very good and registered this rip off website in my and your (Marty Rathbun’s) name. They were on the net for a long time and then he finally took them down or he sold them to somebody else.

There are some people who think that Monique’s husband never commented on me. But they are wrong. He e-mailed Paul Horner on me (not clarifying that he isn’t you) and Paul published his message to rub it in my face. Horner was very interested getting between us, Marty. 

His brother thinks that Paul is now out there somewhere. Yet, Paul attacked Scientology that approaches in scientific away that people don’t cease to exist after physical death.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Keep on surviving. Unless Horner, you are worth the universe!

Yours always,


                                                                                                                                                                   “Good for nothing” soundtrack is good


So, who met Ford Greene on June 15, 1989 in the USA if you were wrongfully arrested by the Spaniards upon secret German orders in November 1988 in Madrid?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, how are you?

It is a shame that Emmys are awarded to people (Mike Rinder and Leah Remini) who conceal in their A&E TV show that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and agents and that even the founder of Scientology and you were replaced by impostors.  

Also what is all that smooching and cuddling between Mike Rinder and Leah Remini who are married to other people? More than one picture of that around on the net. Looks like “some ethics”.  There were outraged posts and threads about David Miscavige’s assistants hand (Laurisse) resting possessively on His Cobness shoulder who is also married to someone else. And yes, no professional assistant does that to her married boss. And no married boss allows it.  DM did. But are Remini and Rinder any better? Their pictures are even more revealing imo and don’t show a professional relationship.  

Forde Greene got some 15 minutes fame on Remini’s and Rinder’s “documentary”. (Some “documentary”!)  There is still RFW info on Greene on the net:

According to them, Greene was psychiatric committed and later had  been involved in “deprogramming” people including his own sister. Yikes! My “kind of person”. Having being kidnapped myself and being put through this ordeal, I have no sympathy at all for people who cannot convince others with normal 2-way communication and without kidnappings of their allegedly better ways. 

Anyway, Tony Ortega (who I think knows very well that the founder and you were/are were replaced by impostors and withholds those facts from his cool-aide drinking flock) takes issue with Monique’s husband having stated on a recent video that he never met Forde Greene.

Greene (who in my opinion knows too of the impostors and also is quiet about this disgusting psychiatric secret service activity)  provided “proof” that a “Mr. Rathbun” was present during the deposition of Aznaran and that he lied never have met him. She and her husband Richard were non-Scientologists and gold-diggers imo. Anyway, here is an excerpt of a transcript that Greene provided:    


According to Ortega, Vicki Aznaran was disposed on June 15, 1989. But according to my intuition, you were wrongfully arrested in Spain around November 21, 1988. Which means that the “Mr. Rathbun” was your impostor who possibly was present during the deposition. That means that he was active on your org post just 6 months after your wrongful arrest! (Likely much sooner but this could be the first legal record of it.) You were the ethical Inspector General for Ethics and then suddenly, there was “the enforcer”, not your personality but that one of your impostor.

What’s chilling is that the SEGNPMSS and agents David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and who else was at it taking over Scientology around that time, hurried to let you down, leave you behind (blatant violation of the Code of a Scientologists) by hiring your impostor probably immediately after your wrongful arrest so that I and no other decent person can’t claim that you are missing. And it turned out to be the ultimate psychiatric loser action, because I noticed right away that he is not you, Marty. I have no doubt that he mainly was hired for me to think you are free and happy and that you don’t need or want me.  Shame, shame, shame on Germany, psychs, the secret services, the current and former infiltrators in the orgs, and the outside “critics” who all avoid by all means talking about the elephants (not just one) in the elevator.  

I read Ortega’s blog (on the rarest occasions some of the retarded comments on his blog) since years. He thinks he “brings Scientology down” but his postings didn’t change my opinions and attitude on Scientology, the real founder Ron, or you in the slightest. That means that he is not capable to bring Scientology down. A man who sweeps so much under the carpet as he does will not succeed as many people knows that he does exactly that. Same goes for what Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are doing. People are fed with something else but the true story about Scientology. Those who know the true story will never fall for their crap or lies. By ignoring the elephants in the elevator they just fed the uninformed with misinformation. 

How do you feel, Marty, having done ethical and lawful work in Scientology and therefore being targeted by Germany and its German and international secret service p$ychs who control Spanish and US authorities (and all other authorities on the planet) to leave you behind in rough prisons were you are tortured for decades? What a betrayal! What an inhuman thing to do! They are having human bodies but are they human beings? Nobody who leaves an innocent man like you behind has human qualifications. And they all know that you are innocent but were framed.

The day you come free, Marty, I wonder to where non-Scientologists David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Monique’s husband, and anyone involved in those psychiatric German set-ups will flee and hide. And they are idiots if they think they will get away with it. As we ever would stop bringing them to justice in courts of law. What they did and do can’t be forgiven. One forgives people who forget one’s birthday but not monsters. As monsters think that crime pays and they continue to be monsters also in future lifetimes and this world never gets better.  

Was Mike Rinder directed by DM to hire the man who is today Monique’s husband to replace you? If yes, how come he still keeps it a secret as alleged opponent of DM? Doesn’t that mean that he still works with DM and the impostor together to bring Scientology down but the public should never know?  

This is from Ortega’s blog:

But Mike Rinder tells us that the analogy is not perfect. In 1994, the Aznarans approached Rinder, then a top Scientology official in his own right, and Rathbun wasn’t involved in those settlement talks, he tells us. “They did not do any deal with Marty — they disliked him,” Rinder says.

Gee, he calls Rinder a top Scientology official in his own right… What right? Infiltrator right?

If this is true what Rinder says, here is my comment about the Aznarans: How stupid and/or corrupt are these two not seeing/publishing that you were impostored by the man who is today Monique’s husband?  Also: why did the Aznarans not publish that even the founder was illegally replaced by impostor “Jack Vistaril”. What kind of “Scientologists” are those who don’t mind Scientology being re-written and altered by a secret service dude “Jack Vistaril” who is above the law? They are no Scientologists. Nobody who allows this is one.

Anyway, Rinder said over and over that DM micromanages and instructed him very detailed in countless (“many, many”) situations. Besides from that he should notice different personalities on his own, I think it is impossible that married Mr. Rinder (smooch, cuddle Remini, not his wife) wasn’t/isn’t involved in covering up that Ron, the founder was “replaced” and that you are impostored by Monique’s husband. I bet he was a key person in hiring your impostor on the Inspector General for Ethics job and leaving you behind. 

Besides of a secret settlement between MonHus and His Cobness, these three still conspire together, keeping the impostors a secret. “Fine people”, all three of them.

I love you, Marty. Thinking and dreaming of you. And I believe in you. From the first glance. 🙂    

Yours always, Sarah/Barbara