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Ruins of gigantic ancient civilization found in Guatemala with LIDAR, and typically, the Grand Canyon and other interesting places in the USA are not scanned

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Dearest Marty, my handsome Prince and hero,

You came into my life and became it. And I am so glad that you did.

To my headline: This picture was allegedly made in the Grand Canyon.

I think it is typical for the SEGNPMSS to prevent big archaeological discoveries in the USA to make North America look less interesting and to prevent that tourists are spending money here. Hopi claim that their forefathers came from the underworld. I think this is a good reason alone to scan the underworld of the Grand Canyon and other sites in North America. Some Indian artifacts were found in the Grand Canyon but as far as I know no thermal scanning of the GC and its underground was ever made.  Thermal scanning was done to pyramids in Giza with surprising results. This kind of scan could be applied to the GC too, right?  

This is supposed to be another picture is from the GC:


There was this person named Kincaid who claimed according to a newspaper article published in Arizona in April of 1909 that he saw structures in the Grand Canyon, e.g. an “Underground Citadel”. Some say it was a hoax, many others believe there are structures and a history to know and that it is covered up. Having witnessed numerous cover-ups by officials myself, I bet that there are cover-ups. It is a secret German medical world, and they order what is for the disadvantage of the USA.

There was another horrible school shooting. Already the 19th of this year.  It happens in the USA more than in any other state because the SEGNPMSS hates the USA even more than any other country or state. And what do you think using a person by the name of Nikolas Cruz?? These psychs are selecting their people and conditioning them to kill. Easy for them because people are chipped, clueless, and ear- and body implants are a bigger secret than any huge archaeological discovery in the USA.  And as usually, the WH, Congress, the CIA, FBI, law enforcement, schools, and all others, fail. What else is “new”? Psychs think they win with the school shootings as numerous people demand more psychiatric influence “to control or treat violent or mental ill people”.

They are organizing the shootings AND they get more business and influence through them as people are in fear for their children and themselves.   

The right thing to so is however to spill the beans that psychs deliberately implanting and conditioning people into become monsters.  

And Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to meddle in U.S. elections and political processes. The world is chipped. The men behind Germany are trying to alienate Russia and the USA and if possible, wants them to engage in a war. The SPs behind Germany knew that these Russians would be busted before they set up the meddling. Similar as the SEGNPMSS sets up such situations in Scientology or with other entities or systems.  

Although Hillary Clinton is an ally of Germany and didn’t do anything to bust the SEGNPMSS so far, the men behind Germany preferred Donald Trump (maybe of his German blood or whatever) to win the Presidency.   

Russia must make sure that Germany can’t use it no longer. Germany held Russia down for decades with planting German agent Lenin and Marxism is Russia, another German system to control people and their freedoms.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated by SEGNPMSS-chipped people, but Russia does also Germany’s dirty work by barging in and trying to outlaw it. Instead of outlawing original Scientology, they should outlaw the still existing Nazis behind Germany.  As these are the world’s biggest problems.     

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


1) What is the truth here and what is the lie? Is the Pennsylvanian standstone strata 300 million years or not? 2) David Mayo

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible husband,

How are your days and nights?

You are my dream and I never let my dream die. To me, you are perfect, even if you should make a mistake. The important thing, and this is so loveable about you, is that you truly and with each fiber of your being want justice and decency. You don’t want a world with chipped robots who can’t spell human rights.

To my headline: This one is really interesting. Scientists are saying that the sandstone in  the Pennsylvanian strata is 300 000 million years old. Scientists are also saying that 300 000 years ago, no humans or animals existed on Earth. Yet, they found advanced human creations imprinted in the 300 000 million years old sandstone. So, what is the truth and what is the lie? Either the lie is that the sandstone is not 300 000 million years old or the lie is that no advanced humans were around 300 000 million years on this very planet in North America. I rather think the latter applies. The discovery was made in the corner of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.


Have a look at this article and the video:

To the other subject: David Mayo died. I never was a fan of David Mayo. He “audited” (“Vistarology” instead of Scientology) the impostor and kept it from the world that the man who he helped was not the founder but the impostor. It is possible that David Miscavige also threw Scientology money at David Mayo. 

Be kissed and embraced, Marty.

Yours forever,


2,500-year-old big city Vlochós discovered in Greece (190 miles from Athens)

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Dearest Marty, my exciting soulmate,

You are on my mind as always.

From the reports that I have read, it seems that city Vlochós was built on the ground and buried by for example the Romans. Whatever “official history” says, Marty, behind the bad deeds of the Romans were Bavarian butchers and barbers, the later doctors, psychs and Nazis. Bavaria and the Roman-Catholic Church were always joined by the hip with Bavaria being its secret leader as I know Bavaria.  

Some people are surprised that this big city wasn’t discovered before, considering that some of the walls were visible to the bare eyes. Greece played an important role all through history. People are trying to figure out the past of this planet, science, religions, systems, and art, etc., yet ancient cities like Vlochós are not excavated.  Some say that this is the biggest mystery of all. 

No mystery to us, Marty, I am convinced that same applied to the USA, Marty. The German/Bavarian invention of controlling people with ear implants rules. Nothing is done unless ruling p$ychs can’t stop it any longer.

Some Native Americans are convinced that they have another history than the one stated in our history books. Yet, there is are justifications (mostly money that is wasted for something else) in the USA not to scan and excavate properly. On the other side, if the government (federal or state) would order it, the odds are high that if important sites are discovered, governments and researchers wouldn’t tell. Like in Greece, Egypt or elsewhere. Because the corrupt German/Bavarian ear implants rule. 

What I find very suspicious is that ancient history of North America allegedly contains nothing but shooting cowboys and nomadic Indian tribes and maybe a few mounts (not even broadly known).  It makes so sense to me that there was not more, considering that on other continents, there happened a lot more (even if all isn’t published either).

It fits very much so to a worldwide system that hates the US that no advanced human history is found here. Advanced cultures existed all over the planet but oddly not in huge North America? Give me a break.

Despite so much is written about American and Canadian Indians, their history is still a mystery. Some of them say that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel.

What I find very interesting is that the teepees are conical like pyramids. They could have built huts and hovels instead. But they built teepees that reminds of small pyramids. So, I ask myself: were they used to living in pyramids but couldn’t settle in them because constantly persecuted and therefore built portable teepees?         

I am also convinced that real history of this planet will be first known when people stop obeying to the controller of their ear implants.   

I love you, Marty. And I am proud of you. Very.

Yours always,





Discovery of Viking Village in North American could re-write history, but will it be THE CORRECT and NOTHING but the TRUE HISTORY?

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Dearest Marty, my heart throb, it is all over the news. 

From space, they made a seismic discovery, something that looks like a Viking site in Canada. What is behind the “sudden” discovery of Vikings on the North American continent before Columbus if not Germany trying to pin the eradication of American Indians on someone else but them? After all, the Vikings were only Germanic and not German. 

Some American Indians are convinced that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel, which means that this tribe discovered the American continent. Not the Vikings, not the Spaniards, and by all means not the Germans.

I feel an attempt by Germany to prepare the ground to blame the eradication of several peaceful American Indian tribes approx. 800 years ago on the Vikings. Maybe Germans came together with the Vikings. Maybe they came alone. The Vikings were brutal people too, and I bet the farm that they had German-controlled ear implants already back then. Technically very advanced jaw-dropping buildings were built on this planet ages ago. Compared to that, radio technology is a very simple technology, and they likely have stolen that tech too and perverted to control and conspire against people.

I know the typical German/Bavarian mind and handwriting, and that is why I am NOT impressed by them setting foot on this continent because they just butchered:

The Lost Tribe of Israel went where nobody went before them. But the barbers and butchers of German/Bavaria, hypnotized people and made/make them work for them. They even hypnotize their own. They are cowards, they stay in safe places and send/sent these conditioned people into peril. They put a bunch of hypnotized colleagues on boats and sent them to the American continent to eradicate the  Mount Builders, the Fremont Indians and the Pueblo People, and anyone else who was successful. How much courage does a person need to sail over the oceans if his mind doesn’t realize anything anymore, except that he was programmed to kidnap Indians and others and condition them into attacking their own tribes?

Same as in going into space. These Manchurian candidates don’t use their minds anymore. They are robotic like suicide-bombers and killers. They are being sent to other planets, they kidnap some aliens and have their conditioned people condition the aliens to think that  implanting ear-implants is their idea and so the aliens do it to their own people. Germany, its barbers and butchers have the overall control over it and soon they have another slave planet somewhere in space. I am so “impressed”. An intelligent person knows that if he puts out a trap for others, he will step in it himself one day. But these psychs and barbers are anything but intelligent. Jealousy and insanity, that is what they are all about. The devil’s disease.   

The typical German (particular the Bavarian) rather runs in a jealous rage after successful people, to stop, torture, and kill them, instead of putting his energy in something worthwhile and decent.

If these kind of people end up on the bottom of the world, they brought it onto themselves by behaving the way they did and do. It is  SO IMPORTANT to them to be admired and worshiped that they take what does not belong to them incl. the kidnapping of people. If it would be important to you and me to be adored and worshiped by the world, we wouldn’t want to be admired for what we are not. How bad does that feel! People celebrate them as “Oh, Herr Doktor!” and they know they are disgusting cowards, perverts, brutal animals and monsters. Germany, particularly Bavaria and the very twisted men/women behind them are living a huge lie. They are FREAKING FAKE!!!!!      

Before the Germans called themselves Germans, they were referred to Teutons and described as “mad, merciless, berserk rage in battle”. The German word for satan is Teufel. They allegedly came from Jutland, which is odd, because it reminds to Jude, the German word for Jew. Or typical German mind-control trying to plant pictures of others in the subconscious minds  But Germany re-wrote the entire history anyway. Who knows where they really came from and what evil things they did there and elsewhere. Jutland is today’s Scandinavia as you know. We making a full circle here: Vikings came from Scandinavia.  

Barbers and butchers (today’s psychs and medical doctors) always had/have a problem with religions, 1) because TRULY religious people are harder to control if they believe that a God will judge them one day if they lived horrible lives 2) because barbers and butchers  (psychs and med. doctors) think that their bad consciences simply vaporizes if there is no religion and no belief in God anymore. They are that dumb. Their bad conscience will make them smaller and smaller, even on a planet without any religion and God. This is how it works, and nobody can do anything against it except being the best one can be. And that is the only way to live and being amazed by oneself.

The wives of the Teutonics were allegedly or really raped by Romans. These women killed their own children and committed mass suicide. Nobody wants to be a slave but this sounds awfully like psychiatric mind-control that is still applied in our modern days. Bavaria and then Catholic Church were always very close also according to the stats of the 30 year war in Germany. In this case, the brutal Teutons are portrayed as victims in this case. Were they really? 

On the other side, Germany might have the plan to claim that the Vikings are actually German and that Germany discovered North America. It all depends. When proven that the Indians were slaughtered by barbers and butchers setting up some Indians to do that as I described, Germany will do all it can to claim that it has nothing to do with the early “discovery” of this planet.       

In the Munich org, there was a staff member in the late 70s who had a sign on his wall, which said that the Munich org is the Teutonic Clear Expander. Considering how Scientology was overtaken and altered, particularly by the German- and psychiatric-controlled infiltration of Scientology, it was not much of an expander, Marty.    

I love you. It doesn’t matter how hard it’s gonna get, I want you, and nothing will ever change this. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


I like that one:






American Indians (Hopewell Culture) – the Lost Tribe of Israel…

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking hero and amazing Prince,

How are you? I miss you 7/24/365. I make following claim: people who want to cuddle with each other move mountains. We want to be back together and nobody can prevent this. 

Marty, I always wondered why there are incredible architectural structures in for example South America, North Africa, the Middle East, etc. but why not in North America?

When I started looking deeper into the ancient past of North America (the very ground we stand on), I made a startling discovery, something that is rather unknown to most people about the North American past.

What we generally know is that many Indian tribes lived in tepees and wandered over the prairie. But this wasn’t for all always so. The gypsies were nomads because they were persecuted, so they wandered from place to place to have some peace. The same could have applied to the Indian after their Hopewell culture was destroyed, long before the “discovery” of America by the Spaniards or the Vikings. (What needs to be investigated is who destroyed them, and we know where to point the finger, Marty.)  Again, I don’t think that the mounts were built as burial grounds but rather served the living. If they found bones inside, then because the people inside were killed or bones were placed inside later to make it look like a burial ground. 


Germany’s secret service psychiatrists (since ever) implanted ear-implants in Americans like in any other nation on Earth to control them.  That’s why the American archaeology doesn’t come forward with the real story of North America. Most Americans don’t know about it. I think that you know about this, Marty. 

There was the Hopewell Culture in the USA. It is reported that the DNA of the today American Indians shows a relation to the Hopewell Culture. The Hopewell Indian DNA came probably 40.000 years ago from the Middle East.

One third of North America was apparently the living and trading ground for this ADVANCED civilization. Europeans said that Indians could not write or read. Not true for the Hopewell Culture. They found writing tablets in the pyramid-like underground buildings (mounts) of the Hopewell culture. They could read and write. 

Apparently, they knew as well that they have to protect themselves from attacks of hostile people landing and from aging on the surface of the Earth, so they build Earth structures that looked like mounts. Their ancient mounts were gigantic and architectonic very advanced but many were destroyed by the Europeans who came to America with their German-ear implants. SEGNPMSS doesn’t want the true history of the USA or the world known. The “US”-government didn’t protect the heritage because of their German- controlled ear implants.  Much of the Hopewell artifacts seem to be in museum’s backrooms, never seen by the public.



The Hopewell was an advanced culture that not just traded within North America but apparently with other parts of the world. Artifacts were found that indicate that they sailed the oceans and traded, thousands of years before any (alleged or real) Columbus or Viking visit. 

They found an ancient burial ground in North America, with artifacts in the coffin, which indicates that the American Indians came from a Hebrew/Phoenician line. That explains racism against the American Indian by German-controlled Europeans in the USA and the defamation of  the Indians as “savages”.

These experts on American History came to the conclusion that the American-Indians came from Hebrew roots. What a small world it is. 

Here is a very interesting video about Hopewell culture:

Never-ending love. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,











The Mound Builders of America

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

I am thankful that you exist and that you are you the way you are. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I came across some articles about the Mound Builders. How interesting that there were people who built mountains in the USA. Above picture shows Poverty Point, named so in 1832; name has nothing to do with the original Mound Builders. You probably have heard of them a long time ago.

This civilization also vanished from Earth. Once again, historians say that it is not clear why. Our today’s historians usually try to blame it on the weather. Non-confront.

You know that I am convinced that the old Europeans were killed approx. 4500 years ago by a brutal force that replaced the former Europeans, a force that landed in Europe and that these monsters also killed other civilizations including the Mound Builders. This is so typical for a horrible planet as this one.

Amazing, isn’t it? The entrance is hard to see from a distance and attackers might think that there is just mountain scenery.


Here in short what I read about Mound Builders in North America: many of their mounds resembled pyramids in other countries and contained beautiful pottery and art.  Most however were plundered by the Europeans who arrived in America in the 16th to 17th century.  They say that the Mound Builders had no written language. I doubt it very much, Marty, I think evidence of that was removed before anything about the Mound Builders became public.

There is a controversy in regards to who exactly built these earth structures by carrying soil to a place until it is a mountain. Some say that the Indians built them, and some dispute it because the Indian lifestyle differed from what was found, e.g. living spaces inside of mounds. Some say that one of the lost tribes of Israel were the first Mound Builders. There is no doubt that they these builders were very much at home in North America and not just visitors. Some say that the Mound Builders were there before the Indians. I think a possibility is however that both civilizations built earth structures and used them for different purposes. 

I heard a historian say that the Mound Builders or Woodlanders worshipped the sun. Some of them maybe, but those who built these mounds for inside residential purposes knew likely that the sun and rays are aging, and they also wanted their homes blend into nature as camouflage to avoid being detected by those monsters who killed the former Europeans and other civilizations.

Some say that these mounds were burial places. Some maybe but I think that the SPs on this planet often left people where they killed them. Centuries later, people find the remains m and say that it was a burial ground when in fact people were murdered in that spot and that’s why they are there.  Or alternatively, they became later burial grounds, like the surroundings of Giza or Petra…         

The base of the biggest mound, Monk’s Mound is 14 acres, and I believe 100 feet high. That’s big. I learned that the Mound Builders played sophisticated accuracy games, surrounded their mounds with swamps and other defense measures. 


The purpose of these clay artifacts are also not know. Board games come to my mind when looking at them.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling and soulmate. I think that our timetracks are very alike because we were always drawn to each other.  

Yours forever,