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Why the monsters behind Germany and psychiatry want to rid the world of God, religious philosophies, and religions

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Dearest Marty, you are a very rare phenomenon in this blind world… 

When I look at the world, history, and present time, I noticed that people think less and less of God, religious philosophies, and religions and that medicine and psychiatry (or “neuro-science”), and the pharmaceutical industry has a much better reputation, despite all they have done wrong in the past and still do wrong in the present.

This is of course due to psychiatrists, neuro-“scientists”, and medical doctors sending silent and loud sounds through the ear- and body implants of the people to control their thinking. And that is of course not all they do. They also send their agents (some psychiatric conditioned and hypnotized to conduct violence) into religious movements and organisations to preach violence or commit violent acts. That “helps” the monsters behind Germany, psychiatry, medicine, and the international pharmaceutical industry (SEGNPMSS) to make the world think that God doesn’t exist or is bad and that religious philosophies and religions should be eliminated.

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” also falls into the trap: Remember the line …and no religion too.

To make this song and the lyrics impact people even more, I bet the farm that the SEGNPMSS conditioned M.D. Chapman to murder Lennon “in the name of God”. With people who don’t think for themselves, it sure works. I have not much time to read what people comment on articles and forums but it does not need much time. One glance over the comments of people active on the Internet say how many there are who really think that medicine is good or does it best and religions are bad and God is to blame. 

For me, this never made sense. I saw religions general as a reminder to do the right things and religious philosophies (particularly Scientology) as a way to get my spiritual questions answered. And I always felt the presence of God in me and around me. He differs a lot from the gruesome “God” that psychiatric- and medical-altered and -infiltrated religions describe. All my life, I had a very personal father-daughter relationship with this spiritual being.

I don’t pray despite I am likely more religious than anyone. I always found prayers repetitious. Do some people think God is bad of hearing or has a bad memory that they have to repeat the same prayer all the time? Since I remember, I talk to God in my thoughts. Even loud if I feel like. I tell him my troubles, my plans, ask him what he thinks about things, tell him what I think of things…

This spiritual connection and these conversations resulted in that I put myself in God’s shoes. I bet psychs find something wrong with that, haha, like: “That is insane!”

As you know, I give a damn on what psychs say. I wanted to know how God feels. How is it being out there alone with no peer or equal and people expecting him to save them for all eternity to come when something goes wrong in their lives.  

You and I know that he is a being with feelings. Yet, the world expect him to be the eternal lonely fire department. By putting myself in God’s shoes, I realized immediately, that people have no right to ask him to be the eternal fire department and having to serve them. They have to give their all and their best to prevent bad conditions, eliminate them, and create a better world. They just can’t dump this responsibility completely onto God. He has feelings, for crying out loud. Realizing this quickly, I thought that people should ask themselves if THEY would want to be the eternal servant of people who on top support the SEGNPMSS (if they know it or not), which wants to get rid of religions by perverting them and the belief in God?

So what is exactly the “problem” that these medical doctors and psychs (former barbers and butchers) are having with religions and God? Why do they want a godless world? Easy for us to answer, Marty, but apparently not for so many others. People who are not believing in God are easier to control. These medical doctors and psychs want them to be the total conscienceless robots and do whatever they order them to do. They don’t want people who think that they might have to answer to a higher authority if they horrible things to other people.

And the other thing is that these doctors and psychs of the SEGNPMSS want to be admired by people as if they are God. They are very needy. They need the admiration of the world for Germany, Bavaria in particular, for medicine and psychiatry that they now call conveniently neuroscience instead of psychiatry after having caused themselves a bad reputation DESPITE transmitting in people’s ears to forgive, accept, and admire them.

There is nothing to admire. They are nothing but frauds. They steal and pretend but have nothing to show for individually or even as professions. Basically, they are nobodies. And that is why it is so important for them to be admired by the world. They want to be what they pretend to be: ethical, highly intelligent even genius, god-like, scientists but they do nothing honest to get there. It is all fake. They are lazy (except when causing pain and losses to others) and cowards.   

The other big thing is THEIR OWN BAD CONSCIENCE. They are monsters, Dorian Grays with horrible pasts. When I saw the extended tonescale for the first time, I thought what is this? Briefly later, it hit me. People who controlling and penalizing bodies on mass really do exist as the history of this planet shows.  

They think that their own bad conscience won’t bother them any longer if people agree that there should be no God.  They think if there is no religion or God that reminds them to live ethical lives, they don’t have to and get a bonus: no bad conscience. They are too dumb and blind to realize that it won’t work and that they sold out their own happiness by being monsters even if there is no Supreme Being.

It needs courage to change course. And they lack it. They are hiding cowards who order horrible things to be done to others as they deem themselves in safety. They are also wrong in this regard. They are not safe as one of these monsters kills also other monsters. Not to make the world safer. To gain more power and influence themselves. Bad people cannot trust other bad people. They conspire a while together and then turn on each other. Happens all the time. Only truly good people don’t suddenly turn on others.  We are the best example.  

As justification, they are also telling themselves that an ethical person is a boring person. This actually is hilarious. Nothing more exciting than a truly ethical person! What the ethical person says can be 100% trusted! Does not serve a secret master! Is herself. Puts herself in the shoes of others to understand them. Is helpful. Uplifting! Kind. Truly smart! Plays fair games! Uses his or her mind to better than worsen conditions! Feels inner growth and discoveries of amazing abilities on the great path he or she is on! The rarest kind of person! It is awesome to have such a person around! When did we ever have this on this planet without him or her being killed by the jealous people who completely failed to work on their own characters?  

Nothing is more boring than bad people. What’s going on inside of them are justifications, high crimes, bad conscience, shame, getting smaller, blinder, and dumber as the crimes committed close their eyes to the facts… There is no intelligent criminal. They can’t afford to take honest looks as their crimes are so monstrous that they must close their eyes and pretend that these crimes never took place or that these crimes are not that bad and were just pranks. Medical doctors and psychs use remote-controlled germs to torture and murder people medically. People die on diseases, which they would not have been contracted if a medical monster would not have activated the germs in them to destroy the body. Yet, Germany uses the term “Lausbuben” (scalawag but literally louse-boys boys who use lice…). Telling me that they think that using cowardly remote-controlled germs etc. is not ice-cold calculated mentally retarded monstrous murder but just boys will be boys…      

These SPs are around since the beginning of time. All they do is destroying what good people created and stopping real progress and the creation of a better world. And it all boils down to that they are not man or woman enough to change their destructive ways and rather want to take entire mankind with them on their own ways down.   

I’ll be back soon, Marty. Like on day one, just the thought of you gives me butterflies. Your wonderful personality emanates to the outside. Scientology (the original version) helped me to see this. I know that the infiltrated orgs and Miscavology let you down. Me too. But it is original Scientology, by the real founder Ron, that makes me trust you. It lets me see the difference between the originals and doppelgangers, ringers, impostors… And anything else. Original Scientology is telling me that you are worth any wait even if it is an eternity.

Sometimes I read these hostile remarks made by former infiltrators or other psychiatric agents about Scientology and I am just thinking: I thank the Almighty that I found Scientology and was able to figure what is Scientology and what was added or changed by the SEGNPMSS.

   Yours forever,







How psychiatrists smear Scientology again: case of Richard Rojas

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How is your life? My thoughts are with you.

I read about Richard Rojas who drove his car into people at Times Square last Thursday and killed a woman and injured numerous others.

He was in troubles for many years before and reportedly high on synthetic marijuana at the time. Despite that original Scientology is more anti-drugs than anyone, psychs organized that he had Scientology books in his car. Ear-implants make such p$ych set-ups real easy! He evidently didn’t read them, otherwise he wouldn’t smoke pot, take other drugs and plow into people. But all that is what the media and numerous other people need is some books somewhere to accuse Scientology on that heinous crime.

If they would have found books on psychiatry, the media and many others would report that he tried to get help but that it was too late or some stuff like that.

That is not all. Rojas said that he wanted to kill these pedestrians, people who he didn’t even know. That is definitely not a Scientologists but rather a psychiatric conditioned individual. Psychiatrists have planned this to smear Scientology. The main target of this heinous crime is another psychiatric attack against Scientology. That is why this Manchurian candidate had Scientology books in his car.

Here is a report about his driving: “He left his house at 10:30 yesterday morning, and at 11:54, he came here to Times Square,” Aubry said. “There were no incidents in between. That goes to his state of his mind. He waited for those cars to pass, and he accelerated, striking down these pedestrians. That goes to his state of mind.”

Remote-controlled driving. His psychiatric case officers had him drive carefully so that he doesn’t just end up in a ditch without mowing people down at Time Square to prevent that he kills nobody and that nobody reports about his books on Scientology in his car. And at Time Square, they pulled out all the stops by controlling him into this rage. Psychiatric conditioning activated by psychiatric ear implants.

I hope that CCHR takes on psychiatric in their TV station constantly and does not hold back documenting and reporting about  their atrocities. They should have done this on TV already many decades ago. Psychiatrists (or neuro-scientists who they call themselves now more and more to get rig of their own bad reputation as psychiatrists) are monsters and this is no exaggeration. 

They can’t fool you, me, and some others. But most people have no clue what’s going on and how these monsters work. 

I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. 

Yours forever,










The “innocent” psychiatrists and medical doctors… (How dare us to speak the truth about them!)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I worry about you. How are you?

The Max Planck Society in Germany, the follower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute allegedly wants to allow four “independent researchers” (who is “independent” on a planet that is controlled with psychiatric-ear implants?) to look through their archives and “tissue collections” (yuck!) related to the Nazi euthanasia program. The Max Planck Society is famous for having covered up Nazi pasts of their psychs. Psychs like to rename institutions and professions so that they can feel “clean and innocent”.  After their own behaviors caused a bad reputation for psychiatry, they are calling their horrible crap “neuroscience”.


P$ychs run people through ear-implants and they decide what the public learns, and it ain’t the truth. If forced, p$ychs might admit to a tiny but, but the truth, how gruesome they were and still are and what they did and still will be never released by Germany. The emeritus director of the neuro-anatomy department said he wants to “give the victims some of their dignity back”.  Oh sure, after they were murdered, they can do a whole lot with that “dignity”, besides, Germany and its p$ychs should first start giving us who are still living our dignity back, by treating us like humans, which they don’t.


German p$ychs put the Nazis in power because those psychs hated to be under the rule of law. They wanted to do to people whatever came in their insane, criminal and dirty minds. So, they used ear-implants to make people (particularly the Bavarians) cheer and vote for psych case Hitler and the Nazis. And they do it again today with their hatred of foreigners. They even arranged that German Jews don’t fight back against the Nazis and allow them to deport them into concentration camps so that German psychiatry and medicine can butcher away.


Top psych Hallervorden “accepted” hundreds of brains of euthanasia victims but was never prosecuted. “Accepted”, what a word! He and his psychiatric case officers ordered those brains. Do you believe this story of “accepted”? As if the concentration camp guards would have begged the psych: “Please, pleeeaaassseee, Dr. Hallervorden, accept hundreds of brains from us, we beg you on our Nazi knees….” They would just have burned those. The rotten Doctors did order the Holocaust and mass murder.

The creep in the last two pictures is Hallervorden. He grew up the mental institution of his father. No kidding. Particularly in a mental institution, one sees how p$ych transmit craziness in the ears of people and condition them.  

A today’s German psychs says that the “scientists” involved “were not bizarre and perverse psychopaths”. Yeah right. See the latest white-wash movement in action. They haven’t changed, that is why they defend other psychopaths.  

People who think that the Nazis were not a psychiatric-invention are completely on the wrong track. 

Why do today’s psychs “hope” to find 5000 victims whose brains ended up with the Nazi doctors? Because they want to use the Nazis “research”. I don’t feel a good and noble cause behind it at all. They also try to find Jews who support that Nazi “research” can be used for new drugs, etc. Germany works on making Nazi doctors look better, they want credit for the Nazi “research”, and they want their agents say: Ohhhh, the Nazis researched this, ahhhh! (Makes me throw up!) 

Psychiatric ear-implants and silent sounds are the reasons for craziness, and I bet the farm that they voluntarily never admit to those. Ear-implants, silent sounds, and remote-controlled germs are the holy cows of the unholy psychs and medical doctors. Until today, they shock people, and stuff them full with pills, and the reason why people have “mental” problems is because of psychs talking into their ear-implants with silent sounds to make them crazy, they even condition people to become terrorists, and are using remote-controlled germs to cause brain tumors, etc. 

They can’t fool us, Marty:

I love you and think of you. Be kissed, my darling. I am so glad that you are different and awesome.

Yours forever,









1) The hacking thing… 2) Medical doctors and psychiatrists created the retarded “Master Race”…

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

To me is clear that Assange and Wikileaks knowingly or unknowingly are protecting Germany’s secret services and their psychiatrists, neuro-“scientists”, and medical doctors. (Past live barbers and butchers, what else?) Assange and Wikileads never publish anything about Germany enslaving international people with their secret ear-implants and having them do the dirt work for Germany. To me, Assange and Wikileads have mainly one purpose: Blaming the USA on what Germany secretly orders to be done. And what is that with the rape and molestation charges against Assange? Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty but from what I have seen, he ain’t a choir boy, and I wonder if he thinks that the rape and molestation charges are making him more interesting and look like a martyr. Pamela Anderson visited him at his hiding place, I wouldn’t visit him. 

I am taking about the German psychiatric system that implants ear- and other body-implants already into babies and kids to read their thoughts and control them in their favor. They can tell anyone of their robotic agents “to hack” or spread propaganda. The acts of “hacking” is just an alibi. SEGNPMSS knows all the passwords, the moment officials or other people create them, or they even tell them what passwords to use.

As Germany’s SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia and China (and other countries) to be at war, they use “hackers” from these countries to upset the USA. On the other side of the token, one really has to wonder about the WH, Congress, officials, and judges. So many are convinced that hacking and propaganda in favor of Trump has occurred, yet, they welcome the man and avoid recounts. The Republican Party could have said that due to the hacking in favor of Trump, they decided to select another US president not with the character faults of Trump and not in favor of the “hackers”. Yet, they don’t do it. If they feel that Trump won with influence of a foreign government, why the heck are they supporting Trump? 

The US Intelligence Community may be able to track hacking back to the Russians or China, however, they miserably fail to track it back to that Germany put these countries up to take the blame and the hits of any retaliation by the USA.

Russia and China under the thumb of German-created and organized communism and communistic rules suffered a great deal. German agents made these countries communistic and held the their people poor and down. I don’t won’t any wars, Marty. I wouldn’t want the USA, Russia, China or other countries throw bombs on the German population in retaliation. (SEGNPMSS leaders anyway don’t live like the general population and will not be hit.) But other countries should no longer allow Germany to use them.    

Marty, how is your life? I worry because I know how brutal medical doctors and psychs are. As if they would have changed. The beasts are still on the loose.


Susan D. Bachrach is a historian who organized an exhibit about Nazi doctors in Nazi Germany. Newspaper articles says that the traveling exhibit shows how the Nazis worked with scientists and doctors to legitimize persecution, murder and genocide. She is right about the brutality of doctors and psychiatrists, however, as a historian in Germany properly figured: the psychiatrists needed the Nazis not the other way around. And that is why the SEGNPMSS (still not found and convicted) created the Nazis and made psych-case Hitler to their leader.  

People ask why would doctors commit such atrocities? They swore an oath!

Because they are ear-implanted robots of other psychs and doctors running them through ear implants. Ear implants suck character and intelligence out of people. They think that if their secret masters have no conscience, why should they? And an oath needs nothing to those animals. Everybody knows that torturing and killing others is wrong. They all knew that it was wrong. But they are all too cowardly to admit that they have to better their characters. In order to better themselves, they have to admit what they did wrong. And it is so much easier and needs no courage to pretend that their horrible characters and deeds are not horrible. Fact is, that they are lying to themselves. Big time. They are the kind of people we never will become.  

There is also a tendency to say that the Nazi doctors’ experiments were good for the medical knowledge of the future. They even lure Jews into believing this, and these blind people want the world to use the Nazi experimentation results. This is just what the German doctors order to improve the reputation of Nazi doctors.  

None of the experiments were good for the future or anyone. They support more chemical medicine, which doesn’t safe anyone for long and just makes the pharmaceutical industry and doctors and psychs richer.

For example, the Nazi doctors allegedly tried to eliminate schizophrenia. Medical terrorists are talking in the subconscious minds of people. That creates among others “schizophrenia”. The Nazis didn’t bust that method at all. Ear- implants and silent sounds was and still is their holy cow. Cancer and heart disease and other diseases are created with remote-controlled bacteria, another German medical invention from hell. Nazis and Nazi doctors protect this secret killer weapon until today!   

Just about all diseases fall away once the remote-control is kicked out of psychs and medical doctors (correct word for them is medical terrorists and mass murderers) pawns, once their disgusting methods are published and once people are allowed to build protected villages were they don’t contract the diseases and were they don’t age.

And another bad thing: Due to that the SEGNPMSS successfully hid after the Nazis were defeated, they had other countries, incl. the USA continue with horrible medical experiments! 

Ear-implants are mind-control and are making blind. I am so glad that we are Scientologists, Marty, who are able to recall what Ron and Scientology originally said.

Be tenderly hugged and kissed, my darling. Still waiting for this conspiracy against our rights to hang itself in 2017. But if not, I have another solution, which means happiness and rights for us right away, and the conspirators left in their own calamitousness.

Yours forever,


The best word to describe us is FOREVER!

You rock, Marty!





It makes NO SENSE!

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Dearest Marty, my kindhearted soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

I often think about what’s behind what. If I wouldn’t, I would be long-lost. We need to know more than the surface of things to survive. 

The common denominator of religions should be to inspire and remind people to be ethical and to help each other. Don’t they all preach this more and less? That is why it makes no sense why particularly people who belong to a religion are involved in the most disgusting and horrible crimes.

On the other hand, so many psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and other doctors, known for having done unbelievable evil things to people,  are not religious, but they make the world believe that they are scientists, incredible good people, saints, and the cat’s meow.

It is like manatees (religious people) suddenly attacking and ripping people apart and sharks (medical/psychiatric monsters) are now the suddenly so kind and harmless gold-fish. (Only those who are not looking under the first layer are buying that.)


But look at the world, Marty, they don’t get it. So many believe that religion is bad. They didn’t figure that non-religious people, psychs are conditioning others to destroy religion.

I am not saying that these psychs-conditioned people who became terrorists didn’t had evil intentions. I am saying if psychs wouldn’t have stripped away their social barriers and used their ear-implants to control them, we wouldn’t have any terror attack on this planet.

They run terror groups and let them take the blame but behind them is the SEGNPMSS. (Daesh is a branch of Al Queda and ring leader Atta and his friends were psych-conditioned in Hamburg to fly planes in the twin towers.)

SEGNPMSS psychs have perfect living conditions (if not one kills the other) and don’t die in an average of 75 years as their victims, the average human being on the planet. They are the immortal monsters. Yuk! They have so much horror on their conscience! That is quite a penalty, living forever knowing one is a pig and a monster. No wonder they want to get rid of God and religions and create a universe in which being a pig and a monster is considered good and something to be proud of.

By conditioning Middle Easterner and others to become terrorists also in Germany, they want to make people believe that the monster doctors behind terror are not German psychs. Like in: It is not us! We are target of terror too! Yeah right. I recognize their disgusting alibi actions.  

During the 30-year war, people in Germany had horrible lives. They always had battles. Later, the German monsters gassed millions of Jews, and all were Germans. They shot Germans who tried to cross the border from East to West. With that kind of rap sheets, they don’t hesitate a bit attack also their own nationals in any country and any German state or city.

Religion really bothers them because it reminds them on that they shouldn’t be bad. They think that their bad conscience simply evaporates if they manipulate mankind in buying that religions are bad instead of them.  They think that people can be easier manipulated if they are no religions anymore.

Particularly the Bavarian barber/butcher/psych (now calling themselves also neuro-scientists) and the likes want to replace and be prayed to. No kidding. Nobody wants acknowledgement and admiration more than they do. They are really needy. I have seen it over and over again. Judges are like this too. Remember the part, Marty, when the party says to the judge: “I pray that you will grant my rights…”  Pray! Who do they think they are? 

Psychs have re-written any religious scripture and added their barber/butcher/psych dirt and crap to it either degrade people, make them violent and to turn them away from religion, to pervert them, etc. Whenever I read a dirty passage in any religious scripture, I know exactly where it is coming from: not from God, but from a dirty psych. 

And you know what other kind of people don’t get my admiration? Those who ditch their viewpoints simply because their former adversary won and then they kiss up to that adversary who they criticized before. How better than to say that they are as little worth as their adversary?

That Trump tweets isn’t the worst about him. At least we get a clue what he is up to. He wants more nuclear weapons! Hell and waste!  He waited with this announcement until after the Electoral College voted.

We have to convict the SEGNPMSS and its sneaky methods to enslave people before the eyes of the entire world. If the world understands what this system DOES TO ANYONE, all nationals and religions will become brothers and sisters. Who needs freaking ear-implants anyway. It is a huge trap. We need no whispers and conspiracies, we need openness and fairness and rights for anyone who grants others rights. What one sees, one should get.

You are the last who needs any lecture from me, Marty. I just need to get things out of my system once in a while. 🙂

You are my other half, my happiness, my future, the one I never want to be without, my hope, my destiny, my one and only.

Below video imo is the best version of Ode to Joy on the Internet. It is awesome. As you for sure know, “Ode to Joy” is the anthem of Europe.  “All people become brothers, Where your gentle wing abides…”?  Not with ear-implants,  psychs,  Germany above everything, and the Nazis raising again in Europe. 



 Joy, beautiful spark of divinity,
Daughter from Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!
Your magics join again
What custom strictly divided;*
All people become brothers,*
Where your gentle wing abides.

Who has succeeded in the great attempt,
To be a friend’s friend,
Whoever has won a lovely woman,
Add his to the jubilation!
Indeed, who calls at least one soul
Theirs upon this world!
And whoever never managed, shall steal himself
Weeping away from this union.

All creatures drink of joy
At nature’s breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;
She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
[Even] the worm has been granted sensuality,
And the cherub stands before God!

Gladly, as His heavenly bodies fly
On their courses through the heavens,
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?
Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.

What the Mayan earrings indicate to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

Another hot summer day, and I find myself again thinking of you. 

A longer time ago, I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in the middle ages, however, as deeper back I go into history, as more as I am convinced that they landed on Earth during the time when humans suddenly became violent to each other.


The Mayan civilization declined mysteriously 800 A.D. and this advanced civilization known for spectacular architecture suddenly engaged in violence, torture, and warfare. What I see is that they were psychiatric conditioned (they had another name back then for invading human bodies and mind to control people) and controlled to go against each other. I strongly believe that some Mayan (and some people of any other nation or tribe) were psychiatric altered by these barbers and butchers, SPs, which then developed into psychiatrists, medical doctors, neuroscientists, chemists, pharmacists, SPs, you name it.


A civilization like the Mayan in unaltered form would be able to survive a climate change and would know how to stop deforestation. Today’s scientists have a tendency to ignore or even whitewash evil that is going around this planet for a very long time.


Many nations, civilizations, and tribes used earrings. However, Mayan art showed them ostentatious. To me, their art does not just show outside body decorations but ear implants. Either subconsciously or consciously, the Mayan indicated having ear implants. I don’t think most knew that mind-control, hypnosis, and ear implants would be the reason that their civilization would collapse. But that was the reason, and the reason why any other advanced civilization suddenly crashed or turned bad. 11

And it happens still today. People are set up and prepared to do the unspeakable through psychiatric mind-control, hypnosis, e-shocks, lasers, other psychiatric secret service “inventions”, drugs, and ear-implants. And still today, the authorities, controlled by the same system and ear implants fail to go after those medical and psychiatric terrorists. How will governments allow this? It is such a shame for mankind that they don’t put a foot down and say: We had it with you monsters! 

The medical/psychiatric terrorist is JEALOUS. That is why he destroys and doesn’t allow people to live in peace. He sees a creation, but as he/she feels unable to do the same, he/she destroys it. I said it before and I say it again: if they would have put their energy to destroy and harm into positive energy that creates but allows to people be, they would be somebody today. However, as they constantly harm people, they are monsters.

You are the wrong person to hold lectures too, Marty. I know. But as I don’t see any publication anywhere talking about it, I feel sometimes the urge to do it, despite they do everything they can to bury my blog in the deepest cracks of the Internet. And His Cobness is helping them by employing and paying services, which hold my blog down. What a “harmless darling” he is.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. We will see each other again against all odds.

I love you.

Yours since the beginning of time,






Like the Anasazi, the Freemont Culture disappeared mysteriously too, approx. 800 years ago. What horrible things happened in North America around that time?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, I am thinking of you.

If I wouldn’t have the ability to figure out what’s behind your disappearance, a doppelganger taking over your life, and a planet conspiring against that we are getting hold of each other again, it would be the biggest mystery of the universe. But this conspiracy is what the doctors order, and idiots never know when to quit walking the wrong path and when they lost. 

Now about the Freemont Indians:

This is a horrible planet and cultures were eradicated by the evil that was and is still going around. Some of today’s people hope that they migrated into other culture (without having evidence). Maybe some Indians have escaped but their peaceful cultures suddenly ended, and the monsters behind this shouldn’t get away. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was.

 The American Indians might be very well Israel’s lost tribe.  That explain the motivation even more, why German barbers and butchers tried to eradicate them.  Like the Anasazi, the Fremont Indians also disappeared mysteriously. These two cultures lived during the same time period and were friends and had no apparent enemies, except…  

As I wrote before, Marty, I’m sure that I figured it out:  barbers and butchers (these days they call themselves psychiatrists or neuro-scientists, etc.) came over from Europe much earlier than history recorded. They knew how to hypnotize. They kidnapped a few Indians, blocked their access to their own analytical minds and self-determination and sent them back to the Indian villages to attack their own until no one was left who didn’t flee in time.   

And nothing has changed. Today they kidnap Middle Easterners (and also any other nationals) and turn them into Manchurian Candidates. SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of religions for very low reasons. So, they pin bad reputations on religions, but psychs are behind the mind-control of people who commit atrocities and other crimes in the name of religions. That’s also why they ordered the merger between Scientology and Nation of Islam. To outlaw Scientology together with Islam. You figured it too, Marty, I know.

I learned about Range Creek in Utah and about the many artifacts of the Freemont Indians that are still to be discovered.  

The Fremont apparently were artists and successful farmers in the desert. It is horrible that the barber and butcher has to destroy everything he is jealous of. The Fremont Indians did built granaries very high up in dangerous rock walls. If there were no sudden enemies, why going through these drastic measures? That’s why: human beings were turned into Manchurian candidates, basically in some sort of Walking Death, and they attacked the rest.

Barbers and butchers, the later psychs, and medical doctors are anything but secrets to us. The only reason why they were not busted is because they control people with ear-implants to do as they say. What a trap.

I love you, Marty. Many passionate and tender kisses. Loving you was the right thing to do, besides, I had no other choice. You are irresistible.  

Always at your side.